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Doodle and Dandy

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I remember a transport request a couple of months ago now for two boyz needing rescue out of Buffalo (they originated in Ohio, I believe). The Shelter manager at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter was going away for about a week and had promised a safe spot for them. She asked if it was possible to arrange transport to her shelter while she was away. We do a lot of doggy transports on the weekend, but none originated out of Fort Erie, ON. This was going to be a challenge ... but one I offered to take on.

We were very lucky to find transport in time to make the transport happen before the boyz time was up. Thanks again to our faithful friends and volunteers who will go the extra mile to make it happen.

I was thrilled to hear that the boyz (who were born and raised together), actually found a home that took them both!!! Way to go Doodle and Dandy!! The wait was WELL worth it for you both, I am sure. Thanks again Owen Sound Animal Shelter for offering to give these boys a safe place to stay until that "perfect" forever home could be found. What a bonus that they could stay together.

We have had great updates from our foster homes for Bubba, Abby (a.k.a. B.B) and Lola. All are doing well and improving with every day.

Abby is having a blast with her foster doggies, Chewy and Lily, two little chi's. They ALL get to sleep in bed with mom. Abby has been welcomed with open arms into her foster home. Thank you Chewy and Lily for making her so welcome (-: Lola is fitting in nicely in her new foster home as well. She as a big brother, Rotti boy Apollo. Both are getting along and Lola is making herself right at home. Way to go girls!!! You have both come a LONG way in a couple of days. What is it like feeling the grass under your feet? Pretty nice, isn't it. Get used to it - you are now free to live life as a beloved family pet. 

Bubba is doing really well too. He is slowly starting to put his trust into his foster family and learning more and more tricks. Foster mom is working very closely with him, gaining his trust and helping him become more socialized with more people, places and dogs ... something Bubba has never had the opportunity to experience fully. Good boy Bubba!! Keep up the good work (-:

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Sep 29/08

Fundraising Weekend 
This weekend was another busy weekend for ANML-RESQ.

Denise at Spoil Me Pets had her bake sale on Friday. All was going well with her bake stand. Many of the wonderful people and businesses in Mount Forest were enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee and Denise's home-made butter tarts. Denise had the table set up in front of her store so she could enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather. People were strolling over and asking about Chester's Fund and about the rescue. While Denise was tending to a customer in the store, upon her return, to her horror, she discovered the donation box was gone!! YES, you heard right ... someone had stolen the donation box with all it's contents. Denise was horrified and tearful at the thought that someone would stoop SO LOW as to steal from a rescue. She was heart-broken, but was not giving up. 

This happened around noon and she told our volunteer that the day is NOT OVER YET and thankfully, the thieves did not steal the baked goods. She also called the police and the local paper [copy of article] to advise them of the dastardly deed. The local paper was also determined to make this right. The paper sent their reporter and photographer over and will be posting this story in the local paper this week. Our volunteer, Jen, met Denise at the end of the day to console her and thank Denise for her endless efforts on behalf of ANML-RESQ. 

Denise is such a determined lady and good friend to our rescue. She presented our volunteer with an envelope containing $200.00 and a promise of more to come as she would continue to sell her baked goods throughout the weekend. She wrote an editor to the local paper [copy of article] as well.

THANK YOU Denise for ALL you do for us and for NOT allowing this person(s) actions to take away from the good deeds you do for all animals. Chester would be so proud to know that SO many people have heard his story and want to help in his memory.

On a brighter note ... we were able to take two little sweeties into our foster care. A very stunning little Cocker Spaniel girl named Lola and a very sweet little Malti-Poo girl named BB.

This is B.B.

Meet Lola

We would also like to welcome our newest foster home, Susan, who is fostering our little Malti-Poo girl. 

Both girls were rescued from a puppymill and are enjoying "real" life for the FIRST times in their lives. They are experiencing "grass" for the first time and they are experiencing life without living behind bars for the very first time!! For more information, check out our Petfinder site (

Everything will be so new to them. Many thanks to Sharon and Sue for offering their hearts and homes to these beautiful girls.

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Sep 26/08

Fundraising for a Good Cause 
We have been so fortunate to have caring people show their love and dedication to a cause, near and dear to their heart. Our volunteers have been working hard, thinking of ways to raise funds to help us recoup some of the medical expenses incurred while trying to save Chester. 

One of our volunteers, Dulce has been busy baking to enter her apple pies (with cheddar cheese crust) in a bake sale with all proceeds going to the ANML-RESQ Chester Fund. Thank you so much Dulce for donating your time and baking skills on behalf of ANML-RESQ. If your apple pies are half as good as your funnel cakes the bake sale will be a huge success. 

Our good friend and supporter, Denise at Spoil Me Pets in Mount Forest has also been busy baking. Spoil Me Pets is a quaint little pet store, located on Main St. in Mount Forest and has many quality brand pet foods, treats, toys and accessories. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in and check out all the great items. You won't walk out empty handed. Spoil Me Pets has been a wonderful supporter of ANML-RESQ and we are grateful for Denise's kindness and generosity.

Denise has been busy and baked 9 dozen homemade butter tarts on behalf of Chester's Fund. Today, she is offering a homemade butter tart and a coffee for $1.50. ALL proceeds will be going to Chester's Fund. So, come have a coffee and homemade butter tart and know you are helping a good cause!!

Spoil Me Pets
248-B Main Street,
Mount Forest, ON

THANK YOU DENISE AND DULCE from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ!!

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Sep 25/08

Wag the Dog 
Most days you will find me on the phone or on the internet fighting for and championing dogs. But, when my mind needs clearing and wants a break, I work my way through my favourite blogs.

I have a couple that are totally enjoyable and 'tell it like it is'. They have a way of helping me get through my day.

Today, was one of those days. I checked out Wag the Dog (DLCC) and found that I could appreciate where Anglea Gilbert was coming from and what her life has been like.

So, for your reading pleasure, I have pulled the blog "Living with Breed Specific Legislation". Don't forget to go over to Wag the Dog ... great site.

Living with Breed Specific Legislation
by Anglea Gilbert on Mon 22 Sep 2008 11:15 PM EDT

I can't go home.  Well, I can go home but I have to leave two members of my family behind if I do because of BSL.  I certainly canít consider ever moving back to Ontario, but even to visit is complicated.  I would like to take a road trip there with the dogs, but that's impossible.  In order to go back and visit my Dad's grave for the first time I had to leave my husband at home to care for our elderly, special needs dog who is not allowed inside Ontario's borders. Competition obedience is my hobby of choice.  I can't consider going to obedience trials with my young dog in Ontario - even if there were an exemption, why would I want to take her somewhere where she would be sneered at even more and have to wear a muzzle all of the time? 


I don't trust the media.  When I first started fighting against BSL well over a decade ago, I began to realize that the media wasn't getting the truth out there.  They seemed more preoccupied with selling sensationalism than facts.  I have to wonder, if the media does this with a relatively small issue (not small to me of course but in the grand scheme of things) what on earth is the truth beneath some of the larger issues?  This issue opened my eyes to the extent at which the media is willing to misinform the public.


My view of politicians has changed for the worse, which is saying something because my Father was a politician and in fact suffered a fatal brain aneurysm during a council meeting.  I feel now as though politicians would rather look good than do good, at any cost.  I feel betrayed, not only by those politicians, but by a system that would allow my rights as a Canadian to be taken away so quickly with the stroke of a pen, defying expert opinion, logic, facts and data. Why on earth would any government that wanted to serve its constituents enact legislation that doesnít work when there is such a good example of what does work right here in our own country in Calgary?


Even as far away from Ontario as Vancouver Island, I hear from people that my breed is vicious.  That "they're banned in Ontario you know".  BSL has created prejudice and fed false stereotypes.  It is no more than government sanctioned prejudiced based on physical appearance. 


I feel as though I am lumped in with dogfighters and drug dealers at times, and yet I am a responsible, law abiding, business owning, community club volunteer with absolutely no criminal record.  I rarely even have a glass of wine with dinner.  I am pretty much as straight arrow living as one can get.  My dogs are competition obedience dogs, well socialized, well behaved, stable, balanced animals.

I have an obedience trainer friend who used to have AmStaffs, who loves mine, and would like to have one again but just got so tired of the politics and being treated badly by people.


I live in fear that the ban will not be overturned even though it is clearly wrong and is not even remotely effective.  I fear that politicians in other municipalities and provinces are watching and waiting, the threat of a costly legal challenge being one of the hurdles that has thus far prevented BSL in some areas.  I feel as though at any moment, I could be dealing with a breed ban in my area.


I feel guilty that I can't afford to fight BSL full time.  I am constantly asking people to support the fight against it, asking for donations, raising awareness.  Sometimes I feel like I don't just own dogs, I own a mission.  My dogs don't get to just be dogs, they have to be ambassadors all of the time, and behave better than any other dog in the room, which is easy for them because they are good, but that's not the point.  Itís not fair to put higher expectations on them than on every other dog.

That is a little of how BSL has had an effect on my life.


If you enjoyed Anglea's blog, go over to Wag the Dog and read the comments on this, or write one.

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Sep 24/08

Be Careful
I have asked Allie to write today's blog because I think there is a very, very important safety message here. Accidents can happen in a heartbeat and I hope that Allie's experience can help another dog from being seriously injured.


This is a blog that will hopefully save someone and their pet the pain and heartache that I endured a few evenings past. 

My husband is in the process of building a new shed for our many outdoor tools. He is having the asphalt delivered in a few days and has, in the meantime, put down some gravel and marked the outer perimeter with 4 pieces of rebar. As shown in the picture below. 

I took my foster boy Bubba, (who likes to have me chase him around the neighbourhood every chance he gets) out on his leash, for the last potty break of the evening. Thinking to myself, "watch out for the piece of rebar", I guide him around it with the help of the leash to come into the house. I thought, "geez, I have to remember to ask Walter to take those out, if he's done with them". 

Then it's time for Brie to come out for potty break. She seems to enjoy this time as it is quiet outside, because it's late, the kids are in bed and it's just the two of us. We have graduated first and second level obedience together so she stays pretty close to my side and doesn't leave the yard. I usually stay out a few minutes longer than necessary to spend some quiet time with her. After her potty break she proudly scratches at the ground under her paws and goes into a zoomie! She is headed right for me and the piece of rebar sticking about a foot out of the ground beside me. I put my hands out in front of me, (as if this will stop a zoomie), and she runs right through... I hear her yelp and I know she's hurt and I just know it's the rebar... 

I call her to me and she comes right away and into the house. I picked her up and brought her to the couch to get a better look. I'm checking her all over, paws, face, not thinking about her chest or belly area; it's the last place I looked. Her chest, under her armpit, and her belly had a nasty gash that took away a few layers of skin, a portion of her nipple and a strip of her fur. 

Panic sets in, I call the vet and Renee (God only knows what I would do without my rock, love ya girl!) and I am frantic! Crying for many reasons, one because Brie is hurt, two because it's my fault for not having the pieces of rebar removed (although I could see the possibility of something happening), and three the sight of the wounds on Brie's body. In hind sight, Brie was not very seriously hurt, HOWEVER, WE WERE LUCKY - VERY LUCKY. 

This piece of metal could have taken her from me. It could have ripped her stomach wide open, it could have punctured her chest right into her lungs or even her heart. I can't even think of what I would have done had this been the case. 

I write this blog with the hope of creating awareness of the everyday items that you can find all over your house and yard. Anything that protrudes out of the ground, the wall, on any angle can seriously harm your pet. So, please, everyone be aware, Brie is not the first dog to encounter this situation, but hopefully she will be the last!

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Sep 23/08

Three Great Udpates
A few updates on our adoptables (-: 

Chade is doing well, considering she has recently lost her brother. Her foster family is keeping her busy and she gets lots of walkies and tons of loving. She is lucky to have her foster dad home with her and he is doting on his little Princess. Foster mom reports all is going well. We are happy to hear Chade has adjusted to all the changes in her life. I'm sure this was made much easier by the loving foster family's caring devotion to her. 

Bubba is also doing very well. He has won over his foster dad's heart and dad takes him for walks with him often and he is getting much better with leash walks!! Bubba is being a gentleman with his sister Brie, who can't seem to resist pestering her foster brother. Bubba takes it in stride and is keeping his patience with her bratty ways. Bubba is keen on his training sessions, but most of all, he loves to lay back and relax. Mom tells us that Bubba is a real talker and he even talks in his sleep at times lol.

Jamie is doing great and has finally adjusted to his new life as well. He is a very easy fellow to have around and he enjoys his morning routine the most ... helping mom feed all the critters. First we feed Stuey, then Jamie helps me bring the birdseed out for all of our feathered friends. After everyone is fed, Jamie and I have some play-time in the backyard and then it is time for chores. Jamie enjoys going out for visits and car rides are his favourite. 

These are three wonderful dogs looking for their forever homes. If you know of anyone looking for a great companion, please tell them about Chade (Min Pin mix) and Bubba (Rotti/retriever mix) or Jamie (Staffy mix).

We also have a few courtesy posts for some other really great dogs looking for their forever homes. We have: Bronx a beautiful black and tan Rotti mix, Rockford a Rotti mix, Henry an adorable Beagle/Basset, and Bandit an energetic, playful Bully boy. 

If you know of anyone looking for a new companion, please let them know about all the doggies at ANML-RESQ looking for forever homes.

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Sep 22/08

Weekend Success 
We transported one very beautiful girl on Saturday to our friends at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. Many thanks Renee for taking this girl in. She is a Shepherd mix, 6 years old and her name is Princess. 

She was surrendered by her family because she was aggressive towards other dogs. She was also tied out, so that might explain her reactiveness to other dogs. She lived with this family for her whole life and now found herself homeless. She is the sweetest girl and very loving towards humans. She even lived with small children previously and was gentle and respectful and loves children. She was stressing badly in the shelter system, she was there only a week and she lost significant weight. Her time, however was up at the other shelter and I know Renee at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter will find her a good home ... quickly. So, check the OSAS web site soon to see Princess. Thanks OSAS for giving this girl a great chance at finding the country home she would love!!

I also had a friend email me about a cat that was abandoned by his owners. They had moved a month prior and left their cat behind. He was a very friendly boy, but was depending on handouts from kind neighbours to get him through his days. My friend already had several cats and couldn't take in another, so asked if we could help by posting him on the web site. 

I didn't have a problem with posting him, he is very friendly and affectionate. He is also obviously used to dogs because he hangs out in my friends yard - lol. But, I thought about sending pictures of this boy to some friends and I was thrilled to hear that Boo will soon have a home to call his own. 

One of our volunteers has thankfully offered to take him in. He has been vaccinated and in a week's time will be neutered. Then Boo will be transported (bet he won't like that part) to his new home. Congratulations Boo!! 

We also had a great update on little CB... who may not be so little anymore. I understand her nickname is Butterball. We love you CB!! Check out CB's newest update on our Happy Tails page

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the last official days of summer. It was a great, sunny, and warm weekend. We couldn't ask for a better end to summer and beginning of fall.

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Sep 19/08

Update on Buddy 
Our foster home received a wonderful update on their previous foster boy Buddy. This was a difficult foster for Allie and her family to let go, but when you receive updates like this one, it makes it all worth while (-:

Here are some snippets from a long and wonderful update. You sure lucked out Buddy!!

"Buddy is doing very well. He has met all the neighborhood girls.. who stop by to play with him. Emily and Ashley have taught Buddy to shake, wink (yes wink on command), up up up (stand up on his rear legs and dance) and roll over 1/2 way.. he learned roll over from Noah so he had a great start. He has added a few more tricks to his rapport ea. He is a regular visitor at Home Depot and Lowes Hardware store. 

I put Mugsy and Buddy in a cart and they go shopping in the hardware store with me. He gets a lot of pets by ladies in the store. He loves the attention... We built a fence (white vinale) about 10' in front of the garage so the garage/sunroom is completely enclosed. That way he and Mugsy can lounge around while I sew or read in the sunroom/ garage. He is frequently takes naps in our little fenced in area. Most the time he observes everything and everyone. He guards the house well.

Buddy is fascinated with his pet bunnies - the first time he ran from one side of the fenced in room to the other just watching the bunnies. Now he just sits on the outside of the wire fence and watches them. I let him in the cage once and he chased them.. not a good idea. Tonight he snuck into the cage and just sniffed one or two of them. So needless to say Buddy had 4 bunny buddies...

We walk everyday.. around the neighborhood and I have taken them to a couple of different walking areas to smell new smells.. exciting...

Mugsy has changed for the better.. He gets up when Buddy does.. instead of sleeping all day. He takes naps by Buddy. They lay down together while I am on the computer. They are forming their own little bond. Its cute. I have a couple of pictures I will email with them playing with Bella and laying by each other. He is making Mugsy a younger dog.

He and Mugsy are bonding. The fall asleep together frequently laying by each other. Mugsy waits for Buddy to go poddy outdoors. The eat side by side.. Buddy frequently goes up to Mugsy and sniffs him.. ears, face, butt.. etc.

I love this little dog with every fiber in my soul. My girlfriend said, Pam he is so much like your personality.. He is outgoing, affectionate and very loving with a little "ham" on the side.

My heart overflows with love for Buddy.. He is in a good home. But I know he missed you and Walter and the kids. You can tell.. as he goes to men first...

Thank you so much for loving him.. and letting him come to a new home who loves him a lot. Hugs from Buddy and Me."

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Sep 18/08

Adopt Dugan
Dugan is a fully vetted (including BORDETELLA), Foxhound. He appears to be purebred and is about 1-2 years old. He is average in size, weighing 45lbs. He was emaciated when he first entered foster care, but has gained weight. 


Dugan was in a home with several other dogs and 4 cats. 


He is fine living with other animals; he is very people friendly. It's very important to inform that he is a typical hound 1) is a scavenger around the house 2) is an escape artist, therefore needs a securely fenced 6' high yard. He is stubborn and needs a firm owner (hound savvy) who can establish the pack order or Dugan would try to rule the roost. He is very friendly and an adorable, gangly, hound with a face to die for. He is housetrained. Not great on a leash currently.

PLEASE consider Dugan ... if you can help. Dugan is at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter and ready for adoption.

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Sep 17/08
Court Appeal - Pitbull Ban

Court reserves decision on appeal of pitbull ban

Sep 16, 2008 07:40 PM

Pit bull supporters aren't feeling overly optimistic that the Ontario Court of Appeal will overturn a provincial ban on the breed, but some said today they'll fight for their pets all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to.

A panel of judges reserved its decision Tuesday after an appeal of the province's law against pit bulls, which survived a constitutional challenge last March, though some changes were ordered.

Superior Court Justice Thea Herman said a ban on "pit bull terriers" was unconstitutionally vague because it didn't refer to a specific type or breed of dog.

The law currently bans ownership of purebred Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and American pit bull terriers, but lawyer Clayton Ruby said the legislation still contains vague language that prevents people from owning non-purebred dogs with substantially similar appearances and physical characteristics.

"The legislation proceeds on the overly broad assumption that you can tell a dangerous pit bull by its appearance, that dogs that look a certain way Ė whether they're one breed or another Ė are inherently dangerous, and this is an overly broad assumption and we say unconstitutional," Ruby said.

He told a group of supporters that he wasn't optimistic that the Appeal Court would overturn the ban, but said he would prepare to file a leave of application for the Supreme Court of Canada.

Cathy Prothro of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada said the pit bull ban criminalizes innocent people and dogs, but doesn't stop the breed from getting into hands of irresponsible owners.

"You've opened it up for backyard, underground-bred dogs because criminals don't care about the law," she said.

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Sep 16/08

Up in The Air
The other evening, my husband and I were relaxing, watching a bit of television before retiring for the evening. It had been a long day for my husband as he had been out chopping and piling wood all day. 

After a hearty supper, it was time to kick back and watch a little tube. My husband was reclined in the Lazy-Boy and I was sitting in the chair beside him. Little Riggs had missed his dad all day, so when my husband finally kicked back, it was time for Riggy to catch up on the love'n he didn't get from daddy all day. 

As my husband was fully reclined and Riggs was on his tippy toes, his body draped across the arm of the recliner, giving daddy smoochies and face licks, I noticed Sassy on the floor at daddy's feet, giving Riggs the "evil-eye". You could tell she was getting REALLY annoyed at all the attention her bratty brother was getting. As they were having quite the "love-in", I could see her agitation growing until she could no longer contain her jealousy. All of a sudden, she shot off the floor and made her move. Like the little "line-backer" that she is, she decided to wipe her brother out - lol 

She rushed him and knocked the legs right out from under him. Upon impact, I saw Riggs' feet fly out from underneath him, and the recliner completely topple over ... with husband and all!! lol There was my husband, feet straight up in the air and 4 dogs at his head, completely soaking him with sloppy kisses. 

I was laughing so hard, I couldn't stop. But then I remembered!! Darn, where is my camera?? I yell ... 'don't move!! I have to find my camera.' My husband was trying to scramble to his feet, knowing what my intentions were. 'NO WAY are you taking a picture of me like this', he screams and he tries to pick himself up. 

His escape involved a half somersault from an upside down sitting position to bring him to his knees and from there, with the grace of rhinoceros picking himself up after wallowing in a mud-hole. He finally got back to his feet. 

I am SO disappointed that I didn't get pictures of this. I even tried to bribe him into repositioning himself for a "re-enactment" picture, but he refused )-:

Oh well, I hope I was able to describe the event in enough detail that you will get a good "visual" (-: We don't need television around here to entertain ourselves. Our furkids always provide us with ALL the entertainment we can stand!!!

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Sep 15/08

Ontario Pit Bull Legislation 
I wanted to remind everyone that today and tomorrow have been set aside for the appeal of Ontario's pit bull legislation (Cochrane v. Attorney General of Ontario).

Here is a press release from Banned Aide Coalition:


On March 23, 2007, Madam Justice Herman of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice released her decision respecting our constitutional challenge to Ontario's pit bull legislation (Cochrane v. Attorney General of Ontario). Substantial parts of the legislation were struck down. We saved "pit bull terriers" but not the other breeds. We made it impossible for the Crown to prove its case with a piece of paper signed by a veterinarian. But it was not enough. We appealed Justice Herman's decision to the Court of Appeal for Ontario (court file no. C47649). The Attorney General cross-appealed. Our appeals will be heard beginning Monday, September 15, 2008 at the Court of Appeal for Ontario, Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto beginning at 10:30 a.m. (courtroom to be determined). We have two days of hearings scheduled (September 15 and 16, 2008).


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Sep 12/08

In for a Penny ... In for a Pound
I had a great day yesterday. Our friend Karen was finally able to come for a visit and everyone was so glad to see her again. 

The first one to greet Karen was little Jamie, who was excited to see Karen, jumped up and gave her kisses. Next to say "hi" was Tegra as she could hardly contain herself and couldn't wait for her turn to give smooches. Tegra flew down the stairs and greeted Karen with a huge wiggle bum and lots of slurpy kisses. 

Now, it was time to let the tribe in. Everyone take your positions I am about to open the flood gate of excited pandemonium. In come the three musketeers, chairs going everywhere and even the kitchen table got toppled over - woohoooooooooooooo ... we have company!!

After the dust settled, our little man Riggs began to lay on the charm. He is quite the lady's man and he was not wasting any time in getting reacquainted with Karen. Here is our debonair little man, ready to work his charm. Looks like he has made it to first base (-:

Next move ... move in a little closer and see if she backs away!! Oh look she's not moving away!! My charms are working. Karen is coming closer for a smooch ... Yippeeeeeee - I've made it to second base - watch me go everyone!! "Hey Sassy, you mind moving your butt out of the way? I am trying to make it to third base, and it ain't gonna happen with that view".

Check it out everyone!! HOME RUN!!!!! Pucker up Karen, I'm laying a big sloppy kiss, ALL across your face. "Now THAT'S how it's done boyz" (-;

Great visit Karen!! Thanks for dropping by to see the gang.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sep 11/08

Wake-Up Call
The other morning, I had a "wake up call" I wouldn't soon forget. Just back from a couple of days away, I had written my blog the night before and was REALLY looking forward to sleeping in.

As I was laying there half asleep, cuddling with my furkids, I was thinking to myself how wonderful it is, lying here, sandwiched between Tegra and Riggs, with Winston laying at my feet. I was underneath the comforter, so I was completely pinned in. What a great way to start the day ... I could "feel the love" (-: Then, I heard Jamie stirring in the bedroom below and knew it was almost time to get up and let him outside.

A moment later, my husband (who fell asleep on the couch) called up to me, asking if the dogs were upstairs with me. I replied that Tegra, Winston and Riggs were here with me. "Good he says ... I will put Sassy away and let Jamie outside to relieve himself and stretch out". W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!! I get to stay in bed for a little while longer - woohoo!! All of a sudden, I hear the "pitter patter" of feet running up the stairs. OH NOOOOO!!! The footsteps do not sound like Pebbles ... and there should be NO footsteps coming up the stairs. The gate is supposed to be closed!!! I knew from the speed and light-footedness of the footsteps that it could only be Jamie - YIKES!!! This is not good!! 

Okay, what do I do now? I am pinned underneath the covers and Jamie has just hurled himself onto the bed and right on top of me!! I knew Tegra would NOT be happy with this intrusion of "her" space. Her brothers are lucky she allows them upstairs ... NO WAY was she letting Jamie into her personal space. So, even though I knew Winston would not like the fact that Jamie just jumped on top of his mom and was smothering her with slurpy kisses and a huge wiggle-bum, I knew that Tegra was the one I would have to control. 

So, I grabbed onto her collar and held onto her with all my strength as she tried to get a hold of Jamie. Thankfully, Pebbles was at the scene in no time flat and kept the boyz under control while I wrestled to keep Tegra under control. Meantime, my husband was at the bottom of the steps, calling, Jamie, repeatedly to "COME". Well, of course, as excited as ALL the dogs were ... Jamie didn't hear a word my husband was saying. I calmly gathered my voice and told my husband as politely as I could muster at this point "...would you PLEASE get up here and get Jamie out of this room before he gets his tushy whooped!!!" 

Thankfully, within minutes, my husband had Jamie and escorted him back down the stairs and then CLOSED the gate (which he forgot he had left open when letting Tegra down earlier). 

What a way to start the day!!! And I thought waking up to Stuey was bad... lol Thankfully the whole ordeal was more noise than anything and everyone walked away without a scratch on them.

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Sep 10/08

I thought everyone would like a short glimpse into the world of fostering from one of our foster homes. As you will see, it is not always easy to love a foster with all your heart and let them go. 

After letting Buddy go to his forever home, I know Allie was having a difficult time. Here is a write up from Allie about "why" she fosters and how she is able to continue fostering:

"How can you take care of them, fall in love with them and send them away? Don't you love the dogs you foster? How do you not get attached to them? I could NEVER foster!?! These are some of the statements I hear ALL OF THE TIME! The truth is, it's not easy. I do care for and fall in love with, each and everyone of them. Each are loved for their own personality, quirkiness, and ability to give their trust and BIG, BIG love to us. 

As a foster family, we grow and become a different family every time a new furkids comes into our lives. We give each and everyone of them the opportunity to become (or continue to be) a great canine citizen and most importantly, a loved member of a family. One of the hardest things is finding a way to let them know that they are safe, and loved. A lot of these dogs are abandoned, neglected and sometimes abused. I'm sure they ask themselves...Why did they give me away? What did I do wrong? Was I not cute enough? 

The reality of this is that most times, it is their owners who made the mistakes and didn't provide them with what they needed to be a loved member of their family. They have beautiful eyes that tell a story, sometimes one of great happiness followed by disappointment and others of dread and sorrow. However, WE ARE HERE! We will get them the vet care, food, socialization, direction and most of all LOVE that they so desperately need! This truth is what allows me to foster. Although it is very difficult sometimes to let them go, I remember, every time I send a new foster to their forever home, that I have the opportunity to save another life. 

My last foster boy, Buddy was my biggest challenge, not how you might think though. He was not as much trouble as we originally thought he would be. 

Once he arrived at our house he settled right in. Our routine seemed to have been his for years, he listened to us and he was very well behaved. Not to mention how smart he was!! 

You see Buddy is a SHIH TZU. The typical cute, cuddly, fluffy, love bug. He played well with the kids and my own dominant female, Brie, fell in love with him. There was rarely a snip or growl between the two. This made it even more difficult to let him go. He meshed into the family circle perfectly! As the time approached I was reminded that Buddy, being smart, cute and lovable was highly adoptable. Some of our pups, are not so lucky! He was certainly going to a really, really great home. I did not want to let Buddy go. 

When new Mom drove 12 hours to come and get him, I knew that she had truly fallen for him, just as I had a little over a year ago with my pup. It's not hard to fall in love with a picture when you are a fancier of dogs! I had a few very rough days wanting Buddy to come back. Crying at every thought of him. Thinking that my days of fostering (and giving my heart away) were over because I just "can't do it anymore". Also doubting my decision to adopt him out, as I thought I would never stop crying. Although he took a BIG part of my heart with him on the day he left us, we will never truly be apart.

 Buddy's new Mom confirmed this with a beautiful "piece of Buddy's heart" and card. Anytime I miss him, I hold his heart in my hand and send him a little snuggle and I know that he knows, I will always be there for him. I let him leave, not because I didn't love him but because I loved him enough to have him go to someone that will love and care for him forever! 

Buddy is a very happy pup, playing with his new brother and bunny friends in Michigan. As he played, another pup was preparing to come into our home. His name is Bubba! 

Bubba was scared, dirty, stinky and certainly wondering where he was going after being in his home for almost 4 years. It is taking some time but we are slowly gaining his trust. After some basic vet care and a simple grooming he is back to his confident, handsome self! 

He has a great appetite. Listens to directions he is given, and will look back at you as if to say "Look how wonderful I am, I listen good!" He loves to play "catch" with Dad, who always has the best treats and cuddling with Mom is a great pastime! 

Bubba has been here for a little over a week now, and I have once again given my heart away!

Dedicated to all my fosters: Tigger, Roxy, Meikah, Buddy and Bubba - I LUV YOU!"

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Sep 9/08

I was so excited to see my grandbabies this past weekend. After the week we had with Chester's medical emergency and the heartbreaking outcome, I just had to have a hug from my grandbabies. 

It had been 3 months since I saw them and baby Taylor had grown so much!! My little Ellie ran to me and gave me a big hug and kiss when I arrived. I was starting to feel better already.

On Saturday, we celebrated Ellie's 2nd birthday. A great time was had by all. But it seemed my husband must have been missing me, as he called 3 times on Saturday wondering when I was coming home. I sensed tension in his voice. So, I decided to return home Saturday night, rather than Sunday.

He obviously paid no attention to the routine I have the dogs on. The dogs were literally wearing him out ... this after only ONE day! lol It didn't take long on Sunday morning to figure out why my husband was so stressed. The dogs were completely off their routine and they were very confused. It doesn't help that when they give daddy their "sad eyes", they ALWAYS get what they want. I also noticed the bag of rolled pig skins was empty. "Is this how you were keeping them quiet?" As if on cue, Tegra heaves and throws up all over the steps ... there was the evidence! 

It was time for me to take over! It didn't take but an hour, on Sunday, to straighten out the gang. They were SO happy to be back on schedule. Calmness has finally settled again at our household (with the exception of Stuey appearances). 

Stuey had the dogs so riled while I was away, my Sassy was limping on Sunday. So off to the vet we go on Monday where she was given a shot for pain and will be on pain meds for the next week. Thankfully, she only pulled a muscle in her leg ... it could have been worse )-: Now, if I could ONLY get Stuey on a schedule, we'd all be more relaxed!!!

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Sep 8/08

Bubba Update
In all the panic last week, with Chester's medical emergency, we have barely touched on our new foster boy Bubba.

Thankfully, his foster mom has everything under control and was able to work with integrating Bubba into his foster home. Bubba has been groomed and vetted and has finally met their resident dog, Brie. The two of them hit it off very quickly. 

Bubba, we have learned, is a very, very intelligent boy. He LOVES to learn and enjoys his training sessions very much. He knows all of his basic commands. He is very good in the house and he is not destructive. Bubba is also very clean and has not had any accidents. He is not very fond of cats, but is getting used to seeing the families cat without reacting too much. Introductions to cats will have to be done slowly. We have also found that Bubba ADORES children - the smaller, the better!! He treats them very gently ... however, his size and clumsiness can result in a little one being toppled over. His eyes simply light up at the sight of a wee child. 

Bubba is also a dream on leash, so will make someone a great companion for walks and hikes. He is young at heart and acts very much like a puppy.

We are so happy we were able to find a great foster spot for Bubba. In time, we will find him the perfect forever home (-:

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Sep 5/08

Good Bye Chester
It is with a heavy heart that I write my blog today. Our sweet little Chester crossed over the Bridge yesterday. 

We had so many hopes for you. We truly wanted to help you. We wanted to fix ALL that was wrong with you physically so you could enjoy the remainder of your years, healthy, happy and pain-free.

Even yesterday morning, we were all very positive and thought within a few hours your surgeries would be complete and we would soon be returning you to your loving foster family and your sister Chade in your new life. 

Instead, we got the call, early afternoon. There was yet another complication that showed up on the previous days ultrasound, but not knowing what this was, opted to find out through a laprascope, while you were sedated for surgery. The news was not good. There was now a mass in your esophagus and the long-term prognosis was not good. We had a very, very difficult decision to make at that time. Do we continue on with the planned surgeries, knowing you would again have to undergo surgery in the future? Could your fragile body take yet another surgery six months down the road? As hard as the decision was to make, we could not put you through any more suffering than you have already been through.

I wish I could have met you, Chester, as I have heard so many people speak of your stellar temperament and sweet personality. After all the pain and suffering you have been through in the last several months, you still had kisses and wiggle-bum for everyone you met.

I feel in my heart that we did the right thing for you. I truly wish we could have made you whole and healthy, but sadly, you were already far too sick. We felt the only kind thing, we could do for you now, was to set you free from your fragile, pain-filled body.

Rest in peace little man. Your memory will stay in our hearts forever.

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Sep 4/08

University of Guelph
We anxiously awaited the call, yesterday, from the University of Guelph to see if Chester's heart can take the surgery required to save his life. 

It was such a long wait, but by mid-afternoon, the cardiologist was able to go over all the tests and has deemed Chester's heart was probably very capable of withstanding the surgeries.

We were so relieved to hear this. The vets and staff are taking such good care of Chester and all that meet him are smitten. The vets and caregivers cannot believe his stellar temperament, particularly at a time when he is in such pain and discomfort.

So, today will be another day that we will need good thoughts and prayers sent for Chester as he will be undergoing his much needed surgery. 

We pray that Chester will survive and come back fighting! We believe he has a strong will to live and we are all praying that Chester will come through with flying colours and recover quickly so he can live out his life, happy and healthy again. His sister Chade misses him terribly and can't wait to see Chester again. 

Good luck little man!!

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Sep 3/08

Min Pin Chester
The weekend was a whirlwind of activity with three dogs coming into our rescue program. We were very happy to take these dogs into our care and hoped we could make a difference in their lives. What a difference a couple of days make.

We took Chester and Chade into our care, knowing that Chester had some issues with bladder stones. We anticipated that he might need some medical intervention and were prepared to help him in any way we could. What we did NOT know was that Chester was much, much sicker than we were told. In fact, Chester was in urgent, critical need of vetting. The entire day was spent on the phone yesterday, speaking to a very distraught foster home, who have been so smitten by Chester and Chade, only to find themselves not only fostering these two for us, but having to rearrange their work schedule to take Chester to the vets FIRST thing on Tuesday morning. If that wasn't bad enough, the diagnosis was a very life-threatening condition. 

Chester has 2 very large bladder stones and his kidney is also filled with stones. His body is distended and he was in SO much pain. We had him treated as best we could in Toronto to stabilize him for immediate transport to Guelph. Because of Chester's heart condition. he not only has an enlarged heart, but also has a grade 2-3 heart murmur, ANY surgery will be very risky for Chester. Today, they will do a cardiogram and ultrasound to see if Chester's heart can take the surgery he SO badly needs. We pray that he will be strong enough to handle the surgery. We would love for him to live out the rest of his life, pain-free.

Today will be a repeat of yesterday (with the exception that Chester is already in Guelph and in the best of hands). We await word from the vets there whether Chester's heart will be strong enough to undergo two very serious surgeries. We need everyone's prayers today for Chester. Please send good thoughts and prayers as this little man is in the fight of his life!

We are also in URGENT need of donations to help us give Chester the surgery he needs to live out the rest of his life, pain-free and happy. If anyone has any ideas for us to raise funds for Chester, PLEASE contact us. You can also use the donate button on the left.

We are a very small rescue, and like most rescues, we do not have a lot of funds. We wish to continue to help rescue those in need, but with a hefty bill for Chester's surgery, our resources will be depleted. I will keep everyone updated on Chester's progress.

Our prayers are with you today Chester. You are a fighter!! We hope you will be strong for just a while longer, until we can make you better. 

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Sep 2/08

Weekend Update
This past weekend was a heartwarming example of our dedicated volunteers and their compassion for those needing urgent help.

As you know, we had two courtesy posting this past week. One posting was looking for a foster or forever home for two darling miniature pinscher mixes. Their owner could no longer properly care for them due to a heavy work schedule. She could not give them the time they deserved, so she was determined to find them a good home, rather than surrender them to a shelter. The thought of having to part with her babies was heartbreaking, but in the best interest of Chester and Chade. 

So, an urgent plea was posted for foster or forever home and we are thrilled to say that Chester and Chade have found the BEST foster home they could wish for. They arrived in foster care on Saturday and we have had daily updates on how they are settling in. From the sound of things, Chester and Chade are settling beautifully and we couldn't be happier for them. Thank you Pamela and Tobin for opening your hearts and home to these two sweeties. We will be updating their bio as we get to know them a little better.

The other courtesy posting we had was about a 4 year old Rotti mix who was in desperate need of a home as his owner could no longer keep him. Bubba had until the end of this past long weekend to find refuge or he would be surrendered to a shelter. Once again, we posted Bubba as urgent, needing a home or foster before the end of the weekend. We prayed someone would answer his urgent call and on Friday morning, I received an email from our wonderful Allie, who could not bear to think of Bubba going to a shelter ... not after living with his family for 4 years. We were thrilled with Allie's offer and immediately took her up on it.

Now, for the hard part, we would need a true miracle to make this happen. How could we possibly get transport on the Friday afternoon of the long weekend from Brantford to Cornwall? I sent out the plea for help and hoped our prayers would be answered. Within minutes of sending out the urgent plea, our volunteers sprung into action and we had transport covered within the hour. 

What an amazing group we have!!! I am SO very proud of our volunteers and their amazing ability to "make things happen". THANK YOU to Tina, D'Arcy and Allie for taking the time on the last long weekend of the summer to help Bubba to a safe and loving foster care.

Three beautiful souls are now in our care and we are so happy to be able to help them along their way. Stay tuned for updates on Bubba, Chade and Chester!

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