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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

October 2017

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October 27/17

Marli Update - We were so thrilled to get an update and pictures of our beloved Marli. This lucky girl went from living on the streets to a caring couple that wanted to help. They took her into their care but knew she would need more than they could provide so they contacted ANML-RESQ to help. Well it wasn’t long before we found the most amazing family for our girl. Here are some pictures and updates from Marli’s mom, Leah.

Hey Renee, We hope you are keeping well and that you had a good summer.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are all good, The Oldies are getting older and slower but Marli is staying young, energetic, loving and beautiful. Take care and warm regards before the big freeze, Gordon, Leah, Ollie, Bonnie and Marli

Thanks so much for pictures and update Leah. We LOVE seeing our adopted living such amazing lives.

Please give Marli (and the little’s) a BIG hug from all their friends at ANML-RESQ!
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October 26/17

Sailor Update - Sailor’s foster mom received a nice picture and email from Sailors’ dad. We are so happy for Sailor and Jeff. It is definitely a match made in heaven. Here is message foster mom Anne got from Sailor’s dad.

“You can’t make the bed; it’s not ten-o-clock yet! Going to the groomer tomorrow. Wow, can this guy grow hair! Happiest dog I’ve ever had – he’s now over 18lbs. so starting diet today. 

Click to enlarge...

One of the things I love this little guy for is, he brings a smile and happiness to everyone we come in contact with each day. I am so lucky!”

Anne, you must be so happy for boy Sailor. Updates like these are wholeheartedly welcomed by foster families! 
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October 25/17

Jaxon Update - Well, our boy Jaxon is settling in very nicely in his new home.
Jaxon is now the apple of his dads eye. Cody has always wanted a boxer and was really missing having a companion since his beloved Rex passed a few weeks earlier. And when dad goes to work Jaxon’s grandma(Carla) comes over almost daily to visit.

Click to enlarge...

Congratulations Jaxon and Cody! Hugs to grandma for having a huge part in this happy ending for Jaxon.
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October 24/17

Pictures with Santa - RESCHEDULED to December 2nd! - We hope you can join us on November 11 at Pet Valu in Milton for Christmas pics with Santa! 

Click to enlarge...

Come and meet our volunteers and some of our foster/adopted dogs. We hope to see you there (-:
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October 19/17

Cyrus Update - Well, we have another rottie rescue to tell you about. We were asked last week by a rescue friend if we had any approved applications for a nice rottweiler. They sent pictures and information about sweet Cyrus who was rescued from living in a crate in the garage by a loving and caring lady. She was able to convince Cyrus's owner to allow her to take him and she even got him completely vetted. But already having a couple of rottweilers, she couldn't keep Cyrus but wanted to make sure that he found a good home so she reached out to our rescue friends. This particular rescue doesn't generally take in the rottweiler breed but thankfully they reached out to ANML-RESQ.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It just so happened we got an application in that week for a couple looking to adopt a rottweiler. The timing couldn't be more perfect. We did the application process and approved this couple for Cyrus.

Today they went to meet Cyrus and the lovely lady that rescued him. They fell in love with him immediately and have taken him home on a foster to adopt basis. We just want to make sure he will get on with the resident cats but first update it all sounded good.

Welcome Cyrus to the ANML-RESQ family. I am sure we will get lots of pictures and updates so stay tuned. 
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October 18/17

Ricky Update - We received the greatest news this morning. As you know, Ricky has been in foster care for just one month short of a year. He came to us in horrendous shape, letchified skin so bad he couldn’t be neutered and a raging skin issue that had never been addressed. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Week after week his foster family took him to vet appointments and worked on a diet that his skin could tolerate. It was a long haul, applications received and several meet n greets which for some reason never worked out for Ricky. However, his family adored him and perhaps were hoping secretly that he wouldn’t find that forever home.

Click to enlarge...

It turns out that after all of this time, Ricky’s foster family did a lot of thinking and this morning they approached us asking if they could be considered to adopt Ricky. WOW! 

Click to enlarge...

We could not have been happier to hear this great news for Ricky. It seems that all this time we were looking for Ricky’s forever home and turns out he’s been there all along!

Congratulations Ricky, Jennifer and Family from all of your friends here at ANML-RESQ!
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October 13/17

Bowser Update - A few weeks ago we were asked to help a very sweet rottweiler boy. If you hadn't noticed we were full up with rottweilers and as much as we wanted to help him, we had no foster homes available.

But thanks to some very caring shelter workers who didn't want to see him be put down due to lack of space they offered us an amazing foster family and we could not refuse this opportunity to save this sweet boys life.

We got him vaccinated as quickly as possible and today he went for his neuter. Here is an update and a couple of pictures of Bowser and his foster sis, Mimi. Welcome Bowser! We are so glad we could help, thanks to a caring foster mom, Cindy.

Greetings Renee, Sending you an update about Bowser. So Bowser has settled in quite nicely. He loves everyone and every animal he meets. He’s so patient with our Jack Russell Mimi. He shares all his toys and sleeps with her most of the time. 

Click to enlarge...

He is food motivated and loves mealtime. He will sit patiently if asked and will wait for the command before eating. He knows all the basic commands like sit, lie down and give a paw. 

Click to enlarge...

He's great at playing fetch and gives you the the toy so you can throw it all over again and again and again. Lol He’s super sweet and loves to cuddle and be by your side at all times. He loves bones, squeaky toys and of course tennis balls. (We buy the oversized ones). He does have some separation anxiety and will tear up paper or go through the garbage. 

Click to enlarge...

We are working on that. He has a pretty good recall but we have him on a leash most of the time. He’s great on walks and has decent leash manners. Above all he’s a snuggle bug and just loves to hang around with everyone. 

HUGE thanks to Cindy and family for welcoming Bowser into their hearts and home.
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October 09/17

Cricket Update - We received some great pictures and update from Cricket’s mom, Jackie. It looks like he is totally enjoying life and we are thrilled for this handsome boy. Here is our update:

We wanted to touch base and let you know Cricket is doing great, keeping us active (every evening) and taking an inch every chance he gets.

Happy Thanksgiving ... We hope everyone, and animals, are well and looking forward to a great long weekend.

We wanted to touch base and let you know Cricket is doing great, keeping us active (every evening) and taking an inch every chance he gets. Cricket, or Crix for short, has been enjoying our apples so, getting his fresh fruit intake (although this has made for messy scooping.

We found a great name tag for him: He's been enjoying the beach and probably should have had sun screen on his nose this September. We'll send some more pics over the weekend; thanks for introducing us to our "Crazy Crix" ~ Jacqueline 

Thanks for the update, hugs to Cricket from all of us at ANML-RESQ! Happy Thanksgiving to all. 
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October 08/17

Meet Lola - We are pleased as punch to introduce you to our newest rescue girl, Lola. This sweety was picked up as a stray and her owner never came to claim her and we cannot understand why.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Lola has been waiting at the shelter for a rescue to step forward and as soon as a foster spot came open we had everything crossed it would work. When Lola first arrived at the shelter she was great with dogs but after a couple of months, every time she had a meeting, things did not go well. Lola was so stressed out that she just wasn't herself.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We had hoped that Jason and Julie's boy Kilo, who is a pretty calm, cool dude would be the one that Lola would warm up to and we were elated to hear that they got along GREAT when meeting at the shelter.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Arrangements were made and our transporter extraordinaire Debbie picked Lola up on Wednesday and whisked her away and into the arms of Jason. She arrived at Jason and Julie's with Kilo anxiously awaiting her arrival.

These are pictures of Lola's very first night in foster care. As you can see, she has made herself right at home and she had the most amazing sleep....snoring and wagging her tail.

Thank you Jason, Julie and Kilo for welcoming Lola into your hearts and home. A HUGE thanks to Debbie for taking the day to pick Lola up and bringing her to her foster family. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We know it will be a very special Thanksgiving holiday for Lola.
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October 02/17

Remy Update - Wow ... Remy’s foster mom got a wonderful update and pictures of her previous foster boy Remy. As you can see, he is enjoying life to the fullest!!! Here is the great update: 

Dear Sharin  I am mindful of your special place in Remy’s new life at this special time of year for us – nearly two years of Remy – of course at this time two years ago we were still ‘dating’ but it is October 13th, 2015 I believe Remy came forever home. Wow – how can that time have passed?

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Remy is doing so well. He is sure the king of his castle. Attached are some pictures of him. I think he might be the happiest dog I have ever been around. And, my Dad says for sure he never thought it was possible for a dog to be more loved and more spoiled than Levi but Remy brings spoiled to another dimension. He is so loving but he still does everything in a really big way – gorilla type take down hugs you have to be ready for.

He enjoys time at the Hillsburgh property – we are finally under construction – thus the very deep hole in the ground in the picture. Remy loves to supervise the contractors.

Click to enlarge...

I have to laugh when I think of us literally shoving him, tricking him, luring him in to your car on the first visit here. Now it is hard to get him out and you have to really watch him because he can get himself in through an open window. He loves to be in the car – he never sleeps, he is always looking around – he and I got quite the birthday gift and Remy loves to ride with the top down in ‘his’ car.

Click to enlarge...

He still has his chiro adjustments monthly – we are trying to keep ahead of the small bit of spondylosis and an easy to aggravate neck - he is certainly no more graceful or careful with himself than he ever was – big bold movements – action first, think later. He runs in to trees while showing off. He does love to go to the park and run through his obedience tricks – especially on nights when the beginner class is having a practice – he is a super show off.

We worked a lot on guarding his high value toys. For sure the IKEA stuffed lab (the placebo Levi) is not to be loved by anyone but Remy, however, he will let you see it for a short time. He gently removes it and places it on his bed or window seat with a look that says, enough is enough. However, there is no growling or aggression. His ball is of course also super special and he will trade it for a treat but I just do not let him be in a situation where he could be challenged for it.

He still stays with my friend who has a huge pack of dogs when I am in Uganda. He has a girlfriend there – a shepherd that was left there for day care and never picked up. He plays very well with her. He has to have ‘Remy time’ when the husky he sent to the vet for stitches earlier in the year is visiting. ‘Remy time’ works for Rey as he gets a great treat in his room he does not have to share. He also gets pretty tired as there is lots of playing with his pals there. I think it is really good for him. Our scent classes are not on this fall but I hope to go further with that.

Warmest regards and a take down style hug from the big lug RemyB. ~Kelly

He went from being crated his entire life to living the life of luxury and being spoiled – everything Remy deserves. We could not be happier for our beautiful boy.
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October 01/17

Charlotte Update - We are thrilled to have received these pictures of Charlotte aka Savannah. Our biggest wish for Charlotte was a doggy friend as she LOVES to play! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She has a cute little doggy brother named Oreo but best of all, her dad tries to get her to the dog park every 2 days and she has made LOTS of doggy friends. 

Click to enlarge...

Charlotte and Oreo are fast friends and she is doing awesome with her new family. She got to spend a week with her grandma while her parents went away on vacation. She had another doggy friend while staying there as well. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We have no doubt that Charlotte is in her glory and getting everything she ever wished for. Thanks Ian for sending these pictures ... we couldn’t be happier for Charlotte.
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