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Halloween Weekend Transports 


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Halloween Weekend Transports ;

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It's Friday and all the volunteers at ANML-RESQ are getting ready for a busy weekend. Transports have been arranged and our foster homes are anxiously anticipating their new arrivals. 

Christine and family will be thrilled when their 3 bundles of puppy breath due to arrive and I know that Allie has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Mama Shiloh". We will have lots of updates and pictures after the weekend.

Thank you to our dedicated fosters, Allie, Carolina and Christine for opening their hearts and homes to this very deserving mom and her pups. And many thanks to Carolina, Christine, Mim and Allie for taking the time out of this busy Halloween weekend to make these transports happen and get our newest rescues into their loving foster homes. 

ANML-RESQ wishes everyone a SAFE and Happy Halloween. For your viewing pleasure I have included a link that I think can give us some pretty cool ideas for Halloween costumes ... ENJOY!!! Don't forget to keep all your furkids safe from the ghosts and goblins on Sunday evening.
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Oct 28/10

We are pleased to announce that two of our lucky adoptable have found their forever homes.

Our girl Magic, who has been with us for several months now has been lovingly adopted by her foster family. They couldn't bear the thought of letting her go and she gets along famously with her brother Sprocket, so the decision was made ... Magic will be staying.

Congratulations Magic!! You deserve this wonderful family and we know they will cherish you for the rest of your life!!!

We are also very thrilled for our young pup Diego who went to his forever home on Monday after meeting his potential family on Sunday. It was love at first sight!! Who couldn't love this handsome fellow? 

Congratulations to Diego and his new family! Hugs to foster mom Carolina, who we know misses having Diego around. 

Congratulations again to two VERY lucky furkids, Magic and Diego!!!
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Oct 27/10

Christmas Lunch and Auction 
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario is celebrating the Holiday Season with our ‘Twelve Dogs of Christmas’ gathering and fundraiser. Join us for an afternoon filled with good food and great conversation. 

The ‘Twelve Dogs of Christmas’ will present absolutely stunning auction items for you to bid on for you or someone special on your Christmas list. The festivities begin at 1:00 pm and continue through to 3:00 pm. There will be ongoing raffles and prizes while you feast on the sumptuous buffet style luncheon at Mondello Ristorante. Visit their website at

Place:   Mondello Ristorante, 127 Queen St. S., 
            Mississauga, ON L5M 1K9 
Date:    Saturday, November 20, 2010 
Time:    1:00 pm to 3:00 pm 
Cost:    $30.00 per adult and $20.00 per child

Don’t forget, book early to avoid disappointment – seating is limited. For more information or tickets, please email
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Oct 26/10

Mama Shilo and Pups
As is ALWAYS the case ... our volunteers are buzzing with excitement. We have Mama Shilo and PUPPIES coming!!! (-:  

They are the cutest little puppies, soft and cuddly.  Two out of five pups have already arrived into foster care, the remainder will be arriving into foster care this Saturday, along with their mama.  

Mom is a very pretty Shepherd/Lab mix girl. She looks like an angel and she has been a SUPER good mom to her babies.  Her babies are full of beans, playful, confident, healthy and happy puppies. 

The puppies are only 6 weeks old and we will be keeping the pups together until they reach 8 weeks of age.  

They will be looking for their forever homes in about 2-3 weeks time.  

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at our precious little bundles, Mom Shiloh and the pups - 1 baby boy and 4 precious little girls!!  

Foster homes are anxiously awaiting their dose of "puppy breath and kisses". Looking to adopt in 2-3 weeks time, drop me a line at
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Oct 25/10

Smooch Update 
We received a phenomenal update on our baby boy Smooch. Remember the puppy, 12 weeks old at the time that was kicked, hurled across the yard and picked up by his head ... for all the neighbours to see? Remember he came to our foster Carolina via his guardian angel Lee Ann. He was 1/2 the weight he should have and bones. A pretty heartbreaking sight to see. 

Well ... fast forward 3 months and 5 days and you won't believe it's the same pup!!! Smooch's proud mom Carla took him to the vets last week for a weigh-in and at 6 months and 5 days old he tipped the scale at 97 whopping pounds!!!

OMG!!!! Carla - you have yourself a moose calf!! (-:
I can tell ya...we can't wait to see what this handsome baby will look like ALL grown up. 

It looks like Smooch has overcome and forgotten his past because he is flourishing at his home with no issues stemming from past abuse....and he is looking mighty handsome too!!! 

While we are on the subject of "cute puppies", we are looking for foster homes for 1 or 2 puppies. They are only 6 weeks old and cute as a button!!! 

We will be taking mom in, along with her 5 puppies. We have a foster home for mom and a few pups, but will be needing another foster home or two. Pictures coming soon!!!! Puppies!! Can't wait!! (-:
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Oct 22/10

I Own a Pit Bull Day 
Tomorrow, October 23rd is a day for all of us bully owners to shout out and show our pride. It is "I Own a Pit Bull" Day and I am proud of it!!

I am a mother, a grandmother, a lover of ALL animals and I am also a dog rescuer. I am happy and fulfilled in my life and my life is FULL of love, companionship and devotion. I have had many dogs come and go in my life and I have loved every one that has stepped through our door. 

When the Province decided to implement Bill 132, banning American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls and anything substantially similar to, our house and home became a revolving door, welcoming young prohibited bullies into our home with love until we could find their forever home out-of-province.

It was during the first 3 year spree that we met our first pit bull-type dog and after having 25 fosters go through our door, my husband and I FINALLY failed fostering and adopted our first Pit Bull, Sassy. It seems that Pit Bulls are a lot like Lays potato chips. Once you have one ... you can't stop!! lol 

I can honestly tell you that I have never met a breed more loving. They give 100% of themselves to their owners. I swear, their need to cuddle and snuggle is very strong and if they could, I am sure they would crawl right inside of you ... that's how close they want to be with their loved ones ... always. 

I wouldn't recommend to anyone that they buy into the myth that Pit Bulls are aggressive, fierce ... ticking time bomb and all that rubbish. If you have NEVER met a Pit Bull, please take the time to spend a few hours with one and I guarantee you, you will leave with a whole different outlook on the breed. You cannot meet a pitty and NOT fall in love with them.

I included some pictures of my beloved bullies and you will note, if they aren't wrapped around their human's, they are wrapped around each other. As they are not youngsters anymore and time has a way of creeping up on you, they still love to get out and have fun and there will always be a walk in the woods or to the river to keep them forever young.

See if you can find me in this pile? lol

I am proud to be a Pit Bull owner. I will continue to fight the draconian laws and hopefully with the strength of ALL bully owners and dog-lovers together, we WILL have this law overturned. I will fight for my right to own the breed of my choice and I will never give up the fight. 

If you own a Pit Bull, please let the world know that YOU own a Pit Bull and are proud of it!!! Happy "I Own a Pit Bull" Day!!
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Oct 21/10

Christmas Blues 
It's getting closer to Christmas (ha ha ha ... I know, bite my tongue) but Christmas is definitely just around the corner. This is the time of year that you will see more and more puppies arriving in pet stores (those that sell live animals). 

The selling of live animals in pet stores has been a raw issue with me for a very long time because I KNOW where the biggest percentage of these animals come from. I know that these pet stores are counting on the public to view these adorable puppies, they are counting on YOU to fall in love and they are counting on you to purchase these adorable balls of fluff ... most often purchased on "impulse". We see these cute puppies in their glass cages and we can't stand seeing them left behind ... our heartstrings are pulled and in most cases, we fail. Our hearts win over our heads.

I know that everyone has good intentions when they purchase a puppy from a pet store. However, in doing so, we are only sealing the fate of SO many wonderful dogs, kept in horrid conditions, used only for breeding ... and when they are no longer useful to the breeder, these innocents are destroyed. 

Here is a very educational link that I hope will help you understand the horrendous conditions these animals live in on a daily basis. 

Let us take a stand now and tell everyone you know! Let's put these puppy mills and backyard breeders OUT OF BUSINESS!
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Oct 20/10

Dog Who Used Cop Car as Chew Toy
Winston, the dog who used a cop car as a chew toy, has died at the age of 2. Wondering if it was a police officer who shot him for the destruction? No, sadly, Winston died of 'hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a deadly thickening of the heart muscle'.

On Winston's Facebook page, there is a big thank you to the officer who only arrested Winston and placed him in jail waiting for his owner to arrive. You can view the video of Winston's antics here...» or visit Dogster's blog here...». [You may have to wait a bit to view the Facebook webpage.]

As the Dogster blog attests, we can only hope there will be cop cars in heaven for Winston to be testing out their bumpers. Rest in peace Winston!
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Oct 19/10

Feline Ups and Downs
I know that our feline friends can sometimes be VERY particular about their potty habits. I know that people often have issues with their cats and I have found this wonderful blog with some excellent suggestions for those who are having problems with this issue. 

And for those of us that like to play "dress up" with our dogs, we have some vindication!! Here is an interesting item about those of us that like to baby and pamper our pooches - enjoy!! 
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Oct 18/10

Boots Update
We got a wonderful update from Boots' family today - woohoo! It sounds like our handsome fellow has turned out to be a really good "big brother" to his new brother Max.

Congratulations to Sabrina and family on their newest addition ... baby Max. What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to Boots and Maggie as well. You have a new baby to fuss and coddle (-: Thank you Sabrina for the great update and pictures. You have a beautiful little family!! (-:

Hi there! Just a quick note that Boots, who is quickly approaching his one year anniversary on Oct 31 with our family, is now an official "Big Brother" to a two-legged infant! Both Boots and Maggie are being EXCELLENT friends to our new son who was born on October 7! 

I also have to share that during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy, when I couldn't sleep more than 2 hours a night, and basically roamed the house from room to room trying to find a couch, chair, bed, etc that I could get comfortable boy Boots kept watch over his "mom" and made sure I always had company in those last weeks. The night I went into labour, I'm 100% positive Boots knew it was coming as all he did was lay near me, ears on "full-alert", and stare at me as if to say "The baby is on his way....."

One other quick note -- Boots is quite the care-taker of the baby. Today when Max, our son, was crying while we were waiting for his bottle to warm, Boots went and got one of his favourite toys and literally brought it over the Max as if to say " is one of my toys. I'll share it with you. It makes me it might make you happy" Attached is a picture of the baby along with both Boots and Maggie (our other dog) hanging out near the play mat. Take care - and all the best to your organization. We love our rescue dog and can't imagine our family without him. Sincerely, Sabrina Miller

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Click to enlarge...

is a 2 year old unaltered male yellow lab X who got out of his backyard on the evening of the 15th.  He has only been adopted and is very missed!  Lost - October 15th, Beaverton/Gamebridge, ONPlease email Melanie with any information.

Oct 15/10

Smooch Update
We end off our week with a couple of great pictures of our baby boy Smooch, who is now 6 months old and LOVIN LIFE!!!  

WOW!!! What a handsome fellow he has turned out to be. I love the way he lays, with his paws crossed. 

He looks so regal and wise when he lays this way. Smooch is having a blast with his furry brothers and sister. 

I think that Smooch has already outgrown his big brothers and he has still got a long way to go before he is full grown. Good thing his furry brothers and sister love him so much.
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Oct 14/10

Halloween and Your Pets
Halloween will soon be upon us, and along with the usual precautions that we must take with our pets, there is another danger that lurks. This danger is around our pets all the time.  Now that people are more health conscious and with the rise of diabetes in our society we are gravitating toward more sugar-free products.

One of the substitutes being used for sugar is Xylitol, an artificial sweetener created from birch, raspberries, plums and corn. This product is found in many sugar-free products, such as gum, candies, puddings, jello ... and the list goes on. Sadly, this artificial sweetener is toxic to our pets and toxic poisoning happens quickly, with devastating results.  

Read up on Xylitol and the danger it poses to your beloved family pet. Please do NOT leave any of these products within reach of your pets. These products are very enticing and they WILL seek them out, so please keep your purse out of reach if you have sugar-free gum inside and keep all sugar-free candies UP and AWAY from your pets. Read more evidence at on how this affects your pet.
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Oct 13/10

Fred and Wilma Update
Carolina got another wonderful update from Fred and Wilma's new family. It sounds like Fred and Wilma are making friends everywhere they go these days. Well, perhaps there is one exception ... I don't think the cat is too thrilled with these two bed-thieving hounds!!! (-: 

Good Morning, I wanted to send a quick email to let you know that F and W are doing very well. In fact the other night we were watching TV and they were curled up having a snooze and Joel and I asked ourselves why anyone would want to get rid of them. 

They both have had a busy weekend, I discovered a forest about 2 mins from our house (Jokers Hill, owned by University of Toronto), it has marked paths and is safe for all dogs and kids. In the past the dogs we had could not go because they were not as friendly with others as F and W are. Well Wilma is a bit of a hunter, or should I say chaser, and is she funny to watch and she ran all over and had a great time she always came back (making me happy). Fred was always about 20 ft from me. The best part was when we were approached by others with and without dogs, everyone was happy to see them, and they were happy to see everyone. 

There was one little boy that was almost eye to eye with Fred and Fred thought that was really cool. 

I have attached pictures, the after the walk pictures. (note the cat bed and been taking over by the dogs, we are trying to get another one). Take care! Michele 

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Oct 12/10

Molly Update
Molly has much to be thankful for this weekend.  Our little girl went to her forever home this Thanksgiving weekend and we are thrilled she has found such a fantastic forever home. Here is a little from Molly's very excited and happy foster mom:

Miss Molly went to her new home today.  Mike, Patti & their daughter Lauren will be so blessed to have this little angel in their home and Molly is extremely lucky to have found such a wonderful home.  

And the best part is they only live 10 minutes from me so we can see her whenever we want!! (that might change when they put a restraining order on me for obsessing over Molly! LOL)

Congratulations Molly from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ!!!
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Oct 8/10

Timber and Diego Update 
We end our week with some pictures of our recently adopted big boy Timber and our newest foster boy Diego. These two puppies are having a blast hanging out with their furry brothers. 

I cannot get over the size of these two puppies. As you can see, they are almost as large as their big brothers, Tynan and Lincoln and these pups still have a pile of growing to do. Diego, who is not yet 7 months old and Timber who is going on 5 months old will both grow up to be extra large in size and that's just the way foster mom Carolina likes it. (-:

Carolina tells us that Diego is settling in to the daily routine, he is doing well with housetraining and is learning what life is like, having a pack of furry friends to play with. He is very fortunate to have landed at Carolina's. He gets lots of socialization. Foster mom takes them to the dog park on weekends and she tells us that Diego is great meeting other dogs and welcomes all newcomers very respectfully. Diego needs some work on-leash and foster mom is working on that. Diego is a great puppy, with lots of potential and we know he will bring much joy to a wonderful family.

From all of your friends at ANML-RESQ.....have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving Weekend!!
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Oct 7/10

Healthy Living 
If you are anything like me, your household consists of multiple pets. In a good month or week, there can be upwards of 9-11 pets ranging from kittens to cats to dogs. And somewhere in the middle is the family! lol Sometimes it feels like there are more of them than there are of you, but that's just the way you like it. I know I sure do.

When it comes to the health of your pets and your family there are some things that are a 'must do'. We have central air [thank God], which means that my furnace is being used constantly for 8-9 months out of the year. This also means that I must remember to change my furnace filter each month to ensure good air quality. I also get laughed at for cleaning my house thoroughly each Saturday, but I believe that good hygiene is the best medicine to having your family and your pets in good health.

I was just reading over at about a new app, 'Pet First Aid', that can be used on your iPhone. Jive media launches pet first aid iphone app for your pet’s health. If you are traveling, or in your own home, this app provides information during a medical emergency. It will also allow you to enter information on multiple pets, health history and medications and would be valuable when a medical emergency arises after hours. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Not bad for those emergencies and with so many animals here, it sure will be handy. lol ~ Elaine
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Oct 6/10

Safety Tips 
It's getting close to that time of year again, when the ghosts and goblins come a callin'. This is a fun day that many children and adults look forward to every year. However, it can also be a dangerous time of year for our pets. 

Please take the time to read these safety tips and be prepared to be extra vigilant with your furkids this year. 

Halloween should be a fun time for all. Let's keep our kids and pets safe!!!
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Oct 5/10

Lost His Job
A sign of the times is losing one's job. But, when drug sniffing dogs lose their job - you know this is truly a sign of hard economic times.

Over on Maria Goodavage points out that a sign of the bad economic times is for any police department to lay off their staff. For Wando, the drug sniffing dog, and a few of his human colleagues, including his handler, who were recently laid off. You know that your city is in desperate need of these very important guardians as drug trade and use is on the rise. What were they thinking? 

Maria also points out that maybe Wando could get a job teaming up with a dog who ratted out his owner in southeastern Michigan, the other day, as police stumbled upon a grow op...»
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Oct 4/10

We are proud to announce our newest adoptable - Diego. Diego is a beautiful boy, 6 1/2 months old and already a big boy. 

This sweety found himself looking for a new home... at 6½ months old, he has grown much bigger than his owners expected and sadly, they realize they do not have the space this big puppy will need when he is full grown. His father is a single breed English Mastiff and mom is a Mastiff/Australian Shepherd mix... with that combination, this boy is expected to be "extra large" in size when mature.

Diego has settled into his foster home.... a little slow settling in at first, but after a couple of days with Carolina, Mike and the gang, he has come out of his shell and is enjoying playtime with his foster brothers. However, Diego's favorite pastime is snuggling with foster mom (-:

Diego is just new to our rescue and we are getting to know him a little better. He will be going this week to see the vet for a check up and vaccinations. Keep checking our website as Diego will soon be on our adoptables page.

Many thanks to Carolina and Mike for welcoming this baby into their loving home. I think Timber and Tynan will love having another big baby to whoop it up with (-: I can't wait to see pictures of these three gentle giants getting to know each other. Better clear out the furniture Carolina and "let the good times roll"!!! .... and be sure to have that camera handy!!! (-:
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Oct 1/10

Timber Update
I received a great update from Carolina on her new boy Timber. I just love that boy to pieces and I am so happy he is with Carolina and Mike. I know he will be cherished and well taken care of. 

It's a great way to end off the week. Congratulations Timber. You are looking GOOD and looks like you have really grown in the last couple of weeks. Must be all the fun and exercise you are getting with your furbrothers (-:

Hi Renee, Timber is settling in extremely well here at home especially with the other boys. He is so much more at ease with everyone, showing bellies, wrestling, flopping around together, even chasing each other!! He has learned so much in the short time he's been here. Timber has learned sit, come, get back, get out, excuse me and to wait at the door until his turn. He catches on really quick on what is expected.

I took him to the dog park 3 times this week-end and all 3 times he was an angel. He meets other dogs VERY well and very courteous. I also took him and Tynan to all the local pet stores for our socialization time. I do this every week. Everyone just adores my little love-bug and he loves everyone too and always tells me to bring both Timber and Tynan whenever I want.

As for his crate training. I think it's more of a separation anxiety issue, because he goes in for bed without a fuss. I'll have to find ways to stop it from escalating. I did put a blanket over his crate to make it feel more cozy and secure and it has helped but not 100%. Sometimes it breaks my heart to hear him whimper in there, but I can't have a giant dog with separation anxiety. 

In the morning, once I open his crate Timber is all about jumping around with happiness and kisses!! What a sweet disposition he's got. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want Timber in their lives. I guess their loss is my gain.

Once again THANK YOU so much for Timber, I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!! ~ Carolina

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