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Tonight is Halloween, when all the witches and goblins appear at your door with their baskets and pillow cases full of candy. It's a really fun time for the kids and a very special day we all look forward to. 

However, Halloween can be a very stressful time for your pets and often times can result in heartbreak. While all the witches and goblins are running through the streets, it can be a very, very scary time for animals that are frightened of all the masks, costumes and scary make-up. It is often a time that a dog or cat will bolt from their safe home and run mindlessly into the street. 

PLEASE keep your dogs and cats away from the door and put safely away in a room until all the commotion is done. Your pet will be less stressed and so will you. There is nothing more heartbreaking than looking for a lost family member on a night when there are so many distractions. 

Also, please be sure to keep candles and electrical cords AWAY from your pets. If your pet brushes up against a candle it can burn himself badly and if they upset the candle, there can be a fire. Keep ALL candies away from your pets. Chocolate is not good for dogs or cats and neither is sugar or gum. 

We take safety precautions with our children, lets remember to do the same for our pets. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Oct 30/08

Petey's Thanksgiving
We had another picture sent of our little wiener, Petey. Doesn't he look magnificent? In this picture, it seems Petey is anxiously awaiting his "turkey dinner".


His mother, Joyce, is taking GREAT care of Petey. I remember when Petey came into rescue ... he was so thin. In fact, we were concerned with HOW much weight he had lost prior to coming into our program. As you can see, all it took was a whole lot of love for little Petey to come around. 

It has been fairly quiet this week and I am thankful that I am able to get a few things done around the house before the snow flies. We've been chopping and piling wood for the last several weeks and getting things put away for winter. 

I am worried about our Stuey as yesterday was the FIRST day he didn't arrive for breakfast since March. I hope he has only gone wandering, but if I don't see him today, I don't know what I will do. I know there has been another VERY large black and white cat hanging around and we have seen Stuey "kick his butt" off the property. However, that doesn't stop him from coming back. I DO hope Stuey isn't hurt somewhere. I will continue to look for him today. 

We are working on getting our heated shed fixed up so that Stuey will have a warm and safe place to stay for the winter. I know that I have complained about Stuey "messing with my doggies heads" and driving us all crazy when he appears, but we ALL miss him and I hope he will show up today to let us know he is "okay". Keep Stuey in your thoughts and hope for a safe return for our little terrorist.

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Oct 29/08

Buddy Update
We received some more great pictures and an update on our little man Buddy.

It seems that our handsome boy Buddy and his debonair brother Mugsy won FIRST prize at the Detroit College Halloween Costume contest.

Here are a couple of pictures of these dashing dogs (-:

It also looks like Buddy is making friends everywhere he goes. Here is a picture of Buddy with his best friend Emily.  We hear Buddy has always loved a good game of tug.

I have noticed a very common theme in most of the pictures and updates we get from Buddy's mom. It seems that Buddy was BORN to shop!! LOL

First stop is the vacuum cleaner shop. Hmmmmmm, wonder why mom needs a new vacuum? I don't shed?

Of course, before heading out to the Halloween Party, everyone had to make a petstop at Petco!!  What kind of outing would it be without a trip to the pet store (-:  I'll bet Buddy and Mugsy didn't walk out of there without a bunch of neat stuff!!

It's always great to see how happy our adoptables are.  Buddy traveled a LONG way to find his forever home, but we believe he has found the best home he could ever find.

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Oct 28/08

Weekend Update 
I wanted to update everyone on this past weekend. It was quite a busy time.

First was the weekend transport, in which our girl Sasha was transported to her foster home and Sadie, the little Beagle/Bassett, was transported to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter (OSAS).

Well, it appears that little Sadie has ALREADY been adopted - yippee!! Congratulations little one. You didn't have to wait long to find your forever home. Way to go OSAS!!

We had to do some last minute juggling for Sasha on Friday as we got the bad news that the foster home that intended to take her in could not, due to a family emergency. Not the kind of news you need to hear on a Friday morning when transport is arranged for Saturday. The LAST thing I wanted to do was postpone her release because her time WAS up.

Thankfully, with a lot of help, we were able to get a last minute foster home to take Sasha in. What a relief that was!! Thank you so much to Ron for giving this girl safe refuge. I hear that foster dad is quite smitten with her too. He has a male rottweiler that is rather anti-social, likes to stick to himself, but it seems that Sasha has brought out the best in him and he is beginning to come out of his shell.

Thanks to everyone that took time out of their busy Saturday to get these wonderful dogs to safety!!

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Oct 27/08

All Dog Owners Beware
I have taken this, excerpt, from our friends at Wag the Dog (thanks Angela Gilbert for always keeping us up-to-date on the issues). I cannot stress how TRUE this commentary is and urge everyone to read carefully. 

WagTheDog Blog

Last weeks decision was a real "heartbreaker" for all of us, who have been fighting SO hard for the last 4 years. I hope we can get enough support to take this matter to the highest court in Canada... the Supreme Court. I believe our chances of winning would be better in the Supreme Court as the decisions will not be made by a Provincial Court where judges are employed BY the government of Ontario. 

We're not giving up!! We've lost this battle, but we won't stop until we win the war!!!

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Oct 24/08

National Pit Bull Awareness Day - October 25th
Another Happy Ending to report on our Courtesy Posting for Bronx. Bronx has gone to his forever home this past weekend and it sounds like he is fitting in beautifully. Congratulations Bronx!!!

Saturday will be another transport day, from a shelter in the city, for some of our volunteers. There will be a young female Beagle going to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter and of course, our girl Sasha will also be leaving that shelter, on her way to foster care.

We are excited to see and hear all about our newest addition, so please stay tuned next week for more about our newest adoptable Sasha.

Also, don't forget that Saturday is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. There will be many events and walks across the Province. Be sure to check your local rescue/shelter for more details on events in your area. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Oct 23/08

This little girl's time was up at the shelter and the shelter volunteers were pleading to find rescue for this girl. They didn't want to see her put down as she has a very sweet personality. Thankfully, our volunteer, Sharon offered her home immediately and the wheels were in motion. 

This little girl was found as a stray, so has no name. Sharon, who will be her foster mom has decided to call her Sasha. Sasha will begin her journey to safety on Saturday morning and should be in her foster home by Saturday afternoon. 

We can't wait to get more pictures of her and find out all about her. Sasha is 2-3 years old and is as playful as a puppy. Sasha gets along with dogs and loves a good play session with her canine friends. 

Stay tuned for more about Sasha next week, after she has had time to settle into her foster home. She will be so happy to get out of the shelter and romp in the backyard with her foster brothers, Rotti boy Apollo and Puggle Otis. 

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Oct 22/08

Bubba At Home
We've had a great update and pictures of Bubba. You can see for yourself, that Bubba has made himself at home and is enjoying the "good life".

Bubba is thrilled to have his very own backyard and a family that loves him unconditionally.

Bubba is a loving and loyal friend, however, he has never had the opportunity to be properly trained and socialized. Because of this, he has no manners on leash and can act down-right obnoxious. While meeting his new family on Saturday, he was on his worst behaviour. We were positive his potential adoptors would take one look at his behaviour and decide he might be too much to handle, but thankfully, we were wrong.

They fell in love with Bubba before meeting him and were determined to help Bubba become a wonderful canine citizen.

Bubba and his new family will be meeting with Caroline Bolduc of Bold Canine Obedience and Training. We know that Caroline will help Bubba and his new family as she has helped so many others.

The pictures of Bubba and his new family show he cannot be happier. He looks SO happy and we couldn't be happier for Bubba.

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Oct 21/08

Great News for Pittys
I was reading a couple of my favourite blogs, trying to catch up on a few days worth of reading when I came upon Caveat Blog's newest post. WOW!!! 

Policy Change in Mississauga: Witch Hunt is Over

I was SO thrilled to read this. It proves what we have been saying all along. The pitbull ban is unenforceable, unnecessary and a waste of taxpayers money.
This decision must have come shortly after the latest incident, where two dogs, being walked by their owner were seized and deemed "illegal" as they were puppies and resembled a banned breed to the local animal control officer ... more on that here:

Mississauga Animal Control Out of Control

It has taken over three years for some municipalities to come to this decision, but we are thankful they have finally realized that this law is rubbish and cannot be enforced.

Keep up the good work everyone!! Let your voice be heard!! Together we will work to overturn this ridiculous law! 

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Oct 20/08

Great Garage Sale 
ANML-RESQ held it's Garage Sale in Oshawa this weekend. Our volunteers had a great time meeting people and speaking with them about our cause. It was a great success!! 

Many thank to Sharon and Dulce for manning the fort. We appreciate the time you took on Saturday to help us raise funds to help animals in need.

Here are a few pictures of the girls at the garage sale.

We also have great news for Bubba!! He met his forever family this weekend and even though Bubba was on his WORST behavior, his new family saw past his bad manners and chose to work with Bubba on his issues. We couldn't have asked for a better family for Bubba. 

He has a very large fenced in backyard where he can run and play and get some of his pent-up energy out. He has a human big sister that he loves very much already. I have talked to his new mom and dad today and I have to say that Bubba is a VERY lucky boy to have been found and loved by Andrew and Catharine. 

We think he has a wonderful opportunity to show what a good boy he can be. Congratulations Bubba!!

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Oct 17/08

Lola and Bubba 
We have some great news for a couple of our adoptables.

Our show girl, Lola has gone to her new home on a foster to adopt basis. Lola and foster mom did the home visit tonight and it was love at first sight for both Lola and her new family. Congratulations Lola. You're a very lucky little girl!!

We are also very excited for Bubba this weekend as we think we have found a wonderful home for him and Bubba will be going to meet his potential new family on Saturday. We have all body parts crossed for you Bubba!! If all goes well, you will have your very own fenced in backyard.

We will let you know next week how everything goes for Bubba. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Oct 16/08

Urgent - Sydney
This handsome fellow's name is Sydney and he is having a really hard time adjusting to the kennel. He is a country dog, looking for a country home.

Sydney is 2 years old, gentle and sensitive. Sydney is dog aggressive, so he needs to be the only dog in the household.

Here is a bit about Sydney:


What a lovely dog. Sydney is only about 2 years old, a gentle and sensitive dog. Sydney is very shy, but incredibly friendly. It is clear that Sydney was not well-cared for, as his fly-bitten ears indicate a hard life. He so wants to please and has a smile that will melt your heart! Sydney is absolutely a sweetie and will be a fabulous companion.

With good food and care, Sydney is now looking very good, with a nice coat and very shiny.

Sydney is a country boy, so a farm or country property is a must. Sydney is territorial with other dogs, and he MUST BE the only dog on property.

Sydney is heartworm tested, neutered, treated with Revolution, dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $295.00.

If you can give Sydney the home he requires, please contact Lois Jackson

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Oct 15/08

Diamond Update
I had a busy day yesterday ... but, I had LOTS of fun visiting.

I met with Beth to drop off some items for our garage sale. Then we went to visit with her gang and Rockford. It was so nice to see Rockford again. He had a huge welcoming wiggle bum for me, along with foster sister Daphne and brother Bogie.

From there, I went to see our beautiful girl Diamond. She had such a wag, her whole back end was in motion. Kisses and more kisses. It was definitely "love at first sight" for me. Diamond is a stunning girl. 

I hear she looks even better than she did on Saturday when we picked her up. Now that she is out of the shelter situation, she can relax and destress a bit. I am certainly not an expert on pregnant dogs, but it was definitely apparent she had recently had a litter. 

We don't think she is pregnant at this time, but a trip to the vet will confirm whether she is or isn't. I am hoping it is latter; that she isn't pregnant. Lady Di goes to the vet today for a check-up, so I will have more information, hopefully by the end of today. 

Foster mom has ascertained that Diamond definitely does not like cats. She seems somewhat undersocialized with dogs, so it will take some time for us to check her out with other dogs. We don't want to push things too fast as she has been through a LOT in the last few weeks. We will test her soon to see if she can live with another dog or if she needs to find a home where she will be your one and only. 

I really enjoyed my visit with Diamond and her foster mom yesterday. I look at Diamond and think how close she came to being destroyed. 

What a shame that would have been. I am thrilled we were able to pull off another miracle and pull her from death's door. 

HUGE thanks to everyone who worked so hard for Diamond. She is a precious gem that will shine brightly in her forever home.

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Oct 14/08

Weekend Update
This weekend really gave us a lot to be thankful for.

Our little girl, Chade, has been adopted and it comes as no surprise to us that her foster family has fallen in love and couldn't bear to see her leave them. So, it was made official this weekend; Chade will be staying with Pam and Tobin. We couldn't be happier for this little girl. She has been through so much change in the last month, losing her previous owner and then losing her brother. Now, she is safe, happy and secure and we know she couldn't be more loved. Congratulations to Chade, Pamela and Tobin.

As you know, we have been frantically looking for a foster home for Diamond, the 4 year old Rotti girl whose time had run out at the shelter. As though the angels were looking out for her, at the eleventh hour, a wonderful foster home came through for Diamond. She had many, many people looking out for her and getting the word out. We couldn't have done it without everyone's help. 

After she was transferred, I received a call from the transporter that she is a lovely girl and everyone involved in transport fell in love with Diamond. She was a bit of a mess, probably due to the high stress she was under for the last couple of weeks. However, the transporter and foster home noted that Diamond looks as though she has either very recently had a litter, OR she is expecting a litter. YIKES!!! What a shock and surprise that was! That was a little more than we anticipated and certainly a LOT more than the foster home signed up for. But, much to our surprise and delight, the foster home is prepared to take on this girl whether she is pregnant or not. This is why I believe angels have been looking out for Diamond. It isn't often you find a home that is prepared to take on this huge responsibility ... especially when it comes without warning. 

Thank you Patricia for opening your heart and home to this very lucky girl.

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Oct 10/08

For those of you that have been keeping up with the Rambo case, it sounds as though Rambo has FINALLY been given a reprieve. His life has been spared and he will be moving to Nova Scotia, to live muzzle-free on a farm. This is great news for Rambo. It is unfortunate he had to spend so much time behind bars before this decision was made. Unfortunately, because a deal was made, there has been no precedent set in this case.

Here is an article from the Toronto Sun regarding this newest development:

Good luck Rambo!!! We are so glad to hear you will finally be free!! 

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Oct 9/08

Jessie Update
We have had another great update this week.

A rescue's greatest satisfaction comes from the updates received from our once unwanted furbabies who are now so loved and cherished in their new homes. New relationships are forged and friendships solidified. When an adopted dog fits into a family so well that it seems they have been there a lifetime ... that is when you know you have made the perfect match. 

We think that our girl Jessie was one of the luckiest girls in the world to have found her forever family. It was like Jessie was meant to be there, always. Any time we get pictures and updates of Jessie, you will always find her biggest fan, Kemper by her side. 

Kemper and Jessie seem to be inseparable. 

Jessie also lucked out in finding a great fur-brother named Brooks. From the first day they met, they loved and understood each others needs. 

Jessie loves to snuggle and kiss Brooks, but she also knows he is much older than she is, so she is very respectful of his need for more down-time. Jessie's mom is an avid runner as well and Jessie's exercise needs are fulfilled daily with her runs and jogs around the neighborhood. 

This girl has hit the jackpot and we couldn't be happier for her. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we all did of a very happy and content Jessie.

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Oct 8/08

URGENT - Foster of Forever
URGENT, foster or forever home needed for Diamond. Diamond is a 4 year old Rottweiler girl who was surrendered by her young owner as he could no longer take care of her. Diamond is a beautiful girl, gets along with most dogs, however, she does not like small dogs. We also assume she will not be good with cats either. No small children as Diamond has never been exposed to children.

If you are looking for a companion and you are familiar with Rottweilers, please contact us. We are looking for either a foster or forever home for Diamond. Please hurry, as her time will soon be up at this shelter. If you can help Diamond, please contact us at ANML-RESQ.

Also, looking for their forever homes are these two cuties:


Sassy was left at the pound by her owner who was moving and could not take her.

Sassy is a Shepherd mix, 3 years old and spayed. She is very quiet and friendly in the pound. She has been an outdoor dog. Wouldn't it be great if she got a home where she could be INSIDE with a family this winter and out of the snow?


This Beagle is quite small, seems friendly, and has no vet or any other history because she was found as a stray.

If you can help Sassy the Shepherd mix or the little unnamed Beagle girl, please contact Lois at All Breed Canine Rescue

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Oct 7/08

Cocoa Update
Cocoa was a little pitbull puppy that was brought to our attention and needed out of province rescue. We took the little girl into our care and she was lovingly fostered until a forever home could be found out of Ontario. That day finally came. A forever home for Cocoa in beautiful British Columbia.

All was going well for Cocoa in her new home, until personal family problems made it necessary for Cocoa to find a new forever home. This is a very, very difficult position for Cocoa to be in as we could NOT bring her back to Ontario. We were devastated for Cocoa. Thankfully, her previous owner had a friend that was willing to adopt her. We talked to the potential adoptor and arrangements were made for Cocoa to be rehomed. We hoped and prayed this would be the end of Cocoa's search for her forever home. We felt so helpless being 3,000 miles away and not being able to take her back to Ontario.

Cocoa, however, had different ideas. You see, it turns out that her new family spent a lot of time at work and Cocoa was often left outside in the backyard for the day. This left Cocoa with lots of time to think of ways to escape ... and escape she did. But she never went too far ... as a few doors down from her owners home was a very, very nice family that paid a lot of attention to her and welcomed her whenever she "showed up" at their door. It seems that Cocoa took matters into her own paws and decided SHE would find her very own forever home. This new family could tell she wanted to be with them, so they approached their neighbour and it was decided that Cocoa's "chosen" family was in the best interest of Cocoa and it was agreed that Cocoa was FINALLY home!! (-: 

Way to go little girl!! You knew what you wanted and you "went for it". We are so happy to see you finally settled and so well loved. 

Hugs to Cocoa and The Lademanns' for taking in and loving this precious little girl.

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Oct 6/08

Great Weekend at Pumpkinfest
We had a really fun time this weekend at Pumpkinfest. We'd like to thank the organizers for inviting us again this year. 

There was so much to see and do. We met some old friends and made new friends this weekend. I have to say that I am always impressed to see this family event include the family dog. There were SO many dogs, big and small. 

We met a lady with a Mexican hairless, a huge Great Dane and a St. Bernard, a met a BEAUTIFUL Presa Canario, he took my breath away (-: Unfortunately, it was quite busy at our booth, and I was unable to take all the pictures I would have liked to. 

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say "hello". It was a pleasure meeting so many dog lovers this weekend. 

As always, we enjoyed our weekend and look forward to next year's Pumpkinfest!!

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Oct 3/08

Abby Update
Our little Abby has returned to her foster home after spending a couple of days at the vet. She has been spayed and dental work completed. She is back in her loving foster moms arms as we speak (-: 

Abby is feeling a little groggy and doesn't much want to play with her foster sisters, but in a day or two, Abby will be back up to speed and racing around the yard again. Many thanks to foster mom Sue, for spoiling this little princess. 

Abby came home from the veterinary today with a nice warm, home-cooked meal. I am sure the rest of the evening will be spent cuddling with foster mom. We're glad you are all fixed up and on your way to a full recovery Abby!! BTW Abby, foster mom tells me that you don't want to take your medicine. Tell mom that liverwurst works real well (-;

We are gearing up for the weekend. It looks like the weather is going to hold out and for the most part and will be a sunny, fall-like, couple of days for the Pumpkinfest Weekend. I am really looking forward to the event as my family will also be there to enjoy all of the excitement of the weekend. My grandbabies will have a very memorable weekend, I am sure.

It will be a great weekend everyone. Come and make the trip to Port Elgin. The trees are changing colours now and your trip to Port Elgin is guaranteed to be picturesque.

See you all at Pumpkinfest!!

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Oct 2/08

Pumpkinfest This Weekend
Well, it looks like we are now into fall weather and that can only mean one thing ... Pumpkinfest. 

This will be the third year that ANML-RESQ attends this fun-filled weekend with SO many awesome things to see and do. There is of course, the big pumpkin weigh-offs, other rather large produce, lots of vendors with great arts and crafts. And, best of all is the FOOD. So many things to choose from. Lots of fun things for kids as well. 

Pumpkinfest is happening this weekend October 4th (9-6) and October 5th (10-4) at the Pumpkinfest Village, in Port Elgin, Ontario. Please check out their website for more details and information 

Stop by our booth and say hello. We'll see you there!!

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Oct 1/08

Carrie Update 
We received another great update on our girl Carrie from her mom. I love Heather's updates, they are always SO entertaining and make us laugh. Happy Birthday Carrie from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ!!! 

Here is Heather's update:

It was Carrie's second birthday on the weekend (according to her vet records) so we had a party for her. 

I got her a nice princess hat at the dollar store, which Marley ate the top off, so I cut off the chewed point and she had half a princess hat on (and looked MISERABLE).

But then she spotted her 'cake', I really can't bake so her cake was steak with mashed potato icing and green beans to decorate it ... she decided that she'd wear a humiliating hat anytime if it gets her steak :D

She also got a fun fur bed to lay on in the living room, it's pink but she doesn't seem to mind that she clashes with it. 

It was moose hunting season last week, so we've been playing in the yard and avoiding the woods. I'm working on sewing the dogs each a hunter's orange coat so that we can keep walking in the woods through deer season (moose is only 3 days, but deer seems to last forever). 

I'll definitely take some pictures to send you when those are all done, they look adorable when they dress up (but Shawn thinks it's

And that's about all the news from here, Marley starts Intro to Agility classes next weekend so I'm sure I'll have some pictures from that, and stories of our little sausage man learning about agility. lol 


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