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November 2014


Updated: Monday December 01, 2014 11:31:43 PM


Keisha Update;
Meet Tasha;
Congratulations Bo;
Updates All Around;
Sofie Update;
Safe Haven;
Meet Duggan and Rawkus;
Santa Claus is Coming to Town;;
Meet Maddy;
Sophie Update;
Tasha Update;
Casey Update;
Meet Carter;
Humphrey's Birthday;
Abbey Update;
Zoe is URGENT;
Fundraiser Sunday;
Meet Kane;
Another Failure;

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This Sunday... Pictures with Santa - November 30th held at Crawford Garden Centre ... can't wait to see you there!

November 27/14

Another Failure: We have another adoption to announce - our cutie-pie Ernie has been officially adopted!

We wondered why it was taking so long to find the perfect forever home for Ernie. Then, we received an application that we felt was PERFECT for Ernie. We went through the process ... initial phone call, reference checks and we were down to the in-home when I contacted Ernie's foster mom to let her know.

It can sometimes happen at this point in the application that the foster home comes to the realization that their foster will be leaving them and going onto a new life with a another family. Our foster families work hard with their fosters to help them become good ambassadors by working on housetraining, leash training, crate training, socializing, etc. A lot of work and LOVE goes into this process and sometimes, the reality of a new home hits the foster families hard. This was the case with Ernie. 

When I contacted foster mom to let her know we had found a FANTASTIC family for Ernie ... this is the email I received back from foster mom. It was the most heartfelt response I have yet received from a foster home and brought tears to my eyes.

...I have been training, waiting and hoping for the day that Ernie would get his chance at a good home. Then, I read your email yesterday and I was caught off guard and, additionally, my heart sank. I have done nothing but think about your email since.

For too many snowy years, I have been making a path out the back of the house, for all the dogs here; through the heaviest of snow. Not one dog would help me [oh I tried] … I cursed every one of those snow days and prayed I lived in Arizona – I know, shame on me! lol And, now, for the first time in the history of snow, I have a dog who wants to play in, under, over, and yes … BURROW THROUGH it … I thought those pictures of dogs loving snow was a myth! The snow that fell last week, at the back of my house, dematerialized with every fun loving romp, run and terrorist attack on that white stuff that Ernie could ‘give it’. And, he tried to eat every snowflake, that blew at him, as though they were flies.

So, with a heavy heart I must tell you that I have failed with Ernie and I am going to keep him with me. I know that the adoptive family was set on Ernie, but maybe they would like another from ANML-RESQ. Although, I have trained Ernie for another family, I know that as I get OLDER I need to think of this fail as a boon … and, although Ernie will never be trained in the art of lawn mowing or riding one of those suckers, I have no doubt that Ernie will be my snow dog in my twilight years. All this said, he is also the Bearded Collie of my dreams … I know I couldn’t be in better hands than with Ernie by my side.

I know a family was disappointed to hear that Ernie would be staying where he was, and their response was also amazing as they wished Ernie the best in his forever home and requested that Ernie's new mom give him a hug and squeeze from them. 

Congratulations Ernie! It took your mom a little bit to realize that you were the dog of her dreams and we all agree ... you are one lucky little boy to have weasled your way into your mama's heart. 

Also, don't forget ...

Pictures with Santa is this Sunday, November 30th, so please be sure to mark your calendar and drop by with your furry friend to have their picture taken with Santa.

Click to enlarge...

This fundraising event will be held at Crawford Garden Centre and at this time of year, it is the most beautiful venue we could ask for. Come and visit with our volunteers and enjoy some of the delicious baked goods we will have available. We can't wait to see you there!
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November 26/14

Meet Kane: Take a look at this handsome boy!! Kane is a 1 1/2-2 yr. old male rottweiler who has found himself at a shelter as a stray. We cannot believe that no one was looking for him, but we would LOVE to help him.

Click to enlarge...

While a lot is not known about Kane, it seems he is good with other dogs, interested in cats, but very good with meeting new people. He went to the vet today for vaccines and was really good with everyone at the clinic.

If you think you can help us help Kane, please fill in our on-line adoption/foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at!
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November 25/14

Fundraiser Sunday: Just a reminder that our Pictures with Santa is this Sunday, November 30th, so please be sure to mark your calendar and drop by with your furry friend to have their picture taken with Santa.

Click to enlarge...

This fundraising event will be held at Crawford Garden Centre and at this time of year, it is the most beautiful venue we could ask for. Come and visit with our volunteers and enjoy some of the delicious baked goods we will have available. We can't wait to see you there!
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November 24/14

Zoe is URGENT: URGENT - foster home needed for Zoe!! She is a beautiful 8-9 month old female Doberman who is looking for an active home. Zoe lived with another Doberman but she was too active as they were senior. 

Her owners loved her but felt she would be better suited with people who have another active large dog and also a family who would give her the mental and physical stimulation that she needs. Zoe was released to another rescue who took her in but they feel they are not equipped to provide her the training and guidance she requires. Zoe is a sweet girl but has no boundaries and absolutely requires structure and basic obedience. 

Click to enlarge...

This lovely girl desperately needs a home to call her own. She is a deserving girl with lots of love to give. Zoe is UTD with vaccines, HW tested negative and sterilized. She waits with all paws crossed that this year will be her year.

If you think you can give Zoe the structure and guidance she needs, please fill in our online adoption/foster application on the left. Zoe is still a puppy and needs a home that will give her this chance to become a wonderful ambassador.
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November 23/14

Abbey Update: We are super excited to let everyone know that our little beauty, Abbey went to her forever home this weekend. 

Click to enlarge...

Her family were extremely excited for the day they could finally meet their sweet Abbey.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

They had already fallen in love with her from her pictures and bio. The family had already bought lots of toys and accessories in anticipation of her arrival. And a quick update:

Our car ride home was good, it didn't take her long to settle down (heavy breathing fog up the windows LOL). Once home, we took her for a walk through the park behind our home and yes she is strong, then back to our house where she checked the place out and found her bucket of toys!!!! Kinda hard to give her space when she insisted on us playing with her ha ha and sitting on our laps. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We have taken numerous pics but most are blurry cause she won't stop playing, dinner time came and off to her crate she went with some resistance but we reassure her she was a good girl and she has been sleeping since ...  also stopped and got her a harness and strong leash that we are all more comfortable with :) Abbey is such a sweetheart, all is good. Jeannie Bob and Brittany :)

Congratulations Abbey and her new family!
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November 21/14

Humphrey's Birthday: Today is a special day for one of our happily adopted ... Sir Humphrey! 

Hi Auntie Renee, Today is a very special day at my house because it’s my birthday and I am 3 years old today. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Yay I got this big toy with 10 squeaky pockets in it.  I’ve already busted 4 of them so I’m taking a little rest and will have the rest of them popped before noon!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mummy took this picture of handsome me wearing my hat .... there are going to be presents too! And my friends are coming over to play so we’ll be having lots of fun today. Lots of love, Humphrey xxxxx

Happy Birthday to Humphrey from all of his friends at ANML-RESQ!
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November 20/14

Meet Carter: Carter is a 1 1/2 yr. old rottweiler mix who is in need of an experienced large breed foster home. Carter has not been socialized with other dogs so a foster home without another dog would be preferable. Also, no small children as he is pretty strong and energetic and could hurt a child unintentionally.

Click to enlarge...

We are looking for an experienced large breed home that can help us to get to know Carter a little better so we know the kind of forever family we will need for Carter.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you think you could help by fostering this handsome fellow, please fill out our adoption/foster application on the left.
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November 19/14

Casey Update: We have another great picture of one of our 4 rottweiler pups. Here is a picture of handsome Casey and his big sister Carmine. It sure warms our hearts to see each and every one of this little family find the BEST forever homes. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We also have some really good news for Duggan, the 5 year old rottweiler boy we've been asked to help. We have found a loving foster family for this sweetheart and after he is vetted he will be going to his foster home on November 30 - woo hoo! Thank you to Diane and family for offering a safe place for Duggan to fall while we work on finding him the perfect forever home. We can't wait to send pictures and updates of Duggan.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We also received a nice picture of our boy Kingston (Ton) who's foster family fell head over heels for him and have decided he is not going anywhere. 

Click to enlarge...

Good thing too as we know his sister Charlie and brother Gus LOVE him to pieces. Here is a picture of Ton and little brother Gus. Aren't they a handsome pair??? (-:
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November 18/14

Tasha Update: We have been receiving some wonderful updates and pictures from Tasha's foster mom, Rachel. Our little girl is FINALLY starting to put on weight and looking better each week.

Click to enlarge...

Rachel says they are enjoying Tasha's company very much and she is getting used to the daily routine and absolutely thriving. 

Click to enlarge...

We are thrilled that we were once again able to help another deserving dog have a second chance. It sounds like Tasha is worming her way into her foster family's heart. Here is a picture of Tasha with foster mom and dad.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thanks for the pictures and updates Rachel! Hugs to Tasha from all her friends at ANML-RESQ!
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November 17/14

Sophie Update: We received some beautiful pictures of our happily adopted boy Baloo and his beautiful sister Sophie who was my beloved foster girl.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It's so nice to see Sophie and Baloo so happy. 

Click to enlarge...

It looks like our girlie is getting grayer in the muzzle but she still enjoys her walks on the trail.
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November 16/14

Meet Maddy: Maddy is a beautiful 10 month old Labrador Retriever who is looking for her forever family.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She is looking for a family with a fenced in backyard where she can play, hopefully with another 4 legged friend. Maddy loves her doggy friends! Maddy loves to play fetch and she runs like the wind, so an active family would be perfect for this energetic girl.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Maddy loves to chew on raw bones and if not given something appropriate to chew, she WILL find something. She is a very cuddly and gentle girl. She waits at the door nicely to go out for her walk. She is not rambunctious in the home, she will follow you everywhere.

If you think Maddy is the girl for you, please fill out our adoption/foster application on the left.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

November 14/14

Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Come and see us at Crawford on November 30th for Santa photos with your pet/ child/grandchild. 

Click to enlarge...

We will also have a bake sale. See you there.
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November 12/14

Meet Duggan and Rawkus: Once again, we have been asked to help a couple of very deserving dogs that have found themselves needing a new forever home through no fault of their own. 

Duggan is an amazing and gentle Rottweiler boy and Rawkus is a very loving and affectionate senior. Both of these boys are in need of a foster home to welcome them in with open arms so we can work on finding them the loving families they so deserve.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Duggan ... Click to read more...»

Click to enlarge...

Rawkus ... Click to read more...»

If you or someone you know thinks they could help with one of the boys, please fill in our adoption/foster application on the left. If you have any questions about either dog, please send us an email at 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

November 11/14

Safe Haven: Was she sent to us for help from up above? On the Eve of Halloween, one year after the sudden and unexpected death of our beloved Riggs, a little lost girl came to into our lives.

We were taking our dogs out for a walk and our bulldog Tyson (who adores his walks) would not venture past the barn. My husband went back to retrieve him, so he would continue walking with us, but as soon as the leash was dropped, he doubled back and went to the barn. Such unusual behavior ... we were perplexed. Then my husband looked out towards the road and noticed a large black mass in the middle of the road. Panicked, he yelled at me to grab the dogs and get them to the house ... it's a bear! YIKES! I grabbed the leashes and hustled them all back into the house. I then ran back out to watch and my husband again shouts ... hurry, get in the car, it's not a bear, I think it's a rottweiler. I ran back into the house, grabbed some biscuits and a leash and headed for the car. 

Click to enlarge...

Up the road we drive and as we close in, I realize it is not a rottweiler, but a BEAUTIFUL Labby girl and she was quite young too. I jumped out of the car, biscuits and leash in hand. She cowered away into the ditch and I tossed a biscuit to her which she devoured. I held out my hand to show I had more and she came closer, I gave her another but she would not let me get close enough to secure the collar around her neck. But she seemed receptive so hubby suggested I hop back in the car and we'll back down the road slowly and see if she follows. Thank God she did...she followed us right into our yard and with treats, I was able to coax her onto the deck and BINGO! We had her!

Click to enlarge...

We brought her in and let her warm up - gave her some food which she again devoured and water and let her rest and sleep for the rest of the day. She was a very tired little girl who we thought had been running the roads for quite some time now. She was stinky and she had obviously rolled in something poopy. The next day she got a bath and off to the vets we went to have her scanned for a chip. Sadly, there was no chip and we waited to see if someone would come forward, looking for her. We put the word out in the hopes that a family was truly missing this beauty...but alas, no one claimed her ... so it looks like this stunning girl is our newest member of the ANML-RESQ family. We have named her Maddy and surprisingly, she immediately responded to her name. 

Click to enlarge...

She adores her foster brother Tyson and sister, Lady. Tyson has an obvious crush on this girl and the two are always together - each looking out for the other. Even Lady has taken a shine to her, even though at times, Maddy pesters her to play when Lady is too tired to go on. Hmmmm ... it seems Lady is getting back what she used to dole out to our other dogs when she first arrived ... Payback Lady! (-:

We are getting Maddy fully vetted and this beautiful girl will be ready for adoption on Dec. 1st. 

Welcome to ANML-RESQ Maddy! I know in my heart you were sent to us from above by our beloved Riggs, who knew if you found us, you would be SAFE!
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November 10/14

Sofie Update: We received a great update from Sofie aka Sadie's family. It sure looks like this little girl is living the life that every dog dreams of! All kinds of animal friends and a huge farm to run and play her little heart out. Here is a picture and update from Sadie's loving family.

Hi ... Just wanted to give you an update on the best dog in the world. We absolutely love her and she has settled in to a great routine. If she’s not out playing with all her friends, she’s on the couch looking out the window at them. 

Click to enlarge...

We live on a farm and she goes to work with my husband every day. She is wonderful around the horses and they seem to like her as well. She brings great joy to our house. Thanks for that. Best regards, Mia and Simon

Sadie was adopted in June of last year and has grown from a tiny puppy into a beautiful little farm hand (-:

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November 5/14

Updates All Around: We've had some great pictures of our happily adopted lately and we have more to share with you today (-:

Here are some pictures of our sweetheart Loca, now known as Camoya. Her dad Mark is very proud and happy to have her in his life. She gets along with everyone and everything and she even has some wonderful furry siblings whom she adores. Thank you Mark for sharing some pictures of Camoya. She looks very happy and content!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We also received pictures of 2 more spoiled rotten black and tan babies. Skye was adopted last Christmas and Zeus and his shelter mate Apollo were fortunate enough to land with Debbie and Derek and they even get to hang out with Skye. Once again, 2 lucky Rottweilers in a home filled with love. We are very fortunate to find the best homes for our rescues. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thank you Debbie for sharing pics of Skye and Zeus. They too look pretty spoiled and that's what we like to see!
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November 4/14

Ava: Well, it is time again to share some links of interest with you all. We hope you find them informative. Please grab a coffee and enjoy!

We also wanted to share with you pictures of a couple of our happily adopted. Here is our sweet little Ava who was dressed up for Halloween but was definitely dressed for the occasion.

Click to enlarge...

I know for many of us, it looked and felt more like Christmas than Halloween! Lol 

And last, but certainly not least is beautiful Mya. She is looking mighty fine for 11 years old. 

Click to enlarge...

Thanks for sharing pictures of our happy furkids - please keep them coming!
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November 3/14

Congratulations Bo : Congratulations to our happily adopted Bo! He has a huge backyard to play in and a very experienced rottweiler family who adore him to pieces!

Hi Renee, Here's a couple of photos of Bo. Also sent a little video of him playing in his new backyard. Overall he is adjusting quite well. His little bursts of "crazy" seems to only be puppy exuberance. That can be taken care of by simple running him around the backyard till he tires out (as you see in the video).

blog110314a.jpg (122680 bytes)

I had him out yesterday playing tug-o-war with some rope and he was very good with it. 

blog110314.jpg (86032 bytes)

I would pause and have him sit and get control of himself and he did that quite well. So in short he's ours AND YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM BACK!!!! ... lol~Jim

That's what we love to hear!!! Congratulations Bo, Jim and FAMILY!!!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

November 2/14

Meet Tasha: We are once again excited to tell you that another beautiful black and tan has been saved. (-: Not sure if you have noticed lately, but it is RAINING ROTTWEILERS! )-: So many beautiful, majestic Rottweilers finding themselves in need and it breaks our hearts. We no sooner got Keisha and her babies settled in and the pleas for help have not stopped. 

Click to enlarge...

We have said this many times, but I will say it again ... We have angels watching over our shoulders and just when a miracle is most needed ... an angel is sent to us to help. We only heard about Maxine a week ago, she and 2 other beautiful black and tans needing urgent help. We have been so inundated with requests for help and we never give up until we have given it our ALL. 

Click to enlarge...

We were blessed with an application this week that had lost both of their beloved rottweilers and were yearning to have another in their life. When I mentioned Maxine to them, they were excited to help. Foster mom, Rachel made the trip to the shelter and brought this beautiful girl home, saving her precious life.

We received a few nice pictures of our newest rescue who has been lovingly re-named Tasha. New beginnings mean a new name and new beginnings to a happy new life. Huge thank you to Rachel and Ken for opening their hearts and home to our sweetheart, Tasha. They are all getting to know each other and we will keep you posted on Tasha's progress. This little girl was stressing quite badly at the shelter and often couldn't keep her food down, but now that she is in a loving home, she has not missed a meal. She has a couple of new friends, one friend named Jewels who lives right next door! Rachel has video and hoping to get a hold of that soon, so will share if we can! Welcome Tasha and new friends, Rachel and Ken!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

November 1/14

Keisha Update: We have FINALLY received pictures of Keisha - mom to all our our beautiful Rottweiler pups. This is the first picture we have of her not behind bars and she looks as happy as a clam.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

As you can see, Keisha has settled right in with her new family and there are smiles all around (-:

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Congratulations Keisha, Travis and Cassandra!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

Hi Renee: Lovely to see pictures of Keisha and Mickey on your blog. Beautiful animals who have found their forever homes. Wonderful thing about dogs, most of them can forget the past and just enjoy the now. Hate to think where they would be now without the help of yourself and the rescue group. Take care. ~Anne



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