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Pictures with Santa;
Loca Update;
Bear Needs a Foster/Forever;
Tiggs Update;
Moca is Adopted;
Loca is Ready to be Adotped;
This Weekend - Pictures with Santa;
Santa Fundraiser;
Mocha Update;
Tigger Update;
Kylie Update;
Foster Needed ASAP;
Loca Update;

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Nov 28/13

Loca Update - We got some wonderful pictures from Loca's foster mom who is snapping up Christmas pictures of all her furries. As you can see, Loca loves her foster brothers - pictured on left is Dallas and right is Tynan. 

Now Tynan has been Loca's boyfriend almost since day one. He takes a little time to warm up to newbies, but as soon as he did, he and Loca were inseparable. So, with the progression of these pictures, you can see Loca flirting with Dallas and the last picture cracked me up LOL ... look at Tynan's eyes!! If you are trying to make Tynan jealous Loca, I think it's working - although he is trying very hard now to show it LOL

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Loca is dong great. She is a true sweet heart. She is just so happy to be part of a family with her foster dad on the couch and her doggie foster brothers. As you can see, Loca is an easy going girl who goes with the flow even though her foster mom dresses her up for Christmas, but doesn't she make the cutest little Christmas reindeer? But like any other girly girl, Loca isn't too keen on being outside in the cold so she loves to wear her winter coat to keep her warm and as soon as she's finished her business outside, she's wanting to come back in to her couch and snuggle buddy Mike. Whoever scores on adopting Loca will be one of the luckiest out there as Loca is just one of the best girl's ever!
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Nov 27/13

Foster Needed ASAP - This beautiful 9 month old female black Lab is in need of a foster home. She is reported to be great with kids and other dogs. Playful and energetic, she is a growing girl so needs daily exercise. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you can open your home to this pup, in need, please contact us at ASAP. 
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Nov 25/13

Kylie Update - Foster mom, Sheena got to visit her previous foster Kylie and no doubt, she was thrilled to see how happy and loved her little girl is with her new family (-: It looks like her dad has bought her a lovely winter jacket(she looks so cute in it) (-:

We are thrilled for Kylie and her new family! Here is an update Sheena sent after visiting with Kylie (-:

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to let you know that I got to visit Kylie today at the dog park!

Kari was kind enough to bring her there so I could see her and she is doing very well. She still will only eat home made food but the drinking and vomiting completely stopped because of it and Kari makes sure she gets well balanced meals. Attached is a picture Kari sent me a few minutes ago, he bought a new winter coat for Kylie ... so cute.

Click to enlarge...

Kari said she's such a good girl, and from what I saw at the park, she listens to his commands very well.

Thank you again to Sheena and family for patiently waiting for that "perfect home" for Kylie. We have always said - those that wait the longest, wait for the best!
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Nov 21/13

Tigger Update - We found these links and found them to be quite helpful and hoping you will too.

How to get your dog to stop jumping on people

The wrong Kind of Guard Dog

How to train your dog to calmly walk on leash

Well Socialized? No, Well Traumatized

We thought we would also include a picture of our handsome boy, Bentley. He is growing into a very handsome young boy. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

And, if that weren't enough cuteness, how about a picture of Taggart (aka Tiggs) and velcro brother Axel. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It seems in every picture we get, these two boys are in close touch with each other. lol So cute!
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Nov 19/13

Mocha Update - Our little girl Kylie is adopted and doing super well. It seems her dad has fallen head over heels for her and she feels the same about her dad. Here is a little update that Kylie's foster mom sent when she talked to Kylie's dad.

I called Kari again on Saturday to check and see how our girl was doing. Kari had nothing bad to report, he said Kylie acts as if she has been a part of the family for years!

I can tell she has already captured Kari's heart in the way he talks about her, he said she does this cute little maneuver when she wants picked up ... backs [...] towards him and waits to be picked up and cuddled. So cute.

Congratulations, Kylie, Kari and family!

Mocha's foster mom got a nice update and short video of Mocha. It sure looks like Mocha is enjoying life with her new family. The video is heartwarming to watch. We could not be happier for our girl! Click here for the video...
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Nov 18/13

Santa Fundraiser - WOW! What a fantastic day it was at Crawford Nursery on Saturday. Santa had a lot of doggies come to have their pictures taken and a GREAT time was had by all. 

It seems our bullies made quite the impression on Saturday. It seems that Ozzie and his brother Nizmo and our handsome fellow, Dexter were stars that day. Everyone wanted to meet them and they were awesome ambassadors. 

Santa's wife brought some nice stockings for all the doggies getting their pictures taken. HUGE thanks to our volunteers, Christine and Mim who did a bang-up job baking so many delightful goodies for the day. 

Many thanks to Crawford Nursery for providing such a beautiful Christmas wonderland. Many thanks as well to Bob from The Dog's Inn for being the perfect Santa. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for cross-posting this event far and wide! We have an amazing group of volunteers, who have never let us down - thank you to everyone for ALL you do for ANML-RESQ and the animals in our care. We couldn't help as many as we do without your dedication, hard work and commitment. I would like to take a moment and than Debbie, who wasn't able to make it, but did arrange for the coffee and hot chocolate from the local Timmies. Thanks Debbie. And thanks to Christine and Mim - your baked goods were a hit and Dexter along with Ozzie and Nizmo had a chance to do some wonderful ambassador work.

Thank you to everyone that came and supported our Pictures with Santa fundraiser. We hope we can do it again next year!
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Nov 14/13

This Weekend - Pictures with Santa - Don't forget to write it in your calendar, tell your friends and invite your neighbours to have their most beloved pet get their picture taken with Santa. This fundraising event will be on November 16th at Crawford's Nursery in Milton. 

We are just so happy to present this venue to get together and see our furfriends and their adopted families. 

All dogs/pets must be on a leash or in a travel crate.
Crawford Nursery - 8689 5 Side Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X7 - (905) 878-0223

There will be a bake sale with lots of great goodies for the entire family and Crawford's is a great place to enjoy winter before it actually arrives.

All of the proceeds of this fundraiser go to dogs like Loca who need our help to make the transition between unloved and loved a success. Remember we have lots of adoptables waiting for their forever homes. Click here to view them... Can't wait to see you there.
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Nov 12/13

Loca is Ready to be Adopted - Our darling little Loca is ready to find her forever family and we could not be happier for this little munchkin with such a big personality. Here is a bio from Loca's foster mom along with some pictures of our sweetie-pie. If you or someone you know is looking for a snugg-bug - LOOK NO FURTHER - Loca is your girl!! (-:

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you are looking for an easy going snuggle-bug of a dog...then Loca is the girl for you. Loca is a great girl with a heart of gold. As you can see in Loca's pictures, it is obvious that her ears were cut off and that she has been used to produce many litters in her life. No matter what she may have been through, she is so full of love. It is truly incredible knowing that such a sweet girl can still place so much trust in humanity after what she has lived through.

Click to enlarge...

When Loca first came into foster care, she wasn't in the best of shape. Her enlarged teats suggested she's had many litters of puppies and she had a very large tumor in one of her mammary glands. Loca also had a raging ear infection in one ear and a milder one in the other ear as well as having her skin itchy, red, and sore. It was decided to have the tumor removed at the same time as her spay. Once the vet began the surgery he found another two tumors that also needed to be removed. Fortunately the vet was able to remove them completely, although all three mammary glands had to be removed as well. We were ecstatic with the biopsy result...the tumors were not a threat to Loca's health and we couldn't be happier. With the proper antibiotics and ear drops, her ear infections are all but gone. Loca has healed beautifully.

Click to enlarge...

Loca is a fantastic girl which would suit pretty much anyone, that is how easy a dog she is. Loca gets along great with all dogs, both small and large and LOVES people. She is nothing but squiggles and a tail going a mile a minute. Her most favourite past time is snuggling with her people under a blanket, she just can't get enough of it. You will find her completely covered by her blankets and laugh when the blanket stands up with the shape of a dog and out pokes her little head. Loca is fully housetrained, crate trained, non-destructive, and not a barker. Loca is the perfect dog. with absolutely no issues.

If you feel Loca is the perfect girl for you, please fill out an adoption/foster application on the left.
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Nov 11/13

Mocha is Adopted - Everyone at ANML-RESQ is thrilled to let you know that our sweet, sweet Mocha has found her forever family. After months and months of gentle, patient care given to this very frightened and confused girl by her foster parents, Carolina and Mike, she has finally made the first step moving forward in her new life with a wonderful family.

Mocha gained a lot of confidence as well, thanks to her foster fur-brothers who showed her that there was nothing to be afraid of and she could just relax and enjoy being a part of a family of gentle humans and great doggy friends. With each passing month, Mocha showed more and more improvement. She was no longer the painfully frightened girl we took from the shelter. 

When Mocha learned to trust, we could tell this beautiful girl was a gem in the making. She loved every dog she met, she was a gentle and loving girl who was happy just to lay by your feet, knowing she is safe. 

We all knew though that Mocha would be a work in progress but hoped she had improved enough to continue her confidence building with a loving family she could call her very own. So we posted her for adoption, looking for a family that understood her fearful nature and would continue making strides with Mocha's confidence. 
We were elated when this family applied for Mocha and after the application process was complete - the big day came for Mocha to meet her potential family. We had everything crossed there would be a loving connection made between Mocha and this family. A connection was made instantly and Mocha was on her way home with her new mom. 

Click to enlarge...

This picture of Mocha leaving with new mom, Ilse is priceless and says it all. 

Many thanks to Carolina, Mike and pack for welcoming Mocha into your hearts and home and moulding her into the wonderful girl she is now. 

Carolina received a great update yesterday and it seems Mocha is settling in very well. She has met the resident cat and they get along just fine. Mocha is getting lots and lots of love and we could not be happier for our girl.

Congratulations Mocha from all your friends at ANML-RESQ!
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Nov 8/13

Tiggs Update - We received a FANTASTIC update from Taggart (aka Tiggs) new mom. I can't get over how close and bonded these two boys are in such a short time. Brothers forever! Here is the update:

Pics of my boys! Taggart has started obedience classes. He is doing extremely well. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...
Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

From time to time he is a 'little' stubborn- only does what he wants when he wants! he is getting better, though! 

Thanks for the pictures and update of Taggart and his new brother. What a fantastic way to end off the week (-: 
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Nov 7/13

Bear Needs a Foster/Forever - We are in URGENT need of a foster home for 2 year old Bear, a beautiful male rottweiler.

We are looking for a foster home, experienced with the large breeds. Bear is great with all people and reported to be good with dogs, however, Bear does react to dogs when he is on leash. Bear is a very smart boy and learns very quickly.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you are interested in fostering this beautiful boy, please contact us as soon as possible. Bear is URGENT! You can also click on the adoption/foster application on the left.
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Nov 6/13

Bentley - We are tickled pink to introduce everyone to our newest rescue, baby Bentley. 

Click to enlarge...

At the tender age of 5 months old this rotti pup has been through quite a rough go of it and because of this has some fear issues. We are confident this young fellow will soon forget about being handled roughly as he is being lovingly fostered with a family that adore him already.

 Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Bentley has shown no fear with the foster family, other than the vacuum cleaner so far. Bentley has been very good with the young children in the home and has even met a couple of doggy friends already.

 Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are just getting to know baby Bentley and will most definitely keep you updated on his progress. Welcome Bentley, from all your family and friends at ANML-RESQ!
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Nov 5/13

Loca Update - We wanted to update everyone on Loca's tumor removal. She was checked again at the vet to see how her surgery was healing and all is doing very well. Loca has come through her surgeries very nicely and is healing well. The results came in from the biopsies of the tumors removed and although they were cancerous, the vet is quite confident they got everything removed and the chances of them returning were very slim so we were SO relieved to hear the good news. 

Loca is now ready to find her new forever family and live the remainder of her life being spoiled. After 10 years of producing litters, we think it's about time for Loca!! 

We also received a couple of pictures of Gunther with his new forever family.

 Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

As you can see, he has a handsome brother named Muggins and from all we have heard so far, things are going very well. Congratulations Gunther!
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Nov 4/13

Pictures with Santa - We are very excited to be having Pictures with Santa on November 16th at Crawford's Nursery in Milton. We want to see lots of our happily adopted, as well as our families with foster dogs. 

This is an absolutely amazing venue ... a Winter Wonderland at Crawford's and we know you will enjoy your visit after pictures with Santa. We will also be having a bake sale with lots of home-made goodies to purchase. Can't wait to see you there.
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