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Nov 30/11

Billy Update - We received a few new pictures from foster mom of our handsome boy Billy. Foster mom says he is a real delight to have around. Billy loves his crate, so when you're busy, Billy just retreats to his crate for a good chew or nap. Billy is still strong on leash, but we are working on that. He has definitely made some progress (-:

I had a chance to meet Billy a few weeks ago and fell in love immediately. He was much calmer than his foster brothers when coming to meet me LOL. 

Billy is a fantastic boy, who tries very hard to please, so with an owner, experienced in large breed dogs, he would make a perfect companion. Billy is good with other dogs, unknown with cats.

If you think you are the home for Billy, please visit our dogs for adoption web page for information on Billy. You can send in an on-line application which located at the left in red. Billy is waiting for his perfect forever home (-:
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Nov 29/11

Pumpkin Update - All of us at ANML-RESQ are THRILLED to announce that our little Pumpkin has finally found her forever family, and what a wonderful, loving, compassionate family they are! This was a bittersweet day for foster mom, Mim. 

For those of you who don't know Pumpkin's story, she came with her littermates and mom into rescue. Pumpkin was adopted but, but after only 2 short months, her owner contacted us saying she needed to return Pumpkin. There was something terribly wrong with her and she was slowly starving to death. Her owner was devastated, but all vet appointments turned up nothing wrong with her, yet she was skin and bone when we got her back.

Mim lovingly offered to pick Pumpkin up and take her into her home as a foster. This was Mim's first foster pup, and let me tell you, Pumpkin was a heartbreaker. I won't forget a few tearful calls from Mim, frustrated and upset because nothing seemed to be working. This little girl was fading quickly. After a few visits to Mim's vet, they suggested an ultrasound because they suspected something and wanted to confirm their suspicions. And so came the diagnosis ... ME, or megaesphogus, a disease where the esophagus loses or never has muscle tone, which can cause regurgitation from her esophagus if not dealt with correctly. So in essence, everything she was eating came straight back up, which caused her to be malnourished and grossly underweight. Basically, she was starving to death, right before Mim's eyes. Thank God we finally had a diagnosis and Mim was taught the correct way to feed Pumpkin and make sure her food stayed down. This meant Pumpkin couldn't eat like a normal dog, rather she had to be standing up, food carefully aimed into her throat and sent down, with massaging of her throat until everything went down her esophagus and into her stomach to prevent it from coming back up.

Slowly but surely our little Pumpkin gained weight ... 1 pound at a time. I remember the happy, excited phone calls from Mim with all of these milestones in Pumpkin's recovery. She stayed with Mim and her furry brother Cole and mama Shiloh for 9 long months. 9 months where Mim fell deeply in love with her baby girl. And then this day finally came -a family that adored Pumpkin from her pictures, read up about her condition and fully committed themselves to loving and caring for Pumpkin.

The big day finally came for Pumpkin. I know Mim has been a total mess for last few days. The thought of her baby leaving was heartbreaking to say the least. But Mim also knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime for her baby girl and it sure helped when Mim met the entire family. Mim could see how much they loved Pumpkin much they wanted to make her a part of their family, with the promise of keeping Mim up to date with pictures and updates on Pumpkin's progress.

So, when I got the call from Mim, through her tears, I knew they were tears of happiness when she told me her little girl has finally gone home! The family is perfect and we wish Pumpkin ALL the happiness she deserves. 

HUGE thanks to Mim for taking in this precious baby, persisting with vets and appointments UNTIL a diagnosis was finally made and then for bringing this little girl back from death's door and into a happy and healthy place in her life. Pumpkin will NEVER forget you Mim. Many thanks to Cole and Shiloh for your patience and all the love and nurturing this little girl needed. She is leaving a confident little girl with a whole new life to look forward to.

Congratulations Pumpkin!! As we always say ... those that wait the longest, wait for THE BEST!!! Here is a picture that was sent to Mim just minutes after the family left with Pumpkin. I cried when I saw this - this is what it's all about! (-:

We wish Pumpkin and her new family ALL the happiness in the world. It takes a special family to take in a "special needs" dog, and Pumpkin has absolutely found the best! 
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Nov 28/11

New Fundraiser - Yesterday, we sent out an email about an amazing offer. This offer is in the form of a fundraiser for ANML-RESQ.

TLCPetfood has extended, to our rescue, a great opportunity for us to use their services and great dog/cat food, and receive points on the purchases. This point system is where our rescue collects the points and then receives a small payout at a specific amount. All monies go directly to saving more animals within our rescue.

The email that went out yesterday details specifically how to use the TLCPetfood website, ingredients listing and so much more. For those of you who didn't receive the email, I would like to share it with you:

We are writing to let you know about an amazing, FREE DELIVERY, TLC Whole Life Pet Products (TLC) (a Canadian Pet Food Company) that we have recently discovered while researching for wholesome, natural dog foods for our dogs.

We discovered TLC has a fundraising program to help raise funds for rescue's and other pet initiatives or organizations. TLC will make a $5 donation to ANML RESQ Network of Ontario every time you order their Super Premium, Natural dog food - your dog will love their TLC (100% Money-Back Guarantee), you will love the convenience of TLC's free home delivery service and your purchases will help raise needed funds for our rescue. This truly is a win-win for everyone! They also sell healthy dog biscuits...

The ingredient listings for both their dog and cat food for your review is on the website.

  • All Natural, top quality ingredients (see ingredient listings) 

  • Over 75% meat-based (top two ingredients are concentrated meats) 

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin 

  • Probiotics and Prebiotics 

  • No wheat or corn (common food allergens for pets) 

  • Excellent balance of Omega 3 and 6 - great for skin & coats 

  • Natural Herbs for extra protection against disease 

  • Salmon Oil (good source of DHA for puppy brain development)

This food is all natural and made fresh to order! The majority of pet foods you buy in the stores can sit on shelves for 6-10 months before it even reaches your home. This dog food is usually less then 3-5 weeks old from the time it is made until it arrives at your house.  The food is delivered right to your door (no signature required).

You can order it online or by phone and you will have it in 2-3 business days*. They also have an Auto-Ship program so that the food can be automatically delivered to you on a schedule that works for you and your dog/cat (can be changed at anytime!). *Please allow 5-7 business days for remote rural areas.

If you decide to switch your dog/cat remember to do it over a 5-7 day period so it doesn't get loose stools. TLC also sells dog biscuits with glucosamine and chondroitin and natural scrubbing properties for your dog's teeth!

If you decide to try this food please go to and enter the following promo code: 35375-1025 to receive $5.00 OFF your first order. Once you enter the code, you will need to provide your address information for shipping purposes and then place your order (credit card is required). The food will then be shipped to you in 2-3 business days (free shipping).

For any additional information, please visit or you can call their toll free number 1-877-328-8400. Please remember to mention our rescue, so that TLC sets you up as a member of our fundraising program and that you receive $5.00 OFF your first order. 

Please share this with friends and family and remember to tell them that they can receive $5.00 off the first order, get free shipping, and they can help our rescue. Win-Win!
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Nov 25/11

Jack and L'il Duke Update - We end off the week with another GREAT update on two of our adopted babies, Jake and Rocky (aka Jack and L'il Duke). As you can see, they are very much loved and the boyz love each other a whole lot too!! (-: Here is the update from Fiona:

Hi Ladies, Just thought I would give you an update on the boys. Jake & Rocky are great friends they get along so well . When Rocky goes outside first he always looks back to see if Jake is coming out with him and if Jake is Not behind him he comes back to the door looking for him and the same when Jake goes out the door first. 

The boys also have their own beds but like to sleep together sometimes like when they get up with me in the morning at 3am as I start work at 5am they always get up go outside for a quick toilet break then come back in and go back to bed with each other. 

Rocky has really become alot more affectionate Jake has always been affectionate. Both the boys love their belly rubs love a little hug and the side of their faces being rubbed at the same time .

I can't wait to see what Rocky is like in the snow this winter I remember what Jake was like in it last winter he just loved the snow .

We just love the 2 of them so much any way I have attached some Pictures of the 2 of them sleeping together , and a couple of them where they are watching their favour show The Dog Whisper in one of the pictures Jake is sitting on my Daughters Lap watching it. 

I will continue to keep you up to date and send Pictures I have a ton of them I think that is all I have on my camera is the boys. Talk to you later. ~FIONA 

Thanks for the wonderful update Fiona. Hugs to Jake and Rocky from ALL of their friends at ANML-RESQ! Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Nov 24/11

Update on Baby - We received another great update on our Baby girl. Thankfully she has been through her heat cycle and now she is ready to get spayed - woohoooo!! 

Hi Renee, It is going very well. Baby is done her heat and Carter isn't trying to hump her anymore. Baby is still wearing the big boy out but he loves it. Carter loves to cuddle a lot more now too. Baby is just the sweetest girl. 

Kevin picked her up once and put her on his lap and now she hops up on his lap and cuddles with her daddy. (Kevin is just a big sucker for that) LOL. She hasn't ate anything for a while but she still likes to steal things. We are taking her Thursday to 'the' vets and she is getting done on Friday and we will pick her up Saturday at least that is the plan.

As you can see, she is dearly loved by her daddy Kevin, her brother Carter and of course, mom, Lorie. 
Once Baby is completely vetted she will officially be adopted by this loving family and we could not be happier for Baby. 

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Nov 23/11

Maya Needs a Home - This little sweetheart is named Maya and she is in need of finding a new forever home.  As you can see, she is as cute as a button. If you are interested in adopting Little Maya, please contact her owner Angie. If you are unable to commit to a forever home, perhaps you would be interested in fostering Maya. If so, please contact us at for more information or fill in our on-line application on the left. Here is a little bit about Maya:

Little Maya is in urgent need of a new home due to no fault of her own, except for a change in her family's circumstances. Maya is a 6 year old Lhasa-Poo who is spayed and up to date on her shots. Maya is a very happy and energetic dog who just loves to be with you. 

She is great with adults and children and loves to be the center of attention. Maya has not been exposed to many cats or dogs so it is best she is with an experienced dog owner who can provide the love and guidance she needs.

If you are interested in Maya, please contact Angie at 647-927-0748 or email If you are interested in fostering Maya, please fill out the online application on the left.

Hopefully, we can find a new forever home for Maya. She would love to be home for Christmas (-: 
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Nov 22/11

BSL Revisited in Ohio - Columbus, Ohio is going to revisit the legislature surround their Dangerous Dogs Act. Currently, the wording Pit Bull and Pit Bull type dogs is the basis for the Dangerous Dogs Act and the House will be taking that wording and changing it to reflect a better proportion of legislation toward the owners and their liability. Click here to read the blog...»

In November 14, 2011, Global talked with our Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Highpark, and in their research, they had deduced that only 1,000 Pit Bull and Pit Bull type dogs had been killed during the six years which the BSL Legislation has been in effect. Global did their own research on the number of bites from dogs during the six years and their research reflects a very large decrease in reported bites. Not sure how Global's research was done, but more than 5,000+ dogs have been killed in the BSL Legislation scandal for Ontario and reports for dog bites are usually never reported unless they are so serious that people go to the hospital. These reports are mandatory and are filled with the Health Unit where the bite occurred. Please watch for Cheri DiNovo's part of interview. Click here to read the report and watch the video...»

Cheri DiNovo has created a Members Bill which she will be presenting to the Ontario House this session. The change to the BSL Legislation in effect would change the wording to force owners to have more responsibility for their dogs and not an overall Pit Bull and Pit Bull type dog designation. 

Cheri DiNovo is expected to present her Member's Bill in the upcoming weeks. We can only hope that our MPPs can see through all the rhetoric and vote for the change to the BSL Legislation to reflect a more proportioned Bill where owners are liable for their dog's actions and not just the dogs.
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Nov 21/11

Willow and Karl Update - We received a GREAT update from Willow's mom and dad. The best news too for Willow - she has a new sister named Wendy and she is as cute as a button!! Congratulations to Willow for landing into the BEST fur-ever home she could have wished for! Many thanks to Jeanette and Bill for this wonderful update and pictures (-:

Hi, Renee, It's been over a year, now, that Willow has been part of our family and I just thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know she is happy and healthy, and we are absolutely delighted with her. 

We are so grateful to ANML RESQ for bringing us together with this wonderful dog, who brings us so much joy. Again, thanks to all for linking us up with Willow. Wishing you and all your companion volunteers all the best. Warm regards, Jeanette

We also heard from Karl's mom. It seems Karl is his usual, debonair self and STILL managing to escape LOL ... Except this time, he is escaping to GET to his mom instead of escaping from his "job". Here's an update from Karl's mom: 

Hi Renee! Just want to give you an update on our boy. Boy oh boy! He is getting better and better at breaking out of the house in the middle of the night! I go to bed, Derek comes home later and the door is wide open! I turn my back, and the door is wide open! I went to the neighbours to talk to them and I left all the dogs in the house and guess who shows up. Twice!!!!! And he is super bouncy now that he is on Medacam. He just bounces around the house running in circles and much more playful. I swear, as time goes on he seams to be getting younger! Very bouncy dog LOL I just wish that he could close the door after himself so I'm not heating the whole neighbourhood!!!

He is is so bouncy, and his appetite is getting bigger too! He loves to play with Charlie IN THE HOUSE not on all that land we have, but in my house. And when he wants out, he just goes. If he could work a can opener, he would probably move out and get his own place! What a dog ~Debbie

Two very sweet dogs that have found FANTASTIC forever homes!! This is what it's ALL about! (-:
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Nov 18/11

Update on Ava - Our little girl Ava has gone through her surgeries and thankfully she did very well. As you can see already, just hours after her surgery, she looks SO much better and I'll bet she is feeling a lot better now that her cherry eyes have been repaired. It will take a few days before we know how successful the surgery was, but we are hoping for the best (-:

Many thanks to Allison for taking such good care of this little girl. She is truly loved and adored by foster parents, Allison and Derek and I am sure she is missed by her foster siblings, Obi and Buddy. They can't wait until she is feeling better and recovered from surgery. Way to go Ava!!! We wish you a speedy recovery. This will be the beginning of her new life!
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Nov 17/11

Ava - Our little girl Ava is going to the vet's today for her spay and to get her cherry eyes fixed. Please send positive thoughts Ava's way for a successful surgery. We will be on pins and needles until we hear how she did with her surgeries.

Hopefully all will turn out well and she will soon find her forever home. Good luck today Ava!!! We will keep everyone posted.
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Nov 16/11

Henry Update - Carolina got a great update from the adoptive parents about Henry. What a handsome fellow he has grown up to be (-:

Dearest Carolina, Henry is doing really well. He is a shy boy, but he LOVES all dogs and is a star at his day care! He is still a bit nervous of some men, and some teenage boys. We have been working on getting him more comfortable with them, and with kids, since he came into our lives, but it is taking a long time. It makes me sad that he gets so worried, but he is so great about everything else that I can't blame him for having this one hurdle! 

He is now 103 lbs, and is still a rock star. He is a beautiful dog, and is soooo calm. He has never really jumped (even as a baby), he doesn't bark, he loves cats (although we haven't tested him too much off leash), he ADORES dogs, and he is great with sirens, wheelchairs, people with canes, etc. (He was nervous of all of that before, but after many treats and lots of work he isn't anymore! What a star!)

Like all great dogs, he has taught us way more than we could ever teach him. He is adored by everyone who gets to know him, and is very patient with all the kisses that he has to endure on his ears! 

We aren't in the position to do this right now, but as Henry loves other dogs so much, we are hoping to adopt another one from you in the future. It would make him complete to have a constant four legged companion. He loves us, but as you know, humans just aren't as fun as dogs! That is why I sent the picture of him with his little buddy (owned by a fellow actor!), Scout! The picture kills me because Henry looks like he is smiling. I hope that you are well, and thank you again for keeping in touch. Best wishes, ~Ashleigh 

Thank you for the wonderful update and pictures of Henry, Ashleigh!!!
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Nov 15/11

Weekend Fundraiser - The Twelve Dogs of Christmas event which had a variety of auction items and a buffet lunch [with many desserts to die for] was a hit.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in getting this great event off the ground again this year. I would also like to thank everyone for coming out to support our efforts for this worthwhile cause and a big thank you to everyone who donated items and of course desserts. Thanks goes out to the Mondello Ristorante who went above and beyond to make our fundraiser a great success. 

I will be posting some pictures and more information about the event as I get them in. Thanks again, everyone.
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Nov 11/11

Lest We Forget - Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and Veteran's Day in the States. Please take a moment to think about the lives, both human and animal, that it took to make our two countries free and safe to live in.

And, while you are remembering the cost of freedom for our countries, take a moment and think of the lives lost when McGuinty and Bryant put the BSL law into effect. This war is far from over!
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Nov 10/11

Patrick - In March of 2011, Patrick was found in a dumpster barely moving and almost dead. Eight months later, he has filled out and has become a truly wonderful mascot of hope for the Pit Bull dog.

Reading the blog over at, it makes you think that people really don't give a crap about animals and in particular the dog which is called Pit Bull. But, people are making a difference. This difference is getting out there and networking and telling the stories of the countless animals that have been forsaken by human kind.

You can make a difference - tell the stories, share the actions and consequences - bring people up to speed on what is going on in the world. And share, share, share.

This article is a really good read and there are some before and after shots of Patrick that make it all a little more worth while. Click here to read the blog...»
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Nov 8/11

SOLD OUT - ANML-RESQ will be holding their 2nd annual 'The Twelve Dogs of Christmas' this Saturday, November 12th. It will be a delightful afternoon of good food and great company. Help us make a difference in a rescue dogs life by supporting our annual benefit and reunion hosted by Mondello Ristorante.

Place:   Mondello Ristorante, 127 Queen St. S., Mississauga, ON L5M 1K9 
Date:    Saturday, November 12, 2011 
Time:    11:30 am to 3:30 pm 
Cost:    $30.00 per adult and $20.00 per child

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas will be presenting a variety of stunning auction items for you or someone special on your Christmas list. There you will enjoy a sumptuous buffet style lunch and a variety of desserts to die for. We will also have a special party favour for each guest to take home to remember this extraordinary ANML-RESQ reunion. 

The festivities begin at 11:30 am and goes to 3:30 pm. Mark your calendars to attend our special Christmas luncheon. We can’t continue to save dogs in need without you! To view the .pdf poster click here...»
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Nov 7/11

Hunting Season - It's hunting season in Ontario. I can tell you that I'm NOT thrilled about this and dread November for this reason. It's because of the gun totting hunter who walks the back roads with gun in hand waving hi, or the hunter that stands by the other hunter's truck and discusses what they have shot or where the deer are today. All the while, the blood is running from the back of the truck onto the road and you know there is another deer that you won't see again.

There are good hunters out there, but many hunters come from the city and want to take home their trophy at whatever cost. Mostly, tearing up property owner's lands, without permission, killing of innocents and chasing everything everywhere including into your car.

Last hunting season a friend had her horse shot and killed in the wee hours of the start of the morning hunt. Nothing was ever found, nobody was charged and for her it was a horrible way to see her friend die.

This morning I came across an article about another family pet that was shot during hunting season. Maggie was let out to do her business with her other doggy sibblings and vanished after chasing a squirrel into the wood. A few days later, a farmer and his wife found her body. A man by the name of Seth White, who had been legally hunting coyote, had shot the 2 year old dog by mistake. He will be prosecuted, but what about the family? Click here to read the article...» When will people learn? 

I was sitting on my back step 2 seasons back in the summer. The grass and flowers were quite high - the sun was warm - just a beautiful afternoon. I looked down the hill to note that there was a dog coming, beautiful tall standing ears, a sandy coloured body and a beautiful tail. As there are no animals on the property, I couldn't imagine where this dog was from - he must have come up from the river. So, when it came out of the grass I called to it. It stood, looked at me and then in a moment it was gone. I knew that it wasn't a dog I had just encountered, but a coyote. I knew for that split second we were one and I hoped, with all my heart, that he would never see the hunters that would be coming to kill him!
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Nov 4/11

Tika - Hero Border Collie, Tika, saved her 21 month old charge when it was found that the little boy had wandered away from the trailer.

While on vacation with relatives the 21 month old boy, Brady, took off out of their trailer and headed for the water. Brady's father was having coffee with relatives, when Tika became agitated and started to bark.

Four month old Tika saved the boy's life by taking her guardian down to the water where the toddler had fallen in and was not breathing... To read the article ...»
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Nov 3/11

Dexter Update - We received a great update on Dexter...

Dexter is doing wonderfully great. Loves his sister Susie, they follow each other everywhere together, they are never apart. They definately bonded and constantly are playing together. It is never quiet in our house other than sleep times. Dexter has grown into such a loveable cuddly dog. 

We couldnt be any happier. He makes the family complete. He finally stopped growing at a lean 72 pounds. He is very cuddly, always has to be by my husband's or my side, if you arent paying attention to him he will put his paw on you. He has his little quirks like chewing his own nails. We never have to cut them. 

He loves sticking his head in the shower to drink the water when its going. His favourite toy is his kong but also doesnt pass up the opportunity at an empty toilet paper roll. He loves car rides and has a routine of picking me up in the morning with my husband and since I work nights hes great to sleep beside to keep me warm and comforted. 

His favourite snacks are apples and carrots. He is all around an amazing fur baby to have. You defiantely picked the right choice for us. Thanks ~Holly 

Like two peas in a pod! ;) Thanks again for such a great update, Holly! Hugs and kisses to Dexter. 
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Nov 2/11

Gemma Update - We received a great update on Gemma...

Hi Allison, My apologies for taking so long to get back to you, but it's been a bit of a busy week for me! Gemma has completely settled in here at our home. She is definitely the princess in which you described and has been spoiled by all of us. 

She goes for 2 long walks daily and gets all the cuddles she asks for and deserves. Her and our bad boy cat Lucky have been getting along just fine. She chases him on occasion which he isn't thrilled about but can run to a safe place when he's had too much. 

Recently she has also been joined by 4 cute kittens which were found by my parents behind our house in the ravine. We assume that they were abandoned and left there. 

My parents were quick to pick them up and take them to the vet where they were given their shots and a proper check up. Thankfully they are all alright and are now currently living with us. They are certainly a handful and approximately 6-7 wks old. We are trying to find them good homes since we can't see ourselves caring for all four. 

Attached are photos of both Gemma and the kittens. She treats them as if they are her pups.. She's truly an angel... Maybe a little jealous as well.. but who wouldn't be! I hope all is well with you and the organization. Thank you again for setting us up with such an amazing pup! ~Lindsay

Lucky Gemma ... seems to love kittens - don't we all! lol
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Nov 1/11

Ozzie Update - Our cutie pie Ozzie has found a foster home and it seems he is doing really well. Many thanks to Christine and family for taking in this handsome boy. As you can see, he gets along well with the resident dog Buddy (-: Foster mom tells us that Ozzie is a very calm, laid back boy, who doesn't ask for much. He is well behaved and non-destructive in the home. 

Ozzie walks really well on leash and doesn't mind having to wear a muzzle. He loves to go for walks and meet new friends. Ozzie does not do well with cats though so we are looking for a home without felines (-: Ozzie is 9 years old and grandfathered, so he is perfectly legal in this Province. 

If you are looking for a quiet, laid back fellow that has so much love to give. Please consider sending in an application
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