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MAY 2013


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Canadian CFIA Approval;
Mother's Day;
A Rescuing We Go;
Suma Update;
Rudy Update;
Rottweiler Club of Canada;
Cleo [Bambi] Update;
Paws in Action Fundraiser;
Oscar Meyer Has A Way;
Jake Needs Our Help;
Updates All Around;
Fundraising for Loki;
Introducing Boots;
Links of Interest;
Jake Update;

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May 31/13

Jake Update - We received a great update from Jake's foster mom, Anjie. What wonderful progress this boy has made in just a few short days. For a young, energetic boy that has already spent months in two separate shelters, he is learning quickly! No doubt, Jake wants to please. 

We are so proud of you Jake and thanks to the help of young Nathan (5 years old ) ... Jake is becoming a wonderful house companion. Not bad for a dog that has probably never known what it is like to be in a home and with the love of a family. Here is an update from Jake's foster mom Angie:

Hi Renee, Just wanted to send you a quick update on Jake. He's been here since Monday night and is settling in beautifully. I don't know if this little man has ever known the comfort of a house as he didn't seem to know any of the basic doggy rules. He jumped up on anything that was within reach of his leash his first night, including counters, the kitchen table, couches, doors, windows and of course people. He seems extremely interested in the cats but he hasn't shown any signs of aggression with them. We are watching him very closely and on occasion he does need to be discouraged from pestering them with the help of the pet corrector spray. On a positive note, he seems to be learning that he needs to be calm and quiet if he wants to get close to them. He is still kept on the leash in the house as he will mark if not closely supervised, but so far we've only had three accidents in the house. 

Click to enlarge...

After just a couple of days of attention training he is learning to walk well on the leash and doesn't pull too often. He's still pulling enthusiastically towards people and other animals, but all in all I'm thrilled with his progress in just a few short days. He caught on very quickly to the sit and lie down commands, and is learning to wait while his people go through doors and gates first and that he has to wait to be invited through. He also caught on very quickly to the gentle command while taking his treats and is learning to "drop it" when asked and to "leave it" when asked. He still hates to be crated, but is slowly learning to go in with less fuss and to wait to be invited out once the crate has been opened. 

Click to enlarge...

[...] Jake is learning to sit and wait patiently while Nathan measures out the food and puts it down for him. He is also learning that he is not allowed to eat until Nathan gives him permission to go to the bowl. [...] 

Click to enlarge...

He loves to chase a ball in the backyard and it's a great (and easy) way for us to burn off that extra energy as he will keep chasing it as long as you keep throwing it. I'm having a great time teaching my son about how Jake is trying to be the boss of the game by teasing us with the ball so we will chase him. He (Nathan) is learning that when we ignore Jake at these times, he realizes that the game only caries on if he brings the ball back to us. We ask Jake to sit before we throw the ball again, and my son was thrilled to bits when he realized that if Jake doesn't sit when asked, he can get him to listen by turning his back on him and ignoring him until Jake comes around in front to see why he's stopped playing. At that point Jake is eager to sit when Nathan asks. 

Click to enlarge...

We've noticed a few quirks (like chewing carpets and that he won't go down stairs) but as I said before, I am thrilled with his progress in just a few short days, and while he still has a lot of work ahead of him, I think he'll turn out to be a fantastic boy with time. I'll keep you posted. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thank you so much, Anjie, for giving this very deserving boy the chance he needed. No doubt he will make a wonderful companion to a very lucky family. 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and don't forget to keep your pets out of the heat and humidity! It's going to be another sweltering couple of days.
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May 29/13

Links of Interest - I thought I would share some interesting, educational links ... from Doggonesafe's blog about 'Learn to tell the tale from the tail'; Beyond Bred 'What I've learned, what I've come to appreciate'; Paws4udogs 'Helping People Enjoy Their Dogs'; Notes from a dog walker 'How to Score a Dog Bite: The Joggers and Bikers Edition'; and from Veterinary Insider 'Thinking of Shaving you dogs hair/coat for the summer? Think again'

If you found any of these links helpful or have input, email and let me know. Hope you find these links to be helpful!
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May 28/13

Introducing Boots - The dust hasn't even settled from the last couple of weeks and this week has already proved to be another busy week in rescue.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest rescue Boots who is a 4 month old puppy full of energy as well as kisses and cuddles. He looks to be a mix of Border Collie and perhaps Lab.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Boots has just arrived into foster care and is having the time of his life with foster mom, Caroline. Please stay tuned for more pictures and updates of our little Boots, as we get to know him better.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a puppy, please let them know about Boots!

We are also thrilled to let you know that our handsome boy Jake (Rotti mix) has gone into foster care last night. It has been months and months in a kennel for this boy and now he gets to enjoy the love of a family. We are so excited and thrilled for Jake and we look forward to lots of updates and pictures from his foster home. Thank you to Darlene and Zelda for getting Jake to his foster family.

Click to enlarge...

We will keep you posted on both of these boys. ANML-RESQ is so happy to have been in a position to help these deserving furkids.
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May 27/13

Fundraising for Loki - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario decided to start a fundraiser to raise awareness for Bonnie's mission to save Loki and raise needed funds to help Bonnie with her cause. Bonnie has been a prominent voice for animals in Canada and is the founder of Action for the Protection of Northern Animals and also the co-founder of Canadian Animal Welfare Coalition (CAWC).

Bonnie has been the caretaker of Loki for three years now. Loki is a special dog, he was rescued as a puppy from a puppy mill seizure in 2010 and then when taken to the shelter he escaped. Loki is not what people would consider a “mascot” or a “pet.” Yet, although he has not enjoyed being part of a human family, Loki is a dog that has never showed any signs of aggression. Loki has been a dog with free will. Loki is not to be confused with a stray dog. Loki survives out and about in Hay River. He knows Bonnie as his friend. He comes to see Bonnie when it is time to eat, he knows that Bonnie will have something nutritious for him or they can spend a day just playing. Bonnie has captured so many beautiful memories of Loki and herself in her camera. She documents every minute that is spent with Loki and Loki’s reactions. She brings him toys and he plays with them. Loki has no clue that when Bonnie brings the food, sometimes she includes the heartworm treatment to keep him clean and healthy.

Their story touched our hearts and this weekend, our volunteers, Darlene, Debbie and Oscar Meyer were welcomed by Crawford Garden Centre in Milton to hold a fundraiser at their beautiful garden centre on behalf of Saving Loki. There were so many generous people that learned more about Loki's story and got to meet the cutest little doggy, Oscar. We believe that Oscar helped to persuade people to give, and GIVE they did!! ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario is pleased to announce that we have raised $500.00 to help towards Saving Loki. We encourage anyone that is able to donate, to please consider helping Loki.

ANML-RESQ would like to thank Crawford's Garden Centre, Milton for this wonderful opportunity. Their customers are kind, generous and compassionate. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you have never been to Crawford's, please make the trip out there - you won't be disappointed. So many beautiful, good quality plants and accessories. It is a winter wonderland at Christmas time!

We would also like to thank Darlene, Debbie and, of course, Oscar Meyer for taking the time on Saturday to help raise awareness and funds for Loki's cause.
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May 24/13

Updates All Around - We've had a busy week rescuing as well as a busy week getting updates and pictures of our happily adopted!! Woohoo! What a GREAT week. So many pictures and updates to share.

Let's begin with little Luna - the tiny border collie mix that ended up as a stray in a kennel. She waited for quite some time before we could find her a suitable foster home. Although Luna was a bit "younger" than we all expected, her foster mom and dad persevered with her potty issues as well as her BOUNDLESS energy. It didn't take long before Little Luna weaseled her way into Helene and Peters' hearts. Here are some pictures of our little energy bunny along with a wonderful update from proud mom, Helene. Way to go Luna!! We are SO happy for you, little lady. You couldn't have landed in a better home!! Here is an update from Luna's mom:

I just spent some time trying to locate a bunch of pictures I quickly downloaded from my blackberry about a month ago and the darn thing is that I can't locate them!! In my haste, I dumped a whole of them in a file and then ... nothing so far.

I can't believe it! So what I will do is take more. She is the same sweet dog of course, but with a difference. Luna has become quite a mellow pup. In fact she is so calm now that on occasion Peter and I wonder if she is ailing and then we take her to the off leash dog park and see that she is just fine. Her energy level is controlled now to the point that when we are at home or visiting or in the car she either is napping or quietly sitting aside waiting for action or a call or better yet, a snack.

Click to enlarge...

On Sunday I took her for her first streetcar ride. Initially she was hesitant to climb up the stairs but once we got onboard she was the model dog awaiting admiring pats and comments, which she duly got. She was so good that Peter took her for a ride a few days later. This is a great development as I take transit as much as possible and now know she will behave. In fact she is at a point where elevator rides don't freak her out, although just like humans she wants to get out asap.

Click to enlarge...

So Renee this once wild child is now a sweet and playful pup who learns fast and wants to please. Mind you she is a rascal who likes to tease and tug at things. And on occasion she seems to revert to peeing on carpets - I think on spots she has already anointed. It's very hard to completely remove it once there. So I am following your sage advice and simply rolling up the carpet until she is totally trained.

Renee, I just checked my blackberry and see that all those pictures that I thought I had downloaded are still there so I will try doing it again or might send some to you via my phone on your new email address. All the very best to you dear Renee!

Thank you for the wonderful update Helene! We love to see our happily adopted and hear how they are doing ... please keep the updates and pictures coming! (-:

We also received a picture of our handsome boy Karl who is excited for everyone to know he has a new brother, Oscar (who is pictured lounging on the couch). Two very happy boyz we are so thrilled to have helped!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

And we also received pictures of our girl Jersey - now known as Winnie with her sister, Charlotte.

It is a GREAT way to end a busy, busy week. Thank you everyone for sending your pictures and updates ... this is what keeps us going!! Have a great weekend everyone!
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May 23/13

Jake Needs Our Help - I am excited to tell you about Jake. We are able to help another wonderful Rottweiler in need. Tomorrow we will pick Jake up from the shelter. Jake was initially found straying and I am perplexed as to "why" no one came looking for him. He is absolutely handsome with a sweet personality to match. From all we have heard, Jake is a wonderful boy. He gets along great with all the shelter workers, they say he's a "goofy boy" ... typical of a young Rottweiler boy. Jake is estimated to be 1 to 2 years of age. Jake loves to play with the other dogs at the shelter as well, so he would love a doggy-friend to socialize and play with. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We will be picking Jake up tomorrow morning - Thank you Anne! You always come through for us whenever/wherever we need you. We are blessed to have the dedicated people we have. As soon as the word went out that Jake needed help and FAST (as the shelter was filling up and Jake had been there quite some time with no prospect for adoption - again ... unbelievable he wasn't scooped up) so, the phone lines were abuzz looking for a safe place for Jake to fall until we could find him a responsible foster or forever home. It wasn't long before our amazing volunteers came through (huge thanks Darlene for finding that safe spot in record time). 

We are excited to be able to help this happy-go-lucky boy. We thank the shelter for working so hard on Jake's behalf and reaching out to rescue so this deserving boy could be spared. While Jake will be safe in a kennel, we would love to find a foster/forever home as quickly as possible for Jake. He has been in a shelter environment for too long and he longs to be with a family that will cherish him, as he will them. 

If you are familiar with the rottweiler breed (or large breeds) and would like to help Jake, please contact us at or fill out our Adoption/Foster Application on the left. Welcome Jake from all of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario.
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May 22/13

Oscar Meyer Has A Way - I am still trying to catch everyone up on the last few weeks activities. We heard about a sweet, adorable little boy named Oscar that was in need of a new forever family. His previous family had young children and just could not find the time to give Oscar the care and exercise he needed. 

We put the call out for foster and Karl's mom, Debbie immediately stepped forward and offered Oscar a soft place to fall. Arrangements were made to have Oscar transferred into Debbie's loving care. I knew that Debbie needed Oscar as much as he needed her. Debbie had recently lost her beloved girl Sammy and she needed a little man like Oscar to help bring up her spirits. Well, little did we know that Oscar waltzed into their home and into their hearts in VERY short order!! Here is a brief update from Oscars mom, Debbie:

Thank you everyone! Oscar is an amazing comical little dog. He and Charlie (my JRT mix) are attached at the hip. They even sleep together!

Click to enlarge...

Sadly, when we suddenly lost our little Sammy to IMHA, Charlie was so lost without her. He was always looking for her and sleeping with her favourite toys (that she never let him have LOL), but with Oscar Charlie is happy and playful again. 

Click to enlarge...

The change in him is amazing and I am so thankful for that. One dog can never replace our lost Sammy, but he sure did fill the void in the house. Oscar Meyer Wiener Dog is one happy little fella!

He has brought smiles back to a home that was grieving the loss of a very beloved girl. Oscar has found his forever home!! (-: Congratulations little man!! You lucked out BIG TIME! (-: Happy trails Oscar Meyer Weiner Dog - from ALL your friends at ANML-RESQ!
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May 21/13

Paws in Action Fundraiser - Please mark your calendars for our 4th annual Dog Days of Summer event! Make it a day to remember for family, friends and pets. Come out and enjoy a day of dock diving, agility, swimming, Be A Tree Seminar for children and lots, lots more!!

Join us in our 4th Annual 'Paws in Action' 
Fundraiser and Reunion!

Our fundraiser will be held on July 20th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Maple Lane Goldens at 6311-12th Line, New Tecumseth. The price for admission is $20.00 per person or $35.00 for a family of four ($5.00 per additional member). Make it a day to remember for your family, friends and pets. 

There will be:

  • Dock diving, swimming and agility for dogs;

  • Silent auction;

  • Quilt sale;

  • Buffet luncheon; and a

  • Seminar for children ages 5-12 years of age 'Be a Tree'.

Pre-registration is required and you can send your email with all the information to or phone (416) 256-1364. See you there!

This event has always been a fun-filled day with lots of fun and activity and lots of great dogs and their people. Can't wait to see you there!!
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May 17/13

Cleo [Bambi] Update - We end the week with great pictures of a VERY happy little Bambi, now known as Cleo. 

It looks like this little girl has hit the "jackpot" and enjoys her life, living muzzle-free and free to run and play her little heart out.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thanks for the pictures Charlotte! Hugs to Bambi aka Cleo from ALL of her friends at ANML-RESQ!

As the first weekend of fireworks approaches are you prepared? There are things you should be thinking about when it comes to the very loud, surprising noises that will come from the first holiday of the season! First, your dogs should have their ID and collar on at all times, have your dog micro-chipped and for the evenings of fireworks, have your dog on a leash at all times.

As Cesar points out 'it is not the person setting off the fireworks that you need to set your sights on, but your dog.' Make sure that your dog is prepared for this event. Remain calm, distract your dog, and be proactive. Get your dog used to loud noises by having your dog listen to them when they are eating, walking, sleeping or watching TV. And, don't wait until the last minute to get your dog use to noise. You can also walk your dog for a longer period to tire them out, and you should remain calm throughout this time. Also, keep the TV/radio at a louder volume than normal and keep your animals inside for the duration of the fireworks. If all of these things do not help your dog, there is also a Thundershirt for more agitated dogs and it works. So, have a safe and happy long weekend everyone!
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May 16/13

Rottweiler Club of Canada - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario and all of its' volunteers would like to thank the Rottweiler Club of Canada and the 2012 Canadian National Sieger Show for the kind and generous donation that was madee to ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario. Many thanks and congratulations on a successful show!

I also have some links that I would like to share with you. I know you will find them helpful! To start, if you leave your dog in the car in the spring and summer, they can die even if you leave your car windows cracked open. It seems to start early each year with messages warning of the dangers of leaving your dog in a hot car. Please view this video and pass on to all your friends!! Let's get the message out LOUD and CLEAR so no more dogs must suffer this horrific fate.

Also, stop your dog's problem behavior instantly? This blog will open your eyes to the 'unwanted behavior' that animals seem to be performing for us. And, Pet anxiety is often the cause of dog bites - good article!! And also, for our cat lovers out there - Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency can cause your kitty to starve to death - even when eating plenty! Click here to read ...»
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May 15/13

Rudy Update - We received a nice update and pictures from Rudy's mom and dad. As you can see, Rudy is growing like a weed. It also looks like Rudy is enjoying the nice warm weather we have had too!! Here is an update from Anne and Wayne and some nice pictures too!! (-:

Hi, We took some new pictures of Rudy yesterday. The last couple of days have been great for him walking and standing more than we have seen in the last two months. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Loves the backyard. Easy for him to walk around and then just lay down and sniff the air. Rudy is going okay. We still have a chewing problem, but Darlene sent him a large deer antler and that has kept him busy. He just loves it. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We still have the throwing up problem a bit more than I would like, but for the most part if we can keep him from chewing rugs, mats, etc., he does pretty well. He walks better outside than anywhere else. Now that the weather has improved and the backyard is dry we take him out more and he likes to walk or stumble around and smell the flowers and grass etc. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Right now he is asleep in the kitchen with his antler tucked between his front feet. For the most part, Gus and Jack have come to realize that it belongs to Rudy and no one else, so that is good.

Rudy looks GREAT! His coat is so shiny and healthy looking. It must be the hamburger and rice that his mom adds everyday to his food.
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May 14/13

Suma Update - We received some pictures of one of our adopted, Suma. Wow, this girl is doing amazing!

If you recall about 4 or 5 years ago, we posted this girl as a "compassionate" adoption. Suma was surrendered to the shelter and it was found, quite quickly, that she was suffering from cancer and she was not expected to live for very long, but we wanted her to find a home that she could spend the remainder of her years. She was 10 years old at the time. 

Well, our girl is 15 years old and as you can see - Suma is enjoying the "good life"! Obviously, the care and compassion her mom, Vera has given Suma is doing the world of good for Suma. She looks GREAT Vera!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It also looks like Suma has a wonderful best friend that she can snuggle with too! (-: Thank you for the great pictures Vera! Hugs to Suma from all her friends at ANML-RESQ!
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May 13/13

A Rescuing We Go - We've been busy for the last couple of weeks. I've also been away for a couple of weeks, so it may take some time to catch you all up on the past weeks activities. 

First, the good news that our very handsome boy, Ivan has been adopted! I know it was another bittersweet day for Carolina. She worked so hard to get Ivan used to living in a home, overcoming his fear of floors and the task of housebreaking him (made harder due to his fear of floors). But smart boy that Ivan is, he slowly overcame these hurdles thanks to the patience and guidance from Carolina and Mike. Congratulations Ivan!

While the finalities were being worked out with Ivan's adoption, I asked Carolina to accompany me to see a rottweiler girl that was in desperate need of rescue. We were made aware that she was very, very fearful of everyone, but intensely fearful of men in particular. She had come in as a stray and would not allow anyone near her to even put a collar around her neck. She seemed very comfortable in her kennel, but extremely fearful of the outside world. When Carolina and I first went to see her, it took us 2 1/2 hours just to coax her into the outdoor run and immediately upon finding herself in the outdoor run, she ran to the fence and cowered and made herself as small as she could. It broke our hearts to see so much fear in her eyes. 

This skinny, frightened girl was pulling at both of our heart strings. She had no chance in the shelter - she needed a lot of work to regain trust in people. Something terrible has happened to this girl, but if you looked into her eyes for the brief moment she would make contact, you could see a warmth in those eyes of hers...she wanted so much to trust ... she needed time and a very patient foster home.

We left the shelter promising them that we WOULD help this girl and to allow us time for that perfect, patient foster home to open up. Of course, when Ivan went home with his adoptive mom, plans were made for Carolina and I to once again make the trip to the shelter and this time, pray that we can get her leashed and into the vehicle safely. Once again, it was a 2 1/2 hour ordeal to finally get her into the vehicle (that's also a whole other blog LOL) ... she finally arrived at Carolina's. 

We left her for a couple of hours in her crate, Mike arrived home from work and we sat around the kitchen table chatting for a while. It looked as though Mocha (that's her name now) was interested in what we were doing, so the crate was opened and it didn't take but a minute for Mocha to bound into the kitchen, give me a nice Rotti lean with her head on my lap ... she proceeded to do the same with Carolina and ... you guessed it - she went right over to Mike and gave gentle kisses, took treats gently and she seemed to be SO HAPPY! OMG - we could not believe the transformation in this girl! Here is a nice update from foster mom, Carolina (along with some pictures). 

Mocha has come such an incredibly long way in the short time she's been here. In the span of just a little over a week, she's been integrated with my dogs, has learned to go to the bathroom outside without taking hours and let me put a more secure collar on.

Click to enlarge...

Mocha was found as a stray and who knows what her history is. All that I can say is that she's missed out a lot in what positive experiences there are in life and that made her fearful. The shelter staff was finally able to get a collar around her neck, but it was no way secure enough for her. When she arrived here I made it my first mission to change up her collar so I could walk her without the risk of her escaping. Mocha would have nothing of it. Anything going over her head or around her neck terrified the poor girl. I had to work slowly at her own pace and eventually I was able to secure a new collar on.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Once the new collar was put on Mocha, it was a challenge to get her to do her business outdoors. We would be walking around outside for hours and she still wouldn't do anything. I asked for some help and of course the ladies gave me the suggestion to use the dog run I have here. Lo and behold, I take her in there and she does her business right away! :-) Good, one step in the right direction. Now she does her business while on leash outside of the dog run with minimal accidents in the house.

Click to enlarge...

Mocha is good with my dogs but is still unsure about how to interact with them. I have seen times where she wants to play but gets too overwhelmed with the excitement and retreats. At her own pace she will learn how to play with other dogs. Yet she's learned how to play with her toys. At first she didn't want anything to do with them, now I catch her either cuddling them or playing with her kong and squeaky toy.

Click to enlarge...

It breaks my heart to see her panic when anything is coming at her face, even if it's just another dog's wagging tail. I can see the expression of fear and makes me wonder what she's been through or not experienced enough to understand there is nothing to be afraid of. All in all, Mocha is a great girl with so much potential. She just needs some guidance and some confidence boosting. I am positive she will overcome her fears and become a great adoptable girl for the right family.

She is still weary at times, but is slowly coming around. This frightened little girl is transforming into a stunning girl! She needs to put on some weight - she is very thin. She has been to the vet for vaccinations and will soon be spayed, chipped, etc. and we will give her a chance to become the loving dog we know she can be.
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May 12/13

Mother's Day - Happy Mother's Day! We received a Happy Mother's Day wish from our very lucky girl, Baby! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

How cute is she - all snuggled up in bed and of course looking much more comfortable than Daddy in the next picture (-:
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May 2/13

Canadian CFIA Approval of the Canine VacciCheck - An 'in house titer test kit for Parvo, Distemper and Hepatitis, has been successfully registered in Canada'.

Biogal Announces the Canadian CFIA Approval of the Canine VacciCheck ...

KIBBUTZ GALED, Israel, April 8, 2013 /CNW/ - Biogal announced that the Canine Vaccicheck, an in house titer test kit for Parvo Distemper and Hepatitis, has been successfully registered in Canada. Biogal's distributor in Canada, Aventix Animal Health, was instrumental in gaining registration approval and will be responsible for marketing these kits in Canada. 

The Canine VacciCheck kit is intended to be used as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the antibody response to the core vaccination or infection by Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Parvovirus and Canine Distemper Virus. 

A high antibody level is associated with immunity to infection (in well dogs) and can also diagnose a dog that is sick with one of these diseases. 

Canine VacciCheck has been described by Professor Ronald Schultz as "a cost effective, user friendly and expedient titer test". 

Canine VacciCheck is unique, as it quantitatively checks for all 3 core vaccines. This is carried out as a single test in a vet clinic, veterinary lab, animal shelter, with results available in 21 minutes. 

For shelter hepatitis, parvo or distemper outbreaks, VacciCheck rapidly and cheaply tests populations that are susceptible to or protected from these diseases. This allows many animals to live, that might otherwise have been euthanized. 

"We at Biogal sincerely hope that this tool will assist in reducing over vaccination in Canada," said Amos Gershony, Biogal's General Manager. Click here to read more...»

Finally? We can only hope this will be available for use soon. 'Click here to read a Review of VacciCheck by Professor Ronald Schultz. Click here to view how Canine VacciCheck can save lives in Animal Shelters (from The Maddies Fund).'
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