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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Mar 31/09

Before Vacationing In Midland 


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Before Vacationing in Midland;

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Attention ALL vacationers. Be sure you check the by-laws of ALL municipalities you wish to vacation in this summer.

Before you book, do your homework. You DO NOT want to have your holidays spoiled by by-laws pertaining to YOUR breed of dog while you are on vacation from your home.

Here is an article from our friends at Wag the Dog regarding Midland, Ontario and why you should not visit. Wag the Dog Blog ... "Midland Ontario continuing its legacy of illogical dog bylaws...">

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Mar 30/09

The Three Amigos
On Friday, I had the pleasure of transporting three very beautiful, very loving boyz to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. They are the most wonderful and deserving dogs. As always, I tend to fall in love with my transports. These guys were no exception. Two of them were very large boys and the other was a handsome beagle.

Dave caught my immediate attention as he is SO unique looking. He has a lovely, gentle disposition. He is great with dogs, cats and is reportedly, somewhat of a lapdog. Dave is believed to be a Bouvier and/or possibly Wolfhound mix. He's a big boy, but a gentle giant. What a handsome dude. 


Upon checking the Owen Sound Animal Shelter web site, it appears that this handsome boy has been adopted - WOOHOO - congratulations Dave!!!

I also had on board, Zac, a beautiful Labrador pup, 9 months old and very big at 95 lbs. For his age and size, I was amazed at how quickly he settled in the van after a short potty break. He was very well behaved in the vehicle. 


He is strong on leash but wants to please, so with some consistent leash training, he will be a wonderful companion. He is still a puppy at heart though so will need lots of exercise. 

Last, but certainly not least is Clayton, a handsome beagle. Clayton, like all my passengers that day were very well behaved in the vehicle. Clayton was riding shot-gun with me, upfront and Zac and Dave each took a bucket seat behind me. 


If you are interested in Zac or Clayton, please check out the Owen Sound Animal Shelter web site or drop in for a visit. Good luck boyz!! I know you won't be long finding great homes!!

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Mar 27/09

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you we have lost a very dear friend tonight. She was a beautiful girl, both inside and out and she loved everyone and everything she met. Hershey was a therapy dog and she was also a true ambassador for her breed. 

She touched the hearts of everyone she met. I remember vividly the first time I met Hershey. Actually, it was the first time I had met a pitbull and I fell in love with her instantly. My husband and I attended a fundraiser and Hershey was there with her mom Jen, along with Reeses Pieces and I think even Snickers was there. All three girls were in an x-pen, surrounded by toys and chewy bones and I was stunned that there was no bickering over possessions. 

All the girls came over to say "hello" and my husband and I very much enjoyed our first encounter with this pitbull named Hershey and her sisters. Soon to be deemed a banned breed. We left after a great visit and my husband and I couldn't stop talking about how sweet and loving and super friendly this breed was.

It was after meeting Hershey and the girls that I started to become heavily involved in the fight against the pitbull ban. They completely destroyed any thought I had that this breed was a potentially dangerous breed. Quite the contrary. 

Hershey was a therapy dog and she took her job very seriously. She looked forward to her weekly visits to brighten the days of so many that looked forward to her visits. She brought smiles and joy to all of the residents. 

When Bill 132 was finally implemented, Hershey lost her job. She was devastated. No longer was she able to bring joy to shut-ins that anticipated her arrival every week. Soon after her dismissal, Hershey developed cancer.

Hershey has fought a valiant fight, but it has come to pass that Hershey could no longer fight. She was ready to be released to the Bridge. Tonight, our beautiful girl has crossed over the Bridge.

She will always be remembered for the gentle and caring soul that she was. She will always be remembered as an ambassador.

Rest in Peace Hershey. You will always have a special place in my heart.

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Mar 26/09

Beau Update
I have attached some photos of Beau as promised. Beau is doing fine and his leg is improving, he now constantly walks on it and it seems to be rectifying itself as the foot points more inwardly than it did when he is walking. 

So hopefully as he has a few months growing room and with his special diet of green lipped mussel powder, the leg will keeping improving.

Also a big thank you  to ANML RESQ for Beau as he is such a loving dog and has fused into our family as if he has always been here, his paws are truly under the table. ~Lesley

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Mar 25/09
Elvis and Penny
We have had reports of two lost dogs. I am posting their pictures and information here and you can check out our Lost and Found web page.

Elvis was lost on March 15, 2009, our Border Collie Elvis went missing from The Big Chute area near Port Severn, Ontario. 

Elvis is 13.5 years old and is mainly deaf now due to old age. He is not neutered and is tagged with Severn Township tags. He was wearing a blue nylon collar. 

Penny is a Louisiana hurricane survivor, and has been a stray for most of her life. We hope someone has her in their home. We need to bring her home safely, the devastation that her loss has brought to our family is widespread and indescribable. 

She is a 35lb spayed female, 11 months old. She looks like a Labrador/Hound cross and is very skinny. She has a white dappled coat with large apricot coloured patches with a white spot on top of her head. She has large floppy ears that are a solid apricot colour. She is very timid and frightens easily. If she is still outside, she is likely hiding in a garage, backyard or anywhere warm somewhere in the area. All news and the full story are on

I wish both of these dogs luck and prayers with the hope they are found quickly.

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Mar 24/09

There is nothing more heartwarming than when we hear from younger people looking for ways to help us.

We adopted our girl Mink to a wonderful family several months ago and Holly, Mink's caregiver has kept in touch with us regularly to let us know how Mink is doing. Mink is very lucky to have found this wonderful family. She is very much loved and cared for.

Holly, who will soon be 13 years old, wrote to us last week and asked us how she could help. She loves animals and wants to help them in any way possible. Because of her age, for liability reasons, it is hard to get a volunteer spot at a shelter, but we could certainly use Holly's help. We discussed the different ways that Holly could help us. Holly knows how very important foster homes are to rescue, so her first goal was to spread the word. Holly also enlisted the help of her dad and her friend Kayla, and together they got posters spread all over their areas for us.

Holly will also be helping us at various fundraisers and events and we are so pleased to have her with us. Holly joins our other two young rescuers, Alex and Noah and we hope to have many more young rescuers in the making join us.

Thank you Holly for wanting to help those in need! Welcome to the ANML-RESQ team!

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Mar 23/09

Kit Update
We are thrilled to announce that our pretty girl Kit has been adopted. As you can see from the pictures, it was love at first sight. The pictures say it's as if she knew she was going home with Mark and Allison.

Kit is a lucky girl, as she gets to go to work every day with her daddy. It sounds like she will have a few jobs around the store and I'll bet she will be more than willing to help out around there. Lots of social time for this girl. 

Here is an email from her rescuer and foster mom Sharon who brought her friend Mary along for the long trip to meet with Kit's adoptors Mark and Allison.

Sharon's email:

Thanks for all the good thoughts, and it was. I shipped my border collies off to my Dad's yesterday afternoon so that I could have the rest of the day, the evening and this morning to proof a few more things with Kit. She was a completely different dog without the boys to compete for attention. She hopped out of the car at the meeting point and went straight to say hi (a little bouncy and excited). 

Both Allison and Mark handled it correctly and simply put their hands up to stop the jumping and treated for 4 on the floor. She settled quickly and went for a little walk with Mark while I did the paperwork with Allison. By the time we finished the paperwork, there was Mark on his knees and Kit kissing him on the lips. This was a trick Mark had taught their other cattle dog and he was thrilled that Kit knew it as well. 

We talked for a bit and I showed them everything that she already has on board in training and tricks. I gave them the run down on her daily routine and what I had been doing to help in her acclimatization to the store. I gave them her feeding schedule, quantity and a supply to hold them to integrate whatever it was they were going to feed. They had previously been feeding another holistic food recommended by their vet and would probably switch back to that. I gave them her bag of goodies which included what she came to me with as well as her old and new vet records and rabies tag, a new frisbee, a new ball, some treats she likes and a pop up dog tent that I have trained her to go in like a crate for the store.

They are a lovely couple and fell instantly in love. About 20 minutes later, with a tear of both sadness and joy in my eye, I said goodbye. She jumped in the back of their car and they drove off.

Those pictures say it all. Congratulations Kit, Mark, Allison and family!!!

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Mar 20/09

This pretty girl could really use an understanding and compassionate owner that is willing to work with her special needs. 

It sounds like her seizures have been minimized with a higher dosage of anti-seizure medication. 

Please read about Sera and if you are that compassionate adopter, please contact Sharon at for more information on Sera.

'Sera' is a 3 year old lab X who has epilepsy. She was surrendered to a shelter a while ago (I think 6 months), then the original owners took her back because they heard she was going to be euthanized. They adopted her out to another couple, who had her for a short time, but they couldn't handle the seizures, so they brought her to us for euthanasia. We convinced them to leave her with us, that we would either try to find an appropriate home, or potentially euthanize if we couldn't get the seizures under control. Apparently the seizures were quite bad, but when we tested her levels for her meds, they were quite low, so we were able to up them quite a bit. 

We have had her for about 6 weeks and don't believe she's had any seizures since then. A staff member has been taking her home several nights a week to be sure there aren't any middle-of-the-night seizures we didn't know about, but there don't seem to be. 

Anyway, she's obviously a dog that will require some ongoing care. She's currently on 2 different medications (Potassium Bromide and Phenobarbital) and will potentially be on them lifelong. The meds could cost anywhere from $60-100/month, possibly less, possibly more. They are both relatively inexpensive medications, and if things continue to go well, there is the possibility of decreasing one or both. There is also the possibility of adding more medications, if things progress. She doesn't require any more diagnostics or anything, but would require some yearly blood work to monitor the levels of her drugs.

I know it's a long shot, dogs 'with issues' are obviously harder to adopt out, but if you have any leads, that would be greatly appreciated! She's super sweet, very affectionate, loves walks, playing fetch, is house trained, crate trained and spayed. 

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Mar 19/09

Liebe is Doing Good
Our Liebe had a comfortable and restful night last night, reports Allie. She is eating, drinking and going for short walks. So far, so good. Liebe is a strong-willed little girl and has overcome a few hurdles in her short life, but she will have nothing but the best from here on in. Keep up the good work Liebe!! Soon you will be running and playing and your painful memories will disappear. 

Our volunteer and foster mom Sharon got another great update on little Grace. As you can see, she is a very, very lucky girl. She even gets to go to the cottage - woohoooo Grace! Hope we get some pictures of your cottage adventures (-;

Hi Sharon,

Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! It is hard to believe we have already had Grace for a couple of months. She is now spayed, filling out and has gotten a bit bigger. We have all had to adapt to the energy of a puppy as compared to a 14 year old dog. We all love playing with her in a way that Freddie was too old for. We still have to work on training and listening skills but she is a very loving and good tempered dog. She has already come a long way. 

Considering the circumstances of her early months, we are actually surprised that there are no temperament issues. She has had her first trip up north recently and definitely seems to be a cottage dog. We're going up again today for the rest of the March Break and it's a great place for her to burn off all of that puppy energy. She actually is a very funny dog that makes us laugh all the time. She regularly sleeps on her back with all her paws extended out - we think she thinks she is a person!

How are you? Has your family fostered many dogs since Grace? I hope your children realize that not all families could do what your family does to help dogs. It is pretty special. Your children seemed like great kids. I hope you are enjoying your March Break. Thanks for checking up on Grace and please touch base whenever you want if you haven't heard from us.

Take Care, Joe and Peggy

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Mar 18/09

Home From Hospital
Our little girl Liebe was allowed to come home last night and a very excited Allie was waiting for Liebe to be released into her care.  Liebe looks SO good and you can tell she feels so much better; all fixed up.  

The x-rays after surgery were great, if you didn't see the pins you would never know her leg was broken.  We are so relieved that Liebe's surgery went well and that she is on the road to recovery. 

Allie will have to give her some rehab exercises 3 times a day manipulating and rotating the leg gently to assure mobility.  She will be on leash walks only and LOTS of rest.  Liebe returns in a week's time for a check-up and the following week her staples will be removed. 

I'm sure she is happy to be out of the hospital and feeling much better than when she went in.

Thank you to all that sent good wishes and prayers for Liebe.  Keep the prayers coming so that Liebe will recover 100% from her surgery.

After all the tension and stress of the last few days, I thought you might all enjoy a story I am sure will make you laugh.  I laughed so hard when I read this as this story could be about my girl Tegra who also likes to suck holes into brand new comforters, pillows ... anything soft.  I'm sure a few of you out there may also relate to this story from One Bark At A Time ... it's called Holes (-;  ENJOY!!!

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Mar 17/09

Liebe Update
There was a wonderful article written in the Cornwall Standard Freeholder, by David Nesseth yesterday morning. Read the article on Liebe...>

The article appeared early in the morning as Liebe was taken to the vets office.  First on the agenda were x-rays to determine the extent of her injury.  The x-rays revealed her leg was fractured at the knee and her knee joint was twisted right around.  Poor baby girl.  We now had two options and a decision to make that would affect Liebe for the rest of her life.  Do we operate and pray the surgery takes or do we amputate?  We only wanted the best possible outcome that would give Liebe the best quality of life, so we opted to have the surgery done to repair.  Liebe underwent surgery this afternoon and we got the good news at 5:30 p.m. that Liebe was out of surgery and the vet feels everything went very well. 

Liebe is resting comfortably and we will get another update tomorrow morning on how her night went.  Liebe will still need good thoughts sent her way and she will have another period of time spent recovering from this extensive surgery.

But she has MANY good things to look forward to in the future as ANML-RESQ will be looking for the greatest forever home for this brave little warrior. 

ANML-RESQ would appreciate any help with covering the cost of Liebe's surgery which was estimated at 1100.00-1400.00.  All donations are appreciated and can either be sent to:

St-Lawrence Valley Animal Hospital, Dr. El Korchi & Dr. Tropea, 435 Pitt St, Cornwall, K6J 3R3, 613-932-4094 

Or via Paypal on our website.  Please specify that your donation is towards Liebe's surgery.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers for Liebe's recovery.  We will keep you updated on her progress.

Thank you to Dr. Tropea and Dr. Korchi for taking such good care of our little girl.  Your heartfelt concern and extraordinary care are very much appreciated by Liebe, and all of us...who have fallen in love with a very special puppy. 

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Mar 16/09

Weekend Update
We have some great news to share with everyone of events over the past weekend.

First, we are pleased to announce that our seniors, Precious and Fido have found their forever home - YEAH!!!!!

Congratulations Precious and Fido on finding your forever home with two very special people, Colleen and her son Kyle.

Here is a short note we received from Allie, their foster mom on their meet'n greet and adoption.

Allie's email:

Today was a great day! I am pleased to let you all know that Fido and Precious have gone to their forever home. My family and I went for the home visit today and we brought "The Seniors" along for the ride. We had a feeling that the time spent with the potential adopter may tell us that it was ok to leave them with her today and we were right. It was love at first sight. Both Fido and Precious walked right into Colleen and Kyle's home and started to investigate. They loved up all the snuggles and cuddles they could get while Colleen and I talked about their routines and personalities. It wasn't long before they both made themselves at home on the leather sofa and cuddled up for a little nap. Both Colleen and Kyle were very glad to finally meet the pair so that they could give them all the long awaited pats and belly rubs that these two little gems so deserve. After a while it was decided by all that this would be their forever home. We made it official by signing the adoption agreement and I was so happy to know that they would forever be loved here. Next was the hard part of leaving the two old souls that I fell in love with behind. I whispered to them that I loved them and out the door we went. A follow up call later that evening confirmed what I knew all along...that both pups were settling in just fine. Cuddled up on the couch, Fido with Colleen and Precious beside Kyle, they had already had supper and been for a car ride. Their new family was just about ready to turn in for the night. I send them my love as I fall to sleep thinking that now one more will have a chance at a new life... "

We also had the BEST news from Abbey-Rose's mom and dad. She has FINALLY gotten a clean bill of health from her dental surgeon and we are thrilled to know that she will no longer need any more follow-up visits. She is all healed up and finally recovered. We couldn't have had better news. Abbey-Rose deserves to live out her life feeling as good as she looks.

In the picture is Abbey-Rose and her best buddy, Mr. Lucky. As you can see, Abbey-Rose is looking FANTASTIC and so happy!! Hugs to our little girl from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!!

Last, but certainly not least ... we are so happy to announce that the little shepherd girl, lost and hit by a car has been surrendered into our care. The local shelter was very happy to know that she would get the necessary surgery and vetting she needs. Everyone that has met her have fallen in love with her. Our gal Allie has named this special girl, Liebe... which is German for "LOVE". We couldn't think of a more appropriate name for her as we have all fallen madly in love with this little baby.

Allie has taken her from the shelter and to her home so she could rest more comfortably. Monday will be a big day for little Liebe. She has an appointment with the vet first thing in the morning where she will undergo x-rays and then discuss the options to help Liebe get better. We believe her leg is broken and know she will require surgery to repair. 

We will have much more information and updates on Liebe's progress tomorrow, but for now we ask that everyone sends good thoughts and special prayers for our little Liebe.

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Mar 13/09

Poor GSD in Trouble
The young German Shepherd Dog, believed to be around 6 months of age is fighting for her life. Found yesterday by Shawna minutes after she was hit by a car in the Cornwall area, this little girl was taken to the vet where emergency care was administered. 

Since she is considered a stray all hands are tied right now as far as repairing severe damage to her leg, and she has had to be transferred to the local animal shelter. The policy there is if no-one claims her within 3 days she will be euthanized. 

Our volunteer, Allie is fielding radio announcements and newspaper coverage in a desperate attempt to find her owners. If no-one claims her in the next 2 days we are hoping to be able to take her into our care. Best case scenario is that the radio and newspaper ads will reconnect this girl with her owners - if not then hopefully we can take her in, give her the surgery to repair her broken leg and help her find a new home. 

We know she is going to have to undergo surgery to repair her damaged leg so we would like to get the word out now that we are looking for a foster home for this sweetie. If anyone can give this girl a loving foster home where she can recuperate from her surgery and have time to mend and find her forever home, please contact ANML-RESQ.

Keep this baby in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep everyone updated on her progress.

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Mar 12/09

Can You Help? 
Our volunteer in Cornwall received a call this evening from her vets office, giving her the heads up on a young GSD puppy, approx. 6 months old who was struck by a car. She is in the vets care and all avenues are being taken to find this puppy's owner. She has been injured and will require x-rays, so it is imperative that her owner is found. If you know of anyone in the Cornwall area, missing their German Shepherd puppy, please have them contact ANML-RESQ at and we will put you in touch with the veterinary clinic. In the meantime, everyone, please send good thoughts and prayers for this little girl. Hopefully she and her owner will soon be reunited.

On a much brighter and happier note, we had a great update on young Diesel. The mastiff mix puppy, deemed a banned breed by all that looked at him and therefore forced to leave the province of Ontario. Imagine that, a 4 month old puppy...exiled from this province of ours. In the long-run though, it was probably the best thing that could have happened. Diesel has been adopted by a retired couple with an older GSD and everyone adores Diesel. He will want for nothing! Congratulations little man!! Thank you to ALL that helped Diesel to his destination and new leash on life [muzzle-free too - woohoo].

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Mar 11/099

Darla and Spanky
Today, we have a couple of little Chihuahuas that are looking for their forever home - either together or separate.

First, we have darling Darla who is 6 years old and loves to be carried around and sleep with you under the covers. 


Darla is a picky eater and could stand to put on a little more weight. She weighs about 2 lbs. Darla is OK with children 8 yrs. old and up. She is also OK with cats and respectful dogs as well. She is intimidated and frightened by dominant dogs.

Then, we have Spanky is 10 years old, but you would never know it. 


He is litter trained and will "sing along" to Happy Birthday, so a great little singer to take along to your next birthday party. Spanky would prefer to be your one and only but has lived with his fur-sister Darla for many years and wouldn't mind if she came home with him to his new forever home. 

For more information on these two cuties, please check our Dogs for Adoption web page. If you are interested in Spanky and/or Darla, please contact findsharon@rogers.

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Mar 10/09
Pick Up and Delivery
Following on the heels of the 5 doggies that were transported to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter, here is a different view of the doggies and their buddies who escaped certain death: One Bark At a Time: Pick Up and Delivery
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Mar 9/09

Weekend Update 
Saturday's transport went off without a hitch. All five doggies were safely taken to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter where they are settling in nicely. Unfortunately, it was a cold, rainy day and I couldn't get any pictures of the gang, however, I can tell you on-board were a beautiful flat-coated retriever, a silky terrier, a cocker spaniel, a miniature schnauzer and a poodle. All the doggies were very shy and scared, but there was absolutely no aggression shown by any of them. 

I thought they may have been a little shyer of the human touch, and although stressed, soon warmed up to a gentle, loving hand. They will be vet-checked and any issues needing work, will be worked with at the Shelter. Don't forget to check their website for pictures and updates of these very lucky furbabies. 

Thanks to everyone that battled the torrential rains to get these babes where they should be.

We also got some pictures of our boy Balou!! Remember the mastiff/bulldog puppy? Well, here are a couple pictures of a now 130 lb. and growing,

Balou! Yes, at just over a year old now and still growing LOL ... I don't think his owners were expecting to have such a big boy. He already outweighs his rotti sister Sophie. 

Thankfully, she is a typical rotti girl and keeps this big gorilla in line when he steps out of line. 

We notice a similarity in most of the pictures of Balou growing up ... he's ALWAYS got something in his mouth! lol

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Mar 6/09

Reaching Out
It has been another week of urgent calls, dogs needing help and no where for them to go.

As each week passes, and the economy gets worse and more people lose jobs....more animals are being surrendered to shelters or dumped on the streets to fend for themselves.

This week, there was a call for help from our friends in Quebec. They are working tirelessly helping the dogs that are being dumped by the puppy mills. These poor souls have been used and abused and are now being dumped because they are no longer "useful" to the millers. Sadly, this is their reward for producing puppies in mass numbers over the years, yielding their owner BIG money for their years of reproduction......they have now become a bill of expense and no longer viable.

Normally, it would be the end of the road for these dear souls. There is no loyalty or sense of responsibility by the miller...they must either find rescue or die.

Thanks to our friends at Owen Sound Animal Shelter, we will be transporting five of these precious babes into their loving care. This will be the start of their rehabilitation. Because these poor dogs have spent their whole life in a cage, they are frightened of the world around them. They have NEVER been exposed to humans and have NO idea what the human touch feels like. They have never known what it feels like to walk on grass and probably have never been outdoors - period. They will need kindness, compassion and patience to help them through this transition.

I'm sure it will be some time before they are posted on Owen Sound Animal Shelter website for adoption, but be sure to read Renee's Blog for updates on these little darlings.

I will be doing part of that transport and will have my camera handy!! I hope to be able to take a few pictures, although I am sure they will be very shy and frightened.

My heart breaks for these dear souls and I know they have a long road ahead of them, but when we see them finally placed in a loving and caring home...ALL the hard work and patience will pay off.

Thanks Owen Sound Shelter for reaching out and helping these dear souls find out what life should REALLY be about, snuggled up to a loved one and being loved and cherished. I can't wait to meet them all this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Mar 5/09

Dog Skin Irritations
Lately, I have run into a lot of people, who's dog has some type of skin issue caused by allergies.

It can be extremely frustrating as you and your vet try to narrow down what your dog is allergic to.  It can be a long process eliminating possible culprits.  It can be frustrating for both the dog and you.

I found this interesting article in Dogs In Canada's latest online edition.

It has a lot of interesting articles and educational pieces.

Here is a link to the article titled Atopic Dermatitis.  Have a read, perhaps it can help you.

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Mar 4/09
Dog Disease Numbers on the Increase
Leptospirosis is a dangerous dog disease and is on the rise. An article from Tampa Bay, FL states that a disease vets rarely saw five or ten years ago is making a come back.

Gary Oswald, an internal medicine specialist, said instances of leptospirosis have increased in recent years.

ďWeíve seen new strains of leptospirosis much more pathogenic,Ē or capable of causing disease,Ē he said. ďTheyíll shut liver and kidneys down and sometimes [cause] death in animals, so I think the word is finally out there that this is a new re-emergent disease.Ē

The disease, caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium, spreads through the urine of infected animals. It can get into water or soil and survive for weeks or months.

Oswald said dogs are more inclined to contract the disease if they spend time in wooded areas or near freshwater ponds.

Oswald went on to say that dogs in urban areas are also susceptible to the disease in certain places, such as dog parks.

In milder strains of leptospirosis, a dog may appear to have flu-like symptoms such as fever, refusal to eat and weakness. In more serious strains, if not treated with antibiotics, the disease can attack an animalís kidneys, liver and brain within a week or two.

New vaccines on the market can protect dogs against four of the new strains of leptospirosis. Oswald suggested dog owners ask their veterinarians if their pet is at risk.

Lisa and I walk the dogs at the local park where there is a creek, as well as at a nearby lake, they drink out of both.  We will definitely be checking with our vet about this and asking her advice on the vaccine. [excerpt from dogblog at]

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Week of Mar. 1: Watch for dogs eating rocks, bark, moss, sticks, or dirt; these are signs that they may be very hungry. Call the authorities!

Mar 3/09

Iím sorry you are frightened of my dogs and are trying to have them killed because they are pitbulls. 

Iím sorry you lack the understanding of this breedís true history, gentleness with people, wonderful temperament, intelligence and behavioral conformation. Iím sorry you wonít read the ATTS stats regarding our breedís true temperament, putting it in the top four for temperament, scoring better than breeds like Golden Retrievers, and cocker spaniels. 

I'm sorry that you side with and protect animal abusers by marking the breed of dog, and not the irresponsibility of the owner. Iím sorry that by your logic I could steal a car, run some people over with it and then you can blame the make of car for the accident, as I walk free. 

I'm sorry you generalize one breed of dog with one group of people. I'm sorry you can't see the love and determination that many often highly educated, non-criminal and "normal" types of people show towards this breed and the great personal sacrifices that they make to take care of their dog responsibly. 

I'm sorry you cannot go into the shelters and see the hundreds of abandoned and abused pitbulls, dying only for the inane "crime" of being born the breed they are. I'm sorry you cannot see the look of disappointment in their eyes as someone walks by their kennel, and refuses to consider adopting them based on an ill educated fear mongering reporter. I'm sorry that you cannot be there when the animal looks at a human for the last time, and in spite of betrayed by all humans they have met, their tail still wags as someone approaches with the syringe of Euthinol. 

Iím sorry cannot be there when law enforcement shoots one of your dogs dead inside itís own home in front of the children it mutually loves for simply getting off the dog bed and walking over to say hello with it's tail wagging. I'm sorry you cannot be there to rescue pitbull puppies from a plastic bag in a dumpster, dumped there by someone switching their illegal, and inhumane activities to another, more lucrative breed. 

I'm sorry you cannot understand the difference between canine and human aggression, in the way that this breed can. Yes, I'm saying my pitbull is smarter then you. 

I'm sorry that the medieval witchhunting genetics of intolerance, generalization, and racism make you feel the need to vilify a breed of dog. I'm sorry that justice, equality, tolerance, common sense are all things you hold dear as a fellow Canadian, and expect from others, but do not yourself offer them towards a pitbull or its caregiver. I'm sorry that you don't take the constructive time to petition changes in the Canadian animal cruelty act, and in the criminal code that would deal out serious punishment to the real animal abusers. 

I'm sorry you cannot see the disappointed look on a puppyís face when the people petting it quickly frown, and walk away when you tell them it is a pitbull. I'm sorry you feel the need to terrorize my family and my dogs for crimes we never have and never will commit. I'm sorry you don't have to live in fear of your dogís safety from hysterical, and mentally unstable people trying to inflict all manner of evil upon your dogs. 

I'm sorry that you cannot see my breed working in some of the best Search and Rescue groups in the world, saving countless lives each year. I'm sorry our media censors and refuses to print the breed name "pitbull' when in connection with a positive act such as saving a person or child from a burning house, drowning, wild attacking animals, etc. I'm sorry you cannot see the many pitbulls registered as therapy dogs and bringing so much joy to another misunderstood, neglected demographic in our society, the senior citizen. 

I am sorry you canít see a pitbull kiss a child, step carefully over a kitten, or play in a sunbeam. I'm sorry you cannot wake in the morning to feel a warm pitbull cuddled next to you in bed, and know that you are their total world, and even if the house caught fire and trapped you, they would stay with you to the end. But, now that I really think about it, Iím not at all sorry you don't own a pitbull--you do not deserve one. 

Rob MacBean 
The Mongrel Hordes 
Lake Cowichan BC 
(Permission granted by me the author to crosspost as long as it stays intact, and with my name on it) 

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Mar 2/09

Diesel Update
The transport for baby Diesel went well this weekend and he has found safety in Quebec.

What a heartbreaking journey this has been for everyone involved, and most probably for young Diesel himself.

His life had already started out with hardship as his mother died when he and his siblings were less than a week old. From that day forward, he was hand-fed and raised. At 3 weeks of age he was purchased by a young man through an advertisement on Kijijii. He was listed as a mastiff puppy and was SOLD at a very exorbitant amount of money. The kind of money I would expect to pay from a responsible, legitimate breeder. By purchasing from a responsible breeder, I would be ensured paperwork that provides proof of the breeding, lineage, etc. There would have been a contract signed and the breeder would ensure the return of that dog, should it not work out for some reason. In this case, there was NO paperwork provided and no vetting done. There was no contract signed and no follow up done once the puppy left. That should have sent a "red flag" to any interested person, looking for a certain breed of dog from a responsible breeder.

Little Diesel was purchased at 3 weeks of age and fed a special puppy recipe. He always had someone with him and he was raised with a baby girl, whom he adored. 

As this puppy grew older, his people started to get harassed and chastised for owning a banned breed. They couldn't take him for a walk without being accosted and threatened. They couldn't understand why everyone was pointing at their 4 month old puppy, shouting "pit bull....that dog should be dead!! You have an illegal dog and we're going to report you! You will go to jail!!"

What were these people talking about?.....their puppy is a mastiff!! Not a pit bull. 

UNFORTUNATELY, they can't prove what Diesel is or isn't as he has never been vetted and he is now perceived as a banned breed... at the very least, substantially similar to. I'll bet if he wasn't brindle, it would be less likely that he would be so discriminated against. He doesn't look much like the banned breeds - he looks like a Heinz 57...but NOT here in Ontario. 

Nope, here in Ontario, his life was in danger, every time he went for a walk, every time he went out in public. Something every dog should be allowed to walked, be socialized. But NOT here in Ontario. He wasn't safe here.

So he was torn away from the only family he has ever known, the tears were unbearable. The transporters fell in love with him. The family that Diesel overnighted with before final destination fell in love with him. ALL that have met him hold a special place in their heart for him. He has touched many. 

It is another reason we must keep on fighting this ridiculous Bill 132. Too many families are being ripped apart and too many hearts are being broken. TOO many dogs are dying - MANY of them are puppies.

We must keep up the fight and stop the senseless killing of innocent animals.

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