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Precious and beautiful, 4 month old Clemintine was abandoned by her family. She was confused and frightened when we picked her up but that didn’t stop her from cuddling in for comfort. She is head shy, which usually means abuse or bad handling by someone in her past. Clemintine looks so sad , it makes one wonder how a dog could miss a family that didn’t want her ,but dogs are like that and forgive all . She is getting the hang of going outside to potty with the help of her foster brothers and is being shown doggy manners and sharing with their help. Because she was so frightened , her foster mom has been taking her to bed with her at night, and Clemintine stays quiet and still all night as long as she can snuggle close. 

Hopefully her fears will pass as she gains some self confidence. We have no idea what her breed mix is but she has such a good little heart and soul that it doesn’t matter . We think she may be a medium size when she matures but again who knows for sure, Clemintine has started to act like the puppy she is, playing games with the big ‘kids’ and exploring her surroundings. Whatever this baby has gone through is over now and she needs a kind, soft forever home to love her . It would be best if there were no small children in her future home but she gets along well with the dogs and cats so may be a good second dog in for some lucky family. Her adoption fee is $295 of which $50 will be returned with proof of spay. For more information on Clemintine please fill out the on-line application at the Companion Animal Rescue or e-mail

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Mar 28/08

Training Troubles
Are you having difficulty with your dog? Is your dog fearful? Has your dog taken over your household and won't listen? If you have a strong-minded OR fearful dog, 'Nothing In Life is Free' (NILIF) is a good way of gaining respect and a leadership position with your dog. I use NILIF often when bringing in a new dog, OR when my own need a little attitude adjustment. This is very good, helpful advice.

This was posted on another board, thought I'd share, ( here is a quick overview of her points for consideration. Please check her web site for the full article:

Mind Games (version 1.0)
Playing for Confidence and Compliance
By M. Shirley Chong

I do not believe that dogs view human beings as if they were other dogs. However, I am convinced that when humans act in specific ways that dogs usually react in a predictable manner. A handler can use these specific reactions to modify a dog’s behavior--to help a fearful dog feel more confident and to influence an uncooperative dog into becoming more biddable.

Play as many of the Mind Games as you can for at least a month. If your dog’s attitude has improved, slowly start dropping some of the games. I recommend that you keep the first game (No More Kibble From Heaven!) and the last game (Rewards From Daily Life!) for life. You may 
decide to keep playing more or all of the games. If your dog’s attitude starts to get worse again, re-institute the game you most recently dropped for at least another month.

Mind Games Checklist
¨ Medical exam, including thyroid check

¨ Mind Game #1: No More Kibble From Heaven!
¨ Mind Game #2: No Free Lunches!
¨ Mind Game #3: No More “Pee-Mail”!
¨ Mind Game #4: Patience!
¨ Mind Game #5: Learning His Place!
¨ Mind Game #6: Taking Back Your Space!
¨ Mind Game #7: Follow the Leader!
¨ Mind Game #8: Take Control Of Your Dog’s Body!
¨ Mind Game #9: S/he Who Owns the Most Toys Wins!
¨ Mind Game #10: Daily Chores!
¨ Mind Game #11: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body!
¨ Mind Game #12: Rewards From Daily Life!

As this was only a quick outline, please refer to to Shirley Chong's web article, for more information

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Mar 27/08

This beautiful boy is named Hurley. He is an 8 month old Australian shepherd mix. He is a very intelligent, high-energy boy that needs a JOB!!! He needs a high-activity home with calm, consistent and constructive activities and lots of boundaries.

hurley.jpg (113168 bytes)

Hurley would do best in a good country home or farm where he can have lots of room to run. Where someone understands his breed and his need to work.

If you think you can provide Hurley with the country home he needs, please contact Lois Jackson at for more information about Hurley.

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Mar 26/08

Dog Bite Prevention Seminar
I am very excited to announce that ANML-RESQ will be hosting our first-ever Bite Prevention Seminar. We will be hosting this event BEFORE the school year ended and the kids are out and about playing. We feel the more education you and your children receive about preventing bites, the safer they can be.

The Seminar will be presented by Renee Robins, ACO., of the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. Renee is a very accomplished speaker and her presentations are both educational and fun to attend. 

A few subjects to be discussed at the Seminar are:

  • Keep yourself, your family, children and pets, bite free

  • How to avoid being bitten

  • Know the signs of danger

  • What to do if attacked by a dog

All ages are welcome AND encouraged to participate in this interactive presentation (people only please ... no pets this time).

The Seminar will be held on Saturday, May 24th at the Caledon Community Centre (.pdf) from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. There will be light refreshments available for lunch and, of course, raffle draws and prizes!! 

More information will be available on our website in the coming days, but PLEASE mark this very important day on your calendars. I hope to see you all on May 24th!!

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Mar 25/08

Petey and Oreo
Anyone want a hotdog? lol 

This little hotdog's name is Petey. Petey and Oreo are looking for their forever homes. 



While it would be wonderful if they could go to a home together, we understand this is not always possible. 

These two little cuties will be coming to our rescue soon, but I thought I would give everyone a sneak peak. 

Petey and Oreo are approximately 6-7 years young. They are housetrained, good with kids and enjoy the company of most other dogs. 

If you think you might want to adopt either of these little ones or know someone who would, please check our main page for the on-line adoption application or email for more information.

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Mar 24/08

All About Pets
I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday weekend. It was nice to see the sun shine most of the weekend. Hopefully, spring is just around the corner.

It was a fairly quiet weekend and a couple of friends and I got together and visited the All About Pets show at the Toronto International Centre. As always, there were lots of vendors selling pet related items, LOTS of dogs, cats, rabbits and even birds to see.

When we weren't shopping, we stayed with our friends at the Upper Credit Humane Society booth. They had Max, the husky mix at the booth and his sweet personality drew many, many people to the booth. I am sure Max was very tired by the end of his day. He did a great job, schmoozing with everyone and he met many, many new friends.

I wanted to mention one of the booths, in particular that we visited as I am so excited that someone is FINALLY taking the initiative to start a low-cost spay/neuter clinic.

Thousands of healthy pets are euthanized every year in the GTA because they are unwanted. Support the only proven solution to pet overpopulation. Low-Cost spay/neuter clinics. Spaycentral Toronto has already raised $145,000.00 in start-up costs for the GTA's first non-profit, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Help them raise the $70,000.00 still needed to open the clinic. The clinic will operate on a proven self-financing business model. Revenues will cover expenses. This will ensure the clinic remains open and achieves the aggressive sterilization targets needed to reverse pet overpopulation targets in the GTA. To find out more about Spaycentral and the clinic or to make a donation, please visit or send your cheque to Spaycentral Toronto, P.O. Box 38183, 550 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto, ON M5N 3A9 

The ladies we spoke to at the booth mentioned the spay/neuter fees would be $50.00 for each animal (bulk rates available). Anyone is welcome to bring their pets, even if they do not reside in the GTA area. They believe the clinic will be up and running by the fall of this year.

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Mar 20/08

Tucker is 5 years old and was an owner surrender to a rural shelter we rescue from. He had been tied to a tree almost his entire life.


Despite that, he is very lovable and kind and extremely gentle and gets along with everything. He is smaller in size and short legged, tri-coloured. He is neutered and vaccinated and heart worm tested negative. We also treated him for an ear infection that he seemed to have. 

He was in one of our foster homes, but they returned him to the shelter today for personal reasons. We do not have a spot for him now as we just removed several dogs from that shelter over the weekend. 

We desperately want to ensure he does not get lost in the shuffle now and he must be so confused going form a nice warm home (finally in his life!) to the shelter again.

He loves walks and cuddles and just being near his owner. He was being fostered in a townhouse with another small breed dog. There was someone home with him almost all the time due to their schedules, so we aren't certain how he would do being alone during a full work day all week. It's NOT that he showed separation anxiety behaviour ... they just never left him alone much, so can't say if he's a barker or not. 

If anyone can take this fellow to foster or adopt, please email myself right away at (Alynn Forrest McRae)

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Mar 19/08

Our little girl Sassy had to make a visit to the vet's yesterday. You don't have to ask Sassy twice to go visit with some of her favorite people. Thankfully, going to the vet's is considered a "fun" visit for Sassy. She still remembers everyone there from her bout with parvo and she obviously enjoyed her time there because when we say "time to visit the vets" she is all wags and ready to go (-:

She wore her 'Ban Politicians, Not Dogs' t-shirt and off to the vets she goes to have her anal glands expressed. Unfortunately, she has to have this done occasionally, and I'm sure it must be somewhat embarrassing for her, but necessary. As there were no other people/dogs at the office, the examining room was open while they worked on Sassy's butt. All was going well until a client entered with their hound-type dog. That's when Sassy started to vibrate lol! My husband and I both know that when Sassy vibrates, it's NOT a good sign. 

A lot of dogs will immediately lunge and growl at the sight of another dog, but Sassy's only clue is vibration, so if you miss that cue, there could be trouble )-: As much as Sassy loves her own pack (with the exception of Tegra), Sassy does not like other dogs. 

So my husband immediately got a firm hold of her while they closed the examining room doors. They continued to work on Sassy until she was "fixed up". lol ... I can just picture the vet's working on her bum while her body vibrates like a buzzsaw. But Sassy had only ONE THING on her mind, and that was the other dog, so as soon as Sassy was done, she had to be escorted out the door very quickly, before she caught sight/scent of the hound. 

Now our little girl is feeling much better and we do too. No more fishy smell!

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Mar 18/08
Rambo's Second Hearing ... Please Try to Attend!

Everyone's help is needed. Rambo, the Mississauga dog, in the custody of Toronto Animal Control - labeled as a 'pit bull' and seized from his loving owners. The dog has done nothing and is innocent.

We need everyone's support by having everyone show up in court today:

Tuesday, March 18th 
at 1-3pm
950 Burnhamthorpe Road West, 
Mississauga Ontario. 

The courts, the public, and the government need to see that this issue of breed specific legislation and discrimination does not just affect one or two people - it is affecting all of us, and we are watching and listening to everything together. We must continue to fight this legislation in numbers.

This is no longer an issue of legal or illegal dogs in the province, its an issue of discrimination and the targeting of innocent dogs and owners. 

BSL can and does affect everyone!

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Mar 17/08

Rambo and his owner will be back in court again tomorrow, in the fight for his life.

I find it very upsetting that this young, impressionable puppy is not allowed access to his owner. He is at an age where socialization is so very important to his well-being.

We were told that his owner is NOT allowed to visit with him, but the general public is welcome to visit with Rambo. However, I have heard of several people that have attempted to visit with Rambo and weren't allowed. Which is it? Is he allowed visitors or is he not? My guess is he is NOT allowed visitors. Why? Probably because they are afraid that someone might try to kidnap Rambo. This puppy is "evidence" in a trial that is pending. No way would they take the chance of having their "evidence" disappear. Heck, they would have to pay someone to stand guard while the public played with this puppy, to make sure no one pulled a fast one. That's my theory. So why mislead the public about it? Why tell people they are free to visit and socialize with Rambo when that is NOT the case?

It is such a shame that this young pup isn't afforded the same quality of life as the other dogs, unlucky enough to find themselves homeless and in the shelter system. Something as simple as a walk, some play-time, some HUMAN attention that all dogs crave and need - and months have gone by.

PEOPLE!!!! This is a PUPPY!!! Rambo is not a mass murderer ... he is NOT a rapist, pedophile ... nor is he a terrorist ... he is a living, breathing puppy, who has done NOTHING wrong. This court case can drag on for months, if not YEARS!! He is already being treated as though he has been found guilty of a heinous crime. Will this be Rambo's legacy? To be imprisoned for months/years and not allowed even the simplest amenities such as human affection/attention?

We will see what tomorrow brings and I can only pray that Rambo's people and the system can come up with a compromise for Rambo while he awaits his fate. 

Why not send him to a foster home where he can at least be a puppy? Whoever takes him in to foster would surely sign an agreement to keep him safe and "on property" until his fate can be decided. I am sure there are a number of options for Rambo ... it doesn't have to be like this )-:

I am praying for you Rambo. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday.

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Mar 13/08

Bailey and Your Rights 
Today is Rambo's appeal date ... please cross your fingers that this poor dog gets life...


While reading today's Caveat Blog ... a letter from a man in Peterborough, was posted, stating how the Humane Society decided to proceed with their dog, Bailey, and the story, problems and steps necessary to keep Bailey from the deadly clutches of the Humane Society... (know your rights!!!):


"... the humane society manager wanted all ‘Pit Bulls’ to have pictures taken for their files. Some owners refused, some agreed with me being one of the latter. I didn’t really see the harm.


 Now we get to Feb. 28th, 2007.  My stepson was putting out some recycling and left the door behind him ajar. It was a stupid thing to do, but kids tend to do stupid things at times. A lady was walking her Jack Russell across the front of my driveway when Bailey decided it was time to go and play. No growling, no barking, no biting… Just a good old fashion bout of play, something denied to him for more then 1/3 of his life up to that point. She picked up her dog, my stepson led Bailey back into the house and when we went to talk to the other dog owner, she had disappeared. Not a good sign.


 2 hours later an animal control officer and an OSPCA agent show up at my door, informing us of the investigation and telling us they need to see Bailey and take a picture for the reports. Let’s see, wife in tears because it’s pretty much a death sentence for Bailey, 2 strangers in a confined room with a dog, one in uniform and surly, the other in one of those massive bite jackets that you see guard dogs train on… No way were they going to see the dog. I informed the OSPCA agent that they already had a picture on file. They left shortly after telling my wife what the charges will probably be...

READ ON ... 

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Mar 13/08

Province of Saskatchewan
As promised, here are those pictures of our little man, Tater, while he was getting prepared for his big journey.

It is always a very sad experience when we have to send these babies away. Even though Tater was not in my foster care, the tears still flowed when we had to say good-bye. 

You always worry about their safety. I could not sleep until I heard that Tater arrived safely. And, by midnight, our time, I finally got word he landed safely and was in excellent spirits. Tater's person (Jamie) had her brother pick Tater up at the airport while she made the two hour trip to get him.

I heard that her brother's wife was a little nervous about taking him out of his crate to put him into their vehicle. She has read all the media hype and unfortunately had bought into that hype. Her brother immediately got him out of the crate, walked him around a bit and then they loaded him into their vehicle and put his crate in the back. By the time they arrived at their home, his wife was totally in love with our little man.

When Jamie arrived to pick up her little man, Tater , she had a bit of a battle as her sister-in-law wanted to keep him for themselves (-: It never ceases to amaze me when a person who is frightened of the bull-breeds FINALLY meets one in person. Their whole outlook changes about pitbulls after they have spent a couple of hours with one. It seems as though Tater has done exactly that! Way to go, little man ... you are an excellent ambassador for the breed (-:

Jamie called me the next morning and was so excited to tell me that Tater and his fur-sister hit it off immediately and it has been NON-STOP play since he arrived. You would think after such a grueling day he would be worn out, but he was ready to meet his new family and win them over with his clownish behaviour. Jamie has tried to get pictures, but the furkids were so excited and played so hard, she couldn't get any good ones ... all were blurred (sounds like she needs a video recorder - lol).

I will post pictures of Tater in his new home as I get them, but for now we are relieved that he is finally safe in the Province of Saskatchewan, where he can play and run without the restriction of a muzzle. 

Good luck in your new home Tater!

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Mar 12/08

Tater Update
Well, our little man, Tater, is finally on his way home.

Before picture (click for after picture)

It has been a very long and exciting day for this precious little puppy. I decided that it would be best to tucker the little guy out before he had to get on the plane, so I brought him together with a few other dog friends and little Tater ran and played and jumped and played some more. I have pictures of Tater's day and will upload them as soon as I can - I know you will want to see them.

The trip to the airport was uneventful, but when we arrived at the cargo department, the excitement started all over again. Tater was the main attraction at cargo that afternoon. All the workers took turns coming over to see him, and word spread quickly that there was a real 'cutie pie' at cargo. 

So many workers stopped by to see him, pet him and cuddle with him. Tater is the sweetest little attention hog! No one could understand why such a young puppy was flying all by himself to a new province. I guess these people haven't heard of Bill 132 and the danger these babies face every day, living in Ontario. 

I cried as I watched little Tater leave. He seemed so excited and his tail never stopped wagging.

We're so thankful that Tater has found a home out of this province. A place where he can run and play without wearing a muzzle. A place where people will welcome him, not a place where his life will be threatened. 

Good luck little Tater! You are a very special boy and we can't wait for pictures and updates from your new home. 

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Mar 11/08

Heidi Update
We had some great news over the weekend. The little lost girl that followed our volunteer Jenn home has found a "forever" foster home through Upper Credit Humane Society. 

Jenn remembers the little bedraggled girl that followed her, cold, hungry and in terrible shape. Jen could tell that this little girl had not seen the inside of a home in a VERY long time. The dog was so hungry, and yet terrified to go inside to the warmth. 


Thankfully, Jenn was able to slowly coax her to safety with food. (Read her story.)

With nowhere to keep this girl, Jenn was able to contact Upper Credit who graciously took her in. They named her Heidi and after a much needed grooming and vet check they were told that this dear soul is about 12 years old. How awful it must be for these abandoned seniors to have to fend for themselves through the cold, harsh winter. Foraging for food and looking for warmth wherever they can find it. Their old, tired bones, cold and stiff.

Thanks to the efforts of Jen, who coaxed her to safety,  and Upper Credit Humane for taking this lost soul into their care and finding her the home she deserves so much.

Good luck in your new home little girl. We are so happy to know you will spend your golden years in a home where you will be loved and cherished.

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Mar 10/08

Make My Day
My phone line has been giving me problems for a few months now. It happened again on Friday - I got off the phone with a friend and went to send something via email and I couldn't get a connection. Totally frustrated, I call my service provider and told them my problem. They told me they could not send a technician until Monday ... NOT the answer I wanted to hear, but I had no choice.

On Sunday morning, I got a call on my cell phone, it was the technician and he was in our driveway. YIKES! I wasn't prepared for him, so I asked him to give me a minute while I put a couple of dogs away. 

I kicked out the three youngest ones and followed the technician to our phone box (outside the house). He was able to ascertain that the problem was in the phone lines going to the jack, so that could mean the line that goes through the basement or it could mean a jack in the house.

I figured with my luck, it would be the line running into the house and the only access to the basement is through the backyard ... so I asked him to give me a minute so I could get the dogs into the house (and out of the backyard). He watched as the three bullies were jumping for glee at the prospect of having a visitor. He told me that they looked like very friendly dogs and he was used to dogs, so no need to put them away - lol ... I told him he would never get any work done if I didn't put them away, so I called them into the house and put them into the spare bedroom. I also sent Pebbles into another room and closed the door. We were set to test the jacks in the house and he started with the main phone and through testing found it to be working. GREAT! Then I told him the only other telephone is upstairs (in the loft), along with my computer. He looked up at the lines running upstairs and LO and BEHOLD, there was my Tegra, hanging off the balcony ... watching quietly. The technician stepped back, his jaw dropped and then said "HOLY SH%T! That is a B-I-G dog!"

tegraupstairs.jpg (85382 bytes)

You can see Tegra hanging off the balcony looking at the technician - so you can have a visual of what he saw. 

She is quite a site to see ... her jowls hanging down and she was impatiently "whoo, whooing" - begging him to come see her. He was mesmerized by her and couldn't stop commenting what a BIG, BEAUTIFUL dog she was. And, of course, he just HAD to meet her! 

So, after FINALLY solving my phone woes (it was the upstairs phone causing the problem, ALL ALONG), I brought Tegra down (at his insistence) and he met my big girl. 

It was so nice to see a stranger who wasn't afraid of her. Tegra soaked up all the attention, loving every minute of his affection and attention. The technician was such a dog-loving man and it almost brought tears to my eyes to see someone look at my dogs with no fear or prejudice. He couldn't get enough of Tegra's kisses. And the best part of all ... he said because it only took him a minute to figure out the problem, it would be NO CHARGE! 

What a wonderful way to end the week (-: 

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Mar 7/08

Good Luck
This weekend we are making arrangements to have little Tater flown to his new home in Saskatchewan.

I have talked to his new mom who is anxiously awaiting his arrival. Awaiting Tater at his new home will be a fur-sister a human brother and sister as well as his new mom and dad. He is going to be so excited to start his new life in a province where he will be loved and not persecuted. We are all excited for this little boy to start his new life. I am sure that once he is settled we will get lots of pictures and updates.

We all wish you much happiness Tater. You are such a beautiful little boy who is dearly loved by your foster mom. I know it will be hard for her to say "good-bye" to you. But we all know that you will be safe where you are going and best of all, you will not need to wear a muzzle! (-: Safe trip little man!

On a special note, I would like to thank everyone who donated toward Tater's flight out of Ontario.

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Mar 6/08

Big Baby
Here he is - our baby Balou! I finally get to show him off to everyone (-: 

This darling puppy is going to be 7 months old soon and he is already as big as his foster sister Sophie (a full grown Rottweiler girl). He is an amazingly calm and confident boy. He struts and ambles around like a big dog and his stance looks like that of a bulldog. I am absolutely in love with this beautiful baby boy.

Balou's foster sister Sophie is such a good girl. She welcomed Balou into her home immediately and the two started to play within minutes. Sophie will be a wonderful foster sister and I know she will keep this little man in line. He is a typical boy ... always pushing his limits and "pestering" seems to be a passion of his. Poor Sophie ... she's got her work cut out for her (-: 

Here are a couple of pictures of Balou and Sophie. As you can see from the pictures, this puppy may appear to be full grown, but he has a LONG way to go. He still has to grow into those big feet of his (his feet are the size of my hands), so I can only guess what his mature size will be. He has so much loose skin on his back, you could carry him around like a purse - if he wasn't so darn heavy lol!

I will be sending pictures and updates as we get them from Balou's foster home. As I mentioned before, we will not be posting him for adoption until his foster family has a chance to decide if he's the one for them. 

Balou has his own "fan club" here at ANML-RESQ ... and I am probably his biggest fan!

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Mar 5/08

Porcupine or Puppy Pin Cushion
It's that time of year again, where you need to be careful and watch your dogs when you are walking them through trails off-leash. 

It seems this time of year is the worst for bumping into porcupines. These prickly creatures are out and about in full force searching for food. They are very slow moving critters and dogs are naturally curious of these strange looking animals. Although porcupines do not throw their quills, if a dog touches them they are bound to be covered in quills. This usually results in an emergency vet visit, as often times your furry friend will get nailed, long after your vet's office has closed.

I went through this experience a few years ago with my Rotti girl Pebbles. We were walking the trail through our property and Pebbles tangled with one of these prickly guys. Thankfully my boy took one look and decided he would rather not tangle with him - but Pebbles went for it.

I brought the dogs home, immediately called our vet (they were closed) and instead I had to use the emergency vet as it was now 6 pm. After arriving at the vet's office our girl had to be put out and then the work began. 

The vet, his assistant and I were plucking quills from inside Pebbles mouth, all around her face, and even some from her chest and legs. We stopped counting after removing 300 quills. It was a very tedious task and it usually doesn't end there. You can be pulling quills from your dog sometimes a year later. These small, fine, hook shaped quills can bury themselves very deeply into the skin and if not caught can cause serious infections. It is very important that all quills are removed. 

We actually had a porcupine right out on our front porch a few weeks ago. NOT exactly a critter I'd like my dogs to come face to face with again lol ... so, we removed a small pile of wood on the deck - better safe than sorry.

As spring arrives in full force, a whole host of critters are beginning to stir. Skunks are also out in full force now ... so watch out for these guys while walking too. There is nothing worse than the aroma of "skunk" permeating your house for weeks. Our fearless Pebbles has also tangled with a skunk or two and believe me, all you can smell is skunk for weeks!! YUCK!! Keep a close eye on your pets as these critters are out and about. 

Let's keep our pups safe, as well as our furry friends we share this earth with. If your dog (or cat) gets skunked ... check out this 'skunk de-smeller' ... don't forget Dawn dish detergent is very good ...>

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Mar 4/08

I FINALLY got to meet our new boy Balou on Sunday. His foster dad picked him up on Sunday morning and we met him at his house. 

What a sweet boy Balou is. He is even cuter in person. I also got to see my girl Sophie, who left me when she was 9 weeks old. She is full grown now (almost 5 years old) and as beautiful as ever. Sophie greeted us with a treat in her mouth. She was so excited for us to see her "new brother" and Balou was so excited about his new surroundings. WOW ... lots of room to run, a GREAT yard, and a sister that wanted to chase him around and play - WOOHOO! 

Balou is such a big, klutzy, lug. I could not get over the size of his feet and legs. He has legs on him like little tree stumps - lol. Unfortunately, when I took my camera out to start snapping pictures, my battery died! I didn't get one single shot! 

We are going to hold off putting Balou on the website, as it appears he might not be leaving his foster home. Just after spending a couple of hours there, you could see that Balou has attached himself to his foster dad and foster dad was so attentive to Balou. I also heard that yesterday Balou and dad went to the pet store and Balou 
just stuck his head into a large bin and pulled out a marrow bone, so of course, Balou went home with a nice treat (-:

The best part of the day was to watch Balou and Sophie playing and chasing each other around the room in circles. Foster dad tells me that Sophie used to do this every day with her brother Brodie. She misses her Brodie so much and I only hope that Balou can help fill that void. 

Sunday was a great day. I got to meet my previous foster girl Sophie again and her mom and dad AND I finally got to meet Balou. As I mentioned before, I have been in love with him ever since I saw the first pictures. 

I will send pictures and updates of Balou as I get them. I can't wait to show this little BIG guy off (-:

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Mar 3/08

It has been a roller coaster of emotions this week. Sadly, as you know by now, Munchie has been killed. This has been a very sad and emotional experience as we were hoping that Munchie's owners would have had the opportunity to make a "last ditch" appeal at saving their beloved pets life. 

From what we understand, they were trying to launch an appeal to have the earlier decision overturned. This can be a very costly endeavour which most people cannot afford. Now, we will never know the true facts about this case. We send our heartfelt condolences to Munchie's owners.

Rest in Peace Munchie.

Rambo's case has not yet been determined. It has been held-over until the 14th of March. Let us hope that Rambo does not end up the same way Munchie did. 

In Rambo's case, at least, there is not a lot of controversy surrounding it. Rambo's only mistake was escaping his yard. There is no alleged bite incident, no menacing charge ... just a puppy found straying. For the average dog found straying, this would not mean a death sentence, but because Rambo has been deemed a pit bull and too young to be legally in the Province, his life hangs by a thread.

Please keep Rambo in your thoughts and please show your support when Rambo's trial commences again on March 14th. 

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