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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

June 2017

Updated: Tuesday July 04, 2017 10:14:34 PM



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Savannah Update  
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Savannah Update  
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June 26/17

Sailor Update - We are so excited to announce that our senior boy Sailor has gone to his forever home. His anxious dad could not wait for his little boy to come home. Sailor had to remain in foster until he was completely vetted including dental. He is feeling like a million bucks now with those rotten teeth removed. 

We cannot thank our friends and former adoptors, Anne and Wayne for fostering this wee man for us while he got most needed vetting done. We also would like to thank ANML-RESQ alumni Gus for welcoming Sailor into his home as well as little brother Jack. Here are some pictures and brief update from foster mom of Sailor’s arrival:

Sailor is now at his new home. Jeff is totally thrilled with him. Sailor is in the bed Darlene gave us for him. He loves the bed and went to it readily. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Jeff is anxious to show his new boy to family and friends. Sailor will have a very nice life with Jeff as he is retired and home most of the time. 

And we cannot forget that our other wee boy George has also gone to his forever home this weekend!

Click to enlarge...

It was a great weekend for both of these boys who found themselves in a shelter in their golden years.

Both boys will now be living Happily Ever After! Good luck boyz from all your friends at ANML-RESQ!
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June 21/17

Savannah Update - We excited to say that our girl Savannah (aka Trixie) has gone to her forever home.  This little girl has waited a LONG time but the day has finally come.  

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We cannot thank Robyn and Family for fostering Savannah ... they helped get her completely potty trained and Savannah learned what it was like to live with a family.  Savannah spent many months in a kennel situation and we were thrilled when she finally went into foster care.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Her new life began last Friday when the family made a road-trip to meet foster mom and Savannah.  Their handsome boy Oreo also came along for the meet n greet and he and Savannah hit it off right away.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Savannah has a large fenced in backyard to play, play, play (her absolute favorite thing).  She has also had several trips to the dog park with brother Oreo and the two get to play, play, play with many other dogs.

Click to enlarge...

Congratulations Savannah, Rachel, Ian and Oreo.  Happy life Savannah, from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ!
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June 20/17

Belle Update - We received some nice pictures of our gal Belle (aka Val) and her mom decided that it was time to celebrate Belle’s 2nd birthday. 

Click to enlarge...

She is looking really good and we know she is very much loved by her mom. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Happy Birthday Belle!!! Hugs from all of your friends and family at ANML-RESQ!
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June 19/17

Dave Update - A couple of months ago I got an email from a fellow rescuer who asked if we could help yet another rottweiler. 

Sadly a few weeks earlier our friend and volunteer Dave had lost his beloved Shadow who he fostered and adopted though ANML-RESQ. We were all so sad to hear the news and Dave approached me to ask if we had a suitable black and tan that would work with his girl Georgia. It seemed like this new rottie boy Gunther could be the perfect match so after giving Dave the contact information for Gunthers’ owner a plan was put in place for Georgia and Gunther to meet. Here is an update and some pictures that we received from Dave.

Hi Renee, I know I have sent a few short messages and I keep meaning to give you a good update on Gunther. As you know we lost Shadow on April 29 to Liver failure and my girl Georgia was very sad and regressing to her more timid ways without her big brother. The dog park was still fun but staying home alone not so much. After what happen with Jake after Sheena died I didn't want to have Georgia go through the same. So I had contacted you regarding some of the boys on the Rescue site. Luckily for them they had all found homes but Gunther had just popped up needing to find a new home. After you spoke with his mom, Sarah, we got in touch and agreed to in Woodstock at the dog park on Sunday May 8th to introduce ourselves and Georgia & Gunther to each other. Gunther was a big silly boy running about in the stream even laying down in it before he came over to say hi. The two interacted well even playing a bit before Gunther joined the "pack" to run about the park again. I had a good talk with Sarah & Harley and we decided to meet at my place the following Saturday May 13th for them to surrender Gunther. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

On Saturday Georgia was playing in the backyard when Gunther arrived and we all went out back to let the dogs get reacquainted. First thing Gunther saw was Shadow's old Jolly Ball which became his new favourite toy. He was running around the deck & pool having a blast when he dropped the ball on the solar blanket and jumped in to get it and swam to the stairs. So it is official, First Shadow , Georgia, and now Gunther have all fell in the pool on their first day at the house. once he know he could go in the pool he spent the next 30 minutes jumping in & out of the pool, giving us all a good shower every time he would shake off when he got out. We got all the paperwork taken care of and Harley helped me bring all of Gunther's things in the house. Gunther had a big metal pail of toys that Georgia found entertaining, stealing away with the good ones one at a time to make a pile behind the hot tub for later. Gunther seemed a bit sad when his people left but came and chilled out on the deck with us until he dried out. Once the dogs were relaxed & resting I slipped out to the store to grab him some food as I only got a couple of can since they used up the dry food. We started with supper that night with Gunther over by the fridge & Georgia on the opposite side of kitchen by the patio door we had a bit of growling when the food was ready but each went to their respective corners. Both settled down for the night on beds in the family room while I watched a movie for evening before bed. at bed time I was joined by two bed hogs on my bed. Gunther is a snuggler, who tends to push himself right up snug with you. Did I mention the face washes, this boy loved to give kisses, I finally had to scold him to stop so I could get some sleep.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Sunday we took our first car ride together to the dogpark outside of town, K9 Fun Zone. They have about an acre fenced in leash-free area, and had bought the pool Sherry had at her place in Allison. Gunther got to meet a few new friends and we learned that Gunther loved big stick. There was an old try that blew down laying by the fence in the field, Gunther tried with all his might to drag that tree, finally settling for the large branch I broke off for him. Dog must be part Beaver, he stripped all the bark off of that piece then found how second favourite toy, the jolly ball at the park. After the park we took a drive into Hamilton to Pet-Valu and got a new nail clipper & a personalized tag for Gunther's collar.

Click to enlarge...

Gunther has had a bit of a food guarding issue due to being the only dog and never needing to worry that someone else might like his food. We did have a bit of a incident one night while getting supper ready both dogs were sitting at my sides when I picked up the bowls Gunther growled & snapped at Georgia's face. no one was hurt & Gunther got a time out in his crate while Georgia & I ate then he was allowed to eat once we were done. after that we really had no issues he would even let me stroke his head and remove the bowl while he is eating. With in two weeks I had the two of them eating at the same location less that 2 feet apart, sharing a water bowl, even drinking at the same time. At 7 & 1/2 years old Georgia is even more active now with a 4yr old around. She has also made it clear to Gunther that she is the boss, he pushes sometimes to see what he can get away with but she growls and he falls in line& behaves.

blog061917c.jpg (93437 bytes)

I do not think Gunther had much obedience training in the past, and the boy has a very short attention span but he is learning. I think once I can get some time I may try to enroll him in a class to help us bond better, but he has already decided I am him new human. I can't go anywhere with out having an escort, and at night I am apparently his cushion to rest on as he climbs into my lap and lays on me on the sofa. Did I mention the pool, I think Gunther has been swimming as much if not more that I have, sneaky bugger will stand on pool deck with his ball & nudge it to roll into the pool then run to the stairs and look at me to say can I go get it? I few times he just jumps in without waiting for me to say its OK. I have more stories to tell but getting late. (-: 

From the sounds of things, I DO believe that Gunther has found his forever home and we could not be happier for everyone!!! 
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June 15/17

Jake Update - We received a nice update and pictures from Jake’s mom. As you can see, our mini-lab is a very happy boy. Quite regal looking at his favourite “look-out” spot. Here is a short note from mom, Pamela.

Thought that these photos would make smile. I refuse to carpet it for him and I had to move all my plants to one side or outside, but this is his preferred "hanging out spot". 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We tried to discourage it, but we have had no success. ~Pamela

I also received a picture of my previous foster Pia. She had a real feddish for rocks during the time we fostered her. She had a favorite collection of rocks that were her prized possession. I see things haven’t changed LOL 

Click to enlarge...

We also received a nice picture of our cutie-pie Layla who lucked out with the most amazing family in the East Coast. 

Click to enlarge...

She is a very happy and loved little girl.
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June 12/17

Cricket Update - Our little cutie-pie Cricket is coming along famously in foster care. Thanks to Jason, Julie and big brother Kilo, Cricket has come a long way. He is much better with leash walks. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

As you can see from the pictures, he is never too far away from big brother Kilo ... in fact, most times they are always touching each other ... SO CUTE!!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Our Cricket is ready to be adopted and we have already been inundated with people that are interested in this handsome fellow. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Hopefully, that perfect forever family will soon be found. In the meantime ... please enjoy this "cuteness overload". (-:
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June 8/17

Savannah Update - We received  some nice pictures of our little Savannah. She is doing wonderful with her foster family.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

The children have been very involved with her training. Savannah is an energetic girl but she has come a long way since in foster care. She is fully housetrained now and enjoys going to doggy daycare a couple of times a week so she can play, play, play with her doggy friends.

We are thrilled for Savannah and hope that soon she will find her forever family.
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June 5/17

Nixon Update - We received some great pictures and update about our sweetheart Nixon. As you can see he is enjoying some clicker training and agility with his dad Kevin. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are so happy for Nixon and his new family. Kevin ADORES his boy and as you can see, the feeling is mutual.
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June 2/17

Mega Update - Mega, now known as Marvin has gone to his forever home! What a lucky boy he is! His owners have had bulldogs previously and they fell in love with Mega/Marvin at first sight.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mega/Marvin has had the most amazing experience with his foster mom Lori who worked diligently in helping Marvin with his issues...mainly reactive on walks when cars pass AND he refused to get in the vehicle for a ride so we enlisted the help of our trusty trainer Val and with Val’s help and tips and Lorie’s determination to help Marvin...he concurred his fear of both walking with cars passing AND going for a car ride – woohooo!

Congratulations to Todd and Family on your cute new addition. Happy Trails Marvin!!!
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