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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

June 2015

Updated: Saturday July 25, 2015 09:25:10 PM



Jax Update;
June 13th;
Meet Bandit;
Tank Has Arrived;
Foster Fail;
Mya Update;
Bandit Update;

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June 30/15

Bandit Update - We are over-the-moon happy to announce that our handsome young boy Bandit has been "officially adopted" by his loving foster family. This family is amazing and we are so fortunate to have found them. 

Their application (which was actually for another one of our rotts) came in at the perfect time as Bandit was at the shelter and stressing so bad that his time was running out. He either found rescue quickly or else...

So this wonderful family took a leap of faith and offered Bandit a safe place to fall. What a relief!! Now came the transport which NEEDED to happen quickly. As luck would have it our wonderful friends Anne and Wayne just so happened to be in the area close to where Bandit was. It was as though the angels were looking out for this wonderful boy. Transport was completed a few days later and fast forward a month or so and this lucky boy captured the hearts of his whole family.

Thank you Tom, Glenda and Echo for welcoming this boy into your hearts and home.

hi renee. today was a very special day since we found out that the adoption is official. we are including a few pics that we took today. bandit (and echo) enjoyed ice cream and a donut hole, and of course, lots of extra special lovin’. bandit, echo, glenda, and tom

blog063015d.jpg (41677 bytes)

blog063015b.jpg (37350 bytes)

blog063015c.jpg (21237 bytes)

blog063015e.jpg (36991 bytes)blog063015a.jpg (32427 bytes)

We have gotten so many wonderful updates and finally we got this happy update and some amazing pictures of Bandit and his forever family! Good luck little man! You have landed in the BEST home we could have hoped for.
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June 29/15

Mya Update - We received a wonderful update about our beautiful girl Mya. She hadn't yet made it to our sites for adoption but we thought that an applicant who applied for a female rottweiler might be a good home for Mya. Sadly, it did not work out and we believe that things may have progressed too quickly for Mya. As you all know, these rottweilers came from a situation we don't often have to deal with - basically a puppy mill situation. Mya spent her entire 4 years of life in a crate in a shed and had NO exposure to anything other than the person who fed them. They are basically puppies in a mature body. 

These rotties have been amazing in their foster homes as their fosters were the first people that showed them love and attention and opened up a whole new world for them. It is apparent that they are very bonded with their foster families and trust them whole-heartedly but adoptors will need to understand that they MUST be given time to learn to trust them and not to push them with too many new things until they have bonded with them and they have earned their trust. 

Thankfully Mya's foster family welcome her back with open arms. Here is an update from Mya's foster dad, Jason. As you can see, she has settled back in and is doing very well.

Hello Ladies, Just want to touch base with another update with Mya. She has been doing phenomenal on walks and runs as she always did. The other day I spoke with Renee as Mya seemed really guarded of her left hip. She seemed swollen and was limping and sitting weird and looked like discomfort. We had been exercising her quite a bit lately and the day it started was when they were worked more than usual with an actual run instead of a walk. It's way too easy to overlook the fact that Mya hadn't ever experienced exercise until she came with us because she's so advanced in walks and excited to go anytime we do. We felt it was due to exertion and after an in depth examination of range of motion on her hips, poking and rubbing her hind quarters deeply she didn't seem bothered with it. After a chat with Renee we all decided to give it a couple days, minimal exercise and see what happened. I am happy to say no more swelling, limping or discomfort and she's back to her normal self.

Click to enlarge...

Before we saw Mya off to her adoptive home she was a little uneasy with the lawnmower, lawn tractor but OK with my motorcycle and truck. Today I decided to take the four wheeler out in the yard and see how she responded l. She was on the deck and got anxious and vocal. Julie calmed her and assured her it was OK. Julie let her down and she was still vocal but when I sat there in neutral with it running and called her over she sniffed and calmed. I used positive reinforcement with treats, pets and love and a short while after she seemed OK with it. I will continue to try with this and then move on to the next and hopefully get her used to and OK with them.

Click to enlarge...

Mya has been amazing in her crate as she always has been here and also has been great at relieving herself more frequently where as before it seemed she would only go once in a while even though we let them out frequently.

Click to enlarge...

Her and kilo still cuddle and it's awesome. Today we celebrated kilos 3rd birthday and as the foolish parents we are, got him presents and suited him up with his birthday hat and pendant. Mya got extremely excited in a positive manner when we sang happy birthday lol so we thought we would try our luck with a birthday hat as well. It went amazing and you will see a picture in this email lol. I know we are foolish but it's fun and we always celebrate his birthday and Christmas like this lol.

I started working with yard boundary training and her response to come while off a lead in the yard. I did not just let her down on her own. I am by their side and I have a lead that I attach to kilo and Mya's collars and this assures me she will not take off because kilo is 50 pounds heavier and doesn't leave the yard lol. She sits, stays, will lay down and comes when called inside and does so on a lead as well. By no means are we intending to give her free roam of the yard off of a lead but I do want to focus on her listening and reacting to commands and understanding that she will be OK to roam and have some fun but has to listen and respond when directed to do so. I am fully confident that being attached to kilo and him being the more dominant, stronger and trained dog that he will not allow her to go far and or off property as he has demonstrated it already and also when we are on walks and they are attached to each other on one lead. If you ladies would prefer I do not do this please let me know and I will not do it.

We had an extremely large thunder shower the other night and the lightening and loud noise didn't seem to phase her, she just wouldn't go pee while it was raining hard. She stayed on the deck and looked at me like I was crazy for expecting her to go down there.
Aside from that she still loves car rides, being a big suck and being attached to our hips. She's a sweet girl and coming along as though nothing changed. If there are any questions or concerns please let me know. ~Jason

ANML-RESQ would like to wish foster brother Kilo a Happy 3rd Birthday. He has been an amazing brother to Mya and with Kilo's help, Mya has come a very long way.
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June 26/15

Foster Fail - We have a "foster failure" announcement to make this week and ANML-RESQ could not be happier for this very lucky foster dog and the family that has fallen head-over-heels in love with her.

Our first very lucky girl is our beautiful Karitsa. It has come as NO surprise to me that this was going to be Karitsa's forever family. As you will see from Carolina (foster mom's) update - it was absolutely "meant to be" and I am so glad that this has finally been made official. Karitsa is one very lucky girl. Her family love and adore her and we know she loves them as well. Here is Carolina's update:

Those that know me and about my journey with Karitsa will come to no surprise to know that Mike and I have fallen hard for this beautiful girl. As the months passed with Karitsa here has made our lives brighter during a very dark time in our lives. Karitsa is the light that brought our family back to life as our love grew deeper and deeper for her. We have made it official, we are now foster-failures and feel great about it!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I remember the days when Karitsa would be on the brink of adoption (multiple times) and just the thought of her leaving made me sob with so much sadness. Poor Renee heard me cry over the phone so many times as my heart was breaking in advance only to find that the potential adopters kept backing out last minute, then to break again as the next application would come through for her. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. How can we get so many applications, then have all of them back out for one reason or another?? It was fate, time was stalling for us to get back on our feet in order to be able to realistically adopt our girl.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Karitsa holds a special place in our lives. All of our pets are very special to us in their own ways, and Karitsa holds something completely different for us. She is our gateway to those lost and our protector from sadness. She is the goofiness we needed, for both 2-legged and 4-legged (canine and feline) equally. She is the stubbornness that makes me want to pull my hair out, to the tears of happiness when she comes when she’s called, lol. The perfect combination of everything.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

So now you will all get the same sappy updates twice a year from us celebrating Karitsa’s official “Gotcha Anniversary” and birthday, on top of the 2 sappy updates I send twice a year for our boy Timber (who we also foster failed 5 years ago).

I thank ANML-RESQ for letting us have the chance to complete our furry family once again. The best gift I could ever imagine. I don’t want gold, jewels, or money … I just want my fluffy white dog to keep us all entertained with her flea nibbling us all over … worth so much more than anything else I could ever imagine for us all.

I had the pleasure of meeting Karitsa while away and I could see why her foster family fell hard for her. She is an amazing girl who deserves this wonderful family to call her own.
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Hi! I was hoping you could relay this message to Carolina. We were one of the couples looking to adopt Karitsa. When I first saw her at her foster home she seemed so happy. She was a good match for Timber (it looked so anyways – they appeared to be such good buddies). At the time we considered taking her, I always wondered about her leaving the foster home where she appeared so happy.
Karitsa has been on mind ever since we said no to adoption. I have checked periodically to see if she was adopted. And then last week I noticed she was gone from the adoptive page. I was sad and happy at the same time. Kuvasz’ have a way of getting into your heart and never letting go. Today I went back to your site and went to the blog of the adoptive parent. I realized it was Carolina who adopted her!
I am so thrilled! As I mentioned above, it always appeared to me that Karitsa was already at home. I love seeing all the pictures of her and Timber. 
I hope you can forward this note to Carolina. We did speak on the phone, but I did not keep her number. As an added note, Rod and I got a female Kuvasz pup in June (from a breeder) who is much like Karitsa – a holy terror who looks at you with a face that melts your heart! I am sorry that adoption didn’t work out for us, but one thing is for sure. We are the type of dog owners who are in it for the long haul – it is our commitment to be the kind of dog owners whereby our dogs never find their way to an animal rescue. Regards to you all, Carlotta 


June 9/15

Tank Has Arrived - We would like to introduce you to our newest rescue kid ... Tank. 

Tank is a beautiful American Bulldog who needed rescue as soon as possible.

Thanks to a wonderful family that spoke up for him, he is now safe in foster care. He has only been in foster since Sunday but he has won over the hearts of his family ... especially the young girls. We think he feels the same about them too (-:

Here are a few pictures of Tank on transport ... loving everyone he met.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Tank had a VERY long journey on Sunday to foster care and with every transporter he met (and there were many) he had slobbery kisses for all. He was so grateful to get out of the stressful environment.

Huge thanks to the Freedom Riders and Mark (who adopted our Camoya) for getting him to safety as quickly as you did. 
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June 8/15

Meet Bandit - We have been inundated with pleas for help for the rottweiler breed. As you know we have taken in dozens of this wonderful breed in the past couple of years.

Thankfully we have some pretty amazing large breed foster homes but with the last 5 rottweilers we took in this year, needing a little more work than usual, our experienced homes were full.

We received an urgent request from a shelter we deal with. A young rottweiler boy who was stressing very badly in the shelter. We find this is often the case with this majestic breed. They NEED to be with people and being caged, surrounded by lots of barking dogs, they tend to go downhill very quickly. 

We really wanted to give Bandit a chance and as luck would have it we received an application from an experienced rottweiler home that was applying for one of our rotties who was safe in his foster home. I felt it was worth a try to run Bandit by this couple and much to my surprise they expressed a lot of interest in giving Bandit a chance. We decided to place Bandit into their home on a "foster to adopt" basis to see how Bandit would fit. They have a beautiful rottie girl named Echo, so ultimately it was up to Echo ... will she like him or not? We were thrilled to hear the meet n greet went well with Echo. 

Bandit is settling into his foster home very nicely. Again, a few hiccups along the way but this wonderful couple was determined to make this work.

I am sure we will get lots of pictures and updates and will be sure to share them with you. Here is a brief update and pictures from Tom and Glenda.

Hi renee. bandit is settling in very well. echo and bandit are figuring things out. we see more and more progress by the hour. bandit is a very smart dog and inquisitive. we do not think echo and bandit are quite ready to share toys yet so we have been holding off on that. bandit has always been a cuddle-bug with tom and gives him lots of kisses and affection and cuddles up with tom on the couch. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

he is starting to become more affectionate with glenda and even gave her a kiss about an hour ago. bandit listens very well to tom and is learning that he also has to listen to glenda. we are including a few pics which we hope you enjoy. bandit does have a ways to go, but with time, patience, love and learning the rules, he will be a great addition to our family. ~tom and glenda

ANML-RESQ sends HUGE thanks to our awesome transporters, Anne and Wayne who made the long trip to pick Bandit up, overnight him and then get him to his foster home. They made this happen quickly as we knew how much Bandit was stressing. Thank you so much, both of you for ALL you do for urgent dogs in need.

A heartfelt thank you to Tom, Glenda and Echo for welcoming Bandit into your hearts and home. 
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June 4/15

June 13th - ANML-RESQ is once again hosting a benefit lunch and reunion “It’s Raining Dogs”. We will be having an exciting silent auction with many beautiful items, including a boat cruise around the Toronto Harbour! There will also be a variety of gift baskets to bid on for both our 2-legged and 4-legged friends; such as a gourmet gift basket, champagne gift basket, beach gift basket and many more. There will also be door prizes and mouth-watering desserts after a palette-pleasing lunch. Join us in sharing a scrumptious buffet-style lunch while catching up with friends and family. 

Mark your calendars and invite family and friends to attend our special event.  

raining.jpg (482412 bytes)

We can’t continue to help dogs in need 
without your support.

Seating is limited, so contact us at to reserve your seats for this wonderful and fun benefit and reunion. Our event will be taking place at Mondello Ristorante in Mississauga on June 13th, beginning at 11:30am to 3:30pm. Tickets are $30.00 per adult and $20.00 per child.

Donations have been graciously donated from Pet Valu, TLC Pet Food, Dr. Maggie, Rens Pet Depot, and many more.

There is no access for credit or debit card

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Courtesy of Boutique Pennypetz in HUDSON, QC passed on to us by Allison.

There is a dog theft ring operating in the area using a WHITE VAN with ONTARIO plates, the words ANIMAL CONTROL on the side in ENGLISH. 

If possible get the licence plate and report it IMMEDIATELY if you see it, to the police. The person thought it odd because it was in English only. Indeed there is a theft ring in Central/Eastern Ontario,-- Ottawa/Pembroke area and Belleville/Quint have been hit, but THIS sighting was on HARWOOD & DAOUST! 

A well used older white van, the sign was poorly done, clearly visible but the letters were small and faded out in this instance. The ring are stealing dogs from backyards and using the "animal control" as a disguise. 

You may have heard that the #1 French Bulldog was stolen from his owner's yard in Caledon, ON about a month ago only after another show French in the same area vanished from a yard--both owners were home! May or may not be related but certainly is suspicious. The dogs are likely offered for resale (one assumes purebreds) and are sold to laboratories for experimental use. 

They could be ANYWHERE keep your eyes open , these creeps need to be caught!

June 1/15

Jax Update - Our sweet boy Jax has gone to his forever home this past Sunday. We could not be happier for this deserving boy!

He will have his mom Jacquie all to himself ... well, except for the resident cat who does not seem to be liking this new intruder LOL ... but Jax doesn't care. He is just so happy to have found such a great home. Jax lives in the country and he will get plenty of trail walks with his mom.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It was a very long car-ride for Jax and as you can see, after having something to eat ... he crashed on the couch!

Click to enlarge...

Mom took him to the nearby pond this morning but as you can see ... Jax doesn't seem to like the idea of going swimming, but that could change (-:

Click to enlarge...

Congratulations Jax and Jacquie! We look forward to lots of updates and pictures.
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