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June 2014



Updated: July 01, 2014 10:46:16 AM


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Desmond Update;
Dakota Update;
Noodles Update;
Help Me Heal;
Noodles Update;
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June 25/14

Update on Bubbles: We received an AWESOME first night/morning update from Fred, proud papa of Snuggles and Bubbles (aka Noodles) new foster dad (hopefully adoptive dad, if all continues to go well with Snuggles). From the sounds of this update ... it's pretty much a "done deal" (-:  Keep workin' the boyz Bubbles! Thank you Fred for the wonderful update!

Hi Everyone, Firstly I wanted to sincerely thank all of you for the wonderful work you do in giving these dogs a second chance in life!

Itís a tragedy that so many people obtain dogs without thinking through their decisions; without proper research into the dog breed they are obtaining and without making the effort to learn about dog behaviour and how to provide the needed structure and leadership that a dog requires to thrive. Thank goodness for people like all of you!

I wanted to let you all know that Snuggles and Bubbles (aka Noodle) are getting along spectacularly! She is also very rapidly bonding to me.

Here is a short video from proud papa, Fred of Bubbles (aka Noodles) and her bestest friend, Snuggles

This is what it is all about! These updates, pictures and videos, truly make our day!

Thank you for the update Fred - thank you and Snuggles for loving this sweet little girl.  We look forward to more updates and pictures (-:
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June 24/14

Noodles: We have some exciting news about our little girl, Noodles! Well, our little munchkin, Noodles, was spayed last week and was all set to find a foster or forever home.

Noodles was a little picky about what dogs she liked and didn't like. Loved the small breed doggy at the vets in Cornwall, didn't like Jen's boyz, but understandably, she had just been through a long transport and long stay at the shelter. When she arrived at the kennel, she fell in love with the Doberman next to her, but hated the kennel owners dog (at first, until they had a little more time, then they had their daily walks together). We are very fortunate to have Bob and all the wonderful staff at Kennel Inn. They always take such great care of our babies and do as much socializing as they can - even take them on car rides.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Then last week Noodles got to spend the weekend at Debbie's. She was fine with Debbie's "wee ones"... lots of kisses through the gate, but she didn't like the big girls, Skye and Fresca.

So, when we got an application from a single gentleman with a totally handsome and obedient American bulldog named Snuggles we didn't know how things would go. After finalizing the application, the meet n greet was set for today at 5pm. WOW! What a surprise we got!! It seems our Noodles fell madly in love with Snuggles (at first sight) and all they wanted to do was play, play, play! Debbie and Darlene were present to witness this heartwarming meeting.
SOOOOOOOOO... Noodles has gone home on a foster to adopt basis. If all continues to go well with Noodles and Snuggles, she will be home to stay! (-:

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June 23/14

Introducing Cassie: We received an update from Allie, Cassie's foster mom. Cassie has completed her treatment and is on the road to recovery. Cassie is home and the heartworm treatment is complete!

As with anything in life, each situation and in this case, diagnosis, must be made on an individual basis. The following is based on Cassie's case only and may be slightly or significantly different for other dogs based on size, or breed. 

Cassie was brought to the vet in order to be weighed for a prescription that she required to treat hook worm. When we arrived Dr. E was at the clinic and things were quiet. Rather than wait two weeks for her appt, (and to avoid more stress for Cassie) we did her check up and blood work the same day. We ran a full blood panel (standard for new rescues) expecting to find nothing because other than being thin, Cassie was presenting no signs of illness. 

Diagnosis: The "snap test" used, checks the blood for a few things. Lyme disease, heartworm, etc. (see attached pic) There is a positive control, meaning something was detected, then the spot for which disease. The severity of the disease can be seen by how dark and solid the spot becomes. A light, barely visible dot indicates a recent, low level exposure and of course, a dark solid round spot, a severe case. In Cassie's case, luckily, it was not too severe. This was determined by the snap test and the fact that she was not lethargic, coughing, etc. She was most likely infected last fall.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Treatment: Cassie's heartworm treatment consisted of 2 immiticide injections, 24 hours apart. The first was administered on Tuesday morning and the second on Wednesday. Cassie was a brave girl despite the painful injection. She ate all her meals and went pee each time she was taken outside.

Recovery: As the "worms" break down in her system, through her kidneys, enzymes that will eat them away, etc. There is a possibility of blood clots, so for that reason, Cassie will take aspirin for the next 7 days that will thin her blood and help pass the "worms". She is restricted to leash walks and quiet time. She does not have to be confined to a crate all of the time. As long as she stays quiet. (Some dogs do require this based on the severity of the infestation in the heart) No jumping around, running or playing. Which shouldn't be too hard for Cassie as she is very quiet in the house! As a precaution, she will be crated when we are all away at school and work. Dr. E thinks that her worms will likely die off quickly, if they haven't already! Now we just need to let her body get rid of the dead pieces!

We appreciate the love and support given to Cassie and would like to thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

If you would like to donate or purchase tickets, please use the donation button and explanation via Paypal. Quilt Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.

We are sending positive, healing thoughts Cassie's way for a speedy recovery.
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June 18/14

Auction Quilt: We have started a quilt raffle for Cassie's Vet bills. The quilt is awesome! Any donation made up until August 1st will receive 1 (one) free quilt ticket.  Otherwise, quilt tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.

Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge...

Noodles Update - We wanted to let everyone know that our little Cassie had her first injection for heartworm today. We are happy to say she had the shot and she was a brave girl through it all. Another day at the vets and then she comes home to recover until her next shot. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers today. Please keep them coming for Cassie.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Another of our sweetie pies had a vet appointment last week. Our little Noodles got spayed and spent a few wonderful days with our volunteer Debbie while she recuperated from her spay surgery.
While recovering at Debbie and Derek's, she was treated like a queen and loving every minute of it. Noodles did some visiting while with Debbie - she went to Canadian Tire and Crawford's Nursery to do some hob-knobing with everyone (-:

Click to enlarge...

Both Debbie and Derek have fallen in love with this little love-bug.
She is back at the kennel now and praying that we find her a foster or forever home very soon. She is having a great time at the kennel though and kennel owner Bob is introducing her to lots of new and interesting things so she isn't bored, but does long to snuggle with a family she can call her own.

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June 16/14

Help Me Heal - ANML-RESQ Press Release June 2nd 2014, a concerned citizen contacted Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network on Facebook to notify people that a dog was running loose in a new development area. The person who found the stray dog is the only one in the circle of this particular subdivision, where the dog was hanging around. By-law and the Humane Society were notified to see if there was a lost dog report matching this pups description. A live-trap was set up but the dog wouldn't take the bait. When the trap didn't work, a group of concerned dog-loving people worked together to capture her. After 10 long days, on June 11th at 10:30pm, hours of sitting, waiting, coaxing and a little luck, Sassy Cassie (as she has been lovingly named) was caught! 

Click to enlarge...

We can only imagine by the few scars/bite marks on her head and neck, her emaciated state and her fear of people the things that she has been through. At the young age of 3 years old, on her own and possibly on the run since the fall, we can't imagine how she made it through the horrific conditions this past winter. This poor girl left to fend for herself without proper care has created an obstacle for her to overcome, and her capture is just the start of her long road to recovery and becoming a family pet again. 

Click to enlarge...

Cassie is understandably fearful/nervous and her "flight response" is heightened when in new situations but her temperament is of solid gold. She allows herself to be walked on leash, potty outside only, eat the meals she is given and was manipulated, poked and prodded at the vets. 

Click to enlarge...

Although, she was a super star for Dr. E today, (check up, blood work, vaccines, flea, tick and hook worm treatment/ preventative) we received the devastating news that Miss Cassie is heartworm positive and will start her treatment Tuesday, June 17th. 

Click to enlarge...

ANML-RESQ would like to thank all Cassie's supporters for standing by her and sharing her story. Sassy Cassie is being spoiled, loved and cared for by an ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario foster home. Once Cassie's treatment and recovery are complete she will be spayed, micro-chipped and will be ready for adoption! 

But, Cassie needs you now! She needs your love and prayers; but she also needs donations toward her care. Without your donation and support ANML-RESQ would not be able to continue to save dogs like Cassie. Please help us to help more pups like Cassie!
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June 11/14

Noodles Updates - Our little girl Noodles was at the vet's today to get spayed. Our volunteer Debbie took her home for a couple of days while she heals from her spay. She had lots of kisses, even though she was very groggy when Debbie picked her up. She stumbled into the house as stoned as could be. She stumbled into her crate but fought off the urge to fall asleep. LOL.

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

LOL....NOT looking too impressed (-

Click to enlarge...

Feel'n no pain, wearing the cone of shame!

Little Miss Squishy Face is trying, "oh so hard" not to nod off. Hopefully Noodles had a good sleep as I have no doubt she will be "rar'n" to go. 
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June 10/14

Dakota Update - We received a nice picture of Dakota, hanging around with her foster brothers, Tynan and Timber. Life is good! (-:

Dakota continues to do well in her foster home. She has settled right in and the boyz are happy to have a new foster sister in the house. 

Click to enlarge...

And here is a little blast from the past! Mom Allie sent us this beautiful picture of her beautiful girl Brie.  Looking good Brie, Brie!

Click to enlarge...

Thanks for sending this great pic Allie. Give Brie a hug from me and all her friends at ANML-RESQ!
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June 6/14

Desmond Update - We received another great update from Desmond's mom, along with another fantastic picture. Every time we receive an update and picture of Desmond, our hearts melt. But mostly we laugh. He is such a comical little fellow who has captured the hearts of so many of our volunteers and friends. Thank you once again Patti, Colin and Desmond (and I think I see sister Harley's leg in there LOL) thanks for brightening our day. 

Click to enlarge...

Desmond is continuing to do well. We think there are mild improvements when he is in his crate. Just thought that we would brighten your day with this morning photo. Desmond is very happy and his tail is wagging:) Tomorrow he has his graduation ceremony from PetSmart, more photos will come!

UPDATE: Breaking news!! Desmond has graduated from PetSmart's beginner dog training class - Wooohoo! Congratulations Desmond! We are all so proud of you (-:

Click to enlarge...

Hi Renee, Patti and I are pleased to report that Desmond has graduated from PetSmart's beginner dog training class. While he completed all the requirements of the programme, I'll be honest and say he did not finish magna cum laude; but Patti and I are still working with him on what we learned over the last six weeks.
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June 4/14

Special Donations - ANML-RESQ would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Carlos, and his cute-as-a-button dog Oliver, for supporting us by printing off some of our new business cards voluntarily and free of charge. It's always greatly appreciated to have a helping hand from fellow dog lovers, even behind the scenes.

Thank you Carlos, your donation does not go unnoticed. :-)
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June 2/14

Meet Noodles - Hi everyone, we would like to introduce you to our newest rescue - Noodles! Isn't she cute? (-: However, now that she has safely made it out of the shelter we are need of a foster home for this stunning little girl.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Noodles is a female boxer, approximately 8 months old and weighs 46 lbs. She is a lovely little girl who is crate trained, house-trained and she is very good with the young toddler in her temporary foster home. Now that she is safely out of the shelter we are looking for a more permanent foster or forever home for this lovely lady.

Click to enlarge...

We don't know a whole lot about Noodles yet, other than she is very sweet and cuddly. She was very stressed at the shelter so we didn't want to put her through too much in early days, but we do know she will not be suitable in a home with cats. 

Click to enlarge...

If you would like to foster this beautiful girl, please fill in our on-line application on the left. Noodles is waiting for you!
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