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JUNE 2013


Updated: July 02, 2013 12:25:38 PM


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Murphy Update;
Ivan Update;
We've Got Puppies;
Hunter Update;
Meet Sadie;
Snoop Update;
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Mocha Update;
Heidi Update;
URGENT - Enzo;
Enzo Update;
Lost Mill Dog;
Tori Update;
Murphy Update;
RIP Bubba;
More Jake;
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June 28/13

Enzo Update - We thought we would give you an update on Enzo's progress. Enzo has been doing well at the boarding kennel. His surgery is healing well and Enzo seems to be taking the loss of his leg in stride. He is getting much more confident on three legs and maneuvering well after a little over a week. 

In the last few days, Enzo seemed to be feeling a little down at the kennel. Although he is receiving first-class care, including a vet-tech on-site, he is really missing being a part of a family. This is not surprising to us, we know that rottweilers do not do well in a kennel/shelter environment. They yearn to be with their family - their pack. The girls at the kennel have been lavishing Enzo with as much attention as they can (they love him), but our Rottn' Boy wants more! (-: So, our gal Allie decided to bring Enzo home to see if his spirits would pick up. 

Click to enlarge...

After laying and moping around for the first evening ... playing on the heartstrings of Allie and family, the next day brought a whole different scenario! (-: 

Click to enlarge...

Enzo loves to snuggle and will crawl into your lap if you will allow it. Allie's son Alexander has been a HUGE help with Enzo's care. Since he is already out of school he has been hanging around with Enzo until mom comes home. Enzo loves it and it looks like he really loves Alexander too. Enzo loves laying in the grass, he loves meeting new people and it's very apparent he would love to meet the neighbourhood and resident doggies. However, we are still keeping him on the quieter side until he is completely healed from his surgery.

Click to enlarge...

Sadly, this is just a temporary situation for Enzo and we would love nothing more than to find a more permanent foster home where Enzo can be an integral part of the family. 

If you know of a loving, responsible foster or forever home for Enzo, please have them contact us at

And, on a 'linky' note, I found a couple of links that I think would make for great reading: 'Bite the Hand That Feeds You', 'Raising them Right' and 'Bad Owners', 'Top 10 Pet Poisons in 2012', and '10 Tips for Current and Future Puppy Owners that want to train the perfect dog'.

Please network for Enzo and please keep your pets in the house, safe and secure while the fireworks are being set off! More pets go missing during fireworks than any other time, so please KEEP THEM SAFE! Have a GREAT long weekend everyone! 
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June 27/13

More Jake - We finally received some pictures of Jake - woohoo!! We also received a great video of Jake and his new friend Violet having an awesome time playing together. As you can see from Jake's update, he is having the TIME OF HIS LIFE with his new family and new-found friends. 

Jake is most definitely NOT enjoying the heat, lol. I however, love the fact that he's too hot to get into his usual mischief!! He'll be back to himself soon though because Ken installed the air conditioner today to cool the house down for him. We visited the dog park both days this weekend and again tonight. His Rotti friend wasn't there this weekend but he did meet a lovely little chocolate lab that he played beautifully with. They ran around like total lunatics on Saturday for about 45 minutes and came home too pooped to poop, lol! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He spent the rest of the day sleeping and only woke up long enough to have his walk before bed. He plays so well with the other dogs and I was so proud of him; there was a little dog that was quite nasty with the big dogs. He just steered clear and minded his manners and played with the rest of the more friendly dogs. He's such a good boy! :-) We got a video of him playing with Violet (the chocolate lab) to send you. Still having a hard time getting him to stay still for a nice family picture though, lol! 

It was so nice of daddy to put in the air-conditioning for Jake (-: I can tell already, Jake is going to be one spoiled rottn' boy and WE LOVE IT!!!
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June 26/13

RIP Bubba - We are sorry to let everyone know that our Bubba crossed over the Bridge last night, surrounded by his beloved family. We heard from his Dad, Andrew last week that Bubba was not doing well, but his family kept him as comfortable as they could in his last days. 

Bubba went from a dog who was tied-up his entire life, to a beloved family member when he was adopted by his family. He was a bit of a handful in the beginning, but his family persevered and never gave up on Bubba. They loved him, quirks and all. We could not have wished for a better family to love Bubba and in return, he gave them his love and loyalty, right to the end.  From Bubba's Dad, Andy:

Bubba left us at 7:30 last night, peacefully under medical care at our home. We kept him comfortable to the end. The whole family gathered in our back yard for personal goodbyes. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He was a complex character and a dog who was never mean, always loyal and always did the right thing. He is already greatly missed. ~Andy

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bubba's family as they go through this difficult time. No doubt, Bubba will be sadly missed by all. Run free and play hard Bubba. We know you will be watching over your family from above. Until we meet again, my friend.
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June 25/13

Murphy Update - We received a nice update and pictures from Murphy's human sister. She came to visit her parents this past weekend and got some beautiful pictures of Murphy enjoying his new family and his dad's boat!! (-: 

Hi again. We are visiting mom and dad, and just went for a boat ride this morning. 

blog062513a.jpg (73415 bytes)

Murphy has great sea legs and loves sticking his head out the front. 

blog062513b.jpg (60558 bytes)

He's just getting use to getting in the water. He would wade in and try to drink the river dry to go farther in. :-) 

blog062513.jpg (42661 bytes)

Murphy is having a great time with my dad.

We cannot be happier for Murphy and his family. What a wonderful life Murphy gets to live - muzzle free and living on the water. It sure doesn't get any better than this!!
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June 24/13

Tori Update - ANML-RESQ is excited to announce that our little girl Tori has been adopted. As you can see, a very happy family with a new furry friend to make their family complete. 

We look forward to pictures and updates. Congratulations to Michelle, Ryan and Family. Happy trails Tori!!

We want you to join us in our 4th Annual 'Paws in Action' Fundraiser and Reunion! Our fundraiser will be held on July 20th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Maple Lane Goldens at 6311-12th Line, New Tecumseth. The price for admission is $20.00 per person or $35.00 for a family of four ($5.00 per additional member). Make it a day to remember for your family, friends and pets. 

There will be:

  • Dock diving, swimming and agility for dogs;

  • Silent auction;

  • Quilt sale;

  • Buffet luncheon; and a

  • Seminar for children ages 5-12 years of age 'Be a Tree' which every child should attend.

Pre-registration is required and you can send your email with all the information to or phone (416) 256-1364. See you there! Oh, and don't forget to RSVP as soon as possible to get your tickets.

And, on an even lighter thought this video cracked me up! It reminds me of another smarty pants named Karl! Enjoy... lol 
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June 21/13

Lost Mill Dog - At the beginning of this week, it came to the attention of the rescue community, that a beloved little mill dog had been lost by a adoptor.

The news came to light that at the first of the week, a little mill dog had been lost and was running in the Guelph area. The person who had adopted her did nothing to locate her and the rescue group was frantic to find the little dog.

The story of the little dog was a long and rough one. This small breed dog had been saved from the puppy miller by his own daughter as she was escaping for her life. The girl contacted a rescue group and told them of the little dog's story. The rescue group was on stand-by to help the girl.

When the dog was brought to the rescue group, it was found that the dog had had a makeshift c-section by the miller and had been sewn closed and put back into the filth which was her home. The miller's daughter noted that the little dog was failing and needed help to vet the dog. The c-section had become infected.

The rescue group immediately took the little dog to the vet where she underwent surgery and was stabilized. When the little dog was out of the woods, the little dog was taken home by one of the rescuers. Once home, the rescuer made the little dog welcome in every way. 

When the little dog was stable and in good condition they thought it best to adopt the little dog out. The rescue group checked every would-be adoptor thoroughly and settled on one which they thought would be the best for this little dog.

The little dog was adopted out and the rescue group now breathed a sigh of relief as the little dog would now have a stable, loving home. But, in less than 24 hours after the adoption, the adoptor lost the little dog and didn't search for her. The adoptor asked that the rescue refund the money. 

As soon as the rescue group found out about the missing dog, they immediately sent out emails and coordinated with everyone to help in the search for the little dog. Needless to say, the search parties located the little dog, but they gave her back to the adoptor late yesterday evening.

I would assume that the rescue group will be doing their damndest to get the little dog back from this adoptor, who clearly does not know anything about dogs nor do they even care. As this story updates, I will let you know what happens.

My heart goes out to the little dog and what she went through this past week. My thoughts are with the rescue group who bonded with the little dog bringing her back from the brink of death, only to adopt to a person who clearly doesn't have any love for the little dog.

Give your pup a kiss and be thankful that they are beside you, as you are reading this email, and not lost in the woods with hungry coyotes on their tail or cars swerving to avoid you. 

On a more happier note, today is the first day of Summer and the longest day - have a great weekend everyone. 
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June 20/13

Enzo Update - We have received an update on Enzo's progress. It seems our boy doesn't realize that he is missing his leg. He is bright-eyed and bushy tailed today and is slowly getting used to balancing on 3 legs rather than 4. He went for potty this morning and being a male, automatically lifted his leg, but lost his balance. Luckily, Allie was there to catch him before he stumbled and fell. So, it will take a little bit before he gets the hang of it. 

Enzo seems not to be bothered by it, whatsoever; thank God. We felt so horrible having to amputate his leg. But it looks like Enzo forgives us (-: 

We will continue to update you on Enzo's recovery and we hope to find a foster home where Enzo can recover completely from his surgery. Please keep sending positive thoughts for Enzo's recovery.

We also received another nice update from Anjie (Jake's mom). 

Hi Renee, Jake is doing so well! We introduced him to the bike yesterday! Nathan and I went out to practice his riding skills on our street and brought Jake with us to get him used to paying attention to the bike at a slower pace. Just a slow ride for now till he gets used to it and we're sure he's all healed up, but he seems to really enjoy the faster pace. I think he'll like it better once we can go faster than a slow jog and he can enjoy a really good run. For now he plods along beside the bike while we go around the block a few times to burn off some of that extra energy after work, lol. 

He's met a new friend on the block too; a male Rottie that's just about the same size and age as he is. It's nice to have another "teenager" around for him to play with as some of the more mature dogs on the street quickly get annoyed with his puppy antics. They got along famously and enjoyed a bit of Rottie wrestling from the end of their leashes. We've made a date to play at the dog park once we're sure he's all healed up so they can enjoy playing off the leash where they won't get hopelessly tangled, lol. 

It sounds like Jake is getting lots of socialization and we are SO happy to hear he has made a new doggy friend (-: Two very lucky black and tan boyz!
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June 19/13

URGENT - Enzo - We are in URGENT need of a loving foster home that can foster our newest rescue, 2 year old Enzo. We knew when we pulled him there was an issue with his leg, but really did not know what we were dealing with until we pulled him. Thanks so much to Allie who dropped everything and rushed to the shelter to get Enzo before his time was up. 

Click to enlarge...

We found temporary boarding for Enzo at a kennel until we could get him to the vet. Once again, Allie pulled strings and got him in to see the specialist first thing on Monday. Sadly, x-rays revealed that Enzo's leg had been broken in 3 places and the growth plate was being affected due to the bones growing in the wrong direction. We asked the vet if there was ANY type of surgery he could get to save his leg, but sadly, it was too far gone.

 Click to enlarge...

He was in pain and the pain would only get worse with age. So, we had a difficult decision to make, and it sure wasn't an easy decision. The decision was made to amputate his leg. Through all that this, sweet, Enzo endured and his temperament remained intact.

Click to enlarge...

When Allie picked him up, he had nothing but slobbery kisses for everyone. The ladies at the kennel adore him. Everyone spoke of him as a goofy, loving boy. We had to give him this chance to live pain-free. So, Enzo had his surgery yesterday. He was very doped up last night but will be returning to the kennel today. We really need to find a foster home where Enzo where he can recover in a loving family atmosphere.

Enzo is 2 years old, full of energy and a sweet personality to match his stunning good looks. He gets along with other dogs, but until he heals, he will have to take things slowly for awhile. 

Please let me know if you or someone you know can help Enzo by giving him a soft place to recover. Thanks all, please send positive healing thoughts to Enzo!
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June 18/13

Heidi Update - We have some GREAT news for our Rotti boy Jake! It seems that his foster family has fallen in love with him and they have officially adopted Jake this week. We are SO happy for Jake!!

It really makes you wonder how such an incredible dog waited SO long in not one, but two shelters for someone to fall in love. When his time was up, we were asked to help. We scrambled to find Jake a foster family and were fortunate to have this wonderful family speak up for Jake. 

They worked with his "manners" and housebreaking and were thrilled at how quickly Jake came around. Jake is such a sweet, good natured boy, who only wants to please. Thankfully he was given a chance to prove himself. We will send pictures and updates about Jake as soon as we receive them. 

Congratulations Jake from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario. 

We also FINALLY received some pictures of the third puppy we were able to help. Little Heidi sure is a cutie, but she NEVER sits still long enough to get a good picture. She had a play date with our girl Ruby and her mom Leah. As you can see, it looks like little Heidi is working her "charms" on Miss Ruby. lol I have a feeling Ruby will have her paws full with this little ragamuffin. We heard from foster mom Laree that Heidi is such a "cuddle bug" and they are really enjoying her company. 

Hi all, Thought I would send this photo of Ruby and Keeper (who has respectfully been renamed Heidi) meeting this afternoon for a play date. There was little interest to play beyond this but they did walk well together. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

However when Heidi let out a cry Ruby was right there to check on her. I think these two will be great friends. Will send more soon. 

We are definitely being inundated with inquiries and applications for the puppies, so please bear with us as we proceed.
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June 14/13

Mocha Update - It brings tears to my eyes to see and hear about Mocha's progress. She sure isn't the fearful and frightened girl we first saw at the shelter. The girl we couldn't get near for hours. lol She was probably the most frightened dog I had ever seen in a shelter environment. Here is an update and pictures of our beautiful girl.

Mocha is doing great here. She's taking baby steps in learning to trust. She is such a sweet girl with a heart of gold. She is definitely coming out her shell and even shows she wants to play with me during our walks; bouncing around and prancing. She loves going for walks down by the ravine and loves to search in the overgrowth for who knows what.

Click to enlarge...

Mocha is great with other dogs and has also shown that she wants to play with them. She will initiate play by play bowing and hoping around; but when one of the other dogs respond she gets a little scared and backs away. I am confident she will find the courage to actually go through with play time one day. :-) When that day comes, I will probably cry out of happiness.

Click to enlarge...

Mocha came along for an afternoon at the beach with one of my other dogs and she did wade into the water but not very far at all. She did enjoy trying to bite the waves as they came up to her legs. She was trying so hard to get Tynan to play with her, but unfortunately he was too busy demanding for me to throw his toy into the water for him to retrieve, so he didn't pay much attention to her other than when she decided it would be fun to pull on his tail like a tug toy, LOL! Even then he let her tug for a little while. :-)

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mocha has learned to settle down much faster and likes to lay down right behind me in the computer room; she must always be close. She doesn't seem to pace nearly as much as when she first got here. Mocha has also learned that having her collar touched is not a scary thing and she doesn't become nervous anymore whenever I clasp her leash on. When she first arrived, there was no way I could touch her behind her head but she has also found that she is safe and can trust a little more. Hopefully she will get to the point where she can trust 100% and I truly feel in my heart and by the loving look in her eyes that she will get there, she just needs some time and get there at her own pace.

When you think back to the last couple of months and the progress Mocha has made (with the love and patience of her foster mom, Carolina) it is truly incredible! 

And, on another note, some of you may have noticed that with the cold, damp spring we have had, the bugs are coming out in droves.  Mosquitoes, fleas and ticks seem to be out in full force this year, so I found this link with some "green" ways to rid your yard to these pesky and disease spreading insects. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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June 13/13

Links of Interest - It's that time of the year again when we take our dogs to the beach or nearest water hole for a swim. Who would have thought that such a fun activity for your dog could be so dangerous? Please keep a close eye on your dogs when they splish and splash as too much water intake could be deadly. This also includes "drinking" too much water - so please beware and keep a close eye on your water-loving dogs.

And now that school is almost over for the kids, there will be many more dogs and children "out and about". Please take precautions with any unknown dog and please teach your children to exercise caution around "unknown" dogs as well as your own family dog. And, here is an article on the Four Phases of a Positive Reinforcement Trainer ... another good read!
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June 12/13

Snoop Update - ANML-RESQ received some sad news yesterday. Our beloved Snoop is really sick and we know that his days are limited.

But thank goodness he is in loving hands and we know he will have the best care for whatever time he has left. Here is an update from mom, Erin. 

Just wanted to give you guys an update on our old man, Snoop. Unfortunately, it's not a happy one this time. Thursday I brought Snoop with me to the clinic I work at, as he had been limping and there was a mass on his shoulder which had developed nearly overnight. After x-rays, Snoop was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma. As our wonderful old man is nearly 14 and a half now, with the vet's recommendation we have decided not to pursue aggressive treatment. The vet felt with his age, and the options, palliative care was the best way to go. So, pain management it is.

Click to enlarge...

Snoop is spoiled rotten, as per usual. He ended up becoming friends with our cat (who he originally thought was an appetizer). They now take their naps together, and the cat has put his foot down and made it clear that where ever Snoop lays his head down for the night (which is typically in my bed), he needs to be as well. If not, he cries... and cries... and cries, and Snoop welcomes his company with a happy tail wag. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. ;)

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I will keep you updated on our old man. For now, our goal is the same it has always been; to make sure he has the happiest of endings. Erin

Our thoughts and prayers are with Snoop and his mom, Erin at this very difficult time in their lives. I know there are many lives Snoop has touched during his short time with ANML-RESQ and they are all heartbroken by this news. Please keep Snoop in your thoughts and prayers.
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June 11/13

Meet Sadie - Introducing Sadie (now known as Sophie). This little girl is so darn cute, she never even made it to the website/adoptions page.

She arrived in foster care a couple of weeks ago and stole the hearts of everyone that met her. An application arrived from one of foster homes relatives and a meet'n greet and weekend trial was in order. 

Click to enlarge...

As you can see from foster mom's update, Sadie (who is now known as Sophie) has found her forever family. WOW, look at where this lucky little girl gets to live? The life of luxury and dream property, with LOTS of room to run and play. It doesn't get any better than this!! (-: Sophie went home on Friday - congratulations little girl!!

Many thanks to everyone involved in getting Sadie/Sophie to rescue. I am sure you will agree - this little girl will now have the chance to "live the dream" she so deserves. Happy trails Sophie!! Don't forget to send pictures and updates!! (-:
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June 10/13

Hunter Update - Remember Hunter? The 10 year old blind dog who was about to be surrendered to a shelter when our volunteer heard of his plight. After telling us about his situation, we knew we had to give Hunter a chance. He wasn't in our program long when a fantastic family inquired about him. This family had never dealt with a blind dog before, but that wasn't going to stop them from loving Hunter.

Hello! Just thought I would send you some pictures of Hunter while I'm sitting here at the computer downloading a bunch from my phone.

Click to enlarge...

He's doing very well, he enjoyed all the snow we had this winter (as long as we weren't out too long) and is still loving his walks with Richard. This not-too-hot weather is perfect for him, he loves to be out laying in the shade. As we get further into summer, it tends to get a little too hot for him. We got the dogs a splash pool last summer, so they can hop in and out.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We've put him on thyroid pills in the last little bit, he got a bit lethargic and grouchy with a bit of an extra pot belly this spring. So, after a few vet trips we've figured out his thyroid function is quite low. After a few weeks of being on the pills, he back to his old self, so we were quite relieved about that. I've also started putting coconut oil in his food and it's made his skin and coat so much better. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

So, this old guy is just relaxing and chewing his raw hides, getting head bumps from his cat pals and getting his belly rubbed! Hope everything is well on your end. Take care, Lindsay.

As you can see from this update (and pictures), Hunter is doing GREAT and he looks so happy!!! Way to go Hunter!!! We are so happy for you (-:
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June 7/13

We've Got Puppies - We have PUPPIES!!! (-: ANML-RESQ and all of its volunteers are thrilled to have been able to help 3 of the cutest little fluff balls.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

These puppies, as so many in the far northern regions find themselves on their own, fending for themselves at a very young age. Those that are lucky enough to survive, live a very hard life. The opportunity arose for us to help these 3 pups and we thrilled when asked if we could take them into our rescue. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

They arrived this week and have already been to the vet for a check up and vaccines. Considering these pups (of various ages) were found wandering and fending for themselves - they appear to be in seemingly good health. Please stay tuned for updates about these little bundles of joy. Have a great weekend everyone!
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June 6/13

Ivan Update - We finally received some pictures of Ivan, now known as Acoyo! WOW! I don't think it gets any better than this, if you're a dog!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

So many doggy friends to play with. Acoyo's owner is an experienced dog owner who also boards and trains dogs. As you can see, Acoyo seems to be fitting right in with the pack and living life as a dog should. It sure makes us happy to see how well adjusted Acoyo is, considering he came to us in a fearful and unsure state. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thanks again to Carolina for lovingly helping Ivan get over those fears and become more adoptable. We couldn't have wished for anything better than to see Ivan/Acoyo so, so happy!
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June 4/13

Murphy Update - It seems once again we have been asked to help an innocent victim of BSL. Murphy, is a young dog who was deemed prohibited in Ontario, so for his safety, he needed out of the province. Once again we enlisted the help of our friends in the east and once again a miracle was afforded us. 

Here is a picture of Murphy, hanging out with Debbie (temporary foster mom). 
As you can see, he is certainly working his charms on Debbie. 
It didn't take Murphy long to show Debbie, and their gang, what a GREAT dog these bullies are.

A fantastic family was found that had lost their beloved bully and have been searching for another companion. He was to fly last week, but because of the heat, his flight was cancelled and rebooked to Monday. His new family anxiously awaited the arrival of the plane. Here is an update from Barb who met Murphy and his owners at the airport ... and pictures too of Murphy with his new dad!

He made it folks, and he seemed to have done extremely well!!!! He was so calm when we got him out of the crate, it was amazing. Paul just led him to the passenger door while hanging onto his collar, he hopped up in and made himself at home. What a lovely boy. They were going directly to his brother in laws about 5 or 10 minutes away and he was going to give him a chance to pee and drink and walk around a bit. He wouldn't drink for us in the car.

(There was no vomit in his crate so I take it he wasn't fed and he must have been given something this morning to settle his tummy). I told Paul that he probably hadn't been fed. Paul was going to read the material as soon as he got to his brother in laws.)

Murphy looked like he belonged in that vehicle as they drove away! How do you guys keep coming up with these wonderful dogs! (Don't answer that, I already know). I am so glad for Paul and Murphy! It just does my heart good when things work out like this. Murphy has had an eventful few days, but I am sure we all agree, it is going to be worth it for him. Take care, Barb

HUGE thanks to Debbie for getting Murphy to the airport (twice) and taking him into temporary foster when his first flight was cancelled. 

Thank you as well to our angels, Barb and Carla for making this possible for Murphy!! GREAT TEAM EFFORT ALL!
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June 3/13

Chopper Needs a Home - Animal Control was called out to a 'dogs running at large' complaint. It would be easy, go get the dogs and take them to holding. They were two nice dogs, one black male and one cream coloured female. They came running when Animal Control called and jumped deftly into the back of the vehicle. They were taken to holding and there they would stay for their mandatory time until their owner came for them. It was noted that both dogs had been running for quite some time and that they had tangled with a porcupine. Both dogs were checked and any of the barbs were removed. They settled into the routine at the holding facility and there they waited.

It became apparent, later, that the cream coloured dog had a couple of deeply embedded quills on the left-side of her head ...  her head and eye began to swell dramatically. She was rushed to the vet where she underwent surgery to remove the embedded quills. The same Animal Control Officer, who had picked her up, took her home and nursed her back to health. It took weeks before she was back on her feet. And, until she was 100% better the Officer decided the best thing would be to keep her with her.

Click to enlarge...
Before her haircut!

So, ANML-RESQ would like to introduce you to Lambchop who is a very special girl. She is believed to be an Australian Shepherd mix, 6-8 years young, very quiet, has no tail and she is very unique in her appearance. She is a very beautiful girl who only wants to please. 

Lambchop (or Chops as she is now lovingly called) is fully house trained, crate trained, good with children and other dogs. It would be best if there were no cats as she has a prey drive. Don't let her age fool you either, Lambchop has tons of energy and loves her walks and her foster family. She is living with another dog and enjoys her company very much.

Click to enlarge...
After her haircut!

If you think you could be Lambchop's new family, please contact us at or fill in the on-line application on the left.
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