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June 2011


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Jun 30/11

From Dog Hell to Heaven - 9 Beagles have received their freedom through the Beagle Freedom Project. These Beagles were used as laboratory animals and received their freedom a week ago. The rescue helped to get these 9 Beagles out from an undisclosed pharmaceutical company.

The rescue and the Foundation for Biomedical Research estimate that there are 60 thousands dogs in labs each year. These dogs are used to test anything from cosmetics to household cleaners. The labs go so far as to cut the vocal cords of the dogs they use. When they are not useful anymore they are killed. Usually these dogs can reach the age of two years old, but they are never let out of their kennels or go outside.

"They're likely to have expensive medical conditions, such as cancer, and be very fearful. After all, they've never been in a house, had a walk, gone for a car ride or played ... with other dogs. And they're most certainly not housebroken."

The rescue will have these Beagles up for adoption shortly where they can begin a new life. Click to read the article...»
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Jun 29/11

Brothers Update - We want to thank everyone that cross-posted the two urgent boyz named Rocky and Chubb'r. As you know, they were urgent and needed to find a home before July 15th. As soon as our volunteers heard the urgency of their situation, they went to work cross-posting, posting on their forums and spreading the word far and wide. 

It took less than 24 hours and we are thrilled to let everyone know that Rocky and Chubb'r have found their forever home and best of all ... the boyz will be adopted together!!! (-: We are thrilled for the boyz.

Thanks again to everyone that took these two boyz situation to heart and worked feverishly to get the word out. They are now SAFE!!! 

Once again, on a more serious side. As we all know - it's the time of year where lyme disease can be easily spread to your pet via tics. When lyme disease is contracted by animal or human, there is a short window of time that the disease can be picked up through blood tests. Please read the link - there is new testing available now for lyme. Early detection is imperative!!!

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Jun 28/11

Brothers - These two boys, through no fault of their own are looking for a new forever home.  They have lived together all their lives so it would be awesome to find them a home together.  

COURTESY POST - Please contact the owner directly at  VERY URGENT ... Rocky and Chubb'r have to find a new home by JULY 15TH! Rocky (Shepherd) and Chubb'r (Lab) are brothers (mother was a smaller lab/mix/father was a shepherd). At 7 years old, they have spent their entire lives together. Though they have markings to define Lab/Shep, they are smaller than average Labs/Shep. 

They are very obedient, playful with other dogs (cats are not so good for them) and they just adore kids ... actually they adore anyone who will pay them attention. They have been raised in a rural setting and just love truck rides and runs in the park or wooded areas. They're great watch dogs, with the bark much worse than the bite. They thrive on getting hooked to leashes and walk very well with a ten year holding both leashes. Please help us find a home for the boys. We have until July 15th. If you can help Rocky and Chubb please email Dave at

If you know of someone interested in adopting, they can contact owner directly, but since there is a deadline, if someone would prefer to foster them, please contact ANML-RESQ as soon as possible.  If we can find a foster for these two handsome boys we can take them into our care.
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Jun 27/11

Two Boys - We are looking for foster homes for two boys. Our handsome boy Benny is already in temporary foster care and doing super well. Unfortunately, the one fault Benny has is that he doesn't like cats and this is making life hard for the cats in his present foster home. 

Benny is well behaved and respectful in the house. His favourite pastime is snuggling with his people on the couch to watch TV. Benny is housetrained and crate-trained. 

He loves going for walks, but he is not a dog that needs large amounts of exercise. Benny is happy with one or two good walks a day. 
If you think Benny will be a good fit in your home, please contact us at ANML-RESQ. 

Seamus is also looking for a foster home that can take him in. Seamus is very urgent - we don't have a lot of time to find a foster home for Seamus. Seamus is a large boy, mixed with Shepherd and Great Dane or Mastiff. Although Seamus is a big boy at 120 lbs., he is a calm dog who is also very respectful of the home and non-destructive. 

Seamus has been the only dog in the home and would prefer to be your "one and only" - however with slow and proper introductions, we believe he would do well with a female. Seamus does get nervous around small children, so we are looking for a home without small children - older children would be fine.

If you think Seamus could be the boy for you, please contact us immediately. Seamus is VERY urgent!!!
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Jun 24/11

More Parker - We received a great mid-week update on our boy Parker!! WOW! It sounds to me like Parker is having the "time of his life"!! The only dog in the family and he is being showered with attention. What a change for this boy who spent the last 7 months in a kennel (-: Woohoo Parker!! From Parkers mom:

You weren't kidding when you said he gives lots of kisses! He's a very sweet boy and he's very funny and makes us laugh. He has the perfect name too "Parker" because he is so nosey - Nosey Parker.

He did have an accident this morning, he pooped on the floor. He knows he did something wrong so hopefully it won't happen too many more times. We went to dog training with Pilot so I know what to say when they do something wrong. I wasn't mean or angry with him but he did knew from my tone that I wasn't happy and he looked like he was sorry he did something wrong. 

I'm trying to get him to stay on my left side when I'm walking him so that's been a challenge because he's so strong. But we're having fun and WE'RE walking a lot and getting OUR exercise.

He's definitely a Guy's dog, he enjoys horse playing with my Son and Husband. When we had Pilot she didn't like to wrestle so she would always come to me so she could hide.

So far he's been very sweet and loving with alot of kisses!!!!!!

I've got some pictures but I still need to download them into my computer, I'll send them to you when I do.

We look forward to pictures of Parker together with his new family (-:

On a more serious note ... I thought I would share this link with everyone in case something like this should ever happen to your pet. Early diagnosis is crucial and misdiagnosis can prove deadly.
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Jun 23/11

Riley - It is with the deepest regret and heartbreak that we have to tell you of the passing of one of our adopted. We are all shocked at this news, as Riley was not even 5 years old. I remember when he came into rescue, abandoned and scared. 

Everyone that met him fell in love with his sweet and loving personality. He was one of the most stunning puppies I ever laid my eyes upon. Riley passed away suddenly, without warning while walking with his loving mom. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Riley's family in this very tragic time in their lives. Our beloved pets are never with us long enough, but Riley's passing has caught everyone off-guard and has shaken the rescue and those that met him to the core. Rest in Peace Riley. Run free and play hard at the Bridge. Here is their email to the rescue:

It is with a broken heart that I have to tell you that Riley Passed last night. While on his evening walk we believe he had an aneurysm.

Always curious, always wanting to please, he was; loving, obedient, protective and joyful. This loss has left our family totally devastated.

Attached are pictures to show you how happy he was during his short time with us.

There had not been one person who met him while he was with us that was not charmed by his demeanor. ~ Sean, Lisa, Patrick, Erinn & Guinness.

Our condolences to Riley's loving family. Our hearts are breaking for you. 
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Jun 22/11

Fundraiser July 23rd - We will be holding our 2nd annual Fundraiser and Reunion on July 23, 2011 from 10 am to 4 pm. This year’s theme is 'Paws in Action'. Come out and join us at 6311 12th Line, New Tecumseth, Ontario for fun with your family and your dog(s).

Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge...

Take this opportunity to try your dog at dock diving and agility. Come out for the day and enjoy great company, good food, games and prizes. Get your Passport for $10.00 a person or $35.00 for a family of 4. This Passport includes food, agility course, and doggy pool and diving [this does not include the CGN testing]. Experience all these great events and be sure to check out the items up for our silent auction, as well as great items to purchase while at the fundraiser. 

Item 1 - Blue Jay Cap - official cap from the 92/93 season, size: young boy, never worn, still in the bag from the Blue Jays Shop, Commerce Court, Toronto.
Auction Item 1:
Official Blue Jay Cap from the 92/93 season

One game that we will be holding is called the 'Toilet Plunger Toss' - this game will test both your creativity as well as your athletic skills (-: This game was invented by a dog enthusiast who has waited years to unveil this skill-testing game. On the creativity side, we ask that you dress your toilet plunger (whatever theme you would like), Wonder Woman, Superman, Scooby-Doo, Michael Bryant ... whatever. There will be a prize for BEST DRESSED plunger. Then we get on with the physical/athletic part of the game. Whoever tosses their plunger the farthest wins TOP PRIZE!! So, get some practice before the event and get your arm ready for the big plunge-off!!! This is only one of the fun-filled action games you can come and enjoy. 

CGN testing will also be available and will cost $25.00. This is an official CKC title event, so please call Shawna at (705) 796-7103 for requirements and to book an appointment. Please arrive at 9:45 am for the CGN testing.
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Jun 21/11

Parker Update - GREAT news for our boy Parker. It's been a long, long wait ... but Parker finally went home this weekend (-:

His people fell in love with his pictures and made a 7 hour (one way trip) to Cornwall on Friday evening, stayed in a hotel and met with Parker and Allie on Saturday morning. Parker really liked them too.

So, after a long ride home and a bite to eat, everyone went for a nap - Parker, landed in their bed, in between his new mom and dad. lol Congratulations Parker!!!

Thanks for watching over him Allie and spending as much time as you could with him while he was in the kennel. 
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Jun 20/11

Kongs - I know we often have people ask what they can give there dog to keep them occupied while they are away. The Kong is a great item to peak your dogs attention and imagination. 

We often stuff our Kongs in the evening with our dogs favourite treats and freeze them and give to our pet the next day when we leave for work. Most dogs love this ritual and look forward to it daily. However, in this link, we find 50 additional ways to use a Kong effectively. 

I never knew there were so many things we can do with Kongs! (-:
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The Bite Prevention Seminar, scheduled for June 18th, has been cancelled. The seminar will be rescheduled. Please check back to the website for updates.

Jun 17/11

Miss Riley - WOW!!! We end the week with an update and some pictures of an all grown up and very beautiful girl, Riley. It seems our little girl turned one year old this week and I am amazed at her transformation!! She is such a unique looking girl - I am totally in love (-: I remember when this little darling came in with her mom Peanut. Both of these girls, so deserving of another chance. 

Little Riley went into foster care and not surprising to us, her foster family fell in love with her and adopted her. Here is a little update from Riley's mom:

Our Miss Riley is a big girl now!! She just turned a year old. Riley has blossomed into a beautiful young dog. 

When she first came to us, she didn't like to be held or touched, now things have changed. 

Miss Riley loves to have her tummy rubbed and she really loves to have her face kissed. She has also turned into quite the Momma's girl. 

Her big brothers absolutely adore her, even though she is kind of bossy. 

Miss Riley looks very, very happy and I'm sure is loving having a couple of fur-brothers to boss around. Happy birthday Riley ... and many, many more!!!
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Jun 16/11

Dexter - About a month ago, we took in a handsome boy named Dexter. Sadly, he needed to be re-homed and owner had to come to a heartbreaking decision, she needed help finding him the best forever home.

We put out the call for a foster home and our volunteers came through as they always do. Mike has fostered many dogs for us in past years and he also adopted his beloved Spice from us several years ago now, so when Mike offered to foster him, we were elated.

Of course, a couple days after Dexter's arrival we got even more great news!!! Mike had fallen head over heels for Dexter and he wanted to adopt him as well. Dexter and Spice get along famously ... partners in crime, so to speak (-: Of course we had NO objections!!! We were elated for Dexter and Spice (-:

This morning we got an update from Mike and I have to say as soon as I read his email and looked at the pictures I burst into uncontrollable laughter!!! Here is Mike's message:

"So, here's what Dexter-dog - with the help of Spice girl - managed to do in 3 minutes while I was in the washroom. I had just vacuumed the gym floor, and put a nice, soft doggie bed down so they could rest. Ugh. "

Here are the pictures of 3 minutes of complete bliss!! (-: 

Hahahaa, funniest thing of all - Mike KNOWS Dexter started it and probably did the majority of the demolition, but when Mike appeared on the scene Spice had a mouthful of fluff and Dexter was lying in the middle of the mess with a look of complete innocence!!! Hahahaaaaaa! Thanks for the morning laugh Mike!!! Made our day (-:

Congratulations to Dexter!! Another lucky one that never even made it to the website! (-:
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Jun 15/11

Two Great Updates - Here are a couple of pictures of two of our adopted - both came into rescue emaciated, abused and neglected. Carter came to us in the worst shape of all. I cried when I first laid eyes on this pitiful looking boy. Weak from hunger and unable to walk. 

Carter is doing awesome and I am fortunate to get updates from Carter's mom regularly. That boy will always have a piece of my heart. Carter lost his beloved sister, Baby right after Christmas and has been pining for another friend. That day has finally come - woohoo!! Here is a picture of our elated boy Carter with his new sister, Cassie. 

Both have big smiles on their faces and both are never out of each others sight. Congratulations Carter!! Congratulations Cassie! You landed in the BEST home you could have hoped for!!!

Another one of our rescues came in, just 3 months old at the time and already 20 lbs underweight. This boy was neglected and physically abused. Thankfully his guardian angel was able to remove him from this abusive, neglectful situation and into foster care he came. But he came into foster care with an adoptor ready to take him the moment his was well enough to travel. Yup - this boy had places to go and people to see.


We fast forward a year and look at our Smooch now!!!! Not even 1 1/2 years old and he's HUGE ... and STILL growing!!!! This is what it's all about folks!!! We LOVE to see our rescues living happily ever after!! 

Congratulations to two very lucky boys!! You're looking good boys ... but most of all, you look happy!

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jun 14/11

Annual Fundraiser - Mark your calendars everyone! We have a GREAT event taking place on July 23rd - our summer fun day, reunion, all wrapped up in one. ANML-RESQ and our volunteers are thrilled to announce our 2nd Annual Fundraiser and Reunion being held in New Tecumseth, Ontario (Alliston area). This years' theme is 'Paws in Action' and what a fun day we have planned. 

It's a great opportunity to try your dog at dog diving or agility. Come out for the day and enjoy some great company, good food, fun games and prizes. Get your passport and experience ALL the events. While here enjoying the events of the day, be sure to check out our items up for auction (more info to follow in upcoming blogs).

We will also have a draw for a beautiful quilt, 'Wolf Song' and the winner will be announced at this event! Good luck to everyone that have purchased tickets. Tickets are still available - please check our homepage for details...»

Again, this year, we will have CGN testing, so if you are interested in signing your dog up for CGN testing, please book an appointment with Shawna 705-796-7103. I hope to see you all there!! We had a blast last year! Let the games begin!
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Jun 13/11

Bite Prevention Seminar - Spring is in the Air and soon the school children will be out for the summer. Statistically, it is the time when the most dog bites occur, so it is up to us to educate our children and keep them safe around dogs. 

This is a reminder that there are only a few more days left to register for our Bite Prevention Seminar which is coming up this Saturday June 18th in Milton. This seminar is being hosted by Val Dillon, Trainer/Behaviourist and is especially geared toward children ages 4 and older.

Please come and join us on Saturday and get ready for a fun-filled learning experience that the children won't soon forget!
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Jun 10/11

Thundershirt - I know the last few weeks the weather has been quite volatile, EVERYWHERE. Torrential rains, thunder and lightening. It's the time of year again where some of our 4 legged friends can hurt/harm themselves out of fear - the fear of thunder.

It wasn't that long ago we had a storm and our sweet Penny was beyond herself with fright. She went through a set of glass French doors, trying to get away from the disturbance. Sadly, as we all know ... there is nowhere to run and hide. 

There is a product out now that I have heard RAVE reviews from several people I know now. When I first heard of it, I thought it was just another "gimmick", but several of my friends have fearful dogs in thunderstorms and they have purchased the "Thundershirt" and have seen a "world of difference" in their companion. Here is a link to Thundershirt and "how it works".

As you can see ... it works, not only during thunder storms, but is being used to help with travel anxiety, crating, excessive barking, separation anxiety, etc. Perhaps this product could help you and your 4 legged friend?

Have a great weekend everyone from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!! 
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Jun 9/11

Mya Update - What a fantastic way to end the week, with an update of a girl we adopted out 4 years ago. As you can see from her pictures/update, this girl is very much loved and adored. Mya - you look AWESOME and SO happy!! We couldn't have hoped for a better home for you. Here is Mya's update (-:

Hello there AMNL RESQ - I adopted Mya in Dec 2009, a staffi-boxer brindle form Fort Erie area and via Vsiolet . She had such a bad ear infection when we got her- her right ear was clauliflowered and she required ears drops well into March- but I am happy to say she has not had another ear infection since...... her ear has improved greatly it is still a little crinklely and does not have the fine motor control as the other ear.... She was always so happy to see us when we came home that she wags her tail soooo much she bruised my motherinlaw.... her tail was a weapon!!! She still is extremely happy when we or other people come but the tail wagging is not so forceful now..... She has challenged us with separation anxiety issues- peeing, food search and eat missions etc etc... --We have had to put the garbage in the broom closet , make sure there is absolutely no food on the counters whatsoever. I forgotten half the stuff she has done over the last year and half- she's eaten my coat pocket because it had crumbs of treats from our walks I found it many times on the living room or kitchen floor when I came home- that coat also had tears in it from her jumping on me just to get a treat..... she didn't really take to the openness of our property she would do her whirling dervish act spinning on the leash -mostly at night...she hasn't done that in such a long time now. When we got mad with her she would just run and cower - it breaks my heart every time she does that- it's not so dramatic now plus she is a model doggie now.... I shouldn't be so quick to say that but she is such a sweetheart....... We took up the carpet up in the living room and was in the process of putting in laminate flooring We had taken her out and was gone only 1hr or so and my fatherinlaw came to continue with the floors and she had done a piddle right on the new flooring... What a monkey!!! Her personality is coming out so much now- she is such a delightful wonderful girl she has such a nice energy about her -she is so ingrained with her routine-She has come such a long way- From not wanting to leave her water bowl for the first few days to getting overly anxious at meal times - she would start to bark and paw me when it came round to 5-6pm - wanting her dinner..... Now she is not anxious for meal times or even when we go out - at times she doesn't even bother to wake up when I go out-It pleases me so much to see that.... She always sits at the sliding door window and tilts her head to the left when I come home - she makes me smile. 

I have kept in close contact with Violet keeping - emailing , talking on the phone and I was so pleased that she and her husband came to visit last month....She is so lovely We are planning to go and volunteer at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary- Dog Town in the fall/spring coming up...... 

I have sent some pics along - one is of Mya alone with her beautiful coat that Violet sent for her- She really doesn't like the cold and I have even bought her mutt luks because she is so tender footed...The other is her with her brother Buddy having their after dinner bone chew----She has no problems sharing

I just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing dog, and for your organization where I found her Thank you for all you do for all the dog and especially for the pit bull breed- both of mine are part staffi and that is what makes them so amazing. I haven't visited your website for quite a while but did notice you had a raffle fundraiser- I've purchased some tickets for the quilt draw and have signed up for your newsletters. I plan to keep a closer look at your site- If ever you need a volunteer in my area I would be more than happy to help out.. Thanks for giving me Mya and for all you do ~ Janice 

What a beautiful brother you have too Mya!! You and Buddy make a great pair!!! Many thanks to Mya's mom for sending us this fantastic update. Hugs to Mya and Buddy from their friends at ANML-RESQ!!! 
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Jun 8/11

Guide Dog Not Allowed - In Denver, KMGH The has learned that a blind woman who wanted to get a ride in a taxi had to put her guide dog in the trunk of the cab. The cab driver told her that he was allergic and that no dogs were allowed in the cab. Since this event, the driver has been suspended and fined by the state. The owner of the dog was devastated, but needed the ride and had to put her dog in the trunk.

Reported in the, a South Carolina man has been arrested for not allowing a service dog into his restaurant. He told the dog's owner that it was private property and they were not allowed in. A quick call to the police and the owner of the restaurant was charged with interfering with the rights of a blind/disabled person.

These are not isolated events and service dogs are allowed in every establishment and vehicle in Canada and the US.
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Jun 6/11

Bonnie This pretty girl in need of a new forever home. Please see a bit about her from her present owner. If you think you could give this shy girl her new forever home, please contact owner ... information below.

COURTESY POST - Introducing Bonnie, an American Eskimo dog. She is 5 years old, up to date on all her shots, spayed and micro chipped. She is heartworm negative and already has her pills for the season. 

 Bonnie is housetrained and loves to sleep in her bed in your room at night or lies comfortably on the floor beside your bed. She is an inside kinda girl who likes to be pampered and would not do well in an outside kennel. 

Bonnie was rescued from the SPCA at age of 7 mths. She is timid around strangers, but once she gets to know you she is full of cuddles and kisses. Bonnie would do best in a home with a single owner, a mature couple or a family with older children who are familiar with dogs. 

She plays well with other dogs and likes cats if they are comfortable being around dogs. If you would like more information on Bonnie, please contact Dorothy at

We also received some great pictures of our handsome boy Carter. He is jumping for joy these days as he anxiously awaits his new adoptive sister who will be coming home to them soon.

I love the picture of Carter and his dad. There is nothing like snuggling up to a big, 'hugable' dog. We can see that Carter is very much loved. (-:
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Jun 3/11

Pumpkin We received a beautiful picture of Pumpkin from foster mom. This little girl has come a LONG way and we can't believe the transformation. Since she has returned to us, she has gained 15 lbs. in a fairly short period of time. All thanks to foster mom, Mim's hard work and dedication to this little "pumpkin". 

At almost 9 months old, we believe she is pretty much full grown. Tipping the scales now at almost 39 pounds, she looks amazing! Pumpkin LOVES going to the dog park and has many, many friends she likes to run and frolick with. When she comes home, she enjoys bossing her big brother Cole around (-: If you think this little girl could be the girl for you and don't mind a bit of extra work to maintain the mild form of ME she has, please go to our website at to learn more about Pumpkin. Have a GREAT weekend everyone.
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Jun 2/11

Fundraiser Success Our Shopping Bonanza Fundraiser party held on May 28th was a great success! There was a wonderful turnout of guests who had a vast assortment of merchandise to select from. We were also privileged to have some delicious samples of quiche, cupcakes and cheesecake balls to taste from Sweetcity by: mmm ... that's good! by Caitlin and Dulce Hillier.

If you would like any information on any of the products that were sold at this event, please click on the links below.;; (Creative Memories);;;

I would like to say a special thank you to Joanne Lamantia of Krave Bags, Beth Dancy from Lia Sophia Jewelry, Kelly DePiero from Creative Memories, Lucy Piron from Candy Bouquets and Jennifer Fasciano from Pampered Chef. Without these ladies, we would not have been able to raise this money for each of them generously donated a portion of their sales to the organization. And a special thank you to all the guests who were kind enough to take time from the families to help a great cause!
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Jun 1/11

Georgia Update Well, Georgia's great adventure update is a little late in coming LOL but here is her dad, Dave's newest update on their business trip (-:

Hi everybody, Thursday afternoon just a few hours after the last update we had a visitor at the office. 

One of the owners friends stopped by to visit with a new addition. Chowder was a stray that wandered on to his porch about a month ago during a heavy rain storm. 

The family cleaned him up, put up notices but no one came to claim Chowder, so they decided to keep him. The vet estimates his age as currently around 12 - 14 weeks old. 

At first Georgia was a bit shy of Chowder's dad but once she was playing with the pup she had a great time. Once this boy grows into those paws he is going to be BIG! Friday was pretty slow, normal day at work. 

Saturday Georgia had me up early she decided 5:30 was a good time to go out for a pee, after that I went back to sleep until 8:30, I love these blackout curtains in the hotel. After lunch took care of a few things for work & returned to the hotel. I was going to go to the pool but took Georgia for a walk first. On the way back Georgia wanted to go inside the pool fence and see the kids playing. 

She started to paw at the water at the stairs, going in on the first step. Since I was ready to swim I went ahead & got in the pool. Georgia was all excited wanted to join me but would not leave the step. With a little help she finally came in the pool and swam back to the step with a bit of help from dad (hand under her chest for support). 

She did this 3 times then decided she had enough. We got Georgia dried off and returned to the room. I think tomorrow we will try the beach at St. Simons Island, then a stop at the self-serve Doggie wash on the way back to the hotel. We will let you know how things go. ~ Dave & Georgia

Our little Georgia is definitely a little flirt ... she seems to make friends everywhere she goes!! 
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