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Dogster has a simple way to check if you suspect that your dog has swallowed something and they are chocking on it. If you think that your dog has swallowed something and is chocking, inspect what your dog has coughed up.


You should induce vomiting only when you suspect they have eaten something dangerous, has lost consciousness or has trouble breathing. 


Some vomiting is normal for dogs. Dogs vomit for many reasons including an irritated stomach, eating too fast or too much, or sometimes because of nervousness. A large amount of the time, vomiting is not something to worry about but sometimes it can indicate a serious condition. If your dog vomits once or more a week and it is accompanied by diarrhea, lethargy, or loss of appetite, check with your vet. The trick is know a bit about canine vomiting, what to do, and when to haul your butt to the emergency vet. Check out the blog...


Have a great Canada Day!

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Jun 29/10

The Value of an Animal's Life

Nathan J. Winograd's blog from Monday is a testament to the drive and devotion that each of us should show to the 'value of an animal's life' whether as a rescue, shelter, humane society, volunteer or an owner.

There are so many owners that take animals, dogs in particular, for granted. When these animals land in shelters or humane facilities the answer is always the same: can this animal be adopted out? When the answer is 'no', the only thing left is PTS. Most owners are unaware that the dog they just released to the shelter or humane society will be put down - they aren't told the whole truth.

Why is it that the only option available is to put an animal to sleep. Why don't these facilities go out of their way to network with rescues, friends, neighbours, put up signs, or write emails. There are a few brave souls who volunteer and/or work in these facilities - it must be difficult, and downright upsetting, to go to work every day.

As with 'Oreo's Law', it seems that even the largest of 'rescues' in the States, Best Friends, aren't able to fulfill the simplest of tasks which would be to let someone know that an animal is about to be PTS. How much does it take to send an email? With a following of thousands, you would think that Best Friends could send one email, put up a little info on their website, or use word of mouth to help an animal.

Check out Nathan's blog and see how hard it is to get everyone to see 'The Value of an Animal's Life'...
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Jun 28/10

A Messy Situation

Alright, I've heard about this. Many tales have been told. I listen as the "dog people" tell their story. I most certainly am making some pretty funny faces, all the while trying not to gag on my own spit at the whole thought. Dogs rolling around on the ground in another animals fecal matter. Spreading it all over their bodies from head to tail. The really odd thing is that they look like they are having a blast! Now, I am a dog person. You always can tell a dog person because they will have conversations about poop. Color, consistency, frequency. Fact of the matter is that poop can tell you a lot about what is going on with a dog and only "true dog people" would understand the reason or even necessity of these seemingly "gross" conversations...but dogs rolling around in it? Now THAT is gross! I decided to do a little research into this to try and find out exactly why they seem to like to do this. I became interested in the "why" after my princess "Brie", who hates having her paws wet when it rains, decided to explore this doggy activity for herself this afternoon. OMG! That is all I have to say about that. Try stopping them. No really. Go ahead, stick your hands out and grab a hold of your dog. Ahhh, you're seeing my point Haha! So here's what I have able to find out.

Dogs rolling in feces, even their own, is very common. There are a few different opinions on why dogs do this and they all make good sense. Some experts believe that this activity is instinctual. Rolling in the feces would mask the dogs own scent and allow them to sneak up on their prey, or mask their scent from a predator. However, even if your dog doesn't hunt, maybe he/she just doesn't like how she smells, specially if you just bathed them. It is possible that they do this in order to take the scent back to their pack to let them know that they have found something interesting. This would explain the joy they seem to have when actually rolling in it. They may even be marking their scent on it. If anyone else comes along it tells them "this is mine". There are some dogs that just LIKE the smell of it. Heck, If I could smell like chocolate, I would roll in it! 

Whatever the reason, it is definitely something that is undesirable to the human. It is important that everyone picks up after their dogs. Even in your own yard. Feces carries disease and a number of parasites that can be easily transferred to other dogs. When ingested, it can cause a dog to become very ill. So that everyone's dogs are able to enjoy their walks and stay healthy while doing it, let's all make an effort to stoop and scoop each and every time! ~ Ali Samson
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Jun 25/10

Treats for Your Dog
We dont need to buy treats at the pet store or super centers or anywhere else for that matter, for our pets (its garbage), making it very unhealthy for our pets weight and overall health causing expensive vet visits as they get older, when can feed our pets Veggies and Fruit for a snack.

Knowing what fruits and veggies are not harmful to feed your dog is the first step in the right direction to adding the right fruits and veggies to your dogs diet and stop the high calorie, garbage filled treats you buy at your local pet store and/or other local stores, not to mention the expense in buying garbage treats.  Fruits and carrots can be high in natural sugar, so make sure you give in moderation. 

I was having a grapefruit the other night and one of my dogs kept looking at the grapefruit so I thought I'd have a laugh and give her a piece, expecting to see a face, but she LOVED it, so did the other one.  They also love oranges, bananas, apples and melons. If they had a choice between a plate of meat or fruits, they would choose the fruit.

If you go grocery shopping, you already have what is good for your dog as a snack without spending any extra money. 

Have a great weekend!
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Jun 24/10

Greatest Environmental Disaster of all Time

While this human mistake/disaster may not touch us directly, it certainly will change our environment forever. As the British Petroleum Company (BP) attempts the clean up in the Gulf, the estimated escape of oil into the sea was between 35,000 to 60,000 barrels a day [] at a rate of 6 weeks - starting April 21st. With that kind of spillage, we have to believe that BP will ensure they get at least 99.9% of the oil that is in the sea [OK that estimate was probably way too high - 60%?]. On the other hand, BP's website states:

"In the period from 17 to 23 May, the daily oil rate collected by the RITT ranged from 1,360 barrels of oil per day (b/d) to 3,000 b/d, and the daily gas rate ranged from 4 million cubic feet per day (MMCFD) to 17 MMCFD.

In the same period, the average daily rate of oil and gas collected by the RITT containment system at the end of the leaking riser was 2,010 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) and 10 MMCFD of gas.

So, we sit back and watch BP's attempt to clean up the mess and we know they can't, so where will all that excess oil go? As with any good salad dressing, oil and water [even salt water] do not mix. But, if you agitate anything enough, it does combine. So, if BP gets the 50%, 40%, 30%, where will the rest end up?

I have been purposefully staying away from everything oil related in the news, newspapers, radio and internet because of my love of sea animals, the sea environment [Jacques Cousteau fan], and the coastal regions that are being directly affected by this toxic sludge. As we are slowly losing the fish to over fishing, so too, now we will be losing the one thing we think of as clean and pure - the ocean! I guess it is time to get a grip on what we see as pure and untamed [get our heads out of the sand so to speak] and try to help save what we have left of a planet on overload and outright greed. As with any good democracy, some things must be kicked to the curb for the greater good. Something a kin to BSL.

A photographer [kk] taking pictures of the oil spill stated "BP is busy blocking true press access to the devastation. Every time we showed up anywhere, we were approached by guys in badges, asking us who we were, what we were doing, and telling us to not cross this line or that line." So, what is BP hiding - the truth? BP can't clean this up any better than we can get a broken egg off the floor before the kids and animals run through it!

Here is a link to the photographer's pictures of the greatest disaster of all time...  I'm not going to hold my breath, there will be another human error that will top this one! ~ Elaine Watson
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Jun 23/10

5 Tips for Surviving Fireworks  

As firework's season is upon us, it is best to know your enemy and try to deal with it.

There are resources to help your pup overcome the obstacles of thunder, fireworks and other loud noises ... check out this article ...
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Jun 22/10

Green Job 

Dogster's blog from the 16th was hilarious ... 

You never know what youll find when scooping dog poop. Steve Wilson, who works for Doody Calls Pet Waste Removal System, in St. Louis, recently saw something odd sticking out of a pile of poop from one of the pooches he scoops up after. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be money quite literally cold, hard cash by the time he got to it, most likely. It was packed into the poop pretty well, but he managed to extricate it (I dont even want to imagine this), sanitize it (ditto), count it $58! and give it back to the owner of the money-hungry dog, in a zipped plastic bag. Read the article...

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Jun 21/10

Doger's Day Fundraiser 

Our Happy Doger's Day was a HUGE success, and what a beautiful day it turned out to be. We thought for a while that we would be rained on, but the clouds parted and it turned into a hot, sunny day. The PERFECT day for the dogs to enjoy some dock-diving activities and a brief course on this fun new dog sport. 

Our hostess, Sherri Hall and family were so welcoming and accommodating. Sherri was so patient with the dogs and lovingly showed each dock-diving candidate the proper way to enter the pool, and exit, never pushing too far, always making sure the experience was a positive one. Many of our adopted kids gave it a whirl. My sweetheart Pedro/Brio who I thought for SURE would want to dive into the pool and retrieve (he loved jumping and swimming in our little pond, but as Sherri discussed earlier, just because your dog loves swimming in the lake, may not mean they will take to a clear-water pool right away). So, Pedro, although I know was SO anxious to get into the water, just chickened out before he took the plunge. That's okay big boy... you'll do better next time. Other adoptors that gave it a try... and actually entered the water.... our "bad-boy" Cole, Jake, Willow (aka Foxy), Georgia, even our wee girl Chade and brother Snickers gave the water a try!! Way to go guys!! Our handsome boy Nacho was also there for a while, but we weren't letting him go for a swim LOL, he would definitely sink. Our darling C B also made an appearance as well. We had a blast watching how everyone reacted so differently to their experience. 

Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge...
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We had such a great time, watching the dogs have so much fun and we were thrilled to meet (sometimes for the first time), adoptors, with their beloved dogs and also coming together again with friends we haven't seen in a while.

We also had a great turn out for CGN testing and we congratulate all of the canines (and their owners) who passed with flying colours. Once again, a fun experience to watch and participate in and what a fantastic group of dogs that showed us their "stuff".

We made many new friends, both human and canine... such a variety of different breeds, all together in one place having fun. It was the perfect day!!!

Many thanks to Sherri Hall and Maple Lane Golden Kennels for your kind hospitality and welcoming ANML-RESQ and friends over for a fun-filled day. We hope very much to do it again next year!!

We also wish to thank our volunteer Shawna and husband Denny for planning the event and making this day a HUGE success for us. Good eats, good friends and good times were had by all.

Thank you to ALL of our friends, supporters, adoptors and adoptees for coming out to say "hello", showing your support and showing us first-hand how well loved and happy our adopted dogs are. Thank you to our volunteers for coming and helping with the event. It wouldn't be possible without you.

Thank you, again, to all for a REALLY HAPPY DOGER'S DAY!
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Jun 18/10

Cole Chronicles

We had another hilarious update from Cole. It seems he is in high gear and giving his mom and fur-sister a real run for their money LOL

I am allowed to laugh, cause I thought I had the only little hellion around, but after reading Cole's message, I think I feel a bit lucky, at the moment (-: I know, in time, this over-exuberant boy will calm down.  But for now, he is being a typical teenage boy and trying to push his limits. Mom will have that under control in now time, I am confident. 

Here, for your entertainment is an update from Cole (btw ... his mom helped transported our little man Jack to his foster home, thanks again Mim)

Hi Everyone. It's me Cole. Remember me? Mom says that she would like to forget, but I know she loves me. She cuddles me so hard. I thought that I would give you another little update. 

Saturday June 6/10 

         Well today I was a big helper again. Mom left Shiloh and I to guard the house so I thought that I would help her clean up her bedroom closet. Since she is off work for a few months, she really doesn't need those $200 leather shoes (Shiloh told me they were her favorite ones). So I took them apart for her and now she has more room in the closet. The way that she calmly removed them from my bed and didn't say thanks. That kinda tells me that I should leave that part of the housework to her.  Maybe there is another pair somewhere that I can help her out with. 

         The other day when she was talking to Renee, I chewed on one of the pull cords to remove that weird looking thing attached to the string. Well today I found every single one that I could reach in the house and got rid of them. She didn't seem too pleased when the long string on the side door went up into the top. The blind is now on the table to be fixed. She calls me a pain in the butt. Is that maybe my new name??? 

         Mom and I watched Marlie and Me and she cried because she said that Marlie was such a sweet dog and she was hoping that he was naughtier than me. What's up with that??

 Saturday June 13/10 

         Well hey all, I'm back.  I have a few issues which I would like to discuss. I would like to know who this dog named "Jack" is and have a little talk with him. Mom came back today and I heard her tell her Mom that he is so sweet that she was tempted to drop him off at home and take me to his nice new owners and just say that he had grown. What's up with that? 

         I heard her say that we are going to be rich because she now has shares at the LCBO ever since I came home. That's good right??? 

         This past week I wanted to make her so proud and show her how agile I was. I ran from the very back of the yard, through our pool, then the hole that I dug in the ground, into the house, onto the couch, jump with all fours onto the wall (nice footprints), onto the ottoman, around the corner on my two front legs, slid into the kitchen and back again outside. Man was I proud.  Man the look I got made me think that I almost did something wrong. Women sure are hard to please. 

         Today while Mom was away, I chewed up her bills. I figured that she could use the excuse that "the dog ate them". There was that look again. 

         Now I would like to know who it was that my mom was talking to about the fact that she is now able to differentiate between my puppy mouthing and being a pain in the butt mouthing. All of a sudden my self proclaimed "Miss Goodie Two Shoes" sister Shiloh, is starting to say "I told you so" as I am REALLY getting dealt with.  Mom tells me that the other 8 Rotties and GSDs that she had didn't get away with it and either will I. Oh crap. 

         Well, next Saturday she told me that she is going to show me how to jump off a cliff, ooops dock.  Hope to see you all and make sure that my mom takes me back with her ok??

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to come and join us on Saturday for a doggone good time in Alliston.  See you all there!
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Jun 17/10

Jack Update

Our lovely Linda went to visit Jack in his foster home.  Lucky boy landed there this past weekend and after a nice bath, this handsome fellow is looking SO handsome.  As you can see from Linda's report (and pictures), Jack is a real hit with everyone he meets.

Thank you to Marilyn and Walter for offering this sweetie a foster spot.  Let us know when you fail fostering, okay?? (-;

Hi All, I have to tell you I'm in love with Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a little dude he is. It literally was a 10 minute visit but it only takes a second to love this guy.  After being bathed and brushed he has an unusual coat coming through... he has a longish wavy black stripe down his back and the undersides are brownish short coat... he's unique and gorgeous. 

 He's very happy and outgoing and very sweet.  Seems he has picked up the household routine pretty quick and has been a good boy.  

I'm going to give vet Tina Grey a call tomorrow and see if she will give us a discount on vaccs. chip and neuter.  

Tina is a lot closer to the Mounts than Durham and has worked with rescue (Adopt-a-Rott) in the past.  I'll keep you posted Karen. ~ Linda

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Jun 16/10

Karl Update

Wow, it has been a walk down memory lane this week.  We have ANOTHER Birthday/Anniversary to celebrate.  It is our very handsome boy Karl, who as you can see from this update, he is the apple of his mom's eye. 

His happy ending seemed SO far off and un-attainable.  I prayed for the best, but braced myself for the worse.  I didn't think we could find a home that cared not about his "job title"...rather fell in love with his picture right away and offered a home - sight unseen (other than a shelter picture).  His mom and dad fell in love with him again when they picked him up on transport and this VERY lucky boy has been living the high life, pampered, loved and very well taken care of.  Not bad for a once-hired out "guard dog" (who sucked at his job LOL)

We love you Karl! You deserve living like a king now.  

Thank you for the great update Debbie!  

Here is mom's update for our lucky boy Karl (-: 

Hi Renee
I just wanted to give you an update on Handsome Karl. He sleeps with the tip of his tongue sticking out,
drools when he sleeps and sometime snores. He still loves to go for car rides, so you can never leave the house without him. He was really trained well and guards his family with everything in him. Yet, he is so gentle. With all the dogs I have, he is the only one I trust with the children in the neighbourhood. The kids love him. He just had his teeth cleaned again, they are in bad shape and we are doing all that we can to keep them, so he goes in every 6 months to have them cleaned. Poor guy, we had to extract one tooth when we first got him. His whole mouth so was badly infected. But with a good doggie dentist and love and better food, he is doing great. He has put on about 8 pounds (which he needed) and has engery to spare. He was just groomed again and had a nice hair cut. His coat is now healthy and soft. No more matts! I can never thank you enough for bringing Karl home to us. He really is a wonderful dog, even when he drools! So a Happy Birthday to Karl, as he has been with us for one year now!!  Life is good :) Love Deb

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Jun 15/10

Carter Update

I should have known this anniversary was close in coming.  I have thought of nothing but Carter for the past week and realized it was close to the one year anniversary that Carter came into rescue.  

His story was sad and disturbing. He was banished to a dark basement, no windows and no life. We got the urgent email asking to help this boy and time was of the essence. There was no time for temperament testing, no time to make a decision. From all that we heard, NO dog should live like this, let alone my favorite breed in the world, the rottweiler.  We offered to take him, sight unseen and he was coming to my place.  

When I laid eyes on this emaciated boy, my heart broke and I burst into tears.  Who could EVER do this to an animal?  Such a gentle, kind-hearted soul.  I was sick and angry at the human race. We took this emaciated boy into foster care and quickly fell in love with this gentle soul.  I worried about him constantly...was he eating enough?  his eyes were so infected, we were medicating him several times a day.  But slowly Carter started to come around, coaxing him to eat - he NEEDED to eat.  

Then a miracle happened for my boy.  The most perfect family got in touch with me, even before Carter was on the website.  They had learned through a good friend of mine about Carter and wanted to adopt him.  My prayers were answered.

It has been a year now since Carter left our home and went to his forever home.  He is truly loved unconditionally.  

Happy Anniversary Carter ... or should I say, Happy Birthday ... as the day you entered Lori and Kevin's home, was the day you started your new life.  

Here is a short note from Carters mom.

I took this pic yesterday because it has been a whole year that we have had Carter and we couldn't love him anymore than we already do. It is so funny to watch him when he is raring to go. Carter tells us when he wants to go for a walk and when we are walking people have asked us if we are walking our pony, and then are surprised he is so gentle. He does the rottie talk and the rottie lean. He sure looks after his sister when she isn't feeling well but he still likes to push her around. Squabbling like kids. When he wants on the couch he takes anything off the couch that is in his way then he does a bunny hop on the couch to nestle in. He is quite the boy. Our boy Carter!!!!

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Jun 14/10


This very beautiful looking girl is Kyra. Kyra needs to find a foster home and fast.  

You may remember Kyra on our website a few months ago.  You may not remember her story though.  At the time, her family (who has had her since a puppy) was growing, they were moving and unfortunately were spending less and less time with Kyra.  At that time, they were going to send her away, but grandma intervened and said she would care for her until rescue could take her.  When the family moved in and settled, they thought they would try it again with Kyra , so we reluctantly removed her from the site.  

Now fast forward a couple of months and the owners have finally realized they cannot keep her.  The youngest is just starting to toddle and being very invasive of Kyra's space.  We want to take her into rescue, but we desperately need a foster home before we can pull her from the home.

Below is a brief description of Kyra , we will certainly be able to tell you more once she has secured a foster home that can give her some time and attention and truly see this girls potential.  I have a feeling she will make a wonderful family dog.  If you know any rottweiler fanciers or lovers of the breed, please contact us ASAP

WOW ....this Rotti girl's name is Kyra and don't you agree she is stunning! Kyra just turned 4 years old in January and the sad news is she must look for a new home because her Mum & Dad are getting divorced. Kyra was the only child until about a year ago. There were some jealousy issues with the new baby once he started to walk that were not handled in the best way so an adult home or home with teenage children would be best for her. She has previously been exposed to dogs but has never lived with another dog. She has lived with a cat that the family got as a kitten. Kyra not only liked the kitten but took over the mothering role and the 2 became best friends. She is a typical true to her breed Rotti who vocalizes her pleasure with a grumbling talk accompanied by some air licking for good measure. Rotti people will easily recognize this yacking for what it is but for folks unknowing it can be a tad intimidating. As a young girl she tested her limits and position within the family by stealing things she shouldn't as all young dogs will do until they are trained. In Kyra's case the training of this was let go so for this reason a Rotti experienced home able to deal with this is recommended for her. She is currently living with her owner, but sadly, she needs to find a foster home quickly.  Kyra is a very good girl in the house, completely house trained and pretty much a couch potato who loves snacking on Fritos with her Great Gramma when she stayed with her for a bit.! It's been awhile since she was walked regularly and will start out pulling.  However, when taken out regularly, she catches on quickly. So if your are looking for a stunning, true Rotti girl to share your heart and home with please consider becoming the forever home Kyra is longing for.  
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Jun 11/10


We're very excited for little Jack. We have found a foster home for this handsome little fellow and he is on his way this weekend to his new foster home. From the sounds of it, foster mom and dad have already fallen in love with him and who knows.... he may not be leaving there if all works out well with Jack. All paws crossed little guy.

Many thanks to our transporters, Allie and Mim for getting this little fellow where he should be. Don't forget your cameras ladies!!

Here is another recall notice as well for cat food, for those of you that feed your cats Iams... Click to read...

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! 
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Jun 9/10

Sadie, Haille and Splash

We had a couple of great updates this week. First from our girl Haille/Splash. Her mom sends lots of updates and pictures, which we LOVE!!! 

As you can see, Splash has settled in very quickly and has a couple of very handsome brothers to play with. Here you will see that these lucky kids haven't a worry in the world. Outside, smelling the flowers and watching the grass grow. What more could a dog ask for?  They get lots of exercise, Splash, running muzzle free with her brothers. We still cannot believe how lucky this girl got. Once again, she waited a LONG time for that special home, but Splash says the wait was WELL worth it!!


We also received pictures of our beautiful girl Sadie. Once again, we couldn't have prayed for a better home for this girl. She has her own pool, a very handsome brother to keep her company and a family AND extended family that love her unconditionally. 


Congratulations girls, from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ!!!
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Jun 9/10

June 19th Fundraiser

I am getting very excited about our June 19th fundraiser in Alliston.  ANML-RESQ is abuzz with plans and preparations for a really exciting and fun-filled day.  We have just found out through our volunteer Shawna who has been spear-heading this event and making all the plans, "thank you Shawna, your hard work is appreciated by all", that Rock 95 will be at this fundraising event.  They will be bringing a 15 foot boat that there will be a draw for at the end of the summer - how exciting.  I am definitely getting in on that draw.  

I am also excited because I know for sure one of my fosters will be there and that is Pedro, also known as Brio.  I knew the first day he was with us that this boy was no slouch.  He was a very smart dog, a very obedient dog and Pedro appreciated everything you did for him.  Not like my spoilt brats.  heeheee.

Pedro's mom keeps me updated and I have to share a story about Pedro that touched my heart.  Pedro's mom Diane told me about their anticipated visit with Diane's sister-in-law and family.  One of their young boys was extremely terrified of dogs ... all dogs, big and small.  

But Diane also knew that Pedro was as solid in temperament as any dog could be, sweet tempered, playful, goofy, silly boy.  But Pedro is BIG and I can't wait to see the faces on the volunteers when they actually meet Pedro hahaaaa.  He is the size of a small horse, but as gentle as a lamb.  

The big day arrived and Pedro's parents certainly knew how to introduce a very frightened child to a monster-size dog.  They came together slowly, but with confidence.  Pedro was a prince.  He was gentle and licked the young boy and soon Pedro was upside down on the floor getting belly rubs and giggles from this once terrified child. 

The next day, this boys mom called Diane and said she couldn't believe how gentle such a big, big dog could be.  She says her son talks about Pedro all the time and he is no longer afraid of dogs.  Way to go Pedro, my boy!!!  I knew the first 24 hours with you that you were an easy keeper, respectful yet playful and you make everyone laugh with that silly grin you have.  I can't wait to see that boy again (-:
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Jun 8/10


This gentle soul is in urgent need of a foster home. Her name is Magic and all of us at ANML-RESQ would like to work some "Magic" for her. This sweet girl has found the need to find a new forever home, just when she is at the age where she should be enjoying the good life, and taking things a little easier. 

Magic is yearning for a home to call her own. While the shelter staff love her to pieces, they know she is missing the love and comfort of a family and home. She is quite thin at the moment, but will fill in more once she is in a home environment. 

We hear that Magic is good with other dogs, but will need to find out what she is like with cats. 

We are urgently seeking a foster home so we can take this wonderful girl out of the shelter environment and into a loving home. If you think you could help us, please fill in an on-line application on the left and tell them you are asking about Magic.
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Jun 7/10

Tasmanian Devils

I found this to be an interesting blog. It dispels a couple of myths about raw-feeding. Personally, I find it hard to believe that anyone would believe these myths in the fist place.

Also, a little about what a "good breeder" would never do. Unfortunately, until you run into a problem, you won't know if the breeder you purchased from is legit or not. Any good breeder will always take back one of their dogs. ALWAYS - especially in the case of a youngster. Buyer must ALWAYS BEWARE! Tasmanian Devils and Bad Breeders...
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Jun 4/10

Cole Update

I have really enjoyed talking with Cole's mom. She is a wonderful lady with a love of dogs and the experience to handle a dog with issues.

While Cole's only issue is that he is still a puppy and very much a handful LOL... but I know from experience a dog like this can wear you down. You always have to be one step ahead of them and often in two places at one time... an impossible feat, last time I checked.

But these dogs ALWAYS end up being the best dog a person could wish for. A lot of patience and a sense of humor and you are ready to take on this delightful challenge.  I think Cole's mom could write a sequel to Marley and Me or Marmaduke LOL

I woke up to this hilarious email from Cole. It seems there are days he could get on his mom's last nerve LOL... I laughed so hard, I cried. No better way to end off the week than to share a chapter in the Life of Cole... ENJOY everyone!! And have a GREAT weekend!

Well, it has now been almost a month and my oh my what a trip it has been. Cole wanted to write everyone a note about his new forever home so far. 

Hi all, I just want to let you know about how I love to help my new mom. When Mom puts the clean laundry on the stairs then I help out by putting it all outside for her. When she is picking dandelions, I help by taking them and shaking them all around to remove all the dirt off. Oh that little hole that was left from the roots, I can make that bigger just to help so her back doesn't hurt too much.


The garbage can that she just emptied, I will lick that clean for her when she is busy looking for the lid that I hid out back. I know that she hates cleaning the litter box, so I will eat the pooper scooper. Oh yeah, did I mention that she also hates scooping poop, well now that she takes me to the lake for a swim, I poop in the water just to help her. 

Those crocks that she wears, well she always puts the straps up, so I just chewed them off for her. It really was time to empty the fruit basket off the counter, so I just took out those sweet potatoes and hid them under the bed. That lid off the cat food, well I put it in my mouth so that she didn't have to find a safe place in the garbage for it. 

Before she made Shiloh and I the 4,000 sq ft run off the porch, (that was nice but unnecessary as we just like to tossel by her feet) I was helping her landscape by getting tangled around those nice new bushes and pulling so hard that they came out of the ground. 

Did I mention that I go around corners on two legs, somehow when I am running from Shiloh, the back ones just slide after me. I can also just slide off the coach doing a 360 and look like I meant it. I just put on a dorky expression and Mom laughs at me. 

Mom has a lot of black and blue marks and scratches on her now. I wonder if it has anything to do with my showing her how athletic I am and jumping up when she is relaxing and landing on her with all four legs at once. Hmmm. Did my teeth really do that. Shiloh sure gets nasty when Mom says the word "Ouch". 

I'm also working on my facial expressions. I can't seem to decide whether to keep one ear up, both up, or both down. Hmmmm. Mom says that I look like Marmaduke and keeps on laughing at me and my nutty ways of doing things. I really love it here. I get lots of hugs and masssages and kisses. I also get lots of bites from my new self-assigned bossy sister. 

I still have a lot of growing up to do, but Mom says that I am smart and tells me all the time what a good boy I am. Thank you so much for finding me this forever home. Mom says that our family is now complete and I agree with her. I think that Shiloh is really starting to like me too. Lots of love from Cole and I will keep you posted.

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Jun 3/10

Foxy Update

We received some pictures of our little girl Foxy, who is now known as Willow. Willow, as you can see is getting lots of loving and is a spoiled little diva (-:  

We heard that she doesn't live too far from her brother Dexter and they have met already at the local dog-park for some play-time.  

What a small world it is.  

Willow looks great and it's nice to see that nothing holds this little girl back.  

There is also more news on the OSPCA front. Check out this blog from Brindlestick and read about Frank Klees proposal ... I think this is long overdue and a good step forward!
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Jun 2/10

The Three D's of Dog Training

One of the blogs that I try to visit daily is the Dog Star Daily.  So many interesting articles written by so many reknown dog behaviourists/advocates, experts.  

I came upon this interesting and educational piece, written by Drayton Michaels. I found it to be informative and well written. I thought I would share this with everyone. The Three D's of Dog Training and Why You Need to Know About Them

I had a nice chat with Cole's mom and things are going very well there now. Cole has settled quite a bit and is learning his P's and Q's from two great ladies in his life...his mom, and his fur-sister Shiloh. I hear that Cole is filling in nicely...he is still growing, mom thinks he is still a puppy LOL.. his actions definately suggest he is still very puppy-like in behavior and mannerism. He certainly keeps his mom on her toes, but sister Shiloh is enjoying bossing that brother of hers around.  Typical, bossy female (-:  It was good to hear from Cole's mom and hopefully we will see her and the big guy at one of our events.
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Jun 1/10

Patches Update

We received some great pictures and a brief update of our very handsome boy Patches. Happy Anniversary Patches! The pictures show us you are happy and very much loved.  Awesome (-:

Hi Karen:  

Patch has been with us one year now. Happy Aniversary!! 

We love him and have lot's of fun with him. Here he is just after his spring bath at the groomers! 

And we also received some more pictures of our cutie-patooty, LeRoy. Foster mom adores him already. 

He has had no accidents in the house and follows Carolina around everywhere. He has met the resident dogs and gets along well with all of them, big and small. We have no doubt this little man will find a very special home.
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