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  Renee Leger
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July 2014



Updated: August 02, 2014 10:42:34 PM


Meet Apollo and Zeus;
Dog Gone Safe;
Zeus and Apollo;
Noodles Update;
Simi Update;
Dog's Day of Summer;
Mocha Update;
Loca Update;
Cassie Update;
Links of Interest;
A Must Attend Seminar;
Auction Quilt;


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July 28/14

MORRIS IS URGENT: We are in urgent need of a foster home for this handsome young mastiff boy. This dear boy has had a streak of bad luck and hopefully if we can get him out of the shelter, his luck will turn around. 

Click to enlarge...

This boy has a wonderful temperament - NO issues. He was first put into "adoptions" and then he contracted kennel cough, so he went back into isolation. After he got over the kennel cough, he was placed back into adoptions when he got diarreah and was again placed into isolation. This young fellow has a lot of energy and is not getting what he needs at the shelter and sadly, when he was ready to put back up for adoption, he hurt his leg (possible cruciate). 

Click to enlarge...

We would REALLY love to get this fellow out of the shelter and into a foster home where he can be examined thoroughly by a vet. If cruciate surgery is necessary, foster home should be willing and able to give him the "after-care" he would need to heal after the surgery. We don't want anything else to happen to this poor fellow.

If you know of anyone that would be interested in helping us to help this deserving young fellow, please contact us at or fill out the Adoption/Foster application on the left.
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July 24/14

A Must Attend Seminar: The date for the Dog on Dog Seminar being presented by Val Dillon [.pdf 19.2kb] is September 27th at the Caledon Community Centre.

The cost for the course is $50.00 for advance booking and $60.00 at the door. If you would like to bring your dog to the seminar the admission is $150.00. If you will be registering with your dog, the deadline to register is September 12th - click here for the registration form... » [.pdf 80.2kb].

Time of workshop will be from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For information on how to get to the workshop, click here ...».

If you would like to register for a seat at the Dog on Dog Seminar, you can use Paypal [ bottom left on this page ] or send an email transfer to [ ]. Please note: Drop an email to us letting us know which registration you would like. 
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July 23/14

Links of Interest: I thought it was time to share some more helpful, informative links.

When is it play?;
Dogs like treats, but here is what really gets their tails wagging;
Three ways to confuse a new dog;
When aggressive behaviour does not mean an aggressive dog; and
Loose Dog? Don't chase - stop, drop and lie down.

I hope you enjoy (-:
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July 22/14

Cassie Update: Our little girl Cassie is recovering beautifully from her heartworm treatment. She is eating well and she has started to come out of her shell. 

Foster mom and dad took Cassie to a rescue event last weekend and she met all kinds of people. She even played in the playground. 

This past weekend her family had relatives come for the weekend and brought their two dogs along. Cassie and her new doggy friends played and barked (it's the first time foster mom heard Cassie bark) and she even howled up a storm - FANTASTIC improvement! Foster mom Allie was thrilled for Cassie this weekend:

Cassie has friends over, my pup niece and nephew, Becky and Sammie. Cassie played this morning. 

Click to enlarge...

Tail wagging, play bowing, bark howling, the whole shebang! It's the first time I hear her voice. My heart is full today.

We would like to thank everyone for sending positive thoughts Cassie's way. If she continues to improve as she has been, we think she will soon be ready for adoption.

Cassie and ANML-RESQ would like to thank Tanya from Sit With Me Rescue for donating a Crazy Beautiful Collar for Cassie as well as donating a professional photography session. Check out Crazy Beautiful Collars on Facebook. Beautiful and well-made! 
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July 21/14

Piglet: ANML-RESQ was asked to once again help a young, "prohibited" dog out of the province. Tyson is the sweetest little guy, with such a happy outlook on life. Sadly, his owner had to relocate due to his job and where he needed to move was a very dangerous place for a dog with Tyson's "look" to live. The owner knew that he had no choice but to rehome Tyson for his own safety. 

Once again, we called on our friends in the East Coast for help. Our contacts, Carla and Karen and Carolyn scrambled to network for this boy to find him a safe haven in New Brunswick. As word got out there was some positive interest shown for Tyson, however that is when the East Coast was hit with the aftermath of Arthur. No power and no way to continue communication/talks. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

As the power slowly came back on in the East, we got the FANTASTIC news that they found a foster and rescue to take this precious little boy into their care. We were all shouting for joy! Now came the hard part ... his journey to the East. Tyson did not like to be crated, so flying was not an option. As we scrambled to get a temporary foster here in Ontario so we could keep Tyson safe until transport could be arranged our volunteers here "put out the word" and thanks to Allie and the wonderful people at Shannoncourt we were able to take this boy into safety as we pounded the keyboard getting transport worked out. 

We would like to thank Debbie for getting Tyson on the freedom ride out of Ontario where she met our friend Karen in Quebec City and he was whisked away to Karen's home to spend the night. After an incredibly long journey, Tyson had kisses and snuggles for everyone he met! The following day our friends (and previous adoptors) Carla and Allan whisked our little man on the last leg of his journey into the loving arms of Beth from Fulfilling Hearts Rescue who brought Tyson to Debbie, his new foster home. 

Here is a brief update from Beth who was in touch with Tyson's foster family and here is how his first day went:

The boy did fantastic tonight. As you know we did not have a foster home without other dogs.. He is staying with a border collie, bernese mountain dog and rottweiler.. not to mention SIX cats that he already adores. Couldn't believe how well it all went. He was a super star.

So after a VERY long journey of 1624 kms in total, having passed into the hands of 7 different people/places, our boy was STELLAR throughout the whole trip. Tyson took everything in stride and he touched the hearts of everyone that met him. We have always said that it takes a village to save a single life and that is exactly what it took to make this happen for Tyson (now known as Piglet) (-: We could not have done this without the "swift action" of all of our friends in NB, and we are so blessed to have them in our lives. 

Once again, ANML-RESQ would like to thank Allie, Walter, Shannoncourt, Debbie, Karen, Beth, Fulfilling Hearts Rescue and foster mom Debbie for giving Piglet this second chance at the wonderful life he deserves.
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Hi Renee: 

Just been reading your blog and I am always amazed at what great work your foster people do, plus getting dogs to New Brunswick.

Great to see that Cassie is doing so well and getting used to people and places. Dogs really are resilient when given good circumstances.

We love the story of Piglet, can easily were the name came from. His face looks just like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.   What amazing people you were able to find to drive him all the way to New Brunswick. Don't know how you do it!

Nice story about Loca hunting for toads and frogs and good that they found the tumour in her thyroid and had it removed without more problems.

Mocha's people are obviously devoted to her and finally seem to have found what works best for her ear problem.

Do hope little Snickers is coming along as well.

Our boys are doing fine. On all the nice days we are home Jack sits in his chair on the deck with me but Gus and Wayne stay in the house. Wayne can't be in the sun or heat and wherever Wayne is that's where Gus is, very simple.

Hope yourself, Bill and your fur kids are all doing great.   You always seem to find the right people for each dog, keep up the great work. Take care. ~Anne



July 18/14

Loca Update: We received a wonderful update from Camoya's (aka Loca) dad Mark and we are so happy to hear how much Camoya is enjoying her life now. 

Hi, I wanted to give you an update on the wonderful girl who used to be LOCA and is CAMOYA. She is the most wonderful, sweet and loving girl who saved me more than I did her. She loves her rescued brothers and sisters, Cesar, Caya and Chaulkey the cat but her favorite hobby is being outside hunting for toads of all things. 

Click to enlarge...

She is doing absolutely fantastic and prances around like a puppy even though she is recovering from having half her Thyroid removed due to a tumor- caught very early with no spread and Vets say she is cured.

She is the light of my life and I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave her so she could get the life she deserves.

Thank goodness her thyroid cancer was discovered early and she has fully recovered. She so much deserves to enjoy the lazy, dog days of summer where frog hunting is the best fun ever! 

Thanks so much for the picture and update Mark. Hugs to Camoya and all her furry siblings from her friends here at ANML-RESQ.
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July 15/14

Mocha Update: We received a great update from Mocha's mom, Ilse. After months of battling a broken ear drum, our girl is finally relaxing and finally out of the constant pain she was in. No wonder this sweet girl was so hard to get a hold of. 

...After weeks of messing around with Mocha’s Prednisolone medication she seems to be tolerating the current dose of ˝ a 5mg pill every 4 days.

Click to enlarge...

She doesn’t seem to be bothered by her left ear anymore, no head shaking, no scratching the left ear. She is very different, more relaxed, more trusting, very loving and wanting to be really good. Now we can slowly work on touching her on body parts she doesn’t want to have touched including her nails in the hope she will allow me to cut them some day. We have lots of time and treats. Just thought I let you know what a sweet dog Mocha is. Thanks for your help. ~Ilse

We are so thrilled to see how much Mocha is loved and adored. 
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July 11/14

Snickers: A little while back we told you of the heartbreaking news that our little girl Chade had crossed the Bridge.

Click to enlarge...

It was a sad and heartbreaking time for Pamela, Tobin and Chade's younger brother Snickers. Snickers was missing his sister terribly, so we thought we could cheer him up a little with a beautiful quilt, made by our volunteer Darlene. It looks like Snickers is enjoying, snuggling up in his new quilt!! (-:

Click to enlarge...

Little Snickers is going through a battle of his own. He had to have his gall bladder removed a few months ago and his liver is not functioning as it should. He is taking his medication like a trooper and will need to go on another round of treatment very soon. 

Click to enlarge...

Please join us here at ANML-RESQ by sending positive thoughts and prayers to Snickers for a speedy recovery.
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July 9/14

Dog's Day of Summer: I would like to invite all our friends to the 'Dog's Day of Summer' event. There will be lots of vendors and rescue groups, including ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario, so we hope you will stop by our booth and say "hello" to our volunteers.

Click here to view the poster...» <.pdf 409KB>

This is a fun-filled day with contests such as biggest dog, smallest dog, best trick, etc. There will also be a petting zoo for the kids and a BBQ! Sound like fun? We think so too, so please come out and enjoy the day with your family and friends!
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July 9/14

Simi Update: We received some nice pictures of Simi playing with some of her doggy friends. She is such a beautiful girl - fearful still in some situations, but she has come a long way since she first arrived.

Simi is crate trained and walks nicely on a leash. She loves car rides and is always well behaved when she goes to the vet.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are looking for a foster home for Simi. She is a very loving little girl who will need a foster or forever home that will give Simi the time she needs to settle down in a quiet setting without too much hustle and bustle.

Click to enlarge...

Simi needs a home without small children as she is fearful of them. She is great with dogs, big and small and seems to be a little too interested in cats.

If you think you could give Simi the home she needs, please consider filling in the on-line application on the left.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

July 8/14

Noodles Update: We are beyond thrilled to announce that our beautiful girl Noodles, now known as Bubbles has been officially adopted. 

As you can see, she has a very handsome brother named JP who she gets to snuggle and cuddle with. It is very apparent they both love each other very much ...SO nice to see (-:

blog070814b.jpg (81843 bytes)blog070814a.jpg (72137 bytes)

We can't forget about Bubbles handsome 4 legged brother, Snuggles who definitely lives up to his name. He is an accomplished athlete and it is quite apparent he is a good cuddler too. 

blog070814.jpg (134916 bytes)

Thank you so much Fred, JP and Snuggles for welcoming this little girl into your hearts and home.
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July 4/14

Zeus and Apollo: Well, it didn't take long for these "shelter dogs" to make themselves right at home!! (-:

Click to enlarge...

Zeus and Apollo are behaving like gentlemen in their new home. Apollo had a great play session with sister, Fresca. It is so nice to see these boys FINALLY living life as they should! Thank you again Debbie and Derek for making all this possible for these two sweet boys.

I also wanted to share some great links with you all! Please enjoy.

Have a great weekend!
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July 3/14

Tynan: Foster home, extraordinaire decided to bring their beloved boy Tynan for a boat ride this past long weekend. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

As you can see, Tynan had a GREAT time LOL ... even though it looks like the boat is taking on water ... turns out it had a couple of leaks, but it sure didn't stop Tynan from having the time of his life!! See pictures and video. Here is Tynan's first boat ride. :-) 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

And after a fun-filled day at the beach, Tynan and mom, Carolina fell fast asleep. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

So fast asleep that when Mike came to the bedroom to get into bed, neither Tynan nor Carolina could be awoken from a dead sleep.

Guess that meant Mikey had to sleep on the couch (-:
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July 2/14

Dog Gone Safe: ANML-RESQs' volunteers, Darlene and Christine attended Holy Name Elementary Catholic School on June 20th.

Both Darlene and Christine, who are also licensed Dog Gone Safe presenters held an informative presentation for over 200 children to teach them safety around dogs. The timing was perfect since school would soon be letting out and summer vacation is the time most children are involved in dog-bite incidents. 

Thank you Darlene and Christine for helping to make the students of Holy Name Elementary Catholic School a little safer this summer.

Thank you to Dog Gone Safe for making this valuable information available!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

July 1/14

Meet Apollo and Zeus: With new beginnings come new names and these two boys are now known as Apollo and Zeus. (they never responded to their former names either). Apollo is a 5 year old Shepherd and Zeus is a 7 year old Rottweiler who have lived their WHOLE lives in the shelter. 

Click to enlarge...

They were used as the shelter "test dogs" and did a wonderful job welcoming all the strays and surrenders into the shelter. They saw so many dogs come and go ... when was it going to be their turn? These boys have never stepped foot out of the shelter the whole time they were there, and YESTERDAY was their freedom ride out of the shelter.

We cannot thank Beth and Patrick enough for picking these two gentle boys up in Quebec and bringing them to our loving foster family, Debbie and Derek where the two boys will finally have a quiet nights sleep, away from all the stress and hub bub of the shelter. We are glad they didn't have to be shuffled from transporter to transporter on such a hot, muggy day.

There will be many "firsts" for these two very sweet boys. Yesterday was their first car-ride (-: Today was their first vet visit and they were stellar. Everyone at the clinic fell in love with these gentle souls.

Many thanks to Dr. Jakubowski and staff from Royal York Animal Hospital for giving them such gentle and loving care. Their first vet visit was a success - both boys so calm while they were poked and prodded and given their vaccines. In a couple of weeks time they will be neutered.

They have spent the day checking out their new "digs" and loving every minute of it. They LOVE being outdoors and feeling the breeze in their fur. Their job at the shelter is finished and now, they will be retired and living the good life, thanks to their new mom and dad, Debbie and Derek.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thank you Debbie and Derek for welcoming these two very deserving boys into your hearts and home. Thank you to all the volunteers and staff at the shelter for loving these boys as much as you did. And special thank you to Beth and Patrick for bringing the boyz on the long trip home!
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Auction Quilt: We have started a quilt raffle for Cassie's Vet bills. The quilt is awesome! Any donation made up until August 1st will receive 1 (one) free quilt ticket.  Otherwise, quilt tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.

Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge...


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