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July 2011


Congratulations to Gerd Wegner of Toronto, the winner of our Wolf Song Quilt. Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser.


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Jul 29/11

It's Friday - Well, it's Friday and even better, Friday of a long weekend - woohoo! I'm sure everyone in the city will be heading somewhere cool, preferably a nice beach or lake where everyone, including doggies can enjoy a dip in the water and some nice shady trees to lay under. 

ANML-RESQ wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend. I have also included a very informative link that can help you keep your dog cool on these hot, humid, muggy days. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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Jul 28/11

Annoying Habits - I have found a couple of links to help with two of the problems we hear most often about. Counter surfing and dogs exiting the door before you are ready to take them out. 

Both of these annoying habits can be fixed, but it takes time and patience on our part (-: Click this link to do exercises to keep dogs off of counters and click this link for exercises for manners at the door.
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Jul 27/11

The Boyz - Thanks to a wonderful lady named Joanna who saw his urgent plea and immediately inquired about him and offered assistance. We are thrilled to have been able to help this handsome fellow get out of the shelter before his time was up.

It was a long day for this yet un-named boy. Long transport which started bright and early on Saturday ... then into his new foster home where he also had the chance to meet the resident Rotti boy. Both boys immediately took an interest in each other. Foster mom decided to give them some downtime before they got together to play. 

It seems both boyz like each other very much and I am sure the newbie is loving the freedom he now has to run and play and be a loving part of a family. I am sure if all goes well, this sweetheart will not be leaving his foster home.

Many thanks to Joanna for offering this big friendly goofy boy a safe place to land. He is alive today because you offered him your home. To hear about his silly antics and play-bows and soliciting play ... I have no doubt this happy fellow knows he has been given a second chance, and he plans on making the most of it! (-:

Many thanks to all the people that took time out of their busy weekend to get this boy (and several others) transported to safety and their new lives!!!
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Jul 26/11

Gemma Adopted - We are thrilled to announce while many of our volunteers were at the Paws in Action Fundraiser this weekend, another of our volunteers was busy transporting our little Gemma to her forever family. 

The family were anxiously anticipating her arrival home and the meet and greet with her new family was amazing for our volunteer, Allie to see. Gemma instantly bonded with her new family ... especially her new daddy Steve. Their eyes met and from then on, Gemma only had eyes for daddy. 

She kept looking at him and waiting for his next move/command. Amazing, instant bond. Of course, Gemma was thrilled to meet the rest of her family as well (-: Here are some pictures of our little girl, already taking over the couch and of course, a very, very happy family! Congratulations Gemma, Carolyn and Steve!!

We also received the Rotti/Dane mix from the shelter this weekend. He went into foster care and by the sounds of things, he probably won't be going anywhere. We will update about this beautiful boy this week.

We are URGENTLY looking for a foster home for this stunning girl named Susie. She is 2 years old, spayed and vaccinated. She is very energetic little girl who lives with a young family with 5 young children. 

Understandably, there is not enough time to give Susie the exercise and stimulation she needs to meet her needs. Susie is wonderful with the children, ranging in age from 2-8 years old. Susie would do best in a home with a fenced in backyard and a family that can teach her how to walk properly on leash so she can enjoy a couple of nice walks everyday with her family. If you are interested, please fill in an on-line application or email us at
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Jul 25/11

Reunion Weekend - This weekend we had our Paws in Action Reunion/Fundraiser and it was a smashing success!!! 

It was incredibly hot on Saturday so the dogs (and some people) got in on the pool action and dock-diving. It was nice to see our happily adopted furkids and their families truly enjoying a hot, summer day. 

Just a moment while the video loads.

We would like to thank Sheri and all the family and staff at Maple Lane Kennels for graciously hosting this fun-filled event. Sheri has once again outdone herself with her hospitality and everyone was welcomed and shown a fantastic day of activity. 

We have a few dock-diving stars in the making ... Check out Guinness - wow, can that boy move!! 

Arthur, it seems did not want to leave the pool, he was having TOO much fun.  Also, our girl Georgia and her daddy decided to take a dip in the pool as well. And what about a pool full of goldens? Are they having fun or what??

And let's not forget about my big boy Pedro (aka Brio). I heard he took his mom into the pool for a dip - totally not planned on Diane's part, I'm sure LOL

We would like to thank Shawna and Darlene for working feverishly to put this awesome event together. We would also like to say thanks to everyone that donated such wonderful items for our auction.

Many thanks to ALL that came to enjoy the day with us and show your support. Again, we could not have done this without the kindness and hospitality of Sheri and everyone at Maple Lane Kennels. A GREAT time was had by all! And MANY thanks to our youngest rescuer, Wesley, who was a huge help making sure the doggies were well taken care of. This little man can already talk your ear off about rescue. He is amazing with all dogs and we are lucky to have Wesley and his family on our team. Master Wesley takes fostering very seriously and does a FANTASTIC job.
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Jul 21/11

2 Days to Go - The countdown is here ... only 2 more days to the big annual reunion and Paws in Action fundraiser!!! We are so excited and everyone has been working hard to get everything ready. There will be lots of fun, food and games as well as CGN testing. Your dogs can enjoy themselves and give their best shot at Dock Diving! If the weather continues to be this hot - I have no doubt all the doggies will be diving into the pool (-:

We will have a silent auction and here is a preview of some of our auction items:

  • $100. gift certificate towards dog/cat/ horse portrait

  • *Gourmet basket

  • 2 jolly balls

  • 3 ball flingners

  • 15 runners

  • *Horse head hook and horse mini quilt, auction

  • *Mesh bag with dog toys and treat, auction

  • *XL dog bed. auction

  • *designer dog bowls

  • *certificate for a dog training session as well as a personal training session

Be sure to come and join us for our annual reunion and fun day!! It will be located at 6311 12th Line, New Tecumseth, Ontario.
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Jul 19/11

Sasha Update - We received some great pictures and an update of our baby girl Sasha. 

My, my - she has blossomed from a cute puppy to a beautiful girl ... all grown up. 

Here is what Sasha's owner had to say: 

Our monkey of love. She is soooo awesome and gentle and sweet but still jumps sometimes. No more peeing…anymore. She’s such a good kisser - awww…

Wow, she is stunning. Shiloh - your babies are beautiful, each and every one of them.

As you all know, our little Pumpkin is also Shiloh's puppy. She is still looking for her forever home. 

She does have a mild form of ME, but this should not hold anyone back. She is sweet, smart and always willing to please. 
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Jul 18/11

Still Sneezing?  - You are probably aware that there are certain breeds of dogs that are touted as  hypoallergenic. So, if you want a dog and are trying to make up your mind about your allergies and a dog, a hypoallergenic dog would really be the way to go. But, is it? There is a new study out that does not support this theory.

Christine Cole Johnson, chair of Henry Ford's Department of Public Health Sciences states "we have found no scientific basis to the claim hypoallergenic dogs have less allergen". Her study will be published online this month in the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy. She goes on to state "the idea that you can buy a certain breed of dog and think it will cause less allergy problems for a person already dog-allergic is not borne out by our study". Research has never been done for this type environmental allergens in association with hypoallergenic dogs. Some research and studies have been done on the hair from a small number of breeds, but Christine is the first to do a broader analysis.

There are dogs that are hypoallergenic, i.e., poodles and some terriers, but it isn't the fur or hair or even dried skin cells that make the dog hypoallergenic, it is the protein in a dog's saliva and urine. The protein sticks to the dander and is shed more by certain types of dogs. This is why a hypoallergenic dog may not release these allergic components as easily. 

All dogs have some sort of allergy component, but the hypoallergenic dog sheds less and is more likely to be the better choice when it comes to you and your allergies.
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Jul 14/11

Seamus Adopted - We are elated that Seamus has found his forever home. From a rescue perspective, it breaks your heart when you know that a dog is a good dog and yet his options are slim to none of finding rescue. This was the case with Seamus. We promised we would do everything we could to help Seamus find a new home, but after a couple of weeks with no response (and a deadline slowly coming to an end), we were preparing ourselves for the worst ... but still praying for a miracle.

That miracle came last weekend, when out of the blue we had an inquiry for Seamus. They wrote "is Seamus still alive? Does he need help? If so, we would like to help him". We replied immediately, stating he is STILL in dire straights and asking them to submit an application. Then we prayed they were serious enough to submit an application. Well, less than 2 hours later - there it was. The application we prayed for. It looked EXCELLENT on paper, so I immediately called the applicant and instantly fell in love with Charlene. We expedited the reference checks and by Monday, ALL references were complete and we were over the moon excited for Seamus. 

The only barrier now, was the "meet 'n greet" with their girl Sadie, who recently lost her best doggy friend and was missing a companion. We weren't concerned about Sadie, she has met many other dogs, but Seamus only had one true doggy friend ... he could react badly to some dogs on leash - oh my!!! We HAD to make this meeting the best as we possibly could. This was his LAST chance.

Thanks to Carolina and Mike and Sadie's mom Charlene, the meeting went off beautifully. No posturing - just acceptance by both dogs. (I wonder if Seamus knew this was his chance of a lifetime - don't blow it) (-:

So, yesterday, Seamus was picked up by a very excited new mama. As you can see, there are smiles all around. I particularly LOVE the big smile on Seamus's face. I think he knew he was going home (-:

HUGE thanks to Carolina for working so hard to co-ordinate pick up's and meetings. I know Seamus had a special place in Carolina's heart and she worked tirelessly to make this happen. We are fortunate to have SO many wonderful volunteers that care deeply about the animals. Without their dogged determination, we couldn't make these "miracles" happen. We are blessed.

And speaking of miracles, another one is in the works. Remember the Rotti/Dane boy whose time is up this Friday? Once again, we are excited to say, we have secured a safe home for him and the euth order has been cancelled. He will be arriving next weekend to his new foster home, so please stay tuned for updates.

WOW, what a week it has been. Two more dogs down to the wire - two more dogs safe!! (-: Thank you to everyone that offered assistance to the Rotti/Dane boy. 
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Jul 13/11

Seamus Update - We have FANTASTIC news for one of our rescues. This one never made it to our adoptions page.(-:

We heard about this young Rottweiler pup that was in urgent need of rescue. His family circumstances changed and perhaps for Oliver, that was the best thing that could have happened. You see, young Oliver spent almost every waking minute in a crate. A young dog is supposed to be free to play, play, play ... because that's what puppies do. But not Oliver ... he was let out for potty and dinner and back into his crate ... day in and day out. 

When we heard about his living conditions, we couldn't bear to think of him living another day like that. We needed a plan and we needed it fast!! We immediately spoke up for Oliver and said we would pick him up immediately; thanks to Carolina who offered him a safe place to stay. When he arrived in foster care, we knew immediately something wasn't right with Oliver. His back end was weak and his front feet were floppy and the poor boy was tripping over his own feet. He needed good food, nutrition and some limited exercise to help him gain his strength. 

In the meantime, we found that good friends of ANML-RESQ had their eye on this boy. They were smitten by his story and because they have been Rotti lovers for years, we were hoping they were smitten enough to want to adopt him. Much to our delight, that's exactly what they wanted to do. Oliver has been to the vet, x-rayed and blood work done. We were praying whatever was wrong with Oliver could be fixed and thankfully the news was pretty good. Oliver is a healthy boy, blood work is good, x-rays also checked out. The vet says he is suffering from Nutritional Osteoporosis, which thankfully with good nutrition and exercise, Oliver is expected to grow out of this condition - thank God!!! So, without further ado ... Congratulations to Oliver!! You lucked out BIG TIME little man! We couldn't have asked for a better home for you.

And if this isn't enough good news for the day, we have MORE!!! Our urgent boy Seamus who was days away from being euthanized has found his FOREVER home!!! He met with his potential saviour on Monday and we were on pins and needles. 

EVERYTHING depended on the meet and greet going well with Seamus and their girl Sadie. We had all parts crossed, we sent in recruitments (thanks Mike!!!) to make sure this meeting went well. The meeting went better than well - woohoo!!! Seamus, we are pleased to say will be going home today!!! Congratulations Seamus, Charlene, Shayne and Sadie!! 

AND - Congratulations to Gerd Wegner of Toronto, the winner of our Wolf Song Quilt. Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser.
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Jul 12/11

Smooch Update - We received yet another update and pictures from our East Coast boy, Schmoo. Our friends in the east have had a rough go this past winter, but it looks like Schmooch is taking advantage of the hot summer weather. 

I can picture him now ... "belly flop" into the pool and empties it out LOL

Thanks for the pictures and update Carla! 
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Jul 11/11

URGENT - Before we get to the exciting and happy news of our weekend, we are sending out an urgent plea to find a foster home for a very urgent dog. He was found as a stray and sadly, his time at the shelter is almost up. Since he is a stray, very little information is known, but this is a little about what we do know.

He is approximately 2 yrs. old, believed to be a Rottweiler/Dane mix, approx. 65-70 lbs. He is a strong boy and will need some work, but he is gentle and kind. He is reported to be good with other dogs (will be confirmed). Cats are unknown. We are looking for a responsible foster home without small children and a fenced in yard. PLEASE help us to help this handsome boy. Time is running out for him.

And now for the exciting news!! ANML-RESQ is pleased to announce our little baby girl Hope has found her forever home. She went home on Sunday to a VERY excited young couple. We would like to thank foster mom Jody for welcoming this little girl into her heart and home. 

We know it wasn't easy for Jody to let her go, but we couldn't have asked for a better home for this little sweetheart. Congratulations to Hope and her new mom and dad, Kathryn and Jimmy. Once again, the picture tells it all ... a very excited new family.
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Jul 8/11

To Prong or Not to Prong - Debate has been sparked on the use of prong collars as a training aid. Is it right to use a prong collar or a choke collars to train a dog? Some believe that a gentle leader or body harness does the trick.

As there are many on the side of the prong collar, research would indicate that many on the web believe that prong collars are a quick way of handling an unmanageable dog. People tend to use prong collars the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. A prong collar or choke chain is not bling for your dog or a status symbol for people. 

Over at the PawsitivePackleader, Prescott Breeden believes that prong collars, choke chains and e-collars inflict pain. He does believe that they work and get fast results regardless of the fallout. 

"But in this great debate of ethical or unethical, humane or inhumane, the most crucial element that is always left out is the importance of training. Positive or traditional, no matter which school of training you practice, there will always be punishment involved and all punishment is aversive and unpleasant. In traditional training punishments focus on adding a stimulus to the undesired behavior (pain, loud noises, squirts with water bottles, etc.) while in positive training punishments focus on the removal of opportunity (timeouts). Either way a punishment works if the undesired behavior lowers in frequency. The real ethics, the true heart of the humane vs. inhumane argument, lies in just a single principle: it is absolutely inhumane to punish a dog for a behavior when they have never been taught the desired behavior in that situation. We must teach our dogs what to do, not constantly tell them what not to do. This can only be done through training." Click here to read more of the blog...»

When your dog needs to be trained, check out a good trainer. It would made sense to do your research and learn as much as possible about the trainer. Are they certified, do you like the program, are there people you can talk to who have used this trainer before? And, what results would you like to see from your dog.

As many people do not train their dogs correctly to be in public, or to walk on a leash, a prong collar or choke chain is a quick fix and when misused can inflict damage on the dog. The positive would truly outweigh the cruel. ~ Elaine
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Jul 7/11

Charlie Update - This has been an amazing couple of months for updates and we continue with more awesome updates today.

First is our handsome boy Charlie. Here is an update from Charlie's mom along with a picture of Charlie enjoying the beach. We have no doubt Charlie is a "show-stopper"(-: He is an extremely handsome boy with a personality to match (-: 

This is quick note to let you know that Charlie is doing great! We absolutely love him, and it has been amazing to see his true personality come to life over the past couple of months. He is wonderful and has quite the funny personality. He is always ready for action, but at the same time is very content to be lazy and sleep the day away. 

...Here is a picture of him that was taken on a beautiful sunny day at Lake Simcoe. To this day I can't go for a walk anywhere (even our own neighbourhood still!) without someone stopping, or even stopping their car to tell me how beautiful he is. I've had people ask me if they can breed to him, trade their laptop for him, and all sorts of crazy things. Yesterday, someone commented on how healthy and shiny he looked, which made me feel good :) ~ Gwen

We also received a couple of pictures of our boy Parker with his new mom Terry. I can say for certainty ... these pictures are worth more than 1000 words!! 

You can see the total love and adoration in Parkers eyes and I definitely see the love coming from his mom Terry. What a lucky boy Parker!! 

Congratulations to our two lucky boyz, Charlie and Parker. Both boys waited a VERY long time to find their forever home, but we have no doubt the wait was well worth it. (-: 
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Jul 6/11

Guinness Update - We received a great update and pictures from Guinness' family. As you can see, this boy is so loved and adored ... just the way we like it!!(-: 

Here are some pictures of our lucky boy Guinness, and an update... (-:

We adopted Guinness around six months ago and I cannot explain how much he is loved, he is so unique and definitely the most unique personality of any dog I have ever met. 

We have become so attached to him and couldn't love him any more if we had him as a puppy, he is so gentle and loving and one of a kind, enclosed are a few pictures of the 100s we have of him.

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Jul 5/11

Too Hot - The "dog days" of summer can be dangerous for dogs - especially those dogs left inside hot cars. Every year, countless dogs die after being locked in cars while their owners work, visit, shop or run other errands. These tragic deaths are entirely preventable.

Here is a website where you will learn how to protect dogs from the dangers of hot cars. You can find out how quickly cars heat up, and whether it's too hot to take your dog today - please get the word out!!! 
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Jul 4/11

Abbey Update - We received another great update from Abbey's mom and dad. As you can see, she is living the life!!! When we think back to where she came from - poor Abbey was a "breeder" in a puppy mill and when she could no longer produce large litters, she was destined for death. 

Thankfully we were able to pull little Abbey and after much needed vetting and a short stay in foster care, she was adopted to a lovely couple that adore her.


You can see from the pictures this little girl went from living a life in a tiny cage to having LOTS and LOTS of room to run!!

Woo hoo Abbey! We can see what a happy, healthy girl you are! Hugs to Abbey and Mr. Lucky. We think BOTH these furkids are very lucky!! (-:

Thank you Margaret and Keith for the fantastic update about Abbey.
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