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I found this very interesting blog at the Petconnection blog and I think it is something that needs to be spread to others.  Often times it takes time to put two and two together, but this is truly an interesting conclusion. FDA warns on use of transdermal estrogen around pets.....please read!!

And to end this wonderful week of updates and pictures...here for your enjoyment is an amazing video on youtube.  SURFS UP!!! ENJOY everyone!!  

Have a safe and happy long weekend.  If you are traveling, drive carefully.  
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Jul 29/10

Just the Facts!

I happened upon this article in the Denver Post, written by John Davidson.  I want to thank you John for having the guts to open this very important line of discussion and allowing Monika Courtney this opportunity to educate the public about the FACTS ... not another media attempt to malign the pitbull ... rather, bring out the facts - plain and simple. 

He interviewed Monika Courtney and she reiterates what we have been trying to say for years now .... however, we have never been able to get a word in "edge-wise" with the media here in Ontario. We have been stifled. - the media obviously has another agenda here in Ontario.  

I'd like to thank both of these wonderful individuals for allowing the "other side" to speak out for a change. Please take the time to read this fact-filled article.
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Jul 28/10

Smooch Updates 

We got some more pictures and an update from Smooch and his mom. From the looks and sounds of things, Smooch has walzed into his new life without skipping a single beat. GREAT ending to a heartbreaking situation.

I am living the good life...I love the chicken in my food and my bowls of water....

It is great laying out at the pool with my brothers and sister, resting or playing with toys...

I think Mom is taking me and Biff for a leash walk tonight..I am all rested from my flight and making myself right at home, as you can see (-:

Here are some words from a very happy and proud mom:

I am so glad this all worked and Smooch is safe and loved...It has been so awful knowing a home was here for him and he was being abused, going hungry and thirsty....

I couldnt believe when he got rescued as at times I would give up....Then to know he was flying and I as so scared of flying myself, I imagine things happening to him.... 

All went so smooth......There was nothing to worry about and he is safe in his forever home.....He is more than we dreamed and has fit in so well.......

I will be happier as he gets fattened up a bit....He is so happy and so good......He is just precious... 

I am so thankful to everyone who rescued, sheltered, doctored, got to airport, etc until he could get home......

This is such a happy ending for us all!!! 

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Jul 27/10

Georgia in Georgia 

Wow.... another awesome update from Georgia's dad.  It sounds to me like Georgia is jet-setting around the world and making new friends everywhere she goes.  What a lucky, lucky girl she is.  Here is dad's update for days 14-16 of Georgia's first road-trip, seeing the sights of beautiful and HOT Georgia!!  

We had a fun time this weekend starting at work on Friday.  We has a surprise when we got to work Friday morning.  Georgia had just made her rounds of the office to say hi to the ladies when Scott, one of the owners, arrived with his two young daughters.  They had planned to play in the boardroom but ended up playing and entertaining Georgia for the day.  By the time we got to the hotel Friday Georgia was so tired she eat her supper, then stretched out on the bed and napped until bedtime. 

Saturday we made the rounds to the pet stores, at Pet Supply Surplus we got to see all the puppies that are looking to be adopted from the local shelter.  They setup in the parking lot at the store every Saturday from 10:00 until 2:00 trying to find forever homes for their charges. 

Sunday afternoon we spent by the pool.  Georgia made a friend with Dillion, a 7 yr old Golden Retreiver.  There was just the family of 4 and me at the pool so the dogs played around the pool together.  Georgia got curious and was pawing the water at the steps leaned a bit too far and ended up in the pool on the steps. She lay down on the step in the water for a bit then went back to playing with Dillion.  I wish I had my camera with me but I left it in the hotel room when we came out for the swim. 

Scott mentioned getting together some night for a BBQ and letting Georgia play with Dixie, his 18 month old yellow Lab.  Dixie spends 75% of her time outside either in the pool or the pond behind the house, so maybe Georgia can get some swimming pointers from Dixie. 

Regards, Dave & Georgia

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Jul 26/10

Black Dog Syndrome 

Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon that is well known to shelter workers and rescue organizations across the nation. Black dogs are much more difficult to find homes for. They are the last dogs to find homes and often among the first to be euthanized ... check out the rest of this link at Black Dog Rescue Project

Our young boy Smokey is one of the black dogs that has waited such a long time for his forever home.  He is an energetic, friendly, outgoing Labrador mix and loves everyone he meets.  He is good with other dogs, however he chases cats.

If you know of anyone that is looking for a loving, faithful, family companion.... please ask them to take a look at our boy Smokey.  
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Jul 24/10

Special Update

I AM HOME!!! I flew into Moncton... The cargo guys loved me, got me a ball/glove and some ice...... Driving home I met my cousin Roamen, a rescue German Shepherd out walking with his mom & dad... 

They just loved me.... When I got home I have BIG steel bowls of food and water....... Mom said she is going to get me some chicken to boil and put in my food as she is upset at how thin I am.......... 

I have 2 brothers and a sister and they liked me too.....Mom was real nervous about this but they immediately accepted me....... I have been out to the pool, had some treats and am exploring... .......Cody, Raija & Olivia are coming over ... 

I  am already happy..... They think I am adorable and have huge ears and feet and the most gorgeous dark face....... 

I think they love me!   
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Jul 23/10

Congratulations Girls!

We end the week with another fantastic update and pictures from Callee and Meesha's new mom. Things are going really well with the two girls and as you can see, it looks like both girls look very, very happy and so does mom, Ashley. 

Congratulations girls!! You waited a long time to find your forever home. We can see the wait was well worth it (-:

Once again, our thoughts are with our baby boy Smooch. today. He has a very big day ahead of him... foster mom Carolina has everything prepared for Smooch's big adventure. The "much anticipated day" has finally come and by supper time tonight, our little man will finally be home. 

I know that his new family AND extended family are anxiously awaiting his arrival. Bon Voyage Smoochy!!! Have a safe flight! Many thanks again to his savior, Lee Ann. You have given this young boy his life back... you have given him hope. Carolina, thank you so much for being there for Smooch (and so many of your lucky fosters). 

I know Smooch is probably the hardest one of your fosters to give up.... bless you for loving him so much. Carla, I know the anticipation has been gruelling, but in a very short time, your baby will finally be home. Keep us posted please!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Jul 22/10


From time to time, we hear of a situation that is not only heartbreaking, but downright infuriating!!

This is the plight of a young mastiff mix puppy. At the tender age of 13 weeks, he has been kicked, slapped, yanked and hurled across the front yard... all this occurring  in the front yard for ALL to see. I cannot imagine what could be going on "behind closed doors".

Smooch (Diesel)

A good friend of mine, had the misfortune of living beside the people that owned this puppy. On a regular basis, she witnessed the abuse this innocent puppy would endure. She thought about calling the authorities, but having already shown her objection to the treatment of this puppy, and living in an area inhabited by some unsavory types, she feared repercussions. She did not realize that other people in the neighbourhood had also taken note of this abusive situation.

Lee Ann called me and asked if there was anything we could do to help this boy get out of a dangerous and volatile situation. She was beginning to have nightmares and couldn't bear the thoughts of this innocent puppy being man-handled.  

Bearing in mind that we didn't want anyone's life in danger, we came to the decision that she would approach the owners to see if they would be interested in re-homing their puppy. She relayed to them that a friend of hers had seen the puppy and was head over heals in love with him. She would gladly pay them for the puppy...would they consider it?  

The offer was put forth and it was also agreed that if any more incidents of abuse were witnessed, the authorities would be called immediately. here comes a point in time when one can no longer stand by and watch an innocent animal be abused. It was time to act. In the meantime, knowing that one way or the other, this little one was getting out of there... we had to start thinking about a safe place for him to go.

While I was ready to take this little one into our home for foster care, I remembered a conversation I had, not too long ago with a previous adoptor... someone who asked us to keep an eye open for a  young large-breed male dog. They recently lost their beloved Bud and they wanted so badly to bring another big-boy into their lives.  Hmmmmm.... I wondered... would they be interested in this baby boy?  Being a mastiff mix, he would certainly be a big boy. (-:  I emailed Carla immediately... of course, I had NO pictures to show her, but explained the situation this innocent babe was in. Without skipping a beat, and sight unseen... she said - BRING HIM TO ME!!!!!!! Perfect!! But Carla lives in another province and it would take time to make arrangements for this baby to fly, so we needed something in the interim... but we would worry about that when the time came, and we PRAYED for a positive outcome. 

Much to Lee Ann's dismay, after speaking with the puppy's owner, there were no further sightings of him in the yard.  Were they hiding him, now that they knew someone was genuinely interested in giving him a good home? She could hear him crying INSIDE the house, but he was never spotted outside again...not by Lee Ann, who lived right next door to him. The nightmares continued...why was he crying? was he being hurt?, was he hungry?  

Then she noticed an article in her local paper.  It was brief, but it hit home immediately!! It read...."To the man on ******** Ave. whom I saw literally throw his puppy across the yard. I couldn't believe my eyes.  I had no idea there were still people who would commit such a cruel act in plain view of so many people driving by". She called me immediately and was adamant the article was about the puppy. The writer had the right street...it was him, she was sure of it.

We talked about other ways of getting this boy out of this situation, which was Plan C, but as if by pure luck (the angels were looking out for this wee boy), the puppy's owner knocked at Lee Ann's door and wondered if her "friend" was still interested in their puppy. They were moving and thought about her proposition, and if still interested, they would be willing to let him go. We wonder now if that newspaper article could have prompted their decision.

I can tell you, when Lee Ann called to tell me the wondrous news, we were both jumping up and down for joy....you could probably hear us from miles away!!! Wooohooooooooooooo!!!  He is FINALLY going to be safe. Plans were made swiftly and little Smooch (who was named by his soon-to-be adoptive mom) was scurried for a sleepover at Lee Ann's (and probably the first decent meals in months) and our foster mom Carolina was waiting in the wings, anxiously looking forward to foster this precious little bundle and keep him safe and healthy until he can be united with his VERY excited new family.

Smooch, you have been with us for a week now, lovingly cared for and watched over by your angels Lee Ann and your doting foster mom, Carolina. You may not realize it right now, but your life has already changed drastically, but the best is yet to come!!  We promise, you will never be beaten, abused or starved again. Little Smooch arrived very underweight and was only being fed 1/2 of what he should have been.... NO MORE little man. Your tummy will always be full and you will never "want" for love again in your life. That is OUR promise to you. 

Smooch will be flying home on Friday, so be sure to tune into future blogs for updates galore!!!
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Jul 21/10

Sonja Update

Carolina was able to visit with Sonja over this past weekend. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see Sonja's reunion with Carolina.  

As you can see from the pictures, Sonja is as beautiful as ever...even more so. She has filled in and all we see from pictures are a BIG smile on her face. 

Sonja is still crazy about her ball/kong, so not much has changed.  (-:

To see Sonja looking so good, so happy and SO loved makes all of us at ANML-RESQ very happy!!!  

After all she has been through, she deserves this wonderful family.  
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Jul 20/10

Taz Update

Last week was an incredible week for updates on our adopted.  These updates are what keep us going, so please, KEEP SENDING THEM!!!

I was thrilled to awake to this update from Taz's dad.  So many GREAT pictures of Taz and his brother Bennie.  These two boyz, although complete opposites, are the BEST of friends....and funny enough, even though Taz is going on 2 yrs old and Bennie going on 12, it seems that L'il Ben keeps Taz on his toes LOL...

Here are some pictures and an update about Taz.  As you can see, he is no longer thin, he is healthy and happy!!  This is what it's all about people!!  

Hi Renee

A quick update on the big guy, He is great, doing very well, hates the heat. 

Despite Bennie getting old, he still keeps the big guy in check. Having a bit of a problem with his ears, but we need to be more diligent to keep them clean in the hot weather, and he loves the water. 

A few weeks ago, the three girls all jumped into a pool at the same time, well guess who followed them in.

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Jul 19/10

Fundraiser Update

Our 2nd Annual Varney Big Chair Fundraiser went off without a hitch and I am told that our volunteers had another wonderful day in Varney. 

The weather was incredibly hot, but that didn't stop our volunteers and supporters from having a fun-filled day. 

We would like to thank Amanda, Jamie and their entire family for welcoming us to Aquacan Gardens and for this wonderful opportunity to raise some much needed funds for our rescues.

Special thanks to Darlene, Shawna, Ingrid, Elaine and Sue for helping with the garage sale and BBQ. 

Amanda and family had everything set up and ready for us to go ... we just needed to fill up the tables. (-: 

Special thanks to CB for supervising this event. Everyone she met was greeted with a wag of the tail and if you got close enough...a big slurpy kiss. Thanks to all that came out to support us for this annual event. A good time was had by all!! 

We also received an update on our little Miss Mauly. As you can see, she is dealing with the heat as a little princess should ... a cool leather couch to sprawl out and air conditioning to keep cool. 

Mauly is a wee bit under the weather, but dad reports she is on medication for her throat infection and is healing quickly. Under the weather or not ... it doesn't slow Miss Mauly down. Get well soon Mauly!! 
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Jul 16/10

2nd Annual Fundraiser 

Just a quick reminder to everyone that we will be in Varney this weekend for our 2nd Annual Fundraiser. The day will consist of a garage sale ... lots of dog related items and more... AND a BBQ!! We hope to see you all there!! 

2nd Annual Fundraiser
: Acquacan Garden Centre
[ Home of the
biggest Muskoka Chair in Ontario 
On Hwy 6 between Durham and Mount Forest ]

Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
End Time:  3:00 p.m.

It has been a couple of weeks since Cole has "checked in" with us... as usual, he had us in stitches (and his mom, pulling her hair out LOL).  Sorry Mim, I can't help laughing. He reminds me so much of a certain dog I have, and I can TRULY relate to these stories and how we try to "fix" things.

Second of all ... look what your mama has had to resort to ... a ghetto fence - JUST TO KEEP YOU OUT of her peppers!!! My God... mom's neighbours are going to think she has lost it soon!!! LOL  What in the world is that lady doing piling her stuff up along the fence???  Ahhhh, the things we have to do to protect our valuables from hooligans like you!!!

Here is another update from our bad-boy Cole. It's a good thing you are so cute young man. A lot of people would have given up on you, but NOT your mom!!! We are so thankful we found her for you (-:

Hi everyone. It's me, Cole again. Apparently that is not my only name as I hear Mom call me sometimes. Man I have a lot of names.  Well I just wanted to let you know that I am a little stressed. I was once again trying to help out Mom and once again it just got me into trouble.

She was oh so proud of herself that she got 72 hot pepper plants for free from the grocery store and she was going to make hot sauce and pickle them in the fall. We all know that is going to be way to much work for her as she needs time for me. So I helped her.  

I'm a little confused though. Mom was putting up a string type of fence to protect her pepper plants that I find are fun to frolic through. As she was doing this I was trying to help her and she kept on telling me to get out and get back.....so I kept on going back....into the garden. Really she should make up her mind. I don't know she was muttering something about my learning the language.

Well the string fence went around her little plot of 15 ft by 3 ft, which I would like to let you know is in the very corner almost hidden in the 3,000 sq ft fenced in area that comes off the deck that she just put up for Shiloh or Her Highness and myself. It took her awhile to dig this little area but she was determined to plant some of those pepper plants there and nurture them back to health. Now how was I to see the string when it was green and Shiloh was chasing me at full force around the yard. After all, at least I could hide behind those 6 inch plants to get away from her. Well, there it started with the "get out and get back" thing again. It resulted in only 4 plants having a nap. She has lots more so what's the big deal? Now I see her staring at me, muttering something and out comes the clothesline from the ground, the chair from the deck, the lawnmower and the wheelbarrow. She totally surrounds the garden with them, but I gotta tell you that when Shiloh is after you, you can go through anything. Ooops! 3 more plants having a nap and a tarp covering the garden. I don't know how she expects them to get any sun so they can grow.

So off to Canadian Tire she heads to find a fence for this garden. I helped her (well I did) put up a 2 ft high plastic mesh fence. Did I tell you how I can jump backwards really high?  1 more having a nap and 2 broken. OK, by now she is not even looking at me anymore but takes out the big tools. She now has the garden totally enclosed in this green mesh fence stuff, but I don't know. When Shiloh comes achasen............... OK Shiloh chased. Crap!!!! Now how will I get into it? I'll let you know if I succeed or Mom returns me to Carolina. 

Note to Cole: Sweety, you have such a BIG, BEAUTIFUL yard to romp in ... why are you pickin' on your mama's pepper plants? Have a GREAT weekend everyone and come out to the BBQ and garage sale at the Aquacan Garden Centre in Varney on Saturday !!! 
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Jul 15/10

Two Great Updates 

And another FANTASTIC update from our girl Georgia and her dad.  Day 4 of her incredible journey (-:  Wow....what a great life our beautiful baby girl has now....so happy, frolicking and playing with new-found friends  and romping on the beach with her daddy. It sure doesn't get better than this.

We also received another nice picture of our little man LeRoy and his furry siblings. How cute is this??? Such happy updates!!!

Here is Georgia romping on the beach with her daddy and a bit about what they are up to:

Hi all, It's Dave & Georgia again.  Today was another first for Georgia.  It has been so hot that we have had late afternoon rain & thunderstorms everyday since we arrived down south.  

Today it rained early in the afternoon and cooled off to about 80F and stayed overcast. So when we left work tonight we drove over to St. Simon's Island to the East beach.  It has been 2 weeks since her spay so Georgia is now allowed to get wet again.  

She wasn't sure when the first wake came across her paws but quickly decided that this was fun.  We found a shallow pool in the sand dunes, the tides were just starting to come back in at this point.  

As you can see in the photos she was having a blast. We got a good rinse at the shower in the parking lot then headed for the dog park.  We were the only ones at the park and about to go when 3 young puppies arrived.  With in moments the 4 of them were tearing around and having fun playing like they were old friends.  Georgia was so tired out when we got back that she has been napping under the desk in the hotel room for the last hour or two now.  

Tomorrow morning Georgia is off to the spa for a bath & groom so we can get the rest of the beach out of "Smelly girl'.  Stay tuned for future adventures...

Regards, Dave

P.S. By the way the chocolate twins were found by their current family when they moved into their new home.  At about 3 months they were strays, abandoned living on the street, malnurished, & covered in fleas who come looking for food.  This nice family took them in, at 8 months big sister Maggie even watches out for her new younger siblings.  It just disgusts me to think that someone dumped this pair on the street at less than 12 weeks old!  Thank God they got lucky and found this family & their forever home.

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Jul 14/10

Henry Update 

Foster mom, Carolina got a GREAT update on Moulson... now known as Henry. As you can see.... we weren't kidding you when we said he was a super-star!!! (-: Along with a wonderful update and AWESOME picture of our handsome man...you will also notice a link to a fantastic article about Henry and his loving mom and dad. Way to go Henry!! You have already claimed your 15 minutes of fame... and you're still a baby!! (-:

Hi Carolina, Nice to hear from you! Henry is doing great! Growing like a weed (he is over 50lbs now!) and learning to swim. He is getting braver by the day but still thinks he is a little dog. It is really cute to watch! 

Here is an article that was written about him in the Toronto Star.  Oh... and an updated picture (taken up north at my friend's farm). We couldn't feel more blessed that this perfect guy came into our lives. He is so loved by all, and was really the PERFECT match for us! Hope that you are well and enjoying your summer. Thank you for everything. Best wishes, ASH

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Jul 13/10

Splash Update 

We got a nice little update from Splash a.k.a. Haille's mom.  It sounds like Splash had a nice trip to see the vets today.  All is well, a bit of a problem with her ear, but she is on medication and will soon be on the mend.

Here is what Splash had to say about her new friends at the vet's office:

I went for my first drive in the truck today all the way into Fredericton to meet the doctors and staff at Islandview...THey thought I was some cute and such a good girl....I strutted into the office muzzle free...I am glad to finally meet them so when I need my shots I will know where to go......

It has been a very, very, hot and humid few days again.  I know all my doggies are being flakes and getting through the heat as best as they can.  As you can see in this picture...Splash's mom has a GREAT idea to help her and her brothers cool off....pupsicles - woohooo!!!

BTW...a great little recipe for your very own pupsicles....take some peanut butter and mash up some banana...wet it down a bit with some water and pour into ice cube trays and put in your freezer.  In a few hours, you will have a treat your doggy will thank you for!!!  

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Jul 12/10

Georgia Update 

Well, it looks like our girl Georgia is following in her dad's footsteps and becoming a "frequent flyer" LOL  

This lucky girl gets to jetset to the State of Georgia (her namesake) and see what this state is all about.  And best of all, she gets to spend a lot of time with her dad (-:  

Here are some pictures of Georgia and brief write-up from dad, about her exciting first plane ride and out of country trip.  It appears Dave's little princess is tuckered right out after a day of shopping and dogparks. Watch out Dave ... after seeing her at the Alliston fundraiser, practicing some dock-diving, she just may be jumpin' into that pool after those soaring temperatures. Have fun little girl!!!

Saturday was a busy day, starting with packing the car & driving to Hamilton to catch our ride.  Georgia was safely strapped down in her crate outside of the flightdeck of the 727 aircraft that we were bringing to a heavy Maintenance facility in Brunswick, Georgia.  

She was a bit of a nervous flyer at first but settled down for the 2 hr flight.  Once outside Georgia was quick to find the nearest grass to relieve herself before we went to the office to eat her lunch & get out of the heat, at 1:00pm it was 98F and still rising.  We got to our hotel, unpacked & settled just before the thunderstorms hit at supper time. 

The thunder claps were so loud they rattled the windows making Georgia go hide in the crate.  When it finally quieted down she came out and settled in beside me on the bed for the night. 

Well we are off to visit the pet stores & dog park today and then relax by the pool before we go to work tomorrow. ~ Regards, Dave 

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Jul 9/10

2nd Annual Big Chair Fundraiser 

ATTENTION ALL GARAGE SALERS!!! Please be sure to mark July 17th on your calendar and come join us for our 2nd Annual Varney Big Chair Fundraiser.

We had such a wonderful time last year and are thrilled to be asked to return for the 2nd Annual Fundraiser. Plans are in the works and we will be sure to keep you posted, but our "Garage Sale" will begin around 9 a.m. and we will have a BBQ fired up and ready to serve hotdogs, hamburgers and sausages. There will be face painting and helium balloons in what promises to be a fun-filled day. Items at the garage sale will include many dog-related items such as collars, leashes, collector items and many many more things. 

Place: Acquacan Garden Centre (Hwy 6 between Durham and Mount Forest)
Time:  9:00 a.m. till 3 p.m. 
Event: 2nd Annual Big Chair Fundraiser for ANML-RESQ

The Aquacan Garden Centre [ Home of the biggest Muskoka Chair in Ontario ]

Many thanks again to Amanda and Jamie and family for once again giving us this wonderful opportunity!!
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Jul 8/10

Mac Update 

We received an update from Mac's adoptive home this week.  What's the old saying? A picture is worth 1000 words?!? 

It is absolutely true in Mac's case! Have a look at him... This boy is very lucky to have found his forever family.

He has now been neutered and had some time to settle in to his new home. 

From what we are told Mac is a wonderful boy and his family is so happy to have him. 

These are some of the pictures that his big sister took of him frolicking in the back yard. Congratulations Mac!
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Jul 7/10

Leroy Update 

Our cutie-pie LeRoy has finally found his forever home and landed there just before the weekend. In fact, he arrived home on Canada Day ... what a GREAT way to celebrate the day!!! 

LeRoy is going to be a very busy little man, going to work with his mom everyday and spending the day with kids AND his new four legged siblings as well. It doesn't get any better than that!! 

We can't wait to hear updates about LeRoy and his new job. Here is a picture of LeRoy with his new mom Laura. Will you look at the smiles on both of those faces!!! 

Many thanks to Carolina for fostering this little guy. I know it was really hard for her to let this one go. 
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Jul 6/10

Karl Update 

I had a bit of a scare this afternoon when I received an email from Karl's mom, telling me about a frightening health scare with Karl. 

As you all know, we just celebrated his one year birthday/anniversary of adoption and were thrilled for this very deserving boy. The email this afternoon sure caught me by surprise, but I am very happy to know that our boy is on the mend. Here is Debbie's email about Karl's health-scare. Thank God for Debbie and Derek. Their love for Karl amazing and he is so lucky to have found this wonderful family to call his own. Get better soon Karl!! We are sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.

I have some news with a HEALTHY ending. Karl became very sick and was rushed to the vet where they discovered he had breathing difficulties and a temp of 104!!

He was then rushed to the Oakville Emergency hospital. After x-rays and ultra sounds they found something abnormal in his lungs. Not knowing what it could be with his blood work coming back normal, they put him under and flushed out his lungs and took a sample. With the thought of cancer on the tip of possibilities we have found out he has bacterial pneumonia. That is good news as it is easy to treat. That said, our boy is on bed rest except when it is time to eat, then look out!! He is better than ever! He is coughing up some (that is good) resting and eating very very well. He is happy but not as happy as we are.

The neighbours were pulling for our boy as well as our families and friends. We even have a beautiful hand made get well card from some of the kids! At the hospital, they were happy to see him get better, but were sad to see him go because everyone there loves him so much. We were told every day that we were so lucky to have such a great dog. (duhhhhh, we know) lol. He is expected to make a full recovery!!

How we think he got it, he threw up about 10 days ago and he must of inhaled some of it. I will keep you posted on our boy

And speaking of anniversary/birthday boys....I also received some pictures of our boy Carter, enjoying his pool on these hot, hot, summer days. 

He and sister Baby are making good use of their pool to cool things down (-: 

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Jul 5/10

Movie Day 

We are thrilled to say that our Movie Day Fundraiser was a HUGE success!! We couldn't have done it without the support of everyone that came out to enjoy a sneak preview of two thrilling movies, Eclipse and Toy Story 3. Thank you all for showing your support to a very worthy cause. Many more dogs can be saved thanks to your generosity. 

We would also like to thank Empire Theatres in Richmond Hill for offering us this wonderful opportunity. It was the first time we have had such a fundraiser and thanks to the idea and hard work of two very dedicated volunteers, Christine and Dulce for putting this whole thing together for us. We hope everyone enjoyed their morning at the movies!!!

On another note, summer is officially here and the kids are out of school. This is a time for many people to spend quality time with their children as well as their pets. Here is an informative link to help you decide about dog parks and dog-daycare and if they are good for your companion and you.
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Jul 2/10

Vacation Tips 

It's that time of year again when the children are finished with school and holiday season begins.

Everyone looks forward to holiday time and most often, holidays mean travel. Some of you will board your dog while you go on vacation, however, for those of you that take your companion with you for your holidays, here are some helpful tips you should know/prepare for before leaving for your vacation.

Remember, summer is a fun time for all, but it's not fun when your beloved pet accidentally gets away on you. It can ruin a holiday in pretty short order. Keep your pets safe and secure and enjoy your holiday!!
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