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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Jul 31/09

Hudson Update 


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Our little man Hudson (formerly Dodger) went to the vet today and had a very thorough exam. The vet has confirmed he has demodex mange and says that Hudson is being treated properly with the loving care that foster mom Beth is giving him. He will be a while healing, but the vet has seen far more severe cases, so we are thrilled to hear the good news about Hudson.

The vet believes him to be a White Shepherd/Boxer mix and we definitely see the Boxer in him. Once his hair grows in and his skin clears up, this boy will be SO stunning. His eyes are crystal blue and completely mesmerizing. We worried he may be deaf because of his colouring, but it's confirmed he can hear very well (-: Hudson has some very big feet and legs to grow into, so we know when mature he is going to be a very big boy!! 

Hudson is learning the ropes in his new foster home. He has some great mentors with 2 Rotties and a Rott mix. Rockford, his foster brother has finally got a little buddy he can play with, boss around and teach him a trick or two. His foster sis, Daphne is being an excellent mom to him (as is his foster mom), so Hudson is in very good hands.

Keep checking the blog for updates on this handsome fellow. It'll be awhile before he's ready to go to a new home, but when he is, he will make someone a very loving companion. He is chock-full of cuddles and kisses.

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Jul 30/09
Dog Paw Pad Injuries in Summer Heat © Mia Carter
Jul 17, 2009

Mia Carter has written an article on 'Dog Paw Pad Injuries in Summer Heat' - have a quick read:

The hot weather poses many dangers to dogs. Most pet owners know that dogs can suffer heat stroke and sunburn, but many overlook paw pad injuries and burns.

The summer heat and hot sun means there's serious dangers facing dogs in the summertime. Dogs can develop heat stroke and sunburn in the hot weather, but one danger to dogs that's frequently overlooked is the potential for paw pad injuries and burns from walking a dog on hot pavement or sand.

Summer Paw Pad Injuries
A dog owner could be exposing his/her dog to paw pad injury or severe discomfort from hot pavement or sand on a daily basis without even realizing it!

What's worse, a dog's paw pad injuries are hard to treat. Paw pad cuts, blisters and sores are prone to infection and healing is slow due to the constant pressure placed on the dog's injured paw.

Article Cont'd ... [click here]

In the summer try to avoid paw pad burns by walking your dog(s) in the morning or later in the evening. Mia also suggests taking your dog to a 'shady park' if you walk in the afternoon. If your dog's paw pads have problems, she also suggests moisture to restore and heal injuries. 'Preventing injury is key'.

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The winner of Liebe's quilt is Trevor Brisson from Cornwall - we will contact you shortly!

Jul 29/09

Zorro Update
We received a great update from Zorro's foster family. It seems little Zorro is very smart and is catching onto potty training very quickly. 

Here is an update from Zorro's foster family:

Zorro is a wonderful little dog. He is very friendly and loves to be with people at all times. He was slightly aggressive with our Golden Retriever at first, but learned very quickly that she would not hurt him and now they are content together. Zorro is getting along well with our four year old daughter and she helps to walk him daily. He has growled at her occasionally, when she is overly excited and he is afraid she will be too rough. We were told that Zorro was not fully house trained, but I think this is an exaggeration. He has had only had one accident in our house, and that occurred when my husband had a nap on the couch and wasn't available to let him out for a brief time. I do believe that Zorro cannot be left alone for extended periods of time without having problems holding his bladder. In our house someone is home all day and he is walked two or three times daily. I believe that a family which can provide that attention to Zorro will have no trouble with accidents. We were also told that Zorro hates to be kept in a crate. We have put him in a crate every night for bed (in our bedroom) and he cried briefly for the first few nights. Zorro seems to be getting used to the crate and has stopped crying completely when he enters his crate at bedtime. Zorro would be a wonderful addition to any home. Zorro would most likely thrive in a home where a human is home all day and where he can feel safe and loved. 

Zorro will make someone a wonderful companion. 

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Jul 28/09

Fundraiser Updates
More about this past weekend!! ANML-RESQ would like to congratulate Trevor Brisson from Cornwall who is the lucky winner of Liebe's quilt. We would like to thank everyone that worked so hard to sell tickets for the quilt and also everyone that so generously donated to buy the tickets for a chance to own this beautiful hand-made lap quilt. Our youngest volunteer, Noah sold the winning ticket. Congratulations Trevor!! 

You may have noticed, we made our goal of $5,000.00 and actually exceeded all of our expectations. ANML-RESQ thanks EVERYONE that helped us reach this goal. It was a culmination of many people, working very hard to help us get to this end. Thank you ALL for your support and dedication. We can now help more animals in need, such as Liebe, Carter and Senta. 

We received some new pictures of our little man Zorro. We heard he was afraid of dogs larger than he, but as you can see, the little man is feeling right at home with his new foster sibling. 

He sure is an adorable little guy. Please stay tuned for more about Zorro as we get to know him better.

Dodger (who is now named Hudson by foster mom) is looking SO much better already. He is an energetic young pup who still has a lot to learn. We suspect he didn't have much direction in the past and needs to learn the ropes. In fact, we suspect at such a young age, he never lived INSIDE a home. We are confident he will learn all the ropes soon as he has a fantastic foster family and a few Rotti's to help him understand what life is all about. He has some excellent mentors and we have no doubt that once Dodger/Hudson has recovered from his demodex mange, he will be ready to find his forever home.

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Jul 27/09

Weekend Update
It was another busy weekend. Dogs being transported to their foster/forever homes and we had a booth at Dogfest as well.

Linda, Darlene and Caroline (accompanied by Sonja) had a really great time at the event. 


There were so many people ... ALL dog people and many, many different breeds of dogs coming to see all the great stuff. Sonja stole the show at the booth. She had a blast meeting all the people and dogs. There were many children at the booth and Sonja was on her back getting belly rubs most of the time. 

Our handsome boy George also had a long trip from foster home to forever home. Georges was great on transport and had a blast meeting all people on his travels. 

Georges went home to LOTS of space to run and play, and he even has a furry sister and even human siblings too.

Congratulations, Georges and family!!

We also got Papu and Dodger into foster care and all is going well with them. Dodger is already starting to look and feel better, thanks to the people at the shelter that tended to him and cared for him until he could go into foster care. He will soon be looking and feeling better.


I hear Dodger is a very playful boy, full of beans. He'll give his foster rotti brothers and sister a run for their money LOL Papu is doing well. Foster mom is already bragging about how sweet he is. He's met many of the neighbourhood dogs and their people and he loves them all. Papu's foster doesn't have a digital, but hopefully we'll get down to see him and get some pictures.

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Jul 24/09

From one Rescuer to Another
We received this wonderful email today from a fellow rescuer we have been working with together, feverishly, to save dogs.

Together, we work extremely hard to find help for the very urgent. This heart felt thank you was requested to be posted on our blog, and we at ANML-RESQ would like to thank Joy for her kind words. Working together with Joy has always been a pleasure and we hope to continue saving many, many more beautiful lives ... together.

ANML-RESQ is very fortunate to have so many hard working volunteers. We couldn't do it without them!

Please read Joy's letter.

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The winner of Liebe's quilt is Trevor Brisson from Cornwall - we will contact you shortly!

Dogfest and Saturday July 18th were a success!

ANML-RESQ would like to thank 
The Aquacan Garden Centre
[ Home of the biggest Muskoka Chair in Ontario ]
for a wonderful day!

We would also like to thank the many friends, sponsors and 
volunteers that came out and made 
this the best fundraiser of 2009. 
Hope to see you again next year! Don't forget to read the blog...>

Funds raised at both events totaled 
for Senta, Carter and Liebe! Check them out below!!!

[The Dogfest numbers have come in!]

We had our fundraiser at The Aquacan Garden Centre and it was a good day as you can see from the picture above. And Dogfest in Niagara was great. 

The winner of Liebe's quilt is Trevor Brisson from Cornwall

ANML-RESQ has taken on 3 dogs in dire need: Liebe who needed surgery to repair a broken leg from a traffic accident and our girl Senta who needed cruciate surgery and Carter who was in terrible trouble.



Please make a donation to help these dogs.

Often times, these dogs get overlooked because of the high cost of surgery, but ANML-RESQ works hard to take in these special needs furkids. We could not do this without the help of our volunteers and kind people, like you, who help us help them. 

This beautiful Rottweiler girl is named Senta. 


She is a very loving girl who had to have cruciate surgery. This beauty was in a lot of pain and absolutely needed relief and deserved our help.

This young German Shepherd Dog, believed to be around 6 months of age was fighting for her life. Found minutes after she was hit by a car in the Cornwall area. 



Liebe is almost 100% now and her adoption is soon to be finalized.

And, of course there is Gomez, a 5 year old pug who needed to find rescue fast.  This cutie-pie was overlooked because he has a disability... Gomez is blind.



Gomez would make anyone a great companion. He is a cuddly pup who is blind and his sense of smell and hearing are impeccable. You wouldn't even know he is blind. Gomez can become familiar and comfortable in a new environment within a matter of minutes. Walking him is easy as he stays close to the sounds of your footsteps and he truly is the silent type - he doesn't bark. If you think you can give Gomez a home, please contact us or fill in our online application.

Jul 23/09

The Reviews Are In
The TeenAnmlRescuer crew are finally on their summer vacations. And what a vacation they are having.

Drop in and give their blog a read 'The Joy of rescuing animals!' They tell us about rescuing dogs and watched the family movie called Hotel For Dogs and enjoyed it. They discuss the movie and gave it a rating.

Good blog TeenAnmlRescuer - hope you are having a great summer!

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Jul 22/09

Urgent Fosters Needed
We have been frantically looking for foster homes for 3 wonderful dogs. The hardest dog to find foster for is Dodger because of his medical issues at the moment, but thanks to one of our volunteers, Beth, he will have a place to go and will soon be able to heal. 


Poor little guy must be feeling pretty awful right now, but he won't be for long, thanks to Beth. Thank you Beth!! You ROCK! Dodger really needed a safe place to go and destress. One down, two more to go!!!

We are still looking for foster homes for two boys, both 3 years old. The first little fellow is Papu, a very beautiful cocker spaniel. 


He has been raised with kids, dogs and cats. If you or anyone you know is looking for a well-mannered boy, please contact us at and tell them you are interested in Papu.

Last, but certainly not least is the cutest little Llapso-Apso/Shih Tzu mix named Zorro who is also 3 years old. 


He's a spunky little guy with lots of character. Zorro is more comfortable with dogs his own size (bigger dogs scare him). 

Zorro is a great little guy that needs someone with some patience and consistent training as he isn't completely house-broken yet. If you are looking for a nice little lap dog/companion please consider fostering/adopting Zorro.

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Jul 21/09

Another Amazing Weekend Update
As I mentioned, this weekend was a phenomenal weekend for us at ANML-RESQ. Not only did we have a blast in Varney, but on Sunday, I finally got to meet Karl, Buddy and his new family. 

When we arrived for our visit (Karl's mom and dad kindly welcomed Darlene, Beth and myself to their home), Karl's mom greeted me with the biggest hug I have ever received. She had tears of happiness and so did I. We had chatted on email and on the phone many times before Karl went home and I felt a strong connection with Debbie, but when I finally met her, the flood gates of tears were released. This incredible family welcomed Karl into their hearts and homes, only seeing him through pictures and my urgent plea for help. They trusted in me enough to take a chance on Karl and without hesitation offered Karl his forever home. I cannot tell you how much I adore this family. Karl's mom will forever be my friend and soul mate. Through Karl, we have made another true friendship. Karl is an amazing, amazing boy. He is so gentle and kind and loves everyone he meets. He had gentle kisses for everyone.  

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was Karl's bond with his mom. He never took his eyes off of her and was never far from her side. He absolutely adores his mom.  Karl's dad is also a gentle loving soul. He showed so much love and tenderness. Karl could not have been luckier if he had hit the jackpot. This beautiful boy that yearned for the chance to be a part of a family has found THE most loving, caring people I have met in a very long time. Karl and sister Fresca are fast friends and Fresca does not seem to mind sharing her mom and dad with big brother Karl. 

I also got to meet Buddy (formerly Chico), the 10 year old cat, also destined for tragedy. Not only did Karl's family welcome Karl, but they also welcomed Buddy with open arms. Buddy is such a good boy too. So loving and very personable. I cannot understand why no one scooped this loveable cat up. But thanks to Karl, Buddy is also safe and living life with this very caring family. The angels were certainly looking out for us these two and deservedly so. Both are perfect companions who absolutely deserved this second chance.

This will truly be a rescue that is etched in my heart (and many others hearts) forever!

**We have received urgent pleas for 3 dogs that need help immediately. Dodger is one of these dogs... 

Please check them out on our dogs adopt web page ...>

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Jul 20/09

Fundraiser Weekend Update
What an AMAZING weekend it was!!! The Varney Fundraiser was a smashing success and we had such a good time meeting so many wonderful people. A few of our adopted drop by to say hello and we all got to meet our beautiful girl Sonja. 

There are SO many people to thank for making this day possible for us. Many, many thanks to our wonderful hosts, Amanda and Jamie Burdett and Anne Marie and Brian Humphrey. They have an amazing garden and aquatic centre with so many beautiful things to see. If you are looking for something unique, or if you have a pond or garden, Aquacan Garden Centre & Gift Shop (Varney, ON) has everything you are looking for. Thank you to everyone at Aquacan for your kindness and generosity.

We would also like to thank Molsons for their very generous and unique raffle donations. The Molson's crew were so much fun to be with all day. Such a friendly and hard working bunch they are. Thank you to Molsons and their fine representatives for making this a very special day for us.

We also would like to thank Ingrid Wiggins (Wiggins Accounting & Financial Services) and Elaine Watson for all of their hard work putting this entire event together. You ladies did an amazing job. 

Thanks to all of our volunteers, many who came a long way to help with this fundraiser. It was so nice to have so many of us together for this very special day. We couldn't have done it without you. Dulce... your funnel cakes were fantabulous!! 

We were SO thrilled to have some of our furry friends attend this event. We had the lovely Miss Reeses (who unfortunately had to parade around all day with her cone... she had ear surgery), but she was such a doll all day. Worst part for her was she wasn't able to give slurpy kisses, due to the cone. 

Our lovely little CB also spent a good part of the day with us. CB was ALL kisses and wiggle bum. She thoroughly enjoyed her day greeting everyone with a wag and a kiss.

We also got to finally meet our beautiful girl Sonja and her foster mom. They traveled a long way to join us for the event. Sonja is such a good girl. She loved everyone and everything. She is a gentle soul and absolutely LOVES her kong. We could all see what foster mom was talking about... Sonja is absolutely perfect!!

When Carter arrived, he stole the show. SO many people wanted to meet him and everyone was amazed at Carter's transformation. Carter has a LOT of fans at ANML-RESQ, but I will admit... I'm probably his biggest fan. Even though I miss him terribly... to see him so happy, loved and looking SO good, brings tears of joy to me. 

Here again is a list of the wonderful people that made this day possible for us.

 Aquacan Garden Centre & Gift Shop, Varney, ON
Barb Crummer, Bookkeeping Services, Mount Forest, ON
Clarke's Tree Spade Services Inc., Meaford, ON
Harvest Heat Sales and Service, Waterloo, ON
Hwy 6 Cedar Inn, Durham, ON
Jack Reid – Balloons for all Seasons, Hanover, ON
Lisa's Country Cottage, Priceville, ON
Shear Style Hair and Tanning Salon, Markdale, ON
Spoil Me Pets, Mount Forest, ON
Stoney's Restaurant, Durham, ON
Wiggins Accounting & Financial Services, Priceville, ON

Here is our group picture which will be posted on the Molsons blog [as soon as they get it posted]!

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Jul 17/09

Big Day Tomorrow
We're ALMOST there everyone!! The big day is TOMORROW and all of us at ANML-RESQ are pumped and ready for this big event - RAIN OR SHINE! Come and join us in a fun-filled day. So many things to see and do.

Aquacan Garden Centre & Gift Shop
Hwy 6 south of Durham at Varney

100% of all donations go to ANML-RESQ
(Now a registered non-profit charity)

Saturday July 18th 10 am - 5 pm
Fun for the whole family - join us for fun and a great BBQ

*Children's handprints on the Mini Big Chair - $2 donation
*Plant a Tree - $5 donation gets you a certificate of honour and we will plant a spruce tree.
*Raffle Table - lots of prizes - have to be there to win - Drawn at 4 Pm
*Face painting and Balloons - Child or Adult get your face decorated for a $1 donation.

Many thanks to Amanda and Jamie Burdett and Brian and Anne Marie Humphrey, owners of Aquacan Garden Centre for making this whole day possible. Also, many, many thanks to our sponsors:

Barb Crummer, Bookkeeping Services, Mount Forest
Clarke's Tree Spade Services Inc., Meaford
Harvest Heat Sales and Service, Waterloo
Hwy 6 Cedar Inn, Durham
Jack Reid – Balloons for all Seasons, Hanover
Lisa's Country Cottage, Priceville
Shear Style Hair and Tanning Salon, Markdale
Stoney's Restaurant, Durham
Wiggins Accounting & Financial Services, Priceville

See everyone on Saturday!!

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Jul 16/09

Best Wishes
Happy Birthday Sheena, from all of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario!!


Email from Dave about Sheena:

My wonderful Rotti Gurl, Sheena is 12 yrs old today!  Thank you to Beth G, Renee, Deanna & everyone else who helped bring Sheena & I together in January 2007. I am truly blessed with a Supergurl! Dave

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Jul 15/09

Stain Glass Garden Stakes
ANML-RESQ would like to thank Denise at Spoil Me Pets for once again fundraising on our behalf. Denise has donated another $120.00 towards helping our rescues. Thank you Denise for all you do for us!!

If anyone is near Mount Forest, please be sure to drop into the store and say "hi" to Denise. She has been a wonderful supporter of ANML-RESQ for many years now. Denise has also put together a raffle basket full of goodies for the Varney fundraiser.

I'd like to show you some beautiful stain-glass garden stakes that our volunteer Shawna has made to help us raise funds for our rescues. We will be selling raffle tickets for these beautiful garden stakes. Shawna will bring them to our fundraiser in Varney for everyone to see. I am definitely buying lots of tickets for a chance to own these beautiful stakes. I think they would look very nice in my garden (-: THANK YOU SHAWNA!!

I received confirmation today that Carter will be bringing his mom, dad and sister Baby to see us as well in Varney - yippeeeee!! I can't wait to see my boy again. This great news just MADE MY DAY!! I'll be waiting to give Carter a HUGE hug.

Sonja and her foster mom will also be arriving at the event. What an exciting day this will be.

We have so much to look forward to on Saturday. I hope you can make it to Varney. It promises to be a great, fun-filled day. So many things to see and do!!!

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Jul 14/09

We are getting VERY excited for this weekend. Our big fundraiser in Varney is coming so quickly and we are all ready to have a fun-filled day. All the final preparations are underway. 

We are really excited as well for Saturday because our beautiful girl Sonja will be dropping in for a visit, along with her foster mom. Most of our volunteers haven't met Sonja (or her mom yet), so we look forward to them dropping by.  

We are also hoping and praying for a visit from Carter and his new mom and dad. I do hope they can make it. I would love to see my boy again!!! The weather is suppose to be fine. A cloudy day in the forecast, not too hot, but NO rain. 

On Saturday we will be welcoming our newest adoptable into our rescue family. Her name is Roxy, she is a beautiful Rotti/Lab girl, looking for her forever home. She has been at the shelter for quite some time now, but because she is mostly black, she has been overlooked for adoption.

Roxy is beginning to stress at the shelter. She loves everyone there, but she longs for a family that she can be part of. So Roxy will be arriving on Saturday into foster care. Stay tuned for updates on our newest rescue Roxy.

Be sure to mark your calendar for this Saturday!! See you in Varney!

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Jul 13/09

Karl and Chico Update
This past weekend was an extremely exciting time for everyone at ANML-RESQ. We played a role in getting 2 incredibly sweet and deserving animals to their forever home - together.

For those of you that have been following Karl's journey, I am pleased to announce that Karl arrived home on Saturday and has hung up his leash and is living the "good life". Finally, his time has come. 

Karl arrived home with his buddy, Buddy, the cat (formerly known as Chico). Karl met his new sister, Fresca, also a large Shepherd and the two of them hit it off immediately. It was love at first sight. Now Karl and Fresca are inseparable. Karl follows her everywhere and has no intentions of leaving this amazing home of his. Buddy (aka Chico) has also settled in incredibly well for a cat ... never mind a cat that endured a 10 hour day on the road with his idol Karl. Buddy has settled in nicely ... snuggling and purring up a storm with his new mom and dad. Buddy has also eaten, so ALL is good!!!

We had a scare, though, as I got a call from our gal Allie. They almost made it to the transport meeting place (where Karl's new mom and dad were meeting her), when Allie's vehicle was involved in an accident. Thank God no one was seriously injured, including Karl and Buddy, but the vehicle was no longer drivable. Allie called Karl's new parents and they were on their way to the accident site. After many hugs and tears, Karl and Buddy were on their way home. 

We have received many updates already from Karl and Buddy's new home and all their adventures of the past couple of days. I am excited because I will get to meet Karl and Buddy next Sunday. I will have camera in hand and will take LOTS of pictures to share with you. This is a rescue, I will NEVER forget. Karl impacted me in a way, very few rescues have done. 

We also received a great update from Sonja's mom. Sonja went to the vet on Saturday and the vet says she is in very good health. The vet estimates Sonja to be 6 years old, she is spayed and UTD on vaccinations. They checked her lumps and the vet feels they are nothing serious. We will be investigating further soon, but from everything we have heard, Sonja is fit as a fiddle and ready to find her forever home. 

If you know anyone looking for a laid-back mastiff mix who loves nothing more than to be by your side, please contact us. 

AND, to top off our weekend, we received another great update and picture of Carter. 

He received a new "cuz" and as you can see ... he is very proud to show off his new toy. His sister Baby also received one.

GREAT weekend of updates and happy endings from ANML-RESQ!

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Jul 10/09

Non-Profit Charity/Karl and Chico
ANML-RESQ and all our volunteers are pleased to announce that we have been approved and are now officially a registered Non Profit organization. We certainly ended the week off with a bang with this good news. Many thanks to all of our valued volunteers for their hard work and dedication. We have had an exceptional couple of years of adoptions, finding outstanding homes for our many rescues.

As you know, the last week has been extremely heart wrenching for us, scrambling to find foster/adoptive homes for a couple of very worthy dogs (and a cat).

First was our Buttercup (now known as Sonja), slated to be euthanized unless rescue was found. Many rescues were called upon, however, none had room for this senior girl with a few lumps and a bit stiff in the backend. 

We, unfortunately, had no available foster homes, but that wasn't going to stop us from trying to find one. As fate would have it, that day, we received an application to foster. The rest is of course history. We were able to rescue Sonja and this girl is truly worthy. She is a wonderful girl, and she will also be blessed with a loving forever home ... we have no doubt about that. No sooner did we secure safety for Buttercup when a much more difficult task was put before us. 

We were asked to help Karl, who has been waiting SO long to be rescued without being given a chance. He was always overlooked by rescue because of his past employment. Dogs with a less "questionable past" were more desirable. He was always returned to his place of "employment", only to be returned to misery and a loveless, thankless life. His story and pictures ripped at my heart and I knew that come hell or high water, I would do everything in my power to find help for Karl. 

Well, you all know the outcome to that. Karl has found THE most perfect forever home that any dog could wish for. Imagine that ... once a dirty dog just stuffed behind a gate and lives by day in a cramped box no matter the temperature. At night they are let out of the box. What a happy ending.

But it doesn't end there. Our rescue friend emailed the following day, completely crushed because the cat (that was used to test Karl for cat friendliness) was scheduled, the following day, to be euthanized - his time was up. After all, who wants to adopt a 10 year old cat, when there are so many cute little kittens available out there?

Well, as luck would have it, Karl has asked his new mom if he can bring his buddy, the cat home with him. Even though Chico gave Karl a pretty good pummeling (to let Karl know he was boss), Karl kind of has this bond with him. As luck would have it, Karl's mom said she would be thrilled to have Chico come live with them ... so through Karl, another life has been saved. 

Karl and Chico

One more truly miraculous week for us all at ANML-RESQ.  Congratulations to Sonja (aka Buttercup), Karl and Chico!! 

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone, from all of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario.

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Jul 9/09

I have been worried sick about this beautiful senior dog named Karl. I had a couple of sleepless nights, tossing and turning and wondering if we would once again be afforded yet another miracle. I sent this plea out yesterday morning and prayed, one more time for an angel to step forward and help this dog named Karl.

Imagine your life without constant food or fresh water. Imagine your life without a secure ‘home’, loved ones around you to comfort you, laugh with you, cherish you and watch over you. Imagine a life behind a gate, being ignored, pushed aside, being treated as a ‘thing’. Imagine needing medical attention and being denied except for the removal of your only means of communication - your vocal cords. Imagine never knowing loving soft words, no guidance, no attention to personal hygiene, living outside and never having the luxury of warmth and comfort. You must fight mother nature everyday in rainfall, extreme heat, winter storms – and you are not allowed to complain, ask for help, or be depressed. 

Karl has lived this type of life for approximately 10 years. He was a money maker without the benefits of being rewarded for a job well done – if well done at all. 

Karl has escaped time and time again from his employers. He is eagerly caught and is very familiar with a certain shelter, as are the staff as well, very familiar with him. As rescue workers enter the shelter to secure dogs and cats for ‘rescue’, Karl is never one of the lucky ones. He is kept for the ‘company’ to reclaim. Rescues in general are leery of ‘employed’ dogs and therefore he is not given the opportunity to demonstrate his worth as a cherished pet. But his day will come. This day will either be a day to end his suffering and he will be put to rest, or this day will be the start of a new life as a valued and loved companion. The day is now.

He is worthy in every sense of the word. Karl deserves one of the basic necessities in life – love. What more could a senior fellow ask for?

Today, we have found our "miracle". I cannot thank everyone enough for their heartfelt emails and offers for help. I am THRILLED to announce that Karl will be going home this weekend. It has taken 10 years, but Karl is FINALLY going home. The home he is going to is much more than I could have hoped for. Karl will be living on acreage with his new mom and dad, a female GSD and two Jack Russell Terriers. Karl will have his own room when he wants to chill, a brand new bed, his own pool ... does it get any better than this????? 

We are SO happy for Karl and you can bet that there will be lots of updates of pictures of Karl, living the life he so deserves. He will be loved and cherished and FINALLY will be a member of a loving family. Hugs to Karl and his new family!!! 

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Jul 8/09

Sonja [aka Buttercup] 
Our girl, formerly known as Buttercup ... is now named Sonja ... Red Sonja to be exact (-: Foster mom has re-named her in the hopes of a new name and new life for this beautiful girl. 

Sonja has met her housemates ... 2 Beagles and 2 Bassets. Foster mom is obviously "bonkers" for Beagles and Bassets, and who can blame her. They are an adorable pack of howlers LOL 

I noticed as soon as I saw these new pictures of Sonja and her foster sibs, she looks MUCH happier. She now has her own pack to hang with while she awaits her forever home. 

Foster mom reports that Sonja walks very nicely on leash and she loves to be outdoors. She loves to smell the fresh air and sniff the grass. She even likes to nibble on the odd blade or two. 

Sonja is still not eating as she should, but foster mom managed to get her to eat a cup of food last night so we are confident she will soon be eating heartily. She's had an adventurous couple of days and once she settles in and lounges around in her new foster home, she will soon regain her appetite. Right now, she is busy exploring her new surroundings and getting to know her foster family. 

Here is a little of what foster mom had to say about Sonja's first day:

Also, I was checking to see how she is with getting toys taken away from her. She has no aggression but she will simply try to turn away if you try to take the toy. But not really an issue. I will start working with her on the drop command or to let the toy be taken away if necessary.

She seems to know the "get back" command. That is what I say to my gang when I need them to back away from the front door. And it works with her as well.

She has warmed up more. She will lay her head in my lap as if needing reassurance. She is so sweet. She is a great girl!!

Keep checking for more details about Sonja. She has a date with the vet on Saturday and we should be finding out a lot more about her at that time. All we know is that she is a REAL doll and will make someone a wonderful companion!!

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Jul 8/09

Fundraiser at Aquacan Garden Centre
We are getting VERY excited about our upcoming fundraiser on July 18th in Varney, Ontario.

Amanda and Jamie Burdett have kindly offered this wonderful opportunity to us to do some much needed fundraising and we at ANML-RESQ thank them very much for this opportunity.

It will be a lot of fun, with so much to see and do. Of course, it's the grand opening of Aquacan Garden Centre, so you already know there will be a lot of beautiful plants, trees and garden accessories to see. 

Molsons will be there and will be painting the big Muskoka chair (one of the biggest roadside attractions) and we will be holding our fundraiser with lots of raffles and prizes. There will be games for the children, hotdogs, hamburgers and sausage for sale. 

The prizes are GREAT and the raffle items are fantastic, something for everyone.

We have many people and organizations/sponsors to thank for making this event one of the biggest fundraisers we have ever had!! Funds so far total $350.00 dollars.

UPDATE - we made it!!!!! $5,369.66.

Be sure to mark your calendars and come by and visit us on July 18th. 

Place: Acquacan Garden Centre
Hwy 6 between Durham and Mount Forest
Start Time: Saturday, July 18 at 10:00 a.m.
End Time: Saturday, July 18 at 5:00 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you there!!! 

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Jul 6/09

ANML-RESQ would like to introduce you to our newest adoptable. She arrived into foster care on Sunday.

This senior mastiff mix girl was abandoned... tied to a fence and left to fend for herself. A kind soul picked her up and brought her to the local shelter. Unfortunately, even though she passed all the temperament tests and was deemed highly adoptable, the shelter decided because she had a couple of lumps and was already a senior, they would not place her for adoption. Either rescue was found for her, or she would be put to sleep. 

This girl has a rock solid temperament, she is good with other dogs, but like most seniors, she has a few lumps and a stiff back-end. She is estimated to be between 6 and 8 years of age, but she sure doesn't look it. 

Buttercup was getting very depressed and in true mastiff fashion was missing her owners and starting to give up on life. 

She needed a hero to speak up for her, so ANML-RESQ has answered that call.

She is a good girl who would like a home where she can lounge around and be someone's faithful companion. She doesn't ask for much, but will give you her unconditional love. 

I spoke to foster mom last night and everything is going well so far. She will have a few doggy friends to hang out with and I am sure she will love every minute of it. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on Buttercup as we get them. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a calm, dependable and loving companion, please contact ANML-RESQ.

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Jul 3/09

Carter's Reunion
I received a great update today on a BIG reunion for Carter. Our volunteer, Beth is on vacation this week and decided to take a trip on her bike to go visit Carter in his new home. I was sent pictures by Carter's mom after Beth left and let me tell you I cried when I got these pictures.

Beth was the first person in our group to meet Carter. She was able to have Carter picked up by a co-worker when he was surrendered by his owner and Carter spent the day at work with Beth and her co-workers. Of course, Carter was able to mooch lunch from everyone at work ... who couldn't give their lunch to such a starved and malnourished dog. Everyone fell in love with him.

That evening, Beth and Carter met my husband and we took him home to foster him and bring him back to good health. That was the first and last time Beth laid eyes on our boy ... until today.

You can see by the pictures that Carter remembered Beth instantly!!! LOL ... Beth couldn't even get her helmet and gloves off before Carter was all over her with kisses.

And the reunion only got mushier and more teary eyed as the day went on. Here is Carter AFTER Beth was able to ditch the helmet and gloves.

Once Beth and Carter said their "hellos" in the front yard ... it was off to the backyard to get re-acquainted. 

Carter looks SO happy to see Beth again. I'm sure this incredible boy will never forget the people that helped him on his journey to find his new life and forever home.

WE LOVE YOU CARTER!!! You have touched SO many lives in the short time we all got to know you. We know you have found the best forever home and we all wish you much, much happiness. You will forever be in our heart.

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Jul 2/09
Vacation Tips 
It's that time of year again when the children are finished with school and holiday season begins.

Everyone looks forward to holiday time and most often, holidays mean travel. Some of you will board your dog while you go on vacation, however, for those of you that take your companion with you for your holidays, here are some helpful tips you should know/prepare for before leaving for your vacation.

Remember, summer is a fun time for all, but it's not fun when your beloved pet accidentally gets away on you. It can ruin a holiday in pretty short order. Keep your pets safe and secure and enjoy your holiday!!

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Jul 1/09

Canada Day Updates
                            "HAPPY CANADA DAY"!!!!!

From all of us at ANML-RESQ, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

Here are a couple of pictures of some of our furbabies, enjoying the Dog Days of Summer. 

Carter and his sister Baby.  Carter was more interested in drinking the pool dry than cooling off IN the pool.

Sister Baby, is enjoying her pool (-:

And here is a picture of our girl Jenny enjoying a romp in the pool.  

You would never know this girl is sick - she enjoys every single day (-:

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  1. July 18th at the Aquacan Garden Centre - Fundraiser event including BBQ, raffle table, handprints on the "mini BIG CHAIR", plant-a-tree, face painting etc. for ANML RESQ a great group helping animals in need. We will also paint the BIG CHAIR. Molsons will be supplying some swag for the event too! 
  2. Be sure to check our beautiful lap quilt, which was especially handmade to help raise funds for Liebe's leg surgery and to help other dogs in need. We will also be at the Niagara Dogfest where we will hold the draw for the quilt - July 25, 2009 at Niagara Dogfest. For more information on the quilt...>

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