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Jan 31/12

2011 Video - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario is proud to show off our video [very large] of our happily adopted for 2011.

We are really hoping to make this a yearly project so we can add to our "library" of rescues (-:

Grab yourself a coffee and be sure to turn up the volume ... ENJOY!
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Jan 30/12

On-Line Auction - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario is truly blessed to have another fundraiser in time for Valentine’s Day – there are items for men, women and just for YOU! We have put together an auction of great items that you will want to put your bid on.

All you need to do is: 1) find the item you want to bid on, 2) send your email with your bid and all the information on the item you want to:, 3) watch the site for the updates to ensure you’re going to get your item, and 4) if you are the winning bidder, make your payment by cheque* or Paypal. Fast, simple and easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Starting date is January 28th until February 4th [midnight].

Enter as often as you like and send your bids to:

Payment can be made through Paypal or by cheque - for more information on this, please email

If you want your item desperately, please make a final bid of the amount you are willing to spend on the item!

Click here for the auction web page… Send your bids often, keep up-to-date with the web page, and GOOD LUCK!

*Some restrictions may apply – please put that you would like to pay by cheque in your email.
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Jan 27/12

Cuba - A couple of weeks ago, we were able to take in the most beautiful bully boy who lived a truly miserable existence. He lived in a shop where there was constant noise and commotion. He had a small area where he lay on his oil-soaked blanket, right next to a pump that constantly went off, all day long. He was covered in oil, no one knowing exactly what his colouring was.

This sweet, loving boy did, however catch the attention of a kind Samaritan who could not and WOULD not give up on Cuba ... not until she found him the help he needed and deserved. Thankfully she found ANML-RESQ!!!

We wanted to share this heartfelt email from Sherry (Cuba's guardian angel). For 3 1/2 long years, Cuba weighed heavy on her mind. She was determined to help this boy, who touched her heart and bore a hole through her soul. 

Dear Renee and Linda, I returned home, early Wednesday morning, and went into a very deep and restful sleep. I awoke and all I wanted was to see Cuba. My friend Dana contacted Mike and we set off, at an appointed time, for our visit.

I am in a state of wonderment, joy and bliss to witness the physical beauty of this bully boy. For the first time, I was able to confirm his true coat colour and his eyes were wide open for the first time, in the three and half years, I have known him. He is so confident and openly playful; and as always the love was oozing out of his heart.

However, what got to me and I was moved to say to Mike and Dana, " If I were to draw my last breath, later today, (cause I won't say right now ... that will cause both of you too much trouble ... ha!), I would have died experiencing immense happiness". This statement was made because it was also a first for me to see water ... yes water was avaiable for Cuba to drink; he wanted some; went and freely drank from his bowl. No one will ever know how I felt because I cannot explain it. I feel so privilege and blessed to know that, they are such humanitarians, in this world, who truly get what it means to be a human being. We are all beings( plant, air, water and animal) and are all interconnected.

Cuba went from hell to a most delicious earthly paradise. Mike is perfect for him. I am glad he has such a perfect male role model. The angels are dancing the bully boy jig !!!!!

The Universe is so perfect when we let go of our own agendas from our spaces and allow the sacred to enter in. I say this because after so much writing, reaching out and despair ... Anml-Resq was the only one that took the baton up and look where it all ended. YAHOO!

I will take the next couple of days to attend to the medical treatments I had to rescheduled due to the celebration of my father's life, a man whose legacy is guiding my raison d'^etre. I intend to support Anml-Resq's mission. In light with great blessings for all ~Sherry

Sherry's email has really touched our hearts and we want you all to know that YOUR rescue has been a part of this heartwarming story of love. Sherry can finally concentrate on healing herself and her heart and soul have been set free, knowing Cuba is finally in a loving home and will live out the remainder of his life as he always should have ... being a cherished member of a family. Cuba has been officially adopted by Mike and Emi, foster parents to Cuba. We could not be happier for Cuba! Bless you Mike and Emi for making this ALL possible!! Bless you Sherry for NEVER giving up on Cuba!!
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Jan 26/12

Valentine's Day - We have started our Valentine card fundraiser. From January 17th until February 7th, Christine will be creating these beautiful cards. There are only 13 days left to purchase your Valentine's card which will leave you enough time to create and send these beautiful cards.

There are 4 designs to choose from including a message from a special pet to another special pet - or a special person. We can even personalize your card with a picture of your pet! You send us your highest resolution picture in .jpg or .png format and we can either replace the existing dog pictures with your pet or print it inside the card (this will depend on the picture sent). Please click here to purchase the cards...»

The costs for these cards are 1 card for $5.00 or 3 cards for $10.00, or 1 card with your picture for $10.00 or 2 cards with your picture $15.00. All money raised will go directly to helping us help more pets in need like our little Ava who recently had eye surgery. 

When you are ordering, pick the package you would like to purchase and then pick the card you would like to order. Remember to send pictures and any additional information to  Christine or you can send it to chrissycairns200 @ [take the spaces out before sending]. Payment can be made via Paypal or by cheque. When sending a cheque, please make cheque payable to ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario and send to: Box 42, Caledon, ON L7C 3L7.
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Jan 25/12

Karl and Parker Update - Wow, we've been very lucky to get so many pictures and updates the last couple of weeks from some of our happily adopted!! 

Here we have a picture of Parker enjoying his first Christmas with family and friends!! Congratulations Parker ... you are a very lucky boy!! Here is what the family had to say:

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time with Parker on his first Christmas with his new family. 

Here he is with some friends that dropped by on Christmas Day, Parker was very sweet to his new friends. Hope everyone had a Nice Holiday. ~The Meehan Family

We also received some pictures from Karl's mom, Debbie. Karl is affectionately known as the "George Clooney" of the doggy world, and I must agree that he is such a handsome, distinguished fellow!!! 

Two very handsome boys, but more importantly they are two VERY loved boys!!!
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Jan 24/12

Spritz Update - Another GREAT update from one of our recently adopted!!  It's Lacey (aka Spritz) and her beautiful sister Butterscotch (-: It sounds like Spritz is fitting in beautifully and she seems to love having a sister to spend her time with when mom and dad are away. This may be just what Spritz needed to overcome her anxiety when left alone. Here is Susan's update: 

Hi Guys, Just a little note to say that Lacey is doing well. We have given her a new name-Spritz- she is starting to respond to it. She has adapted well to this busy family. She is rarely without a lap to sit in . 

She had her first non crying morning on Friday. I came home at lunch and both dogs were asleep in their beds. Having a companion has helped both dogs. They go out together, sniff together and beg for treats together. She has a spectacular personality. She's brave and protective. She is a marvelous addition to our family. Thanks for all your help and support. I have attached a picture of "the girls". ~Susan

Thank you for the fantastic update Susan and the picture of Lacey snuggling with her sister. Congratulations to Lacey (Spritz) and her new family! 
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Jan 23/12

Jack Update - We received another cute update from Jack's mom, Marilyn. It seems that Jack has taken up snowshoeing with his dad, Walter!!

And we hear that Jack has a little lady friend named Lily who has proclaimed herself Jack's Christmas girlfriend (-: Great picture - thank you for the update Marilyn!  

Don't forget about our great Valentine's Day card fundraiser - you can go here and set-up your purchases through Paypal.
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Jan 20/12

Hunter Update - We received a great update and pictures of two of our adoptables from foster mom Sindee. Bailey and Hunter are doing great in foster care and continue to provide LOTS of entertainment for foster mom (-: Here is foster mom's update:

Bailey went for her spay on Monday and all went well. She is being crated alone (as is Forest who was neutered the same day). Keeping Bailey (and Forest) quiet and calm is only achievable when they are crated alone. Bailey is feeling just fine and is ready to go! She will return in ten days to have her stitches removed.

Over the past week or so, I have found Bailey to be very comfortable with her crate and she now will enter with no hesitation. She is still very fond of giving kisses to whomever is close by. Her forever family will have to be prepared for this, especially when bending down to tie shoes! 

Bailey has learned to copy Forest in his never ending quest to accumulate clothing. Bailey never does any damage to the clothing, she just carries it around but will give it up without any problem. She enjoys playing tug with toys and is very happy to explore the yard and sniff around with that hound nose. She is getting along great with all the pack and is more of a submissive personality (Forest likes to boss her around). There are many games of chase and wrestle, inside and outside. When outside, Bailey has come up with a unique way to let me know she is ready to come back in. She paws at the door. I had thought she would copy Brook, who barks, but no, Miss Bailey has to be an individual and not copy the Cattle Dog! Inside, Bailey is still interested in the cats but seems to be giving up on getting them to play and is not bothering with them much any more. 

Our big guy Hunter was at the vet today for a check-up and a nail trim. Overall, the vet said he is doing very well and really isn't all that overweight, weighing in at 76 lbs. We talked about a diet to get some weight off and also introducing some moderate exercise. 
The nail trim was an experience that Hunter did not care for. Not at all. Once that was done, he was back to his happy self with the wagging tail, so typical of a lab.

At home, Hunter is, on a daily basis, showing how smart and happy he is. He will go to the door to go outside and navigates extremely well around the house and the yard. There are times when I can't help but think that he must wonder where the heck he is. Going from being an only dog to a pack of Cattle Dogs with a Basset Hound! Even though it must be a bit overwhelming for him, he has never gone off to be alone. He always wants to be where the action is, even if that means having another dog walk or run into him. I try and explain that two of them are blind also and didn't know he was there, but Hunter just sighs and lays back down.

Hunter is a great foot warmer and enjoys laying close by. He has not shown any interest in stairs or getting on furniture. He would rather lay at my feet, sometimes on my feet and receive a few scratches. He is a very low maintenance boy who just wants to lay around and go for a wander in the yard. Considering his circumstances, he is a very relaxed and happy boy. He is such a sweetheart! ~ Sindee

Thanks so much for the great update Sindee!! As you can see, Hunter is fitting in nicely with his foster-pack - including the rowdy pups! What a guy!! Have a great weekend everyone!
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Jan 19/12

Gioia Update - Our foster mom Allison got a GREAT update from Gioia a.k.a. Peanut's new family - along with some pictures of our beautiful girl. There is NO doubt this beauty has found the most fantastic family to call her own (-: It is very apparent how much Peanut is loved and no doubt, she will also be spoiled ... a little (-:

Hello Allison, I attach pictures of Gioia/Peanut in her new back yard and going out for her first walk in her new neighbourhood (wearing her stylish winter coat). 

She is an absolutely delightful girl, and we are very excited to have her as a new member of our family. As I write this she is a few feet from me sleeping on her bed, snoring softly, with what I would like to believe is a bit of a smile on her face.

Once again, thank you and your colleagues at Anml-Resq for providing us with the opportunity to provide a "forever home" to such a wonderful dog. We believe we are the lucky ones. ~  John (and Mary)

As you can see, it looks as though Peanut is already smitten with her mom, Mary (-: Congratulations Mary, John and Peanut!! 
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Jan 18/12

Valentine Fundraiser - Are you looking for something special this year for your sweetie on Valentine's Day? Why not send your sweetheart a special Valentine's greeting and at the same time, know you are helping a good cause at the same time. 

Our volunteers have put together this wonderful fundraising idea - a card for your sweetie and if you choose, you can personalize your card by sending a picture of your beloved family pet to include with your message. Starting today and running through to February 7th, you can get your card for that special someone in your life.

All proceeds go towards the large vet bills for our Ava and Nikki who, as you know, came through their surgeries with flying colours.

We thank everyone for their continued support and we hope you decide to send your special sweetheart a message from the heart. For more information and a look at the beautiful cards, click here...»
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Jan 17/12

Parker Update - Parker continues to do well in foster care. We are working on Parker's socializing skills. With consistent, positive direction, we feel this boy will come around just fine. 

When he first arrived he was terrified at the vet's office and made it near impossible to be checked over. He was also uncomfortable with car rides ... fast forward a couple of weeks and there has been significant progress made. Parker settles much better in the car now and we think soon he will look forward to car rides (-:

Also, a HUGE difference when taken to the vet for his booster shot and check up. Parker did extremely well - we were expecting the worst, but hoping for the best and WOW!!! Foster mom even got pictures of a very relaxed Parker ... who at one point fell asleep on the floor while foster mom talked to the vets. Parker even had a BIG hug and kiss for the vet as well. 

Foster mom is working, with the help of a trainer to get Parker on the road to be a confident, well-adjusted boy - thanks so much Carolina for always putting your heart and soul into helping those that need it the most! 

We will continue to update you on Parker's progress - GOOD BOY PARKER! Keep up the good work (-:
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Jan 16/12

Happy Birthday - Our baby girl Georgia celebrated her 2nd birthday yesterday as well as her daddy Dave! Happy Birthday Georgia and Dave! All your friends at ANML-RESQ hope you both enjoyed your special day!  Here is a picture of our birthday girl and her brother Shadow. I'm sure they both had a wonderful day!!

We would also like to introduce you to our newest rescue - his name is Hunter. It is so sad that Hunter, at the golden age of 10 is needing to find himself another forever home. Sadly, his owner is very ill and Hunter had to find an alternate living arrangement. 

It is a difficult enough transition for an older dog to be rehomed, but add to that, Hunter is also blind. His entire world as he knew it has changed,. Thankfully Hunter is with our gal Sindee who is very experienced with blind doggies and Sindee is making this transition much easier for Hunter - thanks Sindee!!! 

Hunter is a very sweet boy, who absolutely deserves to spend his "golden years" being loved and adored. If you think you can give Hunter that chance, please contact us at ANML-RESQ. 
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Jan 13/12

Gioia Update - ANML-RESQ is excited to let you know that our beautiful girl Gioia is going HOME today! Her new family is extremely excited and have been preparing all week for the big day!! 

ANML-RESQ would like to thank Allison, Darryl, Buddy and Obi for welcoming Gioia into their hearts and home. We understand that Obi will be quite devastated when Gioia leaves - but that means we might have to give him another playmate to keep him company (-: Congratulations Gioia!! You have found an amazing forever family and we cannot wait for pictures and updates!

I'm ending the week off with a few of my favourite posts: The nanny dog with outstanding pictures; advice on adding a second dog to your family from StubbyDog; and last but most definitely not least the 10 Canine Commandments. Have a safe Friday the 13th and a GREAT weekend! ENJOY!
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Jan 12/12

Chade Update - We received a great update today from Pamela about our little girl Chade and her little brother Snickers. What a fantastic update and pictures - thank you so much Pamela!! Here is our update:

Wanted to send you a quick update on how we are doing here after the holidays. Our girl, Chade, and her buddy, Snickers, had a busy holiday season entertaining their cousin, Romeo, and their buddy, Bingo, as well as bunch of two-footed visitors. So they are catching up on their snoozing and of course getting back to the business of guarding their neighbourhood. Much patrolling and barking is required to let everyone know that they are back on the beat.

Some photos from earlier in the summer of 2011 of little Miss. Chade and Mr. Snickers in the backyard and sunbathing in the kitchen. Notice the lovely pee spots Snickers is lounging beside. Anyone know how to get rid of those?

This year, we decided to try a short camping trip with the dogs. Chade never gets scared by anything, but Snickers is another story; fireworks, backfiring buses, inflatable lawn decorations, and silence. He didn’t want to be very far from any of us. Lots of strange noises and what’s with all that quiet. Scary. Also, that eating al fresco really wasn’t much to his liking. Fussy boy. They went swimming at the beach. (We thought that it was the people and pets beach, but it wasn’t - oops.)

Chade is still having the odd bout of trouble with her front leg, so we keep her stroller handy for the bad days. The occasional chiro visits and when necessary, short term doses of Medicam seem to keep her moving along. On average, she is still walking around 3-5km every day. The reduction in walking has caused Snickers to become a husky boy and because they are so bonded, it is impossible to take one walking and leave the other behind. Chade is getting older. You can see it in her face and how tired she gets. She is such a good dog and we are thankful for every day that she is with us. Hope to see you soon ~ Pamela, Tobin, Chade and Snickers 

It was wonderful to see you again at the Christmas fundraiser Pamela. It was too bad that Tobin couldn't come as well, but he was definately in our thoughts and we missed seeing him there.

Hugs and kisses to Chade and Snickers. Thank you so much for the pictures and update Pamela. It is so nice to see these two furbabies enjoying the "good life", as they should.
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Jan 11/12

Bumble Bee - It's hard to believe that Bumble Bee hasn't been scooped up yet. Being the most sweet and mild mannered dog, Bumble Bee would be the perfect companion for just about anyone, that is how much she loves all people. Her smaller stature makes her perfect as a lap dog and her sweet and happy disposition will make your heart swell with love. Seeing as she is completely house trained and crate trained there is no need to go through the crazy puppy stage but fast forward to the luxury of a well trained adult dog of 7 years.  Bumble Bee gets along with all dogs, big and small and she is also good with cats.

Bumble Bee is an easy to care for girl, no need for strenuous exercises but she does enjoy and need her daily walks. One of her favourite past times is to nap either in her crate or on her blankets. Everywhere you go be assured that you will have a Bumble Bee buzzing close by. Whether it's in the bathroom, kitchen or for a car ride she will be by your side. Being as she is such a loyal dog, she would need a family that will shower her with love, structure and of course her other favourite things; cuddles and food. 

Bumble Bee has soft brown eyes that let you know she is yours forever with such an intensity and will make you flutter like the delicate yet strong wings of a 'Bumble Bee'. She will always be your right hand man every single day. As long as she means the world to you, there will be nothing more perfect for this beautiful girl. 

Bumble Bee is still waiting patiently for her forever home where she can be the worlds greatest lap dog and shower her new family with wiggles and happy smiles. 

If you think you can provide Bumble Bee with lots of love and affection, then she's the girl for you cause she has plenty of love to give to you. You can fill in our on-line application on the left, or if you have any questions, please email us at
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Jan 10/12

ANML-RESQ T-Shirt - The ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario volunteers have designed this handsome t-shirt with a powerful message to put an end to the banning and killing of innocent dogs in Ontario.

Since 2005 more than 6,000 puppies and dogs have been killed simply because of the way they look. The Liberal Government's Bill 132 has cost municipalities millions of dollars, for nothing. People have had their beloved pets taken away from them, for nothing. ANML-RESQ and others have spent thousands of dollars sending innocent dogs to safety in other Provinces, for nothing, except giving an innocent dog their life back. Other than that, Nothing has changed - all dogs have the potential to bite; not just those who have a short coat, long whippy tail, and stocky build.

So, get involved and support Randy Hillier's Private Member Bill 16 (Hershey's Law) and get Ontario's respect back with appropriate dog legislation. Get behind the MPPs who want to see this Bill pushed through the Legislature.

For a donation of $20.00 we will send you one of these t-shirts and for a donation of $35.00 we will send you two! These t-shirts come in S, M, L, and XL. Wear it proudly in support of ANML-RESQ and an end to Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario. Send us an email for more information at

All proceeds go towards flight costs to send out the innocents, such as Enzo, Gabroni, Honey Bee and Roxy.
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Jan 9/12

Billy and Lacey Update - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that our Billy Boy has been adopted! We were hoping this wonderful family would be the home for Billy. They certainly fell in love with Billy's pictures and his bio, but we all waited to hear if they loved him as much in person as they did through email. 

As Carolina entered their home with Billy in tow, the moment he walked through their doorway, Billy was "theirs". It was as though he knew he was "home". Billy gravitated toward the family immediately and had lots of wiggles and kisses. It seemed Billy only had eyes for these wonderful people, turning on his charms as if he knew he was at his final decision. Of course, they couldn't resist Billy's charms (-: Congratulations to Billy and his new family. We wish Billy ALL the happiness he deserve, while he begins his new life with your forever family.

We also have great news for our little Lacey, who also went home on Saturday. Many thanks to Allison for coordinating the meet and greet with Lacey. Lacey has a new sister named Butterscotch too! Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of Lacey with her new family, but we will definitely share pictures when we receive them from Lacey's new family. Congratulations Lacey!! We wish you and your family much happiness as you turn a new leash in life with your fur-ever family!
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Jan 6/12

Meet and Greets - First week of the new year and I can tell you, we haven't been slacking. lol As you know, all of us at ANML-RESQ are keeping everything crossed this weekend for Billy's meet and greet. He certainly will have hit the "jackpot" if this family love him as much, in person, as they do through pictures. Good luck tomorrow Billy!! We are all waiting on pins and needles, hoping you have finally found the forever family you have have dreamed of. 

We are also thrilled to say that our little Lacey will also be going for a meet and greet this weekend as well. Again, the potential forever home is a wonderful, loving family, so we hope this family will also fall in love when they meet this little doll.

We wish everyone a wonderful weekend and we will update you on Monday about Billy and Lacey! 

I have also included a great link to one of my most favourite canine experts, Dr. Ian Dunbar. His advice is always helpful and inciteful. This link is about 30 years in the life of the doctor - here is an excerpt - enjoy!

'Basically, far too many people purchase eight-week-old puppies that are not housetrained, not chewtoy-trained, have not been taught to come, sit and lie down on cue and are not sufficiently socialized to people, even though by eight weeks of age, the Critical Period of Socialization is already nearly two thirds over. Furthermore, many new puppy owners are unaware of the extreme urgency of maintaining errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training programs (which also prevent the development excessive barking and separation anxiety), teaching manners and continuing to socialize puppies with people during their first couple of months at home. We are really neglecting early puppy development and missing out on this narrow window of opportunity. Far too many untrained puppies become tomorrow’s shelter dogs.'  ... click here to continue reading...»

Have a great weekend and keep your paws crossed for our great dogs!
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Jan 5/12

Bumble Bee Update - Look at Billy and his foster sister Bumble Bee, such sweet hearts. They keep each other company day in and day out. You couldn't ask for better dogs than these two. All Billy and Bumble Bee ask for is to be loved and played with. It's hard to believe that Bumble Bee hasn't been scooped up yet, she is the most sweet and mild mannered dog. She would be the perfect companion for just about anyone, that is how much she loves all people. Her smaller stature makes her perfect as a lap dog and her sweet and happy disposition will make your heart swell with love. Bumble Bee is still waiting patiently for her forever home where she can be the worlds greatest lap dog and shower her new family with wiggles and happy smiles.

We would also like to ask everyone to keep your paws crossed for Billy's in-home this Saturday. May it be the more than perfect home for our special boy Billy; he deserves to be the centre of attention and have a family to call his own. Good luck to you Billy!
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Jan 4/12

Meet Parker - We have a new pup on the block and would like you to meet Mr. Parker. Parker is a Bullmastiff/Shep mix and at 9 month old he is a 90 pound bundle of love. Parker is in temporary foster care, so we are looking for a more permanent foster home or adoptive home

He is an awesome BIG baby boy who is very loving and sweet and loves to give kisses. He is happiest by your side and will follow you everywhere. He can be a couch potato. He is very smart and knows many commands and walks great on a leash. He LOVES playing fetch and will let you throw the ball for hours if you let him. He also loves the water and bath’s, he jumps in the tub no trouble at all. He is OK with dogs, however he plays rough, so he would need a companion with as much energy as he has. Parker is great with cats (he presently resides with 7 cats) and he is very gentle towards them.

He had not been socialized at all before coming to our home and we have been working with him and have seen great improvement - this is something that will need to be worked with continually until he becomes comfortable with you and new people.

Don't forget to tell all your friends about him. And, if you think this big boy will fit into your lifestyle, you can fill out the on-line application on the left. We'd love to hear from you!

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Jan 3/12

Ava Update - I thought we could "ease" into the New Year, but I guess that wasn't to be )-: The calls for help have been overwhelming and I wish we had MORE foster homes!!! 

I would like to introduce you to one of our newest rescues. Her name is Gioia (meaning happiness) and happiness exudes from this happy-go-lucky girl. Gioia is a 7 months old Dane mix and a very laid back girl. Foster mom says Gioia is the "easiest" foster she has ever had. Gioia is only with foster mom temporarily though as foster mom also has our little bulldog Ava who is NOW ready for adoption. So, we are looking for a more permanent foster(or forever home) for Gioia. 

Gioia is excellent with children, dogs and cats. She truly is a "dream dog", so we hope Gioia doesn't have to wait too long for her forever family. If you think Gioia is the girl for your family, please visit our dogs for adoption web page and view more on Gioia or fill out our on-line application on the left!

Speaking of Ava, our little Bulldog is FINALLY free from her cone of shame! Her second surgery for cherry eyes went very well and there is only a very slight chance of it ever, WOOHOOO Ava!! You're all set and ready to find your forever family!! 

Ava is a little firecracker, so she is looking for a home that can keep her well exercised and happy. She is not your typical bulldog (as in couch potato)...rather, Ava is a going concern...busy, busy, busy!!! Ava would do well with a male that can match her energy level. Ava is also great with cats - she loves to snuggle with them (-: If you think you are the home for Ava, please visit our dogs for adoption web page and view more on Ava or fill out our on-line application on the left!
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Jan 2/12

Meet Bailey - I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. The holidays are now behind us, so it is time for us all to get back to the business of saving lives. 

First though, I wanted to share a picture of our Christmas Miracle, Skye. Here she is, living happily in her foster home. 

Carolina had a chance to visit with Skye and her mom, Jill. It seems that Skye has made a big impression on her foster mom and if things continue as well as they are, this lucky girl will not be going anywhere (-: Congratulations Skye! You deserved this second chance and we cannot be happier for you!!

We would also like to introduce you to Bailey, our newest rescue. Bailey is cute as a button, 6 months old and a Bassett/Lab mix. Bailey is completely housetrained and we are working on crate training her. She is a typical busy little puppy - curious and full of energy. 

Bailey adores playing with her foster siblings and has fit in nicely with her foster pack. Foster mom, Sindee tells us she is a real cuddler and a really nice kisser (-: If you are interested in adopting this adorable pup, please visit our website and fill in our online application.
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