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Jan 31/11

Chade Update - We received a GREAT update from our little Chade and her family with a nice picture montague of Chade and her family enjoying some family times together.

Hi Girls: Was good to see everyone at the Twelve Dogs of Christmas. 

Just wanted to update you on how Chade was doing.  As we had mentioned, she was having trouble walking on her front left leg and we had taken her to the vet to see what he had to say.  He prescribed Metacam for the pain/inflammation and recommended a couple of weeks of rest.  It is hard to keep a dog off her feet, especially when her partner in crime is running around freely.  We had bought a child stroller and were pushing her around the neighbourhood for fresh air while Snickers walked.  But she soon tired of that.  As it didn’t seem to be getting much better, we started her with chiropractic treatments.  It took a couple of months worth of visits, but we are pleased to report that she is back to being a rocket dog!  

Then just before Christmas, she developed something in her left eye.  It was constantly watering and she was reluctant to open it.  By the time the vet reopened after the holidays, she had developed a huge ulcer.  So after almost of a month of eye drops and some more Metacam, the ulcer has closed up.  We were really worried there for a while as it seemed like it wasn’t going to get any better.

So Chade is back in good health, knock on wood!  Snickers is doing fine, as you can see.  Here are a few photos of the MinPins and one embarrassing one in the bath with their cousin, Romeo-the Miniature Daschund.

Oh no, we’re naked!  How embarrassing
Hanging out with our cousin, Romeo, at his pad.
Where we usually like to hang out after our morning potty.  Oh that human bed is so very, very comfortable.
Out on the prowl in the backyard.
Bugging the dogs next door.
Where I like to hang out during the day.
Sometimes we hang out together watching the world go by.
Hanging out at a friend’s place.
Catching some shut eye (if only they would stop taking our photos).

I LOVE the bathtub scene with little Chade and her brother Snickers looking happy as a clam, ready for their bubble bath - while shy little Romeo is peeking over the top LOL.

Thanks so much for this great update Pamela and Tobin. Hugs to Chade and her brother Snickers from all of us at ANML-RESQ.
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Jan 28/11

Mani/Pedi Fundraiser - Mani/Pedi Fundraiser for your Four Legged Friends! Mark your calendars for this great fundraiser.

Hate to clip your cat or dog's nails? For only $5.00 you can have them expertly trimmed and all proceeds will be donated to ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario. 

Please contact Pet Valu to book your appointment at (905) 773-5433 for Saturday, February 19, 2011 any time between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. Pet Valu Oak Ridges and Polished Paws Dog Grooming Studio are located at 13075 Yonge Street (north of King Road) Ontario.
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Jan 27/11

Skin Conditions - This is the time of year, I'm sure many of you are dealing with your dog and skin/allergy conditions. This can be brought on by our heating systems and the dryness in the air during the winter months. Environment can play a factor as well.

It is frustrating and heartbreaking in many cases. You try everything you can to make your dog feel comfortable, only to watch another breakout. Most times we think "allergies", but could it be something else? Could it be bacterial/skin infections? Yeast? 

Here is a link with some very helpful information for those of us dealing with itchy dogs. 

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Jan 26/11

Alfie - We finally received some pictures of our boy Alfie. He is such a sweet boy and SO grateful to be with a foster family. According to foster mom, he is a joy to have around. He is GREAT with the kids, gentle and respectful and he gets along great with the family dog, Buddy.

It seems that Alfie LOVES to run and play with Buddy and it's fun for the family to watch the boyz play. Alfie is housetrained, crate trained and knows some basic commands. Alfie is approximately 1 year old and as you can see he is all legs. He has some growing and filling out to do, but I'm sure you will agree... he's adorable!! (-:

If you are looking for an energetic, active dog, with a whole lot of love to give, Alfie could be the boy for you!!!
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Jan 25/11

Training - Training is always a fun activity we can do with our pets. While it helps us to develop a bond with our beloved pets, it also helps them to learn what is expected of them. 

Clicker training has been around for a long time and has proven quite successful as a positive reinforcement training method. It's easy to do, but timing IS critical!! Here is an article that can get you started with clicker training - Click, treat, learn. Do you click with your pet? 

And who knows how much you can teach your dog. You never know ... YOUR dogs could be as well trained as the dogs are in this video!! LOL ... ENJOY!!!
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Jan 24/11

Weekend Update - Well...another FRIGID weekend has come and gone.BRRRRRRR!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, although with our frigid temperatures, the doggies didn't get much "outside" time this weekend. It sure makes for some L-O-N-G days while you try to keep everyone exercised and happy. 

Our little girl Pumpkin went home this weekend and we are all excited for our little girl. Pumpkin's new mom Fran came to pick her up on Saturday and we can't wait for pictures and updates of our girl and her new home. Congratulations Pumpkin!! 

We have also brought in another new rescue boy. You may have noticed him on our website as Cowboy. This young dog was found straying and sadly, no one came to claim him. He sat and he sat.....waiting for a family to notice him, but 6 months went by and no one came forward. 

Thankfully, one of our foster families noticed him and offered to take him into their care until we could find him a forever family. 

It seems that family life suits this fellow well. He has already made friends with the resident dog, Buddy and is enjoying life, being an integral part of his foster family. Pictures and more about Alfie (aka Cowboy) very soon!! 

Many thanks to Christine and family for opening their hearts and home to this young boy. 

And, finally....some pictures of our Schmooch and Haille (aka Splash) enjoying the outdoors

They loved playing in the snow (which the East got LOTS of this weekend)!!! Looks like they are having a blast!!! 
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Jan 20/11

2011 Fundraiser - ANML-RESQ is proud to showcase this beautiful quilt, The Wolf Song, designed by Lisa Moore of Sitka, Alaska, quilted by Lynn Tomkins of Milton and pieced and generously donated to ANML-RESQ by Darlene Hill. 


Click to enlarge...

The quilt is absolutely magnificent and we know will be cherished by the lucky recipient. Pictures simply do not do this quilt justice.

The quilt was lovingly donated by Darlene Hill in the hopes to help ANML-RESQ raise much needed funds for our rescues for their medical and vet bills. 

In the past year, we have had some unexpectedly large vet bills which were over and above our usual spay/neuter and vaccinations and our hope is to raise more funds so we can continue to give our rescues the medical and vet care they need.

Tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, please contact us at for further details.

Huge thanks to Darlene Hill for donating this amazing quilt and giving us this opportunity to raise some much needed funds.
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Jan 19/11

Animal Housecalls  - It was quite an exciting evening for our volunteers and Charlie yesterday. Everyone had a blast on the show Animal Housecalls with Ann Rohmer. Ann is such a kind, caring and compassionate host. 

Everyone at CP24/Animal Housecalls were very kind and accommodating. You can really tell everyone there LOVE the animals. Thank you to everyone at ANIMAL HOUSECALLS for giving us this wonderful opportunity to showcase some of our adoptables and a chance to speak about our rescue. 

I heard from Charlie's foster mom that Charlie had a blast!! A day out with the girls ... a starring role on Animal Housecalls ... it sure doesn't get any better than that!! 

"What is Toronto talking about?" 
Well, Toronto and everywhere is talking about Charlie of course! 

Of course, there was the human element of the show… 

Here is Charlie patiently waiting for the cameras to roll. 

A bit camera shy to be on TV…. 

All done ... one last hug! 

Thanks again to our volunteers, Carolina, Darlene and Sindee for making this possible for us!! I am sure you all got a chance to see the beautiful quilt we will soon have up for raffle. Isn't it stunning? 

Click to enlarge...

Someone will be the lucky recipient of this unique, and hauntingly beautiful quilt. Good luck everyone!! Details for the quilt draw:

2011 Quilt

Wolf Song: 67 inchesX 84 inches

Designer: Lisa Moore of Sitka, Alaska.

Quilter: Lynn Tomkins of Milton, Ontario.

Pieced/Donated: Darlene Hill of Rockwood, Ontario.

Tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00

There will only be 200 tickets sold.

Raffle will take place as soon as the 200 are sold
or at our Summer Fundraiser, dates and information will be posted on our website as soon as they are known.

For questions, please contact us at

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch the show!!
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Jan 18/11

Body Language - I know that often times, when a new dog is brought into the home, we often get calls from nervous new adoptors ... wondering if their dogs are getting along, playing too hard - or even wondering if the dogs are getting along at all. Their body language can sometimes be very confusing.

Often, people are concerned that the dogs seem to be playing, but it sounds like they are killing each other. Other times, all seems to be going well, then seemingly, out of the blue, they end up in a serious fight, with no reasonable explanation in our eyes.

Learning to watch and read their body language is extremely important when you are dealing with more than one dog in a household. This all comes with experience and in time, you will pick up these subtle hints.

I found this great article and thought I would share and perhaps help you understand your dog and what he is trying to tell you through body language.
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Jan 17/11

Diego Update  - We received a nice update and some pictures of our incredibly handsome boy Diego. Here is an update from Diego's mom:

Hello there, 

Just thought I would pop some pictures of Diego off to you. 

We have been unable to get him into our tub at home so we took him to the "spa" for his bath, he apparently was not happy with the water running or the blow dryer but he did allow them to bath and brush him out and now he feels so much better and his skin is not nearly as flakey.

Diego has started obedience lessons, more for the socialization than anything. We have talked extensively with Dog trainers and determine that Diego has fear aggression that we are told should ease with exposure to people over time and as he becomes more secure in his home. 

He is doing wonderful despite the issue, he has gotten into the routine of things and seems to be very happy. ~ Dawn

As you can see, he is pampered and very much loved by his new family. Wow Diego....for a puppy - you sure are BIG!!!! (-:
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Jan 14/11

Animal Housecalls Show - HUGE thanks to our volunteers, Carolina, Darlene and Sindee for attending on our behalf. We will be showcasing an absolutely STUNNING quilt that will soon be raffled...details will be posted on the website the evening of the Animal Housecalls show. I can't wait for you all to see this quilt, it is absolutely amazing. 

The quilt is called The Wolf Song, designed by Lisa Moore from Alaska. It was quilted by Lynn Tomkins from Milton and pieced by Darlene Hill. Many thanks to Darlene for generously donating this quilt to help us raise funds for our rescues!!!

The dogs appearing on the show will be our handsome senior boy, Rollie and our cutie-pie Charlie!!! Woohooo!!! There will be photo appearances and a bit about our beautiful Bella and our little heart-throb Guinness (-:

Thanks again to Carolina, Darlene and Sindee, Rollie and Charlie for representing our rescue. We know you will make us proud! Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, January 18th and enjoy the show!!!
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Jan 13/11

Congratulations Bowser - If you have been following the pitbull ban and all the heartbreaking stories of dogs being seized from their owners and being slated for death, you will probably have heard of the case of Danny Troung and his dog Bowser. Danny has been fighting for his dogs life since November 2008 and we were all so happy to hear that his case was finally won!! Congratulations to Danny and Bowser. 

It takes a dedicated owner to stand his ground and fight for his beloved companion's life. It has cost Danny PLENTY in legal fees and the stress he must have been under is unthinkable. We applaud you Danny for sticking by your best friend and fighting for his life and safety. 

Lori at Brindlestick has written a very informative blog with her comments about this case. Please take the time to read the blog in its' entirety. It contains some very helpful information to help you avoid being in this same situation. Thanks Lori!!!!
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Jan 12/11

Guinness is Going to be OK - All the volunteers at ANML-RESQ are doing the "happy dance" today!!! 

The results came back from Guinness's fine needle aspirate and ALL of his blood tests and we are THRILLED to announce that Guinness is free and clear!! NO cancer ... NO diabetes!!! Wooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

We know the vet must have rushed these tests through. She was smitten with Guinness and was worried this sweet, sweet boy might be sick. Last night, she was in the office a bit later than usual and the fax came through with the results for Guinness. The vet was SO happy and excited she called right away to give us the results. She didn't want us worrying another night! 

She stated that in all her years of practise, she has only seen this once before - where lymph nodes were swollen, yet no sign of infection or illness. The vet feels the only explanation is lack of proper nutrition and we hope that with some good quality food and some extra lovin' ... Guinness will be up to par in no time!!! (-:

Thank you ALL for sending positive thoughts Guinness' way ... It worked!!! We got the miracle we were praying for!!!!! (-:
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Jan 11/11

Meet Rollie - ANML-RESQ is pleased to show off our newest adoptable, Rollie. Rollie had found himself in a situation where a new home was needed quickly or through no fault of his own, he would be put to sleep. His owners were moving and they didn't feel Rollie could handle the long road-trip. So his options were to find a new home OR be put to sleep. 

Here is a little about Rollie from his loving foster mom:

Rollie is a German Shepherd/Husky mix and at 11 years old he's got a lot of pep and life. He's got the most gentle and soulful eyes that will melt and captivate your heart. Rollie is a gentle senior who through no fault of his own found himself in need of a warm house with a warm bed to spend his golden years being loved and spoiled as he so much deserves. Once he gets to know you, he will lean against you looking for affection and will return the love with his kisses as if in gratitude. Rollie loves to be brushed and will look at you as if to say "hey that's all I get?" and will coax you to continue.

Rollie does well with other dogs, but requires an appropriate introduction. So far it seems like he doesn't like to share toys though. 

Don't let Rollie's age fool you, he loves to run around like a loon in the snow and likes to play and interact with the other dogs and engages in playful antics with them. Rollie a very loyal dog that will stick by your side no matter what and he enjoys being part of the family. Rollie has lived his whole life in a farm setting so a quiet home outside of the busy city would be most suitable. 

Time ticked by and not one single response to offer Rollie a home. Our volunteer Carolina, however, WAS keeping tabs on this fellow and when she heard the date for euthanization was set, her mind was made up....he was going home with her!!! Rollie is forever grateful for this second chance at life. He is a healthy and happy boy with SO much to live for. Many thanks to Carolina for opening her heart and home to this senior boy. 
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Jan 10/11

Jake Update - We received a great update and pictures for our little boy Jack, now known as Jake. He is as cute as a button, that little boy. Hahaha ... looks like he is all legs right now. It's nice to see that Jake was included in all the Christmas fun. It appears Jake really likes Christmas wrapping LOL Way to go Jake!! You're a very lucky little boy!

Happy New year!

Just thought I would give you and updated and also send some new pictures of Jake, and let you know he is doing Great.

 He loves the snow likes going for Walks and has learned how to sit, lie down, stay, fetch Gives his paw and come when he is called and is also fully of energy and we are so glad we adopted him he has livened up the house again. Fiona

We have had a bit of disheartening news about our cutie-pie Guinness. We were concerned with a couple of lumps he has on the back of his legs. Lumps are in the lymph node area and we are praying they are swelled due to some sort of infection ... we are praying it is nothing more serious. Other than the lumps, Guinness is in good health - strong, healthy heart and lots of energy to burn. We have scheduled for the lumps to be aspirated and full blood panel work ups to see what might be ailing Guinness. 

Please keep Guinness in your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated on Guinness' prognosis. 
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Jan 7/11

Guinness Update - Wow ... it's been crazy-busy again this week. I have been feeling a bit under the weather last few days, slowly but surely, I am coming around again. Problem is though ... it doesn't matter how lousy you feel the phones still keep ringing and emails continue to pour in looking for help.

Now that I have a little spring back in my step, I am excited to tell you that we have found temporary foster for Guinness, the 8 yr old bully who needed to be rehomed ... through NO fault of his own. His owners no longer had time for him and his fur-sister and regrettably, both had to find rescue.

HUGE thanks to our volunteers Shawna and Denny for welcoming Guinness into their already crowded home. Now that Guinness is safe with us we can get to know him better and we know we can find this sweetheart the forever home he deserves. His first night in foster care was a sleepless night and understandably so. Guinness has lost so much in the last couple of months and we believe he really misses his JRT sister.

Guinness will be visiting the vet this weekend. We would like to get him thoroughly checked out and hopefully the vet will give him a clean bill of health. 

We were told Guinness was a pretty laid back boy, but it turns out ... he is NOT so laid back LOL. He is a bundle of energy when he is zooming around the yard, but he will settle fairly quickly once he is inside. Guinness is a true bully, in that he wants to be with you (or ON you) at all times. He never stops giving kisses. He has met Shawna's young boy Wes and is very gentle with him ... but Guinness must learn to control his kissing LOL I say, if that's his only issue ... we're good!!! (-:

Charlie's foster mom also sent more pictures. It seems my god-daughter Brook is doing really well and sleeps thru the night without accidents - wooohooo Brook! (-:  Here is a picture of Charlie with his foster brother Bill. 

I find it amazing how much Charlie looks like a cattle dog in some pictures. So glad to see Charlie is fitting in so well with Sindee's pack. Good boy Charlie!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Jan 5/11

Smooch Update  - It is always a BIG deal for us when we can see our adoptables grow and flourish within their families. Our boy Smooch or Smoo, is no exception. Not only are we able to see him grow before our eyes ... we also get to see how happy he is.  

1. You can see here, Biff and Smooch are at the window ... longing to go outside.

2. Smooch coaxing mom to go out by bringing her coat  "I got our coat mom ... come - let's go out and play!!!"

3. Smooch, Biff and Beau  "Okay mom ... we're tired now" (-:

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Jan 4/11

Surf'n For an Answer - If you are using the internet to find out valuable information on your animal's health, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Talk to your vet.

  2. Check vet college websites.

  3. Look for websites which have .org, .edu. or .gov in their web address.

  4. Go to websites for your specific breed of animal.

  5. Don't go through advertising/business sites where you need to purchase items.

  6. Don't land on the first article and not do any follow-up research, and

  7. Check through forums for more information.

There is a very good website which has more information and some links on places on the internet to check.
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Jan 3/11

Guinness - URGENT! - One day, We are desperately seeking a foster home for this handsome boy named Guinness. Guinness is an 8 yr. old pit bull who is grandfathered and legal in the province of Ontario.

Click to enlarge...

Guinness is a sweet boy, very laid-back. He is good with other dogs and great with all people, including children.

Click to enlarge...

If you can find room in your heart to give Guinness a loving foster or forever home, please contact us ASAP. This is an urgent matter!!!

On a much brighter note ... I am excited to announce I am a Godmother!! ... to a beautiful bouncing baby girl named Brook. (-: I am sure I am not being biased while I brag ... Isn't she just the cutest little girl???? Her name is Brook and she is a 5 month old cattle dog who got a pretty rough start in life, with a broken leg that needed surgery to repair (probably caused from being kicked) and little Brook is also sight impaired, but you would never know it!!! 

This lucky girl was adopted by Charlie's foster mom and as you can see, she and Charlie are getting along nicely. It seems Charlie LOVES to have Brook chase him around the yard. He has a new friend, to go along with his other foster siblings. Here is a picture of Charlie, cuddled on the couch with little Brook (isn't she adorable?) (-:

And here is Charlie and Hiker, reluctantly sharing the doggy bed LOL. 

I see Charlie is sawing logs while Hiker is looking a tad perplexed (-;.
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