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Dogs and Barking


Boots Update
CB to the Rescue
Ban Exotic 'Pets'
Sonja Update
Wild Ride
Meningitis in Dogs
Carter and Taz Updates
Desperate for Foster for Smokey
Dogs and Barking

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Our friends at Dogster have provided an informative article giving some advice and tips to help stop your dog from unwanted barking (or at least, understand why they are doing it).

As mentioned in the articles, dogs bark for a reason. Sometimes we don't understand what they are trying to say, but like us - until we are heard, we continue to vocalize. lol

I have two faithful companions that bark incessantly when one of their siblings are doing something they shouldn't. I know for a fact that when they sound off it's because SOMEONE is into something. They're a big help to me when I can't be watching them every minute. I call them my "rat pack"! lol (mommy's little helpers). If you are experiencing this problem, I am sure this article will be of help. Have a great weekend everyone!! 

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Jan 28/10

Desperate for Foster for Smokey
We are desperately looking for a foster/forever home for our young boy Smokey. 

We thought he had found his forever home and his potential people worked very hard with Smokey but they just could not stop him from chasing their beloved cat. It really isn't known what his intentions would be if he actually caught the cat, but the chance couldn't be taken that he would injure her. She was older and frailer and deserved to live in harmony, not frightened. Smokey is a carefree, happy-go-lucky boy. He is very playful and energetic. He is great with kids and loves other dogs as well.

If you know of anyone looking for a wonderful companion and they don't have cats, please have them check out Smokey on our website. He has been waiting a long time now to find his forever family. We know there is a perfect home out there waiting for Smokey. 

We also had a request from our friends at to help them find a good home for a very deserving young hound X boy. 

He has no name as he was found straying, but we are sure is sweetheart will be suitably named once his forever family is found. 

If you think you could give this boy his forever home, please contact Pat or Sherri at 905-729-4554 or email 

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Jan 27/10

Carter and Taz Updates
I am finally able to share a few updates I received over the holidays from two of my happily homed foster boys.

Carter recovered from his emergency surgery and thankfully he is on the mend. It saddens me to know this precious boy went through so much suffering, both physically, as well as mentally. 

And although he suffered at the hands of his "owner", his sweet disposition and trusting soul remained intact. Carter is SO loved and I am so excited to see pictures of Carter's first Christmas. He was spoiled rotten.... and deservedly so. 

Carter deserves this loving home and seeing him so happy makes all the heartache and worry about him disappear. Here are some pictures of Carter over the Christmas holidays.

I also got another great update about Taz. No pictures yet, but pictures are always worth waiting for. Another handsome boy....and he just so happens to live in the same town as my recently happily homed boy, Pedro aka Brio. What a hoot it would be if these two gentle giants met. (-: 

Here is what Taz's dad wrote.

Morning Renee. 

Again just touching base re the Big Guy. All is well and he has really become part of us, and everyone on the street who have met him. I have admit that die to the time of year, he along with the rest of us have packed on a few pounds. I would estimate him to be about 150lbs.

His ears are good, eyes continue to seep a bit, and he has developed a little rash on his belly, but I chalk this up to the time of year and dry skin & Bennie gets is as well, Polysporin keeps it in control. No new pics at this time, but will send some soon. Cheers, Drew

Thanks for the updates, Lori and Drew!! Happy Trails, Boyz!!

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Jan 26/10

Meningitis in Dogs
A friend of mine's parents purchased two Boxer puppies several months ago. They were two boyz, already 6 months old at the time and a real going concern (as most puppies are). A couple of months after bringing their babies home, one of the boyz became quite lethargic, wasn't very interested in food and most horrifying, he was having trouble finding his back legs.  He went from a rambunctious, healthy, playful pup to a very sick boy.  

They immediately took him to the vet and test after test was run on this young pup. Result after result came back normal, but he was getting worse by the day. Soon his sibling started showing signs, but not near as serious. The diagnosis was finally made and it was devastating. Their boyz had meningitis, a disease that often takes the lives of humans as well.  

I had never heard of this before and decided to do some research. As it turns out, it is very common in Boxers, as well as a few other breeds, such as the Bermese Mountain Dog, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and even Beagles.  

I know that Boxers are a very popular breed, so I wanted to share this knowledge with you, as some of you may own Boxers (or will in the future) or you may know someone that does. If anyone is experiencing these symptoms, please have them talk to their vet about the possibility of meningitis. 

The boyz are both recovering, but the one that was stricken first, although he is on the mend - he will never regain the mobility he once had. There is now permanent  nerve damage that is irreparable. Earlier treatment may have stopped the progression. Check out the web site animalhospitals-usa for more information on Meningitis in dogs.

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Jan 25/10

Wild Ride  
You may have noticed the blogs were sporadic this past month ... my apologies to our faithful blog readers. I would like to thank Elaine, Jen and Allie for stepping in and keeping the blog going.

I was unable to post the blog for the last month because we were on the move. We have realized our dream and are now the proud owners of an 80 acre farm ... a lifelong dream for me. I am hoping that with more acreage, and a barn, we will be able to help even more dogs in need. We will have to wait until spring before we can get things set up though, but until then, we enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife. 

The move was very stressful and I would recommend that if you can help it ... don't move in the winter - especially if you live in the great lake area. The weather wasn't cooperating and the thoughts of moving 8 large dogs in this weather was taking its' toll on me. I worried about road conditions and I prayed we could transport all 8 without getting stuck on the road, due to weather. My husband had made a couple of trips previously and was stuck on the highway with nowhere to turn around for 7 hours on one of those trips. This happened because of an accident up the road from him.

The big day finally came and our prayers were answered ... thankfully the trip went smoothly. We couldn't have done it without some help though. I had 4 dogs onboard with me - Riggs, Pebbles, Tegra and Winston. My husband had Sassy and Lady, sitting up high and lovin' the view from the large moving van. It was quite the site to see his two co-pilots. Our dear friend Monica took our big boys, Bud (aka Dodge) who is now a full-fledged member of our family and with Bud went our foster boy Pedro. I had to laugh because I was behind Monica's vehicle and every time they stopped at a light, her tiny car was rockin' and rollin' from the excitement of the two boyz. I couldn't see Monica's head, but there was NO missing Pedro's! lol

We made one pit-stop to fuel up and another stop to eat. I don't think the patrons in the McDonald's parking lot were expecting the mass exodus of dogs wanting to go for a potty-break. One gentleman asked me "how many dogs have you got in there?" heeheee.... as I took one out at a time for potty. Once the dogs were walked and pottied, they all had a big drink and a small bite to eat and we were on our way again. 

We arrived in the dark and were too tired to unpack a thing. We brought the dogs in and watched as they scoped out the new place. Of course, they were completely confused and stressed. The next week I was busy trying to put them back "on schedule". Without their regular routine, they were lost. It took a good two weeks before the chaos finally subsided and everyone finally settled in to their new routine. 

A few days after moving in, I received a call from our gal Karen to tell me we had a wonderful application for Pedro. I was excited for him. I was truly expecting to have Pedro for quite some time and the only reason was that he was a BIG BLACK DOG. Black dogs are so often overlooked in shelters for NO other reason but their colour. It's a mystery to me, but some people say that black dogs scare them, some say because of their colouring they can't read them and for some - just not "pretty" enough or too plain looking. 

Pedro (aka Brio) truly lucked out. His new family loved him the moment they saw him on the website and after calling them and speaking to them and telling them ALL about Pedro, I knew in my heart that this was "the perfect match".

Pedro, now known as Brio is living happily and is the "apple" of his mom and dad's eye. WAY TO GO PEDRO!!! You SO deserved this and we are all so happy for you and your new parents, Ed and Dianne. I get lots of updates from mom and I hope to always be able to share a small part of his life with them. Happy trails big guy!!

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Jan 21/10
Sonja Update
We just received a very good update on our Sonja from Carolina:

Just wanted to update everyone on how Sonja is doing.

She is still happy playing with her kong and loves to chew on her rawhide bones.

Last week-end I saw her play for the first time with another dog!! My boyfriend came over for the week-end with his dog (a Bernese Mountain dog crossed with Great Pyrenees pup just shy of 1 year old named Lincoln) Well, Lincoln really wanted to play and would not leave her alone until she finally gave in and played with him. Well, she only played for about 5 minutes, but it's better than nothing. So in other words, she could turn out to be a playfull big girl under the right circumstances with the right dog.

She was also very patient with him and his puppy antics.

All in all Sonja is doing fantastic as always. What a special girl!!

Such a great update ... way to go Sonja!

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Jan 13/10

Ban Exotic 'Pets
The Regional Director of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has put out an email asking for everyone in Ontario to join the WSPA in asking the govenrment to ban exotic 'pets'.

Here is the email, please join in banning exotics:

You may have heard that an Ontario man was mauled and killed by his pet tiger this past Sunday. This tragedy is all the more unfortunate as it could have been prevented had the Province only followed WSPA's recommendation to strictly control the keeping of exotic wildlife, limiting the ownership of these animals to licensed zoos and sanctuaries which meet professional standards.

In many municipalities throughout the province companion animals like pet cats and dogs require a licence. However, you don't need a licence, qualifications, or training to keep a tiger or any other exotic species putting yourself, your family and your neighbours at risk.

Not only is this a severe public safety concern but the animals involved are often deprived of opportunities to behave naturally and often show signs of psychological disturbance, boredom and frustration.

When questioned about the tragedy and WSPA's recommendations, Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty said he would ask his Ministers but thought it should be left to municipalities to deal with. That is why we are calling on you to write letters to the Ministers to tell them that this is a provincial issue that must be dealt with. Municipal by-laws just push the problem to another neighbourhood.

WSPA believes that nobody should be keeping exotic wild animals like tigers as pets, and the province must step in to make this happen. As with native wildlife species such as raccoons, deer or wolves, the keeping of these animals should be restricted to zoos and sanctuaries. If you agree, please take a moment to help us encourage the Province to fix this loophole. Visit exotics to send a letter now.

Take action to ban exotic animals as pets

Thank you for being a voice for animals,
Silia Smith
Regional Director, WSPA Canada

P.S You can also help by
sending a letter to the editor to one or more of the newspapers that covered this story. 

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Jan 7/10

CB to the Rescue
Shawna wrote to us about her harrowing experience with her pup Nacho and how CB came to the rescue...

Just thought I would share my crazy night last night with all of you. 

At about 1:30 am I woke up to my husband screaming my name in a voice I had never heard from him before. I ran out to our kitchen to find him and Nacho soaking wet. We have an ornamental pond in the backyard that is about 4ft deep. We have fish in it so in the winter we put a bubbler in the water to keep a small opening so that the fish still get oxygen. Other than that opening which is just a 6 inch hole the pond is completely frozen. I had mentioned to my husband to rope off the pond this year because I had a bad feeling. 

Nacho, CB and Brutus

The dogs have been on it before, but Nacho got curious about the hole last night and went too close. Denny got home from work around midnight and the dogs wake up and get all excited. Nacho and CB went out to play as they always do. Den was in the house working on the computer when CB came in and started whining and pawing at him. She does this quite a bit for attention so he kind of just kept typing then she jumped up and separated him from the computer at that point he realized something was very wrong. 


He went running outside and found Nacho clinging to the edge of the ice with his front paws. He jumped right in and just in time Nacho was just loosing grip. His head just went under as Denny reached him. We brought him in he was shaking so bad piled blankets all over him and began trying to dry and warm him. Got him to the point where he was not shaking anymore and he started to play with CB. We both breathed a sigh of relief that was short lived I am not sure if he went into shock or what but about half an hour later he started shaking and vomiting. I just wrapped him in blankets again and tried soothing him. At this time I was not sure what to do. 


It was 3 in the morning now and our vet was not available until 6. They have an after hours emergency clinic you can go to but it was a good hour drive to get there. Not sure if that would cause more trauma to him to move him and put him in the car for that drive. I called the emergency clinic asking questions of things to watch for. All I got from them was 'wishy washy' well you should really bring him in case there are problems they were of no help. Got on the wonderful internet found info to help there. 


I just sat with him the more I pet and talked to him the calmer he got and the shaking and vomiting subsided. Slept on the floor with him all night and he seems to be fine this morning just extremely tired. The internet said to watch for signs of issues with his kidney and bladder due to the shock so I will keep a close eye on him and if anything changes he will go strait to the vets. This had to be one of the most scariest nights of my life and one of the proudest I don't want to think what would have happened if my CB girl hadn't have warned us. Den said he had heard of dogs doing this but never witnessed it and he was so proud of her. ~ Shawna

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Jan 4/10
Boots Update
Here is an update on Boots ...

Here are some pictures of Boots enjoying his first Christmas in Oshawa. Neither Boots nor Maggie were too impressed with having to wear their Christmas hats --- the things dogs have to put up with. Oh made for cute pictures. 

Boots is also operating with a multitude of aliases....he answers to Grandpa Boots (since he's older than Maggie), Bootser, Bootsy-Tootsie, Bootserson, Mr. Beaver Tail, and I'm sure about 10 others that I am forgetting right now. 

He has fit right in to the family and it's hard to believe we've only had him for 2 months --- we're also lucky that my Dad didn't pack Boots up in his suitcase to take him home to Virginia. Boots was also great with his 'dog cousin' Wilma who came up from Ohio with my sister-in-law for the holidays. Apparently, Boots was a good dog all year since Santa did stop at our house with a special stocking for him --- he was pretty happy to get a couple brand new tennis balls, some Benny Bully's liver treats, and a hedgehog toy which he managed to decapitate within 2 days :-) 

Maggie was kind enough to share the kitchen help duties with Boots during all of the holiday cooking -- and he 'maybe' scored himself an occassional piece of Oka cheese or a small slice of pork roast. Needless to say, we have 2 very happy dogs on our hands...and two happy owners.

We're also glad to report that his arthritis is getting much, much better -- our vet put him on glucosamine chondroitin and within the first week he was bouncing up and down the stairs and having a great time playing with Maggie in the backyard. We just had him in to the vet for a follow-up and she was amazed with how much better his range of motion was in his hind quarters. 

Anyhow -- thanks again for matching us up with Boots. He is definitely a character and is wonderful to have around. Bryan and I can't even begin to imagine why somebody would give him up ---- but their loss is our gain! Take care and more reports in the future! Sabrina, Bryan, Maggie, Boots and Linus the Hamster :-) 

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