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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Jan 31, 2008  


Phones Down; 
Weekend Transports;
On The Road Again;
To Die or Not to Die?;
Tank Update;
Urgent ... Urgent...;
Lost and Cold;
Rocky Update;
Pebbles and Jack;

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I am thrilled to tell you about Henry a GSD needing urgent rescue who has found safety with our friends at K-911 Rescue (

This handsome fellow was abandoned by his owner ... tied to a sign in front of a shelter. His owner didn't even have the decency to surrender him, but left him tied up to fend for himself until the shelter opened. Henry, no doubt, had something very unpleasant happen to his muzzle as he is now left with nasty scars which are still healing.

Henry is now on to "bigger and better" things now that he is with rescue. With the help of K-911 we are confident he will find the best home ever! Thank you K-911 for immediately stepping up and offering this boy safety.

If you are interested in adopting Henry go to  ( for more information.

Congratulations Henry! Good luck to you my friend. 

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Jan 30, 2008

Pebbles and Jack
I thought I'd introduce you to a couple of my own dogs. Pebbles and Jack are two Rotties I adopted through rescue. Pebbles came first ... she had come to a point in rescue where they felt she may not be an ideal candidate for adoption. We put in an application for another dog but when it came time for our in-home visit, the volunteer mentioned Pebbles to me and we immediately felt this girl needed our help. 


We made arrangements to meet her and the only stipulation was that Pebbles had to get along with our Rotti boy Bud. 

Thank God the meeting went well and the rest was up to us! I will admit the first 2 years were stressful as this girl trusted NO ONE! I sometimes even questioned myself about taking her on. Thankfully I had a grown son at the time and didn't need to worry as much about her fearful reactions (I would never have taken her if I had small children). 

With time this girl blossomed and she went from fearful and reactive to ALL strangers and dogs to the BEST helper I could ever have hoped for. To date, she has helped rear 31 puppies. We always looked after the pups that were taken from mom too early who had NO manners and no idea of how to behave in the dog-world. This can often be a BAD start in their lives. With the help of "mama Pebs", she was relentless and determined to make these puppies the "best they can be". She took her job VERY seriously and with her help we successfully rehomed these puppies into loving homes. Pebbles is now 9 years young and still going strong. She is the matriarch of the family and watches over us all. 

My boy Jack is now 6 years old and he, too, has been a wonderful foster brother to all the puppies we have had the pleasure of fostering. Jack was also a rescued Rotti who at 1 1/2 years of age had been through more trauma and neglect than most pups should ever endure. 


You see, Jack was used as a "bait dog" in dog fighting rings. He was a goofy puppy that had NO fight in him ... Jack is a lover; NOT a fighter. He was ripped and torn apart several times and I guess his owner felt he was worthless. The owner abandoned Jack at the vets after Jack underwent yet another surgery. Thankfully a wonderful vet tech saw his potential and called a rescue. 

After a couple of foster homes, Jack ended up with us (a failed transport - lol). He was actually on his way to be re-assessed (which I did not know at the time). We picked him up one cold, blustery January day and were to transport him to Collingwood. THANKFULLY, after picking him up we had a huge snowstorm and couldn't complete the transport run. When I called the people in rescue to advise them that we couldn't proceed, they told me to be careful, don't let Jack near my own dogs and not to have much interaction with him. They then told me he was going to be re-assessed. Well, it was too late as Jack had already met my crew and he was great. In fact, he was laying by my feet as I talked to the volunteer. To make a long story short, I offered to re-assess him at my place and after only a week, I called the rescue and asked them to send me the adoption paperwork. Jack was NOT going anywhere. 

Jack's story is truly a testament of love as this young puppy who was thrown into the dog fighting ring to bait and "egg on" the fighting dogs. And through all of the abuse this young boy endured he STILL loved the very types of dogs that almost destroyed him. Jack has been a loving foster brother to so many bully-breed puppies. He has loved EVERY single puppy that has come through our doors. I often sit in amazement as I reflect on these dogs and their previous history. It amazes me that these animals hold NO GRUDGES. They live in the present and love with ALL of their being. 

I thank God everyday that these two have come into our lives and we love them dearly. Both dogs came to us in January. Pebbles in '02 and Jack in '03. Happy anniversary kids! We love you!

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Jan 29, 2008

Jenn went to Upper Credit Humane, this past weekend, to check up on her "little lost and cold" dog; that little girl that followed her home last week. They named her Heidi and she is beautiful.

She went to the groomers to get all those nasty mats out of her coat and she is estimated to be around 12 years old. She is a tiny little girl, orange in colour, looks very much like a sheltie mix and is too old to be looking after herself.

The Upper Credit Humane Society is looking for a forever foster home for little Heidi. If you are interested in fostering/adopting this little girl, please check her out on Upper Credit's web site (

More good news to report!! Sully is being adopted by his foster family. It seems that foster mom and fur-brother Fergus are smitten with him. Congratulations Sully, you lucky boy!

Does anyone out there know a Rotti lover? We are still looking for foster/adoptive homes for Temper and Tantrum. We can't understand why these two beautiful boys have not received any interest. If you know of any Rotti lovers looking for a new companion, please tell them about Temper and Tantrum. They are very sweet boys who are looking for forever homes.

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Jan 28, 2008

Rocky Update (URGENT)
Rocky is a 1 1/2 year old American Bulldog who needs to find his forever home. Rocky is a super nice boy who is very affectionate and very, very loving. He is smart, playful and wants to please. Rocky is neutered and completely vetted. 

He gets along well with all the dogs he has met but absolutely loves people the most. Rocky listens well, knows his basic commands, is housetrained and crate trained. Rocky does have to be on a special diet (no animal protein) as he was having skin issues. But with the proper diet and baths with oatmeal soap his owner has kept his skin issues under control. 

Rocky is very much loved, however, his owner must undergo extensive surgery in a few weeks and he knows he will not be able to give Rocky the walks and exercise he needs. 

He is an energetic boy that enjoys his daily walks. Unfortunately, because of this, Rocky must find another home and we have been asked to help him find the best. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Rocky, please contact us.

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Jan 27, 2008

Remember Scout from my blog of Jan. 23rd, well, I have more pictures and a bio for him as he waits for his forever home. 

Scout is a handsome, young, 2 year old bully-breed mix dog. He is 45 lbs with a gorgeous milk chocolate coat and green eyes. Scout is highly intelligent, well-behaved, housetrained, likes the car and knows the basic command "sit" (likely knows more given the time to show us). Scout is heartworm tested, vaccinated, treated with Revolution, dewormed, micro-chipped and will be neutered this coming week. 

His adoption fee is $100.00. Adopters must be aware of the Ontario dog legislation and Scout will not be adopted to live in any municipality where by-laws are aggressively enforced. He is a great dog and deserves to live happily and safely with a responsible and caring owner. We will fly this dog out-of-province if an approved adopter wishes. If you or anyone you know could give this boy a good home, please contact Lois at for more information. 

That handsome boy Titan, in the Jan.23rd blog, is still waiting for his chance at a forever home. If you know of anyone, please contact Lois.

Good luck Scout and Titan, I hope you both find your forever home soon.

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Jan 26, 2008

He was purchased at a flea market for $30.00 in the summer. Purchased to keep coyotes off his owner's property. He didn't seem to scare off the coyotes, but enjoyed chasing and eating the chickens - so Blaze was to be shot. 

Blaze lived with other dogs, but the owner claimed he was a bit dominant when first meeting new dogs; but not aggressive. Blaze lived with small dogs, big, male and female. We don't think he's known much of a life off a chain but Shelter staff claim he is a very, very sweet boy and very good natured. Blaze will not be good with cats due to his chicken chasing. 

Click to go to Barkin Rescue web site...

We definitely want to see this boy get into a great home. He is gorgeous ... Husky cross (Shep likely) with two blue eyes, up-to-date on shots, but not neutered yet ... but will be.

We're on the hunt for a foster home without cats and a fenced yard is a must for this handsome boy.

If you can offer a foster or forever home for Blaze, please contact Barkin Rescue at - our friends at Barkin Rescue would love to hear from you.

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Jan 25, 2008

I received an urgent plea for an American Bulldog that will need to find foster/forever home. This is a very sad situation as his owner loves him dearly but can't keep him due to the fact that his owner must have extensive surgery and he will not be able to care for him. We will be getting pictures and a bio this weekend, so stay tuned for Rocky's information soon.

Pictures arrived of our little man Sully. Here he is with his new "bestest" buddy Fergus. These two boys are having a blast and it seems that Sully has made himself right at home (-: All great reports coming from foster mom.

Sully and Fergus

ANML-REDQ was also asked to help two dogs both in different situations. First was a young male shepherd who's time was up in the shelter. We are pleased to say we have found rescue for this young shepherd and he will hopefully be transported to rescue this weekend!

So far, it looks like it may be fairly quiet in the transportation department - you never know. Have yourself a great weekend!

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Jan 24, 2008

Lost and Cold
One of our volunteers had quite a desperate situation presented to her the other evening. 

She came home from work, started preparing for the evening ahead of her and even took her dogs out for their exercise. As she was heading home, on the last walk of the evening and ready to relax, she noticed out of the corner of her eye something following her. She took her dog into the house and went back outside to see what it was. By now, it was dark outside and cold. There, standing in front of her was a bedraggled little dog, full of matts and obviously not cared for or having been loved in a very long time. The dog's muzzle was graying and it was apparent this wasn't a young dog and this little ragamuffin was shaking like a leaf. So, at this point our volunteer had a decision to make - she couldn't bring the little dog into her home as she has a dog-aggressive boy, so she thought to put the little dog into her garage with lots of blankets for her. It took a lot of coaxing just to get the little dog into the garage, but hunger overcame her fear and after being fed the little dog rolled on her back very submissively, thanking our volunteer for giving her food and warmth. For the rest of the night our volunteer kept a check on the little dog to ensure that she didn't stress out about being closed in the garage (it seemed the little dog was not used to being "indoors").

The next morning our volunteer started to make some calls as she needed to find a better place than the garage for the dog and we had no foster homes available. So, with nowhere else to turn our volunteer called Upper Credit Humane Society and asked if they could take this frightened, homeless little girl into their care. They immediately told her to bring her in ... thank you Upper Credit Humane Society and thanks to our volunteer, Jen, for always going beyond the call of duty for an abandoned or hurt animal. 

If you recall, it was Jen that found the oil covered possum on her front porch as well as a young raccoon a few months ago. I am glad that all the animals in Jen's neighbourhood know to go to her home when they need help. We should post a sign over her door reading "Jen's Place ... halfway home for the hurt, abandoned and abused". 

We will be checking on the progress of the little dog, but for now, we know she is in good hands.

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Jan 23, 2008

Urgent ... Urgent ... Urgent!
URGENT, URGENT, URGENT! ADOPTER NEEDED ... These two dogs are sitting in the shelter waiting for someone to adopt them. Their time will soon run out if no one shows interest in these two handsome fellows.

Titan is really suffering being kept in a kennel. He is devastated to not be with humans and to be alone in a dog run. He is such a nice dog, and so handsome with his beautiful orange brindle coat and wonderful brown eyes. 


We think he is about 3 years old or younger. Titan is well behaved, knows how to "sit", "down", "shake a paw", is great in a car, meets new people with respect and is housetrained. Titan is neutered, heartworm negative, vaccinated, treated with Revolution, dewormed, and micro-chipped. Applicants must have a secure fenced yard and NOT live in Kitchener, Windsor or London where there is aggressive by-law enforcement and may be an issue with this handsome brindle dog! 

Titan is likely more of a man's dog as he brightens right up whenever a guy walks in the room and barely gives us gals a second look (although I did finally get 2 kisses - thanks Titan!). His adoption fee is $100 and a health record from our vet will be sent home with you. Please consider adopting Titan this is an urgent situation. If you need more information, please contact 

ALSO NEEDING ADOPTER-URGENT is Scout ... "We have named this handsome young dog, Scout. He has lovely green eyes, is incredibly friendly, very obedient and inquisitive. His coat is a wonderful milk chocolate colour. Scout is being neutered this week and will be soon available for adoption into a responsible home. 

Applicants must not live in Kitchener, London, Windsor, or any other Municipality where aggressive Animal Control by-laws exist. This is a really sweet little pitty, and he deserves a life without being persecuted because of his breed. Adoption fee of $100 applies."  For more information on Scout at (

If you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting either of these dogs, have them contact for more information.

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Jan 22, 2008

Tank Update
We have finally received some pictures of our boy Tank with his mom Shawna. Shawna has also promised to send us a short story about Tank's journey and the reason why THIS particular boy had to be hers. I have heard the story and I have to tell you ... it will warm your heart when you hear how Tank came to find Shawna. Sometimes, things are "meant to be" and this case is definitely fate, in my opinion. I will post Shawna and Tank's story as soon as we get it (-: For now, I can tell you that Tank is one lucky boy to have found Shawna. Congratulations Tank and Shawna!

tankblog.jpg (82333 bytes)

I would like to remind everyone again about the two boyz, Temper and Tantrum. These young Rotti mixes would also love to find their forever homes with an owner as loving as Tank's. We need to find someone that will give them a chance at a new life. We cannot do this unless someone steps up and offers them a foster or forever home. Until that time, they must wait in a shelter. 

Please, if you know someone with Rotti experience, please ask them to visit our website and send in an application for either Temper or Tantrum. They have waited a long time for their chance, let's NOT let them down! Please spread the word for both of them.

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Jan 21, 2008

To Die or Not to Die?
It was a fairly quiet weekend except for the transports that were done. Thank you everyone who participated in getting our rescues to their homes.

Our little man Sully made it to his new foster home on the weekend. All reports are good so far. Sully is having a blast playing with his fur-brother Fergus. I can't wait for pictures and updates. Foster mom will be extremely busy with two young pups to care for. Thank you Katherine! We're looking forward to updates.

On a more serious note, I know most of you are aware of the on-going battle to spare the life of Rambo, a young puppy, deemed to be "prohibited" in the Province of Ontario. We are all fighting hard with letter writing campaigns and pleading to spare his life. We pray that Mississauga will reconsider their position and allow Rambo's life to be spared by sending him 
to rescue out of the Province. There is a poll that Rogers' Television has set up, simply asking:  SHOULD RAMBO, THE PIT BULL PUPPY, BE PUT TO DEATH? Please go to the link and vote to spare the pup's life! (lower right-side) ( 

URGENT!! A forever home is needed for a senior dog who's owner died. The dog's entire world has come crashing down on him and he is not doing well at the shelter. 

Click here to go to the Shelter web site...

Please help this little guy find a home so he doesn't have to suffer and stress at the shelter! He has been through SO much already. Check here for more information...>

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Jan 18, 2008

On The Road Again
Our volunteers will be on the road again this weekend, transporting dogs to safety and transporting last weekends urgent kittens to their forever homes. 

Billy the pig (guinea pig) is loving his new home. He is getting all kinds of attention and loves being handled. He is very gentle with the kids.

Update on Meikah ... she has found a great foster home with one of our volunteers and little Meikah is having a blast. Foster mom reports that Meikah is a VERY smart girl and a fast learner. She is already housetrained and crate trained and Meikah is having a blast playing non-stop with her foster sister Brie.

I had a great update on Leo, the Leonberger-cross I transported to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter last weekend. Lucky boy has found a home - CONGRATULATIONS LEO! I knew it wouldn't be long before someone fell in love with you! You had me hooked as soon as I laid eyes on you (-:

We have a new puppy in our rescue that will be looking for an out-of-province adopter, so stay tuned for pictures and bio on our girl Jazzy. She is absolutely stunning!

I received an urgent request for help from our friends at Barkin Rescue. They have a young Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix named Taz that was pulled from a shelter because he was stressing badly. Please check Petfinder. com for Taz's bio. This young fellow has lots of energy! Unfortunately, he is not working out in his foster home and will be returned to the shelter. This will be devastating for Taz, so PLEASE, if you know anyone that would like to adopt or foster him contact Barkin Rescue at Let us help find this boy a foster or forever home so he doesn't have go through the stress of the shelter. Please spread the word for Taz!!
Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

UPDATE FOR TAZ ~ Taz has found a foster spot - Woo hoo! Thanks to everyone for working hard to keep this boy out of the Shelter?

UPDATE FOR TRANSPORTS ~Sullivan the adorable little caramel coloured cocker was transported to his new foster home just this evening. He's already playing with foster brother Fergus, and happily learning about his new environment! Looking forward to updates from foster mum, Katherine. I'm sure she'll have her hands full! Thank you! Two more kittens were also moved to their forever home this morning. Thanks Lee for fostering these cuties! And a big THANK YOU to Sabina & Shawn, D'Arcy, Lee and Jen for helping to make today's transports possible!

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Jan 17, 2008

We have been asked to help these two brothers get out of the shelter and into a home they can finally call their own. 

These two boys have been through a lot in the last year and have finally been surrendered to a shelter as the owner can no longer care for them. They have had a lot of interest at the shelter, but shelter workers are not happy with the type of people that are interested in them and we agree. 

Temper Tantrum

They want the boys to go to a responsible home, not be set up for failure. Although they look as different as night and day, these two boys are true siblings. They have not had a lot of socialization with other animals (they only had each other). They adore people and look forward to the time that shelter workers can spare for them. They have a wiggle-bum for everyone they meet. Don't let their names deceive you, they can't help what their owner named them. These boys would love nothing more than to find an owner that will love them and we hope that we can help them find that forever home to help them. 

We know it will be impossible to find them a forever home together, but we are asking if anyone can help one of these boys to please fill out our online application (also located on our front page).

Temper and Tantrum are just under 3 years old, Rotti mixes and are housetrained, know a couple of basic commands such as sit and give paw. They are extremely food and ball motivated which should make training a breeze. We are looking for a foster/owner with Rotti experience. They could use a little "fine tuning" with leash walks. Both boys are neutered and will be up-to-date on vaccinations before they go home. 

If you would like to foster or adopt either Temper or Tantrum or have any questions, please contact us.

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Jan 16, 2008

Our little man Sully is once again looking for a forever home. His adopters feel that he would probably do better in a home where perhaps he can have a stay-at-home owner or someone that can be home more often with him. While he is coming along slowly with his housetraining, he seems not to enjoy being crated and is therefore messing in his crate.


Sully gets along very well with the young girl in the house and he is a pretty easy-going guy. While he is still young, he LOVES to chew, so you will need to provide him with lots of chewies so he can work those teeth. Sully would prefer NOT to live with cats.

We are looking for a foster home or forever home that is willing to work with Sully's housetraining. If you are interested in fostering or adopting this handsome young fellow, please contact us. 

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Jan 15, 2008

Great day - yesterday. I was able to catch up on a few things and for once my phone was not ringing off the hook.

Had an update from Tank's new mom. Tank is doing very well. He went to work the last two nights with his new mom (lucky boy) and met many of mom's family and friends (so much for the fridge rules - lol). This young fellow must wonder what happened to change his luck so much! We couldn't be happier for you Tank and I can't wait for pictures and more updates from your mom!


I also received another update on Cesar. All good news! Cesar has endeared himself to his mom and dad and when his mom's daughter came for a visit over Christmas she fell in love with Cesar too. Apparently, Cesar is still missing her and wishes she would come back!

Two great updates in one day - awesome!

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Jan 14, 2008

I had a few moments to reflect this weekend and I am so proud that ANML-RESQ was able to assist so many animals this weekend. It's a great feeling when you can help a dog, cat, or guinea pig on death-row. It did, however, remind me of a particular dog in a shelter that for some strange reason cannot seem to find her forever home. 

Maxine, German Shepherd and almost 10 years old has now spent 3 Christmas's at the Shelter rather than in a loving forever home. 

Her only fault is that she does not like other dogs. Maxine's temperament is "rock solid" with people. She adores humans, she is the favourite of all the Shelter volunteers and has endeared herself to many, myself included. 

Surely there MUST be a home out there for her. Check out her picture and bio on She would be ideal for a couple looking for a mature dog that would be a constant companion and loyal friend. 

If you know of someone that could make this girl's wish come true, please ask them to get in touch with Grey Bruce Animal Shelter at 519-372-1911 and let them know you are asking about Maxine. 

We would love for 2008 to be Maxine's year!

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Jan 12, 2008

Weekend Transports
Busy, busy, busy ... this has been an incredibly busy week and the weekend has proven to be just as busy.

Transports started on Thursday when we received a young Shepherd puppy that was spared being surrendered to a shelter and quickly found him a spot in rescue. Good luck Scotty! You are closer to finding your forever home!

Friday, we helped transport two wonderful dogs to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. I fell in love with Leo (the LeonbergerX). He is a very handsome and very gentle boy. He rode very nicely in the back seat and was a perfect gentleman all the way to Owen Sound. Also on that transport was a nice boy named Kelti, a young cattle dog mix. It was a pleasure helping these two fellows to safety.

We were also burning up the highway transporting Tank, our Rotti boy to his forever home. Thank you to ALL that helped get this gentle boy home. He has endeared himself to everyone that has met him. Kisses for ALL! Stay tuned for updates on Tank.

The transports were hectic as they changed constantly ... right up until pick-up times! We even helped get kittens and cats and guinea pigs to safety as a local shelter is possibly going on strike and unless help was found for these animals, we were afraid for their safety.

Good job everyone! Hopefully, you can rest and enjoy your Sunday now that everyone is where they should be!

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Jan 11, 2008

This week has been a culmination of good news and bad news.
Thankfully it is mostly good news. But, yesterday I received really bad news. 

I received the heartbreaking news that the owner of Boo sold his beloved friend. Strangely enough, we had made arrangements the night before to pick him up and take him "out on the town". All arrangements were made and when we arrived to pick Boo up the owner informed us that he would rather get money for him, so he sold him last night to someone that made an offer he couldn't refuse. I asked him if he even knew this person, but his answer made me feel sick. He only met the guy that night and he offered him good money for the dog so he sold him. 

Needless to say I lost it, but I could not help myself. I was furious and told him "...I hope you have a good time spending the blood-money you got for your beloved friend. I hope you realize that this dog is now destined for a life of uncertainty and hardship. You would rather take money from a stranger than ensure the proper steps are taken to find a RESPONSIBLE and caring owner." 

My heart tells me that Boo will now be used for either a guard dog, tied to a chain OR used as a stud, destined to live life behind bars. I pray this is not the case, but we have seen this happen TOO many times. Boo, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish it could have turned out different for you. If we ever cross paths again and I PRAY we do, I will make it all up to you ... this is my PROMISE to you Boo. I have met you, I will never forget you and if I have anything to do with it ... I will FIND YOU and make it right! 

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Jan 10, 2008

Today, was a very busy and productive day with much less stress than earlier this week.

I received two pleas first thing in the morning. A shepherd pup was about to be surrendered to a shelter. One of our volunteers intervened and brought the puppy home with her. Of course, she is not in a position to keep him, but wanted to spare him the stress of going to the shelter. She then called us to help find him a good home or rescue. I contacted the same rescue associates who had helped us a couple of weeks ago with another urgent Shep pup that was stressing big time at the shelter. They had room for him and transport was arranged for Buddy to be transported to their foster home today (not an easy task to arrange transport on a weekday). Good luck Buddy ... we know you will be well cared for! 

The other plea was in the form of an email about a young Shep/Lab pup. She lost her mother at birth and was adopted to a young owner at 6 weeks of age. The little puppy became too much work for her and she needed her out immediately. We have little Meikah posted as urgent and needing foster care or a forever home, so if you are interested in this very cute puppy, please contact us. We would love to find her the perfect forever home. 

Our boy Tank is at the vets now awaiting his neuter and will be traveling this weekend to his new forever home. We also have a beautiful Aussie puppy, Dakota, on our website as a courtesy post. If you know of anyone interested in this very pretty girl, please contact her people directly by email which is listed at the bottom of her bio.

This weekend will be very busy for ANML-RESQ volunteers as we are literally all over the map from Belleville to London to Owen Sound transporting dogs to safety. 

All in all, a very good day!!

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Jan 9, 2008

It took until noon the next day before we could finally breath a "sigh" with relief. 

Tank is safe and will be on his way to the vet's office today for his vaccinations, neuter and they will board him for us until we can arrange to have Tank (the young Rotti boy) transported to his foster/forever home. 

I can't tell you how stressful it is when you are fighting for the life of a dog. Sometimes, I wonder why we put ourselves through all the stress of worry and sleepless nights. We often put in 12-16 hour days, networking, cross-posting, phoning and mostly holding our breaths and praying. 

Rescue is not for everyone. It is hard work, while the reward at the end of the day is tenfold when you've been successful, it can just as easily knock you on your butt and throw you into the deepest depression if it doesn't work out. 

There is nothing worse than becoming "emotionally" involved with a dog ... whether by their story or worse ... by seeing their pictures (if you see them in person - you are doomed!!). You get a mental image in your mind of this dog with his forever people and you take up the challenge of working as hard as you can for the animal. NOTHING will stop you ... it is like you are driven! I was so worried yesterday that Tank's story would be one of failure. After all that work ... please, don't let us lose him now!

It was 'happy dance' all the way around when we heard this young fellow was safe, but we will all rest easier when he is finally in his forever home this weekend. 

Thank you to all who assisted in turning this tragedy around. Happy tails are sure to follow, so stay tuned!

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Jan 8, 2008

Phones Down
What a frustrating day! So, many people to call, waiting for call-backs ... just one of those "tying up loose ends" kind of days. 

We were working to get a young Rotti boy (who was going to be surrendered to a high-kill) into a foster/forever home ASAP. Normally our team is up to the challenge of cross-posting and seeking help for this boy and as it turned out within a day of hearing of this Rotti boy's plight we had found a potentially "perfect" home for him. They heard his story and sent in an application immediately. We put a rush on the application and reference checks were done. PERFECT application! What more could we ask for? At this point, it is my cue to get on the phone and start making arrangements for this young fellow to travel to his foster/forever home, except the weather last night got in my way. High winds and heavy rains left me basically cut off of from my phone and computer. I was totally frustrated! People were expecting my phone calls and I was expecting calls back and no one could reach me. 

So I contacted a couple of our volunteers via cell phone and told them what was happening and asked if they could make a few calls on my behalf. We have such an incredible group of volunteers and I was amazed at how quickly one of our newest volunteers took the "bull by the horns" and jumped in head-first and made the necessary calls. Perhaps this was not the best circumstance for someone fairly new to rescue to be involved in as situations can turn complicated. 

When dealing with third parties on surrenders it is not uncommon for people to be dishonest (or less than forthcoming) about the situation the dog is in. Our volunteer called to make arrangements for transport and was told the dog was surrendered to the shelter ... but this volunteer wasn't ready to "give up" on the dog and insisted that the owners go back to the shelter and reclaim him (wow)! 

My last brief update was at 10 p.m. last night and I cannot tell you how this is going to turn out yet. There is a person out there that wants this Rotti boy and we will do everything in our power to make this happen. I hope to have more information today, please cross your fingers so we can make another miracle happen! 

My sincere thanks go to Alli and Beth for burning up those phone lines. You ladies have gone the extra mile on behalf of our rescue!

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Jan 7, 2008

I will never forget waking up to the "usual" string of emails, pleading for help. This particular plea REALLY tugged at my heartstrings. Here was a 9 year old Rottweiler girl who spent her whole life with a family and they felt the need to give this beautiful girl up in the golden years of her life because they were moving. 

I was heartbroken for her. How could ANYONE give up a beloved family member after all those years? How would she feel being abandoned like this by her loved ones? And worse yet she would be surrendered to a shelter that we know was not fond of Rottweilers. It would mean certain death for this girl. We also know that it is hard enough finding a home for a young Rottweiler let alone a 9 year old. If we wanted to help her we had to start cross-posting like crazy! 

We got the plea for help on a Tuesday morning and our cross posting team went to work sending any inquiries of help to me. As suspected there were no offers out there for a forever home or even foster for this precious girl. We did get an offer of help from a shelter that has helped us many times, however, my gut instincts told me this girl would deteriorate very quickly in a shelter environment. She has known nothing else in her life, but living in a home with a family. Often times Rottweilers stress out terribly in a shelter environment. The stress would be ten-fold for an elderly gal. 

On Friday morning I received an email that would change Sheena's life FOREVER! A complete stranger emailed me, offering a foster home for this girl. A gentleman that had never owned a Rottweiler before but wanted to give Sheena a chance at life. They promised me they would be at Sheena's doorstep first thing on Saturday morning to pick her up (as Saturday was the day the owners would surrender her to the shelter). 

Often times people don't follow through with their commitments so I was on the phone to Beth on Saturday morning to see if they were on their way. They were ALREADY there and David fell in love with her at first sight - WHEW! What a relief that was to hear! It didn't take but a week for David to let us know that Sheena was NOT going anywhere ... she had found her forever home with David. 

Sheena has brought two very special people into our lives.  Beth and David. Thank-you Beth for bringing David to us and THANK YOU David for giving Sheena this chance. We will be forever grateful to Sheena for bringing these special people to us and we cannot be happier for this jet-setting girl. 

She now travels everywhere with her daddy. I think she makes a BEAUTIFUL co-pilot, don't you? 

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Jan 5, 2008

I was speaking to a fellow rescuer today. Often times we call each other, sometimes asking each other for help, sometimes just to "vent" about the horrible dayor week we've had. This week was no different than most other weeks. With dozens of emails pleading for help for dogs in shelters, destined for death, phone calls from owners, wanting to surrender their beloved pets and calls from people wanting to help an abused animal. Some days it can be very stressful and depressing. 

ANML-RESQ is here to help in any way it can. Even if that means "springing" a dog on "deaths door" and finding them safe haven at a "no-kill" shelter when foster or forever homes are not available. 

I received a wonderful update today from about a dog we brought to our favorite "no-kill" shelter. This girl was slated for death as there was NO interest in that area for this beautiful senior chocolate lab. However, within a week of bringing her to this shelter she was adopted out to an elderly couple that were looking for a girl JUST like her!! that a difference location makes! We are so thrilled for this girl to have received a second chance in life. Congratulations Ginger! You look so happy (-: 

As my associate and I talked we were both in agreement that MORE FOSTER HOMES are needed! Foster homes are the backbone of ALL rescues. Without these dedicated people we could not help as many animals. 

I would like to ask you if you know anyone that would be interested in fostering a dog, PLEASE ask them to contact a rescue and encourage them to fill in an application to foster. ANML-RESQ provides food for the foster dog, as well as vet costs. If there are any behavioural issues (which is often the case), we also provide help with either a trainer or from our membership. You will always have a support system when caring for our precious fosters. 

So, if you, or anyone you know would be interested in fostering, PLEASE, contact us or another of your favorite rescues and offer your home as a foster home. You won't regret it AND you will be saving a life at the same time.

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Jan 3, 2008

Well, it seems that Bill 132 is NOT working. Here is another example of a puppy which is considered prohibited (illegal) in the Province of Ontario. 

This innocent puppy, if caught within this Province would be confiscated and his future would be pretty grim. His options would be death or worse - sold off to research.

This little fellow is one of the lucky ones. He has many people that care about him and want him sent to safety. Many others are not that lucky. These little creatures did not ask to be brought into this world. They have been bred for pure profit. It doesn't matter to the indiscriminate breeder that they are considered "illegal" ... there is money to be made! But WHO pays for this in the long run? Certainly not the backyard breeder ... they are profiting from the illegal breeding of pit bulls. They obviously do not care about the puppies or they would NOT continue to breed them. 

The ones paying the ULTIMATE price are the puppies. They pay with their lives. Owners, often times not realizing the heritage of the puppy they just purchased, walk their dog down the street only to be approached by animal control or police and told they have a banned breed. MANY times hearts have been broken when their beloved puppies are seized and ordered destroyed.

Little Tater's story sounded much like this one. He was purchased by a young owner who had no idea of what he was getting himself into. When he brought his little bundle of joy home his parents were adamant the puppy would not stay. They called on rescue to find help and were shocked to find they had an illegal breed in their home.

Thankfully they allowed us a few days to find alternate accommodation for Tater ... somewhere safe! We have been very fortunate to find Tater a great home in Saskatchewan ... so for this little guy it WILL be a happy ending.

But let us not forget all the other puppies that are dying everyday for someone else's profit. 

Let's start DEMANDING our government officials start CRACKING DOWN and shutting down these backyard breeders.

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Jan 2, 2008

As you know our little Flex came to us with an amputated tail because of his anxiety, that's what I thought was appropriate to announce his adoption as the "happiest tail"...

To recap, we were first introduced to Flex back in April last year when we got a call from a vet clinic , the ladies at that clinic felt he and Lady Wiggles were special and wanted to help find them a home, since we couldn't assess them we couldn't officially taken them in so we cross posted them and they found temp refuge.. 

I will never forget the panicked email from Renee saying that the dogs at this home had been seized and we had 24 hours to get them out... Sharon, Renee and I phoned everyone we knew and cross posted like crazy to save these dogs, then a 5:00 pm on Sunday (14 hours before they were to be put down - Caroline offered her home for both !!! ) - I don't recall a sleepless night like that one !!! I couldn't get their faces out of my head all night, I would not sleep again until I knew they were safe at Carolines... the next day - they were !!!

Then we were faced with finding forever homes, Caroline graciously offered to foster them temporarily but we needed to find something else and soon! The hand of fate steps in again, two apps come in - one for Lady Wiggles, one for Flex... We didn't worry much about Lady Wiggles, she was so laid back but Flex was "special" and he needed a very special home - the poor boy had some baggage and would be a lot for anyone to handle.. we knew it needed to be a home where people were home often and would have the patience to deal with some of his issues - how would we ever get an app like that??? especially for our beloved pitties were even half decent apps are few and far between ... Megan and Luis took our Flex in, and although they loved him very much and tried very hard, they realized that this would not be his "forever home" - he need something more.

More arrived on December 7 at 4:05 - David and Jackie submitted their app, and Linda, Renee and I knew from the app, that this could be "the one"...I even said to Renee and Linda that my beloved Georgie must have sent them to us on the eve of the anniversary of his passing. I was so scared to call, had I got my hopes up too much ??? within 10 seconds of talking to David I knew! This was it!!!

On December 11th, I met Luis (who was so sad) picked Flex up and we had a very long talk (and cry, well, me anyway)... This boy had been through so much, what if they didn't love him ?? so I said "Now Flex, this is it sweetheart, you can't get bounced around must be on your best behaviour, please sweetheart!!!!! <<kiss kiss, cry cry>>" Flex walked in the door and was a total dork, chewing on everything, jumping on furniture, a more misbehaved dog you would not see anywhere, but they wanted to try !!! they loved him... After I left I drove down the street and thought "wow, they were perfect, and wanted to give him a chance this is wonderful" - two seconds later my cell phone rang and it was David's number - my heart sank !!! oh my god what did he do ?????? - turns out I just took the bag with all this stuff in it - whoops !!!! 

I called and talked to them the next day and all was good !!! (stress level coming down a bit ) I have called (and emailed) with them a lot over the last few weeks, all with loving updates but sadly with my gramma issues and the holidays I didn't get back to see him until tonight. They were in love - yes, he still has some issues but David and Jackie are handling it no problem - these wonderful people are exceptional, the patience and love these wonderful people have to give is inspiring ... Flex has found his forever home... 

It is experiences like these that make us do what we do... Here is a dog who was at deaths door a few times, but was not meant to be put down, he was meant to find David and Jackie and they were meant to find him...

We love every dog who has ever come through our rescue and there are a few dogs in my experience with rescue that have touched my heart, Flex will always be one... I don't know if Flex will ever know how many people fought hard to save him... the ladies at the vet clinic, Sherry , Caroline, Mike, Sharon, Renee, Linda, Alison, all the other volunteers trying to help, Megan, Luis, Val and finally but most importantly, Jackie and David ...That is what rescue is all about .. people, who may never have met, pulling together to save one special dog ! In this case it was Flex, but there are many others stories like his but on this first day of the new year, let's all remember why we do what we do...

I love you Flex and I could not be happier for you (and thank you Georgie ;) even in death I believe the dogs we help, help us back ) 

Happy New Year everyone!!!! 

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Jan 1, 2008

Wow! Hard to believe we have started 2008 already and 2007 has closed. 

We covered a lot of ground in the year and look how quickly it flew by. I'll bet between all our volunteers we've clocked up a million of kilometers helping our rescues - always ready to jump onto a transport string - our volunteers have helped dozens of pets get to safety over and above those in our program who have found safe haven in our foster homes getting ready to start their new life with their forever families. 

We are all proud to have played a role in finding fabulous families for Mocha and her 6 puppies, Miss Piggy, Darla, Peppi, Sugar, Precious, Lady, Tigger, Brie, Kodiac, Cesar, Roxy, Sullivan, Sheena, CB ... just to name a few.

We have rescued man puppies again this past year, considered to be prohibited in the Province of Ontario and have found wonderful forever homes in Provinces and States outside of Ontario for these precious young lives.

During 2007 ANML-RESQ has been represented at functions in Oshawa, Toronto, Northumblerand, Niagara and in Port Elgin. We helped out with the Upper Credit Humane Society's annual Walk-A-Thon in Caledon and we co-sponsored a First Aid Seminar with the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. Our volunteers took up the challenge to raise money for the DLCC to continue the fight against BSL - raising over $600.00 to help pay the additional costs the Government forced on the proceedings. 

Throughout the year we raffled off a quilt and a pit bull mosiac (generously donated by friends of our rescue). ANML-RESQ has a lot to be thankful for in '07 and has a lot to look forward to in '08. 

I hope you will be there to help us make it another great year in rescue.

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