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February 29/16

Meet Zeus - Meet Zeus! This special boy came from a kill shelter. He's looking for a foster or forever home. His current foster Mom who saved him from the shelter is truly ill and is looking at weeks of recovery and this is the only reason he needs to be moved from there. Here's a little about Zeus!

Click to enlarge...

Zeus is a happy, high energy dog. He's well suited to someone active who can give him lots of walks and stimulation. He LOVES to fetch and is darn good at it. It's not enough to fully drain him, he does need a walk, but he will fetch for a good long time. He does pull on leash so training with a gentle leader will help or an easy walk harness.

Click to enlarge...

He's a very bright boy who trains and bonds quickly. All he wants is to please his people. He knows several commands including sit, down, stay and off. He needs an owner who is in control or he can slip easily into behaviours to seek attention (jump up with paws on counter or shake pillows as toys). As long as he knows these are not acceptable, and feels you are in charge - he won't misbehave. This also comes back to his exercise needs. Zeus is not suited to apartment living.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Zeus is extremely good with people - sometimes he will mouth if allowed but he is gentle to extreme. He is terrific with other dogs off leash and has made great improvements when meeting them on leash as well.  Zeus is a love bug. After his walk, a game of fetch or some tug, he's ready to curl up and snuggle. He does enjoy the companionship of the resident senior female in the home and will snuggle up to her when it comes nap time.

Click to enlarge...

If you think Zeus could be the boy for you, please fill out our on-line adoption/foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at
| Email us [] your comment.

February 27/16

Tyson Update - We received a quick drive-by greeting from our little cutie-pie Tyson who is living happily on the East Coast.

He has an adoring daddy who takes him everywhere.

We are so happy to see you Tyson!  You deserve all the happiness in the world.
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February 25/16

Home Needed for Diesel - ANML-RESQ needs a foster or forever home needed for Diesel. Diesel is a 7 year old shepherd/collie mix who is full of energy and absolutely LOVES to play ball (fetch).  Diesel listens well and is quite good with his recall.  Diesel is a friendly, loveable boy who loves to have his back end scratched.  He will do the wiggle dance when you give him scratches (-: 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Diesel loves to go for car rides.  He lays down in the back and you hardly know he is there. Diesel is neutered and up to date on vaccines.  He weighs approximately 70 lbs. and could probably stand to lose a couple of pounds.  Diesel is good with dogs (preferably females), he is good with cats and kids ... he is the total package!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We have taken Diesel into temporary foster care in order for him not to go to the shelter.  Due to a change in the families living arrangements, Diesel needs to find another home.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Diesel, please fill out our adoption/foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please contact us at
| Email us [] your comment.

February 22/16

Chase and Bullet Update - ANML-RESQ is super excited about a special adoption this past week. You will remember our boys Chase and Bullet who spent their whole lives on a chain.  When their owner moved they left these boys behind.

Click to enlarge...

Our volunteer Carolina got the call and it didn’t take long for her to get into her car and pick the boys up.  We waited for a couple of weeks to see if the owner would return to pick them up ... sadly that never happened. While taking them in to get vet checked we found out that both boys tested “positive” for heartworm. Thanks to Carolina and the loving care she provided,  Chase and Bullet went through the treatment and recovery time. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We had always hoped the boys could be adopted together but we knew that would be a near impossible feat so we posted each separately looking for their forever homes. We were ELATED when we got an application to adopt both boys together ... WOW!  

Click to enlarge...

We could not believe our luck. We are super excited to announce that Chase and Bullet were adopted together and they now have a family to call their own. Congratulations Chase and Bullet, Bob, Wendy and Family!
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Hi Renee:

Yay. Deliriously happy for chase and bullet. So glad they will b together. So glad something good has happened.  ~ Carla


February 19/16

Dexter Update - Remember our little “pocket rott” family?  Here are some pictures of Dexter who is looking AWESOME! Here are a couple of pictures...

He is doing amazing and we heard he’s a real “mama’s boy” lol.  Mom takes him everywhere including when she goes surfing! Thank you for the beautiful pictures Eric.
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February 17/16

Myles Update - We are thrilled to announce that our little pup Myles has found his forever home and has been there for a week now.  This little cutie never even made it to our website for adoption.   Here is an update from Myles (now known as Rusty’s) mom.

We renamed him to Rusty and knows his new name well. He already has learned tons of new tricks (sit, lay down, paw, other paw, roll over and working on a few others!) We are so in love and he is so happy. He is always meeting new people and pups each day and does really well socially. He is not so good on a leash but we start puppy school on Tuesday to work on it. He also doesn't like when we leave him alone but seems to be getting better each day.

The cold weather this week is not so fun on his paws but we're trying to keep him busy in the house to tucker him out! Very high energy but also loves to cuddle, so he's perfect for us. 

Foster mom’s friend met Myles and fell in love with him instantly so they quickly sent in their application.  We couldn’t be happier for this little cutie pie. Congratulations Rusty and family! 
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February 9/16

Diesel Update - We received an amazing update from our boy Diesel’s mom, Laura along with some pictures. WOW! I cannot believe this is the same dog. He came to us so thin and stressed and YES, he was a handful as is very typical of a young dog that is going through his teen stage. I remember speaking with foster dad Ron on many occasions as he recanted some of the things Diesel would do. Here is Laura’s update.

Hi Renee, We havent spoken in a long time, I hope you remember us. Diesel has been with us for just over a year now, and it has been very interesting to say the least! We have had a couple of scares with him, but made it through just fine. He’s managed to eat a sofa and I have lost a couple of pairs of shoes, and I am grateful that he’s over that phase. Now chooses to just pile up the shoes in front of the door and lay on top of them – did I mention how smart he is! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

When he decides that he wants us home with him, he will just take our shoes and lie across the door. At about 125 pounds, he knows you’re not going anywhere! We call him Dieseldork, guardian of the stairs! He takes his place on the stairs, and barks at everyone walking on the street in front of the house, but open the door and walk in, all you have to worry about is his tail swatting you. 

Diesel is something else! and we cant imagine our lives without him! If you are still in contact with Ron, Diesels Foster dad, can you let him know all is well! I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you. Take care ~Regards, Laura

Thank goodness we found the PERFECT home for Diesel that had the commitment and patience to wait out the goofy, destructive stage. Once you get past that stage you will have THE most amazing companion EVER and it sounds like Diesel has morphed into exactly that (-:

Thank you for this amazing update Laura! Good boy Diesel!
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February 8/16

Jenny is Urgent - Meet Jenny! She is a beautiful bulldog who has been searching for a foster/forever home since before Christmas.

Jenny has been at the shelter for almost 7 months and the stress is beginning to get to her! That's a long time for a happy-go-lucky lady to be waiting for a family to call her own.

We would love to find a foster (or forever home) for this beautiful, deserving girl. Jenny needs a leader with bulldog or large breed experience. Someone that will give her a few weeks of structure and the ability to just chill out and de-stress in a loving home. These dogs change so much once out of the shelter environment. Then training can begin!

Click to enlarge...

Jenny is a female American Bulldog, approx 5years old. Before you go falling in love with her gorgeous face, you should know not to rush in towards her to give her love as she will be frightened by that. No girl likes to have the seeker of her affection to come on too strong wink emoticon. Experience handling her breed and/or temperament is a must. Jenny needs guidance and training that will allow her to bond to her people. This will break down her "hard to get" personality and before long, she will be showing her love and affection to her trusted people. Deep down, Jenny is a happy, silly, goofy girl who, once she has chosen her human, loves to play, play, and play some more!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Jenny will bark at new people when she is feeling unsure and starts to feel comfortable when you provide her the respect of some space. Once she feels safe with you, she will come up to you, sniff you and you will see her body wiggle with excitement! That is when you know that Jenny has added you into her circle of besties and you can start to play ball! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Due to Jenny's fear of strangers and her strength, we will be seeking a home with no small children. Jenny needs someone who can dedicate their attention to her to guide her and help her learn that strangers don't always mean danger! Jenny doesn't like to share her humans’ attention with other canines so she would prefer to be queen of the castle.

Could you be just what Jenny is looking for in a foster/forever home? Please fill in out our adoption/foster application on the left side. And, if you have any questions, please email us at

If you know of someone who may be interested in Jenny, please don't hesitate to share her contact information. Jenny deserves her forever home and not a shelter.
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February 7/16

Rocky Update - You may have noticed a familiar face on our adoptables page.  It’s our boy Rocky and sadly due to an unexpected but serious medical situation, Rocky’s owner could no longer give Rocky what he needed.  We are happy to have Rocky back and even happier to know he is back with his previous foster dad Ron and his little foster sis Maxine.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

So, Rocky is once again needing to find his forever home.  If you are looking for a wonderful senior boy who really doesn’t ask for much, please consider Rocky. He would love a home without too many stairs as being an older boy he would prefer less stairs to climb.  Rocky is a very sociable boy who would love nothing more than a walk or two a day and a soft place to lay while he enjoys spending time with his humans chumming around.

If you feel Rocky would be the perfect match for you, please fill out our adoption/foster application on the left.
| Email us [] your comment.

February 1/16

Troy Update - Troy is settling in.  He doesnt seem to be suffering any separation anxiety yet.  He has been busy though.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He slept with Rob last night.  I attached some pictures.  We had a fire last night - he was quite content in front of it. ~Susan

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