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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

February 2015


Updated: Tuesday March 03, 2015 01:30:10 PM


250 and Counting!;
Meet Buddy;
Josie Update;
Marli Update;
Mousseline is Urgent;
Meet Lucy;
Scout Needs Foster;
Mousseline in Foster 
Puppy Update;
Astryd Update
Camoya Update
Scout in Foster; ;
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February 26/15

Meet Pixi - Meet our little girl Pixi - she is an 8 month old Chihuahua ... all 7 pounds of cuteness! Pixi is shy on initial greeting but warms up quickly with a soft hand. She's really coming out of her shell and settling in nicely. She LOVES the other pets and would do well with another dog or playful cat in the home. She gets so excited to see them when we get home from a day at work. Pixi is doing very well with her house training but, she is not fool proof and will need continued reinforcement. She will go inside if you're not paying attention. She's eating very well and has the energy to prove it. Pixi loves going on walks, even in this snowy weather. As a note, she CANNOT be let off leash, too fearful, and would certainly get spooked and bad things could happen. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Pixi's confidence is slowly building but she still needs reassurance is this big world. If you watch, you'll see stress signals, so she'll need someone who can recognize and proceed accordingly. I think she'll do nicely in any situation but I do think older children are preferred. She can be very timid and will be fearful with any sort of negative reinforcement (she wouldn't come up on the couch after receiving a static shock from a blanket). Her trust needs to be regained over and over but that comes quickly and will only continue to grow is a stable forever home. Pixi has now been spayed and microchipped and is ready to move on to her new family. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She loves treats and responds to very basic commands so attention will need to be given to further her learning. She's very eager during training time so this should be relatively easy. Pixi is really just lovely. Sweet, gentle, and kind are words to describe this little gem.

If you or someone you know would like to adopt Pixi, please fill out the adoption/foster application on the left and if you have any questions, please contact us at
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February 25/15

Scout in Foster - We are very happy to let you know we have found a foster home for Scout. He arrived into foster care on Sunday and he has been having the time of his life with his foster family and all his new doggy friends.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Foster parents, Jan and Jack have fallen head over heels for this sweet handsome boy, so who knows? Perhaps there is a foster failure in the making? (-:

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We will keep you posted on Scouts progress but from what we can see and hear, he's having a blast! 

Thank you Jan and Jack for welcoming Scout into your hearts and home!
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February 20/15

Hemi - ANML-RESQ is trying to help a sweet-natured Rottweiler boy by the name of Hemi. Hemi is a healthy 4 year old boy who ... is looking for a new home...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Hemi is a large dog at about 93lbs of pure sweetness and has brought great joy to his family, bringing smiles and laughter with his wonderful personality and sometimes mischievous behaviour. Hemi’s most favourite activity is going for a dip at the lake, running, long walks in the rain, car rides, playing with ChuckIt! balls, eating, and last but not least, being a big suck as Rottweiler’s are known to be. Seeing as Hemi is a moderate to high energy level, a family that enjoys an active lifestyle will compliment Hemi’s desires.

Click to enlarge...

Hemi is not a constant barker, yet will alert you or if he is just being silly and wanting to get your attention. Hemi is good when meeting people and is friendly when at the dog-park. Hemi has been living in a home with just adults; therefore, a home with older children is recommended due to size. Cats are unknown as Hemi has not been exposed to them. 

Click to enlarge...

Hemi is housetrained, neutered, and up to date with vaccines. Previous experience and familiarity/knowledge of Rottweiler’s would be preferred.
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February 19/15

Camoya Update - We received a really nice update and pictures from Camoya's dad, Mark.

This little girl sure did luck out with a great dad and her own little doggy pack to spend her days with. Camoya (aka Loca) always loved other dogs so we know she is having the time of her life! Here is a brief update from Camoya's dad.

Hi, I wanted to give you an update on my girl Camoya, she is doing great. She just keeps getting sweeter every day and is loving life. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Can never thank you enough for the help you gave her. She is getting all the love in the world and is truly a treat vacuum.

Thank you Mark for keeping in touch. We love hearing about Camoya and the fantastic life she is enjoying (-:
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February 18/15

Astryd Update - We were asked once again to help a wonderful dog who could not stay in this province because of BSL. Another innocent animal who found herself in a life or death situation through no fault of her own.

Once again, we reached out to our friends in the East and asked for their help. Carla and Karen immediately put the word out and worked hard networking for this beautiful girl. Once again, they came through for us. While we have several contacts in the East, all rescues are in the same boat ... No room )-: 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We were beginning to worry but thanks again to Karen and Carla's dogged determination a rescue was found. This was AWESOME news, but transport was going to be worrisome as the weather conditions in the East have been horrible as many of you will be aware. Week after week they have been pummelled with snow - LOTS of snow. But this little girl was urgent and now that we had a rescue to take her, getting her moved was now becoming urgent.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Once again we were relieved to hear that Alan (Carla's husband) had offered to drive from New Brunswick to Ontario to pick up our prohibited girl and whisk her to safety in the East. We were elated to hear but also very worried and concerned about the road conditions. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Alan arrived to Ontario safely and took a room for the night. Our little beauty arrived to his room and they spent the evening together and got an early morning start to head back to New Brunswick. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

From there, she spent the evening with Carla and Alan's son before heading back on transport to her final destination in Nova Scotia and into the arms of her awaiting foster family. Many thanks to Bethany and Teresa for getting her to her final destination.

Click to enlarge...

HUGE thanks to Charmaine at Yonkers to Maritimes for offering to take our beautiful girl into their rescue and thank you to Nicole and family for welcoming our girl into your hearts and home. She was lovingly named Astryd by her foster mom and we think her name suits her well - it means Devine Strength (-:

This proves once again ... it takes a village to save a dog as there were SO many people involved in saving this precious girls life. We are proud to have played a part in helping Astryd to safety and onto a wonderful new life in a province that does not discriminate! Thank you again to everyone involved!
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February 17/15

Puppy Update - Our two little female puppies (Nora and Layla) have gone to their forever homes and we could not be happier for ALL four of our lucky little pups. 

If you recall, when they first arrived into rescue they were in pretty poor condition. They were very thin and sickly. We immediately took them to the vets where they were diagnosed with sarcoptic mange. We worried about treating them as the treatment is quite harsh and their thin little bodies were so frail, but we had no choice. So the treatment was given(3 doses of revolution a few weeks apart). Slowly but surely they seemed to recover but because their immune system had been compromised they could not fight off anything serious. Dex seemed to bounce back completely, without issue, but Mya (aka Heidi), Nora and little Layla began losing their hair again so they were brought back to the vet's promptly, only to find they now had demodex mange. This is more a condition caused by a weakened immune system and we know it could take some time to recover completely from this and their immune system would need some assistance to help battle the demodex. For those familiar with demodex, it can take several months to sort itself out and we didn't want these girls to have to wait that long to find their forever families so they were posted for adoption and all applicants were made aware of their condition at the beginning of the initial call and we were amazed at the applications we received and talked to. 

Click to enlarge...

These loving families were not deterred from bringing home their new babies, not even when they met them for the very first time. The families were either already familiar with demodex or they did their research and this was not going to stop them from adopting their newest family member. Foster mom Christine has been in constant contact with the girls new families and information/tips are being passed along and shared between the families as to what is working and what has not been as successful.

Click to enlarge...

These puppies have taught us all so much and we continue to learn through their families as day by day the puppies are getting better and better. Demodex has definitely not slowed them down - they are very active and absolutely enjoying their new lives in their forever homes.

We cannot thank Christine and family enough for taking these 4 little ragamuffins in when they needed it most ... right before Christmas when things could not be more hectic. These puppies have flourished in their care and continue to flourish in their new homes. All of our puppies have been officially adopted and we are so happy for them all.

Congratulations to our girls Nora and Layla who have just recently gone to their forever homes and congratulations to Heidi (aka Mya) and Dex as well as the lucky families who have a new family member.
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February 16/15

Mousseline In Foster - We are thrilled to say that our Mousseline (aka Mousse) has arrived in foster care and what an awesome girl she is!

Foster mom tells us she has such a wonderful, gentle temperament. It is no wonder that foster mom has fallen head over heels for Mousse. In the meantime, here is an update from Mousseline's foster mom, Jen...

Hey renee, A little information on our girl moussaline a.k.a mousse..The first couple of days she has been w me she has settled in quite nicely. She does not like the crate and refuses outrightly to go in it (who can really blame her)..on her first day I let her explore the main level only and she seems content w it. She does not go upstairs or down. With respect to her leg (torn ligament), she was at first favouring her left hind leg but with all the rest she is getting, she seems to be walking a little more normal on it. She gets her pill everyday which seems to be onto an enlightening time i have had with her this far...

Click to enlarge...

This girl has got to have the soul of an matter what her story is (and believe me, she tries to tell me because she talks to me in her own little *barky whiney chipper* way) but she just seems like she has now left what is behind her. She smiles so big that i wanted to see more. I gave her a couple of days to settle in before giving her a bath this morning.. renee, once she got in the tub she just stood there and allowed me to rub her down and wet her..once the shampoo got on and i got my nails in and really scrubbing her, she just relaxed.

Click to enlarge...

After I got her dried down, i let her out into the livingroom and she just bounced like a little puppy. Tossing her toys about like it was the best day in her life..shes free!!!!! Thats how I felt. ;,,) I gave her a big hug and told her she would be ok..I then sat down beside her and began to brush her.. i think she was in heaven cause she didnt move at all..My heart melts for her

She had matts in her hairs around her mouth and she just lay there and let me trim them out..i couldnt see her beautiful big brown eyes so i trimmed around her eyes.she just lay there content with her pampering..**She is an angel that someone had broken her wings..but now that she is in our groups care, she will heal and open her wings again to someone that will care for her in ways no one ever has** 

I admit, i have fallen in love w her.. seeing her eyes tells how happy she is being here..before i trimmed i couldnt see how betrayed and alone she was but now, she smiles right through her 1.5 inch eyes lashes...**just stunning**

We are watching her leg and it seems that after a few days in foster care she is not favoring a leg and we hope in time she will heal on her own, but if not we are prepared to give her the surgery, if necessary.
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February 13/15

UPDATE SCOUT HAS FOUND FOSTER - Scout Needs Foster - Scout is a handsome 2 year old border collie/lab mix. He is a very energetic boy who will need a home with a nice fenced in backyard so he can burn off some of the energy.
Scout is a very playful boy who loves to run with a toy or bone or whatever he can fit in his mouth.

Click to enlarge...

He is a very cuddly boy who gets along with dogs, cats and children. What more could you ask for?

Click to enlarge...

If you can foster this wonderful boy for us, please fill in our online adoption/foster application on the left.
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February 9/15

Meet Lucy - I just wanted to show you our newest rescue! Meet 7 month old Lucy - ALL 7 1/2 lbs of cuteness! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She will be arriving into foster care tomorrow and we are super excited to welcome her. Many thanks to Cheryl for fostering this little cutie-pie for us.

And, we go from teeny tiny to giant as we will be welcoming Mousseline into foster care this week as well. Huge thanks to Jen for offering this gentle giant a foster home. We are thrilled to be welcoming Mousseline!!

Thank you again to Cheryl and Jen for helping us with these two beautiful girls!
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February 6/15

UPDATE - Mousse is in Foster Care - Mousseline is Urgent - We are in URGENT need of a foster home for 6 year old Mouseline. Mousseline is a Giant Schnauzer and she is a quite a looker! She is a very nice girl with a wonderful temperament. She passed her shelter temperment tests with flying colours.

Click to enlarge...

Mousseline may have a torn ligament so surgery may be necessary if it doesn't repair on it's own. She could stand to lose a little weight which might be all that is needed to help with her ligament. Once she is in foster care we can do a more complete vet check to see what is going on.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mousseline is housetrained, good with dogs, unknown with cats. She also enjoys car rides! The people at the shelter just adore her.

If you think you would like to foster this beautiful girl, please fill out the adoption/foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please contact us at
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February 5/15

Marli Update - I received some more pictures of our beautiful girl Marli and as you can see, she is being treated like a queen. All that "Her Ladyship" is missing is her crown. Marli's dad moved one of the chairs closer to the door so her majesty can greet any friends coming over in a regal fashion.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We also got a great picture of our beautiful Tasha who, as you can see, adores her dad Ken. This is where you'll find Tasha as soon as her daddy comes home.

Click to enlarge...

Two very lucky girls are living the life with loving and caring families. 

We love seeing our happily adopted! Thank you Leah and Rachel for sending us pics of your girls!
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February 4/15

Josie Update - I am thrilled that Josie (aka Maddy's) mom sends regular updates and pictures of my beautiful foster girl. She is such a lucky little lady to have found such a wonderful mom and 2 furry felines who are her best friends. 

Her sister Stevie who Josie is always seen pictured with is Josie's favourite and as you can see - they are two little peas in a pod. Here is a little update from Josie's mom along with some pictures. Thank you for sharing updates and pictures Karen! 

blog020415.jpg (80123 bytes)

Josie is adapting well to her new life here. She loves her walks and is having lots of fun in the snow that we got yesterday. We meet up with other dogs in the park where she loves to have a good run. And boy does she love her ball! We spend at least an hour a day playing fetch. I think she is really going to enjoy the cottage where she can chase the ball and swim!

blog020415a.jpg (131321 bytes)blog020415b.jpg (136698 bytes)

Her obedience training is going well. She has mastered sit and down and we are now working on stay and come. And she loves a good snuggle...
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February 2/15

Meet Buddy - We are pleased to introduce you to our newest rescue - our handsome boy Buddy. Buddy is a 1 1/2 year old Boxer who has been a complete delight in his foster home. Buddy is a little shy when first meeting people but warms up very quickly. Buddy's favourite thing in the world is to play with all his doggy friends. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Buddy gets along with all dogs, big and small and is good with all people as well, big and small. We do not know what he is like with cats. 

Click to enlarge...

Please keep an eye on our adoptions page as Buddy will soon be available for adoption.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you know of a family with at least one other doggy friend that is looking for a fun-loving boy, please let them know about Buddy.
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February 1/15

250 and Counting! For the past 10 years, ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario, volunteers, fosters, transporters and our friends have helped over 250 dogs to safety.

It has been a good 10 years, some has been hard, but it has been 10 years of helping dogs, puppies, kittens, and yes even the occasional cat or two which needed help.

Thanks to you, we are moving forward to help more animals in need in 2015.

I know there will be difficult times ahead. And, thanks to you, I know we can meet these needs head on!

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