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Feb 28/14

Enzo Update - We got a great picture of our handsome boy Enzo (not to be confused with Enzo, our handsome Rottie) (-:

I am sure you will all remember our young boy Enzo that needed to leave this province of ours for safer haven. We were thrilled to find him safety with our East coast friends and as you can see, our boy is loved and adored (and adorned) with his forever family.

Click to enlarge...

Enzo was one of the lucky ones to find safety out of province. We will continue to fight this ridiculous ban and hopefully Ontario will soon be BSL free so that these wonderful dogs no longer have to lose their lives. 
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Feb 25/14

Skye and Enzo Update - We received some pictures of two of our darling Rottweilers - our beautiful Skye who is living the life with her forever family. She is living the life of luxury and is definitely the apple of her mom and dad's eye ... and she knows it (-:

Click to enlarge...

We also got another picture of our devilishly handsome boy Enzo. He is such a great dog and deserves a forever family to call his own.

Click to enlarge...

 Hopefully that day will soon come. In the meantime, he is having a great time being a part of a family with our foster family, Allie, Walter, Alex and Noah. 

Also, I thought I would catch you up on some links you might find interesting:

  1. Very interesting article from Dogs Naturally Magazine;

  2. Leader of the Pack;

  3. Three Paths to a well socialized dog; and

  4. Needs Training.

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Feb 24/14

Meet Petey - Here's Petey ... the newest rescue for adoption. Petey is an 11 month old, neutered, American Bull Dog. He is a real lady's man who knows his basic commands.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Petey is a very happy puppy who shows you he is happy and loves to be around people. Since he is young and loves to play, he still forgets that little tykes can fall, and for this reason he needs a forever home with older children. Petey is crate trained and is gentle when taking treats. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

An active home would be best, as Petey really loves to go for walks. He also gets along with other dogs, if introduced properly, and he should not be around cats or small critters. Petey needs an experienced owner who has owned this type of dog previously. 

If you would like more information about Petey, please email us at or you can fill out the adoption/foster application on the left.
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Feb 19/14

Goose - We finally received some pictures and update about our boy Goose from his foster family. He is certainly a character and the young girls in the family adore him. He is a silly boy who can keep you amused for hours with his silly antics. 

Click to enlarge...

Goose is personality plus! Presently, he is being a bit of a pest with his two fur-sisters, but he has spent quite a long time at the shelter and needs to get his yaya's out. Hopefully he will ease up on his fur-sisters and give them a bit of a break. When Goose first arrived in foster care, he didn't care much at all for his crate but he is learning to love the crate which is a good thing. 

Here are some pictures of Goose settling in with his foster family and also Goose's bio which will be posted on our adoptions page. 

Attention all active families! My name is Goose and I am a super fun guy who loves to run, fetch, play tug and squeaky toys are my favorite thing ever!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

My foster home says that my temperament is superb. I love everyone! Kids, dogs, everyone! I haven't yet met any of those little critters they call "cats".

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I'll keep you in stitches with my antics, I'm pretty funny. I am also a very cuddly, smart dog with just a little bit of attitude ... but, after all, I'm still a puppy!

Click to enlarge...

I sit, lie down, wait on command and I am starting to love my crate. I could use a puppy class or two. It will help me to bond with my new family and work my brain at the same time. 

Click to enlarge...

I'm a high energy boy so brain games are really fun and will help to tire me out! I'm very eager to please you so I am a quick learner. Can I come home with you?

If you are looking for an energetic boy who will bring some "life" into your household - look no further - Goose is your boy! 
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Feb 18/14

Tiggs Update - Foster mom Jen received a great update from her foster boy Tiggs (aka Taggarts') new family.

Hi Jen! He's doing awesome, I can't believe someone gave him up. He has such a wonderful disposition! Here are some pics for you and your family to enjoy. ~Pat, Paul, Axel & Taggart

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are amazed at how much these two boyz love each other. What a fantastic match! We couldn't resist sharing these AWESOME pictures of two happy furry brothers (-:
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Feb 17/14

Heidi Update - We received a wonderful update and pictures from Laree, Heidi's mom. As you can see, Heidi has grown up into a beautiful girl who is obviously the light of her family's life. If you recall, this little girl came from the FAR north along with two other lucky girls and we are thrilled to have been able to help these lucky pups find their perfect forever family.

Here is an update from Heidi's mom as well as some pictures so we can see how much she has grown. Heidi is also great friends with another one of our rescues, Ruby(who is pictured with Heidi going for a walk).

Hi Renee, ... She is doing very well... The first pictures was just after the huge ice storm we had here and we took her to the park which was pretty much a skating rink but she ran, slide and played the best she could. It was very cute. The second picture is Heidi with her tennis balls. She loves to play with them in the house (mostly chew on them) and the third pic is just her daydreaming!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We took her to the vet last Sunday for a check up and to discuss her diet. She has a very sensitive stomach so we are trying a new food and eliminating all "treats" from her diet till we can figure out what causes her sporadic diarrhea. Other than that, our vet says she is in great health and a lovely dog.

Click to enlarge...

I can't believe we have only had her 9 months! She brings me so much joy. Oh and the last picture is of Ruby and Heidi over Christmas, Devon put her sweaters on them as it was really cold out....haha so cute (they love each other!)

Hope all is well with you and I'll continue to send up dates. If there is anything I can ever do to support ANML-RESQ please don't hesitate to ask. Take care and enjoy your long weekend. ~Laree

Thank you for the GREAT update Laree. Please give Heidi a hug from ALL her friends here at ANML-RESQ and please keep the updates coming!! (-:
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Feb 12/14

Camoya Update - My girl, Camoya , on her 2 month anniversary at home. She is the sweetest most beautiful little girl who has made this a home again. 

She is flourishing with lots of love and probably a little spoiled but she has me wrapped around her paw LOL. Thank you everyone for helping her and making this possible will never be able to tell you the happiness you have brought the both of us.
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Feb 11/14

Moon Boots - It seems our big guy Gus is now a fashionista!! His mom and dad bought him these new boots to wear since it has been VERY cold these past few weeks and we all know the doggies don't want to be out long as their feet get cold. Here is a picture of Gus in his "moon boots". A little blurry, but it adds to the effect.

Click to enlarge...

I would have loved to have seen a video of his first steps. lol I'll bet it was a hoot. Mom Anne says Gus took it in stride and really appreciated them when he got outside. However, to make up for Gus's bootie attire, mom and dad decided to take Gus and his brother Jack for a "spa day". Ahhhhhh ... what a life! We are so thrilled to see our adopted so loved and spoiled!
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Feb 6/14

Sophie Update - We end off the week with another update of our wee girl Sophie who is really enjoying life on the farm. As you saw in last weeks blog, Sophie has made a new friend...another youngster finding his way in this world. The two have hit if off and have become best buddies. Here is an endearing clip of these newfound friends.

We are also very excited for our little man Goose who will hopefully be going into foster care this weekend. We are hoping and praying the weather will be good so Goose can be united with his foster family. We are really looking forward to pictures and updates and will be sure to share them with you when we receive. 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Feb 5/14

Links of Interest - I thought I would include some more interesting links for your reading pleasure ... 

  1. Understanding how dogs communicate with each other;

  2. Didn't see that bite coming?... look a little harder;

  3. Warning signs of a bad rescue; and

  4. How to recognize and treat anxious dogs and cats.

Grab a coffee and I hope you enjoy!
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Feb 3/14

Goose Update - We received some more pictures and a great update from our volunteer, Allie, about our darling boy Goose. 

Click to enlarge...

She has been going to the shelter to have some play dates with our little man. We were so thrilled to find a foster home for Goose and he has already been to our vet for vaccinations and will be neutered this week before going to his foster home this weekend. 

Click to enlarge...

They are going to have so much fun with Goose - he sure is a silly boy! The first play date he was very excited, bouncy - just plain happy, happy to be able to have some fun and run around with his favorite toy. What a character he is.

Click to enlarge...

The following day, he was much more relaxed and even remembered a few lessons from the previous day. Goose is a very smart boy and is very eager to please. You may have noticed also, he has one blue eye and one brown eye and the cutest face you have ever seen! 
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