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Another week is almost behind us, and once again, we have been asked to help a dog, that would be considered "substantially similar" looking to the breeds that have been banned here in Ontario, OUT OF THE PROVINCE.

This handsome young man named Diesel was purchased as a bullmastiff mix. His young family loved him and he was thriving in a home with a 14 month old baby. Diesel is a pretty energetic guy and can be uncontrollably happy when he meets and greets people, but he is ALWAYS very gentle with the baby. 

As of late, his young owners were finding more and more people stopping them while walking Diesel, chastising them for owning an illegal pit bull, proclaiming this dog should be dead. They were being threatened and they were getting frightened. Then, when they tried to get an appointment to have his vaccinations, they were told by their vet NOT to bring the dog in as they were certain he was a banned dog and illegal to be owned. They would be forced to report them to the local authorities. Remember now, these people bought this dog in good faith, believing it was a bullmastiff ... they had NO idea about the pit bull ban, or even what a pit bull or Stafford shire terrier was. 

They were now so scared they were breaking the law, that they tried to surrender him to a shelter. The shelter staff told them they could NOT take this dog in, it was illegal and they could not have the pup on their premises. Thankfully, that same staff directed these people to ANML-RESQ. 

As much as we hate to uproot this handsome boy and take him away from the only family he knows, his life depends on leaving this Province of ours. Thankfully we were able to find him out of province refuge and little Diesel will be on his way to a muzzle free life. 

Many thanks go to ALL that have helped this boy to safety ... the kind shelter workers that gave the owners an alternative to a death sentence, the wonderful people in Quebec that have offered him safety, Sharon for her never-ending work to arrange transport (and all the headaches that go with that) ... and ALL our kind transporters for getting Diesel safely out of this Province. Good luck little guy!!! Safe journey!! 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Feb 26/09

Several weeks ago, I was visiting a local shelter. I was there to deliver one of our calendars and while visiting the shelter, I happened on one of the cutest little doggies I have ever run across. Her name is Jenny and she is a Boston Terrier. 

As I bent down to play with her, she jumped onto my knees and gave me lots of snorkles and kisses. Every chance I had, I would bend down and give her some lovin. She was playing with a kitten and their playful antics kept me amused. I noticed she had a large growth on her back leg. I would have to remind myself to ask my friend about Jenny's situation when I talk to her again. 

After finishing my business at the shelter, I left ... but for some reason, I could not get this little girl out of my head. So I asked my friend who volunteers at the shelter about Jenny's story. I almost wished I hadn't asked. It seems sweet Jenny spent most of her life as a breeder in a puppy mill. When Jenny was finally done being profitable for them, they sent her away. Jenny was adopted out, but was having trouble getting house-trained and was having accidents often. So, they surrendered her to the shelter. 

Apparently Jenny was seen by a vet briefly and they believed her body may be filled with cancer. However, the shelter was definitely going to have her thoroughly checked ... x-rays and all. Bottom line was, the shelter was more than happy to have Jenny live out her life with them ... they loved her dearly. It would be difficult to adopt her out, especially when you have to tell potential owners her life may be short and riddled with health problems. Chances of finding a forever home to live out her days was pretty slim. 

Well, now I REALLY couldn't get her out of my head. I guess I couldn't stop talking about her to another friend of mine and we all knew what our next mission was ... FIND Jenny a home that would love her unconditionally and until the end of her days. As difficult as we thought this might be ... MIRACULOUSLY, one of our mutual friends spoke up and offered Jenny her forever home. 

So, the vet appointment was made by the shelter and Jenny was x-rayed. Testing was inconclusive and the vet's advised against surgery. As long as Jenny was happy and eating, she could live happily for many months to come. 

Thanks to two VERY caring and loving people, Jenny is now living the life surrounded by love and LOTS of other small doggy friends. 

Here are some pics of this precious girl, that has captured the hearts of EVERYONE that has met her.

Good luck little girl ... we look forward to updates and pictures. Big hugs to Lee and Ty for sharing their hearts and home with this very special girl.

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Feb 25/09

Billy Bob
I was going to begin this blog with an update on a weekend transport/sleepover for a sweet little boy named Billy Bob. He was in desperate need of a place to go and unfortunately, we had no foster homes to accommodate this regal beagle/basset boy. 

Billy Bob needed help, and he needed it fast. So I called upon our friends at Owen Sound Animal Shelter, knowing they could easily place a beautiful boy like this. They offered a place for him immediately. Unfortunately, the weather this weekend was very unstable ... snow squalls, whiteouts, not a good day to travel with a dog. Our volunteer Beth offered to meet him on Sunday and take him into her home until Tuesday, when she could travel to Owen Sound with Billy Bob. 

From Beth's update, we heard that her boys fell in love with Billy Bob ... AKA Roy. The boys fell instantly in love and I am sure the feeling was mutual. He is wonderful with people and I am sure he enjoyed his weekend visit with Beth and the kids. This morning he was taken to the Shelter and I heard that Billy Bob, AKA Roy was adopted less than 2˝ hours after the Shelter doors were opened. 

So, I WAS going to direct any interested beagle lovers to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter to check Billy Bob out, but we are happy to report he has already found a home. 

Many thanks to Owen Sound Animal Shelter and its volunteers for always helping whenever possible. You guys ROCK!!!

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Feb 24/09

We often get calls to help other rescues take on the huge task of pulling urgent dogs from high-kill shelters. 

We have been working closely with our friends in Quebec to help as many of these dogs as we possibly can. Unfortunately, in some cases, due to the physical appearance of the dog, our means of helping is limited.

The conditions these animals "exist" in is horrendous. It takes a strong person to be able to enter these premises and witness these conditions. It is even harder when the rescuers don't have spots for these helpless babes. There is NOTHING more heartbreaking than having to leave a dog behind because the rescue hasn't got a place to put them.

Here is a story about Courtney, a beautiful brindle girl that survived this hell and will thankfully soon be able to put the horrors behind her. This little girl captured the heart of her rescuers and second time around, she was NOT going to be passed over. Thanks to Gerdy’s Rescue, Courtney is now safe and on the mend. Here is what Courtney's foster mom and rescuer has to say about Courtney's journey ...>

Here are the pictures of Courtney in her "hellhole", BEGGING for someone to take a second look at her and pleading for help.

And here are pictures of Courtney looking MUCH better and happier in her new foster home. 

Courtney must still put on some much needed weight, but we have no doubt she will soon be fit as a fiddle and ready for her forever home.

If you think you could give Courtney the loving forever home she deserves, please contact our friends at Gerdy’s Rescue and ask them about Courtney. 

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Feb 23/09

Snow-Packed Weekend 
We were expecting company on Friday and were hoping their drive here would be a safe one. Unfortunately, the entire weekend was comprised of snow squalls...the odd time clearing up for a few hours, only to continue again. Thankfully Corey and Jen arrived safely and we all enjoyed our visit. 

Of course, Riggs was thrilled to see Jen again. Riggs seems to have a crush on all the woman that walk through our doors. Although he can be obnoxious at times, he always seems to end up "with the girl" lol 

Everyone had to show off, so on Saturday, we decided to go outside and have a snowball fight and throw a couple of balls around for the dogs. They had a blast. The boyz also got their "dancing shoes" on to show off a little for their friends Jen and Corey.

Here is the gang, racing each other for the ball. As you can see, Riggs is laps ahead (-; 

Here is a picture of our silly boy Winston ... doing a "jig" nice moves there Winston!!!

And, not to be out-done...Riggs must do one better. Here is our twinkle-toed boy doing the "Moonwalk".

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend, good friends, lots of good food and best of all, LOTS of fun was had by all.

I have some really good news as well for our boy Bo. Bo went to his new home this weekend. His new family fell in love with him the moment they saw him on the website and boy oh boy ... Bo is one lucky fellow!!! He has a huge, fenced in back-yard, a very loving and caring mom and dad, and even a fur-sister named Tilly. He will be seeing his new vet this week, so we hope to get updates soon. Congratulations Bo!!! 

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Feb 20/09

Looking for Foster or Forever
We have a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever boy, 9 months old, looking for his forever home. 

We have him on our website as a courtesy posting. If you have never owned a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, PLEASE research the breed before adopting one. They are a wonderful dog, great companion, but they MUST have an owner that understands their breed and is willing to give them the time and patience they require. 

Here is a little more about Chester, the Chessie:

CHESTER is a single breed Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is 9 months old, born May 22, 2008, up to date vaccinations and neutered. Chester is a healthy young boy, medium size and weighing in at 76 lbs.

Chester is very social and being still in pup mode, he does get excitable on first meetings. He is not aggressive in any way with his food, toys or treats. He has been brought up in a busy home with children ranging from 4-15 years of age. He gets along well with other dogs when he is off leash ... but can be aggressive with them when he's leashed. He is working on that with his walker/trainer. While he did have puppy level obedience he will greatly benefit from formal instruction during his "adolescent" period. He walks well with a gentle leader but is easily distracted, so ongoing work is needed in this regard.

This is a breed that needs to be kept busy with exercise and guidance and Chester's family have realized they cannot give him the commitment he deserves. If you would like more information on Chester, please contact Helen at

Also, our friends at All Breed Canine Rescue are in urgent need of a foster home for Chancey. Chancey is a beautiful black lab, quite large at 95 lbs. 

Chancey has been a tie-out for most of his life, but is wonderful in the home. He does not destroy anything when left alone. He loves his people, however, Chancey is dog-aggression/ reactive and does not like cats. Chancey is also not good with small children.

If you think you could give Chancey a foster or forever home, please contact our friends at All Breed Canine Rescue.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Feb 19/09

Do you remember our blog last week about little Maddie? She and her brother were found straying on a country road. Both were very thin when they were captured. Well, this is her brother Marcus, who has lucked out and found a foster home as well through All Breed Canine Rescue. 

As you can see, Marcus has made himself right at home as well and is enjoying the life. 

Finally, he doesn't have to worry about where his next meal with come from. Both Maddie and Marcus are incredibly cute and each is looking for their forever home. The vet believes they are around 18 months old and weight about 30 lbs. Their breed is definitely a mystery.

If you know someone that is looking for an adorable companion, please tell them about Marcus. 

If you would like more information, please contact Lois at of All Breed Canine Rescue.

Good luck Maddie and Marcus!!!

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Feb 18/09

New Kids on the Block
You might have noticed that we have a couple of new kids on the block. I would like to introduce everyone to ANML-RESQ's newest adoptables. 

First, we have a sweet young Rotti boy named Bo. He is as sweet as they come. 

bo1.jpg (46342 bytes)

Bo was rescued from a shelter that couldn't afford to get him x-rayed so they could not tell potential adoptors what his leg issues were all about. It's hard to adopt a dog when you cannot tell interested people what his problem is and whether it is treatable and if so, how expensive? We wanted to give Bo a chance at a wonderful life as his personality is vibrant and loving. He deserves this chance. 

As you can see, he is a very handsome fellow. We will be able to update everyone further once we find out the results of his x-rays. In the meantime, his limp does not seem to hinder Bo whatsoever and he enjoys life very, very much. If you are interested in giving this special boy his forever home, please contact us.

We also have a pretty girl named Kit. Kit is an Australian Shepherd mix and looking for her forever home. 

Sadly, her people's relationship broke up and Kit needed to find a home quickly. Kit was fortunate to find a loving, caring lady who couldn't bear to see Kit go to the shelter, so she took her into her loving home and asked ANML-RESQ to find this beautiful girl a loving and caring home. 

If you would like an active, loyal and loving girl, please contact us about this GREAT girl.

We also had a fantastic update about our Abbey Rose. She is healing very quickly now and she no longer has to wear that awful cone on her head. lol She had it removed on February 13th ... just in time to give out plenty of Valentine's kisses to her mom and dad. Way to go Abbey Rose!

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Feb 17/09
We've Got LOTS Of Friends
I have pulled the blog for Saturday February 14, 2009 from one of my favs "caveat" and hope you enjoy:

by Selma on Sat 14 Feb 2009 07:04 PM EST  |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos

A big Thank You to everybody who jumped on board and supported Banned Aid's recent emergency fundraising drive.  All dog owners are threatened by BSL, not just those who own the targeted breeds - it's nice that so many people realize that.

You may have noticed that the Bone-O-Meter has been filled in and that we exceeded what we needed to pay our outstanding bills.  We have enough to file with the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal our case to have Ontario's archaic, discriminatory law struck down.  We still need money to continue this fight but thanks to the recent unprecedented support from across Canada and around the world, we've got some breathing space.  It feels pretty good.

Here's a slide show done by a member of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada to acknowledge the great support (12+meg download, not good for dialup).

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Feb 16/09
Diamond Dawg
Happy Family Day. And on that note, here is an update on Diamond [Diamond Dawg]:

We tried to get an "egg sandwich photo" with Ranger in the middle but they were all being pains in the butt! I took the pic on my phone, so it's not very high quality, but you get the point. 

Diamond is settling in just fine, although she still wants to eat the cats. Once I get that under control, I'll get a picture with the whole crazy family (Diamond beside the cats!) That picture might take a while, ha ha. ...

We really love Diamond and are thrilled that she is now part of our family. I believe that every animal comes into our life for a reason, and I truly believe Diamond was meant to be with us. She is a very special girl who deserves a lot of love. Thanks to all of you dedicated ladies for rescuing Diamond. The job you do may seem thankless at the best of times, but you are angels to these animals, and have a very special purpose in life to guide them to those families who need them. Talk to you later Beth! ~ Kim N.

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Feb 13/09

This little girl's name is Maddie and she was found straying, along with another doggie who we believe could be a sibling.

Maddie is estimated to be about 18 months old and while she is quite thin at the moment, due to being on the run for some time, she only weighs about 30 lbs. Her breed is a true mystery. It's hard to guess. Depending on how you look at her ... you see anything from min pin mix to Cattledog/Shepherd mix. But again, she is very small and dainty. Regardless of her lineage, she is very adorable - no doubt!! 

Presently, Maddie is displaying food aggression, which is being worked on in foster care, however, we believe it may be due to being starved and having to fight for food to stay alive. We hope this will subside once she realizes she will never miss another meal.

If you think you could give this girl the forever home she deserves, please contact Lois at of All Breed Canine Rescue.

Good luck Maddie!

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Feb 12/09

When I Am Old
This was sent to me a few years ago and I have saved it so I can browse once in awhile and re-read this item, written by someone that could be me (-: I thought all you dog lovers out there would like a wee glimpse into your future.

I don't particularly like to think of myself as "old", but I can relate to this right here and right now in my life. My dogs are my life and I cherish each and every one, past and present. Enjoy!

When I am Old

I shall wear turquoise and soft grey sweat shirts and a bandana over my silver hair. I shall spend my security checks on sweet wine and my dogs. I will sit in my house on my well worn chair and listen to my dog’s breathing.

I will sneak out in the middle of a warm summer night and take my dogs for a run if my old bones will allow and when people come to call I will smile and nod as I show them my dogs and talk of them and about them --- the ones so beloved of the past and the ones so beloved of today.

I still will work hard cleaning after them and mopping and feeding them and whispering their names in a soft, loving way. I will wear the gleaming sweat on my throat like a jewel and I will be an embarrassment to all and my family who have not yet found the peace in being free to have dogs as your best friends. 

These friends who always wait, at any hour, for your footfall and eagerly jump to their feet out of a sound sleep, to greet you as if you are a God. With warm eyes full of adoring love and hope that you will stay and hug their big, strong necks and kiss their dear sweet heads and whisper to them of your love and the beautiful pleasure of their very special company.

I look in the mirror and see I am getting old. This is the kind of woman I am and have always been. Loving dogs is easy, they are part of me, accept me for who I am. My dogs appreciate my presence in their lives. You will understand when you are old and if you have dogs to love too.

~ Author Unknown ~

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Feb 11/0909

It has been a whirlwind of activity this week and for some reason, a majority of these calls for help have been for Rottweilers and mixes thereof. 

It breaks my heart to hear about so many of these magnificent animals needing desperate help. Rottweilers have been my breed of choice for many years. I love everything about this breed and have a special place in my heart for them. 

A few weeks ago, we received a desperate plea for help for a Rottweiler boy who had lived his whole life, tied to a chain, starving for attention and affection. He was finally rescued by a wonderful angel that could not bear to see him live like that any longer. She made sure he was vetted and proceeded to look for a loving home for him. Months passed and sadly, no one inquired about Toledo. We were contacted about this special boy and when I saw his pictures and heard his story, we immediately started searching for help. 

Unfortunately, as is always the case, we never have enough foster homes to accommodate larger dogs, so we had to find refuge for Toledo. We contacted our friends at Upper Credit Humane (UCHS), hoping they could help. Thankfully, they had an open spot and immediately offered help. We are forever grateful to UCHS for taking this gentle giant into their loving care. 

If you are interested in a gentle soul with a heart of gold, please read Toledo's story on UCHS In the NEWS and give them a call.

Toledo, is a very special boy and we know that the wonderful people at UCHS will find him the perfect forever home where he will be loved and cherished. Very special thanks goes out to Sharon for her long journey with Toledo to get him to UCHS. 

Remember, everyone, we are ALWAYS looking for foster homes so we can help wonderful dogs like Toledo. If you are interested in helping a larger breed dog find their forever home, please fill out our on-line application on the left.

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Feb 10/09

Weekend Get-Away
I was able to get away this weekend and spend some time with my family. We had a wonderful visit and as always, I love seeing my grandbabies. 

Baby Taylor is growing so quickly ... it won't be long and she will be walking. Of course, I couldn't resist getting the girls a few Valentine accessories as they will be attending a Valentine's Day party this week. I think they will look adorable in their new attire. We had to try them on [adorable!].

I, also, have some AWESOME news for our girl Diamond. This beautiful Rottweiler girl has been with us for quite some time now. She came into rescue, very under-socialized and needing some direction. We were fortunate to have TWO wonderful angels, that together provided Diamond with all the love, care and exercise she needed. 

Her new mom spent months taking her to see a trainer to help her get along better with dogs. Diamond very quickly warmed up to her new doggy friends, in fact, she lives in a multi-dog household. She even resolved her issues with cats as she is living with two right now. Diamond's new family took their time integrating this girl into their home ... slowly introducing her to all the things in life she was never exposed to. She has thrived with all the love and dedication. 

Today, it was made official. Diamond has been adopted. Thank you to ALL that made this rescue possible. Thank you to Diamond's new family for loving her and giving her this chance to shine. We hope to have pictures and a happy tail to add to our website soon.

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Feb 9/09
Found this wonderful video and thought you might like to see it. Check it out...

 ... just wonderful!

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Feb 6/09

Pitbull or Rottweiler/Boxer Mix
The Mississauga News had a great editorial the other day about a very disturbing incident that happened in Mississauga. Here is the article for your perusal.

Now, I'm not a lawyer, but I would be interested to know if the Veterinary Association has an ethics committee. In my opinion, this vet should be hauled up on the carpet for what he has done. It is unfortunate that his name cannot be published so that unsuspecting dog owners don't fall into the same trap. I will be following this story very closely and will update when I can.

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Feb 5/09

Collars and Young Dogs 
Recently, a friend of mine lost a beloved family pet. The dog was young and full of energy. Their day started out like any other, however, a seemingly harmless accessory/necessity took this puppy's life. The puppy and her furry sister went out for their daily romp...frolicking and having fun. While out of brief eyeshot, the puppy must have tried to jump on her sister and her collar got caught on her fur-sisters sweater. It took only moments for this poor puppy to die by strangulation. The family was heartbroken. 

Most people would never think that a dog collar, securely fastened, could cost a dog it's life. But it CAN happen and it actually happens quite often. Puppies and higher energy, curious doggies have a habit of getting into places they shouldn't be. They want to explore!!

I had a similar incident happen in our yard when one of my puppies tried to get underneath our chain link fence. His collar got caught on the bottom of the fence and he struggled to get out. Thankfully I was in the yard and immediately saw what was happening. My fingers were shaking as I tried to release the pressure from his collar. It wasn't helping that he was pulling with all his might and only tightening the grip on his neck. The collar was stuck and the clasp wouldn't open. It seemed to take forever to finally free him. From that day forward, I have not put collars on any of my young, energetic dogs. The memory of trying to free this puppy and almost losing him will forever be etched in my mind. 

I hope that others will learn from this and avoid a heartbreaking situation. Accidents happen in a heartbeat.

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Feb 4/09

Spoil Me Pets - Mount Forest 
Our friend Denise, owner of Spoil Me Pets in Mount Forest is at it again!! 

Denise has chosen to raise awareness about Dental Health for your pets AND help animals in need. Here is a bit about Spoil Me Pets fundraising event:

February is Dental Health month for your pets ... and Spoil Me Pets is doing another wonderful fundraiser to help our animals in need. 

For $1.00 you can purchase a Smiley Face and dedicate it from your own furry friend. All the proceeds will go directly to ANML-RESQ and the animals who need help. 

So, if you are in the Mount Forest area, drop in and say "Hi" to Denise, pick up a treat or two for your pal and help out ANML-RESQ at the same time.

All of us at ANML-RESQ would like to thank Denise for her continued support.

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Feb 3/09

Abby Rose, Petey, Fido and Precious 
We have had some nice updates and pictures, lately, of our happily adopted.

Our dear Abby Rose has undergone yet another surgery on her mouth. Poor girl has been through so much in her life. First, she had to endure years of being bred for profit - no human contact or affection. She was used strictly for the puppies she could produce. When she could finally produce no more, she became a bill of expense to the miller.

Thankfully we were able to take Abby into our care and poor baby has been through many surgeries to repair the years of neglect. We know how much this girl is loved by her forever family. They have been by her side all the way. Their love and devotion is readily apparent. This love and commitment will clearly help Abby to heal quickly. Here is Abby Rose wearing her collar. 

She has to wait until Feb13th before it comes off. Everyone at ANML-RESQ send our love and best wishes to Abby and her family.

We also received a picture of our little man Petey. This little weiner has come a long way since arriving in his forever home. 

He was such a terror to the resident cats, but as you can see ... with devotion and dedication, his mom Joyce has turned him into a cat-lover instead of feline foe. Way to go Petey!!

We also received a new picture of Precious and Fido. What an adorable pair these two are. We are happy to report that they are thriving in foster care. 

They both went to the vets for their regular vaccinations and had a full check up. Both are doing well and are in good health. Way to go P & F!! 

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Feb 2/09

What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know 
Today was Willy's day in Wiarton. The little guy, Wiarton Willy, is originally from Markdale - but we won't tell anyone. His prediction, today, was for 6 more weeks of winter ... CAN'T WAIT!!! [we have had so much snow].

On another note, the Farmer's Almanac predicted that we would have less snow to finish this winter ... we can only hope as we have had almost 150cm of snow so far [ we don't need more!]. Just can't wait for spring. But this weekend we should be seeing some nice temperatures as Saturday should get to 6oC.

I thought I would take the liberty to tell you about the hand-out that was prepared by the Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC). 

This hand-out was passed out at their booth at various events and discusses the Dog Owners Liability Act 2005 (DOLA) in terms that every dog owner can understand.

It is factual information that YOU, as a dog owner, need to know. 


In 2005, the Ontario Liberal government amended the Dog Owners' Liability Act despite overwhelming opposition from experts in Canada, the US and the UK.

The CKC, OVMA, OSPCA, Toronto Humane Society, AVMA, RSPCA, Canada Safety Council and many others all voiced their opposition to the Liberals' plan to ban three very rare purebred dogs in Ontario - and any dogs who look like them.

How rare? In Ontario there are fewer than 1,000 purebred dogs named in the Ontario legislation - in a dog population estimated at 3.5 million.

There is no breed of dog named 'pit bull'. This is a slang street term used to describe any medium-sized, short-haired dog with a square muzzle. The term is used in the legislation, but since most of the so-called 'pit bulls' we've seen are simply garden-variety mutts, we just call them lookalikes.

Almost any randomly bred dog can fit the 'pit bull' description, as owners of unrelated dogs who have been harassed under the law have discovered. So can many unrelated purebreds.

Here are the key points that every dog owner needs to know:  continued..>

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