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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Rambo to be sentenced February 29th - cross your fingers and toes!!!

Feb 29, 2008


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RAMBO to be Sentenced TODAY
Today's the day that Rambo has his day in court.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Rambo's case, he is a young dog that escaped from his yard on Christmas day and found himself in the hands of animal control in Mississauga. He did nothing wrong other than manage to escape from his yard. He had been seized and segregated from all other dogs.


He was deemed a "pit bull" type dog, born AFTER the pit bull ban (Bill 132) and sentenced to die. This innocent animal has been kept away from ALL people and is not allowed out of his prison cell. What a terrible ordeal this must be for the little puppy. NO human attention, NO affection, as he must wile away the hours EVERY day by himself. Talk about cruel!!!! My God....serial killers get better than what Rambo's getting. Murderers, rapists and even terrorists are allowed visitors......but NOT an innocent puppy....what is this world coming to? I don't know how this court case will play out for Rambo. I PRAY the outcome is favorable....he has SO many people fighting for his life. I am glad for Rambo's sake that he has no idea what is about to happen today. He is in a fight for his life and today will decide whether Rambo lives or dies.

If you can make it to Rambo's court case, PLEASE DO!!! Please show your support for Rambo and all other innocent dogs that are being killed every day in Ontario under the guise of Bill 132.The trial will be held at the Mississauga Courthouse, 950 Burnhamthorpe Rd, Mississauga, Ontario (Room M1) but check room again, as this could change.

There will also be a rally in support of Rambo, starting at noon, so if you can be there to show your support, please do.

My thoughts and prayers are with Rambo today. I know I won't be able to think of anything else. I pray his life will be spared.

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Feb 28, 2008

Can't Wait
You might remember my blog a few weeks back, about Balou. Ever since I saw his picture I was "in love". I have not been able to get him out of my mind and today I had the BEST news ever about Balou.

I had an old friend get in touch with me last week. Our friends adopted a rottweiler puppy that I was fostering almost 5 years ago. My girl is doing very well. Unfortunately, she lost her brother several weeks ago and is missing him terribly. My friends contacted me to let me know they wanted to find a friend for their girl and thought fostering would be an ideal way to find a new companion AND help at the same time.

The wheels started spinning...and Balou was first on my mind as I know this home would be JUST what Balou needed. Balou is as cute as they come, but he is a big boy and needs a firm hand. Who better to teach him to be an ambassador than this very loving and responsible couple AND their girl Sophie?

Today, all the arrangements have been made and they will be picking Balou up on the weekend. Woohoo!!! FINALLY, I get to meet this boy that has stolen my heart so many weeks ago. You can count on LOTS of pictures and updates on our newest addition so watch for next weeks blogs as I have no doubt they will be very entertaining!

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Feb 27, 2008

Winter Blues
It has been a long winter and my doggies are itching for some nice weather. We are finally seeing some nicer temperatures and spring can't come too soon for all of us.

I don't know about you all, but I used to be one of those people that said "No way am I going to dress up my dog"!! For as long as I have had rottweilers, I never even considered doggy apparel. I thought they would look like sissys. A lot of my friends (who own pitbulls) used to inundate me with pictures of their pibbles, all dressed up. I used to get a kick out of these pictures, but STILL would not consider dressing my own furkids. In my mind, I thought the dog would feel ridiculous in clothes. LOL, was I wrong!!! My girl Tegra LOVES dressing up. As soon as I pull out her wardrobe, she gets extremely excited. "Oh boy!! Mommy's getting my clothes ready - we're going visiting"!! Tegra is a big girl and often times, when I take her with me in my travels, she gets a lot of looks. I found if Tegra is without clothing, she appears big and scary to many (even though she's a big love-bug). Most people will go out of their way to find the easiest route around us with as much distance as possible. However, if Teggy's dressed, the perception people have of her has clearly changed. People will walk up to us WITHOUT hesitation and talk with us. It is amazing the change in people when they see a dog that would normally scare them, but because she is wearing a t-shirt, they are less reluctant to flee and more apt to approach us.

Tegra's whole persona changes as well when she is dressed. She LOVES wearing clothes and prances around proudly, showing off her duds. Here is a picture of Tegra with her raincoat. lol ... talk about an aristocrat.

Now, my Sassy is a different story. Sassy is not a "girly-girl", rather she is more like a tomboy. I have never been able to put a t-shirt on her without her immediately trying to rip it off. Hats - FORGET IT!!! But I have a really cool t-shirt that I wanted her to wear. I thought I would give it a shot, who knows, maybe Sassy is "picky" about what she wears. Strangely enough, she loved this tee-shirt and made no attempts to take it off. Even when her brothers tried removing her tee, she got very upset and told them in no uncertain terms to "back off". She pranced around the house in all her glory...proud as a peacock in her new tee. Perhaps it was the message, written on the back of the t-shirt? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good shot of the words on the back, but it seemed to give Sassy a "new attitude" LOL...the t-shirt says "My Dog Votes" I was so proud of my little girl, prancing around outside with her new shirt, telling the boys "look at me, aren't I beautiful"? So I asked her to pose nicely with her brother and smile for the camera. It may be my only chance at a picture of Sassy in a t-shirt.

So here is a picture of my Sassy in her's probably the only time you'll ever see her dressed!! Talk about ATTITUDE!

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Feb 26, 2008


Dog Legislation Council of Canada - Advocates for responsible dog ownership!

February 2008

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

"I was just looking at my dog, Jack.  He has a short coat, a short muzzle and a deep chest.  He's about knee-high.  I think he's a brown Labrador mix but who knows?   I got him from a friend when he was just a pup.  There was a case in Toronto just last week where a dog that looks like Jack is at the pound because animal control thinks he's a 'pit bull'.  I am nervous when I take him for a walk these days, people stare at us and make comments.

I worry a lot, being a dog owner living in Ontario .  Is my dog safe?  Can I be sure?  Well, not really because nobody seems to know which dogs fit the law and which dogs don't.  And that's one of the big problems with Ontario 's dog ownership ban. Every dog and no dog is a 'pit bull'."

 -- Ontario Citizen, received via email--


Breed banning is spreading across the continent.   Mandatory sterilization and complex ownership rules complete the hat trick used to limit the breeding and ownership of dogs.  Using outright lies and distortions, the anti-pet owner groups have been busy.  Their aim is openly stated:  they want to end the domestication of animals, including dogs. 

In Europe there is mounting pressure to restrict breeding and pet ownership. Unfortunately, what starts there often comes here - as we saw with the infamous Dangerous Dogs Act.

California, Ontario, Ohio, Illinois, Louisville, Albuquerque - with each passing day another town or district is talking about or enacting a new law targeting dog owners and breeders.


The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC) in partnership with other Banned Aid Coalition members, has been one of the driving forces in the constitutional  challenge to Ontario 's confusing legislation.

We realize that our goal, while simple, may not be clear:  We are determined to fight for the rights of every dog owner across the country.  We oppose breed bans, mandatory spay/neuter laws, elitist property requirements, limit laws and other anti-breeder, anti-owner legislation.

We know that even some dog owners have fallen prey to the media hysteria and political lies that allowed the passing of the Ontario law and others like it.  We know that myths about pet overpopulation, uncaring profit-driven breeders, dangerous breeds and more are widely believed.

We are fighting the Ontario ban through the courts, not because of a breed or mixed breed but because the Ontario government has taken away the rights of people who have done no wrong - people like us.

Dog owners in Ontario , regardless of their pet's breed, are now subject to warrantless entry and unreasonable search and seizure.  They can be charged if a dog is considered to be 'menacing' - with no definition of it in the law.  They are open to mischief and harassment. 

Owners of some dogs are now subject to the above plus restrictions on mobility, presumption of guilt, reversal of the burden of proof in a hearing, discrimination, intimidation and stigmatization.  How long will it be until more breeds are added to the restricted or prohibited lists?  As we have seen, the Ontario law already casts a very wide net indeed.

The precedent for the banning of purebred dogs and dogs that are 'substantially similar' in appearance has been set into provincial law and was upheld in a recent Superior Court decision.  Three purebreds, two CKC-recognized, one recognized by other registries, are restricted and prohibited in Ontario . As a dog owner, that should alarm you as much as it alarms us.

We cannot allow governments to take rights away from people on a whim or to decide what type of dogs we should own.  We cannot allow governments to prosecute citizens, not because of their actions but because of the physical appearance of their living, breathing pets.

The case is extremely expensive and we need your help.  We cannot fund a constitutional challenge against an opponent with bottomless pockets (the Ontario government) alone.

To date, we have raised and spent over $525,000 on this legal action and our costs continue to mount as we prepare for the Appeal.

The Dog Legislation Council of Canada is an all-volunteer, all-breed, not-for-profit corporation  with members in every province.  All funds raised, including membership fees, are put directly into the legal fund.

We need your contribution now to carry on the fight for dog owners' rights.  Please help us win the battle to protect dog ownership in Canada .   It's time for dog owners to stand together and speak with one voice. 

It's time to say 'No!' to anti-dog owner legislation. You can contribute in one of four ways:

1. Send a cheque or money order payable to Banned Aid to:

Attention:  Cathy Prothro
National Secretary/Treasurer - Banned Aid Coalition
351 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth NS B2Y 3S4

2. Send a cheque or money order payable to Ruby & Edwardh with "Banned Aid - In Trust' on the memo line to:

Ruby and Edwardh
Barristers and Solicitors
11 Prince Arthur Avenue
Toronto , ON M5R 1B2

3. Contribute online at DLCC: http://www.doglegis lationcouncilcan html)

4. By online banking transfer to treasurer @ doglegislationcounc ilcanada. org (no spaces)

Every dollar counts Thank you for your support - together we can win this. Victory is just a leash-length away!

~ The DLCC Executive~

Want to be heard?  Join us!  http://www.doglegis lationcouncilcan ip.html

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Feb 25, 2008

Awesome Updates
We have had some awesome updates on a few of our adopted bullies this weekend (-:

Karen had the honour of going to visit with Flex and his mom and dad ... I am SO jealous Karen (-; Flex is such a lucky boy to have found David and Jackie. As is often the case with bullies, they can wait a LONG time before finding their forever homes. Flex waited well over a year, our girl Faith waited a year and a half and of course, our man Peppi... but for these babies ... I have no doubt the wait was WELL WORTH IT! The happy tails and pictures are what we live for (-: Speaking of "long-timers" ... our boy Snickers has been waiting almost 2 years for his forever home! We can't understand why as he is incredibly handsome and SMART TOO! I am so looking forward to summer and meeting all our adoptees and their people again. But for now, we live for their updates and pictures.

We also had a GREAT update on our boy Dudley. He was one of our BSL babies that was destined to leave Ontario. He is now living happily in British Columbia with his fur-sister and family. We received some pictures yesterday and note that he has grown into such a handsome boy. Keep an eye out on our Happy Tails for pictures of Dudley ... but for now, here is a picture of the little monkey. 

As you can see, he may be trying a new "fashion statement". Whatcha think?

Also, please check out Buddy on our website. This senior boy would SO love to have his forever home. If you think you would like a really laid back fellow, please contact his rescuers.

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Feb 22, 2008

Jamie and Parvo
I had a wonderful update yesterday about my previous foster puppy Jamie. I'm sure you have heard me mention Jamie many times, as he is a foster I will NEVER forget.

Jamie came to us one day in September. A couple of days after he arrived we got the call for another puppy that was in urgent need for help. That is when our little girl Sassy arrived. Jamie and Sassy hit it off immediately and became fast friends. The two puppies played and wrestled non-stop. They were having the times of their lives and we were having a riot watching them.

Then, one morning we got up and I brought the puppies out for their potty. When we got back in, I prepared their breakfast. Sassy gulped down her food, enjoying every kibble, but Jamie just looked at his, snubbed his nose and went to lay down. Hhmm, maybe he was tired? Very unusual though ... Jamie always inhaled his food like it was his last meal. But he's a puppy, maybe they played too hard yesterday and he was just plain tired. 

But as the day went on, Jamie never livened up. ALL he wanted to do was sleep. So, we let him rest as we entertained Sassy. The whole day went by and Jamie never touched a meal ... something wasn't right. He also never touched a drink of water. I tried everything to make him take a drink of water; to no avail. This was very disturbing. As we already had a vet appointment for the two to get vaccinated, I figured I would bring Jamie for the appointment, but would refuse the vaccination until he was eating and drinking. 

We lifted him onto the examining table and I explained to the vet my concerns. She got a strange look on her face as she examined him. She looked at me and asked if we could do a parvo test. Of course I said YES ... never dreaming he could have parvo, but would certainly like to rule it out. Unfortunately, the test came back positive for parvo. My whole world came to a sudden halt. OH NO!!!!!!! NOT PARVO! I think I almost fainted when I heard parvo. It is a disease we hear of ALL the time and it is an owner's worst nightmare. 

Parvo is deadly to puppies and even mature dogs with a compromised immune system. Parvo can wipe out a shelter in one fell swoop!! What about Sassy? What about my pack? They examined Sassy and told me "at this point in time, Sassy does not seem to be affected. There is a chance that she could escape the dreaded parvo, if her immune system was not compromised. We took our Sassy home to keep a close eye on her while we said our "good-byes" to Jamie as he was so sick, he had to be placed on IV fluids immediately. 

The next couple of days were extremely stressful. I watched my dogs for any signs of illness. On Sunday evening, my Sassy started with the same symptoms as Jamie. She stopped eating and started throwing up. No food and no water. I immediately called the vet, but my vet was not on call ... I would have to call the vet in a nearby town. I called them and told them what was happening to Sassy. The vet told me he didn't think she was sick and didn't think it was necessary to bring her in. I SCREAMED at him that my girl was sick, she very likely had parvo (as I told him Jamie's story) and he STILL didn't want me to bring Sassy in. He told me she could wait until morning. I was not hearing any of it. I DEMANDED he meet me at his office in 3/4 of an hour cause that's how long it would take me to get there. He reluctantly agreed and met us about the same time we arrived. We brought Sassy into the examining room and he kept telling me "this dog is NOT sick ... look at her ... you are imagining things". I told him that I was NOT imagining things and I demanded that he sign her in and prep her. AGAIN, he reluctantly agreed, making me feel like an overprotective pet owner that was imagining things. 

We left our Sassy there with the promise I would call FIRST thing in the morning to check on her. I didn't even get a chance to call them as they called me at 7:00 a.m. Sassy DID in fact start throwing up uncontrollably at 2 a.m. (they had monitors and timers) and he told me that my instincts were right!! Had we NOT brought Sassy in to be hooked up to IV fluids, she would have been dead by morning. THAT is how quickly parvo can kill. 

I was so ticked at this vet that I told them to get Sassy ready for transport. I was calling my vet to let them know that we would be bringing Sassy in as well. So we loaded our little girl into our truck, all hooked up to IV fluids and brought her to our vet where she could be with Jamie. My two babies spent a week at our vets and as I mentioned before, one day they would be doing well, the next day Jamie was critical. Jamie was much sicker than Sassy was ... parvo hit him VERY hard. This is a picture of Jamie and Sassy the day they came back to us (one week later).

Jamie was skin and bones. His entire body was wracked with pain and I couldn't even lift him up without causing pain. My heart broke for Jamie. We had to keep them segregated from the rest of the pack for two weeks.

Thankfully, both survived and Jamie was adopted about a month after full recovery. I was heartbroken when he left as he was still so skinny. I worried about him all the time. 

Yesterday, we got a fantastic update on Jamie. He is now a strong, healthy boy ... tipping the scales at 130 lbs. lol! I can't believe he is the same puppy that left here. Look at him now (-:

I love you Jamie and I will NEVER forget you. You have such a wonderful, loving family and I can't be happier for you!

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Feb 21, 2008

Meika, Tank and Brie
We got some great pictures last night from Meika's foster mom, Allie.

Meika is growing like a weed. This little girl, at 17 weeks is as big as her full-grown foster is, Brie. Wow, what a difference a month makes. Pretty soon Meika will be telling Brie "...I'm bigger than you ... you can't make me!"

Meika has a lot of energy and she's keeping foster mom pretty darn busy. She is curious and seems to want to explore everything with her mouth. She's also quite the adventurer ... and loves to get onto high places so she can see everything around her (lol) ... Here is a great picture of Meika, with our recently adopted boy Tank. 

Allie had the honour of watching our man Tank for a day while his mom was away. Tank and Meika had the time of their lives playing together. Tank was so gentle towards Meika (even though she was being a brat with him). 

And here is a picture of Meika and her BEAUTIFUL sister Brie. 

Brie has grown up to be such a pretty girl ... we are all so proud of our girl Brie. Don't they look good together too?

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Feb 20, 2008

Rambo Update
Rambo's court case - Appeal - is on February 29th! There is a protest planned at the Municipal Court on Burnhamthorpe Road near Perivale Road in Mississauga, ON. If there is any chance you can be there to show your support for Rambo, PLEASE BE THERE! Rambo has a facebook:

Fantastic news for Muffi. Thank you to all of the people that emailed us to offer this girl a home. What an incredible few days it has been. Muffi has found herself a forever home. We are all thrilled that she won't have to be surrendered to that shelter. Congratulations Muffi! 

Muffi also brought an old friend back to us through our newsletter (which she was featured on) - Russell and Susan (who adopted one of my fosters 5 years ago) offered to take Muffi into their care. Thank you Russ and Susan. I love you both and I can't wait to see Sophie and you this summer (-:

I also heard from CB's mom yesterday. She has joined us on Facebook ( we're getting lots of pictures of CB with promises of more to come (-:

While I'm on the subject of pictures ... ANML-RESQ will be having a pet calendar contest this year for our 2009 calendar. Deadline is September 30th, 2008 and you can enter as often as you wish and from anywhere on this planet!!!! Go for it. Top three winners will win a free calendar and their pet's picture will go into our Cafepress Store for everyone to see and buy! I can't wait to see your pictures!
Check out the website for more details...> 

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Feb 19, 2008

Misidentifying Breeds
Ontario is a very scary place to live in these days ... if you love a dog(s). Ever since Bill 132 was implemented in 2005, I shudder to think HOW many dogs/puppies have been killed for no reason, other than their appearance. 

Time and time again, we hear of people, who's dogs have been seized and deemed "illegal" bull breeds. Every day, dogs found straying are captured, only to be killed because no owner has stepped up to claim them. Why? Is it because they were aggressive? Did they bite someone? Are they considered to be dangerous? Heck NO! The only reason they have come to the end of their life is because of the way they look. 

Case in point: This is about a chocolate lab that escaped from his backyard and ended up in a scuffle with another dog and that owner. Munchie has now been ordered to be put to death as he was deemed to be a pitbull (even though he looks nothing like a pitbull). I've seen pictures and I have no doubt in my mind that he is a Lab. I have a question about this case that has been bothering me since I read about it. If Munchie was NOT deemed a pitbull, rather the chocolate lab that he is ... would the Lab have been ordered put to death too? OR would the Lab be deemed dangerous and have a muzzle order placed on him? I already know the answer to this question and it "smacks" of discrimination to me. 

If this were a Golden Retriever or Lab, I firmly believe the dogs life would be spared and a muzzle order placed on the dog. It completely boggles my mind that this dog will pay the ultimate price (for getting out of his yard), yet the other dog-owner will probably walk away with a slap on the wrist for threatening Munchie's owner with a knife, knocking down their door and uttering threats. 

This, to me, is a much more serious offence, yet who is going to pay? Munchie ... that's who. For all of you that thought Bill 132 would not affect you because you don't own a bull-breed ... think AGAIN! Breed misidentification happens EVERY DAY in Ontario. Keep your beloved doggies safe and confined, because, God help them if they happen to accidentally get out. It could cost them their life - ESPECIALLY if they are short-coated, boxy-headed and somewhat muscular in physique. 

I pray that Munchie's owners will appeal. My thoughts and prayers are with you Munchie!

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Feb 18, 2008

This little girl ALMOST met her fate on Saturday.

A friend of ANML-RESQ happened to be at a shelter [unamed shelter] on another matter when she saw a lady come in with a dog. The lady told the shelter staff that she was surrendering her dog, Muffi, because she was moving. So the shelter staff gave her the surrender forms to be fill out. 

While the lady was filling out the surrender forms our friend approached her (took her aside) and explained to this lady that if she surrenders Muffi to this shelter, she will die. Of course the woman had NO idea this would be Muffi's fate and our friend asked if it was possible that the lady take her home and allow ANML-RESQ to try and find help for Muffi. 

Thankfully, the lady agreed, but in no uncertain terms she explained that she will be moving this weekend, so if nothing is found, she will have no choice but to surrender Muffi to the shelter. Our friend immediately agreed and decided to spend some time with Muffi to see what she is all about. 

Our friend reports that Muffi is a very affectionate girl, always trying to kiss you (which means she jumps up a lot). These bad manners can most certainly be worked out. Other than needing some training, Muffi is as sweet as they come. She is approximately 2-3 years old and a mastiff mix. She is a bundle of energy and her butt never stops wiggling. She is housetrained and knows her basic commands. While Muffi was at the shelter a woman came in holding a cat. Muffi was very interested in the cat and wanted to see her (so, of course jumped up on the woman) but Muffi showed no aggression towards the cat, only curiosity. Muffi apparently gets along well with other dogs too. 

We only have until Friday Feb 22nd to find her a foster or forever home. We don't want to see Muffi surrendered to that shelter as it will mean certain death. I hope the fact that our friend was there that day is a "sign" that Muffi was meant to be saved ... we hope that is so possible! 

If you can provide a safe foster home OR would like to adopt Muffi, please contact us immediately ... time is NOT on her side. 

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Feb 15, 2008

Good Bye
We had to say good-bye yesterday to our beloved Jack.


He had finished his round of medication on Monday. Although there wasn't a marked improvement after a few days, he still seemed to me to be feeling better. He was eating, drinking and wanting to be surrounded by his family. By the time Wednesday came along, he stopped using his leg again. We had an appointment for Thursday for x-rays so we got Jack ready for his vet visit. I didn't have a good feeling by this time. 

I wanted so bad for the vets to tell me that Jack had something that could be fixed. Instead, the x-rays confirmed what we feared most. My Jack had Osteosarcoma, a very aggressive form of bone cancer. I broke down on the spot. My husband tried to console me, but all I could hear was the dreaded diagnosis. What were his options? Our vet showed us Jack's x-rays after showing us the x-ray of a healthy leg. As she pointed out the spots on the x-ray that showed how thin Jack's bones were, she explained how the disease would progress. At this point, it had probably already gone into his lungs. I was told his leg could be amputated, but that would buy him MAYBE two months. I could not do that to my Jack. I couldn't put him through such invasive surgery in the hopes of giving him 2 more months (IF that). She explained that this is a very painful disease and Jack was definitely in pain and it would only get worse. Eventually, his leg bone could shatter. 

My husband and I held each other and wept. We knew that there was only one option for our beloved Jack and that was to let him go to the Bridge. I held my baby in my arms until the life slipped away from him. I tried to be brave for my Jack, but when I felt his last breath leave him, the tears were uncontrollable. I thank God my baby went peacefully.

I remember so vividly how excited Jack would be when we brought a puppy or two home to be fostered. His eyes lit up with excitement. He loved the puppies so much. He was such a good foster brother.

Jack, I never told you, but I know you will be surprised when you reach the Bridge. Three of your foster sisters will no doubt be there to meet you at the Bridge. Your favorite foster sister Eclipse is waiting for you as well as little Pippin and of course our Baby-Abby. And I can just picture your two big brothers, Bud 1 and Bud 2 waiting for you as well. Remember them? The ones you loved to pester?

Run and play hard with your brothers and sisters my beloved Jack. For the first time in your life you will be pain-free. We will always remember you and one day we will all be together again.

Until we meet again, Rest in Peace my baby boy.

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Feb 14, 2008

Baby Abby
This is the reason I am so adamant about puppy mills. This beautiful girl came into our home one July day, almost 4 years ago.

She was taken from a shed ... a shed with NO light and no windows. This was her prison. Here, she existed for years, producing litter after litter. Never seeing the light of day, never seeing the outside world. Her meals came sporadically and when she was fed, it was thrown on the floor for her to scavenge. Water dishes were filled with green slime and no fresh water. The only love she was shown was from her puppies who were snatched from her, only to leave her alone once again, until she produced her next litter. 

When this girl came to us she could not hold herself up. She was so weak she couldn't move forward without falling every couple of feet. My heart broke for her as I saw her make her way to me. She had no hair on her ears, bug bites covered her body and her eyes had a white film covering them. Her teeth were ground down to the gums from her many attempts at escaping her prison of hell and I was sure her sight was impaired. Her hip bones and ribs stuck out ... she was such a sad, sad sight to behold. 

We took her to the vet and could not even vaccinate her as she was too thin and weak. Our job was to bring her back to health, although we knew she would never come back 100%. Not only did we have to bring her back, health wise, but this girl knew nothing about living with a family. She had to learn from scratch how to eat and drink from a bowl. 

I exercised her every day with walks through the trails. She loved to walk next to me and explore this world she has never seen before. Baby came everywhere with me and she looked forward to car rides. With every day spent with Baby, I fell more and more in love with her. My heart still ached as even though she was gaining weight, she never regained the full use of her back legs. She would be walking along when suddenly her legs would give out and "boom" she was on the ground again. But her rugged determination brought tears to my eyes. Who would ever want to adopt this bedraggled girl?


After a couple of months our Baby was finally able to be spayed ... NEVER again would she have to produce a litter! I also should mention that when Baby first saw the vet, they told me she was at least 10 years old. By looking at her, it would be hard to doubt she was 10, but something in her told me she was younger. Just a certain way she would look at me, her eyes told me she was not that old ... she only looked that way because of the abuse and neglect. She had a certain "playfulness" about her that told me she was younger. 

On the day of her spay, I called the vets to see how she had done with her surgery. They told me she did very well and they had some good news ... Baby was, in fact, only about 4-5 years old (they could apparently tell her age by her insides). This girl blossomed with every day that went by. 

It was now time to post her for adoption. God, I loved this girl, and again, I REALLY didn't think anyone would love this girl enough to adopt her. She would never be physically perfect. I called her my "weeble" as she weebled and wobbled everywhere, BUT with GUSTO!! She was finally enjoying life for the first time. Months went by and as suspected, no one was interested ... until one day we received an application for her and WOW, the people sounded perfect!! After doing all reference checks the time came closer for a "meet and greet". 

I will never forget, it was January and we had a HUGE snowstorm ... NO WAY would the people travel 3 hours in a snowstorm to meet her, but once again, I was surprised as Jill and Steve arrived right on time!! Next hurdle ... I had 3 of the cutest pitty pups, so how were we going to keep these puppies out of the limelight so our Baby could shine? Jill and Steve stayed 3 to 4 hours and spent all of their time with Baby; thank God the puppies didn't outshine my girl. They left with the promise they would think about adopting Baby and get back to us in a few days. I thought this would be the last we heard from them ... after all they met Baby in person and know she is not perfect and never will be. 

Three days later the call came. Jill told me that they had thought about Baby and discussed her adoption at length and they WANTED my girl!! OMG ... I couldn't believe it!! They actually WANTED our Baby - whoo hoo!! Arrangements were made to pick up their girl in February and as the day neared that Baby would leave us, I was really torn. I had Baby for 7 months and fell totally in love with her. I cried when they pulled away with my girl. God, I prayed it would work. Baby had a lot of issues due to her previous life. She didn't trust people, she didn't like most other dogs, most everything was new to her. We live in the country and Baby was moving to the city. 

I prayed it would work. Jill and Steve named her Abby and God, I could not have asked for better parents for Baby-Abby. They loved her unconditionally. We became fast friends and I visited Abby every chance I had (which was often). Unfortunately, my girl was diagnosed with mammory cancer, which would definitely be caused by the constant breeding and removing of her pups without weaning them from mom. It was the saddest day when I got the call from Jill that "it was time". I jumped in my vehicle and raced to Fergus. 

I promised my Baby I would be there for her "no matter what" and I am grateful I was able to keep my promise. Jill, Steve and I were there with Baby-Abby while she crossed over the Bridge. 

Baby-Abby will always have a special place in my heart and because of her, I have vowed to do everything I can to keep other dogs from suffering the same fate she had. Because of Baby-Abby, I am on a mission to do away with ALL puppy mills and backyard breeders. 

I have seen what neglect, abuse and suffering has caused. I continue to educate people about puppy mills, I attend protests, write letters and do what I can to be heard! 

Rest in Peace Baby-Abby. I will never forget you.

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Feb 13, 2008

Bill 132
Breed Specific Legislation and Bill 132 ... the beginning of a new direction in my life. 

It was 2003 and we had just moved to this area. We FINALLY had a place where are beloved Rottweilers could have a home and not be constantly judged by neighbours. We are very fortunate to be living in the country with lots of land. This was my opportunity to start seriously fostering. 

We had the wonderful opportunity of fostering a few rotti pups, who desperately needed a home. At about the same time, the talk was getting serious about BSL and banning pit bulls. More over, my reasoning for joining the fight against BSL was purely selfish ... I wanted to stop the banning of breeds as I knew if this ban went through our beloved Rottweilers would be next on the 'banned' list. 

While networking and joining MANY, MANY people in this fight, I met my first pit bull type dogs. Much to my surprise, they were the most loving, comical, loyal breed of dogs (NOTHING like what the media portrayed them as). I have never in my life met a dog with more pizzazz and personality than the bull breeds. 

Shortly after my first meeting, I was even MORE determined to stop this ridiculous ban. Everything I had read about them through the media was completely false. I TRULY wish that anyone that has never met a bull-breed would PLEASE do so. I promise you, your opinion will change very quickly. Just spend an afternoon with a pibble and I guarantee you will return with a different outlook on pit bulls. 

Personally ... I will ALWAYS want a pit bull in my life. We adopted our Sassy after fostering many, many bullies, prior to her, and we love her to pieces. I can't imagine life without her. I WANT to be able to adopt another pit bull. If we cannot overturn this ban in 10 years time there won't be any to adopt ... at least that's what the governments intention is. We can't let this happen!! No matter what your breed preference is, please join us in our fight to overturn this ridiculous law. YOUR breed of choice could be next!!!!!

We are waiting for the judge to "rewrite" the law (this in itself blows me away, as I always thought judges UPHELD the laws that lawyers/politicians enacted. I pray that her decision and the rewritten law is favorable ... however we still can't stop fighting unless and until the ban is completely abolished. 

BSL does NOT work and it's been proven time and time again and is too costly to enforce. Shelter workers are stressing and some are even ending up on sick leave as their hearts can't take it anymore! 

Let's all join together and tell our government and our local MPP's and ANYONE that will listen, that we do NOT want BSL in Ontario. We will not support a government that is taking away "our choice" of breed.

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Feb 12, 2008

Puppy Mill
I attended a rally 3 years ago to raise awareness of a specific puppy mill. Although all authorities were contacted and the place apparently investigated, this hell hole is still running and profiting from the abuse and neglect they instill EVERY day in the life of their prisoners ... helpless dogs. 

If there is one thing that I have come away with is that you should never buy puppies from pet stores or from flea markets. We have to stop these butchers who continue to profit from the animals. DO NOT allow these butchers to continue to make the animals suffer in these hell holes on a DAILY basis, it MUST STOP! While this particular story is about a mill in Quebec, there are many, many puppy mills operating in Ontario as well. We need to stop enabling these millers to profit the only way we can - cut off their source of supply. 

Nicole Joncas from Tejas Rescue, has been working for years to have this particular puppy mill shut down. Nicole has my deepest respect as I know how hard this fight has been for her. She has never given up and you can tell she is very driven and determined to end the misery of these innocent animals. I have placed Nicole's open letter here for you to read and spread the word for these innocent animals who can't speak for themselves - God bless you Nicole!

"I took notes this week while listening to two grown men cry as they recounted the callous brutality inflicted on helpless souls in the chamber of horrors of the puppy mill of Lamarche & Pinard. They iterated that one of the owners has no emotion, and the other derives a sadistic pleasure in hurting them. He killed two dogs just because...

When the second man goes into the mill, the dogs, mostly the large breeds, begin to cry and howl from fear, and when he approaches their cell, they slither to the back and begin to tremble uncontrollably. This they live from birth to death in the cold, dark hell of their only fault; that of having been born.

I won't pretend that I'm getting through each day but with the hopes that this will be exposed in the courts. I'm face down and each day and night gets longer and harder. My tranquillizer that once knocked me out for a couple of hours is no longer having it's effect, and long is the night that can't find a day.

These two men who cried helplessly, and I, will never again be able to have a normal life. I feel guilty when I sit down to eat and after a mouthful, I push it away. I can't enjoy the warmth of a hot bath, knowing that tortured souls are freezing and in fear, in a concrete prison. I can't listen to music anymore as this plunges me into depth of despair.

It is with this heavy burden, that I forge on to get through yet another day of caring for Teja's animals, ensuring that they are all fed and watered, that they have the blankets and straw in place to keep them warm through yet another long cold winter. At the end of the day, I drag myself up to my bedroom that has become a trap, where in spite of all my efforts to block out the visions of sadistic cruelty, they remain eating away at my very soul.

The trial will bring the invaluable awareness to the public about the shocking horrors in the puppy mills. We must never stop sending the strong message, that puppy mills are the warehouses that stock the inventory for the pet store industry. The mothers and fathers who produce the products never see the sun, never feel the grass under their paws, never hear a kind word. They are fed crap from the cheapest bags of dog food. They are never vetted, thus producing unhealthy babies who are then sold to pet stores to unknowing consumers. They unknowingly rush home with their new puppies, who within a short time get sick and die causing a lot of heartbreak, while the mothers waits in their cold prisons to be raped repeatedly until death relieves them of their living hell, and the beat goes on...

So long as animaquebec continues to let themselves be guided by PIJAC that sits on their board, and that animaquebec works in partnership with the dog pound Berger Blanc, there will be no end to the suffering of man's best friend, where we derive the only unconditional love we will ever know.

Once again, I beg you all to forward this email to all your contacts in effort to get the much needed funds to help us help them. Together we have raised close to $8,000. The estimated cost of the lawsuit is $50,000. We have a long way to go.

If anyone can organize, e.g., a silent auctions, I can get Via rail tickets, and hockey memorabilia.

The upcoming trial will be the only chance we have to end their suffering.

Thank you all for hearing me. Please visit Teja's web site at Tejas ( and read about the lawsuit.

Yours in rescue,

Nicole Joncas,
Universal Peace Embassador",
Cheques can be made out to:
(on the memo line please specify "lawsuit")

Teja's Animal Refuge
21511 McCormick Road
Glen Robertson, Ontario
K0B 1H0

Registered charity number: 85496 4202 RC0001

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Feb 11, 2008

I seem to think that Jack is feeling a little better. I hope I am not mistaken. I spoke with the vet's office on Friday and will take him in for x-rays to see how badly his leg/shoulder are affected. It has been storming here all weekend and all roads have been closed, so we may have to wait until tomorrow to take Jack to the vets. 

I have been slowly introducing you to my pack. You've already met Jack and Pebbles and our little 'sasspot' Sassy. Now, this is my boy Winston - he is mom's cling-on. I can't make a move without my Winston tagging along. 

My husband calls Winston "diamond eyes" as he has the most sparkling, shiny eyes and he reminds me of a big teddy bear. 

You can't quite see it in the picture, but he has a beard, mustache and big hairy feet. If I waxed his 'stache, it would stick out 3 inches on each side. lol Maybe I'll experiment with some of that goop ... it would make for some hilarious pictures!

I'll never forget the day I brought Winston home. He was about 5 months old and truly thought he would walk in and take over. Little did he know he had a pack of very experienced foster brothers and sisters that tuned him up pretty quickly and taught him that "around here" EVERYONE shares and everyone is respectful of each other. Lucky for Winston, he's a quick learner. 

My husband fell instantly in love with him and while I did not want to add another dog to our pack, I ONLY wanted to foster, it was not worth arguing about with my husband. lol He would have found fault with anyone who wanted to adopt him - so I gave in. Winston brings a lot of joy to our household and I couldn't imagine life without him.

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Feb 8, 2008

Jack Update
Jack has been on his medication for 4 days now and there has been no marked improvement. I do believe it is taking away the pain, although it's always hard to tell with our dogs. They try to hide their pain and discomfort and they do a very good job of it. That's why it will be so hard to come to any decisions.

Jack is eating like a horse and enjoys every meal. I've been cooking special meals for him and he loves it. Our little girl Sassy has declared herself Jack's guardian angel. She won't allow any of the other dogs near him and I watch as she protects her brother from harm. The boys are still young and rambunctious, not caring if they knock Jack over, so Sassy keeps them away! Sassy has always been extremely sensitive to the feelings of her pack. I'm so proud of my little girl. 

I would like to see how Jack does over the weekend before I call the vet. Maybe a couple of more days will show an improvement? I pray it does; I dread having to make a decision. I love my boy so much! How can I possibly let him go? But, I can't be selfish ... I can't let him suffer. He means too much to me and he has been through so much in his short life. I won't let him suffer. If there is one last thing I can do for my Jack, it will be to make that decision. 

If there isn't a cure for him and I can't take the pain away ... then the least I can do, for my loyal friend, is let him go with dignity. 

I love you Jack and I hope I do right by you. My heart is breaking...

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Feb 7, 2008

I have some good news for a few of the dogs that have made an appearance on our blog in the last week or so. Rocky, Titan and Scout have been adopted - yippee! Good news for the boys. I hope this handsome boy Sprague can also find his forever home.

Sprague is an adorable mixed breed, medium size dog. He is approximately 4 years old and has great house manners. Fully housetrained, up-to-date on all shots, neutered and HW tested. Sprague does well with female dogs and is learning to socialize with male dogs. He is incredibly smart, athletic, loyal and loving and would make a great addition to an active family! 

If you can offer a foster or forever home for Blaze, please contact Barkin Rescue at - our friends at Barkin Rescue would love to hear from you. Adoption fee applies.

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Feb 6, 2008

Prayers Needed for my Boy Jack
We had to take our boy Jack to the vets on Monday. He started limping on and off last week. At first, I wasn't too concerned as Jack is always goofing around and playing with the pups. I thought he may have sprained or pulled a muscle. At first he didn't put pressure on his leg, but in the following days he was hobbling around and putting pressure on the foot - I thought he was on the mend. I kept him quiet, lots of bed rest and I hoped he would be good as new. He even offered his leg to me to massage and rub out for him (I did this all weekend).

By Sunday - Jack was not himself. I was worried because he was very unsteady on his leg and I hadn't wanted him to hurt himself further so I had kept him quiet. I would call the vet Monday morning and ask if they could squeeze Jack in for a check-up.... thankfully, our vets would see Jack that morning.

My husband took Jack in, as I have been down and out with the flu for the last few days. I waited at home in anticipation to hear what was wrong with my boy. When my husband walked through the door with Jack the look on his face said it all. He didn't have to say a word ... I knew ... what they suspected ... Bone cancer! OMG, ... NOT bone cancer! Not my Jack ... the boy that has been through TOO much already in his short life. It's not fair! He's only 6 years old!

Right now Jack is on some very strong medication and we are praying that the medication will give him some relief with the pain he has been having with his leg ... l will not let my boy suffer. I promised him the day I adopted him that I would protect him and care for him for the rest of his life. If we can't take the pain away we have a very tough decision to make. It's a decision I can't bear to make.

I am asking you to send prayers and good wishes to our boy Jack. He could really use a miracle right now.

I love you Jack ... stay strong! Get better!


"Jack was used as a "bait dog" in dog fighting rings. He was a goofy puppy that had NO fight in him ... Jack was a lover; NOT a fighter. He was ripped and torn apart several times and I guess his owner felt he was worthless. The owner abandoned Jack at the vets after Jack underwent yet another surgery. Thankfully a wonderful vet tech saw his potential and called a rescue..."

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Feb 5, 2008

Big baby! Balou is only 10 months old, and already a hefty 68 lbs. of puppy. Balou is a love-muffin, with lots of slobbery kisses and saggy innocent eyes. Balou is going to be a very large dog, likely around 100+ pounds, and he needs an owner with lots of experience with the bully breeds and Molosser personalities. 

Balou needs guidance and daily attention now, so that when he is full grown he will be a good dog. He is a determined but lovable puppy, and only means to play. With his size and strength, he can be a handful. Right now, he is just a big, happy, goofy, sweet-natured puppy. Balou is neutered, vaccinated, treated with Revolution, dewormed and microchipped. His adoption fee is $550.00 and includes his health record. Applicants must have no other pets, no children, no apartments. Please check with All Breed Canine Rescue and email for more information.

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Feb 4, 2008

He is an attractive mix-breed boy, approximately one year old, and his life has not been one to envy. Dakota has not been loved as he should have been, cowers at sudden movements or raised hands but his spirit is intact. 

Dakota is housebroken, often quiet, appears to like other dogs, absolutely loves to play but would blossom if ableto accompany the newfamily to training classes. Leash walking is seen as a game and he loves to leap about trying to get the leash in his teeth. 

This sad boy's spirit has not been snuffed out by his past ordeal, but rather he just is a teenager wanting to play and learn how to properly divert all that energy in an appropriate manner!

Although Dakota early days have not been optimum, he has a sweet nature but does exhibit fear at timesso will need a quiet, patient home (children 10+) until he becomes more confident and trusting.

It should be noted, however, that he has never shown any nasty or hidden side, and has never attempted to growl or nip. This young boy needs an experienced owner to give him a break and allow him to blossom into the dog he knows he can become. 

"Love me, lead me, show me and I will do my best to please you" is what Dakota is trying to say". Anyone interested in Dakota, please call the Upper Credit's Humane Society at 519-833-2287 for a meet and greet. 

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Feb 1, 2008


 I introduced you to a couple of my furkids - Pebbles and Jack. Now, I think it's time to introduce you to Sassy. 

This picture of Sassy was taken when she first arrived at our home. She was full of herself, very likely removed from mom and siblings too early. 

Little Sassy then

Here she is with mama Pebs, getting one of MANY attitude adjustments. This little girl had "attitude up the whazoo" - lol! She made us laugh everyday with her antics. In Sassy's world ... it's ALL ABOUT SASSY! 

This little girl was to be named Hope, but in all honesty the name was not suited to her. We started to refer to her lovingly as the "mouth of the north" and decided to call her Sassy (we only ever got "sass" from her). Thank God she was a feisty little girl because 3 days after coming to us, our little angel fell ill with Parvo. 

She and Jamie came to us within a day of each other and Jamie was the first to start showing symptoms of something very serious. We rushed Jamie to the vet and after tests were done we received the dreaded news ... PARVO! OMG! I broke down at the vet's office - this is an owners worst nightmare (Parvo is deadly to puppies if not caught in time and is a painful, slow death which is highly contagious). I worried, not only about the puppies, but for my pack of Rottweilers as well. Rotti's are susceptible to Parvo even after they have been vaccinated. 

Thankfully, our vets diagnosed the disease quickly and both Jamie and Sassy were placed on IV fluids. My babies were gone for a week and it was touch and go. One day I would call for an update and they were doing well and the next day they weren't good. It was the worst week of my life as I waited and prayed for their lives. Thankfully they survived (I credit our vets for the tremendous care they gave our babies), but the hard part was only beginning. Upon their return home I had to keep them separate from my household and couldn't reintroduce them for 2 weeks.

During the next 2 weeks I basically stayed with the babies in the heated shed (we had a baby monitor on and the moment they stirred I was out with them). I had to literally strip off of all clothing, after handling the pups and before I entered our home. I had to throw all my clothes in the wash along with tons of bleach and jump in the shower. It was at this point that I could tend to my others dogs - but the pups would wake again and the cycle would continue. Four to five complete changes of clothing a day ... bleach was my best friend. By the time those 2 weeks were up, I was dragging my butt from shear exhaustion. My friends gave me encouragement and God knows I needed it. I couldn't have made it through without their kind wishes and prayers. I spoiled those two pups rotten while they were recovering and I had thought that no one would want them - but I was soon to be proved wrong. 

Soon after their recovery Jamie found a wonderful home. I cried when he left as I had been so close to the pups. Just after Jamie left an application for Sassy was received. OMG! At this point there was a decision to make, as I had fallen so in love with little Sassy and couldn't bear the thought of our little "mouthpiece" leaving us, do we keep her or let her go? After fostering 22 or 23 bully-breeds, I was bound to fail at some point ... I knew I had failed fostering with Sassy. We decided that this girl belonged with us forever. 

Sassy now

I don't think it came as much of a surprise to my friends and volunteers that Sassy was going to stay with us ... I think they had bets going as to when we'd finally "fess up" and admit to a failed foster. 

We thank God every day for bringing this little firecracker to us. Not a day goes by that she doesn't have us laughing and giggling. She is truly "one of a kind" and we are so proud to be owned by our Sassafrass.

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