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URGENT Foster for Tyson;
Sophie Update;
Bentley Still Needs a Home;
Loca Goes Home;
Sad Week;
Adopted Christmas Update;
Meet Chevy;
Russia Update;
RIP Boots;
Sophie Update;
Happy Holidays;

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Dec 24/13

Happy Holidays - We've been busy at ANML-RESQ in 2013 and are proud to say we have re-homed 32 dogs this past year and we are sending out a very loud BARK thanking those who have helped us make dreams come true. 

Heartfelt thanks are being sent your way -- our wonderful foster families; volunteers; Pet Valu in Oak Ridges & St. Catherines; TLC; The Dogs Inn; Shanncourt Boarding Kennel; Crawfords Garden Centre; Maple Lane Goldens and our wonderful adoptive homes. 

It is every single person who makes a difference in the life of these dogs - none of us can do without the other.

All of, us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario, wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014. Have a safe and happy holiday!
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Dec 23/13

Sophie Update - Here is an update from Mike on Sophie and their week together:

'So its been just over a week and sophie and I are both settling in well together. She cries just a little bit when I leave her in the crate and head to work, but I have a friend come and sit with her/take her out.

Click to enlarge...

I've had some really good times with her so far, we've been to probably 4 or 5 different dog parks and she walks off leash amazingly- she responds well to me calling her from afar and plays very well with other dogs. She is doing good with elevator and car rides.

Click to enlarge...

I'm working with her to cut out the barking but its not to bad, she's only had one accident inside the house but now we have each others timing down.

My entire family loves her and are so impressed with how well behaved she is. She is an amazing dog and such a life changer. I'm officially in love. Thank you so much!'

Thanks Mike, please send more pictures and updates as we love to see you two guys having a great time! Way to go on your first week!
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Dec 20/13

RIP Boots - We are saddened to tell you that we have lost another friend this week - our sweet elderly boy, Boots. 

I remember well, the day we were asked to help this already senior boy. He was a sweetheart right from the start and his family was smitten with him instantly. He did not have to wait long for this loving family to find him and we know he was loved from the moment Boots walked into their lives.  From Boots' Family:

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to let you know our beloved Boots, whom we adopted through ANML RESQ in 2009, quietly passed away last night. We knew when we adopted him that we wouldn't have many years with the old guy, but a little over four years seems so short now and the house is entirely too quiet without his larger than life personality and the tail that never stopped. 

Click to enlarge...

Boots was one of a kind and from the Halloween night back in 2009 when he came home, he fit into our family like he'd always known we were "his people". Thank you for matching us up with Boots & I will forever be grateful that he spent his golden years with us. I have too many stories about his antics to share, but rest assured that he brought us so much joy, love, and lots of laughs. ...Sabrina, Bryan, and Max

Our thoughts and prayers are with Boots' family at this very difficult time. No doubt there will be an emptiness in their hearts without their Boots. Rest in Peace Boots. May you watch over your family, until you meet again.
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Dec 18/13

Russia Update - Well, here is a blast from the past! And, look how handsome our boy Russia has grown up to be! He is stunning and looking very comfy in "his" chair. It sounds like Russia may be a little spoiled too - but that's okay! We love to hear how much our rescues are loved in their forever homes. 

Russia's adoptive home sent us an update! Here is what Mom Meggan had to say...

"He is our big dog that thinks he is little! Russia is well loved (and spoiled)! 

He's a pretty funny guy who seriously thinks he's a lap dog, which we don't help with cause we definitely love the cuddles from him!"

Thank you for the wonderful update and picture of Russia, Meggan! 
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Dec 17/13

Meet Chevy - We would like to draw your attention to this stunning boy who is looking for his forever family.  He is a courtesy post, so if you know of anyone interested in a handsome Shepherd, please have them contact (613) 528-1262 and tell them you are interested in hearing more about Chevy!

We love Chevy! Let us tell you a little bit about him. Chevy is a male Shepherd mix, under 2 years old, neutered, UTD on shots and microchipped. This boy is such a people pleaser, he is eager to obey. He knows many basic commands and performs them on cue, he also has a few tricks up his sleeve!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Being so young Chevy will sometimes gently mouth when excited or frustrated but a take a few steps away and he is redirected and ready for whatever comes next. Chevy needs a human that will offer him consistency and routine in order to create a strong loving bond with his special forever home. Chevy is a very fun loving boy who enjoys play time in a fenced in yard and controlled walks. At the end of the day all he wants to do is sit and snuggle up with you. I know what you are thinking, this boy sounds perfect! Well, we think he is ... practically perfect!? There is one important thing Chevy wants you to know. He does not like other dogs. 

Click to enlarge...

Whatever his reasons, he won't ever have doggy friends. Chevy is red flag dog when it comes to other pooches. He is reactive, barking and focused, when he sees other dogs. He will attack if there is no leash or barrier to stop him. For safety reasons, a home with children who are at least in their late teens is best suited. He would however be fine, in his home (all dogs should be supervised with children at all times) with children visiting. If you would like more information on Chevy, please contact us at (613) 528-1262. Chevy is located in the Cornwall area.
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Dec 16/13

Adopted Christmas Update - It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! (-: We are so excited to share some pictures of our happily adopted furkids dressed in the holiday attire.

Heidi is excited and ready for Christmas!

Timber and Tynan out for a stroll in their reindeer attire.

Sir Humphrey decked out with his best Christmas decor.

Oscar relaxing by a warm fire, visions of yummy treats dancing in his head.

And, Kylie looking as pretty as a princess in her new Christmas doo.

Don't forget to send in your furkid's picture so we can share them as well.
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Dec 12/13

Sad Week - We remember the day we received the call from the shelter, asking for help with a young 4 month old rottweiler pup, found wandering the city streets. It was apparent that this puppy was in need of medical help - he had weak mobility in his rear legs as well as some digestion problems. We knew this baby needed immediate care and we could not turn him away. We were so fortunate to find an experienced, loving foster mom, Caroline who cared for Rudy and got him to the vet as soon as possible to find out what his problems could be. We put Rudy through every test available to try and find a diagnosis so we could help him, but all tests came back inconclusive for any diagnosis or treatment regime. We did not know if his condition would improve, or deteriorate, but we were determined to give Rudy the chance he deserved to find a family that would cherish him for his wonderful personality and not his mysterious disability. We prayed he would get better in time. 

View album

It was not long before very good friends of ANML-RESQ inquired about adopting Rudy. They knew about his limitations and the fact he would be a "special needs" dog, but that did not deter Anne and Wayne in the least. They had met Rudy and fallen in love with him. They were determined to give Rudy the life he deserved, whatever the future may hold.

For the first few months, Rudy seemed to get along fine, considering he wasn't that stable in his hind end, but nothing deterred Rudy, just like his mom and dad wished for him, he was determined to enjoy his life to the fullest. He loved to play, but sadly could not. His big brother Gus and little brother Jack were so understanding and ever so gentle with Rudy. His family adored him. He enjoyed laying out in the yard sunning himself. 

But as time went on, his mobility became less and less, to the point where his family purchased a couple of custom made wheelchairs in the hopes of helping him get around. Unfortunately, Rudy was not strong enough to maneuver. In the last few months, although Rudy was holding his own, it was apparent that he was deteriorating.

Sadly, we got the word this week that Rudy's condition had taken a serious turn for the worst. He could no longer hold down any food that he ate and was having a very difficult time catching his breath. It was sadly time to make that very difficult decision. It was time to let their beloved Rudy go to the Bridge.

Anne and Wayne ... you have given Rudy the BEST year of his life, full of love and devotion. Rudy was able to know what it felt like to belong to a family that adored him and gave him unconditional love for the time he had on this earth. Our thoughts and prayers are with Anne and Wayne at this very difficult time. Run free and play hard Rudy! Until you meet again.
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Dec 11/13

Loca Goes Home - The day has finally come for our darling Loca. This sweetheart came in to the shelter, having recently had a litter, she had a raging ear infection, itchy skin and a large tumor on her mammary. It was obvious that she had many, many litters - such a sin for a dog her age to have to continue producing litters. When we were finally able to find a foster home for Loca we were so relieved. We could finally give her the vet care she so desperately needed. 

After doing a complete work-up, the vet deemed Loca healthy enough to undergo both spay and tumor removal. As it turned out, two more tumors were found and all three were removed along with 3 mammary glands. We were on pins and needles awaiting the results and were ecstatic to hear the tumors were not a threat to Loca's health. After our girlie was all healed, she was posted for adoption and we all prayed we could find that perfect home for this girl who had so much more living to do. Her time had come. No more having puppies and having to worry about their constant care and feeding ... it was finally time for Loca to enjoy being the love of someone's life. 

That someone is her new dad, Mark. He was smitten when he saw Loca on our site and immediately sent in an application. From the very beginning of the application process (starting with the initial call) it was very obvious that this was going to be Loca's new home. We went through the process and it was joyfully obvious that her new dad was anxiously waiting for the in-home to be done (the last and final step in the process). We wanted to get this done ASAP so Mark could finally get his girl. MANY thanks to Jeff and Cathy for immediately stepping forward to do the in-home, THAT DAY so Mark would not have to wait any longer. We all appreciate your kind assistance to help expedite this joyous union. 

Mark brought his baby home today and we all shed tears of joy for both Loca and Mark. Loca has a new beginning and with her new beginning comes her new name Camoya. We know Camoya and Mark will have many happy memories together and we hope to receive many pictures and updates. 

Many thanks to Tim, Lyndsey for fostering her in the immediate interim until we could get Loca the vetting she so desperately needed. HUGE thanks to Carolina, Mike and "the pack" for welcoming Loca into your hearts and home and nursing her back to health after surgery.

Congratulations Camoya and Mark from ALL your friends at ANML-RESQ!
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Dec 10/13

Bentley Still Needs a Home - We received some great pictures and an update from Bentley's foster mom, Jen. 

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

This is Bentley's very first Christmas and his first experience with snow. As you can see, it looks like Bentley is loving it!

Click to enlarge...

Bentley is still looking for his forever home, so if you or anyone you know is looking for a handsome Rotti pup, please tell them about Bentley. For more information, please email us.
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Dec 9/13

Sophie Update - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that our sweetheart, Sophie, has gone to her forever home. Her new dad had been searching for quite some time to find the dog of his dreams. After searching and meeting several dogs he noticed Sophie on our website. He was looking for a dog that he could make a "connection" with. We were all hoping Sophie would be the one!

After going through the application procedure, the time came for Mike to meet Sophie. He took the trip to Sophie's foster home and when they met, the connection was made instantly. Sophie was the girl he had been searching for. Mike wanted to prepare for the arrival of his girl, so a trip to the pet store was in order. After getting everything Sophie needed, they were ready to meet up and go home.

We would like to thank foster mom, Jen, for rescuing this very deserving girl and taking such good care of her until the perfect forever home was found. No doubt she will be missing her baby girl, but knowing Sophie is loved and adored will make it easier.

Congratulations Sophie and Mike! Don't forget we want lots of pictures and updates!
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Dec 4/13

URGENT Foster for Tyson - URGENT! We are in need of a foster home for sweet Tyson. He is 2 1/2 years old and a pretty big boy.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Tyson is good with people, dogs and cats. If you think you can help this very handsome boy, please fill out the adoption/foster application on the left.
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Dec 2/13

Links for Today - I have found some more links of interest that you may find helpful. 

Understanding dog behavior and an experiment to try with your own dog

Speak Dog

My Dog got kicked out of daycare today - excellent read!

Making manners fun: Counter-surfing (holiday edition)

To change or not to change - that is the question

Pull up the monitor and grab a coffee - some of these are really great reading! 
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