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Dec 26/11

Fundraiser Update - The Fundraiser from November was a huge success. I have the pictures from the fundraiser and wanted to post them for everyone to see:

And wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year are:

Shadow and Georgia

Karen, Steve, Tyson and Snickers

Smooch, and

Dallas, Tynan, Hank, Timber and Lincoln

From all of us to all of you - hope you had a great Christmas and will have a very Happy New Year!
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Dec 23/11

Christmas Wishes - Another year is almost coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. A time when family and loved ones come together to celebrate. It is a stressful time of year, and we must be extra vigilante with our pets. We can't always pay attention when we have a house full of family and friends, but here are some tips to keep your pets safe. The last thing you want is a veterinary emergency, so please remember to keep your pets safe during this busy time of year. Click here to view...»

ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario, our volunteers and the animals that are now in foster, would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Here are some holiday pictures that we have received ... 

We want to thank everyone for your kind support and generosity throughout the year. We have found some AMAZING homes and families for our rescued and we know their Christmas wishes have already been fulfilled, a home to call their own and people that love them unconditionally. 

Over the holiday season, we know there will be lots of pictures taken and we hope you will send in your holiday pictures so we can share with everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS from our furry friends and family to yours!!!
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Dec 22/11

Life Saving Adoption - We received an amazing update from Gus's mom. I know we don't often think about it, but this is a good reminder ... the life you save could end up saving you!!! Here is the update from Gus's mom:

Hi Renee, I wanted to mention to you about an experience Gus and I had while out walking. About 3 or 4 months ago, I started to have trouble with my left knee, hard to bend, very sore, difficult to walk sometimes, but I thought it would just go away, so we kept up our long walks. Went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and she says she thinks something is torn or pulled and I have an ultrasound in January. About a week or so ago, I took Gus on our usual walk, it had snowed some but mostly was gone and I wasn’t thinking about ice. We were on a pathway, which has asphalt on it and I noticed a patch I thought was wet and just walked onto it. It was pure ice and I fell, luckily on my butt. I dropped Gus’s leash but he just stood there looking at me. Since I find it hard to get up and it really hurts to put any pressure on my knee I started thinking about how I was going to get up. The wire fence was about 6 feet away so I would have had to crawl over to it then I remembered Gus was with me. I got him to get very close to me and I put my hands on his back and levered myself up carefully. All the while this was going on, he stood there patiently without moving a muscle. Without Gus, it would have been much harder for me to get up and I probably would have further injured my knee. That has made him my hero for all time! We still go for short walks (Wayne does the long ones) but I am very careful where I put my feet. Gus is such a smart and great dog.

I am still thinking about Skye and the wonderful work you and your crew do for dogs. Take care ~Anne S.

This situation could have been very dangerous as the area that Gus is walked is not a "high traffic" area, so thanks to Gus's instincts - he knew his mom was in trouble and he knew what had to be done. Way to go Gus!!!! We are ALL so proud of you!
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Dec 21/11

Billy Update - We received a great update from Billy's foster mom. I, also cannot understand why this handsome boy is still waiting, but perhaps, like Pumpkin ... Billy must be waiting for the VERY best! Here is update from foster mom, Carolina:

Billy is doing fantastic in foster care. We couldn't have asked for a nicer dog than Billy. It makes me wonder why he is still in rescue. Could it be that people are hindered by Black Dog Syndrome or a combination of that and the fact that he's a larger dog? 

Out of all our fosters that have passed through our home, Billy is by far one of the easiest dogs we have had the privilege to have here as a guest. Very mannered in the house, lets you know when he needs to go outside, does not destroy anything he's not supposed to, low shedding, loves his crate and likes to hang out in there voluntarily, no separation anxiety, not an excessive barker, good with other dogs and last but not least he is a completely lovable boy. I can't understand how a dog with so much potential and so much love for life is still sitting in my living room still waiting for that perfect home to find him. Those eyes of his are soul seeking; wondering of you're the one that will take him home to love and cherish him for the rest of his days. His big heart is so full of wonder and warmth; wanting to give himself completely to you. His devotion, love and trust are so real; you are the world to him. 

Are these not the qualities people are looking for in a rescue dog? A dog that wants nothing more than to be part of a family, to have a place in the heart of those that he loves unconditionally. A dog that has respect for the home he is living in, has respect for the second chance he was given. I know if I was the one searching for that perfect rescue dog Billy would definitely be the one. Try to look past the "big black dog" and see what he truly has to offer, I am positive you would be pleasantly surprised.

Thankfully Billy is dearly loved in his foster home, so waiting for the BEST is definitely an option for him.

All of us at ANML-RESQ would like to thank Ashley Sousa for donating her photography skills at no cost to the rescue.
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Dec 20/11

Jazmine (Pumpkin) Update - Hi everyone!! Another awesome update from Pumpkin (aka Jazmine's family). Mim, you must be SO happy for your little girl. 

I know youve been waiting (very patiently) for an update... well... Jazmine is doing fantastic! She is barely having issues with bringing things back up and when she does we make sure she eats it and then take the time to massage it back down! She also has a new boyfriend! Our little ginger kitten named Simba and her are pretty much inseparable! Its really cute! 

The older cat is taking some time to get used to her but he is stubborn so we arent really surprised. I attached a few pics.... one of her deciding to sleep on me (Linda) in the most awkward way, one of her and her favourite toysw Cookie Monster and one of her boyfriend Simba :) I realized most of the good picturs are on my phone so I will have to send you some from there so you get the good ones :) 

So I know youre probably wondering who out of Wayne and I she took to more and its totally Wayne! We still have our special bond but Wayne is the favourite! Its actually really sweet to see! The girls LOVE her and whenever they are over they take her for longer walks and play with her and curl up with her and watch movies. The little one Keelin is her special buddy! 

We have definitely seen her puppy side come out! We were out at the girls Christmas concert one night and came home to ALL the Christmas presents oppened and all over the floor with the wrapping paper completely shredded! We would have been mad but the thought of how much fun she must have had doing it just made us chuckle and wish we had a hidden camera so we got it all on film to send to Americas Funniest Home Video or something haha. 

It looks and sounds like she is the centre of Linda and Wayne's (and the kids) universe. This is why Pumpkin waited for so long!! She was waiting for the best(-:
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Dec 19/11

Christmas Miracle - Do you believe in miracles? I know I do! As you all know, we have been frantically looking for a foster home for Skye, a female rottweiler who was found straying and her time was up at the shelter this past Friday. As we all know, it can be difficult finding a foster/adoptor for the rottweiler breed, especially when you have a very short window to find a home. Many rescues will not take them in because they are not familiar with the breed. Rottweilers are overlooked at shelters because people have a preconceived notion of the breed and believe a rottweiler that ends up at a shelter, must have issues, or they wouldn't be there. This is SO far from the truth, but that's another topic altogether. 

When we got the plea for Skye, we were on a mission - a mission to find her a foster home, without a place for Skye, we could not help her. We knew however, this mission was not going to be easy because Skye was not a "perfect" dog. She has a right front leg functional abnormality which she was born with, so Skye's chances of finding help were even less. When Friday morning came, with nothing concrete for Skye, I was devastated. As much as we want to save them all ... I knew in my heart, there would be times, no matter how hard we tried, we would lose. I was prepared in Skye's case for the worst. 

Then it happened ... the miracle we were ALL praying for. I popped into hotmail on Friday morning (not expecting anything, but praying as I opened the emails). There was a message with an offer of hope. They wrote to say they wanted to help Skye, so if she still needed help, please call. I waited to a decent time in the morning to get on the phone and I spoke to a very kind-hearted gentleman that explained to me their love for large breed dogs and their wish to help Skye. I was elated, but still cautiously optimistic. I asked if he could send in an application and we would expedite the process - then we waited.

A couple of hours later, the application came in and we were off to the races! An interview with Skye's potential foster went extremely well, we could tell how compassionate and loving this family was. I got in touch with the shelter immediately to let them know we had a foster for Skye - woohooo! When can we get her? However, because there were no transports scheduled that weekend and no transports available until after Christmas, we were again met with a roadblock )-: 

However, I swear, the angels were watching over Skye as we heard that the director of the shelter had a family function and she just so happened to have to drive RIGHT PAST Skye's foster home, so it was arranged to have Skye transported to her loving foster family on Sunday. Skye arrived safely into foster care on Sunday and I was able to speak with the family a few hours after her arrival. Skye was busy checking out ALL the corners of the home, she met the resident dogs, a male rottweiler and a senior female shepherd. Everyone was fine with Skye and welcomed her into their home (-:

As a side-note ... if transport could not be found for Skye, foster dad (who is a pilot) offered to fly down to pick her up - how many people would offer to do this for a dog they have never met? Skye - you definitely have angels watching out for you! So, if you have never believed in Christmas Miracles - BELIEVE!!! 
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Dec 16/11

Thumper is URGENT - Please meet Thumper. He is an 8 month old Bull Mastiff mixed with Husky/Shep - dad was pure Bull Mastiff, mom was Shep/Husky mix. Thumper is already a pretty big boy at 80 lbs. and still LOTS of growing to do, so he'll be a big boy!! (-:

Thumper is in need of a foster home. His owner is working LONG hours and doesn't have the time for this young fellow. At 8 months old, he has lots of energy and loves to chew.

If you know of anyone that can foster this handsome fellow, please have them get in touch with us ASAP - thanks!!! Have a great weekend!
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Dec 15/11

Ava Update - WOW! It has been a very busy week this week. We have some updates for everyone!!! (-: Our little Ava went through her surgery on Monday and the news is VERY promising!! The specialist had to repair the cartilage in her eyes and they have "upped" the odds for Ava! Going into surgery on Monday, they told us there was a 5-10 percent chance only of her cherry eye ever returning. After surgery was performed, they told us only 3% chance now of cherry eye ever returning - woohoo!! All paws crossed for Ava!!

Our beautiful girl Nikki also went through her second cruciate surgery and thankfully the surgery went very well. Once again, our Nikki will be on "leash walks" only and must be kept fairly quiet until she can fully recover from her surgery. This is the hardest part for any owner/foster home ... keeping them quiet. Many thanks to Allie and family for taking on this responsibility, one more time for Nikki!! 

Hugs and kisses to our two brave girlies, Ava and Nikki and many thanks to their dedicated foster homes for giving them the after care that they need. 

We hope both girls will soon go on to find their forever families and continue to enjoy their new leash on life (-: Thank you to everyone for sending prayers and positive thoughts for both of our girls.

I would like to remind everyone that we are STILL frantically looking for a foster home for this beautiful rotti girl named Skye. Her time is up tomorrow and we cannot help her unless we find her a foster spot, so PLEASE, if you know of anyone that can help, please have them contact us ASAP!!!

We have one more bit of AWESOME news!!! We were asked to help young Gabona to get out of Ontario - another victim of Bill 132. Gabona is such a sweet young boy, full of live and love for everyone. We couldn't let this innocent boy die, so once again, we called on our friends in the East for help, and they immediately offered their help. 

Gabona flew out to freedom last night and was picked up at the airport and whisked away into his new foster home. He is one of the lucky ones that got out with his life!! Thank you to ALL of our friends in N.S. for welcoming this sweet boy into their hearts and home. Good luck Gabona from ALL of your friends at ANML-RESQ!!!!
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Dec 13/11

Sykes Update - In the summer of 2008 we were able to rescue this handsome fellow. He was found straying and ended up with animal control who wrote us and asked for help. We NEEDED to get him out of province or he would be killed. With the help of our volunteer, Heather in New Brunswick, she posted an ad in the local paper and we PRAYED for a miracle. 

Before and After

That miracle came very quickly with an application for Sykes. After we went through the adoption process, we knew this was the home for Sykes. Here is the message we received from Pam, Sykes mom. As you can see ... he has wormed his way into their life AND mama's bed LOL!!!

I just seen your ad on furkids rescue with a picture of Sykes so I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I still have our handsome gentlemen and he is such a good boy. He will wait for you to put his food down and tell him he can eat, he will wait until you are out the door before he goes. He is such a gentleman and he is so loved by all not only us but neighbors and we have a lady that runs by home that bring Sykes a treat every day. Let me tell you he knows what time she comes too. 

He is another one of my children and I am so happy for everything that all of you did in helping Sykes be with me, and yes he still sleeps right in bed with me. I wake up in the morning to his head on the other pillow and I swear he smiles as if to say don't you think I belong on this pillow? i don't know what me or my kids would do without him thank you so much. Also by the way he flirts with the vet, she says he is the best dog right up there with daddy on the dog whisperer! So when I seen the picture of daddy on the website and then seen Sykes I knew I had to e-mail you. My family thanks you so much for our beautiful boy.

As often happens though, when they move out of province, we lose touch with our prohibited rescues. Today, it was an AWESOME update and a picture of our handsome boy Sykes (-: Way to go Sykes!!!
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Dec 12/11

Skye Needs Foster Urgently - Skye is in URGENT need of a foster home. Her time is up at the shelter on Dec.16th, so it doesn't give us much time to find a foster for this very beautiful rotti girl. Here is a little about Skye..she will have her tested with other dogs within next couple of days.

Skye is a 4 year old female Rotti who is altered and up to date on her vaccines. She has a right front leg functional abnormality that our medical staff suspects is a congenital problem. The medical record goes on to state: Appears to be flexor deficit, the limb extends but then slaps down to the side. The medical staff also suspects some form of heart problem due to the fact that during her spay surgery she continually turned blue. Behaviourally she is very good but she does show a little bit of resource guarding with her food (she gulps it when you try to take it away). Other than that she has been wonderful here with all people. 

However, NO cats for Skye, she is far too interested. We are going to see how Skye does with other dogs and will hopefully be able to report soon about her interaction with other dogs. Please help us get Skye to safety before her time runs out!!!!

Also, we need everyone's positive thoughts today for both Ava and Nikki who are undergoing their surgeries! Good luck girls!!!
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Dec 9/11

Nikki's Surgery - Our poor little Nikki will be having cruciate surgery on her knee this coming Monday afternoon. As you know, Nikki had surgery to repair her other knee this past year and she is doing well. This will be Nikki's second cruciate surgery and the surgery is estimated at $1,400.00-$1,500.00.

Also, our little Ava is having surgery on Monday ... second surgery did not take place as vet said they weren't able to perform that type of surgery, so she saw an opthamologist specialist and we have booked her for surgery this Monday, it needs to be done sooner than later for the best chance. The surgeon will tack and repair the cartilage tissues that have been caused from the eyes being neglected for so long. We are hoping this surgery will help her with her cherry eye. As you can see the before and after shots are quite amazing. But, as the last surgery didn't help, we are hoping that this surgery can help her before her eyes go back to the picture on the left.

Before and After

Please keep both Ava and Nikki in your prayers and thoughts as they go in for surgery this Monday. We will do whatever is in our power to help them both be more comfortable. If you would like to donate to either Ava or Nikki, you can use the Paypal 'donation' button on the left. Any amount would help! Have a great weekend!
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Dec 8/11

BSL Legislation - We all know how much help the bullies need - especially in Ontario and other provinces/states that implement BSL. I found this wonderful post on StubbyDog blog and wanted to share with you. 

And speaking of making a difference ... Randy Hillier has a new website up and running. MPP's Cheri DiNovo, Randy Hillier and Kim Craitor ARE trying to make a difference. We must stand behind them, show them our support and definitely, we should be there and support these MPP's when Bill 16 goes for second reading. It only gets harder to push through the readings from here on in, so we must give our help and support where needed to get this bill pushed through 2nd, 3rd and final readings.
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Dec 7/11

Ava Update - Our little girl Ava was ready and prepped for her surgery yesterday, but when they put her under anesthetic, they found that the surgery they wanted to do would not work. That was a huge disappointment for all of us. However, we are not giving up on Ava. We will be booking an appointment for Ava to see an opthamologist/specialist to see if there is ANYTHING we can do to help Ava. Please send positive thoughts for Ava ... we will do whatever is in our power to help Ava be more comfortable.

Sadly, if this condition had been looked after months earlier, her prognosis for a life without cherry-eye would have been much better )-: It was sad that her previous owners did not look after the problem when it first started.

Cherry eye aside though, Ava acts as though there is not a thing wrong with her. She is playful, silly and has lots of energy to burn, so this little darling has a LOT of living to do, regardless of the outcome. We are all sending positive thoughts Ava's way and hopefully the specialist can help her.

I thought I would also include a helpful link/video today for those of us with leash reactive dogs from our friends at DogStar Daily.
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Dec 6/11

Another Surgery for Ava - We are thrilled to say that one of our favourite blogs and websites have published our Enzo's story.

Thank you to everyone at StubbyDog for telling our story and showing the world what a heartbreak BSL/BDL can be. Not only for the countless dogs being killed every day, but also for the lucky ones that have a second chance in a friendlier province.

When it comes to BSL - there are no borders. BSL is everywhere and if we don't stand up now for the rights of those that cannot speak for themselves, I dread what the future holds for canines everywhere!!

We also need everyone's positive thoughts today for our bulldog girl, Ava. As you know, Ava had surgery to remove cherry eye from both of her eyes - this was done Nov.17th and her recovery has been well. However, a few days ago, Ava's cherry eyes returned, in both eyes. Ava is scheduled today for a second surgery, this time the procedure will be a little different than last time. 

Please send positive thoughts that THIS time, the surgery work! Ava has been a trooper throughout the surgery and recovery. You would never know anything was amiss with little Ava. She is such a spunky little girl who wants to spend her day, play, play, playing!! 

Good luck today Ava!! All of us at ANML-RESQ wish you well today and have all parts crossed today will be a success!
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Dec 5/11

Schmooch and Duke - We received our first picture with one of our happily adopted - our boy Schmooch. Wow, he is getting bigger and bigger - a far cry from the little starving pup we brought into rescue. Heeheee ... 

I see that this year our webmaster, Elaine does not have to "cut and paste" to hide Schmooch's excitement at having his picture taken with Santa, but this year, Schmoo has decided to drool a little for pictures! hahahaaa - ya got us Schmoo - can't cover that one up without hiding that handsome face of yours (-:

We also received some pictures of our handsome boy Duke! Duke came to us earlier in the summer when his time was up at the shelter. This will be our first Christmas picture of the season.

He has been lovingly fostered by Andrew and Stephanie and it seems as though Duke has weasled his way into their hearts. So, it's official - Duke will be officially adopted - woohooo! What a GREAT Christmas present for Duke! 

Congratulations to Duke, Andrew and Stephanie! Happy Trails big guy - from all your friends at ANML-RESQ!
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Dec 2/11

Weekly Wrap-up - To end off our week, we have a little of this and a little of that. First and foremost, I urge you and everyone you know to go to MPP Randy Hillier's website and sign the petition for Bill 16 - Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act, 2011. This is one of the most important petitions you will ever sign. If you care about dogs, no matter what the breed, if you care about responsible dog ownership, if you care about the thousands of innocent lives lost, please find it in your heart to demand that justice be done and the BSL Legislation to be repealed. 

I also wanted to share a wonderful commentary, written by a guest columnist, Merritt Herald. I must say - it's always very refreshing to read an article, written by someone with common sense (-: Thank you Merritt Herald for a thought-provoking column. 

And here is another great blog, sending a message that many of us understand and live with daily, and written with a smidge of humour. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Dec 1/11

'Hershey's' Bill - I am SO excited to share this breaking news with you all. Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, yesterday, tabled a Private Members' Bill to repeal the breed-specific legislation passed by the McGuinty government in 2005, commonly known as the “pit bull ban”. 

The Bill is co-sponsored by NDP MPP Cheri Di Novo who has also been fighting the ban right along with us for years now and also Liberal MPP Kim Craitor. This Private Memberss Bill passed 1st reading yesterday. Thank you so much to Mr. Hillier, Ms. DiNovo and Mr. Craitor for your dogged determination in trying to "right a wrong". Click here to view Mr. Hillier's posting...» We have hope! Let's back up the people that are fighting for the lives of so many innocent dogs. Write them an email and let them know their efforts are very much appreciated!!

The 2nd reading of 'Hershey's' Bill will take place on February 23, 2012. For more information on how Private Members' Bills become law, click here...» [.pdf]

Please, email, write, phone your MPP and make sure that they are voting for 'Hershey's' Bill on February 23, 2012! This is a very important issue.
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