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We are coming to the end of a great year of rescues and adoptions and everyone at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario would like to wish all of our friends and families a safe and Happy New Year. 

Together we have made a difference in many lives ... both canine and human. We have brought together families and their companions and we wish for many happy years of friendship and companionship for all of our rescues and their adoptors. As we wind down the year, we can rejoice in all of our accomplishments and take pride in bringing happiness to people and their pets. 

Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers for all their hard work this past year. We were movin' and shakin' ALL year round, 365 days a year and we couldn't have done it without our dedicated, compassionate volunteers, who provided loving foster homes for the needy, who provided transport for dogs to foster and adoptive homes, vet appointments, and so much more. Our strong fundraising efforts also paid off this year, thanks, again, to those who support us, our loyal volunteers and our generous sponsors.

Our website has taken us far and wide in cyberspace, we cannot be prouder of our website and our webmistress Elaine, who has brought ANML-RESQ front and centre and taken us beyond our wildest dreams - thank you Elaine!!!

From all of us at ANML-RESQ ... have a safe and Happy New Year!!
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Dec 29/10

Michael Vick - Just Saying
Michael Vick* was in the news a number of times in the past couple of weeks ... Michael Vick was interviewed on who he thought was the best football player. Michael Vick thought for a moment and told the reporter it was him!  Really? Is that what made you such a good dog-fighting owner with over 75 counts of animal cruelty?

At this stage of the game, Michael Vick really wants to own another dog. Strange that Michael Vick is so loving and passionate about his owning another dog for his daughter, maybe it was the time he spent in prison? I'm sure the Human Society he had to do his community hours with would let him adopt! People who are convicted of anything as heinous as what Michael Vick did would be banned from owning animals. Do they do it differently in the States?

And, if that wasn't enough Obama 'phoned owner Jeff Lurie [Eagles] to express his gratitude that the team gave Michael Vick a second chance after his dog-fighting convictions.'

Over at I found a blog on the controversial phone call which includes a comment from 'conservative commentator Tucker Carlson saying Vick “should have been executed” for killing dogs. Here’s what he said when he was filling in for Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel:

“I’m Christian. I’ve made mistakes myself. I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. I think, firstly, he should have been executed for that. He wasn’t. But the idea the president of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs is beyond the pale.”' Read the article»

This is so cut and dried that there is no way anyone who did what Michael Vick did should be back on center stage? Is it because he is good player or is it greed?

NB: *Michael Vick's jersey is the most sold in the NFL! And his jersey is going into the Hall of Fame! Just saying...
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Dec 29/10

Roxy Update
GREAT news for our little firecracker Roxy!! Roxy will be starting the New Year in her very own fur-ever home with proud mom and dad, Melanie and Manny.

As you can see ... it looks like Roxy is very happy with new family - CONGRATULATIONS Roxy!! 

Many thanks to Christine and family for taking Roxy and her two sisters, Sasha and Sophie into their loving home and giving them the care and attention they needed until their forever families were found. 

That means that only our little Pumpkin is the only puppy left needing to find her forever home, but we are confident she will be JUST as lucky as her siblings to find that "perfect" home. 

Best wishes and Happy New Year to Roxy and her new family from all of us at ANML-RESQ!
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Dec 28/10

Hoppy Holidays

Happy/Hoppy holidays from: 

Ross, Patsy, MiaMan, Palmer, Norton, and Karmel!

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Dec 24/10

Thank You
As we wind down the year and celebrate the holiday season, we have a chance to reflect on a successful year of rescues and adoptions. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and foster homes, ANML-RESQ was able to help many a homeless dog find their loving forever homes.

Thanks to all of you who have shown your support throughout the year by attending our fundraisers, networking for the animals and spreading the word.  Without our network of volunteers and friends, we could not have helped so many.  

Thanks to all of our adoptive families for giving our rescues the loving and compassionate homes they deserve.  We hope there will be many years of snuggling by the fire and happy memories for you and your furry companion.  Please know you have given your companion the BEST Christmas present they could have hoped for ... a family to call their own.

ANML-RESQ would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We wish for health and happiness for everyone.  Please have a safe and happy holiday.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year from all of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario.
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Dec 23/10

Taking Good Pictures
It's holiday time and many of us have gone for family photos as we do every year. But, we also want to include our pets in photos so they can remain in our memories forever. 

Some of us have problems getting good pictures of our beloved pets. They never seem to sit still long enough to get a good picture. And some of our doggies are just plain "camera shy". That is not the case in our home ... as soon as my doggies hear the "click" of the camera being turned on ... the action begins. They are such hams and LOVE to be photographed (-: They know they are being fussed over ... and they will do ANYTHING for attention. 

I came across this article and it has some pretty good pointers for those of us that want to take some great holiday pictures. 

Once you get those holiday pictures ... don't forget to send them OUR way!!! We'd love to post them. 
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Dec 22/10

Georgia Update
We have two more happy doggies, sending Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.

Here is our pretty girl Georgia.  She also had a chance to visit with Santa (-:

And here is our Charlie....hanging out, living the good life with his foster family.  Charlie's foster mom Sindee has already admitted she is smitten with this young fellow. 

Charlie is SO grateful to be out of the kennel and living with a family ... this was Charlie's wish for Christmas and thankfully we were able to help make his wish come true (-:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Dave, Georgia, Sindee, Charlie, Callie, Hiker, Bill  from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ!!!!
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Dec 21/10

Mink Update
We received a great update on our little girl Mink ... adopted about 3 years ago. Many thanks for Donna and Holly for sending us pics and updates of this very special girl!! 

Donna writes:

Here are a few more of Mink dressed for Halloween and sleeping on my livingroom couch and lying on the couch with my daughter Holly.    

Mink is definitely enjoying life though she's been battling ear infections lately and the vet has her on antibiotics both orally and drops for each ear.  

Mink is a pampered pooch, she sleeps on the bed with my husband & I and snores, toots and barks in her sleep and cries out, she is a real character.    

I have to admit in hindsight I probably should of never allowed her that privilege but at least she gets a good rest. lol   Merry Christmas, Donna

I love her Christmas pic [below]!!  Awwwww. Merry Christmas to Mink and her loving family from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!!
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minkupdate.jpg (400103 bytes)
Seasons Greetings From Mink!

Dec 20/10

This past week a friend of the rescue sent this email to me:

"I remember seeing this picture a thousand times – it wasn’t #6, but 1 to a billion. They are posted everywhere on the internet. The one message that doesn’t seem to get out is stopping it. Millers and backyard breeders are dangerous, illegal and undermine the Canadian economy. They are in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, here in Canada and everywhere in the US – absolutely everywhere. And you don’t even know, but they could be your neighbour.

Click to enlarge...
#6 Taken from No Kill Nation

When we hear about millers being busted we rush to help these animals on mass and can’t get there fast enough. But the internet is a wonderful tool and it can also be a heart breaker … I have seen #6 everywhere and cannot help. They are sold like cattle, raised like wild animals and are not given the food, freedom or love and respect that befits man’s best friend. GREED!

Last night I spotted #6 again! We must make a conscious effort to get the word out about millers and backyard breeders. There should be something here that makes the government wonder … the OSPCA does nothing – what can we do?

There was a little girl who looked similar to #6 when she was found – we know she was covered with filth [excrement], half blind and scared of men – this is Ontario – this should not be. She now lives with us and will forever. When will it stop? This is why I rescue the broken, the lonely, the unsound, the lost! My eyes have been opened to human nature and these thoughts I cannot get out of my head.

Why do you rescue – what brought you to the place you are now…"

After I read this piece, it came to mind that the dog [pictured above] was some type of poodle or small breed mix - sadly I was mistaken, it is a Sheltie. How very disturbing! What are your thoughts on this piece and how did you become a rescuer?
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Dec 17/10

Tanner Update
We received a great update on little Tanner. As you can see, he is doing well in his new home. It's so nice to hear that young Tanner has brought a little "spark" into Duffy's life. It is always amazing to see an older dog perk up and act young again ... WAY TO GO TANNER!!! (-: Happy Trails Tanner!! 

Carolina & ANML RESQ folks, I wanted to write that Tanner is doing wonderfully. He gets along with 15 year old Dufferson and has actually made my old boy more playful : )

They sleep close together already and Duff shares all his toys. It's worked out perfectly that Tanner doesn't go up on furniture because Duff sits on the couch and sleeps in my bed, both things which haven't changed (so old Duff still has his private places.)

Tanner is sweet and listens and is calm. I left them alone for an hour so far and went to the upstairs duplex to listen and they were completely silent. 

Here are some pictures - my phone's camera isn't that great. I'll borrow a camera and send more pictures. Lisa

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Dec 16/10

Charlie Saga
What a great surprise - I woke up this morning to an email from our silly boy Charlie. From the sounds of things, Charlie is having lots of fun learning to be a part of the family.

Charlie, as for the "cats", I can only tell you one thing ... stay away and let them come to you. It has to be THEIR idea to get friendly, everything is on THEIR terms and not yours. Keep that in mind and Callie won't have to whoop your butt!!! (-: 

Hi Aunt Renee, it's Charlie!

My foster Mom says that I'm a good boy and am learning lots of things. I have a question though. If the cats don't want me to chase them, why do they look at me and then run? I'm convinced that means they want me to chase them. Foster Mom says no. 

I met the other cat this morning and he made a lot of noise when I sniffed and snuffled at him. I was told to "leave it", but I wasn't done, so I didn't. Foster Mom told me again and Callie came running at me and started to tell me off. Wow, she's some bossy! Foster Mom says that's because she's a Cattle Dog. Well, I'm not cattle am I? I don't care what my markings are, she doesn't have to be like that.

We all went outside to play again today. I am still very interested in carrying around a ball and don't interact much with the others but Hiker likes to chase me. I ran behind a tree and tried to hide, but she still found me. Mr. Bill has to go in the house after a little while because he has a bad leg that bothers him in the cold. He's fun though, we pee on the same trees at the same time and Foster Mom says we're silly boys.

I've now learned to sit every time before we go outside, I know how to "back" if I'm crowding the door, I can shake a paw and I am learning that the couch is invitation only and to get down when Foster Mom snaps her fingers and points to the floor. When I am invited up though, it’s sooo nice to sit with my head on Foster Mom's lap and be fussed.

I do very well in my crates and settle very quickly. I know that I must sit and be quiet - no jumping, whining or barking to get the door open to come out. My upstairs crate has a nice blanket and downstairs I have my own doggie bed in my crate.

Thanks again Aunt Renee for all you've done to get me here. I'm being a good boy and learning lots. ~Charlie

Thanks again for writing Charlie!! You sure are a lucky boy to have landed in such a great foster home. Now LEAVE the cats alone! Good boy!

We also received some pictures of our little girl Riley ... who, as you can see, isn't so little anymore!!! 

Click to enlarge...

WOW!! Look what Peanut's baby looks like now!!!! 

Click to enlarge...

Thanks for the pictures Caron. Miss Riley Roo is looking GREAT!!!
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Dec 15/10

Weather around ON and NB 
As the holiday season nears, many of us are considering travel with our pets to visit with family and friends. 

Traveling with our pets can be stressful at the best of times, but now that winter is here, there are a few precautions you must take before heading out. You NEVER know what emergency situation you can run into. I remember when we moved last year, many trips back and forth with our household, but what worried me most was the last trip we were going to make. Eight dogs and 3 vehicles ... LOTS of stress. We prayed the weather would stay in our favour and thankfully it did.

This past week has wreaked havoc EVERYWHERE. I am sure you have all heard of the 300 people stranded on the roads near Sarnia ... some were there for over 24 hours. Vehicles running out of fuel, no longer able to keep your car warm ... could you imagine if you had your dog with you???

Before leaving the house with your pet ... ALWAYS be prepared. Take along lots of extra water and food and LOTS of blankets. It may sound like a lot of preparation, but believe will appreciate all the extra prep if you were to run into a bad, bad situation. You never know what is just down the road ... BE PREPARED!!! Check this link for more information...»

Here are some pictures we received this morning from Smooch and Splash's mom. This is what they awoke to yesterday in New Brunswick.

Click to enlarge...

flood1.jpg (99539 bytes)

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

Here in Ontario ... we aren't dealing with torrential rains, we are dealing with snow squalls, white-out conditions and slippery roads. 

1b.jpg (66937 bytes)

1a.jpg (54262 bytes)

Please make this holiday season a safe and happy one for you and your companion pet. Never leave home without being fully prepared for a disaster!!!
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Dec 14/10

Fred and Wilma Update looks like Fred and Wilma have already been to see Santa.


Look how cute these two are wearing their Holiday best (-:

We wish Wilma, Fred and their family a VERY Merry Christmas!!

We also received some pictures yesterday of Charlie ... whooping it up with his foster family.  Charlie is doing really well...he loves being with Sindee and her pack and he has discovered that the couch is a REALLY nice and soft place to lay after a hard days play (-:

It's so nice to see Charlie out of the kennel and enjoying life as a member of the family. 

Foster mom says Charlie is REALLY smart and very treat motivated...

So, although he is a blank slate right now - the potential for Charlie has no bounds.
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Dec 13/10

Weekend Update 
The weekend was another busy one for our volunteers.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who took time out of their busy weekends to get our Charlie to his foster home.  Many thanks to Juanita, Shawna, Christine, Carolina and Sindee for taking time from their busy schedules to help Charlie get to his loving foster home.  It was a VERY long trip for Sir Charles, but he managed to touch everyone that he met this weekend.  

I was able to chat with Charlie's foster mom yesterday.  He settled in beautifully in his foster home.  He has already met all the resident dogs and they have accepted him completely. He even met one of the resident cats ... he wasn't sure what it was, but didn't seem very interested either - YEAH Charlie!!  (foster mom promises pictures to come)!! Woohoo (-:

We also have some more exciting news though!!  Our cutie-pie Tanner has gone to his new home this weekend as well.  He is going on a foster-to-adopt basis, but we are pretty sure this young fellow will not be going anywhere.  He met his furry brother Dufferson and for Duffy, it was love at first sight!!  We are all hoping this is the perfect match for Tanner.  He is such a sweetheart and in the short time he was with Carolina, he certainly won her heart.  Good luck Tanner!!  We can't wait for pictures and updates (-:

AND....our beautiful girl Shiloh has been adopted!!!  We are SO happy for this girl.  She is such a sweet girl and we know her new family will adore her.  Many thanks to Allie and family for taking this sweetheart into their loving home so she could wait for the "perfect" forever home. Congratulations to Kimara and family on your new addition.  

We also received some pictures (taken at Stacy's Pet Depot) from  professional photographer Serge Rivard.  I am sure you will agree, these pictures are AMAZING!!!  

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you live in the Cornwall/Ottawa area, and you are looking for a professional family portrait Serge comes highly recommended (-: 
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Dec 10/10

Meet Parker 
Introducing Parker ... a VERY handsome fellow, with very unique and beautiful colouring. Parker has one brown eye and one blue eye ... very stunning (-:

Parker is 18 months old and a very sweet boy. He has lived with young children and he is very respectful and loving. Parker is a very sweet dog. Right now he is safe in a kennel and from all reports, he is having a blast with the girls there. He LOVES his ball and he loves playing tag with the girls. 

We are seeking a foster home for Parker so we can get him out of the kennel environment and get to know Parker a little better. 

If you think Parker is the boy for you, please drop us a line and let us know you are interested in our boy Parker.

We are also hoping to get our cutie pie Charlie moved to his foster home this weekend (weather permitting) so all paws crossed for Charlie!!! He is going to LOVE his foster home ... lots of doggy friends and a foster mom that will get him out and about ... with lots of fun and exercise (-:

Have a GREAT weekend everyone. It sounds like there will be LOTS of snow, so please drive carefully!!!
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Dec 9/10

HO HO HO - Spot the Imposter? 
HoHoHo ... it's Santa and Smooch!! Look how handsome and completely at ease this handsome pup is, meeting Santa for the first time in his life. I still remember my first visit with Santa, and I will admit ... it was pretty scary - but not for our Smoo!!!

Mom, Carla, was anxiously anticipating the proofs of her pics with Santa and the moment they arrived, she quickly sent pics to all of Smooch's fans. We were thrilled to finally see them. 

I think Smooch was so happy (and really loved Santa) (-: It's okay Smoo, thanks to our web-wizard Elaine, your picture is now rated for family viewing (-: Thanks for the Christmas Cheer Carla ... best wishes to you and your family from all of us at ANML-RESQ.
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Dec 8/10

Meet Tanner 
Little Tanner went into foster care on Sunday and he is settling in nicely.  

Tanner is getting used to all of his foster brothers and they have accepted him into their pack.  

So far, Tanner has been doing very well.  Foster mom works during the day, while Tanner is crated and so far, there have been no problems.

We know this little cutie will soon find his forever home.  
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Dec 7/10

Henry (aka Moulson) Update 
We received a great update on Henry (aka Moulson) today. As you can see by the pictures and update, Henry is doing SUPER good, still a little rock-star and making friends everywhere he goes (-: Here is an update from Henry's mom:

Henry is doing really well. He had a bit of a tough time in September when he first arrived in Stratford. I think he was missing my family and wondering where we were. But after a week or two, he decided that Stratford was great! Especially near the river where all the geese hang out!!!! hehehe! 

blog120710b.jpg (117515 bytes)

Henry isn't really getting bigger at the moment. But he sure is handsome! He is still a rock star and always takes it in stride when people comment on how good looking he is. He is about 80lbs and very healthy. Very clumsy... but healthy! 

blog120710.jpg (69766 bytes)

I have included a couple of photos. One is of Henry and his best buddy that we met at the dog park and happens to have the same name! So it is little Henry and big Henry. We were looking after little Henry for a week in October. Our Henry thought he had died and gone to Heaven! The picture of him in his red sweatshirt and the wind blowing his ears... was taken today. There are a couple others with some of his best dog buddies up at my friend's farm. He was wearing an orange vest as it was hunting season. People weren't supposed to be hunting on their land... but we didn't think we should take a chance! So he is modelling a fancy vest! 

blog120710a.jpg (110486 bytes)

Hope you are well. Thanks for being in touch. My apologies for taking so long to respond. Life is crazy... but Henry sure makes it wonderful! Best wishes, Ashleigh, Jeff and Henry

p.s. Big news... a friend of mine got a DNA test for Henry as a gift. The results came back that he was a primary breed Rottie and had no secondary breeds. Obviously this is difficult to believe given that his Mom sure didn't seem to be... but they said that this could happen if one of the parents was a pure bred dog. Sooo... Henry and his siblings... are at least part pure! Crazy! Thought you might like to tell the other families. Just make sure they take it all with a grain of salt as I am not sure how valid it can be! ASH

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Dec 6/10

Meet Bella
I had a chance to visit with young Charlie at the kennel. He really is a sweet, sweet boy. I brought my girl Lady along to see if Charlie would be interested in a playdate. Of course, there was no question....Charlie was in love and he and Lady had a wee of a time getting to know each other.

Click to enlarge...

I was able to get another pic of two of Charlie ... he is SO handsome. We are working on arrangements to get Charlie into foster care this coming weekend...we are so excited and happy for Charlie. I know he is longing for a lap to sprawl across and doggy friends to play with. It won't be long Charlie!!! Woohoo..

We have also taken into rescue, this special needs beauty named Bella. Bella is 4 months old, an Australian Shepherd puppy with mesmerizing crystal blue eyes. Sadly, little Bella is deaf and we will also be having her vision checked out. While she seems to be able to see, she may have limited vision. Because of Bella's disabilities, she is very scent driven. 

Click to enlarge...

Bella has also learned quite a few commands by sign language. She is a very smart little girl. 

Click to enlarge...

We are just getting to know Bella, but please stay tuned for more about this special girl of ours.
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Dec 3/10

Sophie Update
It has been a very busy week again at ANML-RESQ. Three of our beautiful puppies have gone to their forever homes and we are happy to report they are all doing well and settling into their new routines. 

We finally received some pictures of little Sophie. This beautiful girl, as you can see is loved and adored by her new family. Congratulations to Sophie and her new family. Everyone looks so happy! (-:

Our volunteers have also been working hard, spreading the word about 3 urgent doggies we have been trying to find foster care for. ANML-RESQ is pleased to say that one of our urgents, the 2 yr. old female rotti girl has gone straight from the shelter into a foster-to-adopt home. I got the call from a very excited new dad...she arrived home, met the resident dogs and found a nice comfy spot beside daddy and fell into a deep sleep. We are sure this pretty girl, now named Roxy will have sweet dreams from this day forward - congratulations Roxy!!

We also have some good news for our other two urgents. Tanner will be going into temporary foster care this weekend. We will still be looking for a more permanent foster or forever home, but for now, Tanner is SAFE!!! Many thanks to Carolina for offering Tanner a safe place. We know this little cutie will find his forever home soon. 

Last, but certainly not least, is Charlie. This young fellow sure captured my heart when I met him. He is such a friendly, wiggly boy. I knew it might be harder to find a foster for this fellow...only because of his energy, but once again, the angels have been looking out for us. A friend saw his pictures and heard his story and wanted to help in any way she could. She offered to give Charlie a safe place to go with lots of fun and exercise (and I know my friend can give him the exercise he needs). She is very active with her own pack, so Charlie will have plenty of friends to play with and a foster mom that will love him and give Charlie some good direction - until we find his forever home.

We have accomplished a lot this week, thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Dec 2/10

Sasha Update
Wow, it has been another amazing week and it isn't over yet!!! Another one of Shiloh's puppies has found an incredible home. Sasha went home yesterday with a very excited mommy and daddy, Tamar and Jay. Congratulations to Sasha - we think this beautiful girl will be VERY happy in her new home.

Click to enlarge...

Our darling Sophie went home on Tuesday and she also has found an amazing, loving family, as did fur-brother Jack. That only leaves Pumpkin and Roxy and we have some very nice applications coming in, so we are sure these two cuties will also find loving homes. 

I must say, all of Shiloh's puppies have the cutest "ear thing" going on. What adorable pop-up ears they have. So cute.

Congratulations again to Jack, Sophie, Sasha and their loving new families. 

Many thanks to foster homes Christine and Carolina for taking these babies into your loving homes. 
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Dec 1/10

Jack Update
We received a great update on Jack's progress...

Hi Ladies - Jake (Jack) is settling in fine, First Night was a bit rough because he certainly doesn't like to be left alone and he was quite vocal about it.

And for some reason he thinks he is a lap dog I have attached some pictures.

We went for our first walk yesterday and man he didn't like the leash but today he was much better, but he sure loves the back yard lots of room for him to run he sometimes will be standing at the back door waiting for me to open it and he was quite proud of himself once he found out how easy it was to get on & off the deck.

He is no longer gorging himself when he eats, he eats when is hungry , and he has really taken to some of Dukes old soft toys, infacted we are already playing fetch with one of them..

Anyway I just thought I would let you know how we are making out. Fiona

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