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Happy New Year!


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Canine Seizures
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Airdale and Rotti
Season's Greetings
Happy New Year;

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We at ANML-RESQ would like to extend to you a warm and happy evening filled with friends and love.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2010. 

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Dec 24/09

Going into this holiday season we have some wonderful updates and also a reminder that there are still many wonderful adoptables waiting for a chance at a forever home!

Benji, is a wonderful little guy and we feel that he, for some reason, is being overlooked! We're not quite sure why ... look at that face! 

Benji has a zest for life and lots of spunk! He enjoys every moment with his foster family and gets along well with the children and the resident dog in the home.  If you are looking for a little boy to add to your family, Benji just may be the one for you!

We received some wonderful news about our girl Sonja! After weeks and weeks of extensive treatment, Sonja is clear of Heartworm!! We are so happy for her and she has now been taken off of HOLD so we can start accepting applications for her forever home!  Sonja thanks Santa for her early Christmas gift ... her foster Mom Carolina!! With Carolina's love and support Sonja was able to stay positive and pull through. We hear that Sonja is enjoying running leash free chasing her Kong! Way to go Carolina and Sonja!

Last but certainly not least, our boy Pedro has gone to his forever home!! Ed and Diane are his proud new family and we are told that everything is going very well. Although I am sure that his foster Momma is missing him, we are all so glad that Pedro has found his forever! Way to go big guy!

ANML-RESQ would like to take this time to thank all of its supporters for a wonderful year! In the last 365 days many dogs have been saved and happily re-homed and it is all thanks to you! We wish you and your 2 legged and 4 legged family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ~Alli

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Dec 23/09
Season's Greetings
We at ANML-RESQ would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Dec 15/09

Airdale and Rotti
We are cross-posting two great dogs ...

The first one is an Airdale He is a neutered Male, older (unsure of age) doesn’t appear to have any health issues.  

Likes to be around people and other dogs, Ok with cats. Walks well on leash and but is a bit of a “talker”. Stands at about 2 ft high.

The other is a Rotti He is an intact male, 2-4 years old, large head and broad chest (big boy). He does seem to have some problems in his hindquarters, a little stiff when gets up after a long lie down. Likes to lean on people and get treats, likes other dogs and doesn’t pay much attention to cats. Can be a little stubborn if he is not convinced he should do something.

If you would like more information on either of these two cuties, please contact Pat at

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Dec 14/09

Seasonal Do's and Don'ts
As the holidays are closing in, we tend to forget that our furkids are watching and plotting. This watching and waiting is present in our day-to-day lives, but as the holiday season starts you will notice they are a little keener, notice everything you are doing, and are lying in wait ... they are waiting to see if we make a mistake with that decoration or don't notice that little candy being swiped off the table.

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, keep in mind that you are decorating their house too. Anything new, shiny or of interest is going to be the first thing they want to chase, check out or just plain eat. Christmas decorations may look beautiful, but are deadly and most are just a nuisance. Keep an eye on placing decorations or candies too low or in the line of sight of your pet.

During the holidays we tend to over eat and over indulge. Keep in mind that your pet really doesn't need to over indulge to get into the holiday mood and would rather that everyone's schedule stay the same as it has been throughout the year. This would include eating the same food, living in the same home with the same people - most furkids would rather not have millions of guests so they can keep you all to themselves. Keep an eye on the door - most furkids would rather escape than greet the visitors.

The holiday season puts a lot of stress on your pet and it is for this reason that we should keep them to the regular food and water. Table scraps are always a 'no-no', but we usually tend to let our pets have at least something for the holidays. For this reason, it is wise to remember that there are many things that can harm or kill your pet during the holidays; be consistent and just say 'no'. A sample of the foods that are not to be given include: grapes and sultanas, fruit mince pies or fruit cake, macadamia nuts, chocolate (especially dark chocolate) and even nutmeg. Here is an article that may help with any questions you may have.

Remember, when your pet sits and begs and you give in, you will look more like a turkey waiting in the vet's waiting room. Please say 'no'.

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Dec 11/09

Meet our newest star to ANML-RESQ Carrera. She is an exceptional pup on all counts. Read her bio:

Named after the luxury sports car, Carrera is pretty much as good as it gets! Her foster family is in LOVE with her and insists on her finding the perfect forever home.

This sweet 10 month old puppy has a fabulous temperament and disposition. She is wonderful with children and other dogs of both genders. Currently she is staying with two dogs in foster care and she is very submissive and respects her boundaries. She bows to play but understands when enough is enough. She also does not appear to be bothered by cats.  

Carrera is completely house and crate trained and is extremely well behaved for a pup. Don’t let all this fool you however as she has plenty of lovable spunk in her. She is excellent on leash and enjoys a good walk; she has also mastered the art of fetch and return and is sure to keep the people around her entertained. She is a chewer but sticks to her own bones and chew toys so having these items on hand for her will be a must.  

This exceptional sweetheart loves to be with people and definitely has a sappy side. She likes to cuddle and will lie in your arms like a baby if it means that a belly rub is on its way. She is a quiet girl, not overly vocal or barky except in the occasion that she feels she may be left behind, otherwise she is great when people come to the door and when they pass by she just wags her tail and looks for some loving from the stranger. 

If you are looking for a guard dog, keep on searching, but if your looking for a furry addition to your home don’t let her get away as she will be sure to fit right in.

If this sounds like the pup for you, you can send any questions to for more information, or you can fill out the Adoption Application on the left.

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Dec 10/09

Ever wondered why dogs have seizures? There are many causes of seizures and in Mia Carter’s article ‘Types of Dog Seizure and Canine Seizure Symptoms’ she explains ‘Petit Mal and Grand Mal Seizures in Dogs, Signs of Canine Epilepsy’. 

'A dog's seizure can be a frightening experience for the owner and dog alike. There are many causes of dog seizures; some canine seizure causes are non-life threatening, and in other cases, a dog's seizure can be a symptom of a life-threatening illness or disease. For this reason, it's essential to bring the dog to the veterinarian for an examination following a seizure.'

Any dog of any size or breed can have a seizure, but the complexities with which they occur are as varied as for humans.  Find out more about the different seizure symptoms and what can trigger a seizure in your dog … the article …> 

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Dec 9/09

Pet's Eye View 
Catster's email sent out yesterday was 'Smile You're On Kitty Cam' ... what a wonderful thought! Just imagine your cat's view of the world as seen everyday when you are away. Think of the possibilities.

Imagine your dog's day while you are at work or grocery shopping .... that would be a thing of beauty - I have always wondered what the dogs are doing when I'm away. I always wanted to say 'gotch'a', but couldn't catch them! lol

Catster is giving away a Pet's Eye View camera that is worn on the collar so you can monitor your cat/dog activities during the day.

The camera can be set to snap at 1-, 5-, or 15-minute intervals. And there is an upgrade to a professional Mr Lee Cat Cam!

So go to the 12 Days of Catmas Holiday Giveaway and find out how you can win your very own "Pet's Eye View" camera so you can 'catch' your furkids in the act!

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Dec 8/09

Emergency Surgery
We got some pretty upsetting news this morning.  My boy Carter had emergency surgery on Friday.  It breaks my heart to know that Carter will probably suffer his entire life because of the starvation and lack of nutrition he suffered in his short life.  I am so furious that someone has done this to him and now this innocent boy will have health issues that could plague him for life.

I can only thank God that Carter is where he needs to be.  I know that Lori and Kevin love Carter as though he was their child and he will be well cared for for his entire life.  He is truly fortunate to have such a loving, caring family.

Here is a bit of the email that Carters mom sent.

We all send positive thoughts Carters way for a speedy recovery.  I miss ya, big guy!!!


Carter had emergency surgery on Friday night he had a blockage in his stomach. He came home last night and now he is resting comfortably.

The vets and us are pretty sure that his starvation came back to haunt him. After Carter had his neuter he started gaining weight we were slowly cutting back his food. It seemed the more weight he gained the more trouble he had with his bad hip and joints. About 2 weeks ago we took him in for a weigh we had been doing that periodically to see where he was and he weighed 136 and 1/2 lbs. We had cut his feedings to twice a day. We are thinking that could have trigged that he was going to starve. So last weekend sometime he devoured plastic and he puked it up on Tuesday. I took him in and they put him on antibiotics. He was fine after that. He was trying to eat everything in sight. We let him outside and he devoured the grass. Baby does that once in a while and she pukes so we thought the same with Carter. he was in a terrible panic attack. It scared us. So Thursday in he went to the vets, she did x-rays and there was just alot of food and gas  in his stomach. She gave him a shot of antacids and a sedetive to keep him calm. Kevin took him in Friday morning and they did x-rays off and on thru the day and still nothing moving so he had surgery Fri night. The vet called at 11:30 that night and came thru great. The only thing they found in his stomach was  kibble and all the grass. That poor boy has been thru hell and back, it has been quite the battle with his joints and hip. So now we are going back to splitting up his food three times a day. I will keep you posted. Please keep everything crossed, Carter doesn't need this.

Here is a picture of Carter with a very concerned sister, Baby, watching over him while he recovers.

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Dec 7/09

Mya Update
We are thrilled to say that our beautiful girl Mya has gone to her forever home this weekend. We cannot be happier for Mya as she has been through so many homes already, not once the fault of Mya. 

Her story broke my heart because I had the pleasure of fostering her three siblings and they all found wonderful forever homes. Little Mya, however, was adopted out prior to rescue being called and has been rehomed 4 times due to owners moving and not taking sweet Mya into account.

Her new mom and dad have sent great updates already and Mya has made herself right at home and is being a great girl. She now has a big brother to play with as well.

Congratulations Mya!! We pray you can forever hang your leash in your new home and have the happiness of a forever family.

We also brought another new boy into rescue. His name is LJ (Little John) and he is a beautiful black Great Dane. He is settling nicely in foster care and getting along with all the resident canines - large and small (-: Stay tuned to future blogs and website for picture and info about LJ

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Dec 4/09

Sonja Update
We end the week with some fantastic news. Our beautiful girl Sonja has undergone all of her heartworm treatment and is officially free and clear of heartworm. We were elated to hear the news and we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief. 

Sonja has been an excellent patient, from the harsh treatment to kill this deadly worm, all the way through recovery (where Sonja had very limited exercise). 

Sonja could not have made it through this medical crisis without the love and devotion of her foster mom, Carolina. She has been by Sonja's side, every step of the way giving her the strength and courage to fight for her life. Sonja has a lot of angels watching out for her and we appreciate all of the encouraging emails from people inquiring about Sonja. 

Sonja will soon be ready and available for adoption, so please keep an eye on our website for an updated bio and pictures of our miracle girl. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Dec 2/09

One of our adoptables Hallie has been waiting for quite sometime for her forever home. Part of the reason that she has been waiting so long is because of the "Pitbull Ban" that was enacted a little over 4 years ago. Because of breed discrimination, Hallie is forced to find a safe home outside of the Province of Ontario. We at ANML-RESQ are dedicated to providing her just that! 

Hallie loves children and has lots of energy. She enjoys running in a large fenced in yard and will fetch her favorite toy over and over again. Hallie's ideal family will have the time to exercise her and continue with her training. Hallie currently know commands, such as sit, down, stay, come, target and she is working on "on your mat". She is a cuddle bug and very much enjoys snuggling. 

Here is a link to a Facebook group that has been formed in order to show support for Cheri Di Novo and the very important Private Members Bill 222 that was brought before the Legislature on November 18th 2009. Bill 222 is a bill to repeal the wording pit bull in the DOLA Act.

Check out this video... the truth's in this song, brought happy tears to my eyes and sad thoughts to my mind. What will I ever do if there comes a day when there are no more bullies for me to snuggle, kiss or cuddle :(  Enjoy! ~ Alli

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Dec 1/09
Foxy Roxy and Taz Updates
Here is an update on our Foxy Roxy:

Hey Renee, It's Shelley and Geoff... it's been quite a while!  We've had a super busy last couple months and realized this morning how much time had actually passed! Just an little update: Roxy is the centre of our family! She gets a morning and evening "run" (she loooooves to chase the ball!) and Geoff and I like to go for midnight walks around the neighbourhood most nights too. Although the cottage is still her absolute favorite place on earth! She also gets excellent quality dog food, it's called Wellness brand Super 5 mix and is just generally spoiled rotten

Also, we've included some updated photos, hope you enjoy them! Please give us a call if you need to, thanks! Shelley and Geoff

We also received a great update on Taz:

Renee, Just thought I would drop you a line as it is easy to lose contact as time goes on. The big guy is doing great. He is lots of fun, and everyone who meets him is really taken by him. He continues to keep Bennie young at heart, but there are times that he is pretty pooped, I would estimate that he has put on about 10lbs, which will not hurt him. 

On our walks,  I do not even need to leash him as he will not stray more than about 10-15 feet away. He has been a little restless in a vehicle but is getting better, on the way home from Hamilton on Sunday, he slept for about ½ the trip, and that is a first. All the best

Two really great updates and those pictures are just so wonderful.

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