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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Dec 31/08

Have a Happy New Year


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Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at ANML-RESQ.

It has been a whirlwind year for ANML-RESQ and it's volunteers. Many, many more miles driven by our volunteers to help bring dogs to safety, whether it be to their foster homes, their forever homes or safety in a no kill shelter.

We have rescued many dogs from many different circumstances ... time was up at the shelter, owner surrenders or rescues from puppy mills. It is the first year we have been privileged to help some small breed dogs. We have been fortunate to have found more foster homes, allowing us to help many, many more dogs. We are forever thankful to our foster homes. Rescue is made possible by these kind, caring, dedicated homes.

2008 came in with a bang as our new website was unveiled and we are so proud of our website. We are pleased to keep everyone updated on the day-to-day happenings in the dog-world and rescue through our blog.

ANML-RESQ has held educational seminars this year as well as attending dog related functions and fundraisers.

We have had some very memorable adoptions, made some new friends and look forward to making many, many more in the year to come.

We wish you all the best in 2009. Safe and Happy Holidays from all of us at ANML-RESQ.

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Dec 24/08
Happy Holidays
ANML-RESQ and ALL it's volunteers would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Enjoy your holidays, try not to get too stressed ... and if you do get stressed, grab your furbaby and give them a hug. Snuggling with your pets can be a great stress reliever!!!

Keep safety in mind, at this time of year, as your household will be very busy with people coming and going. Be sure your pet has a "safe place" to go to get away from the hustle and bustle and be careful when people are coming and going as your pet can easily slip out of the door without being noticed.

Here is a Merry Christmas wish from Marley and Carrie:

Marley says 'OMG, seriously Carrie ... don't move ... you have a stuffie on your head, I'z get it for you'. [He did grab it and run 2 seconds after this photo, but I got it back without injury to the hat.]

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday everyone!!!

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Dec 23/08

Sunbear Squad
It has been a very stormy few days. The birds are up bright and early every morning waiting for their food. I feel so bad for the birds because they have to eat as much as they can in order to survive these blustery days and nights. As soon as I am able to see the light outside, I wrap up nice and warm to brave the cold and fill all the feeders. It looks like we have to replace a bunch of suet feeders as well. They LOVE the suet feeders and we have plenty set up for our hungry friends.

While we are on the subject of cold blustery days, here is a great website with lots of information on spotting animal abuse/neglect and what to do. Also, lots of GREAT information. Please check out Sunbear Squad.

We are thrilled to tell you that our little Gracie was adopted over the weekend. She has come a long way since being found as a stray. She gained some much needed weight and we are sure she will continue to gain weight and thrive in her new home. Foster mom and family will miss her terribly, but are glad to know Gracie has found her forever home. 

We have heard that little Abby is doing well in her new home as well. She has some healing to do from her previous dental work, but she will soon be on the mend. She is very much loved by her new mom and dad and Abby is meeting new friends every day.

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Dec 22/08

Early Christmas
I started Christmas a little early this year. I wanted to make sure I could get down to see my son, daughter-in-law and my two grandbabies. We all have commitments elsewhere this year, so we had our Christmas early. I had to plan our visit around the snowstorm predictions, so I left on Wednesday, hoping to leave Friday. 

I arrived Wednesday, just ahead of the storm by minutes LOL. We had a great night and of course I spent lots of special time with my two girls. They grow so quickly, I hate missing all the stages they go through by living so far away. 

Thursday we decided to do our Christmas exchange. Little Ellie, who is 2 years old, was very excited to see her gifts. I told my son we would start with the clothes I bought the girls. I know kids don't usually get too thrilled with clothes at that age, so I wanted to save the best for last. I bought both the girls a nice cotton summer dress, so we decided to start off with that. Little Ellie's eyes lit up when she saw her new dress. She immediately started peeling off her clothes, insisting on trying on her new pretty dress. We tried to convince her otherwise, but she would have none of that. We all looked at each other in disbelief as she twirled around with a big smile on her face, showing off her new dress. It was very heartwarming to see a 2 years old SO excited about a dress. Then again, it could mean that our little girl will be a fashion diva. Look out Ryan and Sandy!! 

I also could NOT resist getting an adorable little red outfit for my youngest grandbaby Taylor. She is 6 months old now and has changed so much since I last saw her. Here is a picture of my baby Taylor wearing the little red dress every 6 month old should have!! LOL. 

It was the hat that caught my attention, so I could not resist buying this little number. Of course, I could not resist a little Santa sleeper for the holiday season. I don't think Taylor is very impressed with this choice of outfits LOL. 

But, I think she is absolutely adorable!! 

The toys were unwrapped next and Ellie was thrilled to see that Grandma got her a few of the In The Night Garden toys as well as the Backyardigans. 

A little elf told me that these were Ellie's favorite things, so I was thrilled to see the look of joy on her face when she saw her new toys. 

I loved my visit with my family and we had a wonderful early Christmas. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allie and Alex for stepping in and keeping up the blog. Alex, you are a young rescuer and even possibly a writer in the making.

Thanks to you and your family for all you do for the animals in need.

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Dec 19/08

A Young Rescuer in the Making
When we first got Brie I was quite excited. She and I got along good and she loved to play fetch only we needed to teach her to bring it back ... that, was hard! She passed 1st and 2nd level obedience when we took her to her lessons and she likes to run through the dog park even though she only uses the agility tunnel. I was really excited when I heard we were going to foster dogs for ANML-RESQ. 

I think that it's great that there are so many people that would like to help dogs as much as I would. I get excited when we get a foster dog because I like to see different breeds and work on there behavioural skills to get them to the best shape they can be. I always love to see the tricks that they do [The trick shake a paw is awesome].  Also there are sad moments especially when they don't know how to play, and when they come to the house with cuts or sores but we always get them to the vet and fix it. I think that it's a great cause and that everybody should help to their best extent. Also, I love that so many people do help and I want to thank them, for all their hard work. 

When I see a dog on the street I'm the first one to approach it. I do this cautiously but still I stand tall and be unafraid for I know they sense fear. I always cry when our foster's leave but I know they are going to another home and not back where they used to be. I'm not insulting anyone but not every dog we've had was in good shape. So, I like to try to remember all our foster's names and what they looked like so I can always know ... this one's safe and I am the one that helped it get to that state, safe in a warm, comfy and in a loving home. 

I take lots of pictures and have fun seeing pictures of the dog after they've left. They are always so happy in their pictures, it's great. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to Meikah, Roxy, Tigger, Buddy, Gracie, Fido, Precious and all the other dogs out there and all of you who continue to help the good work that ANML-RESQ does

Your friend and dog lover.... Alex Samson

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Dec 18/08

Durham Tragedy
As most of you may have already heard, the Durham Humane Society was ravaged by a fire in the early morning hours yesterday.


Unfortunately, more than 150 animals lost their lives in the fire. Our thoughts go out to all those who are involved with the rescue and of the pets that lost their lives in such a tragic way. A few animals were saved, but we understand the sorrow that you all feel at this terrible time. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know! 

On a happier note, I got an update from one of our adoptee's today. Tank found his new Mom, Shawna, back in January of this year. 

Shawna had recently lost her Rottie boy, Bomber. Poor Bomber had cancer and even after his Mom went through with his surgery to try to save his life, Bomber lost his fight. His Momma was heartbroken. 

ANML-RESQ received a call about a young Rottweiler boy who had been found as a stray by a young family. The call came in on the same day that poor Bomber died. 

Tank was thin, infested with fleas and very under weight. The young mother, who had found Tank, had a toddler and Tank just didn't know what to do about that. Tank was gentle with the child but thought that this was a good opportunity to be the boss. Needless to say, Tank needed a Mom to show him some leadership and teach him some manners. He was a typical Rottie boy. Little did we know, Tank had a plan for Shawna. 

Shawna contacted me, knowing that I was involved in rescue and told me, with tear filled eyes, that she was too lonely and needed to get another furfriend because that's what Bomber would have wanted. I contacted Renee and knew that she would be the one to help find the best pup for Shawna. Of course, this is when Shawna and I found out about Tank. After much confusion on his current whereabouts and lots of help from many committed volunteer's, Tank was vetted and a time was scheduled for us to go get him. 

He loves his Momma to pieces and makes sure that she knows when someone has arrived for a visit. He loves to be in the car and goes everywhere with Shawna and has lots of furfriends to play with. He has been on many trips to the beach, dog park, and gets very excited about chasing the geese. At the end of the busy day, he adores cuddling up in his Mom's nice warm bed while she goes off to work. Mom even says that she has a hard time to get him up in the morning to go out for a potty break! He's just too cozy in there! 

Way to go Tank we couldn't have found a better home for you! Love you my gentle giant!

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Dec 17/08

Panic Policy Making
I have been remiss lately in keeping up with my favourite blogs, but I checked out Caveat Blog and found this great article. 

Once again, it shows the power of the media and the consequences of rushing policies through our court system. Thank you Caveat blog for always keeping us well informed with the facts. 

by Selma on Sat 06 Dec 2008 10:34 AM EST  |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos

I see that Susan Hunter and Richard Brisbin have made the results of their research into BSL available. 

Panic Policy Making: Canine Breed Bans in Canada and the United States

Although dogs have bitten humans for millennia, in recent years state, provincial, and local governments have responded to incidents of dog bites with legislation or administrative rules that ban the ownership of dog breeds such as American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, and American Pit Bulls. In this paper we examine if a framework of “panic policymaking” can explain the passage of breed bans. The paper first develops a framework to explain panic policymaking that builds upon and modifies psychological theories of decision making, the sociological literature on moral panics, the analytical and case study literature about critical junctures in policy paths, behavioral economic studies of responses to risks, and the empirical studies of punctuated policy equilibria. Using data from a survey of the Canadian and U.S. public and interviews with interest group activists and public officials in locales that considered and defeated or passed breed bans, we then assess the predictive value of the concept of panic policymaking. Finally, we consider how breed bans indicate the scope and limits of the concept of animal rights.

Here's a link to the paper (PDF) some of which is still in draft....

For the rest of this blog, please click here...>

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Dec 16/08

This handsome boy is named Titan. He is 11 months old and looking forward to exploring the world in his new forever home. He is a handsome orange brindle, with expressive brown eyes. He is a very sensitive dog. He loves people, and is quick to give hugs and kisses. Titan rides super well in a car, is obedient, and wants a home for Christmas! He really is still just a puppy.

Titan is a typical teenager, full of energy. Titan loves people and he is stressing badly right now. Titan would LOVE to find his forever home in time for Christmas. 

If you are looking for a loving member to add to your family, please contact Lois at All Breed Canine Rescue or email for info at and tell her you are interested in Titan.

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Dec 15/08

The Boyz 
We had a quiet weekend as we had friends over to celebrate the holidays. I didn't tell the furkids because there was too much to do and I couldn't deal with their excitement until I had to.

Jen, Corey and the boyz arrived and you should have seen the look on my furkids faces.

blog121508b.jpg (33347 bytes)
Shot of that wonderful full moon!

Click to view...
Snow covered everything!

We had SO much snow up here, the boyz had a blast! I told them not to forget their toboggans and sleds.

blog121508a.jpg (152145 bytes)
Love kids!

We have slowed down somewhat, but I am still expecting the yearly Christmas rush, where shelters shut down for the holidays and dogs are needing out. Every year I pray it will be different, but it is always the same. I know Christmas is not the best time to adopt a new family member, with all the hustle and bustle, however, if you are adamant about adopting a new member for your family ... NOW is the time to do it. You WILL be saving a life!!!

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Dec 12/08/08

Tigger Update 
We had a great update on Tigger this week! It's been over 1 year now that Tigger has been in is new home. He was my first foster pup and he is also my girl, Brie's big brother so, we feel specially close to "Tigg". I absolutely love to get updates on my fosters so...I sent a short e-mail to follow up on how he was doing in his furever home and I was so glad to hear that everything was just as we had left it. Tigger just loves the kids to pieces and has taken a special liking to his big brother. They are best buds! Way to go Tigg! Look at those big beautiful eyes :)

"The Seniors" are settling in well and have become adjusted to the hustle and bustle of a young family. Between the kid's school and my husband and I, our work schedules can get pretty busy around here. Fido and Precious are taking it all in stride and have been waiting patiently for their chance at a new furever home. 

I have found out first hand that it is true what everyone says about adopting a senior dog. The pups are so easy going and are happy to just hang out and spend time with their people.  Every outing is very exciting for them and they just love to meet new people. As soon as they see their leashes, whether we're headed out for a walk around the block or to visit, they are happy. 

We've gone to visit with my grandparents a few times and I just cannot believe the pep in their step when they find out where we are headed. From the moment we set foot out the door they take the lead. 

Precious and Pappy

They are friendly with everyone they meet and just love all the attention and cuddle that they receive on their trips out. You'll notice from the pictures that they are not shy about relaxing and enjoying some cuddles. These 2 little cuties are still awaiting a chance at a furever home. 

Fido and Nanny

I know that with the season things are busy but what better time to introduce a couple of new fur friends to the family than a time that is meant to be spent together! So please send in an application so that we can have you meet your new best buddies!

In the meantime, Brie has been getting acquainted with our resident cat "Soprano" after the other pups have gone up to bed.  

Brie and Soprano

I think she's in love ;) Have a great weekend everyone!

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Dec 11/08
TEJA's Event
As I was going through some of the list servs I spotted this great event.

Come One, Come All - Check out for details on this amazing event.








Please contact me , Lynne Lim, if you are able to volunteer for the event and/or help us get the word out to as many people as possible in the Toronto area.

If any of you have media contacts, please advise as well.

Information about the event will be posted on our website 
Lynne Lim
telephone: 416-466-1210

Helen Hatton

Have a great day!

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Dec 10/08

Awesome Updates
We have had a couple of awesome updates in the last couple of days. 

We were thrilled to hear from Chade's parents. They sent us some beautiful pictures of their little girl. We can see from the pictures that little Chade is a very happy girl. Thank you for making our day with these pictures, update and Happy Tail for Chade, Pamela. 

Here is a portion of Chade's update, along with some pictures of this darling diva:

"...I have been very remiss in not e-mailing for a long time. Not because I haven’t been thinking about all of you, but because my crazy travel schedule has kicked in once again. I check in on the web site and the blog every few days to see what is happening in the Anml-Resq world. So glad that Abbey, Bronx, Jamie and others have found their forever homes. 

Chade is doing fine. She seems to bark more than when she first got to our house and we are trying to curb this bad habit. She barks randomly at nothing whenever she steps out into the backyard to do her business and sometimes when we leave via the front door to go on a walk. It is as though she feels the need to “announce” that she is on her way. This is okay in the winter when everyone has their doors and windows closed, but will be much less endearing when Spring and Summer come along. Otherwise, she has impeccable manners. She never steals off the table, even when food is left easily in her reach, and never has accidents in the house. She is quite the perfect dog for us. 

She has gotten much more fit since she and Tobin do their multiple daily walks. I accompany them when I can. She was never big, only 16 lbs, but she had a little bit of a waddle on her chest and some general softness, but most of that has gone away. Her backside has filled in and she is now quite muscular in the bum and thighs. No overall weight change though, just a redistribution in shape (wish that the same could be said for me!) Tobin has also lost some weight, 6 lbs. I, on the other hand have not lost a pound!

She is a very happy dog most of the time. I think that there are moments when she still misses Chester and his company. Also he took care of her little needs, like covering her with blankets and making her bed. So now we have to do that for her. We occasionally have dogs that come and stay for a weekend or a week and she gets along with them. Once she tried to sidle up and sleep with Harley, but Harley is not used to that and she moved away. Although Chade doesn’t really buddy around with these visiting dogs, she seems to enjoy their company. She does get left at home occasionally when we both have to go out and there have been no issues with that. Mostly we take her along with us and she is very good in the car and at other people's homes."

Chade is enjoying life as a very loved member of her family.

We also received an update on Diamond as well.....along with a picture of her in her new sportswear (-: 

Diamond has been doing very well in foster care and has made a lot of new friends in the last couple of months. Kim, a new friend has been taking Diamond for some LONG walks with lots of doggies and she is slowly learning to enjoy the company of other canines. 

Her last adventure was a 14 K walk with 11 doggy friends. After the first hour, the walk became much easier and Diamond was not pulling anymore. She loves to please and is eager to learn. WAY TO GO DIAMOND!!!!

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Dec 9/08

We received an email a few weeks ago asking for help with a pit bull puppy. It seems the people that owned him had moved here from another province and were not aware of the ban in Ontario. It became increasingly apparent to them that they owned an illegal breed. Little Diesel was only 7 weeks old and a fugitive in this Province of ours. 

The people were devastated and wanted this sweet baby to be safe, but had NO idea what they could do. As luck would have it, at the same time we got the urgent request for help, we had a GREAT application come in from New York, wanting to rescue a pit bull puppy in need. PERFECT TIMING!! 

We immediately started the application process and found the applicant to be a very loving, responsible home. We sent them pictures of baby Diesel and it was "love at first sight". The arrangements were made and baby Diesel (who is now 9 weeks old) was on his way to safety and a happy new home. He has a 2 year old sister who is so excited to have a little brother to boss around. 

ANML-RESQ is proud to have played a part in getting baby Diesel to safety. Congratulations Diesel and Family!!!! 

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Dec 8/08

The Votes Are In 
It's time!!! We have finally tabulated the votes and ANML-RESQ is proud to announce the winners of this years calendar contest.

  1. Otis w/ 26 votes

  2. Hector & Polly w/ 23 votes

  3. Big beautiful dog w/ 20 votes

  4. No luck 3 w/ 19 votes

  5. Sweathearts w/ 17 votes

  6. Shitlins w/ 16 votes

  7. Teward w/ 15 votes

  8. Hershey dreaming w/ 11 votes

  9. CB Santa w/ 11 votes

  10. Brutus & Mona w/ 11 votes

  11. Zero w/ 10 votes

  12. Spa dog w/ 10 votes

Next was Hill gang w/ 9 votes and Want some pumpkin?, Eye to Eye, CB & Brutus all came in w/ 7 votes.

ANML-RESQ would like to thank everyone who sent pictures of their beloved pets and everyone that voted for their favs. We had SO many wonderful pictures to choose from and I'm glad the task wasn't left to one person to choose.

Thanks go to Allie for keeping tabs on the votes and HUGE thanks to Elaine for putting our calendar together.

Please be sure to check our Cafepress soon to order your new 2009 ANML-RESQ Calendar.

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Dec 5/08

We end the week with some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that Bubba will be returning into our program as a foster and he is once again looking for his forever home. 

We have learned that Bubba really can't cope with urban life and would be much much happier in a country setting. He needs some time to chill without worrying about the hustle and bustle of city life. Bubba is a sweetheart in his home and with his people. 

He LOVES to explore, so if he has an opportunity to escape, he will run. He is a free spirit that loves to roam. Since city life does not appeal to Bubba, we are looking for a country home with a quiet atmosphere. 

Now for the good news  - we will soon have a new arrival to ANML-RESQ. This will be a record breaker for us. We are all thrilled and anxious to see our newest little girl. She will be a record breaker for us as she will be the SMALLEST rescue we have ever taken on. Little Poppet is all of 2˝ pounds and we hear she is a REAL going concern. lol

poppet2.jpg (54744 bytes)

Little Miss Poppet is a teacup Yorkie who has been through a lot in her short one year in this world. This little girl also suffers from an affliction called alopecia. 

poppet.jpg (62500 bytes)

It is a condition which can cause their hair to fall out. The cause is unknown, but they believe it may be stress related. It can be managed and the condition is not painful. 

So, stay tuned next week for more about Poppet and have a great weekend everyone!

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Dec 4/08

Having a Blast in the Snow 
I've spent the last few days enjoying the snow and having a blast with my doggies. We are very fortunate that our furkids LOVE the snow. The more snow, the better. 

They love to chase and play during the snowiest of days. They also take breaks and grab a snow cone or two and quench their thirst. 

blog120408a.jpg (65788 bytes)

The other day we had a huge wind and snowstorm and we awoke to a backyard full of fallen tree branches. Thankfully it happened during the night and no one was hurt in the yard. The dogs and I entered the backyard and all I could see was the smile on all their faces!! Woohoo!!! We have branches!! This is going to be a GOOD DAY! 

blog120408b.jpg (56259 bytes)

I love to see the babies have fun, chasing and playing until they are ready for a nap. Soon we'll all be sick of the snow ... all except my furbabies. They can't wait until they have to plow through it to chase each other (-; 

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Dec 3/08

Rescued At Last 
Here is an update on the Pyrenese mixes that were found abandoned. I couldn't get the thoughts of them out of my mind. It turns out Rescue4 Life was able to help them and we are thrilled to see them ALL in rescue, adults and puppies. 

Here is an update on their rescue and some more pictures. If you know of anyone in Alberta with a love for Pyrenese, please have them look up this very lucky family of Pyrs. The Rescue4Life [] website, however, you will note their website it not current at present.


I'm in! My name is Sophie and I am the Mommy to the three little puppies that are in right now. 

I am a Great Pyrenese and I have suffered terribly my whole life. I practically begged my guardian angel to take me. I watched her take my very sick puppies but I did not understand why she would not take me also. So I kept waiting at the side of the road for her to come get me too. 

I galloped on my broken leg when I saw her car but she didn't take me the first time - in fact she made me get out of the car (crying and whining) even though I had hopped in and was waiting to go. But she took me the second time ... and I am so relieved. I was so scared about just surviving - I could not sleep at all and you can see how bloodshot my eyes are in the pictures. 

There are lots of coyotes around where I live and I could not get away from them all with my broken leg.

From my pictures you will see I am missing lots of fur and have mange. I also have bite marks on my face and body - perhaps from another dog or coyote. I also have a broken front left leg - the vet has said that not much can be done at this point since it has already healed but I may get to have a specialist look at it. 

If surgery can be completed it will cost about $3800. I trusted these kind people and knew that only better things could come my way - I walked right into my foster home without blinking an eye (like I had been there a million times). I got pampered and even got a bath. These kind people kept telling me I did so well! I'm still really dirty though even though I got bathed for over an hour, so I guess I will have to have a second one. I went to sleep in my kennel and never opened an eye until my Foster Mommy made me get up this morning and go use the washroom. 

I'm already house-trained and crate-trained and everyone is saying how smart I am. They also said I am a gentle gentle giant. I am about 70 pounds right now but probably should be about 80-90 lbs. I am about a year old right now and I am missing teeth and my teeth are very worn down from trying to scavenge for food.

When I am back to 100% health I will be up for adoption. Just to let you know ... I am going to be picky about my forever family because I want one that will love and take care of me. I will not be looking for an outdoor home only because of my leg injury and also I will feel safer indoors with my human family. I am considered special needs since I will always have a limp from my injury. I would also like a fenced backyard or area so that I will feel safe in my new home. I'd also like if you took me to an obedience class so that I can learn lots of new things and so that I can show you how smart I am.

Just to let you know ... there are 6 of us up for adoption! My three puppies will also be up for adoption as well as my two siblings.

Please contact Rescue for Life at or (780) 702-6151 if you are interested in adopting one or more of these dogs and to learn more about our story. In addition, due to poor health and injuries to these dogs we are taking donations directly towards this family of dogs to help with medication and potential surgery. Donations can be made directly to Parkland Vet (under Rescue for Life) - (780) 962-6300. (Our website is currently behind by about 2 weeks due to our laptop being serviced).

Please forward this email to all animal lovers. Through networking, these beautiful and deserving animals will find their forever homes.

From the Great Pyr family and Rescue for Life

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Dec 2/08

If Looks Could Kill
I received this email today and thought that you would  want to read it too. Some of you may have received this already, but just in case... 

Please let everyone on your list know that this is an important issue to every dog owner in Ontario.

Remember the old saying, "If Looks Could Kill"?

These days In Ontario, they can and do.

Do you own a short-coated dog with a boxy snout? Is he brindle, white, brown or red? Then you may very well own an Ontario "pit bull".

Everything from Boston Terriers to Great Danes, purebred or mixed, have been identified by those enforcing the Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA) as "pit bulls".

Due to the anxiety and confusion this law has created, many national breed clubs have asked for official exemptions from Ontario's Attorney General. In fact, people are writing to the Attorney General before they get a dog to make sure they are making a safe choice.

For owners of mixed breed dogs (in other words, most people), the confusion means that they are unaware of how this ban directly affects them. After all, there is no valid method to test the breeding of a mix and there is nothing the law that says how you prove your dog is not a "pit bull" - yet the onus is on you, the dog owner, to do just that.

The latest decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal states that if even a tiny risk exists, it is the responsibility of government to regulate it by whatever means possible - even if this means exterminating it.

In restoring the law to its original form, the Justices told all Canadians that despite credible research and evidence proving otherwise, the mythology surrounding the "pit bull" is taken at face value by our courts.

In other words, uneducated opinions, gossip and hearsay from any source (such as news reports) can be used to prove anything - and worse, such flimsy evidence can influence our rights and freedoms in all aspects of our lives.
Do you now see that this not just about dogs anymore?
In the words of Clayton Ruby,

"According to the Court of Appeal, so long as the government puts forth some evidence in support of its legislative decision, regardless of its credibility, reliability or value, it cannot lose. And it's not just about dogs anymore. This ruling, if left unchallenged, will become case law and as such can be applied to anything, from dogs to donkeys."

Ultimately this means that the life of every dog and every breed is just a pen stroke away from extinction. All it will take is a little bad press. 

We refuse to quit. We must take this case to the Supreme Court of Canada so that dog (and all property) owners can take back control of their and their dogs' lives.

But we have a problem.

in order to move forward, significant financial obligations must be met. The Banned Aid Coalition must raise $100,000.00 within two weeks in order to pay for the outstanding costs to date and to finalize our application to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The DLCC and Banned Aid Coalition firmly believe in the importance of this cause. We are prepared to carry this burden farther but we need your help. Don't sit this one out because the future of dog ownership, if not all property ownership, is what's at stake.

Many have stepped up to help us along the way but we are again in a crunch for time and money. Please join dog owners and others from across our great country in standing up for fair and equal treatment for all.

Most of all, stand up for your best and only friend, your beautiful dog. He is depending on your help during his darkest hour.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support. Together, we can win.

Please donate today - every dollar counts.

"We must all hang together, or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately." - Benjamin Franklin 

There are several ways you can donate.

You can mail your cheque payable to the DLCC to: 

Cathy Prothro 
351 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 3S4 

PayPal: and click on the "Donate!" link for the PayPal tool.

For your convenience you can deposit from any bank directly into the Banned Aid Legal Fund by depositing to:

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,
Penhorn Mall,
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Account 00513 010 1526839 

You can also make an online payment from your financial institution's website by sending a bill payment to

Send cheques or money orders directly to Mr. Ruby at the following address, c/o BANNED AID LEGAL CHALLENGE FUND

Ruby & Edwardh
11 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto, ON
416 964 9664

LeeAnn O'Reilly, President, DLCC
"Fighting ignorance since's taking longer than we thought."

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Dec 1/08

Adoption Updates 
We have had a few adoptions made official this past week. 
One adoption made official was our showgirl Lola. She has been spayed and has now officially been adopted. She is a very lucky girl to have found such a fantastic home. 

Here is a little update on Lola. As you can read, she has settled in and taken over!! lol

She has settled in beautifully. We had our annual Grey Cup party last Sunday and we weren’t sure how she would do with a house full of people. One of the couples has a Bichon that they always bring when they come to visit so we were interested to see how she would react to another dog in “her house”. 

The crowd was no problem. She took everyone in stride. The other dog was very quickly shown that Lola was the boss and she would be keeping an eye on her at all times, “oh but do come again, it has been a pleasure having you visit”. She also had her first (and hopefully last) piece of blue cheese when someone said “is it o.k. that your dog just took that great big chunk of cheese off the cheese tray?” I was prepared for an explosion from either end but the Cocker Spaniel ”patented steel stomach” came through with no problem. Lola is still curious about Squeak the Guinea Pig but I think the pig is enjoying his new perch on top of a table where he can see us much better and only the occasional flying head and ears of that silly black dog. So you can see we are all fine and will keep in touch.

Great news Lola!! You have certainly come a very long way!! Many thanks to foster mom Sharon for helping Miss Lola in her journey to a forever home. Lola and Abby both came from the same puppy mill and, coincidentally, have been adopted the same week. 

Abby went to her forever home on Saturday. Foster mom Sue made the trip with Abby and we know it was a bitter sweet moment for first time foster mom. Thanks to Sue, Abby was able to take the time to recover from surgeries and with lots of love and dedication has come SO far. 

Both Lola and Abby had lived a very hard life, breeding for profit, never knowing the feeling of being loved and cherished. It is time for them to enjoy the wonders of life and confidence of being loved as a family member. Many thanks to Sue for her love and commitment to Abby.

Here is a little from foster mom. Our hearts are with you Sue, as you work through all of the emotions of passing your beloved foster into the arms of a loving and caring forever home.

I only have one regret with Abbey and that is that I didn't adopt her. I thought I would feel better today but I feel worse. I do know that once she trusts her new owners she'll never look back and that's what keeps me going. She didn't ask for anything and was happy to accept what was ever going on, trying her best to act like the pup and just keep up with them. Her tilted head and crooked smile all put a smile on my face. She is priceless and if the family feel about her the way I do, she's never coming back to the rescue. 

My work here is done. I treated Abbey like she was my own, just as I would any other dog that came into our home, so how do you NOT bond with them ... ya can't ... it's impossible. Maybe each one gets a little easier and you define the mission of the rescue. I will try again soon.

Hugs to you Sue. With time and updates, you will know you did the right thing. You will be able to feel joy and happiness; instead of sadness. 

Happy trails girls!!!

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