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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Dec 31, 2007  

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Roxie found herself in the hands of a police officer after her senior owner could no longer take care of her. He had requested that she go to the Cambridge Humane Society but ended up at the Guelph Shelter instead. She was now homeless again, after being dropped off a year and a half ago by her long time owners. 

It didn't seem to dampen Roxie's spirits though, I mean what's not to like? Lots of friendly people at the shelter, walks three times a day and all the kibble a Rottweiler could eat! Life was still good, she missed her old friend but had made some new ones ... heck, just roll with it. What Roxie didn't know was that by the end of the week people were starting to talk about her. Saying things like, when was the last time she saw a vet? Do you see the lumps on her? Did you notice how much she shakes? Maybe it would be best if ... But her old friend had a daughter and a sister-in-law who worked closely with the Guelph Humane Society and they stepped in. No way Roxie was going to die with strangers! 

Roxie had seen a vet just a few weeks prior and that vet was on the Board of Directors for Guelph Humane Society (it sure pays to have friends in high places!). With a few phones calls and emails later Roxie was on her way to spend a few nights up on a farm until a more suitable foster/forever home could be found. 

We knew it was going to be tough because seniors are hard to place and there was that cloud of doubt over her health (words of Cancer, how many months and should we?). 

But then someone stepped up to help Roxie - without a picture or ever having seen her. They opened their homes and hearts to this special little girl. Her journey has made it's final step ... no more bouncing.

The Happy Tail from Roxie's new home! ...

We had never met Roxie, not a picture or a write-up. We just knew she needed a home, and in she came ... And we love her, with all our hearts. 

Our kids are the next generation of rescuers and need to learn the value of life and respect ... Roxie reminds us everyday how important those things are. Sharon

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Dec 28, 2007

Today is Tegra's birthday! She is 3 years old! 

Happy Birthday Tegra. 

tegra.jpg (65457 bytes)

She is a special girl and I love her with all my heart. I look forward to sharing many, many more birthdays with her. 

Happy Birthday Teggy!! Love you (-:

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Dec 27, 2007

Okay, so last night I stoked up the fire about 12:30 a.m. and headed upstairs to stretch out and sleep. I was crowded all night by the dastardly trio of Sassy, Winston and Riggs. I couldn't stand it anymore so planned on going to bed with Tegra and Pebbles (who were already up there). 

So, as soon as my feet hit the ground, Winston was ready to go as well. Oh well, one more can't hurt ... so I ungate and send Winston up ... except Jack cut in front of him and  knocked him out of the way with Winston in hot pursuit for first dibs on the bed. 

Sheesh ... only two dogs left downstairs and that bed's gonna be crowded again! So, I slide into bed, Winston dives on and Pebs and Tegra are already there. What a tight squeeze ... oh well, now I will sleep. Until Riggs woke up moments later  sensing NO heat source and headed for the stairs where the whining, crying, scratching and jumping started. 

I try to ignore this (for about 5 minutes) then give in and ungate to let Riggs up too. This morning I came down and asked Sassy if she forgives everyone for bailing on her last night and this is her answer (-:

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Dec 21, 2007

Prayers for Perry
It seems that, occasionally, you just have a really bad week. Nothing ever seems to go right for you. I guess it was Jen's week for a bit of unwanted excitement. Earlier in the week she experienced her paper shredding incident with Snickers and her week ended with a bit more calamity and chaos.

She returned home from work and began settling in. She filled her bird feeders, got the dogs out for some exercise and was about to refill the dish of food she keeps out for a cat that has been hanging around her place. She also provides this visitor with a nice comfy crate with bedding for the long cold nights.

Tonight she noticed some black drippings outside of the crate. She wondered what it could be? Did the cat get into something and trail it there? So, she got closer to the crate and was startled by who was looking back at her. It was a possum. He hissed at her at first, but then stopped when he realized she was not going to threaten him. Jen called me immediately and we decided the best thing to do was to call her local SPCA (who had helped her previously with a wounded porcupine). She called them without delay and even though they were about to close for the day, she explained the urgency and possible coating of oil/ substance which would likely kill him if not looked after quickly. They told her they would wait for her to make the half hour trip. But, in her haste to get this fellow ready for his transport, she accidentally knocked over a very expensive bottle of wine (which she just received as a Christmas gift ... OMG - could it get any worse? Sorry Jen - I know how much you were looking forward to sipping back a couple of glasses after your hectic week). However, she temporarily solved the spilt wine problem, dashed outside with her broom (in case), just as Perry decided he was going to make a "getaway". Jen persuaded him to go back into the crate with the broom without any hesitation and NO grumbling. Poor boy, he really wasn't feeling well. )-: 

Perry made a quiet trip to the shelter where he was quickly looked over for any wounds (thankfully none were found). However, he was covered with a substance which they believed to be hydraulic fluid. Perry must have been messing around somewhere he shouldn't have been. I understand that possums can get themselves into mischief at times. The vet will be in soon to treat this fellow and Jen will be following up with a call to see how Perry is doing. 

We send Perry our thoughts and prayers and hope that he will survive this traumatic ordeal. 

Thanks for being there for this little guy Jen. I wonder if this is the strangest animal you have transported yet? (-:

Click here to read Perry's Update.

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Dec 20, 2007
Little Man

Wow, it's been a crazy, busy  day today. We got a call from a friend who works at a shelter and she was noticing a young shepherd pup was really, really stressing. He was not handling shelter life very well. On top of that, he is sick with giardia, a parasite that can cause severe diarrhea. It is also contagious to other animals in your home. 

We sent out a plea for help and the emails came in all day with very kind people offering this boy a home. Most of the day was spent returning emails and e-chatting with some very, very kind people. This brings great joy to us as we realize this is a very hectic, busy and stressful time of year. It is very kind and generous for people to offer their assistance to this beautiful boy.

So, it looks like this little man will definitely have a cozy home to settle into before Christmas!! YEAH!! Thank you everyone who responded so quickly (-:

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Dec 19, 2007

I talked with Cesar's mom today. Our big boy is doing very well in his new home. We will soon get pictures of this beautiful boy (mom's computer is down right now). It will be so nice to see him again. 

I hear he has put on some much needed weight. Cesar (a.k.a. Brutus) had a pretty rough go of things in his short 2 years of life. When we got the call on Brutus he had lost his entire family. The mother and father had skipped town leaving Cesar and another senior dog behind. Even worse, they also left their 2 children behind as well. While the kids and dogs were fending for themselves they finally got a call from their parents. They were told to call their grandmother ... they were not coming home.

In the meantime, his faithful doggy friend passed away. Grandma was too old to care for Brutus but loved him enough to find him help. So a friend of grandma's was called and thankfully she was able to take Cesar in temporarily, but could not keep him long-term. That is when we were called for help. Thankfully we had a volunteer that was able to look after him short-term. 

While we don't know his history prior to being abandoned, we know that with his obsessive compulsive disorder it was going to be difficult to find someone with the patience to work through it. Thankfully we found that perfect home. They adore this gentle giant and have worked very hard to help him overcome his issues. We are not there yet, but I have no doubt that with time, patience and love, Cesar will regain his self-confidence and become the ambassador we always knew he could be. We are so happy for Cesar! Merry Christmas big guy! We can't wait for pictures. 

Click here to read Cesar's Update.


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Dec 18, 2007

We heard from Snickers foster mom today and it sounds like Snickers is already feeling the Christmas spirit.

Mom was busy last night after returning home from work. With all the new snowfall, mom had a whole lot of shoveling to do. Thinking that Snickers and his fur-sister Reeses could entertain themselves, for a short period of time, in the TV room while mom shoveled. OF COURSE THEY CAN!! After shoveling out her driveway she took all her furbabies for a walk (2 at a time). Then, of course, it was time to feed her gang ... and herself. Ready to finally relax and kick up her feet she brought her furkids downstairs to enjoy an evening of snuggles and television. But to her dismay she found that Snickers and his sister Reeses apparently had a really, really fun time opening up all of moms presents (which she cleverly hid in a box). Wrapping paper everywhere! I guess mom knows what she's getting for Christmas (-: How about you Snickers? You'd better hope Santa doesn't catch wind of this!

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Dec 17, 2007

Our New Web Site
Welcome to ANML-RESQ's new and improved web site.

I hope everyone enjoys the new pages and checks out all our new links.

It is especially nice to start this new blog. I will try to write about daily activities of "every-day" happenings in our rescue group.

I welcome your input and comments on any of the blogs and hope you will stay-tuned daily for updates from our foster homes, dog news, fundraising and an in-depth personal look at the day-to-day workings of a rescue group. I will also be adding personal stories from volunteers and happy tails submitted by adopters. Have a great browse and enjoy our new web site. Seasons Greetings from ANML-RESQ ~ ENJOY!

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