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Aug 31/16

Pia Update - I am so happy! Getting lots of pictures and updates from Pia's mom, Jill. Pia is settling in really well with her family and shortly after her arrival, she got a new fur-brother named Peyton. Peyton is a handsome greyhound boy and the two are getting along great. Here is a short update from Pia's mom, Jill:

She's super happy - although you wouldn't know it - she cries all the time. She's a super suck. Everyone loves her. She's quite the 'hit' at the dog park too. Everyone says she's very good looking (proud mama). Super with every kind of dog (even aggressive ones because she's submissive).

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

My favourite time of day is night time when she's settling down. She crawls into my lap and falls dead asleep. The other night she was so 'out of it' that we could move her head from side to side and she didn't wake up. It was so funny. And Payton is beginning to play with her more, they run together and share toys. All in all, we got very lucky with these 2 furkids.

We really miss our little foster but getting pictures and updates makes it a whole lot easier. 
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August 16/16

Marley Update - We received some nice pictures and update from Marley's mom, Leah. What a lucky girl! She went from living on the streets to a kind elderly couple who took her in to get her off the streets. They soon found that Marley had far too much energy for them so they did the right thing ... they called upon ANML-RESQ to find a loving home for Marley.

It didn't take us long ... we had an approved applicant looking for a border collie ... well, Marley isn't a border-collie LOL, but that didn't matter. They fell in love with her pictures. It's been a couple of years now but as you can see, Marley is adored by her mom, dad and 4 legged siblings. Here is a note from Marley's mom: 

Hey Renee, Thank you for your note, always glad to hear from you. Here are 2 pictures of Marli (known at our home as Mar), enjoying the sun at the beginning of the summer. She is still the most wonderful girl, gentle with the 'oldies', enjoys walking and running and chasing 'her' orange ball. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

The 3 Jackies are getting on, one is completely deaf and can hardly move but the other 2 are still keeping up with the pack, at 14 years old it's good going..... Thanks you again for all the good work you are going, Gordon, Leah, Ollie, Nicky, Bonnie and Mar.

Thank you for the amazing update and pics of our beautiful girl Mar!
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August 15/16

Koda Going Home - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that our Koda Bear has gone to his forever home this past weekend. 

Click to enlarge...

What a great meeting it was with Koda’s new family. Koda LOVED the kids and the feeling was mutual.

Click to enlarge...

Huge thanks to Monique and family for welcoming this handsome boy into their hearts and home while he waited for the perfect family to come along (-: Congratulations Koda!
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August 14/16

Meet Gracie - Gracie is a stunning 2 year old German Shepherd. She is a typical young shepherd who was used to not having any boundaries but learned very quickly the rules in her foster home. Gracie is a playful girl, non-destructive in the home. Gracie is good with dogs and cats. We are looking for a large breed experienced home for Gracie with a nice fenced in yard for her to run and play. She would love a nice male dog to play with as well. We are looking for a home where her family is not too busy with people coming and going and no children under the age of 14 only because of her size and rambunctiousness.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Gracie is a fun loving girl who loves to play with the water hose – often spraying her other pack members. Gracie is fearful of men at first meeting and does need a few minutes to warm up.

If you think you would to adopt Gracie, please fill in the adoption/Foster application on the left. Don't forget to share this beautiful girl ... she needs a forever home. If you have any questions, please email us at
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August 11/16

Pia - I am sure there were a few folks out there with wagers thinking that Bill and I would once again fail fostering!! LOL Well I am pleased to say we did not fail fostering, although it could very well have happened if not for the amazing forever home that she went to. We fell in love with Pia instantly but also knew she was highly, highly adoptable and it was so much better for Pia to have one on one attention as she deserves. 

It so happened that a wonderful lady who adopted one of my fosters about 13 years ago has been emailing of late. Sadly the first dog she adopted from me was a girl from a puppy mill situation. Over-bred, teeth ground down to the gums, her back legs were failing her. She was one hot mess but she was such an amazing girl that deserved the chance to live as a beloved family member and no longer a breeder. Her eyes were clouded over – she spent her days in a dark shed, drinking from bowls covered in green slime. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

We vetted this girl (a rotti/shep mix) and then she was posted for adoption. I had already resigned myself that she would probably never leave and we were okay with that. But then came Jill’s application. My heart fluttered a little. We proceeded with the application, she met Baby and a few days later she came to pick her up and bring her home. Sadly, Baby-Abby went to the Bridge far too soon, only 1 1/2 years later, but she was loved un-conditionally.

Then a couple of years later we had a rottie in need of a home. She was finally captured, after running for many weeks in a quarry. She was in extreme feral-mode. Sadly at the time we had no foster homes available but our volunteer contacted Oakville Humane and they took her in willingly. I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl and how frightened she must be in the shelter after running wild for who knows how long. For some reason (I don’t know why as it had been a couple of years since Baby passed away) Jill came to my mind. I thought it couldn’t hurt to email her and ask if she was interested in a rottie mix girl that really needed lots of patience and understanding. She immediately replied she would take her in and she adopted her from the shelter. I was so happy for this girl! Jill named her Charlotte and while she was always a somewhat fearful girl, she had the most amazing, fulfilling life with Jill. I knew this from pictures and updates. 

Sadly several months ago Jill informed me that Charlotte, the love of her life had passed away suddenly. She was devastated. So several months after the sad news we had taken in little Pia to foster her. We quickly fell in love with her. Jill happened to email me a few weeks after Pia arrived at our home and I was excited to show off our new foster girl. 

Well, to make a long story short, Jill fell in love with her picture and wanted to adopt our little girl. We were elated!!! We could not have hoped for a better home for Pia. The only issue was Jill had several prior commitments that would not allow her to take Pia until the beginning of August and we had no problem holding onto Pia until then. It was an additional couple of months and every day we fell more in love with her, but we were happy she was going to a home where I know we will see her grow up and mature. 

Pia went home this past Saturday. Her mom drove 8 hrs. total to pick up her precious little bundle. Pia LOVED Jill. For a rottie girl that rarely jumped up on people, she was all over Jill (that is why I couldn’t get any good pictures of Jill and Pia LOL).

But here is our girl going home with Jill ... meeting her extended family and we hear she is meeting LOTS and LOTS of doggie friends. 

Congratulations Pia! We miss you, little one but we know you are adored and happy!!!
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August 10/16

Sammy - We had 2 amazing Rottweiler girls go to their forever homes last week. Both girls never made it to our adoptions pages.

The first to go home was a beautiful 18 month old Rottweiler named Sammy. We had received a request from a good friend of our rescue to help rehome this girl who was simply too much dog for her owner. Sammy is a very strong girl and because her owner had some serious back issues she could not handle Sammy’s energy and strength. At the same time a lovely family applied to adopt another Rottweiler we had posted, he is a male and their resident dog is also a male so we thought a female would probably work much better for them. The family was very interested in hearing all about Sammy and once we filled them in and showed them pictures, they were smitten. This family is very experienced with the breed and Sammy definitely needed more training. The family was up for the challenge – woo hoo!! We were super excited for them to meet in person and it came as no surprise to us that it was “love at first sight”. 

20160721_120119.jpg (110282 bytes)blog081016a.jpg (33309 bytes)IMG_20151007_174918.jpeg (57592 bytes)

So this beautiful girl has now been adopted and she has managed to worm her way into the hearts of her new people, Reg and Shiela and her new fur-brother Odie. 

We cannot be happier for Sammy and her new family has promised to send lots of pictures and updates. We will definitely share these updates with you all. 

Tomorrow we will post about the next very special and lucky little girl who also went home this past weekend. It was a GREAT week for two very lucky black and tan girls.

Congratulations to Sammy, Reg, Sheila and Odie!
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August 9/16

Blossom - Every once in a while you get a chance to help a dog through a series of random events. A friend of our rescue has been looking for a nice female lab to welcome into her family. Her male lab Patrick is really wanting a 4 legged sister to play with and Michelle has been actively looking for a nice companion for her boy Patrick.

Somehow she got added to a site on her facebook, not knowing who added her to this group. There was an advertisement for a 12 week old female lab mix and Michelle decided to enquire. She got some pictures of the puppy – they were hard to make out so she asked for more pics. When she saw where this little girl was being kept she could not turn her back. She reached out on her social media page and asked if anyone could help transport a pup out of N.B. 

I happened to see the post and inquired whereabouts in N.B. We have a few excellent connections there, perhaps we could lend a helping hand? When we found out where the puppy was we asked our dear friend Carla if she could possibly help. She was completely welcome to come to our rescue, of course – we just needed to get her out as quickly as possible as no young dog (or any dog for that matter) should be living as she was.

Of course our girl Carla made arrangements immediately to meet the puppy and was determined to help her out of her situation. She picked her up the following day. As it turns out a wonderful rescue right there in N.B. had a waiting list of approved people looking for a puppy so she was whisked away and into the care of rescue.

When everyone noticed the change in her expressions and demeanor they named her Blossom as right after being rescued she blossomed into an altogether different girl. She was actually smiling and had hugs and kisses for everyone.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Sometimes things don’t always turn out the way you intend for them to, but it definitely turned out to be a win-win situation, thanks to a kind Samaritan from a couple of provinces away saw a puppy in need and reached out for help.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Huge thanks to Michelle, Carla and Annette for changing this little girls life for the better!
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August 2/16

Zee Update - We received some GREAT pictures of our beautiful Zee and her family from their vacation in the East Coast. What a lucky, lucky girl ... she is having the time of her life!!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thanks so much for the pictures ... we love seeing our happily adopted dogs doing so many awesome things with their families.
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August 1/16

Molly Update - Carolina received a great update and picture of her previous foster Molly. Here is update from Molly’s mom and dad:

Hello Carolina, Just a note about Molly, she is going great! She weights around 80 pounds now and eat about 6 cups a day! and she is getting some nice muscle tones in her legs. She is definitely popular in the neighborhood! 

We took her to Charlevoix a few weeks ago and she loved running in the wood and on the beach. We are planning to go to the Maritimes at the beginning of September and we will make sure to send you pictures of Molly visiting different sites :) Hope you are having a great summer also! cheers! David & Nathalie

WOW ... she is growing like a weed!! We are all so happy for this lucky girl. 
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