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August 2014

And the first prize winner of the Quilt is ..... HELEN COTÉ of Nepean, ON. Second prize winner is Jennifer Short of Griely, ON is the winner of a 'Who Rescue Who' necklack. And, the third prize goes to Peter Bedrossian of Stittsville, ON.


Updated: September 02, 2014 10:44:55 PM


More Diesel;
Meet Ton and Nellie;
Congratulations Desmond;
Little Man;
A Must Attend Seminar;
Cassie Update;
Dog Saved by Laying Down;
Lucy Needs You;
Lucy Update;
BBQ Reunion;
Meet Devon;
Meet Scout;

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August 28/14

Meet Scout: Introducing a very handsome boy, that through no fault of his own, needs to find a new home. We think he is a beautiful boy and would love very much to help him. We do need a foster home in order to do that. If you or someone you know is willing to foster this big boy, please consider filling in our online application. Here is a little about Scout.

Click to enlarge...

Scout is a stunningly beautiful 5 year old Great Pyrenees that is urgently looking for a foster or forever home through no fault of his own. His owners have to move and unfortunately Scout cannot go with them. Scout was first adopted by his current owners 4 years ago form the pound and we would very much like to prevent him ending back at the humane society.

Click to enlarge...

Scout has a stellar temperament with adults, children, and most dogs, yet cats are unknown since he has never been exposed to them. Children and babies have been known to be around Scout with no problems what so ever. Scout is walked daily off leash and is exposed to meeting dogs on a daily basis. According to Scout's owners, over the last 4 years, there have only been a couple of unneutered male dogs that Scout was not too thrilled about. Other than that, he is great with other altered dogs. All Scout wants is to be loved and lives for hugs and affection.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Scout is such an easy going boy, even when boarded the staff always mentions how well behaved he has been with both the staff and the other dogs at the kennel. Thunderstorms, lightening, and loud noises to not phase him at all. Scout is fully housetrained, neuters, and is in good health overall.

If you feel you can help this sweet boy, please contact us or fill out our foster/adoption application on the left.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 27/14

Meet Devon: A little something different for us here at ANML-RESQ, but we couldn't resist trying our best to help this little cutie-pie find his forever home. Here is a bit more about Devon (-: If you know of anyone looking for a beautiful kitten, please contact Carolina about Devon!

Click to enlarge...

Meet Little Devon. Devon was born from a feral mother cat who I have been caring for the last while. I found a litter of kittens in my shed and was able to catch 6 kittens thinking I got all of them. Turns out I accidentally left one behind. Devon is about 12 weeks old now and was pretty untrusting when I was finally able to catch him. He has come a long way but still needs a home experienced or willing to continue to work with him.

Click to enlarge...

When Devon was first brought inside the house, he would hiss and hide. Now he never hisses and loves being petted and will roll on his side to be caressed. I have been working with him on picking him up and holding him close for a snuggle. It is going very well but again it is a work in progress. Devon would love to have another kitten to play with and teach each other kitten manners in cat language. He loves to play with his brother and I can see that having another stable kitten around has helped tremendously with his progress and confidence. He sees his brother interacting with me and I make it a point that he sees me do this so he can see that people are not a threat. Devon is a typical kitten that loves to play with his toys, and jump around honing in his cat skills. Devon is also litter box trained. He hasn't met the resident dogs yet, but has shown no aggression towards them. He seems to not be phased by their presence.

Click to enlarge...

Devon is showing great progress and great potential to being an affectionate and trusting kitten, truly a diamond in the rough. I will not adopt Devon out to a home where he will be declawed and proof of neuter must be provided. 

Click to enlarge...

If you feel that you would like to give Devon a chance at being an indoor only pet, please contact Carolina at
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 26/14

BBQ Reunion: ANML-RESQ's 5th Annual Reunion BBQ and Bake Sale is going to be held on Sunday September 14th from 11am to 3pm (rain or shine). 

Click to enlarge...

There will be dog games, silent auction and raffle and you can get hot dogs and pop. The silent auction, this year, is boasting an autographed Toronto Maple Leaf's Adirondack chair autographed by Matts Sundin, Tie Domi and Gary Roberts; as well as a 100th Grey Cup Football signed by Andre Durie. Weather permitting there will be lots of dog games, raffles and prizes.

Join Us at Crawford's Garden Centre at 8689 5 Sideroad, Milton - There is no admission fee, but a promise of a fun filled day and you can purchase Gourmet Hot Dogs, beverages and a dessert. We hope you will come and join us for a fun-filled day, good eats and great friends.

Thank you again to Crawford's Garden Centre for welcoming ANML-RESQ and our volunteers, friends and adoptors. 
See you there.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 25/14

Lucy Update: Foster mom Christine received a great update and picture of her previous foster Ali (now known as Lucy). This is one of 3 girls we took in from the far North! 

Hi Christine, Where does the time go? Half a year has flown by and now with the Ex opening today, it's the beginning of the end of Summer, unfortunately. Thought I would give you an update on Lucy! She is the sweetest, most affectionate dog you could imagine. Playful and cuddly, she has grown into a well-behaved and happy member of the family. 

She's a full 60 pounds of fur, but doesn't realize that she's not a little dog. More than once she has pounced on somebody's tummy without warning, drawing out oomphs from unsuspecting "victims" She plays beautifully with her step-brother Buster every day, and interacts well when any of her cousin doggies come to visit. I can't say enough good things about her - I am so happy she's part of our family! Hope all is well with you and yours!

It's so nice to see them all grown up and living happy lives. 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 21/14

Lucy Needs You: If ever a dog could use a loving and helping hand it's Lucy. This beautiful girl has spent a very long time at a vet clinic and would really love a soft place to fall for whatever time she has left. If you think you could be that compassionate home, please contact Tanya MacAllister (contact information below).

Please meet Lucy. Lucy's story is one of the sad ones, the depressing ones and the kind that make you want to slap someone. However, despite that Lucy really needs to find a home to live out the rest of her days.

Click to enlarge...

Lucy was abandoned, at the vet clinic that Poet's Vision uses. She has been with them since last November. She's 6 years old and has been diagnosed with diabetes. Throughout her stay at the clinic they also found a small bone tumor. Don't let that fool you though, she is full of life and happiness. The sad thing is they are unable to find a home for her because of her medical needs and lifespan. 

Click to enlarge...

We are really hoping to find her a home before the end of her days. Although partially blind, she gets around and can still hunt cats/small dogs. Because of her blindness it is the vet's recommendation that she not be placed in a home with young children, small animal including small dogs as well as cats.

For more information about Lucy please message me privately. Also please do share Lucy's story and let's make her last few years happy and joyful. Contact information: email Tanya MacAllister at Lucy is not under Poet's Vision's care or any rescues care :)
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August 20/14

Dog Saved by Laying Down We received a great email from a friend and ANML-RESQ blog follower. I am thrilled to hear that one of our blog posts played a significant part in helping to save a dog. Here is the email our friend sent.

I want to thank Renee and wanted all of you to know that the blogs that Renee writes are awesome and the links that are included. The one that saved a dog today was the one that when a dog gets away from you and what to do to get him back. I went to the shelter tonight and took out a small dog. He was wired. I didn't have his leash hooked up properly and he pulled out of it. Of course I panicked for a second and yelled for my friend. I started running towards him and then remembered the one Renee had on the website about running away from the dog and that's what I did and I laid down on the parking lot. Not sure about the last part but if it wasn't for the one that I read I am almost certain the dog would have been hit by a car. When I ran the other way and laid down he ran back to me and I was able to grab him by the legs and hold him until my friend could get his collar and leash back on. Thank you Renee. You saved a dogs life with your information. The manager watched out the window and saw the whole thing I made sure I told her where I read that. She was surprised he ran back to me.

Many thanks Lorie for writing to let us know our links have been helpful. I sometimes wonder if people are reading them, but am thrilled to know that you are!!! (-: For those of you who may have missed that link ... here it is again...» 
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August 19/14

Cassie Update: I received a really cute picture from Cassie's foster mom. Cassie was out last weekend to attend a 'Sit With Me' event and as you can see, she was all dolled up for the day (-:

Click to enlarge...

I also wanted to give those of you following the Falcon adventure an update ...  I called the refuge today about Merlin, the Falcon and found out that upon examination they could not find a break in his wings, so that is good news. However, they still do not know why he can't fly, so hoping the mystery can be solved. In the meantime, Merlin is eating well and is resting comfortably - he doesn't seem stressed ... so GREAT news! I hope it continues to be good news for Merlin.

Here are a few great links I also wanted to share for your enjoyment.

Some of the links are a really good read ... share you comments with us.
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August 18/14

MerlinWe, at ANML-RESQ, believe that all life is precious and worth saving. Our volunteers have helped many an animal in distress. Again, this year, there are many turtles trying to cross the road and instead of leaving them to be crushed by on-coming traffic … we try to get them off the road and to safety. Remember, as you work to save them you may get into jeopardy - remember to stay safe and send them in the direction they are going in so they don’t double back and try crossing again. Safety first, as you try to help these little vagabonds cross the road.

Click to enlarge...

This weekend we were out and about and found a beautiful bird of prey walking on the side of the road. At first we didn't know what it was, but on our way back, when we still saw this object walking on the road-side, we pulled over. When we got out of the car, we noticed this beautiful bird...that should have flown away from us when we neared. Rather than fly away, he toddled off into the ditch. We looked around, checked the skies...there was no mother bird flying overhead, looking out for her baby...there was nothing but open fields and lots of cats. So, we scooped him up and brought him home. After an afternoon of phone calls, we have finally found safety and hopefully help for this magnificent looking bird.

Click to enlarge...

When we put this fellow in the crate, he felt a lot better. We gave him a feed of mackerel and he ate it all up. The next morning we brought him to the sanctuary in our area that is no longer actively rescuing due to lack of funds, the lady there was very helpful in telling us what we had ... a Merlin Falcon. They are just beginning to come back in numbers - pesticides have taken it's toll on them, but they are slowly increasing again in numbers.

It seems at first glance by the lady here locally, his wing is broken in the shoulder area. Apparently the vets in this area are not equipped for this kind of surgery, but the refuge in Lively is equipped to do some better repair. 

After a long road trip with Captain Tyson guarding our wounded bird the whole trip, we made it to the refuge. Our little friend has made it safely to Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge in Lively. They welcomed our little bird with open arms.

They will x-ray him today to see what the damage is. Please say a pray for him now, because if it is a bad break, they will have to euthanize him because he would never fly again. My Hubby, of course, piped in and said if that was really necessary, and if they could repair the wing so he wouldn't be in pain, he would come back and pick him up and take him home ... lol ... I don't think so ... what are we going to do with a falcon?

If, however it is repairable, he will need some time to repair and we asked that they call us when he is ready and we will bring him back and set him free where we found him. (they would need to do that anyways) I'm praying that is the case!

We are welcome to call the refuge in a couple of days to get an update, which I will be sure to do. Send some prayers for this boy! Such majestic birds they are. 

Thank you to the wonderful people at Wild at Heart Refuge. They do wonderful work and help sick and wounded animals get well again and return them to the wild. Without sanctuaries like this we cannot help these wonderful, majestic animals.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment...

Just read your blog about Merlin, the world really is a better place because yourself and Bill are in it. Your kindness to all animals is really wonderful. Actually, all of your people in the rescue organization are exceptional but you two are really the best. ~Anne


August 16/14

A Must Attend Seminar: The date for the Dog on Dog Seminar being presented by Val Dillon [.pdf 19.2kb] is September 27th at the Caledon Community Centre.

The cost for the course is $50.00 for advance booking and $60.00 at the door. If you would like to bring your dog to the seminar the admission is $150.00. If you will be registering with your dog, the deadline to register is September 12th - click here for the registration form... » [.pdf 80.2kb].

Click to enlarge...

Time of workshop will be from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For information on how to get to the workshop, click here ...».

If you would like to register for a seat at the Dog on Dog Seminar, you can use Paypal [ bottom left on this page ] or send an email transfer to [ ]. Please note: Drop an email to us letting us know which registration you would like. 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 14/14

Little Man: I want to introduce you to our newest and all time record breaking smallest dog in the history of ANML-RESQ! Please meet Small Fry and has he got a story to tell. Welcome little man.

Hello, I'd love to introduce myself but I can't remember my name. Over the past few weeks my life has taken a drastic turn, for the better I hope. Thankfully, I've been able to stay with some new friends until I find a more permanent living situation. My foster mom has been calling me Small Fry, I think it's because I'm about 1/8th of the size of my 100 lb. foster brother. I'm a Chihuahua cross and my foster brother is a Bouvier mix. I'm also smaller than the cats that are here but I am bigger than the bird (pfft, who's small now). UPDATE* My foster dad has labeled me Lance, so now it's Lance Small-Fry.

Click to enlarge...

The family I knew from the time I was young is unable to keep me due to irreversible life changes. I was surrendered to a city shelter where I had surgery to repair a hernia and was neutered. I was also health checked, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas and other parasites. I know that I am approximately 3 years old and have LOTS of energy. I love to play with my toys, go on walks and really enjoy car rides.

Click to enlarge...

There are a few other things about me you should know. While I was at the shelter I displayed some aggressive behaviour that deemed me unadoptable through the general avenues. The shelter staff did their best to place me with other rescue organizations but due to lots of rules and limited resources I was set for death row. At the very last minute I got my reprieve when my guardian shelter angel jumped in and took me home. She then reached out to everyone she could to find me somewhere safe to stay for longer than she could keep me. That's when my foster family stepped in.

Click to enlarge...

During my shelter stay I was stressed and displayed fear aggression and resource guarding. Now that I'm out, my foster mom and I are working on these behaviours and I'm learning how to better manage my feelings. I'm wary when meeting new people but warm up quickly. I also don't like to have my valuables threatened in any way, so my new family will need to have some experience in this department to avoid getting hurt. Otherwise, I'm pretty much perfect. I'm really good in my crate at night and am fully house trained. Oh, I should also mention that I don't really like to be left alone, especially when I've just been with my foster family and having fun. I get stressed and will bark and fuss in my crate. I also like to bark at any noise I hear and may be of concern, so apartment or condo living may not be best suited for me, but I'm willing if you are. I think I should also live in an adult only family or with children over 10 years of age as they will be better able to understand when I am feeling anxious or nervous. A home with other pets would be good, I really love my BIG foster brother. I guess that's it ... I'll ask my foster mom to send in updates as our relationship develops.

If you think Small Fry is the boy for you, please fill out the on-line Adoption/Foster Application on the left. If you have any questions, please contact us at
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 13/14

Congratulations Desmond: We were so excited to hear that our boy Desmond graduated from his dog training class! 

Desmond is such a good boy. He is so playful and always wants to have a good time. In June, he graduated from the PetSmart dog training program, I have included a picture. 

Click to enlarge...

He wasn't the smartest dog in class but he was the most excited:) We will continue with the Intermediate class in the fall as he needs more schooling. Have a great day! ~Patti & Colin & Desmond

He doesn't have to be the smartest because no doubt he was the CUTEST! Congratulations Desmond! We are so proud of you!
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August 12/14

Papi: I received some great pictures of my foster boy Freddie, now known as Papi. He was one of 6 littermates, born right after the ban. Mom, Mocha was also under-age and looked very much Staffie.

Click to enlarge...

How nice to see him all grown up, looking good! (-: Mocha and all her pups had to leave the province, but seeing Papi now - makes me wonder why! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It was an educating experience fostering these 6 puppies. I learned you couldn't pay me to be a breeder LOL ... it's a LOT of work but worth seeing them alive and happy.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 11/14

Meet Ton and Nellie: Today, we would like to introduce you to two of our newest rescues. Nellie, a beautiful 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux and Ton (Kingston) a 5 year old male Rottweiler. 

Click to enlarge...

Both dogs lived together, but due to unfortunate family circumstances, they went from a home with large acreage to an apartment where the dogs stayed in an outdoor pen. Their owners health had taken a turn for the worse sadly they realized that they could no longer give Nellie and Ton the things they needed, such as daily walks, time and attention. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thankfully a kind samaritan directed them to rescue rather than post them on Kijijii where we all know what could happen to 2 purebred, unaltered dogs. They most likely would have ended up living a life of breeding for profit. 

Click to enlarge...

We could not be more thrilled to be able to help these two very deserving dogs. We couldn't help them without them help of kind foster families that open their hearts and homes to these needy ones. 

Click to enlarge...

We would like to thank Sarah for offering Nellie a wonderful home. Although fostering at the moment, we know Nellie won't be going anywhere. Sarah and family have already fallen in love with this gorgeous girl. She has met the resident cats and it seems everyone has accepted each other. 

We would also like to thank Dave and Sharon for once again helping us by fostering another black and tan. Dave and Sharon fostered our rotti boy Bo so we were thrilled when they said they could help us with Ton. 

Ton has fit into his foster families pack. He is a very easy going boy ... non confrontational ... he just goes with the flow! After a visit with a vet, it appears that Ton has entropian in one of his eyes. He is on drops right now, hoping to clear up the infection. If surgery is required, we will make sure that is done as well. 

Welcome Nellie and KingsTON!! 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 8/14

More Diesel: We received some new pictures of our boy Diesel (aka Morris). There have been many updates from foster dad, Ron and it is quite apparent that Diesel is a real going concern.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

His main job everyday is pulling logs and trees out of the bush and bringing them to the lawn. He has piled logs, shovels, tools and anything moveable and piled on the lawn. LOL ... no sooner is it gathered up, branches, trees thrown back in the bush, Diesel goes out to find more "stuff" to litter the yard. Definitely keeps foster parents hopping.

Click to enlarge...

Thank you Ron and Angela for taking this boy under your wing and giving him the proper training and care that a growing boy needs.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 5/14

Diesel: I wanted to update you on Morris (aka Diesel) (apparently his name is Diesel lol). Anyways, our gal, Sharin has found the most awesome foster home for this boy - check out his new digs! (-:

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

His new family have rescued dogs all their lives, they live on 10 acres and rescue ducks, geese, peacocks and other feathered friends. They have a huge pond, filled with coi. Foster family is quite familiar with cruciate surgery and recovery, however at first glance, it does not appear to be cruciate, rather possible pattela luxation (common in large breed dogs). When he goes to the vet we will know better what we are dealing with.

Thank you again to everyone that responded to help this sweet boy. He is now safe and as soon as he settles in a little he will be seeing the vet for a thorough check up.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.

August 1/14

Tyson: Our sweetie pie Tyson (aka Piglet) has settled in nicely in his foster home and everyone that has met him (and there have been many) have fallen head over heels in love with him. Who can resist those pop-up ears and adorable face. Now that he has been fully vetted, we hear he will be up for adoption, so if you live in New Brunswick and are interested in this handsome boy, please visit our friends at

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He's a very calm boy and listens well to commands. He does not like to be crated, and does fantastic loose in the house. He is housebroken and not destructive. After a long trip from Ontario to get to us, he has adapted well to the car and loves drives. Tyson has earned the nickname 'Piglet' due to his excited 'oink' noises and big ears. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We can't be happier that we were able to play a role in helping this sweetie to a safe Province where we know he will live a full and happy life, muzzle-free and carefree. Thanks again to everyone that helped Tyson along the way!

And the first prize winner of the Quilt is ..... HELEN COTÉ of Nepean, ON. Second prize winner is Jennifer Short of Griely, ON is the winner of a 'Who Rescue Who' necklace. And, the third prize goes to Peter Bedrossian of Stittsville, ON. All prizes will be mailed out on Tuesday August 5th. 

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for your support to help us raise $735.00.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Email us [] your comment.


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