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Aug 30/13

Meet Tiggs - We end the week with an introduction to one of our newest rescues, Tiggs. He is one of 3 dogs we pulled last week from a shelter when their time was up. What a sweetheart they all are, too! 

Here is a little about our boy Tiggs. His foster mom Jen has told me he is such a delight to have around. He makes the family laugh with his "goofy" antics.

This is Tiggs. Tiggs is a 6 month old Boxer mix who is having the time of his life in his foster home. Tiggs loves to meet new people and is always up for an adventure. His best friend (and playmate) is Rocky, the Shepherd. Tiggs is just getting to know the resident cats, although he means no harm, he cannot resist the "chase".

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Tiggs is a good boy who is housetrained, crate trained and with foster mom's training, walks wonderfully on leash. He also knows his basic commands, takes treats gently and he is very treat motivated. Foster mom Jen, cannot say enough about this puppy, who wins the heart of everyone he meets. He has such a personality and his silly antics will keep you smiling all day long.

If you think Tiggs is the boy for you, please fill in our on-line foster/application form on the left. For more information on Tiggs, please email us at

Don't forget to network our newest furbaby and have a safe and happy long weekend everyone!
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Aug 29/13

Poppy Needs You - I am sending another "shout out" for Poppy! This adorable senior is really stressing at the shelter and we would love nothing better than to find her a foster or forever family. We all know that some dogs just NEED to be with people and Poppy is one of those dogs. She is yearning to be a part of a family where she can lay beside someone's feet and relax. Life in a shelter can be very stressful, but especially so for the seniors who have lived their lives in a home and are now in a cage with lots of barking and noisy dogs. 

Click to enlarge...

PLEASE, if you know of someone that can give Poppy a soft place to fall and enjoy the remainder of her years, please contact us at ANML-RESQ. The sooner, the better for Poppy's sake. If Poppy isn't the girl for you, would you consider Mystery or Mitzy? or perhaps Lady?  Please share with your friends and relatives these pups need out ASAP!

Click to enlarge...

Senior dogs are the best!! They don't need long walks, they are calm and laid back and extremely grateful for all they receive in life. Please think about changing the life of one of these dogs. You won't regret it!
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Aug 28/13

Courtesy Post - We have been asked to courtesy post 2 dogs that urgently need to find their forever families. Both Mystery and Mitzy are seniors that would love nothing more than to be a part of a family for the remainder of their years. Please go to our dog adoptions page to find out more about Mystery and Mitzy. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are hoping to get some better pictures of Mitzy, now that she is shaved down and feeling SO much better.

Please, if you can help give one of these seniors a soft place to land while they live out their golden years, please contact Georgina Animal Control - Hayley or the shelter at 905-722-3452 or 1 800-898-8606.
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Aug 27/13

Enzo Update - ANML-RESQ and our volunteers had a GREAT time this weekend at the annual Pac Walk in Cornwall. Thank you to the good people of Pac Walk to inviting us, we had such fun!!! We met a lot of wonderful people and made a lot of new friends. Many thanks also to Tanya with Crazy Beautiful Collars for donating two beautiful collars for our fosters, Skye and Enzo. They love them and both dogs look so fine wearing their collars (-: I am hoping to receive some pictures of the event and the day and I will be sure to share as soon as I get them.

The BEST news, however, was that our handsome boy Enzo has found a foster home! We are SO thrilled and excited for Enzo! I have already received a couple of updates and I cried when I read them. We had ALL parts crossed as Jessy made the trip to Cornwall to meet Enzo and it was truly "love at first sight". Enzo made quite the impression and I can tell you there was not a "dry eye" in the house when we watched Enzo get loaded into Jessy's vehicle and on his way to a life as part of a family. 

We cannot thank the ladies at Shannoncourt enough for taking such good care of Enzo through his recovery from surgery as well as waiting for the right foster home to find us. It was well worth the wait. Enzo flourished in their care and it was also quite apparent that Enzo was truly loved by the wonderful people at Shannoncourt. Here is a brief out-take from Jessy's update to us about Enzo's first couple of days in his foster home: 

Enzo is a doll, a dream, a sweety, a lover. Pick whatever positive sentiment you can come up with. We had a whopper storm last night. Enzo slept soundly through it ... save the one clap of thunder that woke us all up with a start. He greeted Rob today by running up to him, sliding his head down Rob's shins (and leaving his rear end up in the air), and wagging as hard as he could while Rob scratched Enzo's up turned rump. When I got home tonight, Rob and Enzo were outside playing on leash. Enzo saw me and froze ... I thought he had frozen. When I got closer I could see him straining on the leash, his rear end flippy flopping back and forth- Rob dropped the leash and Enzo sprinted to me to deliver a mountain of kisses. Again, he is such a (insert positive statement here). Such a light, good hearted character. He and Rob accomplished no work this afternoon, instead they played around and around the yard. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He and kitty (Mrs. Bob Manx, or Bob for short) have shared a few moments now where she sits on the kitchen chair and he rests his muzzle on the seat with his nose buried in her fur. She flips onto her back and caresses his cheeks with her paws. Seems romantic, though they might be saying "I could eat you in one bite, but I choose not to right now", "I could scratch out your eyes, instead I choose to keep my claws tucked away and massage your mouth." Who knows, but Bob is offering Enzo many opportunities to be good house mates. Rob said that this afternoon Enzo did not offer to chase Bob at all, he chose to just hang with Bob out when he came inside. 

Thank you Jessy, Rob and Bob (the cat) for welcoming Enzo into your hearts and home. We look forward to more pictures and updates. 
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Aug 22/13

Murphy Update - Did anyone call for the "tooth fairly"??? Cause here I am!! (-: If you haven't guessed it - this is our happy, happy boy Murphy. Not only does he get to enjoy the "great outdoors", fishing and swimming - he also gets to show his softer side by entertaining his little friends.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Murphy doesn't mind though ... getting dressed as a fairy is a small price to pay for living the life he lives now ... NO muzzle, free to run and play ALL that he wants, swimming and chasing ducks until the sun goes down, going on the boat, fishing with his dad. Nope - Murphy says it doesn't get any better than this!! (-:

Here are some links for you to check out:

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Aug 21/13

Meet Mocha - Our little girl Kylie continues to make friends everywhere she goes. As you can see, Kylie and her foster sister Maggie are the BEST of friends. 

Click to enlarge...

Kylie went to the cottage this weekend with her foster family and she made even more friends. Everyone that meets her falls in love. We hope that soon, Kylie will have her very own forever family.

If you know of anyone looking for a small breed dog, Kylie is the girl for them. She is housetrained, crate-trained and loves her trips to the dog park to meet her friends.

We also received some pictures of our beautiful girl, Mocha, who is not quite ready for adoption, but will be soon. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She has come a LONG way from the day we picked her up at the shelter. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

As you can see - she has a great time playing with her foster brothers. She is such a beautiful girl with so much love to give to the right family.
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Aug 20/13

Meet Tanner, Tiggs and Gunther - ANML-RESQ's volunteers and friends were busy again this weekend getting dogs picked up from the shelter and others out to their way to their forever families. 

This week we were very fortunate to save three wonderful dogs, Sargeant Tanner who is a 4 yr. old Shepherd/Shar Pei mix, Tiggs who is a 6 month old Boxer mix and Gunther, a 2 year old Shih Tzu. All dogs have proven to be wonderful and well behaved in their foster homes. 

Here are some pictures of our newest rescues and soon to be adoptables. 


Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...


Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...


Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thank you to Christine, Allie and Jen for offering their hearts and homes to these very deserving furkids. More information to follow on these three new furbabies.
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Aug 15/13

Foster/Adopt Poppy - I have been watching this little girl's progress at the shelter for a couple of months now and there is something about Poppy that pulls at my heartstrings. The fact that she is in her golden years and having to spend it in such a stressful atmosphere breaks my heart ... no dog should be in this predicament, let alone at her age. Here is a little about this precious girl: 

Poppy is a very sweet, lovely girl, approximately 11 year old spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated Pitbull mix (perhaps with some kind of hound?) She came to the shelter as a surrender on May 28th when her owners feared Poppy may snap at their child when their child would climb on poor old Poppy’s back. Poppy has never bitten and has no history of aggression! These were not Poppy’s first owners, after receiving multiple comments on Facebook, we’ve determined Poppy has had at least 4 or more homes in her lifetime. Poppy is an extremely friendly dog with all humans, although can be shy or scared at first. She has been previously abused and someone has taught her that when she is bad, she is called “Popcorn” which causes her to shake uncontrollably when you say that word. This has begun to change with positive reinforcement to the name, although she prefers if you call her “Poppy”! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

This beautiful smiley girl wags her tail a mile a minute, knows tricks and loves to bark when you visit her in the dog room. She loves going for walks and is very good on a leash. She enjoys stopping to roll and play in the grass or receive long belly rubs. Poppy is calm inside the shelter, although once outside she does have quite a bit of energy in her! She gets along very well with medium, large and extra large dogs. Poppy is non-dog-reactive inside of the shelter, although we have been told that she does not get along with cats or other fast, small animals. She wants to chase anything small that runs quickly; whether she simply becomes overly excited and playful or if it is aggression, we do not know as Poppy is fine with cats and kittens when they are in cages and has no issues walking by any dog, no matter how small, in the dog room. She tends to focus on whoever is walking her. 

Click to enlarge...

Overall, Poppy is a very loving dog and loves spending time with people, giving kisses and being apart of a family. Poppy would love nothing more than to finally find her “Forever Home” for how ever many years she has left. She loves to cuddle and be petted. Poppy weighed 44.2 when she was spayed by the shelter on June 28th, but unfortunately lately the stress of living in a kennel has been taking it’s toll of poor Poppy and she has been losing weight. In her time at the shelter, Poppy had been adopted out however was returned for not getting along with the family's 2 cats. The family has described Poppy as the most "Perfect dog!" and wish they could own her if it wasn't for their cats. 

Please help us find a foster or forever home for Poppy. She is adored at the shelter, but time is taking it's toll on Poppy. If you would like to foster or adopt this precious girl, please contact us at or fill out the adoption/foster application on the left. Poppy is considered URGENT!
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Aug 14/13

Pawlooza - ANML-RESQ is excited to be a part of Pawlooza again this year. We had such a blast last year. The event is HUGE and so many fun things for people and their beloved pets. So many vendors, rescues, contests and silent auctions.

If you are planning to attend this fun-filled event, please be sure to stop by our ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario booth and say "Hi" to our volunteers. 

We look forward to seeing you all again this year, getting reaquainted with hold friends and hopefully make some new friends along the way! Check this link...» See you there!

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Aug 13/13

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that our beloved elderbull, Snoop has crossed the Bridge. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved with saving Snoop from his previous life.

We are thankful for the love that Snoop found when Erin adopted him into her family. He lived his last year knowing how much he was loved and adored. Rest in Peace Snoop. Here is what Erin wrote:

Tuesday morning he woke up in awful pain, and we took him for X-rays, assuming the cancer had spread. It turned out two of his vertebrae near his tail were compressing and pinching a nerve. It happened to affect the same side as his osteosarcoma and he was having issues with mobility, he was slipping a lot and we were too afraid he would fall when we weren't around and fracture it. He had an awful night last night and his meds weren't helping at all, so we made the decision, as he just wasn't happy anymore. It was too heartbreaking to watch.

Thank you so much for making this past year possible. We loved and spoiled him to bits and we will miss him each and every day. We only hope we gave him the happiest ending we possibly could. ~Erin

For those of you who didn't read Snoop's plea from 2012...

"Snoop needs your help and fast. He was rescued from a pound 10 years ago when he was 3 years old. Do the math -- yes this sweet boy is now 13 years old and is in trouble.

His family has grown and through no fault of his own Snoop has been segregated from them - his home is now the basement where he is alone until bedtime - he is slowly losing interest in life."

We quickly found Snoop a foster with Jen until he was adopted!

Meet Kylie - We are so happy to introduce our newest adoptable girl, Kylie. This little one came from a shelter where her time was up and thankfully, WE had the perfect foster home for Kylie (-: Our newest foster, Sheena has done an amazing job getting Kylie to her vet appointments as well as showcasing this beautiful girl everywhere foster mom goes. ALL that have met Kylie fall in love with her carefree, happy-go-lucky personality. Kylie loves everyone she meets! 

Here is a little about Kylie from her foster family ... as you can see, she is PERFECT and ready to go to her forever home. 

Kylie is a 6 year old Papillon/Pomeranian mix and weighs 20 lbs. She absolutely adores attention and soaks up cuddles any chance she gets. She gets along really well with people, including new visitors that drop by her foster home. She also gets along well with other dogs, enjoying regular trips to the dog park and playing with her foster home mate Maggie (a Shih Poo). Her foster mom shares that Kylie is a hit whenever she is taken out, getting frequent comments about what a lovely and beautiful dog she is by those who meet her!

Click to enlarge...

Kylie is in great shape and has no issues keeping up on her daily walks and dog park trips. She is quite obedient, knows all basic commands and listens very well. She is not a barker and is generally calm/quiet. She travels very well in the car with no anxiety. 

Click to enlarge...

Kylie's favourite thing to do is cuddle in the arms of her foster parents or on a free lap! This little girl just lives to be loved and is so appreciative of the attention you give her. Though she gets along well with all ages, Kylie would be best suited for a quieter home without too much hustle and bustle. She would be be ideal for a home with older children, a couple or someone living on their own.

Click to enlarge...

This beautiful little girl is looking for a forever home to call her own. If you think that forever home is you, please fill in our on-line application on the left or for more information, contact us at Kylie is waiting for you! 
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Aug 12/13

Skye - Further to Friday's blog I wanted to send a quick update about Skye. 

Skye is being fostered in a home with several "resident dogs and cats", and while she has met all except the female shepherd and was unreactive to all, again, she does prefer to be your one and only. Now people ... that's another story! This little pocket Rott weighs in at 20 kg., so tiny by comparison to most rottweilers. But good things DO come in small packages! And Skye is proof of that. 

It seems Skye has been a busy girl while on "leave" from the kennel. Busy making new friends and loving every minute of it! Here is an update from Debbie, and a picture as well, of our Sweet Skye.

Someone is going to be very lucky to have Skye. I had a yard full of kids swimming and running around today, with more people coming and going, and she was so happy to be a part of it (on a lead) She sucked up all the attention she could get. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She was never even fazed when my neighbours walked thru the trees right behind her. She just turned her head as if to say " Hey, you have to rub my belly before you can get past me" which of course is what everyone did. A pat on the head is not good enough for her. She flops down rolls on her back and has a goofy grin on her face. Love it. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Skye knows all her commands and walks well on leash. She has not reacted to any of my small yapping dogs, but will stiffen up when my female Sheppard barks at her. Women, what can you do? She is very good in my house and sits by my feet. 

She does not bark whine or cry when left alone. She has not barked at the cats or my dogs (Sheppard excluded) or anything. She has very good manners. Skye is the easiest foster dog I have ever had the joy to foster. 

We were fortunate to find a very temporary foster for Skye so she didn't have to stay in a kennel situation. Skye is a real "people loving" girl, so it was hard for her to be in the kennel.
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Aug 9/13

Foster/Forever Skye - We end the week off with some pictures of our beautiful girl Skye. We are still looking for a foster/forever home for this stoic beauty. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Skye has a wonderful temperment and has met everyone with the wag of her nubby and gentle kisses for all. Skye would prefer to be your "one and only". While she is generally non-reactive to other dogs when meeting them, she prefers not to share her home or her people with them. Skye walks well on leash and is a pretty easy going girl. She is loyal and would like to be your "velcro" dog. 
If you know anyone looking for a loyal and loving dog, Skye might just be the girl for them. 

There are so many links I've been meaning to share as well - we'll begin with a few to start off with ... grab a coffee and enjoy!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Aug 8/13

Meet Toby - This handsome boy is in need of a new forever home. His family truly loves him, but due to a family member being diagnosed with asthma, Toby must find another home. We would like to help Toby find a new family, so we are looking for either a foster home or a forever family for this good boy! Here is a bit about Toby from his family.

Click to enlarge...

TOBY is a 4.5 year old Boxer mix who really needs more space and a larger family to share all his love with. He needs to have fenced space to run around and either another mid to large-size dog or children (age 6 or over) to spend time with him. He is an indoor dog (despite his size) since he has short hair, so knowledge of Boxers would help you with integrating him into your home. Our back yard is too small for him to run around, and all of our children have grown and moved. He needs to be walked a couple of times a day or at least have another dog to wrestle with to burn some of that energy. Once he's done that, he's happy to flop and snooze. Toby has had all shots and immunizations and is neutered. 

Click to enlarge...

He lived with a small Cock-A-Poo but he enjoys wrestling so a larger dog would be a better fit as the small dog had to scamper to get out from under those long legs. He has not had any experience with cats. He walks really well on his leash using a prong collar which he obtained when he was in obedience class. He whines a bit in the back seat of the car but he did make a trip all the way to Florida and was ok.

As Boxers tend to stand up to greet you with a hug and kiss to welcome you, unless you. We would recommend he not be adopted by an older senior or someone with very small children as he is a big boy and could knock them over. Although he is fine if they are visitors and you keep tabs on it as he loves everyone.

He will bark at other dogs going by the fence. And some barking at the door if he hears something but not generally a big barker. He is terrified of fireworks and will shake. He hates crates and can pretty easily take it apart. We gave up and he's fine with the run of the house now.

Toby is in good health with usual Boxer problems/traits - large pads on his paws so sometimes sensitivity issues on pads; cannot tolerate the cold or heat too long; large toe nails so have to be kept trimmed.

Toby is a loving demonstrative dog. The neighbourhood kids love him and stop by to say hello over the fence. They all know his name (but not ours). My 4 year old grandson loves him. He regularly Skypes with Toby as he does not live near us.

Toby enjoys snuggles and may share the couch with your guests turning it into a bunk bed two-level type of couch with his head on someone's lap, if there is not room for him in the seats. However he will listen if you make him get down. Experience with Boxers an asset. If you think you can help Toby, please contact us.
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Aug 7/13

Murphy Update - Wow! Can you believe the life our Murphy is now living? 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He went from a province that reviled him, to a province that embraced him ... and look at the FUN this lucky boy is having!!! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...
Click to enlarge...
Click to enlarge...

We could not have hoped for a better life for Murphy! Many thanks to Murphy's human sister for keeping us posted and sending pictures of Murphy. This is what it's ALL about! (-: 
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Aug 6/13

Kylie Update - We received a wonderful update and pictures of Kylie from her foster mom, Sheena. As you can see, Kylie and Maggie have quickly become "fast friends". 

Sheena has been socializing little Kylie and it seems she LOVES to meet other dogs and people. What a sweet little girl. I still can't believe this little girl's time was up and without rescue she would not be alive today. What a tragedy this would have been. Such a sweet, loving girl. We know she will make someone a wonderful companion! 

Click to enlarge...

Hope you are all having a great long weekend! Thought I would pass on some picture updates of Kylie. As you can see she is settling in well and really starting to make herself at home. For the first time this morning she woke with a burst of playful energy and had a play with Maggie! The girls have been getting along beautifully, Kylie's sneezing seems to be decreasing and she continues to be such a joy to have around.

Click to enlarge...

She's been to the dog park twice this weekend and LOVES to socialize. As luck would have it, within 10 mins of our first visit there on Sunday, a woman took interest in her and started complimenting me on what a beautiful dog Kylie is. We got chatting and when I mentioned she is a foster dog, she asked if she was up for adoption. Long story short I gave her a card for Animal Rescue and she said she would likely contact about adopting. We went to the park again today and she just happened to be there again. Kylie went over to her and before I know it she's up in the woman's arms, giving her a big hug. 

Click to enlarge...

The woman was so happy to see her again and said she will definitely be making the call today or tomorrow as she doesn't want to risk Kylie getting scooped up by someone else. So here's hoping she follows through as she felt like a great potential person to adopt Kylie. ~Sheena

As you can see from the pictures and updates, Kylie is flourishing in her foster home.  Thank you Sheena for offering Kylie a "soft place to fall" and thank you Maggie for sharing your mom and dad with Kylie while she awaits her forever family.

And, do you remember our beautiful "lethal white" girl Bella? She is living THE MOST AMAZING life! Here is a picture of Bella with a bunny that her daddy just rescued from the road. She is such a sweetheart.

Bella has had NO seizures in almost 6 months (knock on wood) they only seem to happen when she is startled by something out of her sleep. She is 100% deaf and vision is limited in one eye. She responds to hand signals for sit, down, come, good girl, no and crawl. 

She loves meeting new friends, people or dogs. When she gets very excited she screams like a baby but does really well in busy situations because she is deaf in a crowd of many dogs so cant hear them barking... lol

And of course Cindy loves Bella to pieces. They truly have an awesome bond. Working through what we call her differences as opposed to disabilities has made them a strong team.

An awesome update on our beautiful girl and mom Cindy is DEFINITELY, everything that Bella needs. They are an amazing team!! (-: 
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Aug 1/13

Alli Update - We have a great update from Alli (now known as Lucy's) new dad, along with pics. Dad sure isn't kidding ... she is growing in leaps and bounds, as is our Tori (now known as Malibu. Two very lucky girls and their happy families.

Its amazing the changes in Lucy in just 2 weeks! She's grown by leaps and bounds, and is now in that toddler stage! Her ears are turning quite toasty brown and there looks like a few other spots on her back.

She's being very good and is incredibly clever. She seems to understand most things, and whatever she's not sure of, she just takes her cue from Buster. Here's a few shots for you.

She loves lie under the couch or my bed, though its getting to be a tight squeeze for her. ~David

We look forward to pictures and updates. 
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Aug 1/13

Jake Update - Remember our Jake? The young rotti mix who spent months and months in not one, but two shelters waiting for someone to adopt when his time was up, thankfully we were contacted for help. He spent a week in the kennel and then into a foster home. 

Hi Renee, I finally got a picture of Nathan and Jake! I had ken send it to you, so you may have it already. Let's see ... where to start? Jake has definitely settled in now that he's comfortable in his home he's started to test his boundaries. He's like a teenager who knows the rules and now seems determined to see just how far he can go and what he can get away with, lol. He's seems very put out when we reinforce that he does in fact need to behave himself and do as he's asked all the time. We've had a few "Firsts" in the past couple of weeks that have absolutely amazed me! Jake (the boy who absolutely HATES water) went SWIMMING with the dogs from the dog park! The other dogs were in the water and Jake desperately wanted to play with them and the ball they were swimming after. After a minute or two of hesitating in water up to his chest he plunged right in! There was a couple of moments where he tried to put his feet down, panicked when he couldn't reach the bottom and ended up dunking himself. One of the dog owners was in the water with the dogs and lifted Jake's back end up again, gave him some encouragement and then Jake paddled back to shore. I figured that was it, but he went in again and again until he was running around like a lunatic, splashing through the water and having so much fun you'd think he'd always been a water baby! I was so proud of him!! :')

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Another first: Jake went into his crate on his own! I was putting Nathan to bed and we were having a snuggle before he went to sleep. Jake was wandering the house and I could hear the tag on his collar jingling as he moved around. After a few minutes it occurred to me that I couldn't hear his tag anymore and it was awfully quiet out there and I figured I'd better check what he was up to (suspicious of me I know, but with Jake we've come to learn that quiet usually equals mischief, lol). I crept out of Nathans rooms on tiptoes ready to surprise him in the act and it was ME that was completely surprised!! He was lying down in his crate of his own accord having a little snooze and actually BEHAVING himself. He has never willingly gone into his crate to lie down before so I was so thrilled to see this boy that had started out needing to be wrestled into his crate was actually going in on his own to have some quiet time! 

I've also introduced him to the treadmill, lol! The other night ken had gone out and Nathan was in bed when Jake got the crazies and started to rip around the house like a lunatic! Floor mats were flying everywhere, things were getting run into and knocked over - it was insanity, lol!! Since a walk wasn't and option we took a trip to a backyard to throw the ball for a while but when we went back in the house the crazies persisted, so I decided to improvise. I walked him onto the treadmill and set him off on a walk, lol. He was a bit unsure at first and it took some encouragement, but he got the hang of it really quickly and after 20 minutes at a quick pace on the treadmill we finally defeated the crazies, lol!

Nathan's favorite game right now is to play animal doctor with Jake. I often catch him with his doctors kit giving Jake a checkup. Jake will lie very still and let Nathan listen to his chest and tummy, check his eyes and ears, give him his needle and then put a plastic band-aid on, lol. We've tried to get pictures of it but Jake always sees the camera and gets up to come and investigate! Nathan is working hard right now to teach Jake how to crawl and is doing pretty well too. Jake will crawl for him sometimes and it totally makes Nathan's day. We're working on the fun stuff now. He's learned how to shake first one paw and then the other, he's learning how to spin on the spot, Ken is trying to teach him to sit up, and I'm working on teaching him to bow on cue. He seems to love the attention even though he's not very good at the tricks yet. Jake is still a little monster, lol, and he tests our patience daily, but we love him more every day and we're so glad that he finally has a home to call his own! Thanks again for letting us be his family! ~Anj

Of course, we all know that the foster home fell in love and even though Jake has been a "work in progress" ... it sounds like the work is paying off! (-: Below are pictures and update from Jake's mom.
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