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Training Your Dog;
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Chloe's Heart Worm Injections;
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Another Hits the Railroad;
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We Need Your Help;
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Tyson Update;
Weekend Update;
Stewie Update;
Bill 16;
Horgan Harness;
Dog Training;
Meet Humphrey;
Snoop Update;
Baby and Carter Update;
Happy Anniversary BSL;
Jake and Rocky Update;

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Aug 31/12

Jake and Rocky Update - WOW! We end the week with yet another AWESOME update on two of our adopted boyz, Jake and Rocky. Gosh, they have grown into such handsome fellows!! 

Hi Ladies, Well it's been a long time since I wrote you with an update on the boys. So I thought I better sit down and sent you an update and send some Pictures. It's been a busy year I went to Scotland for 2 1/2 weeks and left the boys with Jack they made out fine with out me. Rocky is still thinks he 's the boss and we still but heads but all in all he's a good dog.

[...] has a New dog park it's all fenced in so the boys and I go there almost everyday and they love it. They run off and play with the other dogs but are really never far from each other they stick pretty close together. 

Jake always tells me when he's had enough and he wants to go home and Rocky it's like yeah what ever if you want we can go I don't care. They are both really wonderful dogs with such Different personalities, Rocky is a character we love them to bits.

I have attached a few pictures of them. One of Rocky after a bath , One Rocky making himself comfortable somewhere he's not suppose to be, 1 of them relaxing and the others are them outside. I could probably send you hundreds of Pictures of the boys as my Cousin always takes a ton of Pictures when he visits and he was here for 3 months Hope you enjoy the pictures. ~TTYL Fiona

Thank you so much for the wonderful update and pictures Fiona! Hugs to Jake and Rocky from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ!! Have a great weekend everyone!
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Aug 30/12

Happy Anniversary BSL - It is the 7th anniversary of a very sad legislative bill. Under the McGuinty regime, we have had some terrible legislation passed that would be seen as something good, but in reality has turned Ontario on its collective head.

With the passing of the BSL Legislation, thousands of pit bull and pit bull look-a-likes have been killed by zealous and thoughtless individuals who thought that they knew what they were doing. In reality, thousands were killed for no more than a token similarity to this legislation. With the advent of this legislation, hundreds of rescues have stepped up to ensure that dogs are helped to safety. Still and yet, in Ontario, there are many of these dogs still being bred for cash by individuals seeking to make a quick buck on the illegal sale of pit bulls.

If the government of Ontario had thought through the Legislation, understood all the evidence presented in multiple hearings, they would have come to the conclusion that: 

1. the press sells more newspapers when a pit bull bite is in the headlines [whether or not it was a pit bull]; 

2. that there is no such thing as a pit bull; 

3. only 'morons' think that they should call pit bulls sweet names like 'red nosed or blue nosed' pits;

4. there are and never have been guidelines in Ontario for collecting bite statistics from either the hospital or health units; 

5. when the legislation was enacted, McGuinty had a pit bull 6 years old [ergo the legislation took a turn and pit bulls and look-a-likes would be age of 6+ to be grandfathered in; and 

6. if every professional who gave evidence at the hearings concluded that pit bulls and pit bull look-a-likes were not the problem, why did the McGuinty Liberals enact this legislation? 

Since this ban has been in effect some people who had been undecided about pit bulls now feel threatened when they encounter a dog which is a pit bull or look-a-like. We need the government to hold the owner responsible for their dog. Responsible owners would, in a heart-beat, take responsibility for their dog. Here is another case of a child being attached in BC click here to read and make comments on the web page...»

There is no rational explanation for any of the legislation pushed out by the McGuinty Liberals since they were elected. Least of all, the BSL Legislation. Brindle Stick's blog says it best click here to read more on the 7th Anniversary...» 

As I read the article on the webpage on the BC attack, one comment stuck out ... "My brother's friend who owned the dog, she's a good person, not evil, a stable person..."  I start to think what training did the owner have, what training did the dog have, AND who was watching the dog when the attack began - dogs and children must be supervised. And, I believe whole heartedly that If you don't hold individuals responsible, we are all LIABLE. And, as with most things, dogs and children don't come with manuals! It is time to hold the owners responsible for these actions.

I would like to leave you with one other thought ... as Hurricane Issac makes its way over land, please think about the people and animals in its path. This area has taken more than 6+ years to get back on its feet and now with this latest hurricane, the devastation will be difficult to deal with. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Plaquemines Parish.
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Aug 29/12

Baby and Carter Update - Today we have a few pictures from a few of our happily adopted furkids (-:  First, we have Carter....who still gets pestered daily by his sister Baby. No rest for you Carter!!!
Baby trying to get Carter going!!

Do you remember this guy, when he first came into rescue, he was skin and bones, underfed and malnourished ... look at the big boob now!!! (-:

Thank you Lorie and Carla for the great pictures. Hugs to Carter, Baby and Schmooch from all your friends at ANML-RESQ.

Also, we would like to ask for your help to vote daily for our happily homed elder-bull, Snoop. Fido has another casting call and we would love for Snoop to win!!! (Elaine..can you include link please)

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your support!

And, if you live in Ontario: Toronto Animal Services South has … an MPP that is willing to present a Puppy Mill Petition to the next sitting of the Ontario Legislation in September. Please help us to gather as many Ontario resident signatures as possible. I have attached a form for distribution to as many of your contacts as possible. 

Forms must include original signatures (no copies) and must be received at the following address no later than September 6th.

Please send to:

Mr. & Mrs. Nielson
c/o 103A Stephenson Avenue
Toronto ON
M4C 1G2

Please share, and with everyone’s help we can get this through!

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Aug 28/12

Snoop Update - We were thrilled when we saw this update and pictures from Snoop's mom, Erin. WOW - look how happy and relaxed this boy is. He is included in the family fun and the cottage pictures are SO heartwarming to see. 

Hello! It's been a few months now since we adopted Snoop, so I just thought I would give you an end of summer update on our man. He's amazing, and it's like he's been with us forever. He acts like a puppy, and he's just so full of life and love. 

We love him so, so much, as do our families, and he gets spoiled rotten. He's a perfect gentleman in the house, and is always demanding our affection, and that of visitors. He's been excellent with kids, amazing on walks, and so well behaved in general. He's accepted the cat, and mostly just ignores him, as hard as the cat tries to get him in trouble. We've also discovered some tricks he knows that weren't in his guide. He LOVES to swim. 

He's been on multiple cottage trips, and is content to spend his day on a lounge in the sun on the dock (even if it's someone else's lounge that he steals). The cottage is in a fairly remote area, and we've been so pleased with him. He never wanders away from us, and always does what he's told. 

He doesn't even bother to chase the red squirrels that taunt him from a few feet away, or the chipmunks that will crawl right up our legs looking for peanuts; he's content watching them from his stolen lounge. Here are a few pictures of our favourite man! Again, thank you so much for making this possible. ~Erin

He looks SO happy! We couldn't be happier for Snoop! Thank you for the wonderful update Erin. You've made our week!!! (-:
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Aug 27/12

Meet Humphrey - There is a reason we prefer not to have a dog given to someone as a gift. While it is a wonderful gesture, it is not always a gift that is gratefully received. Humphrey was a victim of just this situation. Humphrey was given to a family that ran a business with little to no time for themselves; let alone a puppy. Because of this, Humphrey now has to find a new forever home as his people realized there was NO time for him.

Humphrey arrived in foster care on Saturday, foster home was aware he wasn't potty-trained, nor was he socialized. Well, fast forward a couple of days and little Humphrey is learning the ropes quite quickly! Since being in foster care, he has had NO accidents in the house - good boy Humphrey! And, Humphrey has never had any toys, but his foster brother Tedward is sharing his stache with Humphrey. The little pup is SO happy with all the toyz and stuffies - it must feel like Christmas to him!

Humphrey will be completely vetted in the next few weeks and will be ready to be adopted to a loving family. Our thanks go out to Lee Ann, Kit, Bandit and Tedward for welcoming Humphrey into their hearts and home. We can't wait for more pictures and updates of Humphrey. Welcome aboard Humphrey, from all of us at ANML-RESQ! You can check out Sir Humphrey on the dogs adoption web page here...»
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Aug 24/12

Dog Training - We end the week with an extremely well-written, informative and educational post called "Do Unto Others: Intimidation in dog training". The writer makes some very valid points and I think there is some really good information here.

So, grab a coffee and have a read ... this is really great advice! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Aug 23/12

Horgan Harness - I found this nifty new idea when I was reading through my newest edition of Modern Dog. This is the first I have seen of the Horgan Harness and I don't know anyone yet that has tried it, but the concept seems to make sense. 

I know often people will get a dog that is TOO much on a walk...pulling and dragging their owners around. This often results in little to no walks for the dog. We all know what happens when a dog isn't properly exercised, so skipping walks is NOT an option.

While I have always been a die-hard fan of the "gentle leader" (and still am)...this may also be an option for those of us with problems walking our dogs. They do have a "money back" guarantee, so if you are at a breaking point with your unruly dog, it certainly can't hurt to give this a try. 

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Aug 22/12

Bill 16 - In November of 2011 Global News did the first in a series of stories on dogs whereby they led viewers to believe that the bite stats were down in Ontario since BSL was introduced in 2005.

The Brindle Stick blog had colleagues contact Public Health who clearly stated that they do not keep bite statistics by breed and there was no way to track this.

As the blog points out, the truth is that there has never been any clear guide lines for any health units to keep track of bites, other than it is a dog, cat or whatever. Click here to read the blog...»

The 3rd and Final reading of Bill 16 will be coming up in the Legislature, this fall, and we encourage everyone to help get this Bill passed. This Bill will end BSL in Ontario and make the owners accountable for the actions that their dogs take. Which should be the way it works for any dog that bites.
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Aug 21/12

Stewie Update - We received another fantastic update from Carla about our little man Stewie, now known as Bentley. This puppy is having the time of his life with his new best friend, Shady. Shady was rescued from the local shelter after she was found straying with a litter of puppies in tow. She was in very rough shape when she arrived at the shelter, but as you can see, both Shady and Bentley are living the life!!!

Two very lucky doggies that have escaped death and appreciate every single minute while they live life to the fullest!!

Thanks for the great pictures and update Carla! We finally get to see Bentley swimming in the waves and having the time of his life!! That's what Happy Endings are all about (-:
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Aug 20/12

Weekend Update - A FUN time was had by ALL at Pawlooza this past weekend! WOW!! What an incredible and beautiful venue for this event. 

The crowds were huge ... estimated well over 50,000 people attending and approximately 6,000 doggies also attended this fundraiser. SO many things to do and see. We would like to thank everyone involved for making this such an incredible day for people and their pets. 

ANML-RESQ would like to thank our volunteers Linda, Darlene and Lorie for attending this event on our behalf. It was a very long day, but well worth all the preparation and planning. 

We would also like to thank all the people that stopped by our booth to visit and say "Hi" and thank you to everyone that donated and supported our cause. What a great day!! We hope to do it again next year!!! See you then (-:
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Aug 17/12

Pawlooza - We are so excited about Pawlooza, in London, tomorrow. It will be such a fun-filled day and there will be something for everyone. WOW!!! There will be so many fun things to do for the day for both you and your canine companions. For more information check out the Pawlooza Facebook page to see EVERYTHING.

ANML-RESQ will have a booth at this event and our volunteers are ready to meet everyone, and make lots of new friends along the way. We have some wonderful grab bags filled with goodies, so be sure to drop by our booth and say "HI"!! Hope to see you at Pawlooza!! 

Don't forget to check out our raffle for the beautiful Bison Quilt - this fundraiser started on August 15th and runs until September 15th... Have a great weekend everyone!
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Aug 16/12

Tyson Update - We are having such fun with our foster boy, Tyson. He has PERSONALITY PLUS!! He has been with us now for just over a month and as we get to know him better, we realize this boy needs LOTS of room to run. He has energy to burn ... but OH, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT it is to see him run full-out. He is magnificent! Here are some pictures of our boy in action. 

Our grandchildren came for another visit last week...they had so much fun last time they were here, running and playing with Tyson that they decided to come back for their last week of holidays. We had so much fun!

Tyson is such a great dog...he loves to "get you going" ... he adores being outside - rain or shine..he is definitely an outdoorsy kind of guy. 

His favourite time of day is morning and evening when he gets to go for a full-out run on the property with the 4 wheeler ... after a couple of laps around the farm, he is ready to settle down and give you some snugglin and lovin'.

Don't forget, Tyson is up for adoption and is such a great addition to any household ...
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Aug 15/12

Raffle - Raffle - Raffle - We have five dogs at ANML-RESQ that really need your help. Chloe, Brandy, Ava, Lilly and Lucy all have vet bills which exceeded expectation. Here is a breakdown of the bills:

Meet our much loved rescues who need help with their vet bills...


Chloe - Physical exam, complete blood analysis including thyroid, microchip, heartworm preventative, doxycycline, heartworm treatment and mature dog spay. Total cost for Chloe's treatments will be $2,048.47.

Brandy - Mature dog spay, microchip, complete blood analysis & grooming. 

Total cost for Brandy's treatments will be $419.00.


Lilly - Physical exam, rabies vaccine, heart worm test, microchip, mature dog spay, emergency vetting and dental work. 

Total cost for Lilly's treatments will be $2,585.61.

Lucy - Physical exam, rabies vaccine, heart worm test, microchip, urinalysis, antibiotics, mature dog spay, lumpectomy [removal of mammary mass] and dental. Total cost for Lucy's treatments will be $2,044.61.

Ava - Third surgery to correct cherry eye. Total cost for Ava's treatments will be $1,070.00

All donations made to the ANML-RESQ 911 FUND are greatly appreciated 
and donors contributing $10.00, or more, 
will receive 1 (one) ticket for the fabulous Bison Quilt
! [below]

For more information, email us at
You can make a donation via Paypal or by sending a cheque or money order to:
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario, Box 42, Caledon, ON L7C 3L7
[NOTE: Please ensure cheque/money order arrives before September 15, 2012.]

Make a Donation and
Help save a Life!

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Aug 14/12

We Need Your Help - ANML-RESQ needs your help!! We have taken in several rescues that require some costly vetting, but we wouldn't let that stop us from taking these precious dogs into our care. In the last couple of months, our vet bills have been staggering and there is still more vetting to be done.

We had two cherry eye surgeries performed on Ava and were hoping the surgeries would take, but unfortunately, a few months after she was adopted, the cherry-eye reappeared. We were saddened to hear the news, but felt we needed to give the surgery ONE LAST try and last week she went to the specialist for the surgery. We are hopeful that this surgery will "take" as the only other option is a lifetime of eye drops. Please send positive thoughts for Ava.

We also have our sweetheart Chloe, who is going through heartworm treatment. She had her first injection a couple of weeks ago and is doing very well. Her final injection will come in a couple more weeks. Heartworm treatment is not only expensive, but it is also dangerous, so Chloe's after-care is paramount in her recovery. Thank goodness our volunteer, Carolina, is experienced with heartworm treatment and care. Chloe is a very lucky girl and we all love her!!

We have also taken in 3 "breeders", Brandy, Lucy and Lilly. These 3 girls had NO life, other than producing litters for years and years until they were no longer useful. Sadly, their health was neglected. We had 3 mature spay surgeries as well as a tumor removed for one of the girls (it came back non-malignant - yeah!!!). As well, Lucy and Lilly need extensive dental work done which is also quite costly. 

We need your help to raise some much needed funds so we can continue to help those that need us the most. One of our fundraisers consists of this magnificent Bison quilt, hand-made by Darlene Hill. This one of a kind quilt is being raffled from The raffle is being held from August 15th to September 15th.  The tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. All monies are going to vet bills

Click to enlarge...
Measures 37" x 46"

If you would like to be the proud owner of this beautiful quilt, please be sure to get tickets soon! ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario would like to take this opportunity to thank all its volunteers and you for your support!
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Aug 13/12

And ... He's Safe - ANML-RESQ and its volunteers are so happy and relieved for Lenny ... another prohibited dog found straying in Ontario with no proof of ownership. For a dog like Lenny, it is the WORST situation to be in. A life-threatening situation. Thankfully, the shelter knew the danger this boy was in and sought out rescue to help Lenny. 

Once again, the angels were watching out for Lenny as the offer of help came swiftly. Thanks to Karen in NS who offered Lenny a foster spot in her loving home, Lenny was flown to safety on Saturday morning. MANY thanks to Allison for taking Lenny into temporary foster care until flight arrangements could be made. No doubt, like everyone else that has met Lenny ... she was smitten by his charms. 

It was a VERY early morning transport to get Lenny to his flight to freedom ... thank you to our early risers, Allison, Darryl, Karen and Steve who made this early morning transport possible. 

Lenny arrived in NS, and in true bully fashion, he melted the hearts of his new foster family who have already fallen in love with his charms (-: 

Good luck Lenny!! Everyone at ANML-RESQ wishes you all the best in your new life ... free of a muzzle and free to live like a dog!!!

Thanks again to our friends in N.S. for giving Lenny this second chance!! Thank you to everyone in Ontario who cared enough to give Lenny this opportunity to shine as an ambassador of this beloved breed.
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Aug 10/12

Another Hits the Railroad - We received a call from a shelter we work with; about a month ago. They had a Pitbull that was found straying and needed out ASAP. Thankfully there was a shelter worker that took a real shine to Lenny and she worked with Lenny while we searched for an out-of-province home for him. The offer to help Lenny came quickly, thanks once again to our friends in Nova Scotia.

With the offer of help and a place for Lenny to go, we were able to secure a temporary foster for Lenny until we could get the flight sorted out. Many thanks to Allison, once again, for taking on yet another prohibited boy, to keep him safe and happy until arrangements were made. On Saturday, our sweetheart Lenny will be flying to freedom - woohoo!! No longer will he have to be muzzled and no longer will he need to fear for his life.

We cannot help these wonderful dogs without the dedication and commitment of our foster homes and the out-of-province people that help us. ANML-RESQ is forever grateful to the wonderful people in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that help us get these innocent dogs to safety and we thank the shelters and workers that can see beyond BSL and know there is an innocent life at stake. 

Bon Voyage Lenny!! All the best to you in the future from ALL your friends at ANML-RESQ!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Aug 9/12

Adoptions Update - It was another busy, but exciting weekend for us all at ANML-RESQ. We are SO thrilled to say that two of the dogs that have been with us for a while have found their forever families - woohoo!! Huge congratulations to Ozzie and Boston - they have found their forever homes!!

Here is a picture of our handsome fellow Ozzie with his new mom and dad. Ozzie also has a new brother named Nismo.

And, Boston went to his forever home on Monday after a whirlwind romance over the internet. His family fell in love with his pictures and it was love at first sight for this loving family and Boston. Here is an update of his first couple of days in his new home. (-: Congratulations Boston! Here is the update from Boston's new family.

Hi Renee, Linda, Karen, Lesley and Paul. Thank you so much in your role you have played in connecting us to Boston. He is a real treasure. I can't believe what a perfect match he is for us. As you know I was madly in love before we met. I am glad to say the love is stronger and Boston seems to feel right at home. He ate all his dinner tonight and rolled all the way on his back for a good tummy rub! He is sleeping well too. 

Surprisingly it only took 6 hours for him to adjust to Hans our cat! He had a brief meeting with my sisters dog today and it seemed to go quite well. He is great with our boys. He is patient and has a great waggy tail. He is getting plenty of walks and lots of time chasing his kong. We are so grateful of all the love you have given him. We are so happy to find such a wonderful dog to be part of our family. He will be cherished and well loved. Love the Denison family: Heather, Eric, David, Alexander, Hans and Boston 

We also wanted to let you know that Chloe had her first injection yesterday and although she is in a little discomfort, she seems to be recovering well. We still need your positive thoughts and prayers for Chloe though, so please keep sending good thoughts Chloe's way!!

We would like to thank our foster families, Christine, Jeff and family for taking such good care of Ozzie while he waited for his forever family. Also, many thanks to Paul and Lesley for welcoming Boston into their family until his forever family could be found. Both boys have waited a long time, but we know those that wait the longest, get the BEST!!! (-:


AND - If you are on Facebook, please vote once a day for ANML-RESQ. We are attending the Pawlooza' show, and can receive the $125.00 give away if you vote for us every day until August 17th - help us win.

ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario has partnered with Global Pets to participate in a $125 giveaway. They will be donating this money to the winning rescue group at Pawlooza. 

The contest is taking place on Pawlooza's Facebook page: and occurs every day until Friday, August 17th.

Please help us to win the $125.00 we have so many animals with vet bills and they could use your help.
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Aug 7/12

Chloe's Heartworm Injections - I would like to ask for your positive thoughts and prayers today for our darling girl, Chloe. Chloe will be going for her first heartworm injection today after having gone through a round of antibiotics to start off the process.

We all know this is one of the most difficult times for the dog. Injections can be very painful and then the hardest part begins for foster mom, Carolina. It is imperative, after injection that Chloe be kept as still and quiet as possible - not an easy task for Chloe's foster mom. This will be a critical time in her treatment, so we need everyone's positive thoughts and prayers for Chloe's speedy recovery. Thank you everyone!!

Also, we received great pictures of our Diego - now known as Jasper ... 

WOW has he ever grown from a cute little puppy to a very handsome boy!! (-: 
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Aug 3/12

Lilly and Lucy Update - We thought we would end the week with an update on our two little Shih Tzu's, Lilly and Lucy (formerly known as Leelu and Suelu). They weren't responding to their previous names, but were more inclined to listen to their new names (-:

These two girls are sisters who lived their lives as breeders until they could no longer bare large litters and therefore no longer needed. Sadly, although they made their owners lots of money during their fruitful years, unfortunately their health was not looked after leaving them needing to be spayed and one needed a tumor removed and both need dental work. 

However, although neglected, these two girls have lots of spirit and are REALLY enjoying their new life in their foster home. These lucky ladies get to go to their foster mom's salon every day and while they are there they are the "official greeters". All the customers love them and Lilly and Lucy and LOVING all the attention (-: They both love to cuddle and follow you around.

Both girls have been spayed and are recovering beautifully. As soon as they are well enough, they will have their dental surgeries done as well. As you can see ... after having a salon day themselves, Lilly and Lucy are looking mighty fine for a couple of 9 year old Shih Tzu's (-:

Please keep an eye on our adoptions page as they will soon be posted. We would LOVE for Lilly and Lucy to go to their forever home together ... they are very bonded with each other.

Many thanks to Edel for giving these girls such a loving caring home to stay in while they wait for their forever family!! Have a GREAT long weekend everyone and be careful on the roads!!
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Aug 2/12

Training Your Dog - I read a great blog by Roger Abrantes on the '16 Things You Stop Doing In Order To Be Happy With Your Dog'. 

Roger lists 16 items that you should stop doing; to name a few: stop being fussy, too serious, controlling, fault seeking, listening to old wives' tales, worrying about what others think, grumbling, stop excusing yourself and lastly, stop fighting yourself. 

More times than I can count, people expect way more from their dog than they do from their kids. But, most people do not invest the time it takes to get the dog to do the most basic commands. I think that you should start small and ask for things the dog can do and progress from there. Find out what makes your dog tick.

Look to the basic things your dog needs to do: sit, come, stay. The most practical of those three is the 'come here' command - the others will fall into place. These are the first values you need to ask from your dog and ensure the dog knows them. From there, with practice and patience you can ask for more through food motivation or praise - reward your dog and you will see these commands accomplished. 

One of our volunteers has a dog that came from a hoarding situation. This dog has no social skills and no thoughts other than flight. Truly, a very shy and scared little girl. But, this dog is food motivated which is a very good way of slowly moving forward. The first week has shown that through repetitive work, practice and a whole LOT OF patience, even a shy and scared girl can come out of her shell. This article will help them in many ways.

As Roger points out in this blog, don't be overly fussy, controlling or too serious. The way to a dog's heart is through praise, practice and patience. I found this to be a really good blog and very good advice for sure. Click here to read this blog post...»
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Aug 1/12

Stewie Update - Our girl Carla went to visit with Stewie (now known as Bentley) and he is having the time of his life!! He has several doggie friends, which he LOVES!! He lives on a farm with horses and lots of room to run and play ... a doggy haven for sure. No one could have imagined such a wonderful life for one of Ontario's fugitives. 

He also lives close to the ocean, so hopefully we will see pictures of Bentley frolicking on the beach (-: GREAT update and pictures, thanks for passing along Carla (-:
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