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It has been another exciting weekend for us at ANML-RESQ. We have some very exciting news for two of our adoptables.

Our Foxy Roxy has found her forever home. We are so excited for our girl. Her people were also very excited to meet her. We all enjoyed their enthusiasm for Roxy and when they finally met, they only had eyes for her. As the saying goes, they fell in love with her picture and when the much anticipated meeting came about, they were not disappointed. Roxy was everything they imagined her to be. Foster mom was told that Shelley and Geoff had a restless, sleepless night before their meeting, they were so excited to meet Roxy. Good luck little girl!! 

We all wish you and your new family MUCH happiness!!! Congratulations to Shelley, Geoff and Roxy!!

We are also THRILLED to announce that Jake has also been adopted. While it didn't come as too much of a surprise to me, it seems that Jake's foster dad, ONCE AGAIN failed fostering ... and we couldn't be happier for the failure. Dave also couldn't give up Sheena - and who could blame him. Sheena is a dream girl. It was made official when I emailed Dave, asking if he knew what Jake was like with cats. We had a very nice application in for Jake, but they had cats and we weren't sure how Jake was with them. Jake is good with people, dogs and kids, but weren't sure about cats. Well, I guess that started Dave thinking about the fact that Jake might actually be leaving him, and he couldn't bear to think about that. Dave told me that Jake gets along so well with Sheena (his Rott sister) and he can't imagine Jake not being in their lives. So this is a failure we CELEBRATE!!!

Congratulations Jake!! Way to weasel your way into your daddy's heart (-: Congratulations to David, Sheena and Jake!! We wish you much happiness on your new journey.

We also brought a beautiful new girl into rescue. Foster mom has named her Iris. This is probably the first time she has had a name and she is approximately 4 years old. Little Iris was used as a breeder and when she became unviable to the breeder, she was tossed aside. Iris is a very timid little girl, probably seeing the world for the first time in her life, thanks to foster mom, Katharine. Little Iris will need lots of TLC and learn that she can trust people. 

She gets along very well with the resident cocker spaniel boys. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that little Iris is pregnant. Her belly seems rather large. She will be seeing the vet early this week and we shall find out then if she is. I hope for her sake she isn't ... and if she is, that she isn't too far along.

But if she is, she can have her litter safely and will then be spayed - never to have to bear puppies again. It's time for Iris to start enjoying life and live as a dog should, loved, cherished and cared for. Stay tuned for more about Iris as we learn more about her.

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Aug 28/09

In-Home Monday 
We've been having a blast, fostering our boy Taz. He is such a delight to have around here. He walks so well on leash and he is generally a very laid back boy. But when the mood strikes him, he LOVES to play. He loves to play fetch with his rubber chicken. When this boy decides to move....can he EVER run!!!!

Taz is also itching to play with my gang ... and they are just as anxious to play with Taz. He is such a playful boy and my gang love him already. 

I haven't put them together yet, mainly because if he ends up with my gang, he probably wouldn't be going out on adoption LOL. 

Taz zooming with the guys.

We have had a LOT of interest in Taz and while I really expected him to stay with me for a longer period of time, I will be doing an in-home for Taz on Monday and if all goes well, Taz will soon be in his forever home. 

Until then, we'll enjoy our time with him. He makes us smile everyday and we love having him stay with us.

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

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Aug 27/09

Summer Vacation - by Guest Writer Alli  S.
It has been a few years since I have been able to treat my family and myself to a summer vacation. There are many beautiful places in Ontario to visit but none quite as beautiful as Wiarton and area. 

We are very fortunate to have great friends that live in that area, and to be honest, if it wasn't for them our family would never have traveled so far to go on holidays. What a shame that would have been because it really is beautiful. The fresh air makes you feel like you are in a completely different part of the country! 

Upon our return my father asked... "So, was it worth the drive?" I could see the surprise in his eyes when he heard my resounding "YES!" It was approximately an 8 hour drive and with a small cross over vehicle, 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs it was quite the adventure, but I wouldn't have changed a thing!

My husband and the 2 boys did a lot of fishing. I don't think the children have ever been up as early in the morning as they were when we were on holidays. It was nothing for them to be up at 5 am to go to local fishing spots to try and "catch the big one". I was pleasantly surprised at the kid's patience with the fishing and not being as hungry as they had so anxiously anticipated! But, then again, there was that one curious fish that just had to get the worm!

The entire family, including the dogs, enjoyed the beautiful bay that was just down the road from the cabin we had rented. Which, I might add, we highly recommend visiting - Fiddlehead Resort Camp on the Bruce Peninsula [] - gets 2 thumbs up from all of us! Oliphant Bay is dog friendly, the sand is soft, the water is clear and only comes up to your ankles so you can walk all the way across the bay to the other island!

We had the pleasure of spending lots of time with Renee, Willie and all their furkids. It really is amazing to see a true "pack" and their dynamics. I would provide you with a picture here but it is very difficult to get this many dogs to sit together and smile. Momma Pebs loves to have her picture taken and the boys were more than happy to oblige... 

We were very lucky to have such wonderful hosts. Renee brought the kids and I to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter and the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. I met all the pups currently looking for their forever homes and all the wonderful staff members that do such great work. I was able to get an autographed copy of "Parables From The Dog Pound" written by Renee Robins, A.C.O. We also spent a beautiful day in Tobermory. Willie took us into town to meet Wiarton Willie and to Sauble Beach for our new tattoos. Little Wiarton Willie played shy in our presence but we did get a glimpse of him.

All in all, it was a wonderful week - we will repeat next year! Thank you again to Renee and Willie for making this such a special trip for us...

Alli, Walter, Alex and Noah

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Aug 26/09

Neuters, Dew Claws and Mink 
Our boy Carter is recovering nicely from neuter and dewclaw removal. He is so happy to be home with his family again. Carter is looking very good and is sporting a pair of yellow bandaids on his dewclaw incisions. Atta boy Carter!! Hugs and kisses to Carter from all of his friends at ANML-RESQ

Sonja began her heartworm treatment on Saturday and her foster mom says she is doing well and in good spirits. Foster mom has to keep Sonja somewhat quiet for the next 9 weeks. After 9 weeks, another treatment will be given and Sonja must then be crated for several weeks. Then she will be free of heartworm and ready to begin a new and healthy life again.

And, here is an update from one of our young rescuers, Holly. She writes the TeenAnmlRescuer along with Alexander who is another one of our young volunteers. Here is an update about Mink, Holly's beautiful girl:

i've just finished reading the blog on the website and decided its been awhile so heres an update lol

Mink is doing terrific. shes a very spoiled dog and she knows it too. its been a looong time but she has realised that the hamster is not a treat. lol 

she still loves her walks and loves her new squeaky ball i got her which of course she demanded me to play with her for quite awhile. lol shes getting alot more comfable being around puppies 

as we go visit my friends dogs and they come over. she is now good with their jumping we just have to work on the huge bluepoint coonhound/auzzi shepered that my friend has. though i would be pretty wary if a huge girl like that trys to play with me. lol shes a model dog and we've just recently found out she loves apples! lol anyways she wants a belly rub so duty calls.


p.s whoever said humans are the masters are soooooo wrong. lo

Be sure to send some pictures of you and Miink, Holly!! 

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Aug 25/09

Charlie UpdateWe are all SO excited!!!! We already received an update on Charlie and some really fantastic pictures. WOW!!!

Charlie went from a dog at the shelter that no one would give a second look at ... to a dog living la dolce vita!

It looks like he is making friends everywhere and our lucky boy gets to swim and play with a pretty Portuguese Waterdog and looks like he is whooping it up with a nice Lab. 

Gosh, it looks like Charlie is in love.....beautiful (-:

Congratulations Charlie!! You have traveled a long way to find your forever home....and what a wonderful home you have found.

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Aug 24/09

We had another fantastic weekend at ANML-RESQ. Our boy Charlie has gone to his forever home and what a fantastic story of a long-distance love affair we had with Charlie and his new family.

Charlie was a boy who was doing terribly at the shelter and after weeks of being passed up for adoption, time and again, Charlie started to stress. He wasn't happy at the shelter, he missed having a family he could call his own. His time was up at the shelter, so volunteers were very worried he wouldn't find rescue. Finally, ANML-RESQ was in a position to help Charlie and he was soon brought into our program with one of our fosters.

We had NO idea how popular this fellow would be. We were bombarded by inquiries and applications for Charlie. One application, however, really stood out. This application was from Nova Scotia. 

We processed the application, and it became readily apparent that this was the application for Charlie. We wondered just how dedicated these people were to Charlie, and again ... it was evident they would travel to the ends of the earth for this handsome boy. 

On Thursday, Charlie's people drove from Nova Scotia to Toronto and by 6 pm on Friday, they finally got to meet this boy they admired through pictures, from so far away. 

It was "love at first sight" for all parties involved. 

Charlie's journey has been an incredible one and all of us at ANML-RESQ wish Charlie and his new family Kenda and Judie an happy life together. We look forward to updates and pictures. Congratulations, Kenda, Judie and Charlie!

We have also brought a special little munchkin into rescue this weekend. Her name is Haille and she needed to find a forever home, outside the Province of Ontario. 

Little Haille is in foster care now, she has been vaccinated and will soon be spayed. Then our little girl will also be heading to the east coast to enjoy the rest of her life  living muzzle-free.

Many thanks to Haille's foster family for opening their hearts and home to this very pretty little girl.

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Aug 21/09

We have another new kid on the block. This boy is about 3 years old and a Shepherd mix. 

Kramer is a gentle boy who loves everyone he meets, but he is especially drawn to children. He just arrived into foster care on Tuesday and foster mom loves him already. 

Kramer gets along very well with his new foster sister, as you can see.

Kramer is a fun loving, cuddle-bug that will soon be looking for his forever home. Stay tuned for more about Kramer as we get to know him better. He certainly is a handsome fellow (-:

Today, our boy Carter will be neutered and dewclaws removed. He is finally strong enough and healthy enough to undergo the procedures. We are all sending positive thoughts Carter's way for a smooth surgery. Carter's mom promises to call as soon as she has him home and will let us know how he is doing.

ALSO, today, our beautiful girl Sonja begins her heartworm treatment. All of us at ANML-RESQ are praying everything will turn out well for Sonja. She is such a good girl and has captured the hearts of all that have met her. 

Please send positive thoughts for both of our special furkids. Have a great weekend!!!

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Aug 20/09

Carrie Update
Wow, it's been a great week for updates from our adoptors. Here is an update of our little Carrie (one of Mocha's puppies).

I still remember when little Carrie and her siblings stayed with me for a stretch until they could find foster care. She was cute as a button then, and look at how beautiful she is now, all grown up.


Here is an update from Carrie's mom and some pictures of Carrie and her brother Marley enjoying a nice refreshing swim:

We're relatively sure that Carrie's dad must have been some sort of lab or mix of lab, she loves fetch and LOVES to swim. 


Since we've had 4 days where the humidex put us close to 40 degrees the dogs haven't wanted to do anything but lay around in front of a fan. I take them outside a couple times a day to hose them off, play a little flirtpole and hose them off again. 

Today Shawn had a day off work, so the whole family went swimming. Carrie gets a 30 foot lead, Marley has a 6 foot lead (he tends to sink). 


Carrie happily paddles around from the moment we arrive til the moment we drag her out of the water an hour later. 


She loves it, even diving underwater for rocks I've thrown. Marley on the other hand barely tolerates being in the water, but is getting better now that he realizes it's cold. 

Carrie and Marley
Carrie and Marley

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Aug 19/09

Beau Update 
We had a wonderful update and pictures from Beau's mom, letting us know how much Beau is loved and spoiled.

Here is a little of what Beau's mom had to say:

Beau is doing brilliantly, he is spoilt, demanding and vociferous with it, very energetic and sulks when he does not get his own way, but ever so loving. 

Thanks to his special diet and the extra supplements I give him you would not know he had a bum leg. 

Once again thank to ANML-RESQ for finding him, he gives us so much pleasure.

As you can see from the pictures, Beau is "living the good life". Gosh, he is such a handsome boy. No wonder Beau is so spoiled. Who could resist that cute face and those eyes!!!

Congratulations Beau ... you're a very lucky boy and we are all thrilled to know you are so loved.

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Aug 18/09

Russia Update
I really love getting updates on all of our adopted pups. It makes me feel really great inside to know that we have the best team, finding the best homes for these needy souls. When I'm having a bad day, these updates make me happy again. 

This one is about Russia! 

He is now living with his new Mom and Dad, and even has a human brother Ethan, a fur brother Owen and a feline friend Clarence! 

You can just imagine how excited I was to hear from Meggan and her family on how Russia is doing, especially after the day I had today ;) 

Here is what Meggan had to say:

Russia is doing great! Everyone is amazed by how fast he learns and how much love he has to give. It is actually quite funny how much he thinks he is a lap dog. He thinks he is being sneaky trying to crawl up on to your lap, but at over 80lbs it is quite noticeable :-) 

He pays very close attention to Ethan and just likes to be in the room with him to watch over or outside next to him - it is no matter where we are, he needs to be close to Ethan. As for Owen and Russia, they are getting along great. Russia has also figured out that Clarence is in no mood to play - he loves to get kisses from Russia, but is just to old to play. Russia is definitely a member of the family and is very loved!!

Congrats to Russia and his family, from all of us at ANML-RESQ!

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Aug 17/09

New to Rescue I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It sure was hot - wasn't it!

We had some bad news this weekend about our beautiful girl Sonja. She has tested positive for heartworms. We were all devastated to hear the news. The treatment is pretty harsh, but the hardest part will be her recovery. Crate rest is a MUST!

Thank God that Sonja has such a dedicated foster mom. Carolina loves this girl with all her heart and will go the distance with Sonja, through treatment and after-care. Sonja will be undergoing treatment in the very near future. Please keep Sonja and her foster family in your thoughts and prayers.

On a brighter note ... I so anxiously awaited my newest foster and Saturday I FINALLY got to meet him in person. He is everything I imagined and then some. He is even more handsome in person than the pictures I received. 

Tazz has a wonderful personality. He is very calm and laid-back. Everyone that meets him are amazed at the size of him....especially his head!!! He has greeted everyone with a wag and a big slurpy kiss. 

I took him visiting today and Tazz met a couple of cats. He was very good with them. He tried to sniff one of the kitties, but promptly got a swat across the head. That was all he needed...he was move'n on!! lol  He has met my crew at the fence and everyone was licking and kissing. I know he'd love to get in there and play with them, but it's too soon yet. 

Tazz walks GREAT on leash and is very respectful when meeting people. He doesn't jump up ... he is quite aware of his size.

Tazz is 1˝ years old so we anticipate that he has a fair bit of growing to do yet. Tazz and I have had a busy couple of days visiting, so tomorrow we are going to relax and get to know each other even better.

I am so happy to have Tazz here with us while we wait for his forever home. Whoever adopts him will have a very loyal and faithful companion.

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Aug 14/09

Busy Day
I was away yesterday doing a little running around and travel. I'd like to thank Allison for submitting yesterday's blog for us. I can certainly verify that the dog cookie recipe is a real hit. When Carter was here, he looked forward to his cookies everyday. My furkids love them and I also bake them for my friend's doggies. The kitchen is a very popular place when I make this recipe. The dogs can't wait for the first batch to cool down enough for their treat. [Don't worry Allie .... spend some more time with us and I'll make a chef out of you yet!!]

My day started by heading out to get the goat's milk, a very nutritious milk to help another of our very sick foster kids. Our little man Hudson, as you know, has a very severe case of demodex mange. As is the norm with this ailment, Hudson seems to be winning the battle and then is hurled back into uncertainty. His immune system is shot, trying to fight off this condition, and foster mom, Beth, is doing everything humanly possible to keep his spirits up, as well as give him ALL of the necessary care and supplements to help Hudson regain a healthy immune system. Only then, can he overcome demodex. He started to refuse food and without food in his stomach, he could not stomach the antibiotics. Bribery wasn't working and the most tantalizing foods were refused by Hudson. We remembered how much Carter benefited from goat's milk and hoped that Hudson would love it as much as Carter did. 

So, after picking up the goat's milk I was then on my way to visit with Papu and finalize his adoption with his new mom, Dianne. 

Dianne and Papu

Dianne and Papu are inseparable. His new mom proudly states that they are "a team". Congratulations Papu and Dianne!!! Don't forget to send updates and pictures!!

I was then off to my friend's house, keeping the milk on ice and after a quick visit with Jen's furkids, we were off to Beth's to bring our sick little boy, Hudson, the goat's milk. We are hoping this will help give him the nutrition and calories he so desperately needs and we were elated to see that Hudson LOVES the goat's milk. While he snubs his nose at food, he is drinking this liquid nutrient. We hope that with a combination of traditional and holistic medicines our boy will be on the road to recovery. 

His foster mom, Beth, is a godsend and we are so lucky she took this boy into her care. It is his very best chance at life and we are all sending good thoughts to Hudson and his foster family. 

Please keep Hudson in your thoughts. He needs all of our prayers. This is probably one of the toughest cases we have ever encountered, but we are all determined to bring this beautiful young boy back to good health and a happy new life. 

Hugs to Beth, Patrick, Daphne, Bogie and Rockford for giving Hudson what he needs ... a stable, committed and loving home with all the care and attention this boy needs.

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Aug 13/09

I had the pleasure of visiting with some very dear friends and all their furkids recently! I don't know about you, but I've noticed how expensive it is to buy good, healthy dog treats, especially when you are feeding more than one dog! Luckily for me, not only did I get a great recipe for healthy dog cookies, I baked some and found out how great they turned out.

I returned home, armed with a economical AND yummy recipe. The dogs love'em and the best part is that you can make them with things that most of us already have at home. No running out to the grocery store for specialty items! You usually don't have to twist arms to get the kids to help either!

This is the recipe for a single batch. I triple it and bring some to all my friend's furkids too!  ;)

3 Cups of flour (use whole wheat - healthier)
2 Tbsp. garlic powder (not salted, I was told to add an extra scoop or two of garlic powder)
1/2 Cup vegetable oil
1 Cup shredded cheese
1 egg (beaten)
1 Cup milk

Pre-heat oven to 400o F. Mix flour and garlic powder together in a bowl. Make a well in the flour and add the last 4 ingredients. Mix well, knead together for about 4 minutes and roll out. Cut cookies the size of a 'Loonie' and place on baking sheet. Bake for 25 minutes, cool and serve. Refrigerate leftovers.  Enjoy!

About 120 on this sheet in the oven.

Looking for more recipes? Check out our friends over at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter for their Dog Recipes...> They even have a Cat Recipe web page...>

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Aug 12/09

Way to Go - Calgary!
Show them all that dog attacks can be lowered WITHOUT banning breeds!! Ontario should have followed Calgary's lead ... maybe we can convince a politician to go this route for the next election.

This news story is taken from the Best Friends Network May 19, 2009...


Calgary Dog Attacks Fall to Lowest Levels in 25 Years

May 19, 2009, 12:35PM MT
By Cheri Moon

Holding reckless owners responsible for dog's behavior—not  BDL—works!
By Lynn Ready, Best Friends Network Volunteer

Communities that have enacted Breed Discriminatory Legislation (BDL) in an attempt to lower dog bites can take lessons from Calgary, Canada.

Calgary, a city in Canada, has significantly reduced dog bite incidents without enacting BDL. Instead they have established humane education programs, and work closely with local animal rescue groups and various city/government departments to identify and penalize reckless owners.

Despite Calgary’s steady population growth (from 600,000 to 1.1 million between 1984 and 2008) and the absence of BDL, attacks by aggressive dogs are the lowest they've been in 25 years.

Calgary Holds Reckless Owners, Not Dogs, Responsible
“Everything goes back to responsible pet ownership,” says Bill Bruce, Director of Animal Bylaw Services in Calgary. In 2006 his team incorporated the bylaw which holds owners responsible for their dog’s behavior.

Bruce says there are four things that are absolutely essential to lowering dog bites:

1. Licensing and permanent pet ID.
2. Easily accessible spay/neuter programs.
3. Training, socialization, grooming and food—basic needs for a dog to feel safe and comfortable.
4. Proper supervision to prevent a pet becoming a nuisance in the community.

Calgary law has a provision that prohibits leaving a dog unattended. An unattended dog tied to a sign or bicycle rack can become scared and bite out of fear. Also, dogs are never allowed to be chained or tethered outside the house unless someone is home. The city doesn’t treat dog bites lightly—a minor bite is a $350 fine and a serious offense is $1,500.

This common sense approach is luring many of Ontario’s residents who live in areas that have breed bans to move to Calgary. Calgary is simply a dog friendly municipality that is working together to do things right. In fact, Calgary’s Annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey results show that over 91% of residents rated Animal Services as "good" or "very good."

Article Cont'd...>

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Aug 11/09

Zorro Update
We have some new pictures of our little man Zorro!! This wee fellow has so much personality!! His foster family are having fun with the little guy and I'm sure between him and his furry foster brother, they must keep their family well entertained.

This is my favorite picture of Zorro and his fur-brother. Imagine that...we thought Zorro was afraid of bigger dogs, but a picture is certainly worth a thousand words.

Zorro is also very gentle and cuddly with his foster sister as you can see in the picture.

Our newest arrival, Casey is doing very well in foster care. He lives with two other male cocker-spaniels and the three get along famously. It is like they have always been together.

We have had many, many inquiries and applications for Charlie. We had NO idea how popular this young fellow would be. We are thrilled to say we are in the final stages of an adoption for Charlie. 

Here is a little video [ MOV03528.flv ] of our beautiful girl Sonja, playing with one of her furry foster brothers. Enjoy!! 

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Aug 10/09

Weekend Updates  
We had a fairly quiet weekend, but also a couple of good news stories as well.

Samson, the young mastiff mix that couldn't make transport this weekend has found his forever home. While I was really looking forward to meeting him and getting to know him, I am thrilled that this handsome fellow has gone straight into his adoptive home. Congratulations Samson!!

We are also thrilled to say that Liebe's adoption is now official. 

She is dearly loved by her new family and Liebe deserves to have found such happiness. 

Liebe went for her final check-up at the vets all reports are good. 

She is on the road to full recovery after her car accident and has healed beautifully. 

Congratulations Liebe!!!

I also had a chance to visit our beautiful Roxy. What a sweet girl she is. She is a very energetic, playful dog who would play fetch with you all day if you are so inclined.

The two boys in the home adore her and enjoy coming home everyday to play with Roxy in the yard. Roxy has met a lot of the neighbourhood dogs and gets along really well with them, but Roxy absolutely ADORES puppies (-: Her bestest friends are two 7 month old boxer boys. I'm not sure who wears out who! lol

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Aug 7/09

Mabel and Edward 
We're looking forward to the weekend. It won't be as busy as the last two. 

Casey will finally be coming into foster care. He's been held back for a couple of weeks, due to kennel cough, but he is ready now to come into foster care and as soon as his cherry eye is repaired, Casey will be ready to go to a home.

There may not be enough room on the transport this week for my boy Samson :(  I was really looking forward to his arrival, but I shall have to wait another week. I am really anticipating his arrival. I am already smitten with that handsome boy.

I got the good news that the two bonded Papillion pair (Mabel and Edward) have found safety. 

Our friends at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter will be able to take them next weekend, so if you're looking for a beautiful pair of doggies to adopt, be sure to check out the Owen Sound's adoptables in a week or so.

I am also REALLY looking forward to meeting our beautiful Roxy. 

Her foster family raves about this wonderful girl. Roxy is very clean in the house and she loves to play ball in the backyard with the boys. I will have my camera ready and hopefully get some nice pictures of Roxy in action.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!!

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Aug 6/09

New to Rescue
It is finally time for Senta to find her forever home. She has undergone cruciate surgery and she is well on the way to being completely healed from her surgery. 

Senta is an absolute dream girl and a true ambassador for the Rotti breed. She deserves nothing less than the best forever home and we are confident we will find that home for her.

Senta is great with dogs, cats and kids. She is a laid back girl, not demanding too much exercise. Her preference is to be laying at your feet and spending time with her people. I know it will be difficult for foster mom to let her go as she has been through so much with Senta's recovery from surgery. A better patient could not be found. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl, please visit our website and fill in our on-line application.

Our boy Jake went to see the vet today for a check-up and vaccinations. 

It turns out that Jake is much younger than originally thought. He is probably only 2 years old and is another very laid back fellow. Foster dad has all good things to report about Jake and Sheena really approves of him too (-:

Both Senta and Jake are two very deserving black and tans looking for their forever home. Please contact us if you are interested in either Senta or Jake.

Also NEEDING help are Edward and Mabel (black and white), two Papillion mixes. 

Mabel is a very outgoing girl, but Edward is more shy and reserved. Together, they are very happy, as Mabel boosts Edwards confidence. These two must find a foster home TOGETHER as they are very bonded and both are up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

If you can find it in your heart to help these two out, please contact us. They need a foster commitment or adoptor.

If you would like more information on any of the dogs mentioned above, or have questions, please email us at

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Aug 5/09

This Coming Weekend
I am getting kind of excited about the arrival of my newest foster boy, Samson. He arrives this weekend and I can't wait to finally meet him. 

Samson is a 1 yearr old Mastiff mix, and what a good looking boy he is! I hear he is a really good boy and good with other dogs. He will be staying with me temporarily until we can either find him another foster or a forever home. I'd like to get to know him a little better so we know what kind of home will be best suited for him. Can't wait to meet you Samson!!!

I received a nice update about our boy Carter. He is now 124 lbs. and getting stronger and stronger everyday. As soon as he gets to 130 lbs., the vet thinks he will be healthy enough for neuter and once that is done, he will be officially adopted. Carter is a very lucky boy... he is being spoiled and having a great time with his sister Baby. 

We also received another great picture today of Jake and Sheena with our gal Beth. Wow.... I didn't realize how big Jake really was until I saw this picture. He makes Sheena look like a little pocket Rott (-: 

Foster dad has all good things to report about Jake. Jake is very well behaved and well-mannered boy. We are thrilled that we could help this deserving boy and get him into such a loving foster home.

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Aug 4/09

Weekend Update
Our newest adoptables arrived into foster care this weekend. Thank you to EVERYONE that took the time from their busy holiday weekend to help these two boys travel to their foster homes. We are just getting to know them right now, but all reports from foster homes are good. 

Jake arrived first and foster dad was very impressed with his temperament and good manners. Jake is an agile boy and is quite aware of his size. 

He meets people calmly and gently. The neighbourhood kids were anticipating Jake's arrival and Jake was a true gentleman when meeting the children. He had wags and kisses for everyone. We were all hoping that Sheena would accept this new boy into her home and thankfully the meeting went very well and they are becoming fast friends. Sheena, of course, had to let Jake know that she rules the roost and Jake is quite happy with that. 

Jake was a little bigger than expected, but he is a very gentle big-boy. He will see the vet this week to get up to date with vaccinations. Please stay tuned for more updates about Jake.

Charlie (formerly known as Chewie) also arrived at his foster home this weekend and what a surprise it was!! Often times we receive pictures and a little bit about the dogs from the shelters and their breed mix is always a mystery. However, when Charlie arrived into foster, foster dad (who was raised with wolfhounds) was quite certain that this big boy definitely had wolfhound in him. 

Charlie, at 1 year old and is a very, very large boy with a strong resemblance to a Wolfhound. Charlie is young and needs firm positive training, but is quite willing to learn. He walks quite well on leash. 

He met the resident dogs and after being put in his place (gotta love those Rott's), he knows to be respectful of his elders - lol - Charlie also met the family cat. At first he seemed disinterested, but now he is making a game of chasing the cat whenever he can. He is soliciting play with Senta, the female Rotti, but for now, she is not interested in playing with him. Poor Charlie... I guess that's why the cat is getting so much attention from him. Charlie LOVES belly rubs and shakes a paw and sits for treats. He is very toy/treat motivated, so should be easily trained. Stay tuned for more updates on Charlie as we get to know him better.

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Aug 3/09

Abbey-Rose Update
We got a fantastic update and pictures of our sweet little Abbey-Rose. I think she looks absolutely adorable in her new sun hat, and look at her smile! She's a very lucky little girl.

Thank you for the wonderful update Margaret and Keith!

We also have two new arrivals at ANML-RESQ, Jake and Charlie. Please stay tuned for more about these handsome fellows tomorrow. Have a GREAT holiday Monday everyone, from all of us at ANML-RESQ.

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