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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

APRIL 2016

Updated: Tuesday November 29, 2016 10:18:04 PM





Fundraiser Event
Zee Update
ANML-RESQ Oscar Awards
Kobe Update
Teddy Update
Molly Update
Remy Update
Deadline Extended
Hobo Update


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April 28/16

Hobo Update - Our boy Hobo is looking AMAZING and we are so happy to see that he is paying it forward. Hobo, if you recall was on the run for well over 7 months and it took a team of very dedicated people to capture this boy and finally bring him to safety. Our foster home was ready and waiting to take him on once he was caught but he was a pretty cunning boy. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He wasn’t going to be fooled by a trap. If only he knew that we only wanted to help him. Finally after 7 months it happened ... he was finally outsmarted and captured. 

Click to enlarge...

Now, a year and a bit later, he is learning to be a tracker, just like his sister Mylee. It turns out Hobo is a natural at tracking. So he joins his dad Kevin and the Trackers Edge team! 
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April 26/16

Deadline Extended - Is your dog smarter than a Border Collie?  We want to know!  We have extended the deadline to May 15th!

Click to enlarge...

We will have categories for the smartest very shortly on our blog so stay tuned!

Fundraiser Award Categories:

1.)Best Trick/Most Talented: So, do you think your rescue dog is smarter than a Border Collie? Send us a short video or picture sequence of your dog’s best trick to show off your rescue dog’s raw talent.

2.)Best Ears: Do you think your rescue dog’s ears are cuter than a Border Collie? Send us a picture of your dogs phenomenal ears; whether they’re stand up, oversized, fluffier, tiny, floppy, one up and one down and all over the place….all entries are encouraged.

3.)Best RESQ Portrait: Do you think your rescue dog has a more animated facial expression than a Border Collie? Send us a picture of your rescue dog’s best portrait, be it they are showing off their best “face of woe” or showing off their epic “giggle” face with endless smiles. This is where your dog’s most expressive face pays off.

4.)Best Vocal Performer: Do you think your rescue dog can compete with a Border Collie’s bark? Show off your rescue dog’s vocal sound effects by sending us a short video of your dog’s howling, singing, talking, or most unique bark.

5.)Best RESQ Comeback: Do you think your rescue dog has more drive than a Border Collie? Send us a short story (along with a couple of pictures or short video) of how much your dog has overcome after being rescued. We know some dogs have come from very challenging life circumstances and have come through with flying colours. Even if it’s something small like walking through a doorway or giving their rescuer their first kiss…send in your rescue dog’s most memorable Comeback.

6.)Least Obedient: Do you think your rescue dog is nowhere near as smart as a Border Collie? Send us a short video of your rescue dog “not” doing what he/she is told. Nothing funnier than a dog that pretends to not be as smart as a Border Collie.

7.)Most Unique: Do you think your rescue dog looks more unique than a Border Collie? Send us a picture of your unique “mystery mutt” with a mysterious heritage.

8.)Best Costume: Do you think your rescue dog can pull off holiday gear better than a Border Collie? Send us a picture of your dog wearing their best holiday costumes.

9.)Best Designer: Do you think your rescue dog is more creative than a Border Collie? Send us a short story (preferably with pictures or short video included) about how your rescue dog decided to give you a helping “paw” in “redecorating” furniture, clothing, or any other of your cherished objects.

10Dog-itarian Award: Do you think your rescue dog gives back more than a Border Collie? Send us a short story, pictures, or short video of your rescue dog giving back to the community. Perhaps your dog is a therapy dog, gives blood to the pet blood bank, helps a special needs family member, has helped save a life, anything that shows how your dog gives back.

Contest Rules & Entry Requirements:

1.) Any rescue dog(s) can be entered into as many categories as they wish. Please keep video’s short; max. 2 mins. Please send a max. of 2 high definition pictures per dog/per category.

4.) Please make the submission subject line the category you wish to enter your rescue dog in and dog’s name; send submissions to

5.) You may also post submissions on your Facebook page while tagging ANML-RESQ for all to see (greatly encouraged), but must also be sent to the outlook email account to be officially entered into contest

Submission deadline is May 15th, 2016 by midnight.

7.) The winner for each category will be announced at the “Are you Smarter Than a Border Collie? Tell Us Why?” fundraiser hosted at Mondello Ristorante on June 4th, 2016. Prizes will be given to the 1st place winner for each category and handed out at the event; 1 prize per winner/per category. Any submission with any context of animal abuse or health hazard towards the animal in question will be automatically disqualified.

9.) Any submissions made to ANML-RESQ, our Facebook page, and/or email, is made aware that permission was granted to ANML-RESQ to use, reproduce, and/or modify the photo and/or video for our fundraising and rescue purposes at ANML-RESQ’s discretion. All submissions made to ANML-RESQ will be posted on our Facebook page.

The winner of each category will win a BarkNFun box from The Bark'N Fun Company which can either be picked up at the fundraiser or if you cannot attend your  BarkNFun box will be mailed out to you.  Good luck everyone!
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April 22/16

Remy Update - We are tickled pink to share this beautiful picture of our happily adopted boy, Remy.

He went from living 24/7 in a crate his whole life to going to an amazing foster home and finally to his incredible forever home. Remy has been living the life and learning SO much with his mom Kelly and loving fur-brother Levi. 

We received this beautiful picture and a short note from proud mom Kelly:

Click to enlarge...

“Woohoo! First in scent class, last in tricks class. But look at that happy face!”
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April 18/16

Molly Update - We are thrilled to announce that our little big-girl Molly has gone to her fur-ever home this past weekend.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

The family was totally smitten with Molly through pictures and to show how dedicated they were, they had a good 7 hour drive to meet their little girl.  Up in the wee hours of the morning to meet Molly and foster mom.  It was love at first sight.

Congratulations Molly!  You have an amazing, loving family and we can’t wait for updates!
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April 16/16

Teddy Update - ANML-RESQ was asked if we could help another wonderful dog to safety and out of this province that discriminates against this wonderful breed.  We could not turn our backs and immediately sent out to our trusted friends to see if we could get him a spot in the East coast, where they have welcomed SO many of our prohibited.  

This is young Teddy Bear and when a family member brought him home, their mom new right away that he was a banned breed.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...
Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

However, he came from a very bad situation, he was (and still is) very thin, his nails were really long and he had some scabs. The family immediately welcomed him and took the time to cut his nails and put him on good quality food and give him lots of love while they reached out to rescues to help.  ANML-RESQ could not turn their back on Teddy. Thanks to our amazing friends in the East a place was made available in very short order for Teddy. 

Yesterday, our Amazing Alan once again got in his vehicle and made the trip to Ontario to pick Teddy up and whisk him to safety.  THANK YOU Alan for always being there to help these innocents to safety.  You are an angel for this wonderful breed.

ANML-RESQ would like to thank our good friend Carla for always going the extra mile to find help for us in her province and her husband Alan for making the long journey to help them get there.  We sure lucked out when we found Carla and Alan so many years ago when they adopted one of our prohibited 8 years ago.  

Good luck Teddy Bear!  You are now safe and can run and play, muzzle-free with a family that will no doubt adore you.  From all we have heard, Teddy is the biggest cuddle-bug around.
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April 14/16

Kobe Update - Well, it’s official.  Our boy Kobe, who we took in from a shelter where his time was up has been adopted by his foster family.  He never even made it to the website!  

Click to enlarge...

Kobe is definitely a big rascal ... he is like a bull in a china shop and can be as stubborn as the day is long ... but he is also as sweet as pie.  Foster family didn’t know when he would be ready for adoption – he is a work in progress but in the meantime they fell head over heels for Kobe.  And big brother Blade (pictured with red collar) is loving his brother ... even though he can be a pain in his butt.  

Click to enlarge...

Congratulations Kobe!  You found an amazing home.  Many thanks to Diane and Norm for opening your hearts and homes to this boy in need.  Thank you Blade for taking good care of your little brother and keeping him out of trouble.
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April 9/16

ANML-RESQ Oscar Awards - The submissions are starting to role in for our ANML-RESQ Oscar awards. Here are a few sneak peeks of a few submissions.

...»  Hi. I am Biff. I am a rescue dog living in NB. My mom helps pitties get out of Ontario into safety in the east. I was adopted 8 years ago. I am sooo lucky so I decided to give back. We started picking up cans and bottles when we were walking and our returnable from home and from garbage at work and some people started giving me their cans. My doc even gave me a bag of cans last year. 

Click to enlarge...

We take our cans and bottles to redemption all year long. Mom throws the money in a jar and whatever we gave collected Dec 1 we send to rescues. In the 8 years since I was adopted I have donated $2347.85 to rescues just from cans and bottles. At 5 and 10 cents each it takes A LOT of cans and bottles to be able to donate this much money. I try to see if I can best the amount I gave the year before. I feel I would be a good candidate for the dog-itarian award. I have attached a pic of me ready to go to redemption center to get more money to throw in jar for this year. ~ Biff

Submission from Leopold for Best Rescue Comeback! 

...»  Hi. My name is Leopold. I made a terrific come back and was called a Christmas miracle. I always had a real rough life. Not enough food water warmth love and I am probably 10-11 years old. 

Click to enlarge...

In December I was taken into a vet clinic as a stray with only 12 hours to live because stones had blocked my pee. I had surgery and 2 days later a foster home was found to take me home from doc. I have enclosed a pic if me taken at hospital and a pic of me today. Alot of my face was bald because of malnutrition allergies and flea infestation. Doc said my hair might not grow back on my face but it did. Just some baldness on top of my muzzle. 

Click to enlarge...

At first I didn't respond good. Just sat and hung my head and wouldn't eat which meant no meds. In a very few days I decided I waz very lucky and started to enjoy my new life of living inside with regular good food and water. I have the best medical care too.  It took me about 3 months for me to approach my mom and put my front legs and head in her lap. I do that regular now as I live the rubs I get. I am so happy now. I like to go see scott my doctor. His staff call me Leopold my full name. I feel so important there.  I have put on 12 pounds now and had to get a new collar put on. Life is good finally ~ Leopold 

...»  From Smooch I had shut myself in bedroom and panicked and tore trim off doorway and ruined door. Ruined door knob. 

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

And a pic had gotten knocked off wall and gouged wall when it fell. I did this 6 years after I was rescued.
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April 5/16

Zee Update - ANML-RESQ is super excited to announce that our beautiful little girl, Zee aka Zelda has found her forever family!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She has a pretty big sister named Abbey and two very proud new parents, Amanda and Jay.  Zee has a nice fenced in backyard where she can run and play to her hearts content.  We couldn’t be happier for this sweet puppy.

HUGE thanks to Monique, Walter, Valerie and Douggie for opening your hearts and home once again to a dog in need.  We couldn’t help as many as we do without our dedicated foster homes.  Congratulations Zee, Amanda, Jay and Abbey.
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April 1/16

Fundraiser Event - Is your dog smarter than a Border Collie?  We want to know!  

Click to enlarge...

Click here to see the rules...

We will have categories for the smartest very shortly on our blog so stay tuned!
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