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Apr 28/11

5 Most Dangerous Dogs - Well, someone has FINALLY done it. They have compiled a list of the 5 most dangerous dogs in the world.

Before I opened the link, I thought to myself ... I couldn't believe that someone is actually going to finger specific breeds and deem them "most dangerous".

Much to my delight and surprise, after reading this list, I wholeheartedly agree with the author!!
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Apr 27/11

Dog Training Seminar  - If you are a dog trainer, interested in new methods of training, interested in becoming a dog-trainer ... OR if you're like many of us who have a pack of dogs and are always interested in new training methods/tips, this weekend conference sounds like it will be right up your alley. Mark your calendars for May 6th - May 8th for the Renaissance of Dog Training, being held in Mississauga.

I found some of the topics to be very, very interesting ... some of which include:

  • Women and Dogs: Understanding Your Primary Consumer

  • Helping the Deficit Dog

  • Behaviour Modification in a Shelter Environment

  • Balanced Dog Training - Training your dog based on Personality

  • 101 Dog Tricks ... and the list goes on.

It sounds like it will be a fun-filled, educational seminar!!!
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Apr 26/11

Pitbull Perception - I find that one of the biggest problem surrounding the pitbull controversy is perception. Our media has done a bang up job of demonizing this wonderful breed and it breaks my heart. Most people think of a pitbull as an aggressive dog, both to people and dogs. No matter how much we try to educate people about this breed, it seems to fall on deaf ears. 

How many of you have seen a pitbull in public and made harsh judgments about their owners? I can't tell you how often I have heard ... if you own a pitbull, you must be a crook, thief and drug dealer.

This could not be further from the truth, people! Those of us that own bullies know what sweet, loving and loyal family dogs they are. Yes, no doubt, they have fallen into the wrong hands, as with any breed ... the Rottweiler, Shepherd, Doberman, etc. All of these breeds (and then some) have been demonized by the media, but none have been so prolifically damned than our beloved bullies. 

Here is a great blog entitled "So You Think You Know a Pit Bull Person". Please take a moment to read it in it's entirety. The more we get the "positive" word out, the safer our bullies will be. 
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Apr 25/11

The Criminal Among Us - I had a chance to browse some of my favorite blogs this weekend when I came upon this blogspot titled 'Criminal-Among-Us'.

As I read through the blog and saw all the pictures, I could not help but giggle to myself. I think most of us can appreciate the humour in this blog, although I know that many people would cringe and wonder to themselves how anyone would put up with such a destructive pet. 

I can tell you first-hand that I have had a few doggies in my life that started out this way (and one who continues to challenge me with her overzealous lust for life and destruction). Lady has been my biggest challenge so far, but we love her to pieces and always will. 

I thought I would share this blog with some of my doggie friends and the responses from my friends was thoroughly entertaining!!! I was thrilled to hear that Oscar's owner and I were not alone!!! (-: Here are some of the comments I received from friends about their own pets and experiences...

Jen wrote: " lmao....I could also easily substitute Snick for the criminal and Reeses for the sane one.....substitute the magic marker for red face paint on white carpet and we got the same dog, remote controls, mail, paper, some shoes, the car interior ummmm...should I go on? "

Mim wrote: "Ahhhh Hello. Now Cole gets the top award for escaping the yard. I decide for the first time in my life to use a face mask treatment this morning and don't I look out the window to see the Colester merrily visiting everywhere but his own property. Now here I am, in a bright orange Bahamas thingy, pj pants, half torn moccasins and a half peeled face of who knows what they put in that stuff, going after my dog at 8:00 am this morning. No more facials for me I say. 

Not only has he jumped the gate to the deck 'cause Mommy was talking to the neighbour 10 ft away without him, (told the neighbour that I wouldn't talk to her again) but also ripped through the 4 foot high metal fence 'cause Mommy was talking to the neighbour 100 feet away on her property with the other brat dog (now I am ghetto again using baby crib sides to keep fence intact in the corner). 

He now leans on t! he top of the fence to get it to bend and goes over. I have all gates closed to the back of the 4,000 square foot area because of him. Well at least my grass might grow a bit. Tomorrow I will have to get some reinforcements. 

I buy a doggie door and install after learning how to cut through the door with my jigsaw on Utube, and doesn't he just unlock it and go through and I find him outside after I have been gone for a few hours. 

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a really smart, sweet, happy, nutty Rott X for adoption if anyone wants him. I do have to warn you though that you will also need to take me as that would mean that his Mommy wasn't there and he would escape :) Yeah you go ahead and laugh and see how funny it is when I drop him off at your house and take off like snot tee hee"

Sindee wrote: "If there is going to be a contest for the most destroyed... I'll enter my precious (she's sooo cute!) puppy. Her name is Brook, she is an Australian Cattle Dog and Renee is her doggy godmother. 

There is a website for "#$%& My Kid Destroyed", I've always thought there should be one for dogs! I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy cursing and muttering under my breath while reminding myself how cute Brook is and how much I lover her.

The other day she spilled the water dish in the kitchen but was considerate enough to also dump a basket of clean and folded laundry so that the water was soaked up. Then she pulled out the camping gear and (literally) ripped into my (very expensive and much loved) backpacking tent and chewed through two rolled up foam sleeping pads. Another day she ripped open a one pound bag of dried black beans and scattered them all over the living room. I'm still finding beans. Brook "found" a bag of pancake mix and ate most of that and rolled around it too I think, ripped into a bag of coconut, a container of "wetwipes" - just chewed the %$#& out of the container, chewed a bottle of cleanser, opened a jug of vinegar and left it on the sofa. 

She has had an all-you-can-eat buffet with a plastic tote of dog kibble. Somehow she pulled the tote - containing about 15 pounds of kibble - out from under a table and removed the 20 pound dumb bell holding the lid closed (I thought the weight was a good idea...) How she did this without crushing herself I do not know. Brook only weighs 32 pounds.

Then there was the roll of wallpaper she chewed, the collar she destroyed (new and never been worn), the 15 pound bag of kibble removed from the table and taken into the living room for another buffet, a few small cans of V-8 juice, chewed and juice consumed - except for what soaked into the carpet, the paint brushes and paint rollers carefully wrapped in plastic so I could re-use them, my Kindle e-reader that (thankfully) slid under the sofa so she just chewed the padded envelope (I had it for two days).....

Well, you get the idea I think! Brook is a very typical Cattle Dog pup and as you can see ... - very, very cute! I might take up drinking...I have a good reason to I think...

Brook is now eight months old and I adopted her from Indiana when she was five months old. Oh, one other thing. Brook is completely blind. (retinal detachment confirmed and according to the vets at Guelph she has zero vision).

PS. I now crate her when I am not home, it's helping me to keep the white knuckle grip on my sanity....but sometimes I think it's slipping....."

We also touched on another subject that came up during our conversation, which was "ghetto fencing"... the fencing we have to keep slapping up in order to keep our furkids IN the yard!!..... but that's another blog altogether.

So, there you have it!!! I have learned that there is always someone out there putting up with more than we are, so I should definitely count my blessings!! 

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!!!
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Apr 21/11

Penny Needs Help - We are in urgent need of finding an alternate foster home for our beautiful girl, Penny. Sadly, due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, Penny is in need of a new foster/forever family. 

Penny is 7 years young and still has the energy of a teenager. Penny is good with other dogs and cats and she is gentle and loving with the 2 children in her foster home. She is a typical bully, full of life and zoomies and plenty of kisses to go around for everyone. Please help us find Penny a new foster home as the alternative is a kennel and knowing she has spent her whole life in a loving family situation, we feel a kennel situation will frighten her and set her back. 

Penny is a FANTASTIC girl who gets along with everyone, so we are praying we can find her a loving family that can keep her safe and happy until her forever family can be found. 

On another note, Pfizer is pulling its flea and tick preventive, ProMeris for Dogs, from production after it was linked to cases of a serious canine skin infection known as Pemphigus foliaceus (PF). If you have been using this on your dog, make sure your vet doesn't misdiagnose the problem which includes, but is not limited to: crusting on the application site between the shoulder blades as well as lameness, lethargy, generalized pain and/or anorexia. PFIZER pulls flea/tick because of severe side effect...»
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Apr 20/11

Thunderstorms - Does your dog fear the sound of thunder and run and hide, or shiver as they sit beside you? Some dogs are so scared of the storms, they refuse to come out from hiding until the storm passes. Experts state that the sound of thunder, the static electrical charges, and the change in the barometric pressure, play a substantial role in your dog's behaviour.

Some ways of helping your dog through this stormy period is the use of massage, sprays, homeopathic treatments, change in diet, or medication prescribed by your vet. 

If your dog is sensitive to the sound of thunder, there are a few possible ways to get around this. You can purchase recordings of thunderstorms and play them over and over increasing the volume with each play. Another key to using a recording would be to start playing it before the storm is overhead to get your dog accustomed to the approaching storm.

If your dog seems to react to the static electrical charge of the storm, you might like to try using a humidifier to increase the moisture in the air, rub your dog with a dryer sheet, or wet your dog with water or coconut oil. On the other hand, if your dog is sensitive to the change in barometric pressure [probably the reason most of us get headaches] there are shirts designed specifically for your dog that will ease their anxiety. The use of message techniques such as Tellington Touch therapy could also prove useful to help your dog transition through the storm.

Your dog reacts to storms for a reason, stay calm, reassure your dog and try to find the best possible way for your pet to handle the situation. Here are a few other places to search on this topic ...»

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Apr 19/11

Environment Enrichment - So, your dog is bored, what are your options for enriching their environment. Dr. Jez Rose suggests that with a few thoughtful ideas, you can create some great toys and easy to make stuffys.

Look around your house for things you may not even be aware could make great toys, i.e., old socks, hairbrush, umbrella or newspaper. With each item you can hide them in your garden and add cheese or peanut butter to help your dog to find them once you have hidden them. You can even hang them in the trees.

An old towel could also be used to get scents from other places that your dog likes. Take an old towel and rip into pieces, when you go on a walk swipe the towel pieces at spots that your dog likes and put each strip into bags. You can bring these strips out later for another day of adventure for your dog.

A word of caution should be used here. Dr. Jez Rose also suggests using umbrellas and newspaper for toys in your dog's play. As with any toy, supervision is key to ensuring that your dog stays healthy and happy. If your dog likes to eat paper [there are many] it wouldn't be wise to use peanut butter or cheese on the newspaper. Think about each item before you put it out for your dog to play with.

Your dog also needs exercise and one way to do this is to take your dog on a walk, or a run. More people are just walking around their neighbourhood after dinner - maybe your family could all go together. With the warmer weather, consider taking a nice walk each evening with your family and your dog. You will all love it. Read the blog here...»
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Apr 18/11

Happy Birthday Patrick - The most celebrated little dog 'Patrick' the pit bull has had his first birthday on April 17th. Of course, he is not one year old, but one month into his agonizing return to normalcy.

What was once someone's piece of garbage is being watched return to good health by thousands around the world. Patrick has made some very good strides this past month, but by far is his Facebook page which sends notes on others just like Patrick who are being tortured and abused.

We can only hope that Patrick has many more birthdays and keeps the stream of information going on his Facebook page ...»
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Apr 15/11

Bloat or Twisted Stomach - Dr. Becker discusses the signs and symptoms of bloat or twisted stomach. Learn if your dog is at risk and the signs to watch out for. There are steps that can be taken to prevent this condition. 

The top 12 breeds that are most prone to bloat are Great Dane, St. Bernard, Weimaraner, Irish Setter, Gordon Setter, Standard Poodle, Basset Hound, Doberman, Old English sheepdog, German Shorthaired Pointer, Newfoundland, and German Shepherd.

Exercise after pets eat is a no-no. We know that the contributing risk factors can be exercise and a large amount of water consumption after eating. Besides breed, there are some environmental factors that can contribute to increased risk of bloat.

Don’t let your dog gulp down a large amount of water after he or she consumes food. I recommend withholding large amounts of water for an hour. Give your dog time to process his or her food and then offer water in small amounts.

Click for the article...»
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Apr 14/11

Dog Trainers  - When is a dog trainer not a dog trainer? Drayton Michaels speaks about watching for the signs of a good dog trainer vs. a bad dog trainer.

Why would a dog trainer want to cause 'fear and pain' in a dog to build a dog's confidence or the ability to interact with other dogs. Drayton explains the different methods of training and how dogs react to pinch and shock collars.

Most training begins with positive training methods and if you want a trainer for your dog, look closer at the person who is going to be training your dog. Find out what they do to train your dog and what approach they take. A training that causes fear or pain is not a good trainer.

'This is a service industry and it should be the goal of every companion dog trainer to build sound dogs and give sound advice. Or stop doing it and get out of the game.' ...» 

In this day and age, with all the methods of research available to us, it is our duty to ensure our companion animals are trained properly to interact with others. There is no way that your animal needs to be subjected to fear or pain to be properly trained.
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Apr 13/11

10 Commandments of Dog  - If you teach your dog these 10 steps, you and your dog will be on the road to success. It is necessary for your dog to know commands to fit in with people, situations and other animals. These few tips will allow your dog to be a good citizen!

  1. Teach your dog basic commands: sit, down, come and stay.

  2. When your dog does what they are told, you must mark the behaviour with a 'yes', or by using the clicker.

  3. When your dog begins to catch what you are saying, try giving the treat later and later to avoid the treat becoming a bribe.

  4. Life rewards are important. Life rewards can be car rides or a game of fetch instead of treats.

  5. Your body language can give you away - stand up when you give your dog a command and take control of the situation. Take pride in both your achievements.

  6. Keep your hands out of your pockets.

  7. No treats in your hands when you train.

  8. Train your dog everywhere, not just in one room or area of your house.

  9. Move your dog around when giving commands.

  10. Practice whenever you can and do it daily.

The most important key is to socialize your dog! You must socialize your dog with other dogs and most importantly people - you don't want your dog being scared of anyone or anything. This can lead to problems down the road.

There are many more steps to getting your dog ready for every situation, but if you think about these few steps and what they mean for your dog, you will become a better owner and friend. These simple steps can keep your dog out of problem situations.
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Apr 12/11

£20,000 on Wedding for Dog - 'Nothing is too good for Louise Harris’ dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Lola. So when it came time for Lola to “marry” her fiancee, Mugly, Harris didn’t think twice about spending £20,ooo (about $32,000 US) on the nuptials.'

"The Telegraph calls it the most expensive wedding ever for a dog in Britain. (I wonder who keeps track of such things?)

Lola wore a designer dress that cost $1,700. The venue, on the grounds of a mansion in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex, was about $4,000. You can see how the costs can add up.

Lola apparently isn’t in it for the looks. Her new husband is a Chinese Crested who has held the title of the UK’s ugliest dog since 2005. I’m not sure if Lola was glowing (it was an arranged wedding, with Harris and a retinue of internet voters making the final choice), but Harris is. She gushed to the Telegraph:

“I wanted Lola to have the perfect day. It was meant to only be a relatively small affair with 30 guests but the list just kept getting bigger and bigger because I didn’t want to leave anyone out! Just like most weddings I guess! “The day was perfect from start to finish and Lola loved being the center of attention all day..My dogs are my pride and joy so nothing is too good for them. I enjoy spoiling them because it makes me happy."

I cannot image spending this kind of money on one single event for my dogs, but that's me. What would be the most extravagant thing that you have ever done for your dog?
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Apr 11/11

Search and Rescue for your Dog - Reposting and sharing for those who may be interested!

Subject: April 15,16,17, 2011 -----DETECTOR DOG SEMINAR-----Drug, Explosives, Arson, Cadaver, Tracking, and Search and Rescue Dogs

Please find enclosed a link to an upcoming training seminar that I will be involved in on Drug, Explosives, Arson, Cadaver, Tracking and Search and Rescue Dog training. This seminar is open to civilians as well as law enforcement personnel. The seminar is for anyone with interests in Private Sector K9, Police K9, or Search and Rescue K9.

The instructors will be myself, Sid Murray(ATSK9), Bob Wright (Niagara Regional Police), and Jeff Hopkins (Retired Niagara Regional Police K9). For those involved in SAR I will be Presenting/Instructing on the selection, training, certification and deployment of SAR dogs with the police over the 3 days. I will also be including an evaluation of each participant's dogs to see if they have the necessary drives and instincts to be a SAR dog. You may attend as a spectator without a dog or participate with your dog. I will also be instructing on the introduction to cadaver dog training.

Please go to the link below for more information on the ATSK9 Ltd Annual Detection Dog Seminar.

If you have any questions please contact Sid Murray or myself. Please feel free to forward this information onto anyone who you think may be interested.


Dave Walker
Training Coordinator
Search and Rescue Dogs Ontario

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Apr 8/11

Pet Valu - Oakridges - Pet Valu's Pet Appreciation event is this weekend. The fundraiser goes on for the month of April, but the great deals and prizes happens this weekend throughout all their stores.

Pet Valu is hosting a fundraiser across all their stores on April 9th & 10th to help raise money for homeless pets. Corrine has submitted ANML-RESQ as her rescue shelter and we have been accepted! 

They are asking people to buy a "paw" for $1 and all donations made at Corrine's store will go to us. Customers can also donate items such as food, toys, etc if they choose. There will be lots of deals, BOGO deals and prizes to be won as well. You could win an iPad 2! See this link for more details

So try and get out to your local Pet Valu if you can. It may not go directly to us, but you will be helping out another rescue just as worthy. Pet Valu's goal is to raise $250,000 for local rescues. Pretty amazing!
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Apr 7/11

Jewellery Fundraiser - We have a great new fundraiser for ANML-RESQ. If you love jewellery, you are going to love this. Christine will be hosting a lia sophia® jewellery party on April 30th. Click here to check out the great stuff.

Click to enlarge...
Bedecked with matte gold, navy and white nautical-themed enameled charms, you’ll look great from the sea to the boardwalk. The 8" chain link bracelet ends with a lobster claw clasp.

The jewellery is available in gold, silver and everywhere in between. They have a catalogue on-line that you can go through and orders can be placed online through their catalogue. They sell bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants/pins, rings and more. 

'We're committed to designing unique pieces that are sure to last a lifetime, which is why we back every piece of jewellery with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Plus, we bring you styles that help you look and feel your very best. With our fashion jewellery, you can go from career to casual to evening with a single basic wardrobe...and without breaking your budget.' 

Their catalogue on-line has tons and tons of pages that you can through and orders can be placed online. When placing orders on-line use our hostess name - FIRST NAME: Chris Cairns LAST NAME: ANML-RESQ. All orders should be place before Sunday, May 1 at 11:59 pm so you can have your orders back in time for Mother's Day. 

We will be putting together a Facebook page for this event and will be posting the info when it is available. If any dates or times change, we will keep you updated.
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Apr 6/11

The Homecoming - This soldier won't forget his homecoming for a while. A real greeting from two of his closest friends. A must view video

Ever thought of signing with your dog? Well Sean Senechal has taken it to a whole new level. K9 Sign Language could possibly save your dog's life. 

Sean Senechal, a cognitive physiologist 'contends that dogs can communicate more than most of us could dream possible. We just have to find a common language. That language: A special sign language that she says is easily learnable by most people and dogs.' K9Sign for dogs...»
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Apr 5/11

Rescued - After 3 weeks out at sea on top of a roof, a dog has survived the tsunami of March 11. The Japanese coast guards rescued a dog named Ban and reunited the dog with the owner. The owner watched the rescue on TV and knew it was her dog by the collar it was wearing. 

It took two attempts to rescue the dog, as the dog was scared of the helicopter and found shelter under the debris. A coast guard boat had to take over the operation and eventually rescued the dog.
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Apr 4/11

The Pit Bull - Learn the history of the most misunderstood dog breed on Planet Earth and meet two responsible families that have welcomed Pit Bulls into their lives, including Hector, a former Michael Vick dog.

A fabulous video profiling the GREAT "pit bull". Very informative. Caution - around the 7 minute mark there is a bit of gruesome video. Careful who is watching. ~Christine
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Apr 1/11

Urgent - Urgently looking for a rescue or trainer who is able to take Maxwell and provide him with proper rehabilitation. Unfortunately, his time will be running out if a suitable rescue cannot be found.

Maxwell arrived as a surrender at the beginning of March. He is a 1.5 year old, approx. 60lbs, unfixed  Rotti/collie mix that has had 2 homes since birth. For reasons unknown, he was abandoned by his first owner at approx.. 6 months. His last owner rescued him and realized they were unable to keep him due to loss of employment.  His owner informed us that he has not had much contact with strangers and that he dislikes being touched or handled around the neck and has growled at the owner in the past. Apparently the teenage son in the family was the only member in the house hold who was hands on with Maxwell and took him for walks. He spent most of his days confined to a solarium without much stimulation. 

Due to his age we decided to give him a chance at our shelter and attempted retrain and socialize. Shortly after his arrival we realized that in his short life Maxwell has been severely under socialized, has human trust issues and has also shown some food aggression. 

We asked a local trainer to assess his temperament and his opinion is that Maxwell is dealing with both dominance and fear aggression.  Given his age and the right environment the trainer believes he can be worked with to overcome these issues, just not in a shelter setting. 

From our perspective he does not have issues with all the staff all the time.  Some staff have no problem touching him around the neck and can place a leash on him without incidence where as others cannot. He also does not exhibit food aggression with everyone.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to determine his triggers in order to help him.

We have also witnessed a fun and enthusiastic side of Maxwell who loves to run and enjoys fetching and playing with his ball. He adores the company of other dogs and has mastered some basic commands such as sit, stay, in kennel. He is housebroken and would require a fenced yard.

Maxwell has tons of potential and we feel that a very experienced, stable and controlled home environment would be ideal for his rehabilitation.  Another well behaved and balanced dog in the home as a role model would additionally help with his progress.

If you can help please contact Andrea, Jody or Karen at the Upper Credit Humane Society, Erin, Ontario at (519) 833-2287
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