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Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Apr 30/09

Hard Times


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The last few weeks have been brutally stressful as I am sure most rescues can attest to. The phone has not stopped ringing and every morning I wake up to more and more urgent pleas for help. For the most part, I am a pretty strong person.... I have seen a lot in the many years of rescue, but lately, I have seen more tragedy than I can handle. 

The economy is failing and the first to pay the price is the family dog. What I don't understand (and I NEVER will), is HOW can someone abandon their beloved pet? HOW can they move out, lock, stock and barrel and leave a living being to fend for themselves? Dogs left in empty apartments/homes, no food, no water. How can anyone live with themselves knowing they are leaving their loyal friends to parish in such a cruel way? Often times, their cries for help are ignored. When help finally arrives, it is too late. My heart is breaking and I PRAY that this will soon end. 

If you think, for ANY reason that something is not right... if you notice a neighbour has suddenly moved out and you know they had a dog, please MAKE it your business to find out if that dog was left behind. Keep an ear out and listen for any signs of life inside. Report anything suspicious to the landlord. You COULD be saving a precious life. If you know of anyone, down on their luck, offer a helping hand. We all need to help each other in the bad times. 

With all the bad news these days, we have a glimmer of hope on the political front. Here is a candidate that is willing to repeal the ban, if elected. Please take the time to read Randy Hillier's stance on Bill 132. 

FINALLY, someone with some common sense!!

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Apr 29/09

I don't know how many of you may or may not be familiar with "Dogtown" but I know that until I saw the TV series on National Geographic I had no idea that this place existed. 

I had dreamt of such a place. A place where money is no object and every dog is seen as a special soul in need of a forever home. Where they are given the best medical, physical and mental care possible. 

I'm not going to speak for the rest of you but this is where I would love to spend my days! "DogTown" Sanctuary is set out in the hills of Utah and the "rescue" dogs are set up in runs of 4-5 dogs. The dogs are matched by personality, temperament and age. Each wears a color coded collar so that the volunteers are aware of their special needs. They have on staff a terrific veterinarian and a group of wonderful dog trainers and walkers. The dogs get to go on hikes in large groups and you can tell that they love the freedom of just running about. 

This animal sanctuary does not stop there, they also have pigs, parrots, horses, cats, rabbits and even wild friends available to be adopted! If you have never caught an episode of this show and you are involved in rescue, you owe it to yourself to have a look. If you're anything like me, you'll find yourself even staying in bed a little longer just to watch the re-runs :) 

Here is a link to the Best Friends Sanctuary!

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Apr 28/09
The Daily Coyote
Ever wondered what it would be like to save a coyote? I mean a baby coyote? Well, take a look at the blog spot 'The Daily Coyote' for some different takes on what it is like to save a coyote and make him part of your family.

Take a walk with Charlie as he learns the in's and out's of living with his rescuer, the family and cat...> truly cute!

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Apr 27/09

Liebe Goes Home
This weekend our little girl Liebe has gone to her new home. 

It was a very happy time as her new family anxiously anticipated her arrival. She was greeted with open arms and big hugs and kisses. Allie knew immediately that Liebe was already very loved. Everyone went into the backyard and Liebe was having fun exploring her new fenced in yard. 

Now, we hope that the families sensitive cat warms up to Liebe. She has already been told off by the other resident cat and simply walked away, so that's a great sign.

Good luck little girl!! You deserve all the best in life - you are a little warrior and have fought hard to get to where you are today!!

Be sure to check our beautiful lap quilt, which was especially handmade to help raise funds for Liebe's leg surgery and to help other dogs in need. The draw for this quilt will be held on July 25, 2009 at Niagara Dogfest. For more information...>

On another more urgent note, we would also like everyone to take the time to read this link .. important information FDA Confirms Probe of Nutro Pet Food deaths and illnesses.

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Apr 24/09

Quilt Fundraiser for Liebe
We have wonderful news for our little girl Liebe. This little girl has been through SO much in her short life. She was hit by a car and her leg was broken. Thank God, one of our volunteers witnessed the accident and got the ball rolling. If Liebe's owners didn't come forward, WE were going to help her. Unfortunately for Liebe, her owners did not speak up for her, so it was up to ANML-RESQ to save this precious life.

Liebe came through her surgery well and with the help of her foster family, she had the necessary rehabilitation required to heal properly. Now we had to find her a forever home, deserving of this very special girl

As it turns out, foster mom Allie decided to take Liebe out for a little social and a visit with close friends. Once again, fate stepped in. While Allie visited with friends, it seems Liebe's sweet personality worked it's magic and the family fell totally in love with her. They were so enthusiastic about meeting Liebe that they immediately put in an application for her. Upon processing the application, we KNEW this was the right home for Liebe.

Our little Liebe will be going to her new home on a foster to adopt basis as they just want to be sure she will get along with their cats. She already met one of the cats on her visit and all went well, but the older cat didn't make an appearance, so we will have to wait and see. We do not foresee any problems though and hope that Liebe has finally found her forever home.

We know this little girl was meant to live. The angels were looking out for her. She escaped death once when hit by the car and thankfully survived, then her life was again spared when the shelter allowed us to help Liebe. Without her owner showing up to claim her, chances of getting out of the shelter alive were pretty slim, especially with the costly surgery ahead of her. So, as you can see... the angels have been watching out for her and Liebe has definitely got a mission in life that we don't yet know about. Congratulations little girl. You are VERY much loved by all of us at ANML-RESQ and we wish you ALL the best in the future.

Many thanks to Allie and her family for being there for Liebe right from the beginning and seeing her through surgery, recovery and even finding her forever home.

Please keep checking our website as Liebe has had a VERY special quilt made by a special friend of ANML-RESQ and will soon be on our website. We will have tickets available soon and all monies collected for this beautiful quilt will go directly to help pay for Liebe's surgery. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Apr 23/09

Black and Tan Updates
We had a couple of wonderful updates today about two of our black and tans. 

One of these updates was of a rotti girl named Sheena. Sheena came to our attention almost 2 years ago and I was never so depressed than to hear this beautiful Rotti girl was going to be surrendered to a shelter after NINE years living with a family. Sheena did absolutely nothing wrong ... her owners were moving and didn't bother making arrangements for Sheena. My heart broke as I knew she would never last in the shelter. Her heart would be broken and her will to live would cease to exist. I remember getting the email on a Tuesday and she would be surrendered on Saturday. 

We started cross-posting like crazy, hoping and praying for a miracle. It is not easy finding a home for a senior Rottweiler. I could not get this girl out of my mind and with the help of Sharon, our miracle worker, the word was out. Days went by and NO offers for help. We were NOT going to give up until the end and on Friday I received an email from a complete stranger, offering help for Sheena. I could not believe it. I called Beth and we talked for several minutes and something told me this wonderful lady WAS going to help us pull of a miracle for Sheena. 

Through Sheena, we met Beth and through Beth, we met Sheena's new dad, David. This girl is now SO loved and adored. She goes everywhere with daddy and as you can see by the pictures, even enjoys a good game of golf every now and again. She's been David's co-pilot on plane rides (her dad is a pilot!!) ... she's been on vacation with dad and grandma. This girl has it ALL now and we cannot be happier for this precious girl. 

We also got some pictures from Hugo's foster mom. Hugo's name has been changed to Bear because he is JUST that. A big teddy bear.

We took Bear in this past weekend as his time was up and he either found rescue or die. We could NOT let this happen. He came to us on Saturday, into temporary foster care and it seems this big baby boy is already loved and adored in foster care. For now, we will hold off placing him on our site for adoption as it seems that foster mom and dad and the kids are already smitten with Bear, so we will give them some time to decide if Bear will be staying with them forever. 

We are thrilled to have saved this sweetheart from certain death. He TRULY deserves a chance with a loving family. 

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Apr 22/09

Heart Breaking 
Today, we received the most heart-breaking email in a very long time. This young boy... yet to be named is in URGENT need of a foster home.  

We, at ANML-RESQ would LOVE to help him, but our hands are tied unfortunately. This young boy is at a shelter in Quebec and if someone doesn't speak up soon for him, he will be put to sleep.  

This boy appears to have demodex mange (still to be confirmed) and he NEEDS medical attention and a home where he can DE-stress so he can heal. As long as he is stressed, his immune system won't allow his racked body to heal. With proper medication and tender loving care, this boy would soon flourish and his true beauty will be apparent.

But, because of his condition, he sits and he waits for someone to speak up for him. 

This young boy is approximately 1 year old, good with dogs and loves everyone he meets, however he will chase cats. He is grossly underweight (which isn't helping his plight) and at 33 lbs., he could stand to gain some much needed weight as well. But again, due to the stress of feeling AWFUL in his own skin and yearning to be with people, his stress level can only escalate.

PLEASE.... if you know any responsible homes in Quebec that are willing to give this boy a chance at life, please contact Joy Ephaim at  This is an EXTREMELY urgent matter!!! 

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Apr 21/09

Spirit Bear
I don't often watch TV movies, manly because I can't stay awake long enough to watch a movie from start to finish, but this particular movie caught my attention and kept it throughout.

I had the privilege of watching Spirit Bear, the Simon Jackson Story this weekend and what an amazing story this is. It was about a young boy who fell in love with the Spirit Bear and it's predicament due to logging and the Spirit Bears possible eradication.

I have to tell you, this story brought tears to my eyes and I was amazed at the strong will and determination of this young adolescent. 

This story shows you that it doesn't matter WHAT your age ... you CAN make a difference if you try hard enough. Simon Jackson is an amazing young man and we should all be proud of him.

If you get the opportunity to watch this movie again, please do. It's a beautiful story and something for the entire family to watch. Check out the links below...

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Apr 20/09

Weekend Update
ANML-RESQ had a VERY busy weekend past. We were on the road everywhere and were traveling into the wee hours of the night.

Many, many thanks to Beth G. and her mom for traveling most of the day. Beth was able to pick Lenny up on her way to meet the transport from Montreal that landed in Toronto. From there, our boy Hugo and 3 little cuties, headed for the Owen Sound Animal Shelter were picked up on their way. Unfortunately, their was a delay in the transport (emergency), so Beth had to pull over and take care of work related business.

Once back on schedule, I got the call to meet Beth en-route. I couldn't wait to see the 3 little amigos heading to Owen Sound and I couldn't wait to hear a little about our boy Hugo. 

The 3 little ones are very, very cute. They were quite frightened and scared, but that is to be expected with such a long transport. Here are some pictures of my three passengers. I am sure you will soon see them on Owen Sounds website - ready for adoption.

Another of our volunteers was also able to cover the last transport leg of two beautiful labs - also going to Owen Sound Shelter. They arrived early on Saturday afternoon - thanks Beth C.!!!

Hugo is such a sweetheart. He's a very big boy, but has a heart of gold. He is a confident boy and his favorite thing was rolling on his back for belly rubs. As soon as he was in the grass, he rolled and wiggled and was SO happy to be out of the shelter. Hugo was on the list to be euthanized and we are very grateful that a temporary foster spoke up and offered Hugo a foster spot. We will be taking him to the vet for a check-up and then some TLC. Hugo could probably stand to lose a few pounds, but with an owner that will give him daily walks ... Hugo will be buff in no time. We are still looking for a foster home for this gentle giant, so if you know of anyone that loves the rottweiler breed, be sure to let them know about Hugo. We hope to have pictures of him very soon. We are so happy that this boy was saved ... he is SO deserving of a loving family.

And last, but certainly not least is Lenny. Lenny arrived in Quebec in the wee hours on Sunday morning. Many thanks to Diana for giving Lenny a ride back most of the way to destination. Thanks Allie and Walter for taking on this midnight run!! Many, many thanks to Carole for waiting up for Lenny's arrival. I am sure he was exhausted after his long, long day. We can all breath easier knowing Lenny is safe, out of the province and will soon be living muzzle-free. 

All in all, a VERY busy weekend - but also very productive - 6 precious lives saved (-: What a great team effort!! 

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Apr 17/09

WOW!!!! It has been a WILD and CRAZY week this week. My head is still spinning and we are still tying up "loose ends". 

Our volunteers will be EVERYWHERE this weekend, getting dogs to safety. We are involved in bringing two lovely lab crosses to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter from one end of the Province. That same day, we await a truck from Montreal bringing our newest foster boy, Hugo, along with several other dogs to the Toronto area. From there, we pick Hugo up, with ANOTHER three dogs, heading to Owen Sound Animal Shelter. At the same time, we are coordinating a drive back to Montreal with the truck arriving in Toronto for Lenny, our urgent boy, needing a ride BACK to Quebec (are you still with me?) lol. Perhaps now you can see why my head is still spinning as confirmation of ALL transports are still to be confirmed and it's already Friday!!! 

I know I'll be picking up the transport of the 3 doggies from Quebec and heading to Owen Sound, so hopefully I will get some pictures. Here is a sneak peek of our newest foster - Hugo. 

Hugo is 3 years old and we just couldn't resist helping this handsome boy. 

Sooooooooooo, it'll be a VERY busy weekend for ANML-RESQ, but I'm sure we'll have lots of news and updates next week about our busy weekend. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

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Apr 16/09

Patches and Jimmy Update 
Allie had a GREAT visit today with both Patches and Jimmy.... and what a pair of sweethearts they both are!!

Patches went for a ride today to visit the vet and he was a dream. The vet could do ANYTHING with him, poking, prodding and all Patches did was lay down and fall asleep. He LOVES to be touched by humans, even if they are poking him (-: He was stellar at the vets and the vet was amazed at how calm and non-chalant he was.

Patches is a very versatile boy... he can be excited and playful (when you want him to be)...OR he can be a cuddle bug - whatever you want, Patches is there!!

Here are a few pictures of our handsome man. Patches is still looking for a foster/forever home because right now he is staying at a kennel, but he REALLY wants a home, with a backyard to lay around in and a bed to call his own.

Allie and the boyz also met young Jimmy who is a really playful young fellow. He is full of beans and LOTS of energy. 

Jimmy is a pretty big boy (although you can't tell from pictures). He is very tall - all legs and when he fills out, he will be on the LARGE size!! He is sweet and loves everyone he meets. Jimmy is also looking for his forever home. He needs a home with a fenced yard so he can zoom around without worry.

If you are looking for an energetic companion, Jimmy's the boy for you!!! 

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Apr 15/09

Jenny and Summer 
I thought I would update you about Jenny and Summer, the two puppy mill girls that needed some very special help. 

In our previous blogs, you will remember Jenny, the Boston Terrier girl who was surrendered to a shelter after a brief adoption. She was rescued from a puppy mill and sadly, her adoptors were not prepared to handle her special needs. That wasn't the worst of it though as sweet Jenny was diagnosed with cancer shortly after being surrendered to the shelter. The chances of her getting adopted with her diagnosis were slim to none... but Jenny deserved a home where she could live out her days. 

Our prayers were answered when a loving couple spoke up immediately and took her into their care. Jenny has become very attached to both mom and dad, but when I went for a visit a few weeks ago, I noticed she was velcroed to her mom. No doubt, this little girl has finally found happiness and unconditional love... until the end of her days. Here is a picture of Jenny... happy as a clam, chewing on a bone. 

We also heard that Sunny girl is thriving in her home as well. She is apparently a real clown and keeps the family in stitches. This little girl has a LOT of living to do, and she is doing it very happily with her forever family. 

Mom, Sharon, had a little update about Sunny and some pictures too!!

"She's a lovely little girl - clean in the house, loves to play with a tennis ball. She adores the kids, and they adore her! She loves her walks, and is just an easy, laid back girl - no problems at all."

Two great updates for two special girls!!!

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Apr 14/09

Lenny Update
I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. It certainly was a beautiful weekend. I couldn't wait to get outside and start puttering in the yard. 

All weekend, I couldn't get Lenny out of my mind. I prayed for a miracle for Lenny and it seems the angels have been watching out for him. I got the BEST news this morning when our friends in Quebec responded to my urgent plea. 

They had room and were very willing to give this deserving boy a second chance at life. Our friends have helped us in the past with young Diesel and found him the BEST home he could hope for - a retired couple that had ALL the time in the world for him. We know they will find another awesome home like this for Lenny - and he SO deserves this chance. We now have to work on arranging transport for Lucky Lenny and hope to get him transported this weekend. 

We are so grateful for this miracle for Lenny and wish him a safe journey and much happiness. We will definitely keep you posted and let you know when Lenny arrives safely - hopefully this weekend!

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Apr 9/09

Urgent - Lenny
This handsome boy is named Lenny and tragically, Lenny's story isn't too much different than many pitbulls these days.

Lenny had the misfortune of being surrendered to the shelter by his owner and sadly his owner had no proof of Lenny's existence prior to the ban coming into effect, therefore by law, he is considered prohibited and must leave our province or die. 

Lenny is a real sweetheart and his keepers care very much for him. They care enough to search out to find rescue for him.

ANML-RESQ would VERY much like to help this boy. Lenny is 7 yrs. old and a real doll. He gets along great with dogs and he is good with children too. In fact, Lenny passed the temperament test with flying colours. Lenny is strong on leash, but with the proper training he would probably catch on quickly. 

We have all fallen in love with this boy and are desperately seeking a foster home to accommodate him until we can find Lenny a home out-of-the-province.

Here are some pictures of Lenny. As you can see, he is stunning. 

If you can find it in your heart to give this boy a chance at life and can help us by fostering or adopt out of province, PLEASE contact us at

Have a safe and Happy Easter and please keep Lenny in your thoughts and prayers. 

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Apr 9/09

Feeding Both Dogs and Cats 
We had a response to our blog last week regarding dogs and our constant battle, keeping them out of the cats food.

Abbey-Rose's mom and dad sent this email to us, with a VERY innovative, creative and beautiful way to keep your doggy out of the cat food. What a FANTASTIC and creative idea!!! 

Here are some pictures of a very beautiful piece of furniture with a very useful purpose. 

Personally, I think this is an excellent idea!! Thank you Margaret and Keith for sharing with us! 

The man that created this wonderful feeding station is Jim Penney and you can contact him at (705) 324-7975 and see if he would create one for you.

If you have a handy-man around the house, perhaps you could persuade them to build one of these for you!!

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Apr 8/09

Liebe Update 
Liebe will soon be up on our website for adoption. She has recovered from her surgery and has healed wonderfully! 

Liebe is walking on all fours and NO limp whatsoever. If her leg wasn't still without hair, you would never know she broke her leg

Liebe is a real doll and she has become the "personal favourite" of Alex, who is 12 years old. Alex and Liebe seem to be inseparable.

liebe3.jpg (53746 bytes)

Liebe is a little frightened in new situations. She probably didn't have a whole lot of socialization in her past life, but she is learning new things everyday in foster care. Liebe is a very smart girl though. At 7 months old, she is housetrained, crate trained and just learning to play.  Liebe walks excellent on leash too. She wants to be by your side.

Here is a picture of Liebe's leg. As you can see it has healed up wonderfully.

liebe1.jpg (18853 bytes)

Once all her hair grows back, she will be none the worse for wear.  What a lucky girl she was. So many things that day happened for a reason. If our adoptor/volunteer Shawna had NOT been at the scene of the accident, we would never have known about this little girl and I have no doubt, she would no longer be with us. Fortunately, after Shawna witnessed the accident, the ball started rolling for Liebe's rescue.

I think there is a VERY important reason this girl is alive today and we have no doubt we will soon find out why her life was spared.  Liebe has a mission in life and her first mission will be to make a wonderful companion to a loving family. After that, the sky's the limit for our little Liebe.

liebe2.jpg (58163 bytes)

Keep checking our website as Liebe will soon be up for adoption!!

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Apr 7/09

Jimmy and Patches
The weekend didn't go quite as planned. I didn't make it to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter fundraiser, unfortunately my van broke down and had to go in for repair. It was a beautiful day though and I am sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. 

You may have noticed that we have a couple of newcomers to our program. We had a very busy weekend, getting everyone where they needed to be.

First, you will notice a cutey-patooty named Jimmy. He is a young fellow, full of beans. You will fall in love with his silly disposition, and he has the most adorable face (-: 

For more information on this handsome boy, please visit our dog adoption page..> 

Click for larger view.

Also, looking for a foster home is Patches, a very handsome Stafforshire mix. We were able to find him temporary care at a wonderful kennel, but Patches would love a foster home where he can curl up beside you for some cuddles. Patches IS receiving lots of attention at the kennel though and the girls just love him there. He loves everyone he meets, so will be eager to show you what a good boy he is.

For more information about Patches, please visit our dog adoption page..>

Click for larger view.

We also received a wonderful update this weekend for Kit. As you can see, she is the Princess of Picton and lucky girl gets to go to work everyday with Dad. 

We are thrilled for Kit and her wonderful new family!!!

Hi Renee, Thanks for asking and yes, It is going great with KIT!! She is just a joy!! Kit has been going to "work" with Daddy since she came home and she is doing very well. She has made huge fans in Picton and already has the mail ladies wrapped around her fingers (Paws). We have the tent that Sharron gave us at the store and Kit will enter it on commend and will stay in until told she is allowed to leave. As Sharron informed us, she is very food trainable and we have added a few tricks even in the few weeks she has been here. We are thrilled and it seems that Kit is too, she is a very happy dog! Mark will send some pics from the work computer later this week. Thanks for being our family together! ~Allison and Mark~

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Apr 6/09

We also had a heartbreaking request for help from our friends in Quebec. They pulled the sweetest little bulldog mix from the shelter as she was deemed unadoptable. She was too old and appeared too sick for adoption. But her rescuers could not bear to leave her there. She has such a passion for life and a wiggle-bum and snortles for everyone she meets.

We were asked to find help for this girl and even though it is near impossible to find a home that is willing to take in an animal that has been diagnosed with cancer, we were up for the challenge. We made it happen for our little pumpkin Jenny and we were bound and determined to make another miracle happen for Summer. 

Here is a bit of Summer's story from our friends at Gerdy's Rescue


This story is one that is not unique unfortunately for those of us in rescue. This dog was breed and when she was too old to continue, she was tied to a pole and left to endure the elements and starvation. Lucky for this girl, someone took her to the humane society.  Luck, however would not be on her side for long as she was too old to be put up for adoption.

By chance, a volunteer from Gerdy's Rescue and Adoptions went to the SPCA to evaluate another candidate for rescue.  Upon going to view another dog in distress, she was tugged to a cage in the corner where an old gal eagerly wagged her tail and gave her a huge smile from an elderly English Bulldog X.  Oh that smile could not be passed up on and out she came. 

The rescue immediately brought her to their vet where sadly they found two masses in the mammary gland.  Due to over reproduction and the neglect obviously of early spay this girl is positive for cancer.  At this age, there is no point in removing the tumor however spaying would slow the process of cancerous cells to spread. 

The reality that this dog has cancer, and the fact that no one wants an old dog that will not have a long life was up for discussion.  The discussion was brief and a decision was made as the old gal ran to greet everyone with enthusiasm.  It was evident that she still has a lot of gusto in her and she is not ready by any means to go over that bridge.  No way!

The decision was made to spay her but the question remained as to who would let her live out her life a better life regardless of the hour glass.  Another decision was made to contact ANML-RESQ to explore the idea of perhaps collectively joining our efforts to find this deserving girl a home.  As usual, the request was not frowned upon as this girl has a lot left to offer and that smile.

So we named her Summer. A time of rejuvenation.  A time of sunshine and warmth, new hope, new beginnings and a time to enjoy the beauty of life and nature.  Summer is a time of healing and rejoice. 

Once again, across the border, we will work collectively to ensure that Summer has a wonderful well deserved life.  She is full of spunk and wonder who eagerly plays with her canine companions and her feline friends with zest and exuberance.  We get the feeling that Summer will find a home to call her own.  How can she not with that wonderful smile ... oh that smile! Summer is now in Ontario!

We are pleased to say the Summer (affectionately called Sumo now) has found her compassion home and will be living the rest of her days with our foster mom Sharon. 

Sometimes I feel like we have angels watching out for us and the needy we come across ... it's times like these, I KNOW we do. I am sure we will have lots of pictures and updates of this beautiful gal.

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Apr 3/09

Animal Communicator 
I am SO glad the week is finally over. It has been VERY stressful with so many calls for help. I am emotionally and physically exhausted!! I plan on relaxing and hopefully I can get away from the phones and computer for a couple of days.

I will be attending the Owen Sound fundraiser on Sunday and am really looking forward to seeing friends, both human and animal. 

The fundraiser is being held at the Grey Sauble Conservation Area and it will be a very interesting day. Guests will include Emily, an animal communicator who will be a Medium for that day. She is able to connect with and answer questions from pets who have passed on. Emily offers solace and compassion for those of us who are seeking comfort, answers and final closure.

For more information on this fundraiser, please check the Owen Sound Animal Shelter's blog...>

If you're in the area and want to join the activities, please join us!!! Rain, snow or shine! I hope to see you there. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Apr 2/09

This beautiful, mature female shepherd is looking for a forever home to live out the rest of her days.  Sadly, she was dumped at the shelter after living with a family for 9 years.  She needs a quiet home.  She is a great girl, listens well.

Unfortunately, this girl has arthritis in all of her legs and is on medicam daily for pain management.

Kelly would prefer to be your one and only or have a quiet companion that will respect her pain and not jump all over her.

If you think you can give Kelly the forever home she deserves to live out her golden years, please contact  or call 613-528-1764 for more information on Kelly.

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Apr 1/09

Cat Food and Small Dogs 
In the last few months, I have heard more often about people feeding their small breed dogs, cat food. I can understand how difficult it must be to keep your dog away from the cat's food, but it is imperative to the dogs good health that you keep them away from the cat food.

Cats are carnivors and MUST eat meat to survive. Dogs are omnivorous, meaning they can eat some plant material along with their meat.

Cat diets are made primarily of meat and meat products, so in the long run, this diet can be TOO rich for dogs. Cat food is very high in protein and fats also, so obesity can also be a problem if you're feeding cat food to your dog. 

The most recent incident of a small breed dog eating cat food led to this poor doggy, less than 1 year old, fighting for it's life at the vet clinic. After many tests and consults with the owners, it is believed this poor baby is in critical condition because of the food he ate. In fact, his entire diet consisted of cat food. 

If you are having difficulty keeping your dog away from the cat food, here are a few tips that may help.

  1. Catch your dog eating your cat's food and yell the basic command "bad." Another idea to use in conjunction would be to keep a spray bottle readily available. A good squirt or two should be sufficient enough to stop any dog in it's tracks. Be sure to only use these methods immediately as the dog is stealing food. Waiting too long to verbally humiliate your dog will only confuse him more, as he has probably already forgotten the crime he has committed. 

  2. If you can, move the cat's food to a place that's easy for a cat to reach but difficult for a dog. Gating off the cat's eating area (i.e., a laundry room or pantry) with a standard baby gate should help to keep your dog out. If your cat can jump high enough, you might want to put the food on a high shelf that the dog can't reach, but the cat can. 

  3. Feed both pets at the same times every day, and put away both bowls after you're done. Get the pets on a schedule so they don't seek food at other times. This will eliminate a lot of the annoyance of the situation.

So, PLEASE ... when it comes to feeding time, feed your pets the recommended food for their species, their age and their physical condition. 

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