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  Renee Leger - ANML RESQ Apr 30/08

My Foster Dog


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My Foster Dog

My foster dog stinks to high heaven. I don't know for sure what breed he is. His eyes are blank and hard. He won't let me pet him and growls when I reach for him.

He has ragged scars and crusty sores on his skin. His nails are long and his teeth, which he showed me, are stained. I sigh. I drove two hours for this.

I carefully maneuver him so that I can stuff him in the crate. Then I heft the crate and put it in the car. I am going home with my new foster dog.

At home I leave him in the crate till all the other dogs are in the yard. I get him out of the crate and ask him if he wants "outside." As I lead him to the door he hikes his leg on the wall and shows me his stained teeth again.

When we come in, he goes to the crate because that's the only safe place he sees. I offer him food but he won't eat it if I look at him, so I turn my back. When I come back, the food is gone. 

I ask again about "outside". When we come back, I pat him before I let him in the crate; he jerks away and runs into the crate to show me his teeth.

The next day I decide I can't stand the stink any longer. I lead him into the bath with cheese in my hands. His fear of me is not quite overcome by his longing for the cheese. And well he should fear me, for I will give him a bath.

After an attempt or two to bail out he is defeated and stands there. I have bathed four legged bath squirters for more years than he has been alive. His only defense was a show of his stained teeth, that did not hold up to a face full of water. 

As I wash him, it is almost as if I wash not only the stink and dirt away but also some of the hardness. His eyes look full of sadness now. And he looks completely pitiful as only a soap covered dog can. 

I tell him that he will feel better when he is cleaned. After the soap, the towels are not too bad, so he lets me rub him dry. 

I take him outside. He runs for joy ... the joy of not being in the tub and the joy of being clean. I, the bath giver, am allowed to share the joy. He comes to me and lets me pet him.

One week later I have a vet bill. His skin is healing. He likes for me to pet him (I think). I know what color he will be when his hair grows in.

I have found out he is terrified of other dogs, so I carefully introduce him to my mildest four legged brat. It doesn't go well.

Two weeks later a new vet bill for an infection, that was missed on the first visit. He plays with the other dogs.

Three weeks later his coat shines, he has gained weight.

He shows his clean teeth when his tongue lolls out after he plays chase in the yard with the gang.

His eyes are soft and filled with life. He loves hugs and likes to show off his tricks, if you have the cheese.

Someone called today and asked about him. They saw the picture I took the first week. They asked about his personality, his history, his breed. They asked if he was pretty. I asked them lots of questions.

I checked up on them. I prayed. I said yes.

When they saw him the first time they said he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen.

Six months later, I got a call from his new family. He is wonderful, smart, well behaved, and very loving. How could someone not want him? I told them I didn't know. He is beautiful. They all are.

~ Unknown Author ~

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Apr 29/08

The Gang
As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, this weekend was a mixed bag of emotions. But, the best part of my weekend, however, was going to visit my favourite "chocolate bar" gang... Hershey, Reeses, Twix and Snickers. I love going to visit this pack of cuties. They are always so excited to see me ... or anyone for that matter LOL.

Last summer I had the pleasure of "dog sitting" the gang and we all had a blast.  I'm pretty sure that mom had a great holiday and didn't worry too much about her gang. I love them all, but I have a REALLY soft spot for my buddy Hershey.  She is the sweetest, gentlest girl who will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Some of you may recognize Hershey as she has been featured a couple of times in Dogs in Canada. For those of you that aren't familiar with her story, Hershey was a registered "therapy dog" who, unfortunately lost her job when Bill 132 was enacted. Through no fault of her own, she could no longer visit her friends and put a smile on their faces. Hershey was lost and devastated. Her weekly routine was no longer )-: It wasn't long after, that Hershey was diagnosed with cancer. We were all devastated when we heard the news.

I have to say though, that while all these changes were happening in Hershey's life, she took everything in stride. She continues to be an ambassador for a breed that is often misunderstood. She brings joy and happiness to everyone she meets. I love this girl with all my heart and I feel privileged to know her.

I had a great time visiting my friends this weekend, but I have a very special place in my heart for this girl.

We love you Hershey. Keep up the tremendous good work you do, bringing joy and happiness to all you meet.  

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Apr 28/08

It has been an emotional roller coaster this weekend. We were anticipating the meet and greet with Balou and his new family, but sadly, the meeting never took place. We found Balou the PERFECT forever home, and the day before the meeting was scheduled, the potential adoptor spoke to her neighbours to tell them they were so excited about getting another dog. UNFORTUNATELY, that's when the trouble started. The neighbours made it clear to the adoptor that if they brought another large dog into their home, the neighbours would give them LOTS of grief. BTW ... neighbours are small breed lovers.

While most people would say 'who cares what the neighbour think, I'm getting the dog of MY choice, not theirs' - we all know through experience that a neighbour CAN make life hell for a dog-owner. Ask any owner of a bull-breed how much grief a neighbour can give you if they choose. It is not worth setting the dog up for failure. Unless someone is prepared to move almost immediately, it is not worthwhile starting a dispute over a dog. The dog is almost always the loser. We are truly sorry for Balou that he lost out on this wonderful forever home, but we know there is a home out there for you Balou ... and we will find it for you.

On a much happier note though ... I had the pleasure of meeting Rebel yesterday ... the
new pup. If ever there was a "perfect" puppy ... Rebel is it! He is extremely well behaved and he is so willing to please. He is very smart and learns fast. He loves to go for walks, he LOVES other dogs and he ignores cats. He has already been to a party with many people and mingled and schmoozed with everyone ... including the family dog. Rebel is very sweet, cuddly and gives gentle kisses. If you know of someone that is looking for a new addition to their family, have them take a look at Rebel. He will make some lucky family VERY happy (-:

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Apr 25/08

It has been crazy busy here at ANML-RESQ for the last three weeks.

Our boy Balou has sparked a HUGE influx of calls to the hotline, applications and inquiries. I think it is safe to say he has broken ALL records we have, including hits on Petfinder.

What a popular little boy. It only makes our job harder ... making the decision, choosing the best possible home for Balou. Thankfully, we are down to a meet and greet this weekend, and hopefully we can announce that Balou has found his forever home. We are still scrambling, trying to get back to people and we apologize for delays in getting back to everyone about the status of Balou.

I am also very excited to announce that we have secured a wonderful foster home for Rebel (see below), the young shepherd mix who was seeking foster or forever home. Rebel will be coming into our foster care on Saturday, so please check our website for Rebel's new pictures and more information on our newest adoptable.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

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Apr 24/08

Rebel With An URGENT Cause
Urgent! Foster or forever home needed for Rebel. This very handsome 7 month old boy is sitting in a shelter, hoping that someone will give him the chance he deserves.

Rebel is a young boy with lots of energy. He is also very intelligent and would love a family that will allow him to be active and use his brain as he is a working breed. He is neutered, had his shots and is housetrained. For more details on Rebel click here...>

If you think you could provide a good home for Rebel, whether a foster or forever home, please contact Lois Jackson at

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Apr 23/08

Ten Tips for a Poison-Safe House
1 Be aware of the plants you have in your house and in your yard. The ingestion of a poisonous plant can be fatal.

2 When cleaning your house, never allow your pet access to the area where cleaning agents are used or stored. Cleaning agents have a variety of properties. Some may only cause a mild stomach upset, while others could cause severe burns of the tongue, mouth, and stomach.

3 When using rat or mouse baits, ant or roach traps, or snail and slug baits, place the products in areas that are inaccessible to your pet. Most baits contain sweet-smelling, inert ingredients, such as jelly, peanut butter, and sugars, which can be very attractive to your pet.

4 Never give your animal any medications unless under the directions of a veterinarian. Many medications that are used safely in humans can be deadly when used inappropriately. One extra-strength acetaminophen tablet (500mg) can kill a pet.

5 Keep all prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs out of the reach of your pet, preferably in closed cabinets. Pain-killers, cold medicines, anti-cancer drugs, antidepressants, vitamins, and diet pills are common examples of human medications that could be potentially lethal, even in small dosages.

6 Never leave chocolates unattended. Approximately one half ounce or less of baking chocolate per pound of body weight can cause problems. Even small amounts can cause pancreatic problems.

7 Many common household items have been shown to be lethal in certain species. Miscellaneous items that are highly toxic even in low quantities include pennies (high concentration of zinc), mothballs (contains naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene one or two balls can be life-threatening in most species), potpourri oils, fabric softener sheets, automatic dish detergents (contain cationic detergents which could cause corrosive lesions), batteries (contain acids or alkali which can also cause corrosive lesions), homemade play dough (contains high quantity of salt), winter heat source agents like hand or foot warmers (contain high levels of iron), cigarettes, coffee grounds, and alcoholic drinks.

8 All automotive products, such as oil, gasoline, and antifreeze, should be stored properly. As little as one teaspoon of antifreeze (ethylene glycol) can be deadly in a pet.

9 Before buying or using flea products on your pet or in your household, contact your veterinarian to discuss what types of flea products are recommended for your pet. Read ALL information before using a product on your animals or in your home. Always follow label instructions. When a product is labeled "for use in dogs only" this means that the product should NEVER be applied to cats. Also, when using a fogger or a house spray, make sure to remove all pets from the area for the time period specified on the container. If you are uncertain about the usage of any product, contact the manufacturer or your veterinarian to clarify the directions BEFORE use of the product.

10 When treating your lawn or garden with fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides, always keep your animals away from the area until the area dries completely. Discuss usage of products with the manufacturer of the products to be used. Always store such products in an area that will ensure no possible pet exposure.

Reprinted from:
Jill A. Richardson, DVM
Veterinary Poison Information Specialist
ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center

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Apr 22/08

3 Amigos and a Stick?
My furkids and I are having a blast now that the weather is getting nicer. It is so much fun to watch them play and interact with each other. I love to bring my coffee outside and watch the doggies play. It never ceases to amaze me how they've grown up with different strengths and personalities.

Yesterday, they found a branch that had blown from a tree. Of course, my Riggy Dig is the first one to ALWAYS find something valuable, such as a stick or branch. Once the others see that Riggs has something, the games begin. Who will end up with this most valuable possession?

Now, I know my furkids ... and I know who will come out on TOP in the end. Strength and size doesn't mean much in the scheme of things around here. They started out with the branch (4 feet long) ... Riggs uncovered it, but Winston WANTED it! So the scheming begins ... Riggs is always thinking. He knows he can't beat Winston in a physical confrontation, but Riggs doesn't need "brawn" ... not when he's got BRAINS!

They tussled and tugged and tugged some more ... lots of noise, lots of posturing ... and the BREAKAWAY!  Woohoo! Winston got the stick! Immediately his body language changed ... he was strutting across the yard with his prized possession ... the prize for being the "biggest and strongest". Head held high ... showing mom his trophy for being the strongest boy (-: "Look mommy ... I'm the MAN!!"

Of course, Sassy doesn't care which one of the boys gets the branch because all she has to do is wiggle her butt and bat her eyes and whichever boy wins will surely share their prize with her. So Sassy's job is "cheerleader" ... and believe me it's all you can hear is her mouth. egging on the boyz!

Riggs and Sassy followed Winston around the yard as he was strutting with his branch, so proud of his achievement. All of a sudden, Riggs runs to the fence and starts barking and jumping at the fence. Oh my!! Could we have an intruder? Eeeeeekkkkkk ... Winston drops his branch and runs over to see what the commotion is all about (of course, I already knew there was NOTHING there) but for some reason, Winston isn't the brightest bulb in the pack and falls for this ruse EVERY TIME! The moment he dropped the branch, Riggs set off to "claim" the prized possession.

And true to form, Riggs and Sassy lay together, each gnawing on their end of the branch, while Winston dusted off his pride and watched as the two enjoyed chewing their branch.

Sorry Winston ... when are you EVER going to learn? Don't mess with Riggs. He might be smaller than you ... but this boy ALWAYS gets what he wants in the end (-:

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Apr 21/08

Great Weekend
The weather this weekend was FANTASTIC! It felt more like July this weekend with the bright, beautiful sunshine and high temperatures.

We had company again this weekend and the furkids couldn't be happier. Sassy had the zoomies ALL weekend and her brothers were so happy to be digging in the dirt again and getting dirty from head to toe. We had so much fun outside. I felt a tinge of sadness as I remembered how much Jack loved this time of year. I wish he could have stayed long enough to see spring arrive. He was in his glory when he was on "squirrel patrol". I miss him everyday, as I do my two Buds.

I got some fantastic pictures of the furkids enjoying the sunshine, lazing about the yard. It's that time of year again everyone! Make sure you have your cameras handy as you NEVER know when that "perfect" shot comes around. And don't forget to submit pictures of YOUR furbabies for our Calendar Contest.

Here are a couple of pictures I got this weekend. Have a great week everyone!

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Apr 18/08

Slow Down and Be Careful
This week was a very scary, very heart wrenching week for our ANML-RESQ family.

One of our volunteers and dear friends had something happen that to their furkids that was very unexpected. She has 4 small breed dogs that are obviously the "loves of her life"...her babies. She was in a rush that day and left her purse on the dining room table as she left the house for a couple of hours. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular day. However when she returned home, she was horrified to find that one of her little ones had obviously got onto the table, unzipped her purse and managed to open a childproof bottle of Advil. This was the beginning of a heart wrenching week for their mom. Three of her babies had ingested the Advil. It is unsure how many they ingested, but it was enough to send them to the vets, clinging to life. Their blood levels were through the roof, toxins entering their bodies and slowing shutting down their organs. There is NOTHING worse than watching your babies, hooked up to IV fluids, being poked every couple of hours to draw blood to check levels. Watching them laying helplessly, clinging to life...fighting for their lives.

It took 4 days, their lives hanging on the limb. the outcome looked grim )-:But it true fashion, these small breeds might be "small " in stature, but they have the heart and soul of a lion. We were THRILLED to hear that all three are finally out of the hospital and on the mend. It is a reminder to us all, that accidents can happen in a heartbeat. Over the counter and prescription drugs can be deadly to our furkids. Advil has a candy-coating which can be very appealing to our furkids AS WELL as children. Anti-freeze is also very sweet tasting, but equally deadly. We can't be too careful in "dog-proofing" our homes. Accidents can happen in a split second, but the consequences can be deadly. We are so relieved to know the babies are now home with mom and making a remarkable recovery. Way to go little ones!! Get well soon. Hugs to you all.

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Apr 17/08

This little ragamuffin is a very sweet little girl named Suzy.

We got the call for Suzy last summer. She was rescued from a puppy mill along with her brothers and sisters. They came from deplorable conditions and her rescuers were very fortunate to be able to get Suzy and her siblings out of their horrendous living quarters.

They were able to find homes for her siblings, but soon after taking in this litter of bedraggled puppies, it became apparent that little Suzy was blind. Her eyes never developed properly, one eye was dead, the other had very minimal sight. We were fortunate to find a foster home for little Suzy and her foster mom adores her. She took Suzy to the vet and Suzy was put on drops to try and save her good eye. The pressure in her eye is VERY high, and infection would come and go. Her mom has been giving her the drops she needs every day to keep the pressure down and the pain away.

It didn't take long for foster mom to fall in love with this little girl. Suzy and mom developed a very close relationship and Suzy is extremely dependant on her mom. Her mom IS her eyes, and Suzy is the sunshine in her mom's life.

Suzy is a happy, happy little girl who loves life and loves to play with other dogs. She accompanies her mom EVERYWHERE and this dynamic duo were meant to be together.

It has been determined that Suzy's good eye is now causing her more problems than not and the vet feels she would be better off and pain free if her eye is removed. We want to help make this possible for Suzy as the surgery will be very costly.

We are in the process of getting an estimate for the cost of this surgery and we will need YOUR help to give Suzy the surgery she needs to finally be pain-free. 

If you can find it in your heart to help with Suzy's surgery, please donate to this worthy cause by using our 'Make a Donation' button on the left-side of this page.

I will have more updates as they become available!

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Apr 16/08

Plop ... Plop ... Fizz ... Fizz
It's that time of year again! The sun is shining and the last few weeks we're busy picking up all the poop in the yard that was buried under the snow. YUCK! What a mess that was. I cleaned up in stages, as there was lots of leaves and debris from all the windstorms we had this past month or so. Now our yard is nice and clean and the dogs are having a blast playing. Time to get some of that "winter fat" burned-off.

On Monday I was having a really, really bad day. Lots of problems; lots of stress. My head was spinning and I couldn't think straight. My friend Jen called that night and we talked about our day and the problems I was dealing with - I just wasn't in a good mood at all. So as Jen is talking to me (she was outside with her portable phone), all of a sudden I hear her say "...ewwww .... oh, gross!" I asked her what was going on and she tells me that her dog Twix was laying on top of her outdoor hot tub and his nose was just splatted by a bird. He just looked at her, not trying to get it off ... just looked at her as if to say "what?" ...."what'cha lookin at mom?" lol! At that moment I burst out laughing because I had this "visual" in my mind and I was giggling uncontrollably, when Jen made it even worse. She informed me that she got "plopped" on HER head the week previous ... well ... that did it! THEN, I was rolling on the floor laughing harder!

WHERE is the camera when you need it! What are the chances of that happening two weeks in a row? I can't stop thinking of the look on Twix's face ... I wish I could have been there to see it! I hear that when a bird does this, it's suppose to bring "good luck". I hope so! 

After we finished talking, I got off the phone, but I couldn't help but continue to giggle ... I SURE needed that laugh. Thanks Jen! Whenever I want to make myself feel better, I just bring back the thought of Twix in all his glory and I am giggling all over again (-:

PS: Of course, you know I paid for this; don't you? Laughing at someone else's bad luck? Well, payback came my way the next day when my boy Winston decided to express his anal glands ON MY LAP! EWWWWWWW!! Have a great day everyone (-:

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Apr 15/08

Walk Gone Wrong
I got an email yesterday from our volunteer Jen, telling me about her late afternoon walk with her dogs. It was a nice sunny and brisk day. perfect for a walk before everyone packs it in for the evening. Her dogs noticed it first ... a carcass laying beside the road, in full view of anyone walking or driving by. 

The carcass of a deer, mutilated. but not by other animals ... this deer was dumped there by someone very recently as there were no signs of being disturbed by foraging animals. It is always sad when you see the body of such a beautiful creature, mutilated at the hands of man. It was a very disturbing sight to see. Sadly, Jen and her dogs passed by the corpse and Jen even noted that the deer had a tag on it's ear. "I couldn't believe it!!" Someone was dumb enough to recklessly dispose of the carcass AND leave the tag on the ear? 

So, Jen called the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and told them about what she found. The Ministry explained to her that often times, hunters will dispose of their kills...usually in a field or somewhere, not so public. I guess it is not "against the law" to dispose of unused animal carcasses, however, when they heard the deer was tagged ... their interest was peeked. Because of the information on the tag (which Jen retrieved next day) it has been ascertained that this is not only a case of is now a case of poaching and thanks to this guy's "carelessness and disregard", they now have his name and contact information and WILL be following up with him. 

Way to go Jen!! Thank you for following up on this and taking the information to the proper authorities. Poaching is a very serious offence and we hope this person will pay the price for what he has done.

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Apr 14/08

Another busy weekend at ANML-RESQ! We are so happy to announce that our little girl Meika has found her forever home! We knew after the initial phone call that this was the perfect home for our little girl. A family that recently lost their beloved companion and fell in love with Meika over the internet. If ever there was a match made in heaven ... we believe this is it. 

We wish Meika and her new family MUCH happiness in their new lives together. We look forward to pictures and updates (-: Allie, Walter, Alex and Noah ... thank you for rescuing this little girl from an uncertain future and taking such good care of her. I know the boys have been such good helpers with the fosters you have taken into your home. I have no doubt that Alex and Noah are future rescuers in the making (thanks to their mom and dad's dedication and love for animals).

We also had our little "wee" bundle of joy, Petey join his foster family this weekend. He is very new to our rescue, and listed on our dog adoption page ... we will keep it updated as we get more information. Foster mom will no doubt have some stories to tell about this little "wiener windup" lol ... So far as we know he will follow you EVERYWHERE ... 

Petey has finally made it ...

Petey loves to be held and carried, he LOVES to play with his toys and he is also a "kissing fool". Loves, loves, loves to kiss faces. So, if you or anyone you know have always wanted a miniature daschund, please tell them to check us out at ANML-RESQ and look for Petey! (-:

One last piece of news ... a neighbour who recently moved into our neighbourhood was missing his dog. She got away from them on Saturday and being new to the area, they were devastated and had NO idea where to start looking. Fortunately for them, a shelter volunteer called me about a dog that was picked up from our area. After getting a description from both the shelter and the owner of the dog in question, we are happy to report that the neighbours will soon be reunited with their girl. YEAH! (-:

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Apr 11/08

Meika Update
Our little girl Meika is growing like a weed, already towering over her foster sister Brie. Meika went to the vet last week for her spay and microchip and she is all set to go to her forever home.

meikaupdate041108.jpg (46459 bytes)

And the timing couldn't have been better as we received a wonderful application for her. All the reference checks are complete and we are anxiously awaiting the meet and greet this weekend (Sunday). 

The potential adoptors are SO excited. It sounds like they love her already! Foster mom spoke to Meika's potential mom last night, to give them the lo-down on Meika and I think it is safe to say that foster mom is thrilled that they have chosen Meika to become a part of their young family.

Meika's start in life was rough for her and her siblings as they lost their mom when she gave birth to them. Meika was lucky enough to survive AND thrive. Unfortunately, when she was only 10 weeks old, she became too much work for her young rescuer and was going to be returned to the breeder. This was NOT an option for our volunteer Allie. She couldn't bear to hear that she would be returned there and potentially become the next breeding bitch, so Allie went to pick Meika up that night. 

Meika fit in with her foster family immediately. She loves her human brothers and plays gently with them (although her enthusiasm CAN get the better of her). She has learned a lot from her foster sister Brie. Meika loves everyone she meets and loves to meet other doggies too. Thanks Allie, for not allowing Meika to return to an uncertain future. Meika deserves this wonderful opportunity to be a part of a young and growing family.

We'll all be thinking of you on Sunday Meika ... all body parts crossed that this will be your forever home! Good luck girl (-:

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Apr 10/08

Tater Update
We finally got pictures of Tater, playing and romping with his foster sister in Saskatchewan. 

Tater spent almost a month with his foster home in Saskatchewan and this young family fell head-over-heels for this adora-bull boy. Tater kept his foster sister very busy and I have no doubt she will miss him.

Tater on the right...

Tater has been adopted by a wonderful man who has been searching for a companion. Tater has come from a province that shunned him and would have killed him to living in a home on 150 acres ... room to run and play and be a dog ... and best of all, he can do this WITHOUT a muzzle ... way to go Tater! 

Thank you to Tater's foster mom in Ontario who kept him safe and out of harms way until this perfect home could be found for him. Thank you to Jamie and her family for taking this little one into their loving care, for driving 2 hours, one way to pick him up from the airport and taking him under their wing until this home was found. Thank you to all those people that donated towards Tater's flight.

It takes a lot of people to make a rescue such as this work. Tater had many, many people rooting for him and we could not have done this without the help of so many.

Pictures of Tater, playing, running free and happy make it worth EVERY bit of effort to make this happen.

Tater playing with his sister...

Good luck little man! Have a wonderful life in Saskatchewan. We all love and miss you!

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Apr 9/08

Buddy Update
You may have noticed our "courtesy post" Buddy on our website. He is a senior black Lab who was found straying by a kind samaritan. 

Buddy was lucky to be found by Kayla and her family. They took him under their wing and got him the vetting he needed. They loved this dog and wanted to find him a forever home that would love him and appreciate him in his golden years. They loved him enough to look for help in placing him. Kayla emailed us with Buddy's plea and we all fell instantly in love with Buddy and his story. 

Buddy was posted as a courtesy to Kayla on our website and we offered our assistance in any way to help Buddy find his home. A few weeks after he was posted, our volunteer Beth G. called me and told me of meeting a wonderful lady in their local health food store. Beth talked to her and fell in love with this woman. They, of course, were talking about dogs and their love of dogs and Beth gave this lady our rescue business card and asked her to check out our website. Rita DID in fact check out our website a few days later and fell totally in love with Buddy. She called our hotline and spoke to Karen for quite some time. Karen also fell in love with Rita after speaking to her. THEN, Rita sent in an application for Buddy. We were all jumping for joy when we saw the application arrive. 

I immediately forwarded the application to Kayla and again, offered any help she needed. Kayla called the applicant (Rita) and talked with her and immediately knew that Rita and her husband were PERFECT for Buddy. With all reference checks done, it came down to the in-home. Kayla asked if we could help with the in-home and since we had a volunteer living close-by, we were thrilled to be able to help her with the last task before deciding if this was the right home for Buddy. 

Jennifer did the in-home that week and all we can say about Buddy's adoptors is that Buddy is the LUCKIEST dog in the world to be loved by Rita and her husband. Jen found their home to be perfect, perfect for ANY dog and their love of animals was totally apparent. Jennifer stated she would love to be adopted by these people too!! (-: All was set ... the in-home report was sent to Kayla and the rest is history! 

Buddy went to his new home this past weekend and this lucky boy will NEVER want for anything, as long as he lives!!! He will be spoiled and live a wonderful life with these kind, caring, compassionate people. THIS is what happy endings are all about! And through Buddy we have made more new friends ... it doesn't get any better than this! You're so lucky to have been found by such caring people, both your rescuer, Kayla and your forever home. 

Good luck in your new home and your new life Buddy! Don't forget to send us pictures!

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Apr 8/08

Slurp ... Slurp ... Slurp
This past weekend was filled with excitement for our furbabies. They were expecting company and the anticipation and excitement was almost too much for them to bear.

I had my camera ready for the "mauling" that both Jen and I were expecting. Jen has been through this many times, so she knew it was coming. As soon as the front door opened, she had wiggle bums and slurpy kisses waiting for her. It probably took Jen a good 10 minutes to get from the door to the kitchen table. I had to keep reminding her ... "don't look at them ... just walk straight in" ... if you make eye contact, you are doomed! lol - easier said than done!

She finally made it to the kitchen, but NOT without Riggs sneaking in a huge, slurpy kiss!

Riggs, as usual, was the biggest attention hog! That boy LOVES Jen and his devotion wasn't hard to miss. His passion for people is so enthusiastic and he made sure that he was attached to Jen the entire weekend ... like a dirty shirt lol.

So, the babies took turns sleeping with their buddy Jen. Sassy DID manage to get the first night cuddling with her, but Riggs insisted that he be Jen's bed-warmer the next night. I'm sure she slept well, because both would have squished in on either side and they make great bed-warmers (-: 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend Jen, cause I know we enjoyed the company and our furbabies are looking forward to your next visit!

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Apr 7/08

We had quite the excitement this weekend. Our little boy Oreo has finally made it to his foster home. Foster mom is having fun with this wee bundle of energy. Here are some comments from Oreo's foster mom so far: "what a little gem. I opened the crate door "c'mon Oreo", and in he ran! And just lay right down. He's in there now with the door open."

"Oh! This morning he was growling at dogs barking on the tv! heehe ... and he's already barked at the front door! What a guy."


"I just put him in his crate so I could wash the floors, and he's soooo good, I can't get over it."


"Oreo did really well last night - was as quiet as a mouse in the crate, let him out this morning and he did his business outside. He eats like he's never seen food, although I don't feel anything stickin' out - he seems to be a good weight. He's like a little circus dog - full of energy, hops around on his back legs begging - he's full of personality, this one!"

Oreo is up for adoption, so if you know anyone looking for a small-breed companion, please tell them about Oreo and have them fill in our online application or email us at

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Apr 4/08

Give the Dog a Bone!
Earlier this week, I asked my husband to pick up some fresh bones for our doggies. It had been a while since they've had a good "chaw". Since he was going to town, I asked if he could stop at the butcher and grab some knuckle bones for our furkids.

When he arrived home, I asked if he had remembered my request as he came in empty handed. He proudly stated, "of course I brought home bones for our babies". So, we waited until we were ready to settle in for a couple of hours and got the dogs in their prospective places. Hubby goes outside and comes in a few minutes later with the doggie's bones. 

My eyes almost popped out of my head when he walked in with a leg each for the dogs lol! You should have seen their eyes pop out when they got a whiff of their delectable treat.

Sassy and Riggs couldn't wait to get their bone! Winston wasn't quite sure what to do with it. He looked up at me as if to say "what am I suppose to do with this?" lol ... I left him for a few minutes, and it didn't take him long to figure it out. My husband and I settled in to watch some TV and all we could hear was the steady munching and manhandling of the bones. Within an hour and a half, they had them completely stripped of meat and sinew. It was the quietest hour and a half we have had in a LONG time. 

These bones will last us for quite a while. Every evening they wait for their cratetime so they can have a good chew. Their teeth are AMAZINGLY white after a few days of chewing on the bones. I have heard that if your dog chews on real bones (RAW - NOT COOKED), there is an enzyme produced when chewing that cleans their teeth beautifully. 

They say if your dog chews raw bones, they will never need dental care ... hoping that is true. It is very important that the bones are RAW ... not cooked. Cooked bones can splinter and shatter and shards can cut into their intestines, but raw bones are safe. 

Again, you must be careful to discard the bones once they are ragged and edged. Then it's time for a new bone. It can also be messy, so make sure they have a spot to chew that can easily be wiped up after they are done.

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Apr 3/08

Our baby, Balou, is now up for adoption. His foster family loves him dearly, but work schedules are making it difficult to give Balou the time he so desperately needs. 

Balou is your typical mastiff type breed. Stubborn and determined. He is young (7 months old) with oodles of energy. His high energy and overzealous excitement can cause him to knock people over. He doesn't mean to be rough, but he is a BIG boy and doesn't know his own strength. He is a baby in an adult size body and needs to learn to RELAX and take things in stride. 

Balou is also a big snuggler, so when he finally settles in, he makes a great companion. He is living with a female rottweiler and the two of them play and play. Balou likes other dogs and will play endlessly until he is finally worn out.

He loves his toys and he is very food motivated. We are looking for an experienced owner for Balou as he is a "work in progress". He needs firm, consistent leadership in order to become a good canine citizen. If you think you can provide Balou with the forever home he needs, please contact us at

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Apr 2/08

Weekend Visit
My furkids are getting really excited about the weekend. Maybe I should have kept it secret until Friday, but I've let it slip. They are anxiously awaiting a visit from one of their favorite people. It has been a long, cold winter and not many visitors, but they are awaiting spring/summer and visits from all of their friends. This weekend, they await their friend Jen. Riggs is already making it known that HE will be the one cuddling with her at night. 


In fact, I have no doubt that Riggs will be making a pest of himself ... trying to hog all the attention. Poor Jen ... first half hour will be brutal LOL!! Everyone will be showing off, and pushing each other out of the way to get the first slurpy kiss in there! I'll be sure to have the camera ready. My furbabies sometimes think they are human. They cannot contain their excitement and try to include themselves in ALL conversations. Take Riggs, for example ... he can carry on a conversation with anyone.


We are all looking forward to Jen's visit and I'll be sure to send an update on our weekend visit.

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Apr 1/08

Food for Thoughts
I thought today about a story I've always liked, from Suzanne Clothier. Food for thoughts.

I found her wandering on the streets so I don't know how old she is or where she came from. Her background is a mystery, but she seemed very sweet and looking for someone to love. I did wonder why no one had claimed her.

For the first couple of months, we didn't really have any problems. I thought she was perfect. Looking back, I can see some signs of trouble brewing but at the time, they didn't seem important. I guess it was all just so new to her that she was being extra good, extra careful in all her dealings with me. Now, I'm afraid of her. Her aggressive behavior is destroying our relationship and I don't know how to stop her.

There was a little incident with the food bowl, but I let her know in no uncertain terms that her behavior was not acceptable. I guess she's pretty smart, because after that she let me do whatever I wanted to with the bowl whether there was food in it or not. We also had a "discussion" about the couch and the bed - it took a while for her to understand that when I was relaxing, she had no right to disturb me. She forgets every now and then, but I just yell at her a little and she gives up.

We live in a pretty quiet neighborhood, which is a good thing. I don't think she'd be able to handle living in a city. I've lived in a city and can handle all the commotion and people and loose dogs, but I think she'd just flip out. Anyway, I take her for lots of walks every day - good exercise for both of us and sometimes I've just got to get out of that house and breathe some fresh air and clear my mind.

On our very first walk, I had noticed that she was pretty high strung and it hasn't gotten any better. She seems to worry a lot. If a car is coming our way, she'll panic and drag me to the side of the road, making high pitched sounds and frantic motions. The best I can do for her in that situation is reassure her that everything is okay, though I'm not sure she even hears what I'm saying she's so excited. She calms down a bit, but I can tell that she's still pretty jumpy.

The worst part of the walk is when we encounter someone on the street. She wasn't always like this - I think it started one morning when we were walking and we met this really rude teenager. I saw him coming a block away and figured he was probably going to hassle us a bit, but decided to ignore it if I could. As we got closer, I could hear him saying some pretty rude stuff. His body language was very insulting. When we tried to walk past him, he crowded right into us. Well, that was all I was going to take from this punk. I charged right towards him and began hollering and yelling like I was nuts. At first he yelled back, but then he got scared and ran away - I guess he figured I was a lot tougher than I looked.

I was pretty proud of how I handled that punk until I looked around and there she was. Shaking like a leaf, eyes all wide with fear. I started towards her and, poor thing, she somehow thought I was going after her! She backed away from me, whining - I thought she'd pee on herself she was so scared! I crouched down, thinking that would reassure her, but eventually I had to lie on the ground and look totally harmless before she'd approach me. That was probably the first time I found myself really wishing she spoke my language so I could tell her that all my blustering and yelling wasn't aimed at her, and that while I wanted to scare the kid, I wouldn't actually have hurt him. I think she never expected that kind of behavior from me.

After that, it just got worse. It's like she went nuts. It used to be that I'd see strangers coming before she did, and I'd say something quietly under my breath to let her know what was coming. Pretty soon, she was seeing them long before I did. Now, my first clues that a problem is brewing are her pulling on the leash for all she's worth and growling at me. I'll look up and scan the street and sure enough, here comes somebody. I don't know how to handle this, so I'll yell at her to calm down and then I'll start yelling at the stranger to back off, go away, vamoose! I ask them, "Can't you see how freaked out she is? Why do you keep coming closer?" The whole time, she's still hysterical. Let me tell you, when she starts hauling on that leash, it's really painful!

And it's getting worse - fast. She used to just pull really, really hard on the leash and scream and make a lot of noise. But now she's attacking me! I'm starting to think that the only way to stop her is to inflict some pain on her to get her to listen to me. Last week, she started a whole new behavior. We were walking along when she saw a dog coming down the street toward us. I had just enough time to think, "Uh-oh, here we go again..." and start yelling at the dog when she leaped on me and tried to push me to the ground. I was so stunned I didn't even react - what could I say? She'd obviously gone crazy. I wasn't hurt too much physically, but my feelings were very hurt.

Thanks to this new behavior where she pushes me to the ground, I'm beginning to really hate walks, at least with her. Even though I am very upset (and I'll admit, scared) by what she's doing, I've kept my cool and I haven't hurt her. I could, of course, since I'm much stronger than she, but that seems so wrong. After all, she's just a helpless creature. When she tried pushing me around this morning, I wrestled with her a bit and yelled a lot. I did threaten to hurt her, and that seemed to scare her enough and she stopped.

But how much of this does she think I can take? And you know what really burns me? She seems completely bewildered by the fact that I don't want to spend a lot of time with her anymore. I mean, who would want to hang out with someone who leaps on you for no reason at all? Can't she tell that she's hurting me and scaring me when she does that?

I know we speak two different languages, and that she only understands a little bit of what I say. But this is really destroying our relationship. What can I do with her? I'd hate to get rid of her - most of the time she's a pretty good owner.

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